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Daniel Durston

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Name: Daniel Durston
Age: 35
Hometown: Ontario, Calif.
Current City: Las Vegas, Nev.
Occupation; Elvis Impersonator



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I wanted to like Daniel -- and Nicole -- but they showed a side that frankly was disturbing. The way Daniel spoke to Taylor was just scary to me. I think both he and Nicole click so well together because they both have aggressive tendencies.  I'd be afraid of either of them and what they might be capable of.

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The pressure of the BB House leads to some very intense bonds being created. The need to connect with someone is primal. But I don't think either kept the other grounded. It was just an illusion. 


But to answer your question, he's not going to DOR. He's not competing in Veto so he knows he's only got his social game. He'll have to work some extreme magic to win over Michael to stay off the block, or the votes to stay in the house, and in the meantime, he'll act resigned to his fate. But I'd keep an eye out for some quiet, desperate, campaigning.

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