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Tuesday, July 30, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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12:00 AM BBT Kitchen (Sam, Christie, Jess, Nicole)

Christie and Sam are comparing strip clubs, the cost, and "what you get".

Christie says you can get a hand job for $100 at the club near her. She then says she has never been, she just heard.

Sam says you can get a private room and 3 songs, and a "thumb" for $50 in his area.

Christie- what does that mean?

*The feeds cut

Strip club talk continues when the feeds return. Christie tells Sam he has to ask Tommy to tell his Scotland stripper story. SHe says that Tommy said it was the first and last time he ever saw a vagina.

Jess says she prefers gay strip clubs...would rather see males than females.

Jess says that it's interesting to watch men watching other men and that the strippers are usually straight. She adds that this was all before she was married.

12:30 AM BBT Have-Not Room (Nicole, Jess, Sam) 

After a lot of conversation about the competitions, and how each has done so far, the lights got out in the room for the night around 1:00 AM.

12:45 AM BBT RV Bedroom (Christie, Nick, Kat)  Cliff chatted with them for awhile with his blue head wrap on then went to bed around 1:05 AM.

The RV crew is the last group of HGs awake. They chat for hours about random things. Lights went out around 2:35

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2:30AM BBT: Christie and Nick are awake in the CBR talking about Nick's work and how much he makes. Nick asks if Christie has a "big a** house," but she says "no," she has a modest house. 


2:32AM BBT: Kat walks into the CBR, Nick is still talking about money. Nick says hypothetically his future wife will have normal hours during the day so he can stay home with the kids until he works in the afternoon. They talk about Bella and BB changes the cameras away from their conversation to the sleeping HGs.


2:34AM BBT: The cameras are back on the CBR while Kat, Nick, and Christie talk about birth years. Nick and Christie talk about being born the same year, while Kat keeps asking if she's on the live feeds right now. She starts to give a shout out but BB moves the cameras and Christie and Nick laugh, Kat joins in. 


2:37AM BBT: The three say goodnight and settle into bed. Christie says, "I love Big Brother." BB turns the lights off shortly after. They're the last ones up.

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10:03 AM BBT  More FoTH

10:11 AM BBT  Feeds are back, Tommy and Jack are mid conversation in the WA.  Tommy is talking about Holly and Michie saying something about Christie, Tommy said he jumped on the bandwagon to make a stronger bond with them, as well as distance himself from Christie since he is partnered with her.  Sis comes in to go to the WC, so Tommy starts talking about a dream he had.  Sis comes out and washes her hands, Sam comes in and asks if they did music and said good morning, or if they just turned the lights on.  Jack said they did the music.  Tommy is looking forward to getting to scrub off the pink today, and his skin healing.  Tommy is now telling Sis and Sam about his dream while Sam is brushing his teeth.

10:18 AM BBT  Other feeds show HG's still sleeping with the lights on.  Sam is talking about one of his dreams.  Sam finishes with his dream and leaves.  Jess comes in to brush her teeth.  Jack said he didn't dream, he was awake a lot.  Jess said she doesn't dream there either.  Jack wants his whitening strips.  Tommy thinks he dreamed because he went to be so early. 


Tommy is talking about being able to go outside, but his skin is so sensitive right now.  Jack wonders if there will be punishments next week.  Tommy doubts it, said there are usually only one or two per season, and Camp Comeback was a punishment.  Sam comes in talking about something that was in the SR, couldn't tell what it was.  Tommy said he needs to go drink a lot of water, if he can't hydrate on the outside, then he needs to at least hydrate from the inside.

Jess said her stomach is bothering her (she is on slop).  Jack asks if she needs more toilet paper, she said there is enough in there, she won't be asking him for any.  She goes into the WC.  Tommy comes back with a glass of water, Sam comes in to take a cold shower.  No game talk just general talk about slop and the temperature in the house.

10:28 AM BBT  BB reminds HGs there are fresh batteries in the SR.  Tommy is now telling Jess about his dream.

10:28 AM BBT  Sam is in the KT with Jack.  Sam said he doesn't want to take a shower until he poops, and he really doesn't need to go now.  Jack asks if he drinks coffee.  Sam said he does, but not in the house.  He is afraid he won't sleep.  Sis comes in and they yell "Travis" is back. (the stuffed carrot)  Sis goes into the WA and lays on the couch. 

( gotta walk the dogs, will be back later)

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11:00 - 12:30 BBT  People in the KT getting something to eat, not much talk.  Outside, Sis is doing laps, Sam, Jess Cliff and Nicole are on the couches.  Sam is going over his eviction speech, where he blows up Christie's game.  They make sure that he doesn't hurt any of their games while throwing Christie under the bus.  Most everyone goes inside, are sitting around the table talking over each other.   They are joking with Kat about Brett (season 20).  They make a few hypothetical what ifs.  They joke about a restraining order, or an HOH letter saying to stop talking about him.  They then take turns doing fake Zingbot zings.  They have trouble coming up with something for Jess, then said Jess, you should spend more time on your competitions instead of making bacon.  They have one for Sam, but it only works if he doesn't go home this week. They said there are so many for Jackson, it is hard to pick just one.  More throwing out zings. 

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3:08 PM BBT Backyard (Sam, Christie, Sis)

If Sam is evicted this week, they agree all of the girls will wear their hair in a poof style (Bump-its) since Sam likes that hairstyle. It reminds him of Melissa (his wife)

Jack yells across from the yard that he will do it too

Sam says "if it's going that way...or even if it's not" 



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12:41 PM BBT Jackson says in squeaky voice, 1234 bella just got sent out the door 5678 you will also meet your fate.They all scream cheer and bang on the table. Jackson talking about a video of a golden retriever that went viral. it was a golden retriever who hit a sliding glass door and so now every time it goes in n out it makes sure the door is not there with its paw. they all say awe. Christie says their punishment is coming off today apartmently the toliet seat is pink now christie said she tried disinfectant and soap and scrubbed and didnt work. sje said they will have to use rubbing alcohol to get it off her and tommy.

 12:47 PM BBT they are trying to think of what would Jack Zing be from Zingbot. Nick says in his best zingbot voice something worse then your power is not shaving your legs. Jack says stop coming up with ideas.  Christie thinks it would do with crying then someone said stop your gonna end up silently roasting each other.they then talk about the stuff they are going to get from Big Brother. Christie said she is going to keep her stuff she said she guesses it her pride. Michie says he is gonna sell his because he has bills.

12:50 Kathryn tells the houseguest that they sell the HOHR online because she was going to buy one for her dad the red one. the houseguest didn't even know they have a merch store. Holly was talking about the coffee mug (blue with the white bb logo and something on the back) she liked it and that how that topic came up. they all say what the mugs would be good for. Kat says her mom would like Tommy then says her dad has a gap in his teeth.

12:55 sam is planking on the floor. Kat is talking who she think her family would lile. she said marty (boyfriend) would like holly.T ommy says he guess it was a 5 day punishment. Christie says Friday, Saturday,Sunday,Monday,Tuesday and that she is alright with it.Tommy says it would have been so much nicer to be told the trusth. Christie said she is learning that there is so many inconsistencys. Tommy says they are all doing their best. christie said that seemed so sincere and laughs afterwords.

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3:47 PM BBT Backyard  (All HGs)

Tommy tells his Scotland stripper story. He was visiting the Edinburgh Fringe Festival while working in Scotland on the musical Rent. He said his straight friends decided he needed to see a vagina. He says the bar was super dirty. "seedy, dirty, hole in the wall club". His friends bought him a lap dance and he was shoved in a booth...felt like he was in the chokey from the movie Matilda. He describes the rest of his encounter in detail then the feeds switch to WBRB.



4:15 PM BBT  Nick tries to save the life of a reckless bee that keeps crawling in to the pool. He thinks it's trying to commit suicide. Tommy runs to get sugar water to resuscitate the bee.



4:20 PM BBT

Tommy and Nick are still determined to get "the little f'er" back in the air to live a bee life.


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1:30PM BBT Christie and Tommy are called to the DR. It is time to get the poisen ivy cleared up.Sam decides to go for a funny speech now that he had been told the other speech is not a good idea. Sam tells Nick that he is being sent out due to his association with Nick.


1:40PM BBT Sam tells NIck to take a shot at the six shooters. Nick tells him that he wants to get back in good with them.


1:52PM BBT Tommy announces they have been cured of their poisen ivy. Tommy goes off and takes a shower and says he feels normal now. Christie had been on the cold side and now moves to the hot side. Jack offeres to hop in with her to help remove the pinks markings.


2:36PM BBT Holly is showing Christie her rash. She says that BB thinks it is the hot tub but she thinks it is the HOH room and that it has bed bugs and they are bug bites.

2:45PM BBT Cliff and Chrisite talk about working otgether. Christie says she is worried baout the couples. She tells CLiff that Tommy is good to keep in their back pocket.She promises Cliff she will run everything past him. In the BY, HG are swimming and tanning.



3:00PM-4:00 PM General chatting and sun bathin. No game talk.

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4:43 PM BBT  Christie has now gotten involved in trying to save the bee. She cups her hands around the bee and says some words of encouragement...says she "bee"lieves in him . She is actively manifesting his recovery [her words...not mine]


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4:33PM BBT Jess has made chips. Jackson and Holly tell her that they are really good (slop chips).In the BY, Nick and Tommy are trying to rescue a bee.The bee keeps trying to fly away and everytime it lands, they chase it.The bee flings itself into the water and they fish it.


4:38PM BBT THey have moved the bee and now the bee is missing legs. They are all surrounding it. Christie is trying to talk it back to health. You can not make this stuff up.


4:42PM BBT Holly and Jackson talk in the HOH. Holly is worried about being on people's target. Holly says that Analyse's game play is pissing her off. She says that Analyse is still sour about losing. Holly says that Analyse is flirting with Jackson. Jackson says that even if Sam and Nick had been the F2 - he would have told them not to make a deal. Holly says that Analyse was making it personal. Jackson says what has he done to Analyse. He says he has been nice to her and done things for her.


4:46PM BBT Christie says the bee is moving around. She says they should flip him over to see if there is somthing on his stomach. Nicksay he tried to flip him into the air to see if he would fly away but he landed on Jack.Tommy decides to catapult the bee and it lands by Cliff's leg.


4:48PM BBT Nick and Tommy says to the bee - they tried and sorry. They tried to save him. TOmmy says they can't save him if he doesn't want to save himself (They have tossed this bee around a couple of time).

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5:00PM BBT Holly and Jackson talk. Holly says that the others are starting to play mind games. She says they need to fade intot he background.


5:06PM BBT Tommy and Christie talk. She tells him that she is going to hide Analyse in the garbage can to scare Jack. They both think it's so funny.


5:09PM BBT Jack hides under a comforter that they have placed in the BY where Analyse is jogging. He jumps out and scares her. She says it didn't even scare her.


5:12PM BBT Holly and Jackson in the HOH. Holly talking about Christie being someone who started another alliance. She says that Jack scares eevryone but they are all afraid to be his target.


5:18PM BBT Cliff and Nick talking. They are discussing that eventually they will be needed. Cliff says he feels that Christie and Tommy will be the best to pair up with. Nick says he tried that but tried way to early.

5:28PM BBT Nick and Cliff talk. Nick says that Jack doesn't want to win this HOH because he wants to be available for the double. Cliff syas no one wants to win it.


5:34PM BBT Christie tells Jess and Jack that that the person going home this week may be the first member of jury because they do a jury battle back every year. Jess says that she has never heard of two HG coming back. Christie says that there is nothing else going on.


5:38PM BBT Analyse comes into the LR. Christie tells her that has a nice butt. Analyse is stretching. Christie asks her if her body is hurting her "because it's killing me". She says she means it in a nice way. Jess offers to give Analyse a massage and Jack offers his lotion.


5:43PM BBT Kat and Christie are talking.They are talking about Analyse and how close she is to Sam. Christie says that Analyse feels that Nick would put her up.


5:49PM BBT Kat sitting in the WCA talking with Jack. She is wrapped in a towel. She says she has no shame. Just happy to sit there in a towel and talk game. They talk about the vote. She says she is thinking of the "possibles" Jack tells her that she is fine.

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5:57PM BBT Jess puts Anaylyse in the trashcan in the SR. She wants to scare Jack. Jess is laughing uncontrollably.He walks intot he SR and lifts the lid off of the trashcan and laughs.


6:01PM BBT Jack goes back in the DR. Analyse is still hiding in the trashcan waiting for Jackson. He tells her Jackson and Holly must be in the shower. He helps her out of the trashcan. He then asks her to grab some ground beef out of the fridge.





6:13PM BBT Jackson comes downstairs. Nick asks him how he is feeling. Nick sayshe can tell Jackson doesn't feel well. Jackson says he hasn't eaten at all today (he must have forgot about the dozen egg whiles plus other items today). Analyse heads back to the trash can so she can scare Jackson. Jack is going to send him into the SR.



6:25PM BBT HG just chatting. Analyse tried to hide to scare Jack but he figured it out before she could.

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7:15 PM BBT  HOHR  (Kat, Jess, Holly)

The girls are talking about Sis again, and her flirtatious game play.

Holly- she talks more shit about people in the house than anyone else

Kat says she wants to call her out on it and put her on the block [win HOH and put her up. I want to see that -MamaLong]

The girls are doing face masks in the HOHR and continue talking about Sis and the way she has been behaving in the house. They all agree that she is a mean girl.

Holly- She is trying to drive a wedge between me and Christie...she is trying to drive a wedge between me and Jackson

Jess- if she is that girl it's only a matter of time before people notice it



Kat's face mask.png




The Sis Slam-fest continues as the girls review how she was "shameless" with her flirting with Nick weeks ago...making him think he had a chance.

Kat- she's going to get far in the game just because of Jack

Holly- she knows who to hitch her wagon to

7:25 PM BBT 

Holly says that Sis doesn't even like Jack...at least that's what she told her.

The girls decide to wash the face mask off since it is "pulsing"

Earlier this evening, when all the HGs were in the backyard, Holly invited Christie and Sis to a girl's night (after Jackson approved, of course *insert snark*) . Holly said she was going to share her wine with Kat in exchange for putting her up as a pawn.


Holly is mad because Jack took her towel to use with his "sex stool" (Jack/Sis) that he uses in the shower. Kat comments that when she wins HOH, no one will be allowed to have sex in her shower

* c r i c k e t s *

Kat looks at Holly- well, except you and Jackson

Holly- okay cause I was like, RUDE

Kat comments that Nick can't win the next HOH because he has too much to prove, and she knows she would end up on the block.

Holly mentions that Jack was talking about throwing the HOH to him.

Jess says that would be stupid because she believes Jack is still his target.

Nicole comes in but declines participating in the face mask

Kat- are they still doing Taco Tuesday?

Nicole said Christie is working on it alone

Holly says she will make mango salsa with her mango from her basket

Jess wonders if they will be allowed to have the mango salsa

Holly- doubt it

Jess- well it's just fancy salsa (Have-nots are allowed to have regular salsa)

Holly's mask isn't completely drying and she reads that the max time is 15-20 minutes (Holly and Jess have had the mask on longer than that...Kat washed hers off)

The girls are planning to do pedicures


7:40 PM BBT Kitchen (Sam, Cliff, Michie, Christie, Jack, and Sis)

Christie is making guacamole

Tommy joins the group

Jack is making crema fresca

Jackson says that's just sour cream


[The feeds keep cutting in and out tonight showing angry fish in the tank chasing each other]

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Sis is talking about bed bugs, but Jack is challenging her that she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Jack- look me in the face and tell me you know

Sis- (her face is right in his) I have seen them

Jack- okay, she thinks she is telling the truth

He tells her bed bugs are like fleas but transparent [Jack and Jackson should start a web series focusing on all the topics they think they are experts on]


Jack thinks the tomatoes are rotten. He has Christie taste them. SHe says they are fine. He has Nick taste them. He says they are fine. 

Christie- why don't you taste them?

Taco Tuesday is almost ready, and houseguests are beginning to gather in the kitchen

8:00 PM BBT Michie joined the girls in the HOHR. Holly has gone to the DR. Kat asks if she heard back from them about the bed bugs. Michie said she saw a bug, but maybe that's not why she is in the DR. The girls asked Michie if he has any bites, and he said yes, but no rashes. When Holly came back in from the DR, Kat asked, "What's the verdict", but the feeds cut.

8:05 PM BBT

Taco Tuesday has officially started. Nicole said she was going outside because tacos will make her sad (she's a have-not) but now she is making oatmeal. 

Cliff teases Christie that it's not Taco Tuesday without chopped onions. Earlier, Christie said she didn't bother to cut the onions and Jack told her no one would miss them.



8:11 PM BBT

I'm out for the rest of the night (blame all the feed cuts...they are relentless tonight) I'll fill in gaps tomorrow  -MamaLong

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9:00PM BBT KT taco tuesday continues and most everyone is in the kitchen chatting

9:03PM BBT BY Christie, Cliff Sis, Jack all migrated to sitting with feet in Hot Tub.  Sam asks if it's hot and they say about like last night, hot but not burning hot.  Tommy is skimming the pool.  Christie says he's cute as a pool boy. 

Sam is playing pool with Nicole.  Sam says, you better get cracking her Nicole.  Sam mimics what the BB telecast may sound like when he watches the show.  "Sam, caught in a corner (waving his arms),..."  Nicole mimics saying, "Will Sam give a savage speech?"  Sam mentions he changed his mind on his speech.

9:07PM BBT BY Christie wonders if they ever told Michie they came clean about Orwell.  Cliff says, you said it was Sis.  She laughs.  Cliff says, tell him I lost $15k for losing Orwell.  Christie says Holly sold them out when they tried to scare Michie.  Christie decides to go mess with Holly about the $15 grand.  They change it to Michie.  


FUNNY!!!  - 9:10PM BBT KT Christie and Sis are playing a prank on Orwell.  They walk up and tell Kat, Holly, Michie that he lost $15k for losing Orwell.  They think it's serious initially (as possibly an America's player challenge). Michie says, I didn't take Orwell! Repeats it.   Kat says it's a prank, then they later all start to think it's a prank as they go out to talk to Cliff.  Michie keeps saying this isn't real.  They reach Cliff and Jack in the hot tub.  Jack's back is to them but Cliff is facing them.  

Michie says, y'alls poker faces are cracking.  

Cliff says about what?  

Michie says, Orwell.  

Cliff says, What about him.  

Christie says I'm sorry, I told him, this is awkward.  

Cliff says you weren't supposed to tell him.  

Christie, I'm sorry  

Michie, This is not real. 1) I didn't take Orwell, I swear to you I didnt take Orwell.  

Kat, it's a prank.  

Cliff, I heard a lot of people say you took Orwell.  

Michie, there's no way, because I didnt take Orwell.  

Cliff, You were in there with me

Michie, In where

Cliff, in the bathroom when orwell disappeared.  

Michie, I was but I didn't take Orwell.  Y'all are f'n funny, good try, good try, this is funny

Christie, This is just awkward, I'm sorry, it's awkward

Kat, I don't know if this is lie or not but this is funny

Christie, I don't think you took Orwell

Cliff, I'm just going off of what I've heard.

Michie, Alright, this can either be,... y'all can either go ahead and come clean about this being a prank or I can air some shit.

Kat, no it's a prank, i'm sure

Christie, I don't think it is MIchie

Cliff, someone apparently took Orwell

Michie, ok, I'll start this train

Kat, I heard that you did (can't see if she is looking at Michie)

Holly, don't even start it

Christie, No, I still think it's production.  I don't think, .. I think it was a trick.

Michie, I know for a fact the last place you left it was not in the bathroom.  

...Holly, (being talked over just after Michie started talking but you can hear her, not that Michie is listening) no, because the person who took it came clean

Cliff, How do you know that   (Cliff keeps drinking from beer can after each time he talks, hiding his face)

...Holly, (still being talked over and tapping edge of papers on the ground?) No, because the person came clean

Michie, It was on the Kitchen counter

(finally quiet so they hear Holly)

Holly, he already knows, the person already told him

Cliff, Who

Christie, What do you mean

Kat, What?

Holly, Yes, huh

group, Wait, What?

(?) The person who took him already told you

Sis, I'm so confused

Michie, this isn't a (mouth forms a p).. I didn't take Orwell

Christie, How do you know someone took him

Cliff, Someone told me that he had been taken, but then lately I heard that was not the person who actually was responsible for the taking of Orwell

Michie, I didn't take Orwell, And this is funny, this is funny, y'all three this is funny, Good job Christie

Christie, I'm not, I know why, this is just awkward, I laugh when I'm awkward

Cliff, you know you cost me some money, right, ... (Cliff can't keep from smiling as he tries to hide it behind a beer.)

Michie, that's funny and you're not america's favorite player. (Cliff starts laughing)

Michie, I know that, this isn't funny, I knew it

Christie, she laughs, 

(Christie?), I'm not good at this,...

Michie, and your serious face is bullish*t

Kat, ok, so is it a joke or not? [wow, really? - rms]

Holly, it's a joke, It's a joke

Christie, ok, so like a week and a half ago, Tommy came clean he took Orwell, You were on slop, so you were not in a good mood to play a prank on so we waited until now.

Michie, I knew, i was about to run it, step 1,..

Christie, I'm terrible at this


9:13PM BBT BY [and the prank goes on, ... apparently, Kat wasn't paying complete attention at the end - rms]

Kat, wait, Tommy took Orwell?

Cliff, Who? Tommy took Orwell?

Kat, When? When we couldn't find him?

Holly, forever ago, yes

Cliff, He cost me $15,000

Christie, yeah

Kat, you're kidding?

Christie, mm mm (no)

Kat, so that was a real thing??

Cliff, and it cost me 15k

Kat, Nooo

Christie, he was the america's player, He was given the...

Kat, Wait, were you worried?

Cliff, starts laughing again saying no and No

Michie to Christie, your poker face started going at the door

Christie, I'm not good at it

(? Holly or Christie? ) At least you know i can't lie

Michie, you should've gotten Jack because you would've sold it to me

Cliff, and No I'm not America's anything, it cost me Zero money, I carried Orwell around with me...  because I knew the feeds would be focused on Orwell so I would get more feeds for the family.


9:14PM BBT Christie explains that it was the day she heard cliff talking about his friends in the house and Tommy was like f' this Orwell relationship he's definitely Americas' player and we have to find out.  How do we find out and he hid Orwell to try to find out.

Michie says he knew you didn't leave him in the bathroom, but on the kitchen counter.  

Christie, They said he was so quick and they were laughing as he was running through the house.  Ovi was trying to crack the code, ..

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9:23pm BBT


Most of the house guests are outside. They are enjoying an evening with alcohol.


A group is sitting at the hot tub telling stories, laughing about the “Orville prank” and so on.


Tommy joins the group, Christie tells him that Cliff knows he was involved in the “Orville prank”.


**”Orville prank”: earlier in the season the G8ful alliance believed that Cliff was America's Player and convinced each other that Cliff carried Orville around as a task he would be paid extra cash for. While Cliff was in the shower Tommy “relocated” Orville to the HOH room to hide him from Cliff and ruin his assignment. From what I saw on the feeds this was not an innocent prank, it was rather mean spirited (IMO, only circumstantial assumption).


This evening none of the house guests involved in the prank admit that it was anything but devious fun.


General chatter continues at the hot tub.


Jackson and Sis are in the kitchen.


General chatter here too,

Holly passes through with a huge pile of laundry.


Michie and Sis are talking about a zing earlier today. He seems angry that by the process of elimination feeders have figured out something. (from the conversation he thinks that today may have been the day feeders found out about him and Kat and the short “attachment” they had). Michie says the process of elimination would allow it to be figured out.


Camera moves to the back yard for a few minutes, then comes back after the conversation moves to other topics.


Sis does some bragging about her alcohol consumption abilities and history. Michie sees Holly at the sink and hovers while Sis whines in the background. Michie and Sis talk about her relationship with Jack and Sis hints that after the game she will not be spending time with Jack.


The group in the back yard are dipping their feet into the hot tub discussing a possible double eviction. They think it is this week or next week. They think if Julie comes on live in the house at 6pm on Thursday it will be a signal that it is a double eviction this week.


Sam is rehearing his eviction speech for Nicole, she says she likes it. He is worried about losing his train of thought. Nicole tells him he can practice on her, she understands how it is. Sam plans to go to each house guest and tell them why he is good for their game, but he was told not to trash talk.


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27 minutes ago, grannysue1154 said:


**”Orville prank”: earlier in the season the G8ful alliance believed that Cliff was America's Player and convinced each other that Cliff carried Orville around as a task he would be paid extra cash for. While Cliff was in the shower Tommy “relocated” Orville to the HOH room to hide him from Cliff and ruin his assignment. From what I saw on the feeds this was not an innocent prank, it was rather mean spirited (IMO, only circumstantial assumption).


[i agree the initial hiding of Orwell was another mean prank, bullying by the gr8tful members who knew.  They even moved him as he searched for Orwell - rms]


[ PoPTV code: RANGER - rms]


9:33PM BBT BY Cliff in the hot tub telling a story to most everyone about while he was in college, they decided to make a trip to Austin on a Tuesday night to drink. They drink a lot and raise hell on campus.  Then they have to drive home, driver has to make an 8 o'clock.  They start to feel queasy and he won't stop so they throw up out of the windows.  One guy about 15 mins left to go says he has to go and the guy says he doesn't have time to stop.  SO the guy drops trou and tries to stick his rear out the window,...  (let's say it went poorly and ended up in the car)...


9:38PM BBT BY Everyone but Michie and Tommy are around the hot tub.  Michie walks from the exercise area into the house.  Nick had a tampon behind his ear and he later jokes about a prank he could've done that would have been gross.  [we have reached a new low in conversations and prank ideas.  Is Nick jealous of all their period talk? - rms]


9:46PM BBT BY They all talk about nickelodeon shows.

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9:48PM BBT KT Sis comes into and asks Michie if Holly is upstairs, Michie, She's up stairs stripping the bed to get them critters out of it.  Michie asks Sis what she is thinking about.  Sis, umm, i don't know and laughs.  Michie, you good Sis, yeah, Michie, deep in thought.  Sis, just thinking about, the shower, upstairs Michie, What do you mean, Sis, with someone Michie, I thought you were saying how gross it is up there Sis, No, Michie, Jack Jack,  Somebody's in the mood for a little TLC, Sis, mmHmm, I have been all day



9:52PM BBT BY Tommy in the hot tub telling a story about his brother going to San Diego, not knowing a soul.  He found some people who told him about a site meetme that helps you meet random friends in the area.  He signs up, talking to bunch of people, sees some trolls, but decides to go to movie theater with a guy who seems cool.  He is not he way to the theater and realizes he signed up for the wrong app.  He signed up for meetup, a gay dating app, so he is on his way there to an accidental date.  He calls up the guy and says, I am so sorry, i didn't realize this is a gay dating app. i'm actually not gay. i don't want to make this weird.  I am down to go hang out as friends if you want still but so there's no expectations, i can only offer friendship.  He says sure, absolutely, lets go hang out as friends.  Tommy thinks the guy is thinking, sure, you aren't gay, ...  They meet up and hang out but the guy seems like he still thinks he's on a date,...



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9:56PM BBT KT Michie is prepping the coffee machine and Sis fills up the water reservoir.  Holly is walking around them.  

Sis says if he cooks the food she will clean the dishes.  

Michie, I'll cook breakfast for you every morning.  I'll bring it to you every morning in bed.  

Sis, oh, my god, what more could you ask  

Michie, especially if Jack comes out to LA and he's over, I've got to say hey to my boy in the mornings. If y'all end up.  

Sis, you already know

Michie, I know, either way, I will say this, if it ain't Jack in your bed, he ain't getting breakfast.  But you will, and I'll be sure to give that guy a stare down.  You'll have to get through me first to get to Sis.  'cuz i'm doing a think background check on all these mf'ers.  (reference back to convo in BRL during first tv week or so with nick, sam,... joking about prescreening Sis' dates with background checks and them chaperoning.)

Sis, One, I don't like to date, unless i feel like i, well i guess you have to date a guy in order to

Michie, get to know him

Sis, to get to know him. I don't really date, and I definitely don't f' like that, so

Michie, sleep around

Sis, yeah, so, I don't think you will have to be dealing with any guys anytime soon.

Michie, Well i am just saying for the record

Sis, I just flirt.  BUT HOUSTON, 

Michie, well houston's already approved,

Sis, he's a different story

Michie, Houston, if you're watching this (he look up at the cameras, obviously a production person)

Sis, He's a different story and you'll be bringing him and I breakfast

Michie, you're damn right,... Actually, you know what,..



9:58PM BBT BY Nick, some of our parents aren't gonna like some of the people we are in here with because of the way they are portrayed.  

Christie, Or if we sh*t talk at all

Nick, sometimes its not all our choice as to what we say in there

Christie, sometimes things are encouraged


9:59PM BBT KT Sis asking Michie, does he (think some friend of Michie's?) f' around a lot

Michie, umm.. pause

Sis, yes

Michie, um, in a committed relationship, no but he's very much like me if i'm single, i'm single, i'm gonna do whatever i want to. If i'm in a relationship and committed to that person 1000%, i'm not gonna do shit on the side.  that's not cool, you know what i mean

(Holly, standing by listening running her fingers through her hair)

Sis, mmhmm, yeah  (she's said that throughout michie's speech)

Michie, it's one or the other, there's no in-between, he's not gonna like be talking to you and dating you and be doing sh*t on the side.  But when he's single like for me when we're single and we go out, we do whatever we want to.  

Sis, Mkay

Michie, does that make sense

Sis, yea

But once we are locked down, we are locked down, it's just hard to get us to that point.

Sis, mmm, so if i was trying to lock him down, it would be hard


Michie, it's not, its just, there's not girls,  there, honestly, this might be a hot take, but there's really not many girls left that I'd consider worth dating.  

Sis, mKay

Michie, It's just today's day and age. I really don't think there's many girls out there that are, not good girls, but there's just not many girls left. It's hard to find somebody who is mature and rational and easy going, but also loyal, and honest trustworthy and all the qualities i would look for in a girlfriend. it's hard to find, very hard to find.  I'm not just gonna date somebody just to date somebody.  I don't want a girlfriend but if someone is worth my time, then i will set all the sh*t I have going for me being single. I will put that away and focus on here if she is worth it.  It's just hard to find a girl that's worth it.

Sis, mmHmm (again was reputed bunch above as he spoke)

Michie, but if he would think that you're worth it then he would absolutely be loyal to you and f' around on the side. (umm, you mean NOT f' around...?) Does that make sense?

Sis, mmHmm

Michie, Me and him are not gonna get tied down to somebody just to get tied down to have a title, like we don't date somebody and 3 months later date somebody else, and date somebody else and date somebody else.  We are either single and then we find somebody that we would practically consider putting a ring on or we 're just gonna be single?

Sis, mkay

Michie, Make sense?

Sis, yes

Michie, is he good looking? yea

Sis, i already know that

Michie, southern guy, yea

Sis love that

Michie 6'3"

Sis, love that

Michie brown hair

Sis, what kind of guy is he, is he funny?

Michie, yea

Sis, any guy has to be able to make me laugh, if you can't i don't even want to waste my time on you.


Sis, where does he life

Michie, nashville

Sis, so i have to go to Nashville to see him,..




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