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August 13, Live Feed Updates

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dick/eric discuss that some people who have claimed to have never watched bb are now slipping up and say things like 'when i watched .....'...mainly talking about dustin

the eric/dick conversation is finally over, they get up to leave the bedroom

jessica/amber on the lounge in backyard

dustin is awake now that eric is in the kitchen (ed:imagine that, he was just sound asleep!)

outside amber tells dick 'no being mean if there's mixed drinks tonight...lets all have fun'

(edit:that's all from me tonight, nite)

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Haven't see any updates in a while so here is what I've observed before they blocked the feeds at 6 p.m. BBT;

Dick pulls Jes over to the hammock--he goes on and on about his reasons for his behavior this week and aplogizes and she responds almost exclusively with the poular Uh-hmmmmmm;

Dick then tells her the vote will be 3-3 GUARANTEED (I want him to stay but he has a big mouth); she says really? He says yes and that means you will have to make the deciding vote...another uh-hmmmmmm;

Dick says he has an understanding with some people here (I'm guessing his 3 are Zack, Jen and Dani) and he says to Jes that you'll burn some bridges over there but, you'll gain some great alliances so think about it and she says uh-hmmmm, for sure;

Jes then admits that right before the POV ceremony today she got chocked up but not for what some may think--apparently Jen came up to her right before hand and told her Dustin and Dick have an alliance to which Dick nealry loses his recently digested slop;

She says she had all kinds of scenarios going through her head and didn't know what or who to believe--Dick can't believe it and asks who said it to her and he guesses Jen and then we get a f bomb to describe Jen;

She then said she will think about what he proposed and that she will not share this with anyone...it was 8:48 EST when she said that;

She then goes to the HOH and is joined by Amber and to my delight and shock she did NOT tell Amber what was said! She said all Dick did was apologize and that was that. Jameka and Amber then go to the gym, begin to run on the machines as the BB house begins to shake due to their very wide rears vibrating (ok I fabricated that part)

Jes then says to all the girls, including Jen and Dani that in 20 minutes they are having a get ready party in HOH--in case you did not hear, BB is throwing them a party at 9 EST (6 BB time) to celebrate their making it halfway and it will include food, drinks and music and all can particpate)--the HGs are pumped;

Dustin comes up to HOH with Jes and starts drilling her about what did Dick say and again, Jes lies to him and says nothing except that he apologized but of course Dustin slams Dick opver and over and just insults him and comments on him being a father--what a jerk Dustin is-I hate this guy!

Meanwhile, I peek in on Jameka and Amber running and catch the Godly one making a sick comment about Dick being attracted to Danielle! This woman is a trip--claims to be full of the spirit yet everytime she opens her mouth this crap comes out.

Just then, the feeds go out and the party must be starting....I'll keep watching if we ever get to see anything.

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Feeds back up!!! 6:21 BBT

Dani/Dick in BY--she is scolding him & saying watch what you say to jen and then she says he did again--apparently he told Dustin something that Z told him in confidence and now Z is furious. Dick is concerned now and wants to talk to Z.

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All 4 feeds on Dick/Dani & Z in RR--joking at first then Z says Eric is in the DR again...jokes BB will quarantine him for the rest of the summer. They then chime in saying no, he really is sick (I doubt it--BB is covering for him b/c AC told him to avoid Jes and he can't so to cover they are pretending he's sick to keep him away form everyone...how convenient!)

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6:23 BBT Quad Feed

Daniele, Zach and Dick talking about Eric being called into the DR, again. They're all worried about him being sick and Daniele says that when she gets sick she's sick for weeks at a time. She hopes he gets quarantined, instead of going to the BB party.

Daniele turned down the temp. in Dicks room... he's not thrilled that she would do that... it's his room!

Jen walks in...

They smell pizza... Italian, from the place they got it "last time."

Dick leaves to BY for a smoke.

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Dustin and Jen talking about how she should wear her hair--he says wear it down b/c it won't transpose on camera that way...(whatever that means)

They talk with Jes about hoping the food is chineese while dustin wears his robe saying how glad he is to have it back...they laugh and say "oh God"

He then parades around in the HOH wearing it---Dustin leaves and Jes and Jen compare hair and makeup tips

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6:27 pm BBT Quad Feeds

Dick in BY, smoking.

HOH room:Dustin tells Jen that he likes her dress A LOT. Jen tells them D & D think the food is Italian. Dustin says it smells like Chinese.Dustin putting on his King's Robe... says, "you guys don't know how good it feels to have this back!" Takes off robe and leaves HOH.

Jess and Jen getting ready for BB party. Jess can't decide to put hair up or down... she wants it up. Jen tells Jess that she's soooo glad that Dick used POV on her (daniele) Jess says, she is too, for sure. Jen says she thinks everyone feels that way. Jess says, "for sure" again.

6:32 BBT Quad feeds

Jen tells Jess that when Dick leaves, she (Daniele) will cling to Zach.Feeds switch to round bed room. Dustin, Daniele and Zach there. Complaining about Eric taking too long in the DR.

They want their food.They're waiting outside SR door. Daniele wants dessert. Zach farted, Dustin says it smells sooo bad. Daniele doesn't smell it.


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feeds switch to RR and now Dustin (without the robe) is with Dani and Z--Dustin asks what type of music do u think we'll get? Danis says BB of course.Now they beign to jump around asking BB to open to SR and give them the food they smell as they speculate on chineese or pizza;Dustin teasing Dani about how she is whithering away if BB doesn't let her eat soon--she smells pizza and asks open open open, food food food....rats, trivia.This trivia is all the same everytime! Why not switch it up from season 2 q's to some other season! It's bad enough we have to watch this crap but at least make it interesting.

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Most hg's inside cleaning, Zach in ht. Dani sitting on the couch talking to Zach. Zach making fun of Dani .........I never go in the hot tub. Dick just came out and went in the ht with Zach.

In the kitchen Amber and Jess doing dishes. general chit chat.

Zach and Dick talking .........Zach is mentioning something he told Dick that another hg's told him word for word. Dick is saying sorry, that he didn't remember telling anyone.

Zach is explaining that he is trying to get Jessica on his side.

not much going on inside cleaning up after supper.

Dick is saying Jenn went and told Jessica something dick isn't saying what though.

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Zach, Dick and Dani chatting about Eric, saying Eric days are numbered and he knows this.

In the kitchen Dustin and Jenn sitting at the counter, no one is saying to much.

Dani whispering to dick, then FOTH......Dani was saying she doesn't trust him at all, not sure who she meant.

Zach talking about his conversation with Jess they had earlier.

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Feed 1 - Jessica sitting at the table.

Feed 2 - Table shot long view

Feed 3 - Dick brushing his teeth.

Feed 4 - Dick brushing his teeth.

All hg's sitting in kitchen area ......general chit chat.

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2 cams on BY where Jen, Amber, Dick and now Jess are socializing...

2 cams on DR table where Dustin, Eric, Dan, and Amber are doing the same...

Jess coments that is only 8:30...comes in the house and announces she's going to the HT

Just off and on chit chat...then FOTH

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