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Tuesday, September 29, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:20 AM BBT

Nicole, CHristmas and Memphis have gone to bed.

Kevin, Tyler, David, Dani and Cody are still awake and hanging out in the kitchen.

Cody gets called for a DR session and the other HGs comment that he is called all the time

Tyler: it's not like he's HOH, or anything

Dani begins talking with Tyler about how to make vegan Rice Krispie treats "you just have to use the vegan marshmallows"

Enzo adds his should be "Shundance Kid" and he makes old west shooting from the hip motions




12:27 PM BBT

The HGs in the kitchen are talking about the comics from BB Comics

Tyler said his was the Life Guardian

Angela was the Wrathlete

Jack's from BB21 was Jackass  [and very fitting, if you ask me. Oh, you didn't? Sorry!  -MamaLong]

Dani: Christmas said hers was Fa La La La Lunatic


2:10 AM BBT

The cameras show lights off in the PBR where Tyler and David can be seen sleeping.

Kevin is heading to bed in the Have Not Room

Enzo and Cody are talking in the HOHR

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12:06AM BBT: Enzo wants BB to "cut the have-nots" soon. He says they're almost in the final six and it needs to end. Cody says it'll end when there are six left in the house. Cody leaves the CBR. Kevin and Enzo chat while Nicole tries to rest in bed. 


12:12AM BBT: David, Enzo, Cody, and Tyler chat in the KT. Enzo doesn't understand how there is often an ice rink under the basketball courts. He doesn't understand how they put the basketball court on top of the ice rink. David explains it to him. Enzo isn't feeling well because his allergic reaction, he's not having a good time as a have-not. Kevin walks in, he says he's been eating a lot of slop and feels bloated. "Today started hitting me," Enzo says. He says his face breaking out is "f***ing" him up. Enzo says he doesn't feel right. 


12:19AM BBT: Dani joins Kevin, Enzo, and David in the KT. David talks about Jackson Michie eating in the shower when he was supposed to be a have-not during last season. Enzo and Dani laugh, they try to figure out what Jackson would bring into the shower to eat and how he would try to get away with it. Cody and Tyler walks in. Enzo says he can't wait until Wednesday night, he says he's going to make a sandwich and a quesadilla. Cody wants to make nuggets, Tyler says he'll have some. Cody is called to the DR, the HGs give him a hard time, they say he's been in the DR eight times today and that he must be causing trouble. 

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12:25AM BBT: BB calls Tyler to the SR. The rest of the HGs chat about BB Comics and what they'll be called. Enzo hopes that "meow meow" makes its way into his comic. General chatter fills the kitchen. BB has turned the lights off in the CBR and Nicole tries to fall asleep.


12:40AM BBT: David gets into bed and asks BB to turn off the lights. David says his bed smells like "Crisco." Dani and Tyler are in the KT chatting. 


12:56AM BBT: Cody, Tyler, Enzo, and Cody talk about Toy Story and who the HGs would be. Dani says Kaysar and Janelle are "Mr and Mrs Potato head." They say David is "Rex" and Enzo is "Sid." Dani jokes that none of them are good enough to be Woody or Buzz. Cody wants to be one of the army men toys. Tyler says the army men always die. "Toy Story is dark," Cody says. Enzo can't wait to watch all these movies with his kids. They continue to talk about the Toy Story series.  Cody thinks he's Buzz Lightyear. Enzo is called to the DR. 


1:11AM BBT: Cody and Enzo are in the HoHR. Cody wants to know who Christmas would nominate. Enzo thinks she would nominate Dani or David. Enzo says Christmas isn't going to win anything. He thinks Nicole will win the next HoH. They discuss it being a double, Cody says there's a "strong" possibility that it won't be a double this week. They both agree Nicole would nominate David, but if it's a double she'll go after Memphis. Enzo and Cody both agree that they're going after Christmas because she's in with everyone. Cody says he needs to figure out where Tyler is with Christmas. Enzo thinks Tyler will go after Nicole and Dani. 


1:13AM BBT: Enzo doesn't think Memphis will try to win the HoH because he doesn't want to show his cards. Cody thinks Memphis will go for it and try to backdoor Tyler. "If he does that, I have a lot of respect for him," Enzo says. Enzo thinks he's closer to Christmas than Tyler is, but he isn't sure. Enzo believes Christmas, Tyler, and Memphis have an alliance together. Enzo tries to figure out Memphis' thought process behind the "Wise Guys" alliance. Cody says Memphis didn't pick Tyler to be part of it, because Memphis is scared of Tyler and wants him to go. 


1:16AM BBT: Dani and Tyler are getting ready for bed silently in the WA. In the HoHR, Cody and Enzo both believe that Dani is badmouthing them to Tyler in the WA right now. Enzo doesn't know who to put up if he wins HoH. They go through the house, Enzo thinks putting up Memphis, Dani, or David up as an option. Enzo says he would use David as a pawn and explain it's because they think David won the $10,000. They talk about Dani putting up Christmas and David and then backdooring Tyler. 


1:18AM BBT: Cody and Enzo go through the order of the have-nots for the season. Dani is in the WA alone, continuing to get ready for bed. When she leaves the WA, she walks to the KT and cleans the KT up a bit. Enzo and Cody watch her on the feed, they want her to go to bed and not come up to the HoHr. "Please go to bed," Cody says. 


2:05AM BBT: Enzo and Cody talk about Memphis and Kevin. Enzo talks about them having trouble fitting in. Enzo says he can fit in with anyone, he says you have to "make people laugh" and "do some sh*t." They talk about Kevin not being able to fit in. Enzo says Kevin hurt himself by aligning with Da'Vonne. He says he loves Da'Vonne, but she's not a good player. "Yo, it's Big Brother," Enzo says, people talk about each other all the time in this house. They talk about the David/Da'Vonne drama. Cody says Dani plays the same way. Enzo says he doesn't say anything to Dani anymore. 


2:13AM BBT: Enzo says Christmas isn't going to win anything, he says the comps she has won were "handed to her." Cody agrees. Enzo hopes Tyler follows him on Instagram. Cody laughs. Enzo and Cody talk about what they want to say in Memphis' GBM. They hope BB will let them do the message for Memphis together. 


2:37AM BBT: Enzo and Cody discuss the early days in the house and how everyone wanted to backdoor Cody early on, but Christmas put a stop to it. Enzo says Christmas is better with guys than she is with girls. Enzo says he and Christmas really started to talk game after Tyler won HoH. Enzo says Christmas called Nicole an "emotional player," and Dani is "playing the whole house." They continue to talk about Christmas. BB cuts the feeds. 


2:50AM BBT: Feeds are back, Enzo and Cody are talking about previous BB seasons. BB cuts the feeds on and off while Enzo talks about his season. 


3:13AM BBT: Cody and Enzo are ready for Dani to leave the house, they both talk about how they'll be able to talk freely after she's gone and they won't have to look over their shoulders. They hope Memphis will take that shot. They talk about "the Wise Guys" alliance. Cody says Memphis is smart. Enzo disagrees. 


3:19AM BBT: Enzo leaves the HoHR and is in the WA getting ready for bed. Cody listens to music in the HOHR while he gets ready for bed. 


7:45AM BBT: The HGs are all still sleeping, BB cuts the feeds for two minutes. When it returns, the HGs are still asleep. 

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8:58 AM BBT.  The feeds are back.  BB has given the HGs their wake-up call for today.  David is in the KT doing dishes.  Cameras 3/4 on sleeping HGs with the lights on in the KBR.  

9:06 AM BBT.  David has gotten some lavender long rubber dish gloves from the SR and is cleaning the KT.  

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9:15 AM BBT.  David is still doing dishes in the KT with his stylish lavender rubber dish gloves.  Cameras 3/4 still on sleeping HGs in the KBR.  

9:26 AM BBT.  David is still doing dishes.  Cameras 3/4 still on sleeping HGs in the KBR.  

9:36 AM BBT.  David is still the only one up.  He's still doing dishes.  Cameras 3/4 still on a sleepy KBR.  

9:42 AM BBT.  BB says “Please clean the mirror above the KT sink”.  David proceeds to clean it.  No other action in the BB house.  

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9:46 AM BBT.  BB thanks David for cleaning the mirror.  


9:55 AM BBT.  Still not much going on.  Memphis rolled over in bed a few times over the last hour.  David still cleaning in the KT.  Cameras 3/4 have moved to sleeping HGs in the PBR.  Nicole is up and walks by David.  

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10:16AM BBT:  Cody, Kevin, Nic, David and Memphis are stirring, but quiet.  


10:18AM BBT: David tells Kevin that he had a dream that he was getting anxious about getting fat on tv.  Then he woke up and said he didn't care. Kevin asks if he is gaining and he says for sure.  "No training, losing muscle, bad diet."


10:20AM BBT: Dani and Christmas are now up too.  As Christmas heads to the WA, she asks "is it Tuesday?"


10:22AM BBT: Kevin starts to tell David about his dream about Hunger Games and David cuts him off and changes the subject to the plates he's cleaning. [rude]  Enzo is now up as well.


10:24AM BBT: Memphis tells Christmas in the KBR that when they first got into the house, they used to work out like crazy.  She said "you did?? oh right - you did the bands and crunches....and then a week later, you got old".   He said he's on so many meds, it's not even funny.  He's just taking his regular stuff now. "your other old man stuff?  Yikes.  I didn't know you needed that in here".  They laugh.  "No, I don't need that. Hashtag blessed"


10:28AM BBT: Memphis and Christmas continue talking in the KBR, comparing their foot injuries and the doctors they use.  She starts to tell a story about her sports doctor who was cheating on his wife who funded the practice and the feeds went to stars.


10:34AM BBT: Enzo and Cody are studying the days for POVs, evictions, etc. up in the HOHR.    They're going over the POVs today and then the HNs.


10:34AM BBT: Kevin and David in the KT talk about the difference between being evicted and going home vs. evicted and going to jury.  When you're in the jury, you get to decompress and talk with other HG, vs. being at home by yourself.


10:38AM BBT: All cams are on Christmas and Memphis sitting quietly in the KBR, deep in thought.  They then wonder if the kids in schools are going to the lunchroom, or if they eat in their classrooms.  He says "it seems so big, ya know?  It's throwing me off".  He leaves the room and heads to the KT for his coffee.


10:46AM BBT: Christmas is sitting with Memphis in the LR while they drink coffee. [she seems to be following him around].  She said that Loyal goes to Goddard school and they teach him Baby Shark and Baby Yoga and typically send her pictures every day.  

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10:52AM BBT: Memphis and Christmas continue talking [mostly Christmas] about how they'd come back into the house in 10 years.  Christmas said she'd still be hot as she sings "Loyal's mom has got it goin' on" and Memphis says he'll be 47 and it'd have to be 10 years so he could forget about what it was like.


10:55AM BBT: Still in the LR, Christmas asks Memphis if they can stay away from the morbid stuff today.  She teases "act like a professional".  They start up with "Mornings with Memphis and Christmas" morning show and come up with pretend hot topics.  Meanwhile in the KT, Nic comes into the KT with face cream on and starts kicking around the beach balls.

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11:02am BBT: Memphis says a big Shout out to Biden and a Big shout out to President trump may the best Muppet win. He says you know the Muppets that sit together that's who they look like. much respect for them both. Memphis says we are going to wrap this up  and maybe you will see me again .

11:07am BBT: Dani and Nicole in the WA doing ADL's , Most HG in the KT drinking coffee and talking general talk.

 11:11am BBT: Dani tells Nicole by the time they get out of the house it is going to be Halloween and time for the election and time to turn the clocks back, Nicole says yeah and Dani tells her that she does not even know what time zone they live in.

11:19am BBT: All Male HG in the KT except Cody talking general talk and all the Female HG in the WA doing ADLs talking general talk.

11:23am BBT: Cody comes down stairs sits his cup on the counter and heads to the DR. Nicole and Christmas talking about Nicole getting her sponsorship stuff in the mail and how she recycles everything. while Dani is doing her makeup and we get stars.

11:36am BBT: Christmas, Kevin and Nicole in the WA doing ADL's talking about eye lashes, Dani in the KT making breakfast talking general talk to Memphis, Enzo and Cody.

11:39pm BBT: Nicole and Christmas talking in the WA and Nicole says she is excited for Thursday and Christmas says me too no more Have Nots and i think you are the one who told me that right and Nicole says right.

11:52am BBT: Cody and Nicole playing Backgammon, Christmas eating while watching them, Kevin and David at the KT island with Dani just sitting in silence, Memphis sitting at the table just drinking coffee in silence.

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12:38 PM BBT.  The feeds return to Xmas and David finishing up a game of backgammon at the KT table.  

12:41 PM BBT.  In the KT, Enzo tells Nicole he needs to eat and this week is killing him!  He says he is getting his abs back though. They discuss if it's a speed week.  Enzo says will Julie come on at 5:00 or... We get stars.  

12:44 PM BBT.  While the music is playing on the stars screen, you can faintly hear BB say this is a lockdown (not sure if the HGs are actually being told this or not ?).  

12:50 PM BBT.  Cody and Tyler talking in the HOHR.  Tyler says that is the 2nd video they have shown us of Dr. Will.  Tyler says why would they show us that today?  Kevin and Nicole are in the WA.  We get stars again...

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1:00 PM BBT

The feeds return to Memphis and Nicole walking laps upstairs.

Nicole says that she had her wedding shower delayed because she can't have it on the day the hunting season opens

Memphis: that's so funny


Kevin is talking with Enzo in the Have Not Room



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1:25 PM BBT

Kevin has been campaigning to Tyler. Kevin tells Tyler he knows he has a relationship with David but he hopes that he will see him as someone fighting for the game and not taking his situation for granted. He offers to pick him for veto and that he would be a guaranteed vote. 'I wanted to come clean so you know exactly what happened and I wanted to think of a deal that could save me fore one more week"

Tyler: I totally get that....it's tough but I just felt like I was being lied to. I voted to keep you.....I still feel bad because I really like you guys. 

Kevin: I am just trying to offer a better deal than David...all I want is just one more week. I don't know if you have an alliance with David.....You could put me up and I wouldn't feel betrayed. I've basically put in all my chips."

Tyler: I'm still thinking about what I am going to do

[Tyler is a clear vote to keep David   -MamaLong]




Kevin brings up David going for the money instead of the veto "I would never give up....It's disrespectful. I feel like America is screaming that is disrespectful to the game...that is a 10 thousand dollar mistake"

Tyler: yeah

Kevin: and he has told me he is okay being voted out. I want to stay one more week. I feel the reason I won puppet master was pure willpower..I am trying to appeal to you..I just want to survive




Kevin tells Tyler that when they were on the block together everyone told him "they were telling me they were voting your ass out....that's why I thought it was a lie....even your allies...I have nothing to lose at this point. If I stay, I will be a great target. If David stays, who knows what will happen next. People are going to start shooting at high value people"

1:50 PM BBT

Cody, Memphis and CHristmas are discussing competitions in the HOHR

Cody explains how Nicole got backdoored in his season

Christmas says she heard air wrenches while the crew is building in the backyard

Memphis talks about hearing scaffolding "metal on metal"

Cody says he wants to be down there listening "I just want something to happen"

1:53 PM BBT

Tyler joins them saying he sat through a campaign

Cody: Kevin and David?

Christmas: just Keven because David doesn't know how to campaign


David is talking with Dani in the PBR


Back to the HOHR

Memphis: should we be somewhat camera ready at 5 PM or 4:30?

Cody: I'm gonna go back to doing my girls

Memphis: I wanted to shave today...I'm gonna go ask if I can

Cody: that would be...

Christmas: I don't think they would say  


The feeds cut to stars and music, but you can also hear BB really faintly saying, "please go inside the house and......this is a lockdown"


[I do not think this is a lockdown...I think it's messed up audio files]

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1:00pm BBT: Memphis and Nicole walking back and forth upstairs and Memphis saying that Dani and Cody both told him that they changed things up in the middle of their season. Nicole says it said stay tuned for a special something. Nicole says maybe it is a two day eviction imagine that.

 1:03pm BBT: Kevin and Enzo in the HNR talking , Kevin is saying how Enzo told him he wants to  shake things up and he campaigns that if David stays here they may switch things up and it could get harder, Kevin says i am thinking Enzo that you might be the 4th and i am thinking of a way you might keep me instead of David i am thinking what i can offer you because i do not know what David is offering but i know i am not coming after you. Kevin says i want to mess things up and if i go out i want to mess it up. Enzo says talk to Christmas about it and Memphis and let him know that if he stays he has 10 thousand dollars on him. Kevin says i feel that the money makes a difference and i do not know where David is i do not know where the house stands you know and Enzo says talk to the others but if you get 3 votes then get Cody and it might change , Enzo says i like you bro.

 1:10pm BBT: Kevin tells Enzo he might need him to go on the block as a pawn to get power out of the house  and i am willing to do that to go up as a pawn. Enzo says you have to get 4 votes yo and i would be scared to get the votes you know. Kevin says i feel like i cant get Nicole at all but i think i can offer Christmas a deal and i am trying to offer you a sweet deal but i feel like i have to do what i have to do and if i stay i feel like i can help you do what you need to do. Enzo says i trust you dude i do but it is this house and i feel like Cody is the HOH and i think he wants you out and there is nothing i can do.

1:14pm BBT: Dani and Nicole in the PBR whispering, Dani says man i am stressed, She ask Nicole if she is thinking anything and Nicole says no i just hate when things happen so fast and it stresses me. Feeds switch to Memphis and Cody talking about Dani trying to drag Cody into things. Memphis says if you have an agenda then go do what you have to do. Cody says even Tyler was saying even to put Dani up on the block and i was like dude i am not doing your dirty work for you  so you win and put her up yourself.

1:17pm BBT: Memphis says as the wise guys we need Enzo to go for it now and he listened to us for the Veto right so we need him to go on the defense. Memphis says he needs to play like  no one else is playing thins week you know what i am saying? Cody says if Dani wins i do not know what she is going to do.

 1:21pm BBT: Memphis says we have to set the ground work down and we put that down with the committee and now we have to do that with  the wise guys.

1:24pm BBT: Kevin in the KBR with Tyler and says he is going to talk to Cody too and he says 1 i feel like i need to explain the situation when Dani nominated me and David used his power and you got put on the block i was like ok a big target next to me and  then i started getting worried and i was like why is Tyler so chilled out and it freaked me out so then Day won the Veto and it was extra weird and people were all over me and as a target i felt like something was wrong and she used the Veto and it has been like there has only been like 6 days since i have felt comfortable in this place and when Ian got put on the block i was chilled out. Kevin says as time progressed i thought Maybe David was right that Dani and Tyler was right and he wanted to make Dani show his cards then Day was like you have to go talk to David and we get STARS.

1:30pm BBT: Kevin says to Tyler if you  would keep me i feel like you could use me on the block  as we are getting to the point where feelings will get hurt and mine will not get hurt i just need 5 more minutes in this house, I feel like America wants an all star season and i want you to know that i am fighting for it and if i win HOH i will not put you on the block for 3 or 4 weeks. He says i can be a guaranteed vote for you if you find yourself on the block too ok that is something i can offer you and i Know this is a tough decision, I just wanted to come clean to you, I just want to see if i can offer you anything to stay one more week i just want another week, 

1:38pm BBT: Tyler tells Kevin he knows how he feels and Kevin says i am trying to offer a better deal than David and i do not know if you have an alliance with David i am basically offering you any better deal than David and if i can help you in any way. Tyler says if i am Honest with you you and David are the same but he did come clean to me before you did know what i mean and  Kevin says yeah.

1:43pm BBT: Tyler says i want to give you an answer but i do not want to be the bad guy about it and Kevin says no i want you to think about it before you give me an answer.

1: 44pm BBT: Kevin says if this is a fast forward week then people are going to start making moves. Tyler says  yeah  and he says he can kind of see what is going on in this house. Kevin tells him when he was on the block everyone was coming up say ng they was going to vote your butt out of the house and Tyler says i know i did not know what was going to happen.

1:47pm BBT: Kevin says i just want you to know i will stand by my offer i promise i will. Christmas , Memphis and Cody in the HOHR talking about Dani and feeds switch back to Kevin and Tyler as Tyler says i do not want to lie to you so do not what to say and we get stars.
1:51pm BBT: Memphis, Christmas and Cody talking about the comps they want to play in and then what comps they played in on their seasons. Tyler joins then now as they are laughing about hearing the comp set up and what they hear. 

 1:54pm BBT: David and Dani in the PBR talking about Dani thinking that this is going to be a fast forward week. David agrees. David says i did not understand it at the time but you put your neck out for me no matter how bad it was  . David says i feel like i can play this differently and i do not want you to think you are my next target in this house and i want to chance to win HOH and we get FOTH.

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 2:01 PM BBT

The feeds return

2:04 PM BBT

David and Dani still talking in the PBR

Dani: I'm glad we talked, honestly

David: that was better than me saying hey, don't vote me out

Dani: a little.....see I am packing just in case there is a double...you never know, man

David: if you vote for me to stay, what would you want? What would you like from me?

Dani: I'm not the type of person to say if I give you my vote you have to do something...you know how it is. If I scratch your back you scratch mine. We are both not in the best spots in the house...unless we're stupid...so,...  *feeds cut again



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2:06PM BBT In between stars...David is asking for Dani's vote. She is packing her items in a trash bag. We get stars on and off.


2:17PM BBT David and Tyler in the lounge. Tyler telling David that he thinks Kevin is going. He says that no one is willing to talk to him so he knows where he stands. David says he has gotten confirmation from most people. David says unless he gets blindsided. Tyler says he won't be blindsided by him. Tyler tells him that they are the bottom of the totem pole right now.


2:22PM BBT Dani and Kevin in the KT. Kevin is asking her to let him know if she can think of anything else he can do. He says if it is his time - it's time. They continue to talk.

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