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July 30 Live Feed Updates

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Dani is running her mouth talking about wrap party blah blah. Howie, CH, Diane listening.

Marcellas, Boogie and FotH so I dont know who is playing pool. :angry:

Back - Kaysar, Erika, Boogie and Marcellas playing pool

Diane now talking about Jase and what he was like after her season.

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Erika, Boogie, Marcellas, Kaysar playing pool

James, Danielle, CG, Diane on BY sofa watching the pool game

Howie & Erika keep having faux light saber battles w/full sound effects :rolleyes:

Janelle & Will not showing up on the feeds (that I can see)

Howie keeps making kissing sounds at Diane & talking about how cutsie many of her body parts are. Diane isn't too into the chat.

Danielle & James go to the SR on a booze hunt but find none. James takes a can of Redi-Whip & squirts it directly into his mouth over & over then puts the rest back in the fridge (Yuk I hope nobody else was planning on using it :unsure: )

Howie goes up to HOH & tells a semi-sleeping Janelle something about a showdown & we are going after them (dunno who or what, the feed just jumped in there & I am on quad so hard to hear). He asks if he can use her little boy's room & then starts picking things up off the vanity & sniffing them :huh: .

James & Danielle now cooking.


(we keep going in & out of FoTH but nothing much worth reporting happening)

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BBT 9:30 pm

In the BY, we have on red couch , CG,Dani,James,Di. Playing pool is B,M,K,E. Lots of talk on pool shots, "lot of green" by the pool players, No talk over on Red Couch. H sits on the couch and James asks H whats Di chances are with the Jedi. Lots of ohh, ahh, from H.

Dani, I really need a glass of red wine James.

James, Have you chked the SR? Ill go with you. They go look for wine.


BBT 9:35 pm

H goes upstairs to HOH and Jan is sleeping. H is walking around HOH looking at stuff, picking up, folding clothes that were on the floof, looking at pics. He goes into the HOH BR.

Feeds switch now to Dani and James preparing food in the kit. Briefly back to the pool table in BY.

We have fire.

BBT 9:45 pm

Feeds are now on James an Dani still in kit cooking and in BY at pool table, (same players).


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Pool games over & everyone has moved inside. Most are hanging around the kitchen & we get FoTH yet again (for absolutely no reason)

Back to James hocking a big luggie in the bathroom sink while brushing teeth.

Boogie showering.

FoTH :angry:

(I am out, will try to check back later if I can)

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back from FOTH

Looks like everyone in the kitchen.

Marcellus talking about porno.

Kaysar washing dishes.

Boogie doing laundry


We are back from FIRE

Howie and Jani in HOH.

Howies says'I am not fooled by Diane being nice and wanting to drink. I am not fooled by that crap anymore."

Jani "I know."

Howie "just like maggie, the fat pig. Beotch ivette."

Howie "there is 100%guarantee we get hoh next time. If its endurance I will be in it 24 hours.'

Howie 'u attack our alliance u will be gone. evict one of us, you will be gone. I will tell that to the next HOH if it isnt us."

Now they are talking about what they should have done last season with the nerdherd. (coulda, woulda, shoulda)


Mari now in hoh with Howie and Jani.

We have fire because marci giving shout out.

Diane and James in the backyard.

Diane "I like george but he drives me nuts."

James "me too"



diane and james are wondering if internet fans like it. They think we are bored. :mellow:

Now they are going over previous Veto comps.

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Hooka time.

Diane, Will, boogie, george and erika in backyard.

Will says ' If you called in a wake up call, get a life

Erica is hogging the hooka.

Will is talking about MYSPACE. explaining how many weirdos type to him.

James says he uses it and lets hot girls on his. It was good for votes to get back in. He said lots of fans go on it.

George is very quiet.'

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back from Fire.

Howie joined the people in the backyard.

Will was in the middle of a long joke about a priest and a fish.

And we have FIRE.

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its been on and off feeds for the past 15 min. everytime the HGs get into a conversation, we get fire :angry:

Feeds have been back for about 5 min now (a record for tonight)

Jani and James are in the HoH, while Everyone else is in the backyard talking about tomorrows luxury comp. They are talking about how it might have something to do with old school video games. Marc thinks its going to be for a series of random prizes that might involve a car or a vespa or a tv. Will thinks the winner will be able to choose his luxury prize from prizes won in previous seasons.

someone suggests that they might win a pet, and all decide it would be cool if it was a chimpanzee.

the convo slips back to last nights wakeup calls. They think monica should have called in saing "PB baby, pay back"

Diane wants to win a luxury comp that the prize is a trip for you and a friend to go to 6flags magic mountain

marc wants them to all win a movie comp together

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Kaysar puffing on the hooka.

Howie talking about what he wants for luxury comp. He hopes its like a carnival with a cotton candy machine. Games. arcade. Turtle races. hawaiian tropic bikini show. lol

Will, boogie, diane and marci joining in on what they want.

Will wants a chimp. Marci said he would scream. ' I hate things like that'

Now Will wants a great dane.

Diane puffing on hooka.

Poor Jani still hiding out in HOH

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Howie George James in kitchen trying to figure out who was called in the house first.

James says it was kaysar, George says howie was first, Howie wants to bet 100 to james.

Now howie is asking Will, 'who was called in the house first?'

Will says 'how the hell would I know'

Dani and boogie both said "howie was first'

James 'a@@hole, I just lost 100 dollars to howie'

Boogie brushing his dentures (just kidding)


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They are talking about superman such tv shows. Diane says that she is friends with Lex Luther from Smallville but they havnt talked for a while. Howie asks if she banged him. Diane is about to answer when we get FOTH

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Boogie going to bed in bug room.

Janelle sleeping in HOH.

everyone else in backyard. Boring chit chat.


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1:25am James and Howie are in the BR talking about what has happened this week with Janie as HOH. They are worried that Janie is working with CT. As the whole house thinks this right now. They are saying that Will has to go this week and there is no way around it. Otherwise the whole house will be after the SOV.

1:30am Fire

Back the boys are just going over the different people that Janie could put up. They feel that Janie is dangerous right now for the alliance.

H just called Janie a dumb b**ch then leaves the BR to go out side

James stays in BR

1:35 am Howie wandering the house and all feeds are on him

1:40 am feeds switch Dani, Will and Mari are out in the BY talking about previous seasons. Howie and James in kitchen fixing food.

Howie and James are still in kitchen tring to figure out how to get Janie to listen to the rest of the SOV and put up Will. Now they are cleaning the kitchen. Howie calls all the all-stars pigs because the house is always a mess.

They are both soooo confused about what has happened this week. They keep going over things and keep saying Will has to go. Same stuff

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4AM BB time

cams 1,2 on Howie sitting by himself at the kitchen table studying the memory wall pictures

cams 3,4 on the HOH bed, janelle asleep (i think marcellas is in the bed too, but he's under the covers if he is, there's just a big lump there)

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5:20 am BBT

Howie & Janelle part company to go to bed. Howie gets in middle of the big bed between the two gals there. Janie gets blanket from HOH, takes it to the balcony and lies on the sofa. She hears a noise, gets up on knees to look over banister (false alarm) and lies back down. Janie isn't sleepy but is lying down anyway--eyes wide open.

( ........... and 'sugar plum faries all danced in their heads......... )

5:25 am BBT B)

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5:34 am BBT

Janie still on sofa on balcony, she is awake deep in thought sits up for a minute and then lies back down...

5:37 am BBT

someone gets up, I hear door open, sounds like sliding glass door, then we get freakin fire...

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8:09 am BBT

K is up and is eating breakfast sitting at Kitchen counter, I keep hearing a loud noise, almost sounds like someone is vacuuming.

K is drinking OJ, eating what looks like a bagel and reading something

Eating cereal too and I hear a loud banging noise

a lot of air traffic overhead this morning

done eating, pours himself another OJ, just about a half a cup left in the jug of OJ, puts dishes in sink after rinsed off and puts bread away.

walks back into workout room

looks up at feed camera, grabs his items out of woorkout room,

OMG! Starts doing pull ups on stairs leading to HOH room... pant pant, drool drool

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Between Kaysar's breakfast 8:00-8:20 we were treated to alot of outside noise. So far I have heard a drill and a hammer, as well as a sound like a board hitting concrete. No clues to as what is going on, but they are building something for sure. Luxury comp?

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camera person zooming in on different parts of his bod

a lot of banging (possibly hammering) in background

walking around bored to tears, stops and pauses to look at HG wall, goes back to stairs does more pull ups

stretches, paces, walks in front of workout room, heads over to scale, weighs himself, walks into weight room, checks himself out in mirror, grabs some dumbells and starts pumping up.

goes back to stairs does more pull ups, grunting and lookin hot!

heads back to weight room, checks himself out in mirror, looks down at dumbells for a few seconds and then picks em up and starts puming iron again

done pumping, stands there and pinches skin on tummy, walks out of weight room, camera shows close up of his pic on wall, A LOT of noise in background.

kay back in weight room and my sound just went down...

k pumping the dumbells again, all other cams show sleeping HG's.

sets em down, walks out of gym, walks back to kitchen counter, stands there, looks bored, paces around, walks back to gym, looks in mirror, drops to floor and starts doing pushups...

walks back out of gym... walks back to stairs to do mur pull ups, paces around, keeps looking at HG pucture wall, back in gym gets dumbells and starts pumping again...

8:38 am BBT

all HG's except for Kaysar are asleep, kaysar doing a morning workout.

K must not be happy with his tummy, (God knows I am) because he keeps pinching and pulling the excess skin...

k puts on shirt and heads out of gym

goes to kitchen counter, sits down and starts reading some flyer looking thing

quite a lot of hammering in background still, K still sitting at counter, pining away wishing someone was awak to talk to, camera person keeps doing close-ups of his face and head.

he looks up at camera that has been zooming in on him and flashes those doe eyes and does a quarter smile, looks away and camera zooms out.

he starts drumming on yellow phamplet on counter...

still sitting there, could clean kitchen as it is a disaster,

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Diane gets up, walks next to Kaysar and asks about all the noise. Kaysar says he thinks it might be a Luxury comp, what else could it be?

Diane goes to potty, Kaysar walks to gym then comes back and sits down at counter again, still looking very distressed.

8:50AM BBT

Diane back to bed.

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