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Friday, August 24 Live Feed Discussion


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I'm not sure about yourself.. but unlike Jen.. I rarely enter any competition for the "experience of it"..

America's Player is designed for Eric & America to win..

If more people had the vision of AP as you do... Eric would have been gone along time ago..

IMHO of course.. :food-smiley-005:

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Then can you explain to me why the produce said in an interview that they don't have any plans for what Eric can and can't tell if he makes it to F2? If they ever thought that he was going to make it that far they would have planned out everything even what he can tell if he got to the F2... IMO... A lot of people agree with me on that fact... A lot don't agree with me, but that was before the article came out today...

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Can somebody fill me in ---

how did D&D get back together again (as they obviously are - out on the porch right now)???

was it 'drop the personal, let's do strategy' ???

les't we forget, Dick was sobbing pre-dawn over their last tiff.

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i agree, K123, but that doesn't tell me what the glue was.

I wanna know the glue.

Good glue counts, big time, in this game.

And I think she will give him up to the fire gods if that's what it takes.

So I'm trackin' this thing, and I missed a good glue connection.


Have you heard about those invasive weeds? Gotta clean 'em out, gang.

Been growin' for a month now. (And we're gonna bury or edit this comment by dawn)

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