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July 30 Live Feed Updates

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k yawns and now Diane is up... finally get convo and it is muffled

diane rubs hand across k's back as she walks by

I believe they were trying to speculate what they were doing in the BY

K sitting at counter with head resting in hands

diane back from loo, k still sitting at counter sighing

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loud banging and hammering

k coughs real loud

k still at counter 8:55 am BBT

9:02 am BBT kay finally gets up from kitchen counter, goes into living room and lays down on red couch...

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Boogie up walks in and says something

k- I went to bed early woke up early, worked out and now just chillin

B goes to loo, does his thing, comes out and washes hands, starts walking out turns around turns on water and gets drink from sink faucet, walks out to lr exchanges some muffled words, heads back to community bedroom as k remains on red couch.

9:08 am BBT Kaysar still laying on red sofa, looking fine as ever

kaysar laying on couch zoning out, hums for 1 sec and stops.

keeps staring straight into camera, awww too cute

camera does a close up shot of K's shoe, then goes out and oes a close up of his hands, (think the camera person is as bored as Kay

kay starts coughing

camera person shoot a close up of the red ball laying on the LR floor, then back to kaysar, who is still laying on couch looking less than thrilled. Hear snoring in background.

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camera person doing random shots, don't hear the hammering and drilling in background anymore but do hear snoring still.

K finally sits up, coughs, stands there for a minute and heads into bedroom, walks out of bedroom (bug room) heads to bathroom humming, takes off his shirt, gathers his stuff for his shower, gets in shower stall and I believe he is shaving in the shower.

Feeds got error have to reboot

9:33 am BBT

I believe he just shaved his chest, game out of stall, got something went back into stall, took of shorts, threw them out of stall and turned on shower... begins to take shower.

scrubbin up

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George and Erika are awake with Kaysar now.

George says he feels good today and will do his daily 'weigh in' soon. He was at 208 but feels hes lost some more weight.

BB: Danielle, please put on your microphone!

Dani: Im about to get in the SHOWER!

Kaysar is in the BR with Erika, Dani, George (James I think) and says that he thinks hes going to get up early from now on with all the other old folks! LOL

Dani: Oh NO he didnt!!

<Everyone laughs>

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(I come in on middle) James & Boogie still in bed whispering in the dark & still on night-vision cam. Boogie says they should go after floaters. James thinks Marcellas should go because he is the most dangerous floater. Boogie says Janelle won't nom Marcy because he is her parachute.

(The following is the way I took things. A lot of "he" & 'she' was used & James didn't have his mic near his mouth but I felt like I knew who they meant. Talk hinting of James aligning w/Will & Boogie after this week. Boogie asks if there is a floater that James trusts & wants to keep but James won't admit to one. Boogie says CT wants Janelle out & for James to do anything he can to steer her to nom a floater in his place at the POV.)

They get out of bed & whisper a bit more but it is too low to hear.


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That's not what I heard. Boogie never said they want Janelle out. Boogie asked James if there were any one of the three (Sov's) that he felt as close to as Boogie/Will are... James said no, of all three of them I will be the first they let go. Then a quiet whisper and Boogie says... oh yes, we feel the same way about her (talking about Danielle) we trust her like we do each other... and she's so smart.

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11:46 am BBT

Dani & Di in SR with Dani saying how bad her stomach hurts and she thinks she is getting an ulcer.

Erika styling hair in bathroom with blow dryer. James & Di with her. In walks Will. Hair blower so loud cannot hear any talk.

Many other HGs in kitchen making something to eat with chit chat about a game they played (maybe yesterday).

(It appears they may be in lockdown... needing to stay inside because it is all black by the sliding glass doors. No sunlight streaming in.)

FL & WTLM cuz Dani began telling personal story.

11:55 am BBT B)

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this is bad

Will is in the HOH with janelle,

dani is keeping kaysar busy.

Will is trying to sweet talk his way out of going up......!!!!!

Will is telling her to put up a girl. He said the girls are going after her.

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Will is straight out telling Janelle the truth about all of em, (might like her) She is unsure of flipping but looks as if she is going to.

She seems to listen and ready to do what will says. He is telling her to play for herself.

He is assuring her that they ALL will turn on her..Wow

James is talking to Danielle about getting rid of Janelle in another room.

Danielle is not sure and wants to know what Howie and the others say.

She seemed more receptive before talking to James and since her little talk to Boogie in the SR it seems as if she is off the JAnelle thing.

James said he wants her out before sequester.

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12:48 pm BBT

Janie & Will in HOH room all by themselves.

Who will Erika put up? She will put up 2 Season 6 people. The best players

J I'm NOT the best player

W You're selling your fate

J I will have you & boogie mad at me or the rest of the house mad at me People will be really mad if I don't do that.

W So what. You can think for yourself Kaysar doesn't want E gone James doesn't want Dani gone.

J They say I have to get rid of Will. I don't want to tho

W Then don't! Boogie will give you protection

J I want Boogie to not put up any Season 6 or Marcy

W Okay.

J I don't want to make a deal or anything about it.

W It won't be. You think James won't be a worm in 2 sec? Kay, too. They will Kaysar is just looking for that excuse. There is honor among thieves and that is what I'm looking for.

J Why did Boogie put worms on Howie??

W Who else would he have put them on.

J They say it looks like you want Boogie in.

W So what!

J I'm nervous about it

W If you're nervous about it then put me up. I will probably go. I can flip a couple things because I know people. You think CG, Diane and Dani don't talk

You think James & Dani together?

J possibly... I think I'm in a lot of trouble

W To do well, you are going to have to take risks.

J I'm concerned that they will say that you are working with CT and put me up.

W They will eventually put you up anyway! Kaysar will find a fake moral issue, James will peel away quickly.

J That's why I shouldn't do it

W That's why you SHOULD do it

(Durn.... Will talks too fast!!)

W I will try to do what I can, but I think you can get Boogie to put up floaters and not come after you. Erika is back and forth and says she is with CT and said don't let anyone know Boogie & Erika are together. Diane is sweet. CG is a floater cuz he doesn't really know what is going on. Dani is a great player, but Erika will win.

J So I should vote out E?

W Perfectly. They say don't vote out E now. They want me first.

J So you will help me? I'll talk with my team and let you know.

W You can just do it, or talk with them and they'll say the same thing again. What is James going to do next week if he were to get HOH. He'll come to CT.

They continue with the strategizing... Will trying to strong-arm Janelle with his manipulation to keep him and Boogie as long as she can. Pretty much the same thing being said over and over.

W I went an entire season not winning HOH cuz 10 seconds after you win, everyone is gunning for you. James threw a fake fit with the CG winning POV

J That wasn't fake.

W E wants to kiss butt every week, with Di and Dani the same thing I'm willing to work with a strong core group with everyone winning $$ at the end. Tell them to shut up.... it was MY decision. Whatever Boogie says, I support him absolutely is what you say.

W When you start losing HOH, James will go, Kaysar will go with fake moral issue.

J Kaysar wouldn't do that. I wish I wasn't HOH

W Exactly. You have no support. They want you to do what they want anyway. but truth is YOU have the power.

J The whole house is coming up after me.

W That's fine, but you would have me and Boogie as your support and back up Lets say I go this week and you will be in bad position and they will come after you. But if I don't go, you will go with us and then you will be protected by CT

J I'll tell the alliance I've changed my alliance

W Who are you more loyal to?

J Howie... why are you asking me this?

W Because we're about to rock & roll Your alliance is shaky

J No it isn't....

Again same thing hashed over by Will about James & Kaysar leaving her.

W This will be the most brilliant move ever if you stay with them.

Mike comes to HOH and Will tells him to leave for a moment so they can finish talking (Janie told Will she feels more comfortable with Will)

W If your alliance is as strong as you say you will be fine. Marcy will support you. You have a better chance if you keep Boogie and I.

(I cannot keep up with how fast Will talks -- sorry--although nothing new has come up out of will's mouth. It's the same-o same-o trying to sway Janelle to become a part of CT and to drop her alliance. Janelle actually talks like she would do it. She is giving Will so much information about who all she trusts, etc.)

Will brings up the money split again, and shows Janelle how even in sequester the CT alliance can muster up votes for at the end.

1:10 pm BBT B)

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Janie looks as though she is going to take a money splitting deal with CT.

Will: "a verbal contract is binding in the state of california"

then we're on fire

earlier will said:

"We're about to rock and roll sweatheart." Refering to their could be alliance.

Will explaining how Janie ahs the entire house after her if she puts will up, but will wants to courtsey of knowing if he's going up.


Will saying he isn't a snake, he's a fox.

Will explains how Erika is a snake in the grass and is alligned with everyone

W: outside this house I'm a caring person and I don't like to see you so upset

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Will & Janie in HOH. Will trying to convince Janelle not to put him up. She says she is scared if she doesn't put him up everyone will think she is w/CT & she will go on the block next. Will asks "Don't you think all the floaters are together & that they vote together".

Will: you don't think Kaysar & Erika are totally together

Jan: no

Will: you don't think James & Danielle are totally together

Jan: possibly

Will: possibly orrrr

Jan: I mean I don't know anything for sure

Will: right but I mean suspision-wise what do you think

Jan: I think that....I'm in a lot of trouble

Will: the thing is, to win this or to do well, you are going to have to take risks. Also it's a bigger picture thing & I don't think anybody is willing to make a bigger deal. They're not smart enough. They're too selfish.

Jan: I know ummm I'm just really concerned that if I do this they are going to think I am working with CT & they will put me up

Will: who is going to put you up? James? Kaysar?

Jan: anyone in the house

Will: they are going to put you up anyway

Jan: next week?!

Will: if Diane, Danielle, or Erika stays, you're done because your team won't support you. They're gonna

put you up & your team will not support you. They will all find an excuse. Howie won't he is loyal but everyone else will find an excuse to bail on you. Marcellas will support you but the rest of them will not. James will peel right off. Kaysar will find a fake moral issue, that's his whole thing. He will be "I'm whollier than thou Janelle, you shouldn't have done that, you stabbed us in the back, now I'm going to vote you out". They will find a way like that (snaps his fingers).

Jan: so that's maybe why I shouldn't do it?

Will: that's why you should do it. You guys are in a lot of troublle. The floaters are looking for an excuse. The floaters are like CT CT CT (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha :lol: ), well of course they are because they don't want it to be a floater. If Boogie wins HOH next week I will personally guarantee you you will be untouched. He might put up Marcellas & Kaysar. He might put up Marcellas & Danielle. He can't guarantee safety to 5 of the 7 but he might put up CG & a floater as long as you are willing to do that the next week.

Jan: yeah

Will: but at some point you have to eliminate people in this game. I know Diane's a sweetheart. Erika's not trustworthy at all. Erika is totally supposed to be with us but she just goes back & forth & does what she wants.

Jan: why did she say she was gonna be with you

Will: because boogie has known her forever & she went to the viewing party at Big ??? (some restaurant) & when Boogie asked her why she elim CG from HOH she said "don't worry this way no one will know we are together".

Jan: (makes funny face) she said that?

Will: of course. What do you think Erika's doing in this game? She hasn't taken a single side.

Will says Diane has a big heart & is a true floater. CG is a true floater becasue he doesn't really know what's going on. Danielle is a awsum player & she knows exactly what's going on. Erika is going to sit back & watch us all cannibalize each other plus she is with Kaysar. Janelle says she may not wanna vote out Erika. Will says who then & it will be done?

Jan: so if I nom & floater beside Erika & you will vote them out

Will: yes

Jan: OK let me talk to my gang

Will: fine but they will say the same stuff

Will says Janelle will go 1st of season 6 because she is the strongest of the 4 & she has won HOH 2 times. Janelle says she isn't the strongest that it was luck. Janelle says when is CT going to start winning comps. Will says they will start winning & that they have been throwing them thus far becasue HOH isn't the best position to have yet.

Janelle: OK I will tell my alliance that I have changed my mind again.

Will: don't tell them just do it

Will: who are you most faithfull to Howie or Marcellas?

Jan: Howie

Will: so you're more loyal to Howie, who's next?

Jan: why should I tell you

Will: because we are about to rock this house

Will says the SOV alliance is shakey & we need to make a deal. Janelle doesn't think they are shakey. Boogie knocks at the door. Janelle says she feels easier talking to Will than Boogie so Will asks Boogie to give them a few minutes. Will says they will support Janelle in the vote & next week if they keep Boogie & him. Will says if he goes this week she will have every single floater coming after her because she will be the main target & her alliance will find some reason to throw her under the bus. Will assures they will turn things up & more talk of the money split. He says the deal of money split should be made right before sequester starts because something about making deals in sequester then we get FOTH.

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1:14 pm HOH Room with Janelle & Will rehasing the same thing over and over. Will seems bent on continuing until he is assured he has turned Janelle's mind to his way of thinking.

James & Dani in the bedroom pretending to be cleaning it up and are talking strategy.

Flames & WTLM :(

(As a side note, last night Dani told CT that what she does is pick something up and pretends to read it outloud to whoever she is talking with, so it will look like she isn't strategizing with them)

Will is telling Janelle that he hates Pilates, but he does them with Erika because she would vote Boogie out. Howie is like a big one=eared rabbit, and he will be loyal to you. Marcy went against his own alliance. Kaysar will play the best for himself. You knew you were going on the show and how everyone is a snake. Every week is a deal. Kaysar tells me, "Are you ready to go?" and I tell him I'm open to a deal.

Howie & Marcy talking in the redrum. Howie says he will go see what Janie is doing.

Howie sees Dani making Boogie's bed, then howie sits down and begins talking to CG.

Janie: They yell at me

W Why do they yell at you? Anyone concerned will get angry because they will protect their parachute. James and Kaysar will yell because they are nervous and paranoid

J poor Howie doesn't know what's going on

W We're cool with Howie We like Howie Nakomis was smart player, but she didn't have much loyalty.

CT is only 2, but we are totally comitted to each other. Yours is not ultimately given to their cause, but Boogie and I are. We are a team If you yell at me shut the F up because I'm HOH. You need to trust me

I'm the biggest fox in this game, but I'm also the most sensitive.

Are you going to join us downstairs.

J I'm going to get ready for the luxury comp.

W We have the potential to become friends you and I

J Definitely Howie, and Macy. Perhaps James and Kaysar

W Keep going

J Will and Boogie??

W Bye Sweetie, thanks for the talk

Will leaves HOH, and as soon as he's out the door, he brings attn to himself (leaving the HOH) by yelling out "Luxury Comp coming up!"

1:37 pm BBT B)

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all HGs changing for the luxury comp, which hasn't been confirmed but they feel it has to be becsuse they've been on indoor LD all day

Dani and Kaysar trying to crack will's back.

will is sprawled out on the ground and theyre bending down trying t crack it for him, he has been complaining about it for awhile now.

Will wants a chiropracter

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1:30 pm BBKaysar made up an indoor basketball area and they are playing H.O.R.S.E. It is Kaysar, Boogie, Will. Howie just entered, and so did James. It looks like there are 3 slop pails stacked on kitchen counter with a huge bowl on top of them to catch the little pink ball. The bowl has a few inches of water in it so that the ball doesn't bounce out of bowl.

HORSE has stopped and now E is sitting at counter said James looks cute.

Talk begins of a movie that they might get for luxury, and so they begin trying to remember what movies were coming out in case it was Movies for the luxury.

Dani & Kaysar trying to "fix" Will's back while he's lying on the floor.

Boogie asks Howie why he keeps all his toiletries in the bedroom rather than the bathroom. Howie says I didn't get a basket! First week in here and there weren't any free baskets. Dani tells him there is an empty one now. They began talking about Boogie sleepwalking and might go pee in his toiletries.

1:45 pm BBT B)

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Boogie said he did get arrested for trespassing. Something about stealing pictures on the set of of Batman & that he made a plea deal to not serve 10 years. The plea deal was some manual labor that he just couldn't do & there were 2 mexican's that worked at the theatre where he was doing his community service & then FOTH

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