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August 13, Live Feed Updates

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Dustin and Eric talking.. eric says he saw the medic last night..

Looks like dustin went up on the block

... havent found out who, was taken off the block yet

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Feeds back. Eric is telling Dustin he is ok, he didn't mean to make a big deal out of it.."they" did.

Jen is in round room. She told Dustin she was sick before the meeting, she was afraid she is going up. She thanked Dustin for taking one for the team. Jen got choked up with the speech that Dick gave and cried a little. Looks like he took Dani down and left himself up. Jessica comes in and wants to talk with Jen. She is glad that Dustin went up against Dick, she really didnt' want to put Jen up. Jessica got a little teary eyed as well.

Jameka goes in to Dustin, and hugs him asking how he is doing. He said he knew he was going to do it, that he is fine, even tho it is scary being up. He is going to take a nap for a while, but he reassured her he is fine.

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All 4 feeds show different angles of Dustin sleeping, then go to HoH. Jessica is watching the spy cam. Jameka comes up. Jessica said she didn't want to say anything. She asked if that was ok. Jessica said she told Dustin afterwards, because she was really worked up right before. That is why she likes talking to Eric before any big decisions. She looks at things from all angles, and sometimes it is the easiest thing.

Jessica said HoH isn't all it's cracked up to be. Jameka said that she has been told that a lot, and now Jess said the same thing. Jessica said she still would rather have the power than wondering and not knowing for sure. She thanked Jameka for her help. sounded like she bounced some ideas off her prior to the meeting/ceremony. Jessica said it was expected, but nt expected (Dick taking himself off) but she didn't know why Daniele was crying. Jameka said it could be "all game". Jess wondered what Dani will do now, and ...Feeds switch to small bedroom!

Eric is talking to Amber about not feeling well last night, and having to see the medic. he took a 12 hour medication, and was supposed to quarantine himself. He said that was hard to do with so much going on in the house. He said he had to go to Hoh, then went to bed. He was told to stay away from people, go back to bed, stay away from people, so he wouldn't infect them. Sounds like this is a big cover for him having to give the silent treatment to Jessica (America's Player). He feels bad about having to ignore Jess when she really needed him.

Feeds switch again to HoH room, Zach is there with Jameka and Jessica.

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Eric came to the HOH, asked Zach/Jameka if they'd give him a few minutes with Jessica alone. After Zach and Jameka leave, Eric starts explaining to Jessica about last night and his 2 hour DR session. He says that part way thru, BB said he looked sick, and even though he felt he was ok, BB made him take medicine and lay down. (I tried to pause, rewind and transcribe the conversation, but as happened all day today, my feeds died on me again)

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Dick talkedto Amber first, then went upstairs to talk with Jameka. He explained to her the reason he was being so ugly. He said when Jess won HoH he knew they (Dick and Dani) would be going up, and he wanted to make sure that everyone hated him, to protect Daniele. He said he knew that making it personal would cut to the bone, and he would save her. Jameka said she knew that was what he was doing. He said that he would give his life for Dani. He said once he got PoV then he got what he wanted and he stopped. Jameka said it was good to see that side of him. he said it is real, and a very real part of who he is, and she said it was nice to see it again. she didn't say she forgave him, though. He said he wasn't asking for forgiveness, he just wanted to let her know. She said "it is what it is", and he agreed. He asked if when Eric and Jessica were done having a moment, would he let Jess know he wanted to talk with her. She said she was going outside, but she would tell her if she saw her. He thanked her, and went outside. (Jameka was buring her hair during all of this, and BB asked her to stop)

Dick goes outside to Zach and Dani, who were joking about each one being mean to the other. Dani starting making fun of someone, and we got FoTH.

Feeds cut to Jessica and Eric, mid convo. She said she was going to cop out and put up Zach or Jen, but Dustin said no, if Dick is on the block, he wants to go up. If Dani was up, she was going to put up Jen. She wasn't going to tell Jen, but Jen cornered her in the BY and asked if she was going up. Jen said that Dustin and Amber have an agreement with Dick and Dani.

Jessica is confessing that she had her doubts about Dustin. Jen was planting seeds of doubt. Jess couldn't talk to Eric, and she was having a meltdown. She said she spoke with Jameka, and told her. She said she was doubting everyone, even Eric. She said then things are better now. Eric wondered why people have to cast doubt on everyone else. Jessica said she didn't feel good. She thinks it was nerves. She said there were 3 scenarios that might happen, one was fine, the other 2 were what were getting her upset. Eric again apologizes for not being there for her.

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Feeds switch to BY. Dani, Dick and Zach are complaining about the ants. dick said give him a can of Raid, and he will take care of it himself. Zach says "We started out with 14 houseguests, and now we have over 300". They laugh. Dick is saying he only put stuff in that one thing (juice). Zach asked him not to poison the house, he has to eat the food too, and he is paranoid of what to eat. Zach said it is hot, and went inside to put on his suit.

dick starts in telling Dani what he siad to Amber and Jameka.

Zach back out, so is Jameka. Dani said Zach is the Howie of the season. Dick said except for when he followed a girl around the house for 4 days, yelling at her. Dani said, well except for that. dani now talking about buying shorts for three dollars on E-bay, then FoTH.

Zach threw something in Dick's direction, and he ducked. Zach said he made him duck. Dick said he got hit in the face with a frisbee yesterday, Zach called him an old man.

Dani and Dick are discussing heating the olives in oil, it was Zach's recipe. Now talking about Dani being in a dead-end job. There is no chance for promotion. Dick isn't sure how that can be legal. Now talking about how cheesy the Hooters casino is in Vegas. Dani talking trash about it, and how there are prostitutes hanging around it, and we get .....FoTH

I am out.........

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Dick goes outside to where Dustin and Amber are laying (lying? I never get that right) out to clear up that he just made everyone hate him (Dick) so that Dick would get voted out, and not Daniele. He then tells Dustin that Dick expected the LNC to be smart enough to separate Daniele from Dick and not associate his bad behavior with her. He then goes on about how he'd do anything for her and would give up his life for her and so on and so forth.

Dick goes back in and then comes out again to yell a little more and pulls the gonorrhea card on Dustin, telling him that he had to have known he had it.

Once Dick finally leaves, Dustin says, "'I will huff and puff and blow this house down.' That's what the wolf said before he was buried by the 3 little pigs." (We'll see about that... the wolves might be a little hungry for some bacon on Thursday!)

After a few minutes of silence, Dustin breaks it by saying, "I never had gonorrhea by the way."

Amber says, "Sure."

Dustin then goes on about how he got a release for it (I don't really know what that means... I'm not up on the STD testing world, I guess) and that his reputation is tarnished.

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OMG Dick was calling out Dustin for calling Dani a skank then he calls his out for STD, just keeps at it. As soon as Dick walks away Dustin talks to Amber about it, you can clearly tell that Dustin let Dick under his skin, even though he lets on not(see video stream)

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Dick talking to Eric right now in round room. He is basically telling him why he acted the way he did, asking him not to be cruel to Dani when he is gone. BAsically he is worried about her(very sweet) and trying to protect her. Feeds keep going to trivia questions but keeps the voice feeds. ODD

(see video link)

Not sure if he is trying so much to protect Dani or to make HG feels for him, his actions and win the votes to evict DUSTIN..LOl

Dick is the KING.

Eric is saying Dick did a big thing winning that VETO, taking is daughter off, what a nice guy.ERic is being very nice to him...

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Dick and Eric are in the round bed room talking. Eric is telling Dick he has no idea who did the mustard on Jenn's pillow and that he's owned up to what he's done and bewildered over being accused of things he didn't do - like the mustard. (uh huh) the three J's and Zach are eating in the kitchen. Jenn just sat down to eat and got called to the DR

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Dick talking to Eric in the round bed room

Dick: after jessica won hoh i knew me and daniele would go up, so i knew i had to turn it up...i went after each of you, i wanted to stomp on each of your hearts...there was reasons for it, it was strategical, and i hope you wont hold what i did against daniele...you, eric, are the most logical player in this game

Eric: well it doesnt look like that right now man

Dick: give me a break, you are the best player in this house, you have a very good place in this game

Eric: lets face it, i feel there is not one person i can win against in this house

Dick: dustin is the biggest piece of shit, you know it and i know it, do whatever you are going to do....the perfect example is dustin and jen, when they couldnt get to me they would go after daniele....dustin called her a skank and im like dude, what did she ever do to you

(daniele by the way, is outside on the couch picking at her split ends yet again)

Dick: jameka called my mother a bitch, if you have a problem with me come at me

Eric: you could have taken it as whatever, but last week i avoided you because i didnt want to shout shit at you....take it for what its worth i didnt have a desire to throw stuff at you or her, we all know last week i was DONE, so basically i said thank God jessica won hoh or else i'd be gone

Dick: all week long i've been kicking myself about missing a question about mike and the round bed when i've been sleeping in the bed all along

Eric: im having a tough time bouncing back into whats happening in the game after coming back from that, i dont believe i have come at daniele in any way, please correct me if im wrong

Dick: oh yeah yeah, dustin especially comes and tells her 'you should do something about that'...she's not my mommy, i do whatever the fuck i want to do, i would give my life for my daughter

Eric: you came through in the veto, and you did the right thing, i expected you to do it because of talks we have had

Dick: she did NOT want me to use it

Eric: i dont think it was for show, it was the right thing to do, it was a solid thing to do...four days from now you'll get a tape where she wins hoh...and me dustin or whoever will watch the next tape (eric laughs)...i have no desire to exclude her, im glad she's participated in the games the last nights, and you

Dick: im surprised that anyone's even talking to me at this point

(Dick asks jessica that he wants to talk later as she passes by, she says sure)

dick: if we were in the real world, i would have already knocked that fucking smile off dustin's face

Eric: i think if it had stayed the same it would have been you (getting voted out)....i have echoed daniele's and kail's sentiments, i thought this was going to be an easy summer vacation and i'd be ok with whatever happened and figure it out as i go along, but its been brutal, i have not had the fun i thought i'd have

dick: constantly talking game over and over beating the dead horse, and then here comes time for campaigning, eviction, nominations again..beat the dead horse all over again, and then in the meantime you have people with gigantic egos on your side

eric: in my estimation after last week, who knows anything anymore, but just thank God she (jessica) won this week, i could easily go next week, at this point there's no point in trying to figure it out

dick: thats not true, you regroup pretty good, you are a great speaker and a great talker, you can take any side of an issue and make a great speech about it

eric: for all that you've done, you have the leadership qualities, for me i wouldnt want you coming after me

dick: can we talk....i dont understand when things changed?

eric:i wasnt running around to the other people, if i did the mustard i would have owned up to it

dick: who did it then? i dont think jen did it

eric: i dont know, i'll go home and watch it but for now i dont give a shit who did it, i wish the person came to me giggling so i could at least enjoy it, a lot of this stuff i dont know and its a he said/she said...some things i did do and some things i didnt do, its an unfortunate situation, i made my bed and i said 'i want nick out of here' and i underestimated how many people would rally behind nick AFTER he was voted out of here

dick: i sacrificed a lot for that fucking group, i didnt have to go to everyone and tell everything, and put it out on the table for everyone, getting rid of nick was an enormous mistake

eric: i agree, i never made any bones about why i wanted him out.....

dick: im being honest with you, i made no bones about it, and what made me do it was about daniele if he could be using her, her being in this house made me change the way i play, i had to take that chance...when i knew it was the biggest mistake of the game was his goodbye speech to her, it was real

eric: i agree, but in terms of how things arrive, the way things have shaken down are not how i wanted it to shake down, i didnt want you coming after me or me coming after you, its not at all how i envisioned things...you can line up things the way you want but you cant control other people's decisions

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Dick says he knows America thinks he's the worst Mother fucker ever on reality TV but he doesn't care because he got what he wanted. Eric is basking in Dick's admiration and talking about his "food poisoning" & how often he "erupted." Dick is asking Eric to be honest and Eric is talking in circles about how he felt like he was on the outside.

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dick: look who i had to align with last week, kail jen zach, the people we had on our list to get rid of , in this game you have to do what you have to do, move on, and do what it takes...you eric have no problem with recovery and youre here

eric: well im dangling by a thread, depending on who wins this thursday i'll be hanging out there again

dick: im a man of my word, i told jen i wouldnt give her any more shit and i havent, my game plan had to change this week, i dont care how mean i was i had to get what i wanted (daniele's safety)

eric: trust me i got it, you did the right thing, and i think everyone understands that

dick: i've talked to amber and jameka, i just want you all to understand why i had to do what i did

eric: i hope we can go play some golf or whatever

dick: there's going to be more people that are going to hate more people in this house, i know jessica put dustin up because she didnt want to make an enemy in jen/zach

eric: i missed the action and didnt know who would go up

dick: i figured this was planned out way ahead...why was jessica even crying, he's a pawn,im going home, who cares

eric: i dunno....it doesnt make it any more comfortable for when i was sitting there, but i was cognizant of what you were doing...i have no intention of holding daniele accountable for things that she is not responsible for

dick:what pissed me off is how dustin flipped the whole thing, and for him to draw a line in the sand like that, and for the others to go along with it, it showed me a lot about them, and i hope you'll take a clue

eric: well i was totally out of the loop, it was totally out of my control, they were calling the shots last week, ive barely kept up with a timeline of what happened

dick: i feel the same way, i feel like a complete tool for being taken in by that goddamn asshole...what a fucking idiot, he knew well if i got it he was going up, so we made a deal that one week we'd be cool, he lied and he backstabbed, that's part of the game and that's cool....but i did what i did and i got my way

eric: well i'll see you in five years when we're in the house for allstars........(laughter from both)......i shit ten times , i dunno food poisoning since yesterday

dick: tell me something, what happened to make you change up?

eric:i never really had intentions of doing so, i had no idea where i would go when it became the seven of us....everyone forumlated their opinions...nobody came to me and sat down to say 'what's going on'....i felt like we were all on board until i went up, and i knew something was going on but i didnt know what was going on

dick: i felt like there was a week that daniele started talking to me about you, and i let you know that week that we were together (ed:that dick told eric that dick and daniele together)..that was a huge thing for me to trust you with.....the votes was one thing

eric: for me i didnt do a lot of these things

dick: you did the first one ?

eric: i didnt do the votes, i really wanted kail out, but when everyone else did it, i didnt want to ruffle people's feathers

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eric: im going to look like a complete bozo on camera because im like 'yay im so glad daniele won hoh' and then two days later im up....if kail or jen had won that, under the circumstances it would have been me and you up not daniele

dick: not with that ice tea incident, i know people on message boards have played that over and over (ed:mmmhmm, they have dick)

eric:all because of one banner, we dont know about what all the other banners said, as flattering as it is to think they may have all been about me, its one person, one point of view and it happened to be seen and it was really detrimental to me

dick: with daniele it got her to thinking and we talked to everyone and they each added some stuff

eric: but a lot of it was not accurate, whatever happened happened, people speculating about the length of my DR sessions, if i go home on my own overplaying or bad alignment but it will piss me off if its from a stupid banner

dick: trust me, i talked to daniele for a long time, and that was hardly talked about

eric: i never lied to nick, why would i say i wanted to keep him?

dick: nick said when you leave here you'll see on the show i never lied...but he was hedging his bets...kails, mikes mistakes on day 2

eric: and joe and carol established what their problems would be right away

dick: carol was an idiot for saying she didnt want to be here...(dick checks the door and says 'dustin is in the fake sleeping alliance right now')

eric: right now i dont know where i stand, im in a reevaluate, im taking my time, ive felt like shit the last couple of days, i have no problem saying i was very very lucky this week and i can only thank jessica a million times

dick: i have no doubt that dustin will be joining me next week in sequester, you know it i know it, he's the first one

eric: i dont know who's with who, i thought i had it, nick goes home, i go up, i stay which was a surprise, everything has left me just shrugging

dick: i think for people watching this is a fucking hell of a season

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