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July 12 Live Feed Updates

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9:05 BBT

Janelle, Howie, & Erika in the HoH room talking about the Mr & Mrs Smith thing (alliance? dunno I just came online) Saying they don't want to tell anyone else that doesn't already know about it.

They are worried that Ali is going to stay. Janelle says she is going to BEG Marc to vote out Ali.

Janie: I am going to go beg him right now. Toodles.

Howie is acting like he is having an orgasm (YAK). He then rehashes (for the millionth time) how he hates Nak because she asked Boogie to be quiet about Monica. He says she laughs at him, she is a freak of nature, Hurricane Howie is coming, I will destroy her blahblahblah. (switching feeds as I can't take Howie)

George in the kitchen.

Everyone else in the HT cutting up & for a sec I get to hear them but then they switch the feeds to Geoge alone in the kitchen :rolleyes:

Danielle goes to HOH & is bitching to Erika & Howie because she said Goerge shook her hand & said she had his vote but now he may be changing his mind because he thinks she lied to him about previously knowing Kaysar. She thinks it bad for someone to back out on a deal :huh:

Danielle ranting: If I go this week you send his butt out right after me!!

Nak & Diane in Redroom talking strategy. Marc joins them. Nak & Diane mad because Ali used their names again with Chicken. Diane hates that she can't talk to Janelle. Nak said she has already told Ali not to use her name. They both say Ali has to quit doing this because it is putting you & I together. Nak said she caught James & Boogie talking stuff & they don't trust him. They may not trust Jase either. We need to start breaking up people. They say if Ali stays this week they will no longer talk strategy with her. They want chicken's vote but they don't want to make any deals with him. Ali joins them in the room. Ali says Erika, Janelle, Howie are up stairs & James in shower & Ali says this is the rare chance they can talk to chicken alone. Ali acting like she thinks she is in tight with Nak & Diane but it is obvious that they don't really want ot include her.

Diane leaves to go talk to chicken but is appears that Janelle is in the kitchen w/the chicken. Chicken telling Janie that this is just a game to him. Talking about season 1 & how he was fine with losing.

Ali whispering outside the HOH w/Erika. She is name dropping (once again :rolleyes: ) & telling Erika that we all want you to vote with us & that Ali has the majority vote. (they are whispering too low & hard to hear) Erika asks about how Boogie is voting & she says he wavers. Ali says he doesn't waver that he is lying to Erika about his vote because she threatened him (???) Ali swears if she gets HOH she will not nom Erika even if there is 2 HOH she will not agree to nom her. Ali says that Marc is voting out Dani. Ali basically lays out the whole plan to Erika (so she can run & tell the SOV)

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Basically Chicken george is the swing vote. In the event of a tie apparently the person who won veto (Janelle) votes to evict. Ali worked CG over well. Told him if he votes to keep her then everyone (will, Boogie, Nak, Diane, and Ali) will guarantee not to put CG up on the block if any of them win HOH.

CG says that sounds good but wants to "digest it". Ali says she understands and says she can get others to come to him to prove what she is saying is true. He says if she can get Diane and Nak to come to him to tell him it is true that they won't put him up if he votes to keep ali then they are good.

Jan, Erica and Dani in HOH talking. Telling Dani they want to keep her but she has to get CG vote. Howie comes in and they all talk about the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance" (Jase, Daine and possibly they think Ali and Nak) Dani goes down to talk to CG but he is very evasive. She calls him out saying they shook on an agreement that he would vote to keep her. He is saying now that there were red flags in her behaviour to him (something about shopping with Kayser; I don't know....) and he thought she lied to him so thier agreement was voided. She says she wasn't lying to him. He puts his hands up saying "It's the game" I wouldn't blame you if you did. Dani tells CG that Ali mentioned his name to go up for nominations when Jase and Jan were trying to decide who to put up. He thanks her for the info and says he needs to "digest it"

I think he really wants to take Ali's deal.

When I signed off Howie in HOH with Erica bashing Nak AGAIN. Janie went to "beg" Marcellas to vote against Ali. Janie went outside Marcellas came in (the feedsweren't on them) now Jan smoking out by the pool with Dani, Boogie, Will and Nak.

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Alison is hiding in a big vase beside the stairs for some reason with a red pillow over the top. I see her head popping out every once in a while.

Howie going off on Nak AGAIN to Erika in HOH room.

Danielle comes in HOH and goes off on CG bc of their talk in the storage room. Janelle joins them in HOH.

Nak and Diane in the Red room talking about how disgusting the hot tub was the other night. Marcellas joins them talking about how he needs to wash his robe.

Janelle says she's going in the hot tub with Marcelles to "work" on him.

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Janie to Marc. I need your vote, please, I'll promise you anything. If it came down to James, Kaysar,Howie and you -- then I'd pick you.

Marc : I want danielle gone

Jan: Then we will go after her next week

Marc: I don't want to lie to you

Jan: If Allison stays I'm screwed.

Marc: Whats Erika Doing

Jan: She's going after Allison

Marc: Let me think

J: Please do theres no one else i can go to, everyone else is voting out danielle, even Chicken George is a liar. I'll promise you anything

Marc: let me think, let me pray

Jan: Chicken George is a F'in liar, I hate him.

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Nak: Alison needs to stop using our names

Diane: yeah bc it's pinning us together.

Diane: What if Alison stays, do we just stop talking game with her? And hope she shoots herself in the foot?

Alison joins Nak and Diane. Diane is telling Alison she doesn't like how their names keep coming up in conversations.

Meanwhile Janelle has Marc in the gym begging him to vote their way. Marc is kind of whiney. Janelle promises him "anything" and Marc whines "let me think".

Jan: Chicken George is a f#$kin liar.

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Marcellas and Janie in Gym she is begging him to vote to keep Dani. He is saying "I don't want to lie to you" to Janelle. She offered him anything "said if you do this if it ever comes down to you or Howie, Kayser, James I would pick you" He says he will think on it.

Ali talking to Diane and Nak in red room. Telling them to go talk to george now to secure his vote. Telling them "only one week to promise him isn't a lot"

Diane heads out to go talk to him.

Feed in HOH room shows Dani with Erica, they are talking about George and how his true colors are showing because of what he has done. Even if he decides to vote to keep Dani now they know he is a liar. Howie and Erica say they are going to leave HOH room see what support they can drum up, who they can talk to.

Feeds switch to kitchen with CG talking to Janie about his season of BB7. She's in the way of Nak or Diane talking to him.

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Alison currently begging Erika for her vote.

Erika saying she isnt sure about the numbers

Alison swearing she will go after Janie, and teling erika that erika agreed in the hammock to help each other out.

Ali: I will go get the bible erika. i will not put you up!

Ali: I'm not kidding. i will NOT put you up. I promise, I promise! I'll be unfront your alliance is.. (something)

Erika: I'm not in one.

Ali telling her erika to have erika tell the season 6'ers that erika doesn't want to stick out.

CG getting reassurance from diane and nak

Erika goes to get reassurance from someone.

Alison swears again she wont put erika up

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1 feed on people in hot tub.

1 feed on Erica and Ali taling in whispers by chess game. ali saying she wants Erica's vote because she wants to "win" by a bigger margin. Ali saying I thought we had agreed to help eachother.

Ali is REALLY trying to work Erica. Ali telling her to say to the BB6 group that she wants to go with the majority of the house. Ali is swearing on everything. Asks Erica who she needs assurance from and lets it slip that George just wants assurance from diane to be on their side. (Wi;; Erica use this information to help out Janelle?)

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Ali and Erika go down to find Diane

Ali tells Diane that alison swears that Ali won't vote Erika out, in front of Diane.

Diane said the problem is the majority keeps changing

Erika: see alison

Diane talks about how things are changing every 5 seconds.

Diane wants groups split up and then she said she can start the game.

Ali asking Diane if ALi needs to talk to more people

Ali asking about laying low.

James enters to interupt convo

James: what are you talking about

Ali: the block

James: I know all about that

change topic to diet coke.

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Erica and ALi go to red room and talk to Diane. Diane "witnesses" Ali promising not to put Erica up on the block next week if she wins HOH. Erica says yeah I'm gonna vote with the house and that keeps changing. Diane agrees. Ali gets antsy saying why what's changed and Diane just says I haven't but this is Big Brother you know it changes constantly.

Ali asks is there someone i should be talking to? Diane advises giving people a moment to think. But says I don't want to advise you not to do anything and then have you get kicked out and kick your own a** for it.

James comes in and convo stops being so serious.

Howie and CG in kitchen CG uses mop as light saber and howie tells him he is getting better with practice. CG heads out to hot tub. talking with Will Bogie Kayser and Dani.

Marcellas just said "FINE" to Janelle!!!!!!!!!!! He is going to vote to keep Dani and help her get ali out.

Now he's wishing for a doubel eviction week.

Janie says this will even help him. numbers wise.

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Janelle & Marc in HOH. Janelle is trying to guilt Marc into voting for Ali. Janelle says she won't be safe if Ali stays.

Marc: when did it become a given that Ali is going to win HOH next week?

Janie: Alison already said that she was putting me on the block next week

Marc: if it was anyone else on the block I wouldn't have a problem.

Janie: if I would have know that I would have used the veto & take Dani off the block because I want Ali gone

Marc: fine fine

Janie: I swear that if you do this for me I will help you out. I will pick you over Howie & Kaysar (incinuated if it comes down to him or them)

Marc: so how is the vote?

Janie: it will be a tie & I have the veto (sounds like veto winner gets to break tie)

Mr & Mrs Smith talk again. Marcellas doesn't think the Mr/Mrs Smith thing exists. (what the hec is Mr. & Mrs. Smith??)

Marc says he will vote to evict Ali but Janelle cannot tell any of her alliance how he is voting. Janie asks him 2 more times how he is voting. Marc agrees to vote with her for Ali to go.

Marc says he is scared of the SOV4. Janelle said he shouldn't be now that he is working with them. Janelle promises Marc that she will pick him over Howie, James, or Kaysar (sounds like she means in the end not just a one time save promise)

Janelle says Danielle is vulnerable if she stays & is not going after Marc. Janelle says she would go after Will & Boogie. Marc asks if her people (votes) are tight & she says yes we have James, Kaysar, Erika, Howie, & you.

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Marcellas has promised Janelle to vote to get Ali out.

She is promising to use any vetos she gets to take him down.

Marcellas saying because they have 4 from BB6 and Janelle is seen as the brains of their unit she has a target on her. She is surprised and asks him "Really?" Marcellas says yeah. janelle says "well I know they didn't think it was Howie"

Talking about how Danielle and Ali are vile. Janelle says Dani is very vulnerable and if she wins anything she is gunning for CG because he lied to her. They think she will put Will or Boogie up as the second person.

They go over the numbers again. janelle says she really mad at CG because the fact that he changed his mind and lied means she had to ask Marcellas to vote to keep Dani.

Have to go to bed.... signing out... but this was fun for my first post about the live feeds.... until tomorrow.

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The Mr & Mrs Smith thing is that Jase is the Brad Pitt look alike. Apparently Jase told Diane she looks like Angelina Jolie. Janelle said something about Mr. & Mrs Smith and Jase got a weird look on his face. So they think that Jase is secretly working with Diane. (I don't know, this is what I picked up on with the conversation between Jan and Marc in HOH)

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Janelle confirms that if the vote is a tie the HOH break the tie & if the HOH disagree so the tie remains that the veto gets to break the tie.

Janelle says during the 1st HOH competition, remember the Mr & Mrs Smith thing? Jase said Diane looks like Angelino Jolie when she was going to throw it. Janelle said I don't think he realizes anyone else knows about Mr & Mrs Smith. (Are Jase & Diane Mr & Mrs Smith or is Mr & Mrs Smith code for throwing a competition or a code to signal doing something else?)

Janelle: I think Nak has a deal w/Mr & Mrs Smith

(nite all I am out)

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Janelle tells Marcellas about the phone call from Toni from Pardise Hotel... Toni told Janelle that Jase and Diane had an alliance and that they were calling themselves Mr and Mrs. Smith, like the movie... Jase made a comment about Diane during the first HoH comp. that Diane looks like Angelina Jolie... Marcellas doesn't think they are working together... He thinks that the comment about Diane looking like Angelina Jolie is too obvious

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erika boogie and diane have a pow wow

boogie explains the plan to erika.

Janie to Marc: CG is a scum bag

Janie tells Marc she loves him, and Marc said "we'll be alright'

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10:36pm bbt - F1 & 2 - hottub...Janelle, chicken george, marcellas, howie

feeds switch to red room with Nak, Diane and James. Nak is telling diane that she warned her about something first week and she didn't listen.James thinks BB is messing with him making things seem like they "are" when they "aren't" and they are calling them out and playing with them. Diane asks Nakomis if she did anything in the season that she hadn't apologized for yet and Nak tells her that Diane made up at the wrap party and that she isn't mad at her for anything.

Ali puts a pill up on the bedhead and explains that she's saving "that baby" for the right time. They all ask what it is and she says Xanax. She says the DR keeps it for her, she wasn't even allowed to bring in the bottle. She says she doesn't have much so she is savoring it. They James, Diane, Boogie) ask her what the effects are...Ali says they just shut you down like a robot, they are for CRAZY people (lol) Will just came in and is adding a retanoid to his face. They all want some - (sounds like some miracle thing). Marc comes in and James gets up and leaves cause he is on Marcellas' bed

Boogie asks Will if dermatology is covered by insurance. Will answers with yeah, as long as it isn't cosmetic. They cover a lot of things for normal dermatological issues.

F3 & 4 - the bthroom with Ali, going to potty, Boogie, either changing out of or into a swimsuit, Wil and Erika showering - will rags on BBs "game" this year. Erika and Boogie tell him to stop (he must have gottten in trouble for that at some time). Ali is now telling Erika and Bookie something about a plan.

*switching to quad*

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F1 & 2 - still on red room with Nak, Marc, Diane and Boogie

F3 & 4 - CG, Kaysar, and Daniellle talk about hookah parties. All agree that none of them ever touch pot. They talk about smoking flavors like strawberry at hookah parties. Danielle calls over to Howie and says he can use her baby wipes that she brought in. Dani says if she leaves she is taking her baby wipes ith her and they all can have dirty buts - they all laugh.

Will just came out to the backyard area. CG sitting on fire pit, Kaysar and Danielle on the red couch, Howie at weights. Will teases Howard about needing to drink oil and mayonnaise to his diet right before his workout

H - no that's fine, I'm ok Dr. Will

W - you should put 50 more pounds on that

Kaysar tells Danielle that he feels so fat right now and Dani says..dont say that, you sound like a girl and they chuckle

10:58pm bbt - Diane on the floor curling her hair, Boogie, Ali and Nak laying on the bed, Marc sitting on his bed couch. Danielle tells them that BB will NOT give them any controversial music. She says that they give them a softented version of what they ask for. They then all go over what music they requested and what came. Boogie says that the Dixie Chicks and Jay Z are the same - one talks about the pres, the other talks about rocks (lol)

Janelle enters and sits by Marc on the couch.

Some funning around about Howie and how much he ate. Boogie tells howie that he isn't sure why will goes after howie cause he may be big, but he's solid. Howie rants about Will - and talks about his "finding the bread on dr will" . he says that they got some calls in that people saw his spleen cause he's so skinny, but couldn't find the bread"

Janelle recalls to the group that April had a tail and would go around showing it to everyone.

11:07pm bbt - F1 & 2 - HOH room with Erika and Janelle

E - can you trust him?

J - yeah he even shook on it. i trust him. remember how ali said yesterday that she was after you, me and kaysar. i mentioned that to James/Jase?

James in ....

E - ali came to me and asked "is someone threatening you? " she said "i heard it through the grapevine the howie and kaysar are coming after you"

Janelle tells them that it's gonna be a tie.

James - how do you know?

Jan - I just know..Allison wouldn't be so confident if she didn't think she will and boogie's vote

James - i asked allison about how the votes were going and she told me i was on the other side, so she wouldn't talk to me about it

Janie - I will convict allison

James to E - who is saying that to you??

E - everyone that is not in this room

They go over again about another alliance maybe. (James brought it up). They think that it will be a tie and Janelle trusts herself to break the tie. Her instinct is that Alison goes.

Jan says that Erika should talk to Marc to make sure he is still voting ali out. Janelle doesn't care what happens as long as they get allison out of the house. Janelle is sure alison is CRAZY (lol) She says CG is BAD. She says that he said "I'm playing to win" and she said that she doesn't think he feels uncomfortable lying to do it. BAsically that he out and out said that to her.

They turn the spy screen on Alison. Erika says - welcome to my season. this is how it was the whole time

Jan - to Erika - dude, she is CRAZY, you are right!!

James - she's impressive, she's a badass fighter. She almost pulled it off

Jan - she IS a badass ..she almost DID pull it off.

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