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BBUK FINAL: THE WINNER IS... (plus final week twists - p7)

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Surprise surprise it's Saskia to get the boot!

As usual, she was booed out the house and cheered in the studio!

Pretty decent interview and she came across really well. Davina also handled it very well (she's believed her and Maxwell are made for each other since week 1) and in comparison to Michelle's interview last year ("Did you have sex with Stuart under the table?") this was a much better watch.

No twist at all - or even any clues to the twist. Just more highlights (to be honest, it could have easily been edited to fit the original slot!), a bit of chat with the crowd (fantastic - like the old days!) and giving Saskia just a minute to leave the house - though she seemed in a hurry to get out and was out of the doors before the woman stopped telling her she'd been evicted! (Usually the eviction result is revealed at the end of one show, with a second show 30 minutes later featuring the eviction itself!)

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Was it a close vote? Or do they even share that? 

BTW thanks for the "tights" pictures ...  :wink:

Saskia got 71%, Maxwell 29% so no. Last week Roberto got 53%, Derek 47%.

From (my bad memory) the week before in a 3-way vote Sam got about 57%. In week 2 with all 12 HMs up for eviction Lesley got around 37%, while in week 1 with Mary vs Craig, Mary was evicted with something like 60% of the vote.

They usually tell us how many votes were cast, but haven't been doing so this year.

UPDATE: Big Brother makes the HMs cry!

Today's Saturday Challenge is a real tear-jerker.

Each HM will be called to the diary room and given fifteen minutes to cry - with BB offering helpful assistance with tearful songs and sob-stories.

They will wear special goggles for the challenge, which must then be tipped into a tear bucket. If they get more than a spoonful of tears, they will win a luxury dinner!

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Big Brother uses songs, sob-stories and personal insults to try and get the HMs crying - with some fairing better than others - and others bursting out in... laughter!

Craig remained unmoved, despite BB telling him his hair "looked like it had been cut with a spoon". Phil Collins failed to move Science, while Kemal disapointed. Anthony was reminded of England's penalty misses, while Makosi failed to cry - until she left the diary room.

Maxwell, determined not to cry could only laugh when BB taunted his "stinky breath".

Listening to "Bright Eyes" did the trick for Orlaith though.

As for Derek, BB reminded him that a wise man once said "Man alone is born crying, lives complaining and dies disappointed," to no effect. He did burst into laughter though when he was told the wise man in question was in fact Big Brother.

However, they did manage enough tears between them to pass the task and win a luxury meal.

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Alot to update you on - beginning with the aftermath of winning the crying challenge.

The HMs took full advantage of the alcohol won as part of their luxury dinner - and for desert we ended up with a naked pool party.

Anthony, Makosi and Orlaith all took turns in snogging in each other, with Orlaith then letting Anthony have a nibble at her nipples.

Meanwhile Craig was in tears in the house at the way Anthony had treated him that night - pretty much ignoring him and only concerned about having a good time.

The penny began to drop for Craig that the man he'd secretly fallen in love with didn't reciprocate the feelings at all. Derek was on hand to offer sympathy, while Maxwell - the only remaining HM to know of Craigs secret crush - acted brilliantly.

Meanwhile, just as Craig was getting over the realisation Anthony wasn't gay and joined the others in the pool - so was Makosi - but in a much more intimate fashion - which led to a mass exodus from the pool as they realised what Anthony and Makosi were doing in the pool.

A very drunk Anthony later denied he had done the deed to secure the "man-points" - but the others weren't in much doubt.

The next morning and Makosi was up at 6.30am, shortly followed by Anthony. They both denied they'd had sex, but believed to the others it looked like they had.

When questioned later by Maxwell and co. Anthony couldn't remember much about the night before - and even considered quitting the house when he discovered he'd ran round the garden naked with an erection!

Funniest though was Vanessa - who just couldn't wait to recap events in the diary room - "I love a bit of gossip I do!".

Excitement over (literally) - this week the Big Brother house has been transformed into a Holiday Camp.

Answering the call for the "wackiest, zanniest and craziest HM" to come to the diary room, Vanessa made herself a Holiday Rep and chose the other two girls - Orlaith and Makosi - to join her.

They weren't happy though when they discovered they're chores involved all the cooking, cleaning and catering for the holiday makers (the other HMs) every need - and felt even worse when they discovered the uniform. Green blazers, pink polo shirts, khaki shorts and sandals weren't the look they wanted!

The task is made up of a number of mini-challenges - such as a fashion show and spreading honey over other HMs bottoms - plus doing the conga everytime BB plays the music - along with the rules the reps must abide by.

However, by failing to wear their uniforms properly each day, the Holiday Reps incurred three fails a day - enough to fail the challenge.

And finally this weeks nominations - the first round that includes newcomers Orlaith and Eugene. Now newcomers don't usually do to well - and with the house now relatively united after last weeks divisions, would they escape?

The answer is yes. Quite surprisingly (I thought) the two nominees were Maxwell (6) and Science (4).

Eugene in fact got just two, while Orlaith got one - from Makosi. She nominated her for using her sexuality to integrate herself with the boys - what a hypocrite!

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dumb question ...

Is snogging kissing?


Tonight's show has taken a more serious turn, with Makosi now claiming to Kemal and Vanessa they did actually have sex and being concerned she may be pregnant.

She asked BB for a pregnancy test - then told BB that she'd keep the child, but not tell Anthony! Somehow I think he might just find out!

Personally, I'm not falling for it. Makosi has been playing the housemates since week 1 with lie after lie - so now when their maybe a real issue at hand, it's difficult to believe her.

Looking at the forums, she has lost ALOT of support due to her actions.

Another HM to have shot themselves in the foot tonight is Derek, who while discussing Anthony's sexuality (again!) described Newcastle and the North of England as a "Backwards place!"

That won't go down to well - a couple of years ago Federico got himself evicted for calling the girls of Newcastles "slags".

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This weeks nomination breakdown:

Anthony: Derek & Science

Craig: Kemal & Science

Derek: Maxwell & Anthony

Eugene: Anthony & Maxwell

Kemal: Anthony & Maxwell

Makosi: Orlaith & Maxwell

Maxwell: Kemal & Science

Orlaith: Eugene & Maxwell

Science: Maxwell & Craig

Vanessa: Science & Eugene

The tally for the sixth round of nominations:

Maxwell (6 votes)

Science (4 votes)

Anthony (3 votes)

Eugene (2 votes)

Kemal (2 votes)

Craig (1 vote)

Derek (1 vote)

Orlaith (1 vote)

Makosi (0 votes)

Vanessa (0 votes)

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Guest Serfy

Is it just me or did anyone else hear Kinga shout E U G E N E as he walked into the house the first time. My question is how come she already knew his name. Never explained by Big Brother. Funny thing is, she realized her big mistake because she quickly covered her mouth....are we being hood winked?


The three new arrivals have moved into the Big Brother house - well, nearly!

They won't be living in the house yet - instead will spend their first few days in Big Brother's Secret Garden, accessed via the diary room.

Here they will live with no clothes, no food and no shower!

First in was Kinga, a 44FF 20 year old busty blonde who arrives in BB's supplied figleaves - not a pretty site! She acknowledges her loud character means she can't win!

On the way in there's already chants of "Kinga the Minger".

Next in is Eugene, a 27 yr old engineer. He doesn't drink, but gets hyper on coffee.  

He gets a better reception when moving in - again dressed in figleaves - and stranfly Kinga greats him by his name.

Finally it Orlaith (pronounced Orla) - a 26 yr old model from Belfast who looks far better in figleaves than Kinga!

On entering the three new arrivals spend five minutes in the house while the other HMs are locked in the garden lounge.  

BB then calls them to the diary room and tells them they are not housemates yet. They are given three toothbrushes and told they will live in Big Brother's Secret Garden until further notice. They must not be discovered by the other housemates.

They are then told they'll get no further possessions and any food, clothes and toiletries must be taken from the house - without the housemates noticing. They are then given 1 minute to raid the house before entering the secret garden.

Their raid doesn't go to well, with just some milk, bread, meat and make-up removal wipes.

The HMs then re-enter the main house none the wiser.

They don't know yet, but Davina told us only two of the new arrivals will enter the main house and become housemates - the other will be kicked out after just a few days in the secret garden.

The secret garden (which seems to be indoors) has a small fridge and kitchen, toilet and three beds - plus Stag, a wall mounted stag that talks - something Davina didn't know when she gave us a guided tour!

There is also a screen in the secret garden - it's not on yet but I'm guessing it'll allow the "arrivals" to monitor the house and aid their theft!

P.S. Roberto was the fourth evictee in one of the tightest votes ever (so we are told!).

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Is it just me or did anyone else hear Kinga shout  E U G E N E  as he walked into the house the first time.  My question is how come she already knew his name.  Never explained by Big Brother.  Funny thing is, she realized her big mistake because she quickly covered her mouth....are we being hood winked?


Apparantly they knew each other from the auditions. This has happened in previous series with Kate/Jade in BB3 and Brian/Bubble in BB2.

An update then...

The HMs failed their Holiday Rep task - actually on the first day with BB failing the reps for not wearing their uniform (it was just the sunglasses they forgot!). Before BB announced the failure though they got the three reps to clean the house as part of the task!

On Wednesday Big Brother asked the housemates to "Come together for a Mass Debate!" The two nominees had to pick teammates and debate why they should stay in the house.

Maxwell opened by picking Derek - someone who doesn't like him in the house but as a political analyst, great for speeches. Science went and picks one of Maxwell's allies - Craig, before Maxwell picked his other, Anthony. There were tears though with Craig furious at Maxwell for not picking him first and choosing Derek instead - little realising Maxwell would almost certainly have picked Anthony first if based on friendship!

The winners of the Mass Debate would be the HM who avoid evicted - with BB laying on a party for them and their team. So who would go - Maxwell or Science?

The favourite had changed a few times throughout the week, and as the eviction loomed Science was once again favourite to go - while most the HMs, including Science also thought he would go. However, the sixth person to be evicted was Maxwell - much to the shock of Anthony and Craig especially, not forgetting Maxwell and even Science.

So Science got his party with Craig, Vanessa, Eugene and Makosi - while the others were forced to watch on from the glass box that is the lounge. Craig wasn't too happy - though cheered up when Britney was played. However, he later ensured Anthony he was only enjoying the party under instruction from BB, who allegedly told him the HMs would be punished if he didn't enjoy himself!

Science certainly enjoyed himself and got very drunk - with Anthony having to help him to bed though, but not before assisting his vomiting in the toilet.

Now each morning BB wakes the HMs with an alarm - ranging from a standard alarm to babies crying to a bell tolling on eviction day. So how did BB decide to wake the HMs up the morning after the night before? They played the audio of Science vomitting from the night before of course!

On to the Saturday Challenge and BB asked the brainiest housemate to come to the diary room. Kemal was chosen - though as second choice to an unwilling Derek - and had to wear a "Thinking Cap" and answer a series of questions, each time answering the previous question - hence why Margaret Thatcher is traditionally stuffed and served for Christmas Dinner.

Kemal answered all but one question correctly so although he didn't win the mystery reward, he won messages for all nine remaining HMs. This lead to some emotional moments, especially with Kemal himself who as a homosexual Muslim had been increasingly concerned about how his parents would react. He had absolutely nothing to worry about.

And that brings you up to date - only to say that Big Brother has promised the HMs one thing before Fridays eviction - that he will lie to them twice! So how big will the lies be - and will Big Brother catch the HMs out (probably!)?

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Yesterday afternoon Big Brother posted a note under the front door promising to lie to the housemates twice in the next week. Let the paranoia commence.

Firstly, Big Brother instructed that the HMs would be rewards with a chinese takeaway if they cleaned the house from top to bottom. They did - and discovered BB wasn't lying.

Today BB provided directions to some hidden treasure in the garden. After 90 minutes of digging by a determined Anthony (most of the rest had quit) and a ruined garden, the treasure was found - and once again, the truth was estabhlished.

However, in tonight's show viewers were let in on the first lie. Each week HMs are each called to the diary room to nominate two people for eviction, with the two or more people with the most votes up for eviction.

Last night BB informed the HMs that this weeks nominations would be optional and anyone wishing to nominate must do so between 6am and 9am on Monday morning.

This was Big Brother's first lie. Anyone who fails to nominate will be automatically up for eviction this week. All HMs did visit the diary room this morning - but did they all nominate?

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There are three twists to this weeks nominations.

Firstly, the HMs were told this weeks nominations were optional and any HM wishing to nominate was to go to the diary room between 6am and 9am on Monday morning.

All the HMs visited the diary room, but only Anthony, Craig and Kemal nominated.

This was a lie - nominations are of course compulsory.

Secondly, Big Brother revealed tonight that Anthony, Craig and Kemal are up for eviction. This is Big Brother's second lie - they are not.

The six HMs who didn't nominate are up for eviction - Derek, Eugene, Makosi, Orlaith, Science and Vanessa.

The HMs didn't twig initially this is a lie - they believe that Anthony, Craig and Kemal were victims of BB's first lie by being put up for eviction as they nominated. However, paranoia is beginning to set in.

And finally, the third twist. The HMs will get the final say on who goes. The two HMs with the most votes will face a final eviction showdown with the HMs deciding who goes.


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All I can say is BBUK is soooo evil :wink: And, that's why I love reading this stuff. They know how to keep the show exciting and different. Thanks again Brekkie for keeping us updated!!!

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I've not been watching any live action tonight but from the website it appears at least the "nominees" believe they are up. Kemal spent half an hour ranting about it in the diary room, while Anthony stated the obvious and said he wouldn't have nominated if he'd known nominating would lead to being nominated.

The biggest surprise in tonight's show though was that Kemal nominated Makosi. Going on to describe her as his best friend in the house, he said he didn't like not being able to figure her out and repeated his suspicions she is a mole, or if not a mole, either incredibly clever, extremly stupid or pyschologically damaged.

The Divas (Makosi, Kemal, Vanessa and Orlaith) are at breaking point - and it's likely Vanessa will at least be one of the two HMs up for eviction on Friday - though I think she'll probably escape if against someone like Science.

With Anthony and Craig the only remaining members of Team Saskia, they expect to be picked off - but power is really shifting in the house. Science is spending more time with them now Maxwell has gone, while Derek and Eugene are considered by most to be in an alliance.

However - it's worth remembering that in BBUK HMs are not permitted to discuss nominations - but they can bitch about people as often as they like! And over the last few weeks, the HMs The Divas spend all week bitching about tend to be the HMs up for eviction!

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They still don't seem to have fathomed it out.

Anthony, Craig and Kemal all think that whatever the lie, they are up for eviction - with a double eviction one of the favourite rumours.

Makosi and Vanessa are especially happy they are not up - and that Kemal is for daring to nominate without their permission.

Derek thinks they are all up - while Orlaith mentioned perhaps the HMs who didn't nominate are up - but her quite correct comment was quickly thrown out by the others.

There is even confusion over how many times they have been lied to. They have been lied to twice (about nominations being optional and about who is up for eviction) but most think they only lied about the nominations being optional - while some even consider this not to be a lie as those who didn't nominate haven't been punished.

Should make a good show tomorrow - I just hope they don't spoil it by giving them their suitcases before the live show.

Also worth noting that tomorrow's show as yet hasn't been extended - so it looks like the evictee will be decided as a group rather than secretly in the diary room.

My view still is though that only those who nominated should get to vote - and if they refuse to vote, both the real nominees for eviction should be evicted.

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How the voting goes tonight could change now that Big Brother has told it's third lie of the week (well, they didn't say their wouldn't be more than two!).

Overnight BB wrote a message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror - "There is a mole in the house".

Many HMs have suspected this for quite some time - and all of them name Makosi. If they think she's a mole, they may vote her out over a "genuine" contestant.

Talking of Makosi, she hit the nail on the head last night by suggesting those who are up for eviction actually aren't - but everytime someone gets close to the truth someone changes the topic!

Should be a great show tonight - I just hope it isn't an anti-climax to a fantastic week of lies and deceit by BB!

P.S. Our housemates are animals - literally. These animated charicatures of the HMs are shown regularly on digital channel E4, which carries live streaming, and are worth a watch. They are now available for free on the BBUK website: http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/news/ne...ory.jsp?id=1247

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The mole trick seems to have thrown them of the scent - with Makosi the one under suspicion. It was revealed earlier tonight on BBLB there is a mole in the house - a little cuddly one hidden somewhere and yet to be found!

It was also revealed on BBLB how tonights show will work, as far as host Davina knew at 5.45pm:

At the end of the first show at 9pm Davina will cross to the house as usual and go through the usual "Big Brother house. This is Davina" routine.

She will then pause and read the names of the REAL nominees and give them 30 minutes to pack.

In the 10pm show she will go...

"The Seventh housemates to be evicted is... HOUSEMATE"



The HMs will then be told they must decide who will be evicted in front of each other - and the nominees. That person will then be evicted.

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I wrote earlier today I was worried tonight's show could be an anti-climax to the weeks events. How wrong I was - in fact it was probably the best eviction show ever.

"Tonight I will tell you two lies. The housemates won't get the shock of their lives and there will be no eviction tonight"

Davina's opening lines certainly lived upto expectations.

Highlights of Thursday are shown with Derek suggesting all HMs are up for eviction and Makosi getting close to the truth and suggesting the six non-nominated HMs are up. The highlights end with Kemal claiming in the diary room he nominated Makosi because he was possessed by an evil spirit.

Davina then crosses to the house.

"Big Brother house - this is Davina. You are live on C4 please do not swear!"

After a dramatic pause she continues

"Derek (cheered)...

Eugene (cheered)...

Makosi (booed)...

Orlaith (booed)...

Science (cheered)...

Vanessa (booed)..."

"The lines are not closed, the votes are yet to be verified and I can now reveal that YOU face eviction tonight".

And we get the reaction we want. Makosi's face drops when she hears the boos and Vanessa bursts into tears. Kemal can't believe he's not up while Anthony and Craig try not to smile too much. Derek thinks it's brilliant while Science says he knew all along.

The girls then begin screaming and worry they won't get to change - but BB isn't that mean - he gives them about fifteen minutes before ordering them to gather at the dining table.

Davina returns at 10pm to reveal the final twist in the tale.

"The seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is..."

(dramatic pause)


(looks of confusion spread across the HMs)

"Makosi ... OR... Vanessa"

Makosi says if they have to choose she will go.

They are in complete shock as Big Brother then instructs the HMs they must decide who to evict, giving them 10 seconds each to stand up and reveal their vote to evict.

ANTHONY: Vanessa

CRAIG: Vanessa

DEREK: Vanessa

EUGENE: Vanessa

KEMAL: Makosi

ORLAITH: Vanessa

SCIENCE: Vanessa

Vanessa is in tears, as are her fellow bitches - but Makosi insists it is a lie and she'll be going.

Davina speaks to the house again and tells Vanessa she has 30 seconds to leave the house. She is in floods of tears and as the HMs gather at the bottom of the stairs Vanessa climbs to the top and awaits her fait. Makosi then runs to the top and joins her - with the others and BB insisting she comes down. Science goes up the stairs to bring her down.

Having just watched her in floods of tears, the crowd are as sympathetic as ever and warming up their booing - probably the worst of the series so far. Vanessa handles it well though considering she is in shock and is much happier in the studio where she (and all evictees) get the cheer they really deserve.

Davina treats her well and ensures she is OK, but also makes it absolutely clear that it's the bitching of Vanessa and Makosi that got them into their position tonight.

When Vanessa says she wants Makosi to win, the crowd boos. This time last week she was the overwhelming favourite!

A brilliant show - but also showed up Makosi for what she really is. As Vanessa prepares for her moment, Makosi has to turn the attention on herself. I hope she is punished for making a run to the exit door - hopefully being automatically nominated for eviction next week - and subsequently evicted!

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Brilliant recap, you captured the suspense and intrigue really well. Many thanks for your continued good work...


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A couple of videos of last nights events:

Firstly, the HMs discover who is really up for eviction - and it's not those who believe they are nominated:


Secondly, the eviction itself, after all but one HM voted for Vanessa to go:


Not many BBUK fansites do videos but I'll have a look around later to see if I can find one of the voting.

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My video search didn't come up with the goods I'm afraid, but I did find a page full of BBUK video clips, though mainly things like the titles, promos and interviews rather than things from the house: http://www.thisisbigbrother.com/downloads

This year's titles are particularly good - and if you haven't heard it, it'll give you the chance to here our theme. Last year the titles were pretty plain on the surface, but did contain a hidden message - "Who said life was fair?"

Another clip worth downloading is the BB5 Auditions trailer. Very dark - but brilliant!

This site also contains a pretty decent gallery of pictures of both this series and previous series: http://www.thisisbigbrother.com/gallery/index.php

Well worth a look!

Moving on...

The Big Brother HMs have been split into dogs and trainers for this weeks Human Dog School task.

The Human Dog School will run from 9am - 2pm each day, during which time the dogs must remain dressed as dogs, eat out of dog bowls and use the dog baskets provided rather than furniture. (Nothing said about toilets though!)

The task began with HMs pairing up with the people they think they most look like (as dogs look likes their owners). Anthony will be Craig's bitch, Science is dog to Kemal, Derek must train Makosi while Orlaith has Eugene on the leash!

Each dog must wear a full dog outfit complete with lead and collar. Each day their trainers must walk them and train them for the days Dog show. If each dog successfully completes two out of three dog shows, they win this weeks task. Craig states "This is ****ing S&M" - more with delight than horror!

P.S. No Saturday Challenge as such this week. However, Anthony won a date with Big Brother by making the 2000th diary room visit of the year, while BB asked the HMs to tidy the garden, leading to Eugene finding the mole hidden last week. There was also a Sunday Challenge in which HMs had to sing everything to win a tennis treat.

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Well, since Friday's eviction alot has happened with most housemates stepping up their gameplans considerably.

Firstly on Saturday Makosi decided to tell Anthony that Derek thinks he's gay (forgetting to mention it's a rumour she often discusses). This led to Anthony confronting Derek, who all but denied the claim. Anthony managed to push this without losing his temper, but certainly wasn't going to get an admission - with Derek turning round and asking why Anthony would be offended at being branded gay.

The mole has also done the trick of increasing paranoia in the house. Kemal is convinced that Makosi is a mole - and planned to out her, but most the HMs weren't that interested.

On Sunday afternoon the HMs are only permitted to communicate through singing (until the fat lady sings) - leading to a brilliant diary room entry by Kemal singing his suspicions of Makosi.

However, most the action occured on Sunday night with Orlaith the focus of attention. She is getting the blame for the collapse of Kemal and Makosi's friendship, with Kemal discussing with Derek about confronting her about it.

Derek gives him a virtual script, which later Kemal recites almost word perfect as Derek just looks on. Discussing his hatred of people bitching behind peoples back and trying to split friends up, Orlaith agrees with him until she realises he's talking about her. Makosi then pops into the conversation and rather than defend Kemal, she asks why he voted her out on Friday.

Later that evening Orlaith bursts into tears in the diary room when asked about her day - and states again she wants to leave. Meanwhile, Kemal and Makosi are discussing events when Kemal tells Makosi that whatever she's doing in here, don't do it to him.

Makosi doesn't take to Kemal's constant "mole" accusation that well and these two end up fighting. When Orlaith returns it is her Makosi confides in.

Not the only argument of course though, Science spent most the evening arguing with Craig. It all started out with Science using too much mince when cooking for himself - and with most HMs already sick of science, it is Craig who begins to lose his temper at the man who stayed over Maxwell. Anthony, as calm as ever, is also trying to get his point across to Science - but just can't get a word in!

It's an argument that continues later as Kemal, Derek, Anthony, Craig and Eugene share a bottle of champagne in the lounge. Science states how Craig has used techniques such as foot massages to engratiate himself with Anthony and Maxwell, with Craig attacking Science for his attention seeking "look at me" ways. Once again, Anthony tries to interupt a Science rant to no avail!

And that was just another Sunday in the Big Brother house as many of the HMs gameplans began to enter the final phase - no more so than Derek, who has taken fragile friendships and began to stir the pot. In fact, I'd suggest he is probably more to blame for the collapse of Kemal and Makosi's friendship than Orlaith.

And just to finish the news we've all been waiting for - is Makosi pregnant? Well, no - she claims to have had her period one week early. Do we believe her though?

Well, I never thought she was pregnant - but maybe she's worked out the public didn't like the whole "I think I'm pregnant" story so she's decided to ditch it.

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Well this week Science has been getting into arguments with, well everyone!

Firstly he's a bad dog at the human dog school and gets punished by Big Brother.

Then a couple of remarks lead to a full blown argument with Derek which see's Science (still in dog costume) get quite agressive - grabbing Derek's shoulder and refusing to let go to prove he's not homophobic. No-one else really gets involved, though Anthony is vocal in his opinions. Derek gets annoyed that Makosi didn't stand up for him.

Later it's Orlaith over some drying towels and there are a few more remarks to others throughout the day, who by the evening are just fed up with arguing with him.

He also accuses Craig of faking it when he's in tears in the garden and attempts to put his point of view over his actions in the house across to Eugene and Kemal completly fail.

The nominees this week or Orlaith and Science. Orlaith wants to leave, but everyone else wants Science to go. Orlaith was originally favourite to go, but Science's actions this week have seen him the new favourite to get the boot on Friday.

And as for the dog shows. The human dogs failed to successfully complete their tricks on Monday, while on Tuesday they failed to herd the ducks into pens in the given time.

On Wednesday there are hilarious scenes at walkies as Science runs round the garden, with his trainer Kemal struggling to keep up in his stilletoes!

Then BB sets the final dog show - an obstacle course for the dogs which includes some pretty nasty obstacles including a giant bowl of dog food and a dog litter - enough to get Makosi in tears.

It's all for nothing to - failing their first two dog shows meant for the fifth time they failed the weekly task - and hence must live on a basic budget next week.

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