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BBUK FINAL: THE WINNER IS... (plus final week twists - p7)

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The finale night stage is set up outside the Big Brother house and the crowd awaits. The first show kicks off with a profile of the four finalists and the highlights from yesterday before we are reunited with the ex-housemates - to probably the worst reception any group of HMs have received with all the evictees except for Derek being booed.

Anyway, on to the results...

In fourth place is... KINGA!

Not surprising really considering she's only been in the house two weeks. She was irritating but did lift the mood in the house over the final few days - and was quite impressive in dealing with a guilt-ridden Eugene after he accepted BB's offer of taking half of the jackpot for himself. She also made her mark with an incident with a wine bottle - and the crowd honoured it with several inflatable bottles floating amongst them.

Someone felt it neccessary for the interview to give Kinga a microphone to be heard - and I'm sure the HMs in our house (and probably yours) would heard her too.

On to third place and it's...


Her numerous secret missions had made her favourite in the early stages -but her antics after the infamous "pool orgy" with Anthony did her no favours. She claimed she didn't have sex, then claimed she was pregnant and stated she didn't come here for a baby and what would she call it - Jacuzzi!

That is when she lost it, but she has been a fantastic housemate and will certainly be the most memorable HM of Big Brother 6.

She certainly didn't deserve the bad reception she got with huge boos and chants of "OFF! OFF! OFF!" and "LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!" during her interview making the most anticipated eviction interview of the series very uncomfortable for Makosi, our host Davina and the millions at home who really wanted to know what she had to say.

Moving on to the announcement of the winner. It had been neck and neck all week with Eugene and Anthony with the favourite changing numerous times.

Eugene was close to becoming the first ever late-comer to win the series, and on Wednesday had won

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Always difficult to find clips of BBUK, so when I do I try and share them with you.

Here is a page from a Dutch fansite: http://www.bb5.nl/forum/messages.php?search=34040

It has a clip of the final with the winner being announced and a clip from the BBUK "Pool Orgy"

WARNING: The "Pool Orgy" clip contains FULL FRONTAL nudity, STRONG LANGUAGE and acts of a SEXUAL NATURE...

(so you won't want to miss it then!!!!)

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Wow.. I know I'm like 10days late on this but oh well heh....

Sounds like their BB is SO much more entertaining than ours.

BB seems mean over there which is something we need here.

At least a BB that will stick up for themselves when they get cussed out by the guests <_<

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It seems there are a few problems which have arisen with the new boards.

Some of my posts which had regular text in the old forum seem to have massive text in this one, while also the numbering is a bit out as there are more posts per page with this new look.

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