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Tuesday, July 30, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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10:18PM BBT BY Jack tells Michie, before DE, he's gonna take a shot.  

Michie, have you talked to him about that?

Jack, I've told him he's safe with me

Michie, good, I've done the same thing and so has Holly.  But here's the thing, there's only so many people he can be safe with, he can't be safe with everyone in the house, he has to put up 2 people.

Jack what's the difference with getting him in the room with all 6 of us and dying he's safe

Michie, because then they can't put him up.  That means if Christie, Tommy or sis, if they win they can't put him up.  This is where you have to start thinking of your game.  The 6 is a wave, we can ride it only so far to shore but 500 grand is a mile in shore.  Once you hit the beach, every man runs for itself.

Jack, i get it

Michie, in that sense, like, i covered my end, Holly covered her end.  

They low five, make bunch of noise, ...



10:23PM BBT BY Sam still practicing his speech with Nicole.  He repeats this same version a bunch:

Thank you, Julie.  To my beautiful wife Melissa, I love you so much and you are the prettiest thing to walk this earth.  Zak and Bradley, I love you guys both, daddy's coming home.  Houseguests, yes I was caught in the whole guilt by association.  I have also been in a room when your names have been dropped. It is what it is. Who hasn't? WHO, hasn't? I also didn't come here to play a babysitting game.  Even the bible says, "Am I thy brother's keeper?" NOPE. With that being said, please go in there and cast your vote.If you would like me to stay and make more memories with you and further your game, great!  Let's do it.  I love you all and this whole process reminds me of a phrase that a wise man once said, "SEND IT"



10:49PM BBT TBR Christie is telling Sam that no one is really talking about it (the vote).  She believes since Holly isn't, no one else is. The HoH kind of sets the tone.

11:00PM BBT BY hammock Tommy talking to Holly saying her veto speech was rally good.  She made it sound like she was talking about Nicole until the end and it was Kat.  Tommy thought it was a "boss" move.  they keep talking about Nicole.


PRANK: 11:09PM BBT TBR Cliff comes in and tells Sam, Nicole that Michie had a meltdown because there are 2 open containers of peanut butter in the fridge.  Cliff says he is gonna put 2 more in the back.  Sam says to take a spoonful out of each one.  Cliff says he will do one and leave the other one sealed in the back.. Sam says leave it sealed without the lid.  Michie will be like what the f' happened?  Where's the f'n lid?!

[someone watch for the result of this! - rms]


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Nicole brings up the meeting when she was locked out of the HoH and they were all yelling.   Cliff saw she was locked out and she said he was like LET ME UP THERE, are you f'n kidding me,  let me up there! I will (bury?) them!   

Sam, what did you want to do though, if you would've walked in there, they were all screaming, they wanted your throat. What would you've done?

Nicole, i didnt think it through.  

Sam, Then Ovi came up this is not fair to any of us.  We were like get the f' away Ovi

Nicole, i didnt know what was going on though

Sam, I was just glad I was in the room cuz i was like holy sh*t.  I still don't know the whole story on that.


11:21PM BBT HoHR Kat wonders who is listening on the other side of her microphone with her eating.  She is eating cereal with her mouth open half the time crunching so loud into the mic.  

Holly, imagine being the person assigned to Christie's mic when she eats.

Kat, I'm putting this away.  Wow, I don''t know what it is.  I feel like during the day i don't eat that much and now i'm eating everything in sight.

Holly, Same and I then i'm binge at night.  At least I don't eat until.  It's like i eat for 12 hours a day from 2-2

Kat i don't think you eat that much.

Holly, yeah, i do, I've had so much cookie dough today, everyday

[warning - Kat repetition - rms]

Kat, "That's what I haven't eaten yet, is COOKIE DOUGH, and i was wanting COOKIE DOUGH, but i was i'm not gonna eat that COOKIE DOUGH but now i'm gonna go get COOKIE DOUGH"

Holly, I don't go without cookie dough.  I get every day, every single day.   I don't think I've gone.  I don't go without cookie dough in the BB house.  

Kat, wow, that's a life style i need to pick up on.

Holly, Even if nobody is in on it with me that's the sad part.

Kat, that's when i feel so vulnerable and like just ,.. sh*tty.  Like when i go into the storage closet and get chocolate out.  I know someone's watching me and they're like here she goes again getting her chocolate.

Holly, that's when i feel vulnerable and alone but at the same time i've also mastered drinking wine alone at home.

Kat, but you're not on camera

11:23PM BBT MEME READY CLIP - Holly, I feel like i'm grosser. (holding out her arms twisting) I'm like more like real and raw and vulnerable on camera because i'm just like, you know what america, you deserve realness.  So i'm so like, "Yeah, I shit my pants"  I'm beginning to tell that story, to be fair I had west title virus and I was on a backpacking trip in the middle of the wilderness.

Kat, That's way different than like yeah you sh*t your pants.  I have a confession to make I really did sh*t my pants 

Holly, I need to tell that story for viewers.

Kat, Wow, I love this assortment of cereal, mm, amazing

Holly, what did jackson get yelled at for.  He's gonna get his ass kicked off



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11:24PM BBT HoHR Kat, Real talk, I've literally had it with everyone in here except you.

Holly, me too, please don't start annoying me.

Kat, I don't think i am annoying

Holly, i was also kidding.  actually no, like you've annoyed me so much that I think i'm just like over it

Kat, That's just me

Holly, yeah, i know....

Holly explains that early on Kat was getting on her nerves and she called Kat out for it and Kat told her she didnt have any friends who called her out on her sh*t.  Now you do.


Kat, "I don't really get annoyed that easy, Well" They both laugh as she realizes the start of this convo, and how she talks trash about everyone.


then they start in on everyone.

Jess, bad timing, then Sam also has bad timing, ...

Now, onto Michie, the way he says things aggressively, his stories

Holly, He's loud and abrasive and obnoxious with his stories.

Kat, he was talking about his high school stories, i was like high school, come on  He says a lot of stories about college that doesn't paint him in a positive light.

Holly, I really wish he would stop doing that, no one thinks it is

Kat, I found out today that he thinks its cool and people in the past have thought that its cool..

Holly, can somebody tell him it's not cool?

Kat, I'm not the person to tell him that,...

...  more and more about other people in the house...


[can't deal any more, ugh, out,...  rms]

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