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August 13, Live Feed Updates

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I switch over to shotoo on the tv and Jen and Eric were talking. I missed some of the conversation but Eric was telling Jen that Dustin was someone to watch. He also said it doesn't matter who goes on the block this week, Dick is going home.

Jen told Eric that Dick was going to use the veto on him and not Daniele. Eric thinks if he doesn

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HGs in by talking about once they get out, having t-shirts made up for each of them... jam says zach's fans will have shirts saying, "unleash the beast", dick says w/ a pic of a little kitten on it. jess would be booyah, jam's would say know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, dustin's would be a plain gray t-shirt, zach says maybe w/ a pic of joe w/ the "no" symbol through it, eric's would say "I'm Jewish?" w/ the question mark, dani's would say, that's awful, amber's would be that's that, carol's would be i miss the touch of a man, joe's would be story time or oh my knees, jen's already wearing hers, dick says joe's would say "aaawk-ward" cause he'll have everybody saying that, mike's would say 'meat log', says dustin then jam says, no (didn't hear what she though it would be, nick's would say president of the fsa (fake sleepers alliance)...kail's would say ...no, what do you think w/ question marks all over it...t-shirt talk continues, dick says jessica's would say a bunch of zzzzzzzzzzzzz across the front, jam says hers might say mmmhmmmm. zach talking to dick trying to come up w/ things that sound cool that his would say...dick tells him he can't coin a phrase at the last minute. dustin says dicks would say you &*#$ (they name the symbols), then say it would say place your explative here...

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amber and jameka are in the HOH room, jess is the the bathroom...

amber is explaining to jam that jen put some food in the microwave and noticed eric out back

amber: so shes walking past the sliding door(jen) sees walks, eRic is out there and then goes out there for like 10-15 mins and just came back in right now

jess: omg

amber: its like she had no clue he was out there by himself and she found the perfect opportunity to talk to him real quick

(and i just lost my feed again)

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everyone leaves by, eric still in ht & jen comes out to tell him that dani said they (D&D) each came in to play their own game. She says dick implied he would use pov on dani. eric says, well imagine if you had kids, you'd want your kid to have the opportunity instead of yourself. jen says dani has more of a chance in the game than he does anyway. feeds mess up some but jen telling eric that amber said something to her...he says that amber told him that jen got in their business wondering why amber forgave eric...she says i wouldn't have said that, i forgive everyone. she says amber told her that, don't let ppl take advantage of you, just remember what eric did to me...eric says, what did i do?....feeds messing up again...he says he agreed jen would never say not to forgive but wondered why she got in their business. jen says, just so you know whether you believe me or not, i haven't lied in the game. apparently someone asked jen (b/f eric was saved) if she would put eric up & she said no, but she says dick said he would...eric asked when that was, she says b/f he was saved, he says, that's cause everyone was still playing their parts. he says D&D made their move too early & chose the wrong person and now they're screwed. eric said he wouldn't alienate someone that wasn't against him to begin with like D&D did. jen says, you're in good standing w/ me, obviously. eric says something, but feeds messing up again....jen says jess gets jealous of her, eric apparently had a dream w/ jen in it & jen thinks jess is jealous of her now. eric says maybe a few weeks ago, but after last weeks events, it's not like that anymore. jen asks who jess ill put up, he says he doesn't know & hasn't spent a lot of time w/ her since she's been hoh.in the background (i'm on quads), i can hear amber saying, something's up w/ eric & jen... she's in hoh room watfching on the screeneric telling jen there's so much still to be done this week, i don't think it will be you going up, but i will try to talk to her to find out. jen says if you find out, let me know. he says, i don't know what she's doing, it's not like last week, i'm not running her hoh. jen says dustin's really trying hard & making up a lot of things, i know he's on your team, but he's been making up a lot. eric changes subject to...did jameka say there's beer here? let me jump in the shower...and leaves

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dustin asked not to be put up since hes played some bold moves this week..jam and amber have volunteered themselves up..jess makes the comment that if its a tie, shes the vote

dustin: I would almost prefer daniele to leave this week

amber and jess: me too

dustin because of jen or zack or any of us wins HOH you know what i mean its a 5to 1 odds of him winning next week

jess: Dicks going up, I can see if daniele is goin g to them and say there is 3 vs 5

dustin, then we would band together

jess: I can see dick saying that too but I can see daniele pulling it off

amber: yea

dustin; what are you thinking about jameka?


amber: what are you thinking about gurllll parting your hair

jameka: I dont know just that everything, the whole pro's and cons of it all

dustin: your just thinking about another week of it all, if if we get daniele out of here , dick will know we did that on purpose

amber: I really dont care which one goes

quietness over eric and jess talking in background talking about combing

amber: this sucks if none of us gets HOH next week, bet 2 of us group is going up

justin: well if dick stays over daniele , theres a 2 out of 3 chance to take himself off or dani will go home..jen zack or any of us win HOH

Jameka: can i say this, we know that dani thinks for ED with that being said, shess not going to ask her dad not to use it on her because she did earn it...but at the same time shes not going to ask him to NOT to use it so when you look at it that way..shes going to tell him to leave it the same, not becasue she doesnt thinks that he wouldnt pull her off, in her indirect way , its going to increase her chances, she can clean her hands over the whole ordearl..shes still scheming

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From 9:30PM BBT: Dustin thinks Dick took his King robe and the fake tats. E knows Dick hates hi wearing them, Dustin tells them he is a child and Jameka and Amber say they need to check their stuff. Dustin thinks Dick is going to use the veto on himself to make their lives miserable. Jess says that its ok, he

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9:40PM BBT: Dustin asks Jessica not to put him on the block. He's worried Jen and Zach would vote him out and Jess tells him that she would break the tie and he would be safe. Amber and Jameka tell Jess that they will go up on the block. They all agree they want Daniele gone because she is the better compeditor.

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eric: my personal take is that hes*dick* is not going to give us the choice but he loves power and it is his one final chance for him to control something and its his way of saying not going to let you do what you want to do , im going to tell you what you have to do..

jess: well theres no use of fighting or like thinking or talking about what he might do, on how what I should do

if he takes dani off hten i have to put someone else up, if he takes himself off, then another person has to go up

amber: put me or jameka up

zack comes up to the HOH and asks about beer pong being played, eric said he is game ..now normal chit chat and laughing

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switching cams to dani and dick in the BY

dicks smoking, dani is just sitting there, they both look to be in thought

then FOTH

back from foth and dani is talking now

dani: if you leave this week and eric leaves next week and the only guys left will be dustin and zack ...and dustin will try to be alll with zack ehh not going to happen

dick: zack would put up with it because hes not very confrontational

dani: wait what?

dick: zack will put up with it because hes not confrontational, but he wants dustin out of here desperately , like lighting a fire under his ass

dick: the only thing thats going to split them up is dustin and eric on the block at the same time cuz i can see dustin and amber, eric and jessica totally having a deal

dani:what if

dick: for final 4 getting jameka out

dani: what if , no seriously , what if i put dustin and eric up, and eric manipulates amber somehow someway

dick no never happen

dani: you dont think

dick never gonna happen, you notice that dustin is her only hope in here

dani: but she knows that everybody else is going to vote eric out I mean

dick: shes not going to vote to keep eric over dustin

dani: even though shes the one to vote for him..

dick:for who

dani: dustin to stay

dick: i dont think that it will matter, be a matter over loyalty and not lying she would never ever

dani: because if he(eric) could though, if he could and it was jess and jam, then dustin would go home though

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10:27 BBT

In hOH Dustin explaining to Jameka and Amber that he doesn't want to be the replacement nomination..His reason being that he doesn't want to the arrogant person but later admits that he doesn't trust Eric's vote.

Now Dustin says "if it's against Dick he doesn't have a problem" but if it's against Daniele he doesn't.

Amber says he needs to talk to Jessica because he already agreed to it.

Amber believe that Dick will not use it because Danile told her "i'm not going around campaigning" and Amber belives that she was subliminally telling her they wer'nt using the POV.."why would she say that"

Dustin says "I'm not saying I din't trust Eric in this group" but he sees Eric thinking that he's his biggest competition..

Amber says if the vote came back 4-2 and one of them went "I would fuckin' die"

Talking about Jen spending the whole day with them and then talking to Dani for hourts last night.

Dustin to Jameka "Do you trust Eric's vote" and Jameka says she lost 5 HOH's and she would hope some "loyalty is a brewing"

Amber thinks Eric should go up and Dustin agrees if its Daniele and he would do it if it's Dick

"I would n't feel comfortable going up against Daniele"-Dustin.

Talking about Eric always talking game and "always saying things about somebody else" says Dustin......Dustin says he doesn't need to be defensive but "he continues to sit there"

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10:38 BBt

Downstairs Jess Zach Eric and Dani playing beer pong with Dick ..talking about the whipering can be heard over the internet.....[sometimes]..Dick says "whatever the mic picks up"

Back in the hOH Jameka working on her hair Amber "this is getting ridiculous" [not sure who or what she as talking about]

Dustin says he's not trying to cause anything about his backing out saying "I was egocentric" about it......Dustin trying to explaing saying "how cocky" he's become and talking about people ...Jameka "I've noticed that"

Dustin and Amber talking about "tutti fruiti's"

Downtstairs the flip cup game continues.

Amber "i'm telling you right now they are leaving the nominations the same" discussing Amber's premonition of her winning something with Dick there..seeing that as a "good sign" for next week.

Dustin asks if Jameka is "a home owner" and she says yess Dustin "that's so amazing" Jameka "I have a townhome.."amber doesn't that blow you away..I can't even imagine" [get a decent job you might]

Talking about "you know who" [dr producer] being overwight saying that they have a "certain sound in their voice" asking for Jameka's opinion her saying "I'm not going to go there" Dustin said he said to him "you don't sound chubby"

Amber "I'm so glad you're gay" because to her he's hot.....Dustin "thank you Amber"

Amber "I can't believe he took you robe" and Dustin "I know..cheap shot" saying "he's lucky they weren't my personal items" or he would him out of his stipend..

Talking about it being "housemate issues" and that Dick blowing his nose on the towels and DR told him that it was a "hosemate issue"

Talking about Zach being lonley creppy and "no one can connect at his level" .

Amber talking about who Dick would put up if he got HOH saying he would put up amber and Dustin so they would have to fight for themselves "that's what he wants" Talking abot Dick sitting at the counter and Jameka says is "daniele down ther" and says yes and Jameka '"That's why its the playground"

Amber says she "gets nauseous " over Dick and feels uncomfortable when she goes downstairs....Dustin says that's what he wants...

Dustin "Jameeka I can't believe you own a house" saying she should be proud of herself and Jameka hmmm mmm.

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11:00 BBT

Amber talking about Dustin "he got some balls" saying that she surprised since he's a "gay guy"...

Jamek thanking Amber for dinner saying she never grew up having "taco nights" saying she likes it and "something different"

Amber asks "do you think Jessica's spoiled" Jameka says yes "to a certain extent" maybe she never had chores because she was busy with other things.

Amber lamenting she never went shooping or her mom made breafast like other parents while Jameka says neither did she as her parents were budget conscience.

Talking about her three story 3BR townhouse with a "unfinished" basement and a backyard as big as the HOH bathroom

Jameka says they all have come from familys that are not "Richy Rich" but that knew how to "make it work"

Amber saying she couldn't believe Zach's and the bandanas from the food comp....Jameka says that is he "book smart" but no "common sense"...Amber complaining "He knew" that her and Dustin wanted to be on the same team..

Down stairs the game continues of beer pong..

Amber feels bad that she complained about Dustin backing out...saying Eric should go up and trust their votes

Jameka says that if Kail knew she was going home and Amber said no and "she was a multi business owner ..fuck that she doesn't deserve to win"

Amber leaves HOH as Jameka still works on her hair...

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11:14 BBT

Dustin says that Dick "nervously" was taping his ring and does the beat and Jameka says that is the BB theme.

Jameka thinks Eric told Jen to "lay off" from hanging out and asks Dustin "so you think nothing" as he tries to explain why..saying they slept til four...long silence Jameka "i don't know ..do you think thay still have something going on" and Dustin "I don't know man" Jameka "I don't know either" and Dustin changes the subject to her hair dye.

Amber returns and jameka tells Amber very quietly what was said to Dustin and jen comes up..and Amber "grab that red blanket because I don't want her sitting on it because she stinks" [Jen never comes in]

Dustin asking what benefits is there from Eric doing that and they says so they don't get annoyed with her and so they let her into the group......

Jameks ask "How do you feel now that she's[Kail] gone" Dustin saying the impact has "shifted the mood of the house"...Jameka "Kail to me" a mike "kails not here mmm Kail's not here" saying indifferent and Dustin says he doesn't know Nicks presence "not being there"

Jameka she only misses Joe and eveyone else was indifferent. Dustin "honestly it sucked" having Joe in the house and his doesn't reflect him and whinning that Joe has impacted another "set of friends"...saying that he has mutual friends that never bring up his name but here in the house its brought up everyday and "referenced to me"

Jameka having hair issues.....both reassuring her "Jameka it looks really straight"

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11:31 HOH

talking about getting Danile out because Amber is so sure "he's leaving the nominations the same" saying Jen would put up Dick before Danile.

Talking how bad Dick would do in a endurance HOH and Jameka says that he did great in the bat challenge.

Jameka says they should be careful what is said around Eric because he and Jen had an alliace and both are still there si it's not really a trust issue..

Dustin says Eric says he's never going to win the game and Jameka says "that's a good stategy" because he's not in the game to advance them........ but to win.

"the fact that Jen is not up here " says things especially when not much is going on and Jameka says "that's because her man" is down there....

Downstairs the beer pong game continues unevetfully

Back to HOH ERic paranoia is in full swing with Jameka staring it..

Amber "something is up with them" and she felt comfortable and a few days ago she wasn't....Dustin saying he has a butt when amber said "it's minue honey".

Dustin asking idf Dick said anything to them and both says no and Amber turns the talk back to Eric and Jen...Dustin saying do we need to stick by Eric's side..both say no......

Dustin is constantly trying to change the subject..

Jameka and Amber now discussing her weave and what way she's going with it....

Downstairs the game continues with jen and Dick as the spectators...

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11:50 BBT

In HOH talking about country music lyrics and their meanings..

Amber talking about how she is at work and Jameka rants about how "organized" she is...

Dustin says "you are a cocktail waitrees" and asked if she does cigarettes and says when "I did drugs" I did and says she made a lot more money when she did because she got a "bigger area" than her waitress area.....

Amber says 1st palce she did cigarettes then cigarettes at another place and now does cocktails at the same place as her first place wher she did cigarettes [confused?]

Anyway Dustin can't believe she made more with cigarettes because he thinks they[cigarette smokers] would be cheaper people than people who buy cocktails and Amber goes into a long winded uninteresting explaination.

Downstairs the game has ended and talk turns into wrap party.....

Dick saying "jessica you must be tired you've been up for 6 hours" laughing she says "no nap today"

nothing intersting just talk about bowling with fake nails.......

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12:07 BBT

Jen has made her way up to the HOH..and we get FOTH

Talking about hair......and makeup

Zach talking to Jess outside and Jess says "anything to say to me I will not repeat" Zach says he got caught people in repeating discussions

Zack saying he's caught Dick in lies Dustin and Eric in many lies...telling Jess he wants to be in an alliance....Zach saying his vote s in the game "were the correct ones" and people should have stayed that were evicted.

Jess says she went back and forth about Eric....Jess says "I like to wqatch what's going on" and she friends with Eric but watches him "do I trust 100%..no"

Zach saying he tells people what exactly he thinks and doesn't "beat around the bush"...Zach saying that if they wanted one of them out they should put Dick and Dani" and says he doesn't like the advatage of the pairs situation.

Jess saying she wants to talk to him and didn't want wait just in case he got HOH.

Zach said he told Eric he would "look out for you" Zach says if she puts me up then Jess would make him not trust her since they had an agreement and Jess said that she never intended to put him up.

Zach say he talked to Dick about his behavior and got him to lay off...Zach says that he's cool with him and Zach sayshe has not problem putting Dick up since everyone "hates him"...Jess says that Dick is not a jury vote and has a person still after her.. Zach says she "has a strong distaste for other people" and would probably is safe with Dani

Dick Dani come out they move to hammock

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12:22 BBT

Jess tell zach she does want to open the door with him especially since "numbers are dwindling" and he really "trustworthy"

Jess says she doesn't know if the thing with "ERic was true" but kept him for the numbers thing...

Zach doing his statistic thing saying Eric was a bigger risk than Kail and that's why he voted the way he did........Saying he has to beaware of the people who "lie to me" and "people who want to work with me that haven't screwed me" and would be willing to work with and goes on about Jameka and how she blows things out of proportion and things "that she's done that have caused me issues" and why he's never approached her with anything and she doesn't like his personality.

Jess says aging "I'm not going to say anything"

Zach says she has "dropped hints" that people that sensitive about things..talking "about the spider thing" saying "arguing about the fucking spider..you kidding me" 'for her there seem not to be major and minor lines" and these things are affecting her gameplay with other people .."that's the hole she's digging" for herself in the game

Zach "tolernece is a great virtue to have in this game"

jess "it's a game bla bla"

Zach if he uses on Danile he'll vote Dick out and if she wants him to vote Daniele he will only if she asks him to..."if that's what you need done I will do that for you"

Jess "I'll let you know" She tells him Dustin backed out of being the replacement nom...Zach saying he's "spread himself so thin". Saying his happiness at HOH was "sugar coated bullshit" and that he was happy Dick didn't win..Jess saying that he was probably glad he didn't have to put up Dick.

Jess says it takes one person outside of the group to win HOH and "the group is over"

Zach says he would put up "joe people" who "tell a lot of shit" but aren't real saying "I would leave "the game by someone "beating me and not giving me the side door home"

Both saying they don't like the backdoor....but with the POV that's part of the game.

Zach saying saying with dustin "it's like the Carol thing" and people "should never voice " that opinion but Zach says "Dick is going to go home" and says he did it because he blantantly lied to Dick about the Eric vote in front of everyone. and gloated and boasted about it....

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12:39 BBT

Zach really calling out Dustin.....Jess admits she doesn't really know for sure how the vote was going....Zach says "it killed me" to vote to keep Kail but was the easier person to get out down the road.

Zach says right now "he's fly by night" and didn't have tactical adavantages and Jess says her too and "My time had come" from the Eric thing week before....

Zach says about Dustin "the fact he brought it up" show his integrity in the group....Talking about his secret meeting with Kail.."you can only be in so good a postion before you start getting question" says Jess.

Zach offers to talk about who to put up....jess says the most I can see happening is a tie vote and would break it and make the original nomination would go.

Zach saying he doesn't see it as a hard decision saying "if you had me" as a vote "100%" and if you don't get the vote then you know you can't trust me.

Zach saying that he had heard rumors neither were playing the game earlier.....Jess says she would rather be a follower than a leader..as you have "a target on your back"

Zach talking about Jen satyed true to Carol and Kail and she's "still here" saying she's "a fucking machine" and has been "a loner" but proved she "can hang"

Jess says when she leaves the hammock everyone will ask what you guys talk about..Zach says the only person who does that to me "is Dustin" and when he says nothing he walks away in sme "gay walk" and says whatever..

Zach says to rank the people whom she can trust the most and trust one stay tight with 2 and don't trust 4 or lower...telling her to stay true....

Zach saying he's smart and Jess says "I knew you were smart" and says you need to worry about the outcome when you're not HOH. saying you need to figure out to get yourself "off the radar"

Jess says that she's in an "ok situation" and Jess says that she can see Eric and Dustin working together but Zach says that they are paranoid of each other and Equates Eric as a walking enclycopedia but can't adapt to change and Dustin a 22 year old agreessive guy who thinks he could date 5 guys at once and would not get caught.."his days are numbered"

Zach says if he went up against anyone but Dick he would be voted out..

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12:57 BBT

Zach says the problem with this group of 5 they need to think "who would they vote at the end" who they would be with at the end and sees some people winning over definitely over others..

Zach saying if you can think of a strong advantage of keeping Dick in the game and Jess says "no" and Zach says "you're decision is made"

Zach says if they get rid of him Dick Daniele and asks could you win against the people lest and Jess says she could win against Dustin and Eric but not against Jameka and Amber...Zach says if all the outsider are ousted they him Dani Dick and Jen will determine who wins the money...saying if Jen makes it to the end they would vote for Jen..Zachs says "people aren't thinking" about the end.

Zach says if you had something you could put in a better position saving Dick he would be interested to hear it but what she's doing now "it' safe" Foth [missed some]

Zach telling her to reaffirm the four people and not trust the 3rd or the 4th,saying he knows who they are and Jess says "maybe not"

Jess saying have a 1A and a 1b who is questionable but 1A can't win for 5 weeks......Zach says she hinders your game and in the end if you go against her "you'll lose" Jess says she wants to trust Eric so bad but what happened in the last week there so much that makes me not trust him..Zach says he's caught Eric in things that make him "guilty" and Zach says "he doesn't trust me" saying "he's caught him" in things that are not accurate or or he doesn't have the right info.

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11:11 BBT

Jess says she can't put Dustin up and Zach says she could..

Zach says if he needed to test te number 1 and the number two "I would put them up" and if they back out than that would prove that person isn't legit" and is huge" for your gameplay or maybe it doesn't prove anything.

If Dustin agreed and now he's backed out maybe he's has something with Dick or he's paranoid or he "doesn't trust you" and Jess says tthe reason he backed out [see previous post]...Zach says that Dick Eric and Dustin were all the ones who put Nick up.

Zach says if they had been talking for two weeks he would volunteer to put him up since its only been "2 days" and Jess says she understands...

Zach saying it's a great test since its a certainty with Dick going home....

Zach says "you have my vote" and Jess says it doesn't bother me sice she already knows and Zach says "if its a tie" then you know its someone from your group "an that's a can of worms"

Jess-"nice chat" and talk what they are going to say when people ask what did they talk about

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1:23 BBT

Jess heads back upstairs to the HOH room and Dustin Jen Eric and Amber playing some lame game on things they did...on all 4 feeds

1:44 BBT Same as above

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