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BBUK FINAL: THE WINNER IS... (plus final week twists - p7)

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ROOM 101 - see bottom of this page for details (Pictures on page 2)

3 New HMs, No Clothes, No food and one secret Garden - page 2

The secret Garden / Makosi's mission - page 3

Maxwell vs Saskia - page 4

BB promises to lie / Triple twist to nominations / VIDEO: THE EVICTION TWIST - page 5

Close Eviction / Double Agent / Another close eviction / Orlaith quits - page 6

Kinga is BACK! Derek falls at final hurdle - page 7

BB kidnaps a HM, Surprise eviction, Jackpot slashed to

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An update on the challenge...

After nine hours (which I think is close to your endurance challenge record) we have five contestants remaining in their cardboard boxes.

Saskia had a little accident when she quit after about four hours, bursting the condom she'd had a wee in over the living room floor as she exited the box.

Maxwell quit early this evening after around six hours, leaving Roberto and Derek inside and Anthony, Craig and Makosi outside - all couped up in their boxes nine hours later.

Roberto has said he'll concede to Derek if they reach the final two, while Anthony and Makosi are plotting with the HMs who've quit to somehow convince Roberto and Derek the three housemates outside have quit.

Kemal has also been sent to the naughty step for pouring defrosted guerkin ice cream into Roberto's box.

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An update on the challenge - and I think we've see a new Big Brother record for any endurance challenge with five housemates remaining in their boxes after eleven hours!

This beats the US record for endurance challenge on Big Brother, with Diane surviving the HoH challenge in week 4 last year for around nine and a half hours.

All five boxed housemates are now inside (seeing them move inside without removing their boxes was rather amusing!) and the challenge continues.

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does the UK BB have live feeds online? Do they charge anything to view them?

Yes they do have feeds and yes they charge :(

The feeds are restricted to the UK though. The C4 website is updated continuously though - http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother

Digital Spy also has a Mortys TV style live coverage from the house: http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk

Update on the challenge:

After 12 hrs Big Brother ordered all HMs remaining in their boxes to take a ten-minute break. They were permitted to use the toilet and change clothing, but not take food. A second "Survival kit" was issued to them.

Soon after returning to the boxes Craig quit, realising the other four were more determined than he was. He's found new respect amongst his HMs though.

There were a couple more five-minute breaks overnight, but apart from that 25 hours into the task and four HMs are still in their boxes. They haven't been out of them since early this morning - and are showing little signs of quitting now!

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It's all over!

Makosi quit a couple of hours ago, leaving just Anthony, Derek and Roberto.

As the time in the box hit 27 hours Big Brother declared the contest over and that all three remaining HMs would be declared winners for "commitment to living in a cardboard box".

Thing is though, they didn't believe him!

Eventually they agree to all exit the boxes on the count of five. Derek and Roberto did - and Anthony tried, but with Maxwell holding down his box he was the last man standing.

They will now share the luxury food for the next three days - but if they share it with the others, they will lose it!

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An update:

This week's food task saw the housemates become shipmates as the house was turned into a Pirate Ship. Through a short sword challenge, Science became captain of the ship, with the other ten his Seamen.

The Seamen has to complete a number of challenge over the week, including having two people man the crow's nest 24 hrs a day, looking out for pirates and land. Each time they saw Pirate or Land, they had to alert their Shipmates and get them gathered on deck within 5 minutes.

They lost the task with a massive 28 fails (they were permitted 2 a day).

On to nominations and another shocker. Unlike the US, HMs are not permitted to discuss nominations - something Craig, Derek and Roberto did hours before this weeks nominations.

On calling each HM to the diary room to give this weeks nominations, Craig, Derek and Roberto were overlooked by BB - but then the reason was revealed to all on the plasma screen, as BB played back the incriminating footage of Craig, Derek and Roberto saying that Saskia needed to go. The nominees this week were Derek, Roberto and Sam.

Wednesday night saw each HM go Speed Dating in the Love Loft. There were snogs for Anthony & Makosi, Makosi & Sam(antha) and Maxwell & Saskia. Sam did the worlds worst lapdance for Anthony, Anthony turned up to his date with Kemal in boxers and tie - while Saskia got revenge on Derek, questioning his views on women and making him bark like a dog.

The eviction this week and it could be anyone - but it turns out to be Sam with a whopping 59% of the vote. Sam, who only seemed to wear bikinis in the house, whatever the weather, was then interviewed by Davina - who stripped off to reveal a rather fetching black bikini. Davina also got a snog from Sam as well as a lapdance - something I can't imagine Julie Chen ever doing.

Today's Saturday Challenge sees the HMs dressed as chickens and having to hold onto their eggs for a few hours to gain entry to a special Barn Dance. Further challenges include an aerobics workout, without dropping the egg - and nesting. Doesn't sound evil - but HMs are dressed in full chicken outfits on the hottest day of the year so far!

And on Monday it's the next big Unlucky twist - one housemate will suffer a week of hell in Room 101!

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Brekkie Boy... just wanted to let you know that I'm reading these updates and I appreciate you updating us... I'm living vicariously through your BB experience... hee hee :D

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Thanks for the comments - I appreciate the replies as much as you seem to appreciate the updates. I also like the American viewpoint considering how different your BB is now!

I'm going to stick to the one thread with summaries once a week or so now as it's working far better than posting a new thread for every major development. I will post the next update though in a couple of days when the "Room 101" twist is unveiled.

As for the chickens, Makosi is the only HM to fail the task, so won't be joining the barn dance tonight. She was the "Unlucky" HM in week 1, and her bad luck continues, finishing just outside the winning 3 in the cardboard box challenge and now not completing this week's challenge.

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Do you think this is strategy on Makosi's part. Trying to not seem like a threat in the challenges so, that she won't be put of for eviction?

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Do you think this is strategy on Makosi's part.  Trying to not seem like a threat in the challenges so, that she won't be put of for eviction?

Generally that sort of thing doesn't happen with BBUK as most the challenges are the house working together to pass a task, so being poor at challenges wouldn't be to her advantage.

She also said yesterday when telling Vanessa about her week 1 secret mission that when she made her nominations, she refrained from nominating the competition.

Back on to Room 101 - all has been revealed as the Big Brother Workhouse opens for business.

HM have been numbered in the Big Brother Workhouse from number 1 to 10. The HMs have been informed that each day HM will complete a shift in the workhouse. Worker number 1 will enter room 101, with the other HMs move onto room 102 etc. To pass the Workhouse task, HMs must complete the challenge set in the workhouse... Each day HMs must clock in for a day of solitary confinement in their individual work rooms

Well - that's what worker no.1 (aka The Sap) believes - but there is a twist!!!

Only worker number 1 will suffer five days of hell in Room 101. The other HMs will get to live a life of luxury with party food and games. Before worker no. 1 leaves Room 101, all other HMs must enter Room 105 and await further instruction.

The only way for HMs to pass the Workhouse challenge is for the other HMs to convince worker no. 1 that they to are suffering a week of hell completing shifts in the workhouse. If worker no. 1 discovers the other HMs are lying, the task is failed!

Vanessa was originally selected as worker number 1 ("The Sap") - but freaked out on discovering her challenge, and I don't think she even managed to get into Room 101. Somehow, Maxwell has now replaced Vanessa as worker number 1.

The other HMs have now been given the real instructions as Maxwell gets to work in Room 101 sorting out coloured maggots into jars! The other HMs are watching him on the plasma screen and have been given a childrens party in the garden.

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The HMs have now had to begin lying through their teeth to Maxwell.

As BB removed the evidence of the party, BB sent all HMs to Room 105, where the tools were provided to add to the lie. One by one Big Brother then asked the workers to leave their rooms and enter the house through the corridor.

Being in Room 101, Maxwell leaves first.

Craig is next to enter the house, having to lie in response to Maxwell's questions about how well he'd done.

With Craig saying to have done 3 jars of maggots, Derek claims he did four, then Saskia fails to raise any suspicion upon returning to the clutches of Maxwell.

A shrieking Makosi claims she cried throughout the challenge, before throwing up the fake vomit.

And Vanessa, who originally was "The Sap" but left Room 101 within seconds of entering (before the twist was revealed) to be replaced by Maxwell, told the HMs she took one for the team - when in fact she'd been enjoying a sugar-rush at the kids party provided by BB.

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Guest Shockalot

Its Brilliant and I find it far far more interesting to see regular people being tested by very interesting scenarios - like Big Brother UKs truly Orwellian 'Big Brother' scenario.

This is FAR more fascinating than watching LA actors simply looking like crap after eating PB&J for 3 days.

I really LOVED when the guests could NOT know what time of day it was or items were moved or missing.

Very subtle psychological tests on a persons true character.

Anyway...Im not getting BBUK Live Feeds this year so THANK YOU very much for keeping us updated Brekkieboy!!

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Thank you for your indepth reports. It sounds like BBUK is much more interesting than the BB here in the U.S. The "twists" and things that the housemates have to go through are far more interesting. Plus, I'm not sure anyone in a U.S. BB house would stay in a cardboard box for 24 hours.....

The 101 game is a good example of how more creative and sinister the BBUK is....

Thanks again,


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This weeks nominees are Derek (6 votes) and Roberto (4 votes). They both faced the public vote last week but it was Sam who was evicted.

This week one will go - the bookies say Derek, though I think Roberto. Everytime you turn on the live feed he moans about food - and can even start an argument in a silent room, as he did at dinner the other night!

Derek isn't the nicest of people, but he's alot more watchable when he's socialising with HMs other than Roberto. I do think Derek will have people wanting him to stay, so voting out Roberto - but I can't see many voting out Derek just to keep Roberto in!

Wrapping up the Room 101 twist:

For Maxwell's final shift in Room 101, he was peeling prawns - in a hot windowless 3 ft square room!

However, this time the other HMs didn't know his task and couldn't watch him on the screens. Instead, they just had to enjoy their garden games and wine.

Before Maxwell leaves Room 101, BB informs the HMs they have five minutes to hide the evidence - but one thing can't be hidden - Makosi has got very drunk on the wine.

BB then calls the other HMs to Room 105 and presents them with prawns, manure and liver to cover their tracks - but they don't know what Maxwell has been doing. Maxwell also plays his own game as HMs exit, telling them he's been listening to his favourite songs and enjoying pizza and Coke.

Makosi comes out and claims to have been peeling prawns. Derek tells her that Maxwell has been peeling prawns too - with Makosi then wanting to tell everyone that she's peeled two prawns as part of her task. Drunk - but very funny!

There's been a couple of near slip-ups, when Anthony mentioned wrestling with Saskia, which had occured when Maxwell was in Room 101. Also, on jogging round the garden Anthony found an instruction sheet left over from the garden party.

With Maxwell in the room, Roberto also stated his surprise to Derek that he didn't play chess - something he'd discovered during yesterdays games. This happened just minutes before the task ended, but Maxwell didn't click.

So before the results are announced, Maxwell is questioned about the task in the diary room and shows no signs of suspecting his HMs (who are all watching him!). BB then announced they've passed the task, but doesn't reveal the twist.

Within seconds though Makosi reveals all, leaving Maxwell feeling like a "muppet", but taking it very well. Later Makosi revealed she told Maxwell about the twist so quickly as she wanted to beat Saskia to it!

So next week it's luxury food all round - but not quite. On Day 1 of the task Vanessa was selected as Room 101, but on hearing maggots awaited her, refused to enter Room 101 and was replaced by Maxwell - before the twist was revealed.

Therefore, BB has instructed Vanessa that she cannot consume anything bought on the luxury food budget, with BB providing her with meals in the diary room next week.

And finally - there seems to be another twist around the corner. Friday nights eviction show has been extended by 30 minutes at the last minute - with the most likely reason being the introduction of at least one new HM, almost certainly female, as only 3 women remain, compared with 6 men!

P.S. In six years of BB I have never seen a group of HMs so petty about food. There is very little group unity this year - or in fact few rival groups. Food is being claimed left right and centre, with an ongoing trading market going on in the house, with alcohol being swapped for biscuits and sweets. Every bit of food down to the last grain of rice seems to belong to someone, rather than the group as a whole!

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BBC exec defends the network's explicit 'Big Brother' reality TV show

(UPI)British reality show "Big Brother" is a modern-day embodiment of biblical values - not morally degenerate as some have charged, a BBC TV executive says.

"Look beyond the shouting and swearing to the people themselves," Channel 4 Chief Executive Andy Duncan told a Christian group.

"There are positive values, transformatory experiences and examples of personal growth to be found," he said.

Duncan, who described himself as an evangelical Christian, urged others to reassess their views of the reality show.

The program that includes nudity and sex has sparked an investigation in Australia, where it also is aired, to determine if it violates Australia's TV code of practice, the Times of London reported.

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Should be C4 exec - Big Brother has nothing to do with the BBC.

I found that quite funny when I first read it. I've always defended Big Brother - but comparing it to the biblical values is a bit of an insult really - to Big Brother!

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It's been confirmed three new housemates will move in after tonights eviction.

We've only ever had new housemates enter individually before, usually one per series but two in series 3, entering about 2 weeks apart to replace quitters / escapees, so though new housemates were expected, we weren't expecting three.

It's rumoured to be two girls - a sexy Irish model and an exhibishionist, and one bloke with very few friends!

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