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BBUK FINAL: THE WINNER IS... (plus final week twists - p7)

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Anybody still there?

Yes. Then I'll continue...

With 50.25% of the vote the eighth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...


It was close - very close. Science got 50.25%, Orlaith got 49.75%.

All the other HMs - except for Orlaith - wanted Science to go, and despite Orlaith being the early favourite to leave, Science had been tipped to go since Wednesdays night show.

A clip just before lines closed of Orlaith saying she was 95% sure she was staying almost certainly led to more people voting her out (I think this is what she wanted!) - but when the lines closed and votes were counted, it was Science to get the boot.

Most surprisingly though was he hardly got any boos - he easily got the best reception from the crowd so far.

He also allowed Davina to speak in the interview, which was pretty good with Science knowing exactly what he's like, but not apologising for his character.

Quote of the evening - his description of Eugene: "If I'm Science, he's technology"

And congratulations to Orlaith. You wait six years for a latecomer to survive an eviction vote - then Orlaith does it twice on the trot!

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He's made them count, he's made them cry, but today Saturday Challenge just saw Big Brother wanting to scare them. It's Nightmare at Elstree (Studios).

Each HM must enter the Diary Room of Doom and remain their as long as possible while Big Brother tries to frighten them.

Each HM is hooked up to a heart monitor, a buzzer (to quit) and an "electric" helmet in the darkened diary room - with a bucket suspended above their head.

Smoke and various objects will then be pumped into the diary room of doom, including "bats" and other creatures designed to scare them.

BB will also try to make the HMs feel vulnerable by asking them questions such as "On a scale of one to ten, how pathetic are you?" and "When was the last time you wet yourself".

Each HM has a target of ten minutes, with a combined total of 45 minutes winning the HMs a party!

UPDATE: Well the HMs braved the diary room of doom and won themselves a party.

Now this is just a rumour that's been flying around for a week, but could this lead to "Operation Kidnap". The latest twist would see one HM who entered the bedroom during the party (perhaps to use the toilet) locked in - and only able to watch the others enjoy themselves.

BB could even pull the screen down and perhaps do something further - I'm convinced there is something behind the dodgy full length 3D mirror in the bedroom - and compare to old plans, it links up exactly with last year's Bedsit.

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Another week, another twist...

It appears that love is all around the Big Brother house this week. Yesterday Orlaith was given a "Love Buzzer" with orders to spread the love everytime it buzzed, while today a game of pass the parcel had the group hugging and kissing each other under BB's orders.

And this week's nominations are all about love, rather than hate. Each housemate must nominate the two housemates they want to SAVE from the public vote.

The two or more with the least votes will be up for eviction this week.

Should be very interesting - especially as the HMs are far more hatable than likeable!

And I'm sure some of them will think it's a con and the most popular HMs will face eviction.

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Ever get the impression you are talking to yourself?


Kemal has had his suspicions that Makosi is a mole since virtually week one - and his suspicions have almost broken their friendship.

Well, today Kemal went to the diary room and discovered which housemate really is working for Big Brother - him!

As part of this week's challenge he will be a secret double agent, taking directions from Brother, Big Brother.

He will be set his own secret missions and challenges which must be completed without raising the suspicions of his other housemates - and will be responsible for passing this week's task.

Meanwhile, the other housemates have been set the mission of becoming Secret Agents and must undergoing rigorous training, firstly learning Morse Code to crack a secret message from Brother, Big Brother.

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Brekkie... just wanted to let you know that I'm still reading your posts and enjoying what's going on... thank you for keeping us updated!!! (I might get behind a few days before I read them but, I do get to them... lol)

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Brekkie... just wanted to let you know that I'm still reading your posts and enjoying what's going on... thank you for keeping up updated!!!  (I might get behind a few days before I read them but, I do get to them... lol)

Good to know these posts don't go unread.

To those of you who are following this thread, I would love to know more of your thoughts.

As for this week's losers in the popularity contest - well, no one seems to like Kemal or Orlaith enough to want them to stay, so they are up for eviction this week!

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Last night Double Agent Kemal got a message from the garden gnomes through Morse Code. The demonic eyes of one of the garden residents flashed to reveal the word "Liar".

Kemal was then told he could interogate one of the other Secret Agents with three questions of his choice and activate a listening device in the toilet with the secret codeword. Yes, the toilet television from week 2 has returned!

Kemal chose Makosi and listened in as Makosi said some housemates still hadn't figured out her secret missions, saying she could work for MI5. She was also pleased she had managed to figure out the other HMs secret missions. She denied she had lied other than to cover her secret missions (except about virginity, pregnancies and abortions!).

When asked about how her secret missions had hindered her relationships she said she felt though Kemal saw her as a friend, he didn't see her as a contestant and was worried the friendship would be lost when he discovered she wasn't an actress.

After emerging from the toilet with the cover story of a nasty rash, Kemal rushed to the diary room to express his delight that Makosi isn't a mole. He then covered his tracks by saying how BB had been asking him strange questions recently. Makosi did though directly ask him if he was on a secret mission. He denied this and said he had in fact asked for one as everyone else had had one!

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Still reading and enjoying your updates a lot. Thanks for keeping us informed. The UK show is so much more devious and interesting. I wish BB would put someo fthe US houseguests through the ringer like your houseguests have had to endure....

Thanks again,


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Yet another twist in the tale...

Today the HMs had to take on secret identities (hidden around the house) and attend the Ambassador's Ball.

However, their evening was interupted when they were informed there was a secret agent amongst them. The spies were then each given the opportunity to defend themselves and explain why they are not the double agent.

The spies were then each asked to reveal who they thought was the double agent and sent them to the diary room - with Kemal hoping his name didn't come up. If the HMs identified him as the spy, this weeks task is failed!

The spies voted as follows:

Anthony: Eugene

Craig: Derek

Derek: Makosi

Eugene: Kemal

Kemal: Derek

Makosi: Eugene

Orlaith: Eugene

However, despite Eugene having the most votes after some arguments the group sent Derek off to the diary room to discover his fait

They haven't seen him since!

He's been locked in a secret bunker which contains magazines, secret documents and a phone. He will return to the house tomorrow - but speculation is rife that he has been evicted, especially as it occured shortly after 10pm - the time of most evictions!

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He's still in there!

The HMs are split over whether he's been evicted - but they are being careful about what they say in case he's listening in!

I imagine tonight's (Thursdays) show will be extended to cover events (last night's was also extended).

And as for Anthony - drunk is an understatement. Craig getting creepier though - when Anthony did get to sleep Craig (who I think was relatively sober) decided to jump into bed with him to make sure he was alright. BB had to call him to the diary room to get him out of the bed!

P.S. Pictures at Digital Spy: http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds8332.html

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Not quite what was reported, but I suspect this is the rumoured "Operation Kidnap" I mentioned earlier. Also a complete surprise - just wasn't expecting that.

Derek returned to the house this afternoon with a laminate explaining this week's real task was for the "Double Agent" to remain unidentified. As they had incorrectly named Derek as the double agent, the group have passed the task. They all tried to find out who the double agent was, but BB reminded them a good spy never tells their secrets.

However, Derek's been telling a few porkies. He claimed the room he stayed in was decked out like his own bedroom (as if they'd believe that) and that he's been watching them all on screens.

Craig, Anthony and Orlaith don't believe a word of it though!

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When I read the police received a number of calls during the infamous "Fight Night" last year, I was horrified at the over-reaction. Again with Scabgate this year, while I thought it was just a disgusting white lie, others phoned the police.

Well, tonight I nearly picked up the phone myself!

Tonight's extended show centered on the Double Agent twist - but it was completly overshadowed by a drunk Geordie!

Anthony was pissed! Incredibly pissed! However, it's not his actions that disturbed me at all - it's that of his friend Craig.

Craig wouldn't leave him alone, following him everywhere and not letting others help (he thinks he's the only person capable to handle a drunken friend!). Once he'd got Anthony down to his pants, he kept smothering him hugging him, kissing him and jumping on top of him every five minutes not letting him out of his sights.

BB had asked Eugene to keep an eye on Anthony and he tried too - but Craig was more the problem. The HMs agreed Anthony's main problem was Craig, but Eugene's attempts at telling Craig to leave him alone didn't work.

Anthony snapped (quite rightly) at Craig a couple of times to leave him alone - and when he tried to get some piece in the Diary Room Craig followed him in (with Eugene following to get Craig out) and wouldn't leave until BB asked him.

Cue the line of the series when Anthony asked if he could be sick in the diary room - "Big Brother would rather you were not!"

Anthony returned to the living room and passed out - with Craig then jumping on top of him again. He woke up as Craig and Eugene attempted to move him to the bedroom, but despite Anthony saying he could walk, Craig refused to let him.

Then the funniest moment when Craig puts him too bed - he puts him in his bed, not Anthony's!

Craig leaves the room briefly (though he'll return to "watch him all night") when Anthony then tries to entice Makosi over to join him!

Unfortunately she didn't! I'd have loved to have seen Craig's face if she had!

Now a couple of weeks ago here after the Eric vs Michael incidents the question was raised "What is sexual harrassment?" Well, if this isn't I don't know what is!


P.S. This cartoon sums it up really:


And even the official website is now referring to Craig as a "bunny boiler"!

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This week Kemal and Orlaith went head to head. Initially Kemal was slight favourite to go, but following his secret mission by the odds changed and by today Orlaith was odds on to be evicted. Davina tells us th voting is close (funny, it never seems to be clear!)

The pre-eviction highlights feature Anthony's hangover and crucially as the lines close, his argument with Kemal over the shopping, with Kemal refusing to do it in the sick-stinking living room - then exposing himself as the double agent and saying he's responsible for winning the food budget.

Other highlights see Derek reluctantly return to the house after his night in solitary confinement - telling a few lies about being able to watch the HMs. Makosi tells Anthony about the HMs having to keep Craig away from him last night - under instructions from BB - something Craig denies to Anthony and then goes on to call all the HMs arseholes.

So on to the eviction - The ninth housemate to be evicted is...


So Orlaith survives eviction three weeks on the run - and this is by far her toughest test. Strange how a newcomer has never survived an eviction vote for five series, then in series 6 Orlaith survives three on the trot.

Not as close as last week (in % term at least) - but still close - Kemal got 51.1%.

Kemal got probably the best reception so far from the crowd (though some idiots still booed regardless) - but he wasn't happy about being evicted over Orlaith.

I thought it was a disapointing interview, though not on Kemal's part. They touched on Makosi and Derek (though not his original dislike of him) - but the bulk of the interview was about Kemal's sexuality.

For the first time this series though the evictee was reunited with their friends and family as Kemal's parents joined him on stage - with Kemal saying "This isn't the last you've seen of me!" with Davina looking on as if to say "Whatever!"

With two weeks to go no twist was revealed to next weeks nominations (last year all HMs were put up) - but I suspect there will be a twist, possibly to the Saturday Challenge, which will see one HM guarantee themselves a place in the final week.

And as for Orlaith, she now says she'll walk tomorrow at 9am. Even if she does walk, BB will probably want to keep her in till BBLB on Sunday - then Kemal will have to spend his week on BBLB with the "skanky bitch"!


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Orlaith has now walked after being saved by the public last night.

Makosi said last night she'd follow her and this morning both her and Craig have said they'll quit if a replacement is brought in.

Having lost Kemal and Orlaith in the space of 12 hours Makosi is now walking around the house dressed from head to ankle in black - and ankle to toe green stilletos!

This leave five in the house with two weeks to go - so plenty really. It'll be four in the final week, though if the planned surprise eviction goes ahead in the final week we'll have three rather than the usual four on the final day - which will make for a better show IMO.

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Brekkie keep the updates coming....I try to check in here every few days, I love all the week long twists they have and will be sad when its over.

Great Job

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Kinga is BACK!

Even though there are just 12 days to go the rejected HM from the secret garden has been bought in to replace Orlaith, who quit yesterday.

Kinga entered the secret garden along with Eugene and Orlaith on Day 29, only to be evicted three days later when Makosi got to determine which two garden-dwellers moved into the main house (see p3).

Kinga is eligible to nominate and be nominated tomorrow. She is also eligble to win.

Kinga entered the house via the diary room, where she was set a Secret Mission.

As it is highly likely all the HMs will nominate her, Kinga will win immunity if ONE housemate (or more) DOES NOT nominate her tomorrow. If she is successful it means she'll automatically face the public vote to determine the winner.

BB had to explain this to Kinga twice - and along with host Davina, I still don't think she understood.

Reactions were interesting. While she was in the diary room Derek was waiting to go in, so when the light went green he went in and got the shock of his life when fronted by Kinga. First impressions were he liked her.

She completly blanked Eugene at first, though Makosi was happy to see her again. Anthony was nothing but nice to her, as was Craig at first but as soon as her back was turned, he stated that he didn't think it was fair putting someone in now (for once, I agree with him.) Quite funny actually when Kinga said she was nervous but be fine in a couple of days with Craig replying they'd all be gone by then!

And within an hour I've been reminded of why I hated Kinga so much. All the "we'll do this", "we'll do that" with Kinga intending to be the centre of attention!

Having said that though, I do hope she avoids eviction this week and Derek goes instead!

She has also given the house a much needed boost - but I still think letting her in is far too kind of EVIL BB - though admitedly EVIL to those still in there!

I do think though it's wrong to send someone in at this late stage - they had enough HMs in have at least three in the final - and more importantly, if she is evicted on Friday it will be at the expense of someone the HMs and the fans really want out by the final week (a.k.a. Derek!).

P.S. It's being reported today that a big task was axed yesterday following Orlaith's departure.

BB had been planning on constructing a Gingerbread house in the garden last night and enticing one housemate into it.

However, once the housemate was in it the walls would have collapsed to reveal it was in fact a cage, which would then have been winched into the air.

The other housemates would then have had the chance to get their fellow housemate out of the cage - OR enjoy luxuries such as chocolates, cigars and alcohol as the unlucky HM remained locked in the cage suspended above the garden!

Sounds good, and hopefully they'll get the chance to do it. It sounds similar to the challenge from Celeb BB where Caprice found a secret room which was then raised into the air.

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I personally think it is great Kinga is back in the house, out of the three secret gardeners she was prob my favourite.

From what i've seen, it looks like that Kinga will pass her task, Derek seems to love her, i witnessed them singing together in the early hours of the morning today, - frightening!

As for being eligable to win, i think thats great too, because Kinga has suprisingly received the backing of a large majority, and i certainly will vote for her to win if she makes it to the final week.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kinga wins BB6, with people merely voting for her to win just to piss off the otherhousemates and to see how they react.


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The final nominations are in - and Derek and Eugene are up for the chop!

This means Kinga has passed her secret mission and won immunity as at least one HM did not nominate her.

Looking back on nominations this year - they weren't as interupted as last year though there were just a few weeks where nominations went to plan.

Week 1: Makosi won immunity by getting the most nominations - then had to choose the real nominees.

Week 2: All HMs up for eviction as Vanessa discussed nominations

Week 3: Craig, Derek and Roberto not called to diary room to nominate due to discussing nominations - with their discussion of Saskia being shown to all in the lounge

Week 5: Makosi won immunity through the secret garden mission. Anthony and Maxwell weren't allowed to nominate due to discussing nominations.

Week 7: The best twist of the series. As part of the two lies BB told HMs, the HMs were told nominations were optional. Only Anthony, Craig and Kemal nominated - and they were told they were up for eviction. However, this was a lie with the other six HMs up - and the top two voted for by the public facing a final showdown with their fellow HMs deciding who is evicted - in front of each other!

Week 10: New HM Kinga won immunity by getting at least one HM not to nominate her.

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Kinga actually didn't get a single nomination.

Anthony, Craig and Makosi all nominated Derek and Eugene - with Anthony honest enough to say he just doesn't want them to win.

Derek nominated Anthony and Craig, Eugene nominated Anthony and Makosi while Kinga nominated Craig and Makosi - though BB wouldn't accept Makosi evicting her from the secret garden as a valid reason as it didn't happen "in the house".

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Now prepare to be shocked - tonight the evictee got cheered - and I mean really cheered, getting probably the best response since last year's finalists!

However, they did get booed when Davina read out the voting numbers, but the crowd remained strangly silent during the announcement.

And the second shock - tonight's result wasn't a shock! Derek got the boot with 58% of the vote.

Before leaving the house he made a speech to the HMs saying a winner was amongst them and he hoped they would get what they were looking for.

As he exited the house he got a fantastic response and he loved it. However, he didn't stick to his word and walk straight past Davina!

It was a very good interview which was quite funny in parts. He insisted he didn't want to win (yeah, whatever!) or didn't want to be PrimeMinister. He did however invite all the audience to his birthday on Tuesday.

So that leaves Anthony, Craig, Eugene, Kinga and Makosi in the final week to battle it out for the

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Guess who the latest unlucky housemate was?

Makosi, of course!


Makosi entered an innocent looking gingerbread house but once inside the door locked and the walls crumbled away to reveal a cage, which was then hoisted into the air.


Kinga was the first person to be given the chance to free Makosi. Her choice was cigarettes or Makosi. She chose the fags, and Makosi stayed put.

Next in was Craig who took the fast food takeaway on offer, leaving Makosi in the cage for another 30 minutes.

Anthony then took less than two seconds to answer the question "Beer or Makosi?" Beer, quite obviously.

Eugene though was the man to free Makosi by refusing scones - fearing Makosi would remain their overnight if he'd said yes. However, he did subsequentially fear Big Brother might have something even more evil up it's sleeve as a consequence of his actions.

The HMs were then given the key to free Makosi, though not before considering the prospect of leaving her in their overnight!

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MORE ON THIS AT: http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds8461.html

Same old routine again - but finally Anthony has stood up to Craig, and Craig didn't like it at all!

And what did it take - the spillage of beer of course!

Now this incident all relates back to Monday night and after a few drinks too many, Kinga decided to have intimate relations with a wine bottle in the garden as Anthony and Craig looked on in disgust!

Well, after Friday's eviction Kinga was discussing it in the lounge with Craig and Anthony and suggested that Craig had egged her on. Craig denied this (to be fair, he hadn't) while Anthony didn't say anything, but when asked directly he stated she hadn't been egged on.

After Kinga left the room Craig attacked Anthony for not defending him and instead just sitting their looking gormless. Anthony said he thought Craig was perfectly capable of defending himself, to which Craig reacted with a few childish grunts, with Anthony then strongly defending himself.

Craig then "hoyed" a bottle of beer at Anthony, which Anthony replied never to do that again and stormed out.

Craig cried as usual, while Anthony went into the bedroom fuming. Later, he joined Makosi in the pool.

Craig walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water and then headed to the pool saying he didn't "hoy" the beer at Anthony - then through the water at him to demonstrate how he would "hoy" something at him, before angrily smashing the glass on the lawn.

Anthony didn't take to this to well and quite rightly put Craig in his place. BB called Craig to the diary room to tell him his actions were inappropriate, with Craig denying he'd be violent.

And we then get the usual routine. Craig cries, Craig says Anthony is in the wrong, Craig says Anthony is trying to make it look like Craig is in the wrong, Craig expects Anthony to apologise! Craig claims his friendship with Anthony is now over (lucky Anthony!).

He believes it's obvious that Anthony is in the wrong and tells Makosi that sometimes he's made to feel that he's losing it by being blamed for these events!

And that's just Saturdays show - they'll be more in Sundays. I turned on to the live stream this morning to yet another argument - with Craig once again storming out crying. They hadn't spoken for much of the morning, with Makosi trying to get Anthony to apologise to end this.

And that's the main problem. Ever fight between these two has been Craig's fault - and everytime Anthony is the one to apologise. If only Anthony had stood up to him the first time, I don't think we'd have this situation!

Well, a clear statement will be made this week when Craig finishes 5th and Anthony (probably) wins. I just hope Davina gives Craig the hard time he deserves and makes it 100% clear that he was in the wrong!

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Well, it had to happen eventually - Big Brother has set all the housemates secret missions to fool each other!

Earlier today the housemates were told they would each be hypnotised in the diary room for today's challenge and then be under the instruction of "Melvin the Magnificent".

However, as each HM went to the diary room they were told that actually they were the only HM who wouldn't be hypnotised - but instead by on a Secret Mission for Big Brother.

Each HM must convince the others they are hypnotised, responding to key words from Melvin the Magnificent. "Hot Stuff" would send Anthony kissing the other HMs, "Birthday Suit" saw Craig having to believe he's naked on a cold January day in a room of VIPs while "Chicken" saw Eugene behaving like a chicken! "Spaced" saw Kinga turn into an alien while "Superhero" saw Makosi believing she has magic powers - such as moving objects without touching them. Makosi had said she didn't want to be hypnotised - but was more than willing to accept her secret mission!

All HMs believe they are the only ones not really hypnotised - and they must keep this secret to pass the task. Surely they suspect, but if they all fool each other they win tonight's luxury reward.

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The HMs have passed the task having fooled each other they were all hypnotised - although of course after receiving their luxury food reward, they all confessed to knowing no one was really hypnotised.

The task began with Anthony's trigger word "hot stuff". He began dancing around the room and chatting up Kinga before going straight in for the kill. He went on to ask Craig if he'd been working out, pinned him against the wall and kissed him on the cheek. Makosi was next on Anthony's hit list - but Eugene was saved by "Melvin" bringing Anthony around - who did a good job of acting confused.

Craig exagerated slightly and said Anthony had snogged him, to which Anthony reacted furiously that Big Brother would make him kiss dudes and headed off to complain.

Next Craig believed he was naked in the room full of housemates before Eugene did his best chicken impression - and Eugene being Eugene, he took it quite seriously and began pecking at the window - causing Craig and Makosi quite real concern in the belief he was hypnotised.

Makosi then acted upon the word Superhero, pretending her superpower was the ability to hear people hundreds of miles away. She was in tears as she talked to her sister who was at the bookies, saying Craig is favourite to win, with Kinga second. Makosi replied - "second - you've only been here a few days!".

Kinga was last acting as an alien who had just landed on this planet - but seemed to know perfect English - especially a few select four letter words!

Finally, "Melvin the Magnificent" put all the HMs to sleep and bought them back to their natural state!

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Oh my God!

A surprise to end all surprises - Big Brother's final sting in the tail!

Firstly, Davina surprises the HMs as they sit down to dinner and tells Craig he has finished fifth, giving him just 30 seconds to leave. He manages to change into his eviction outfit before leaving!

Craig got just 4.1% of the vote and during his interview his main priority seemed to be slagging off Makosi, stating she didn't have sex with Anthony (so why did you jump out of the pool Craig?).

Davina does bring up the main issues with him, though I'd have liked to seen her be alot tougher on him. Craig shows the sort of vile character he is by just laughing off anything that shows him in a bad light.

After Craig's eviction, Big Brother called one housemate to the diary room. Makosi and Kinga feared eviction, while Anthony was getting changed into his eviction outfit preparing for a possible second eviction.

So Eugene goes to the diary room and the other HMs are told of the twist - it's all down to the prize money.

The other housemates are told that Big Brother will ask Eugene a question. If Eugene answers "YES", the prize fund will drop to

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