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Saturday, July 27, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Tommy used cereal to make an announcement on the dining room table about Monday's BB Flash Mob






4:50 PM BBT


Holly is complaining about her legs so Michie uses a wooden rolling pin on her legs to loosen them up for the comp. She says it really hurts.



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#BB21 3:11PM BBT - Christie, Analyse and Nicole are talking in the rv room. While Jackson and Holly and Jessica are outside the rv.


 3:18 PM BBT -  Christie tells Jessica that if the comp is spelling make sure she has a word ready. Jessica says she has a few words already. Christie then intupts and says tl her make it pratical add ing add ee subtract ing and then says make it practically pratical. Jessica says she agrees with her.

3:21 PM BBT - The feeds cut to fish.

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 3:23 PM BBT - The Feeds return back. we have Cliff, Analyse, and Tommy  in the living room area. Nick, Kat, Nicole, and Christie still in the RV room talking general chit chat.

 3:45 PM BBT - Nicole and Cliff are talking about family. They change the topic to Rockstar. Cliff says at first he was iffy about her but then she grew on him. Nicole says she resembles her mom.

4:06 PM BBT - Sam and Analyse are playing checkers while talking. Analyse said at first she had a rough time. Sam nods his head in agreement.

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5:40 PM BBT

The HGs are getting really impatient for the veto competition. Kat suggests maybe they won't have it today, but since Cliff got his leg wrapped and production gave Holly her allergy meds (she said specifically for horses and hay) the others think it's just going to be a late one.

5:47 PM BBT Sis and Christie are playing with a feather. Sam is watching from the couch. Holly and Jackson are watching from the spy cam in the HOH Room.


6:05 PM BBT  Jack has been called to the DR (he is hosting the POV competition)

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6:16 PM BBT

Sam jokingly suggests they make a sexy Big Brother Calendar

Kat says he can pose with his lavender oil


6:19 PM BBT

Feeds cut to an adorable rescue animal and the message "The Big Brother Houseguests are Shooting Something Awesome..."


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While you wait:

FLASHBACK to 7/24 2:26AM BBT. Beth and Snackson are in the bathroom and he starts talking a little about the therapy sessons BB is now providing since he's in a "nervous breakdown" - it also relieves CBS of some of the liability for casting him since he admits (as does Beth) that a lot of his problems were not disclosed pre-show:



JACKSON: I'll tell you about it on Thursday lockdown. Just...correlations of things.  (Unintelligible)...it just brings up a lot of things from my childhood...my family. Issues that I've pushed away...like connecting dots.

BETH: Yeah.

JACKSON: [Making air quotes] "Trauma"

BETH: Yeah. .....we all have......shit....suppressed....and deal with.

JACKSON: It was just the reaction...that I was...it was...her reaction was concerning.

BETH: What? Your reaction?

2:27AM BBT

JACKSON: Her's...to....'cause...none of it was disclosed.

BETH: Ohhh. Well, ya oopsied there.  Although I didn't disclose a lot of stuff, either because I thought it would hurt my chances.

JACKSON:Nothing they can do about it now that I'm here. I just kinda...plus I know for them to take the time outta their schedule, push clients aside, come all the way out here,

BETH: mmm hmmm

JACKSON:...go in the studios, get upstairs, bring a chair in (the sessions seem to have happening in the Have Not room) sit down and hour and a half...taking 2 or 3 hours out of your day, the least I can do is...talk, 'cause I don't talk to anybody about "it".

BETH: Yeah.

2:28AM BBT

JACKSON:So I TRIED my best to make a good effort.


JACKSON: (shrugs, avoiding eye contact with Beth)

BETH: You have to do that.

JACKSON: She was like, "well, I'll see ya again." (rolls eyes slightly, like "oh great") Fuckin' sick, I'm talking to a shrink.

BETH: Good.

JACKSON: No....noo.

BETH: Yeah. Why? How is that bad? There's no negatives to it...

JACKSON: I can't (pulls on his mic in a snapping motion, indicating he doesn't want the reason to be heard/recorded). I'm fine.









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8:10pm BBT Feeds return and Nick is wearing the Veto around his neck.  He, Cliff and other HG are wearing blue jean coveralls. Nicole is in a tutu.  Kat tells Holly to backdoor Nicole, saying she a bigger threat than Nick or Sam. Holly runs the idea by Jackson, who quickly rejects it.

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Holly says she wasn't counting on not being able to breathe right away. (she is allergic to hay).

Nick is saying Bella is going to go nuts. He was wearing her wristband.



I'm out for the rest of the night, but I'm happy to fill in gaps in the morning.  -MamaLong

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8:35pm BBT


Nick and Sam are having a conversation, Christie barges in asking them what they are having for dinner. Before she came into the boat bed lounge Sam was warning Nick to not talk bad about Jessica because “they” are “eating her up” right now. He tells Nick that the plan was to evict him (Nick) this week, then Nicole the following week, keeping Sam safe.


The two of them agree to separate themselves, Nick will not campaign for Sam.



After Christie went to see who was in the boat bed lounge, she goes to the HOH room. Holly is upset that Nick won, she tells everyone in the room that they need to steer clear of him.


Christie insists she will send him out next week, she says he will not win HOH.


Sis says “Don't say that, you don't know.”

Holly says, “Weird things have happened.”


Christie says she will use her power to make him do what she wants.


Everyone is talking at the same time, but Christie keeps over talking, saying Holly's name while the others are speaking to Holly.


Holly insists if she puts Nicole up, she will send her home.


Someone mentions putting Kat up, Kat agrees because she wants people to think she is not working with the six. Kat says she is trusting them in this. They tell her to tell no one, not even Jessica.


Holly tells them to lock the door and talk quietly. Christie continues to talk and squeal in her outside voice. As other people talk she continues to insert into every comment in the room. She repeatedly interrupts Holly, Michie, and saying Holly's name repeatedly while Holly is talking.


Tommy has come into the room, he is asking for clarification on what they are doing.


Cliff comes into the room, says his leg has been re-injured. He plans to use heat and ice on it alternately.


People begin to leave the room, mill around, and talk about “finding food.”


Michie tries to get Tommy to leave, Tommy says he is going to stay if no one minds. Michie gives him silent signals to leave the room. Sis and Jack have stayed behind to “shower”. Michie explains it to Holly.


Sam is alone in the boat bed lounge.


Most of the other house guests are in the kitchen cooking and talking over each other.


They mention animals that were in the competition, sounds like there were sheep and dogs. It doesn't sound like house guests were allowed to interact with the animals.


Cliff tells them about a calf catching contest at a fair. People catch them and can keep the calf as well as a cash prize.

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9:56pm BBT


Holly and Sis are in the HOH room. They are talking about the pros and cons of putting up Nicole and voting her out. Sis tells Holly that Jessica would be okay if Nicole were nominated. Holly is not sure what Cliff would think about it.


Sis tells Holly that she is good with Sam, Holly immediately says “YOU are good with him.” Sis tries again. She says maybe Nicole might be holding back and then will win HOH next week.


Holly discounts that, says it has been nearly 40 days, she has seen no indication.


Sis tries again, she calls Nicole “shady.”


Holly is not convinced that Nicole is anything other that the “quirky” one, that Nicole may be a superfan, but not an athelete.


Sis tries again. “she scares me.”


Holly is not budging on the Nicole is not a competitor idea, saying that today Nicole would have failed at chasing sheep.


Holly says Sam really went after it (the veto today), Sis says Sam had to, he was on the block. Sis also says Sam has never done anything wrong.

Holly says Sam has done things, but did not spearhead them. Sis tries to defend Sam (changed angle from put up Nicole to save Sam).


Sis tells Holly that Sam told her he would no longer have much to do with Nick, Holly does not believe that Sam is telling the truth.


The two of them decide to take a nap.

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 10:04 Holly says she doesn't trust Nick at all. Kat, Nick and Jack are talking about the comps Kat says even most physically fit person isnt always going to win. Holly is talking to Analyse and says if i target Nicole and analyse interupts and says if you target Nicole you have to get her out.

#BB21 10:08 PM BBT - Holly says then sketches out and everyone else like Jessica, Cliff etc all would be like what the F**k. Nick and kat and jack are now talking about the wall comps.

 10:13 PM BBT - Holly tells analyse that she honestly doesn't know what best for her game. Meanwhile Nick is talking about his favorite comp to kat and jack .

10:14 Analyse tells Holly she has a good realtonship with Sam. Holly then says i know you do but i dont, He pleaded with me and i still put him up. Analyse goes on to say she doesn't know what he gonna say, but i know he want to talk to you tomorrow.

 10:32 PM BBT - Holly tells analyse that any trust she has with him is long gone. Analyse tells her she doesn't think so. Analyse also says this is last and final straw and she doesn't know.

10:35 PM BBT - Holly said she is also worried about Nicole coming after she would have to win something. Analyse said she was talk to Kat and Christie in the RV today talking about Nicole and how they thought she was shadey. Analyse thought were or her conspiracy is what if her startagy was to make it to DE and then try to actually compete. Holly says she doesn't think so.

10:45 PM BBT - Holly says that nicole watches the show all the time and she is a superfan. analyse says nicole scares her. They say the really good at hiding and believe their is more to her. They also she she is going to threat and ahe going to show them something.

10:56 PM BBT - Nicole and Cliff talking on the bathroom couch. Cliff think both him and Nicole are safe this week. Cliff believe that Jessica will be the one going up and not nethier of them (cliff or Nicole).

 11:08 PM BBT - Nicole tells Cliff that she doesn't want to be the replacement. Cliff then tells her he know but he hasn't heard from the other side yet.Holly is saying eveyome is getting annoyed with Sam.

11:14 PM BBT - Analyse saus Sam has done nothing wrong. Hollys said he has done stuff. Nick is just the one who is pioneering it. Holly said sam is just spearheading it also says he is a bigger target because he asscioiates with him (nick).

11:24 PM BBT Cliff says he is glad Tommy beat him in the veto. Nicole adds in Oh My Word yes you would have injured yourself more.cliff said it would have made it way worse and been able to keep up with him.

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9:01PM BBT KT Holly, Nick, Cliff, others    Holly says anyone who doesn't like Tommy is like a person who doesn't like dogs.  She would never be friends with them.  Holly tells Nicole how she made the Slop pudding.

Nick talking about the comp.  Sounds like they had to move sheep into a pen.  

[i have seen at rodeos where they start in pen on one side of a part of an arena and have to corral them into another.  Likely were showed how with a sheepdog corralling them to show how.  They mention dogs.  May have been who could get the most or more than half with 2 people going at once - rms]

Nick says he figured out if he faked going one way, some of the sheep would freeze and he could pin them in the corner.  Nick says he and Tommy almost grabbed the same one.  Nick says sometimes they would be looking at the other person and you could grab them.

Holly says she has Asthma induced by either exercise or Hay.  She figured both combined would be a real issue.  Had she known, she would've used her inhaler before they went out.

Nick was worried when he couldn't close the gate that the other sheep would get out.

Cliff says he liked the last couple of competitions a lot.  Nick taped his wrist today thinking it would be physical.  he has broken it four times in the past.



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9:09PM BBT KT Nicole, Jess cooking slop.  Michie, Holly cleaning some dishes.  Sam came in and Nicole says she is making slopola.  Jess is making slop burgers that she compares to veggie burgers.  Sam says he was so full he couldn't finish the other shake.  Sam says, "I'm gonna be dead by the end of the week, Michie"  in reference toast night's calorie discussion where Michie told Sam HE WILL DIE.


9:15PM BBT WA Christe, Sam  Christie says Nick was a f'n animal.  Who knew he had that in him?  Sam just siting staring.  Yeah,...  Christie says to get to shave her legs feels like a privilege right now  Sam asks, do you have to get painted right after?  Christie, yeah, i have to go straight in and can't even have any conversations.


9:16PM BBT CBR Sis, Tommy Sis starts talking to Tommy about Jess, game stuff, Bob yells, "STOP THAT!"  Tommy remembers, "I can't talk game"  I am supposed to go straight to get my paint back on, for his poison ivy punishment.


9:18PM BBT KT Cliff, Kat, Snackson/MicFridge, Nicole, Jess, Jack, Nick   Cliff is hobbling on his leg, Holly trying the well done slopola.  They are complimenting Jess on her slop burgers.  She added salsa thinking that's like the veggies in a veggie burger.

People are gathering food together.  Snackson says there are 15 burgers for 8 people.

Sis walks through taking out her braids to WA


9:20PM BBT WA Sam sitting thinking, depressed.  Sis comes in and asks if he is ok. (She starts brushing her hair and does it until 9:24 all through the convo) Sam says, he guesses, not much he can do about it.  He can only think that whoever she picks as a nom, he will have to campaign the sh*t outta that person.   Sis says, "I hope it's someone that you CAN'T campaign against"  Sam says, "CAN'T?"  Sis says, "CAN"  Sam, oh, right, if it's who we talked about before, i would have to bury her.  Sis doesn't know who it might be, Sam says, yeah, because it could be Jack and I'd be screwed.  Sam asks if he should go talk to Holly, Sis maybe ask who she is thinking about putting up.

Kat comes in, Sam says, "Pockets are hanging out" he repeats it then Kat says, "It's called fashion, look it up."  

[so when your dad has on shorts, black socks and dress shoes, he can use that and you have to shut it! - rms]

Sis says, "Literally,  that's what I tell him every single time he says something about my,.."  Sam says, "You've literally never have said that to me."  Sis, "Yes I did, one day i was wearing those shorts and you were like what are those, and I was like fashion, look it up, literally what i said.  No actually, i said it's called fashion, jk"  Sam says "that i've heard, alright, so i was right."  Why is your eye red?  Sis, I don't know, oh i just took a shower, so." Sam upstairs?  Sis, uh huh, Sam, "Oh, shady"  She laughs, i'm not shady, I was by myself. Sam, I was accused of that, I can only tell you my jokes, nobody else in the house, at least you get it.  (Sis, massive nose blowing sound, i guess)

Sis thinks Holly is thinking of putting up Kat or Nicole.  He asks what he should do, if she says Kat should i go with it or recommend.  If she says Kat or Nicole, focus on Nicole.  If just Kat then say nothing.  She thinks everyone is scared.  Sam says' i'm not that scary.  Sis, no its because of Nick and you together.


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9:30PM BBT KT Nick, Kat  Snackson/MicFridgie in background, fridge open grabbed couple of pieces of fruit and ate while walking off   Nick, Kat are cleaning dishes Nick says this was my comp, I knew it was my comp to win. they made that thing for me.  Kat says, Crazy, i love that

SNackson/Micfridgie back in the fridge getting chicken.  Guess leaving a drawer open had to do this time.  Nick closed it.  Snackson gave Kat the baking sheet to prioritize cleaning since he needed it.  Jack and Snackson discussing the burger patties, lots left and he put some already in the SR.  Bunch of people at the DT digesting dinner.  Snackson says the little patties just don't do it.  Jack says little fatty patties too, MicFridgie Replies 80/20 Jack says losing 20%.  


[Mutton Busting - little kids with helmets and often padding try to hold on to a sheep's back.  the meat of adult sheep is mutton - rms]

Sis says she was thinking about the, what's it called, Mutt Button? (had to ask what the name is) Mutton Busting.  I'm thinking if i have a kid i'm putting him in that.  Cliff says, yep they are so low to the ground and they have helmets.  Holly, it's so cute.  Cliff says the 5&6 year old kids. they film them when they get up either in tears, scared or laughing/excited.    They ask what they want to be when they grow up, half say cowboy or basketball player, or i wanna be like my daddy.  They ask how you practice, I practiced on my daddy. 

Sis says, "We would have little, umm, soccer camps in the summer for the kids and in the summer's the rodeo and so they would all come to camp so excited cuz later that day they'd go to the rodeo and do the Mutt. the what is it Mutt Bustin" Cliff, "Mutton Busting" Sis, "Mutton Busting and this one girl she actually was like, its like yeah my dad i sit on his back and he goes crazy and that's how i practice. I was like oh my god, that's crazy" [hmmmm, where have i heard that before? Cliff? Do these HG LISTEN TO EACH OTHER? - rms]

Cliff says Old Dominion was the band that was setting up as they were doing it and they came to the fence and watched.



Sis then asks about the one where they hold onto the bull  Cliff says there is Bull Riding and Steer Wrestling [aka bulldogging - rms]

Sis likes the bull riding.


9:42PM BBT CBR Kat, Nick  Kat comes in as Nick is laying the ground.  Kat," Congrats!  I bet you feel like such a bad ass"  Nick, i needed it, i was gonna go home this week.  Kat, so what's the next move, how are you gonna celebrate?  He wants to win back everyone's trust.  getting back to how he was week 1.  She thinks he's in a great spot, everyone loves you.  He says, i know everyone loves me personally

She changes her shorts FLASHING THE CAMERA IN THE MIRROR!  She says she hopes she isn't on camera  [Umm, MIRRORS!  LIVE FEEDS!  She realizes as she is doing it - rms]

She says if people like you personally, they will keep you.  Nick replies, people like me personally now, and I was most likely gonna go. [observant and well thought out, KAT! - rms]

Kat, yeah but i mean, ok so yea but ...... that was because you did some crazy game moves.


Nick says when Tommy got the f'n 6 and they were like no you gotta let them go.  we would've been tied 12-12 and he was freaking out.  Tommy wouldn't have taken me off.  The only one who could save myself was me.


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Kat says she loves win a person not he block wins the veto so they can get themselves off.  Nick says, i know no-one plays to get into the jury, obviously I just made it which is nice, but the thing for me is getting to spend the whole summer with you (guys).  Kat, you say guys, i don't know turns out i might be going up.  Nick, Nu uh, Kat, I think i might, Nick, Why?  Kat, DOn't say anything  Nick, NO Kat, it's like a feeling.  It's ok, It's ok.  Nick, I don't want that to happen.   Nick, to be honest with you, before this comp even started, i told sam, don't vote for me if you win this veto and get yourself off the block.  I told him i wasn't voting for him.  I want to win everyone's trust back.  Don't be the only one, don't be stupid.  

Bob, "Nick, please relocate your transmitter" (his sounds had gotten really quiet) He asks, is that this and fixes it, says Sorry to Bob, is that fine?  I thought you guys were calling me into the DR, I got all excited.

Nick, if Sam stays up and goes up against you, it's gonna be unanimous for him to go.  He already understands that.  If I went this week i get to be with Isabella, if he goes he gets to be with his kids.  Obviously, I wasn't gonna vote out Isabella, but Sam could've but i get it respect, Sam's loyal to the end.  I do feel bad because I feel like I dragged him down.  Well she said he got caught in the cross hairs when she nom'd him.  But like he didn't even do anything.  That's what i feel bad about.   Kat, that's why i don't want to go up against him.  Kat says she is the only one who makes sense.  Me, Jess, Nicole, Cliff.  Nick says Cliff is safe for 2 weeks.  Kat says same thing, that leaves Jess, Nicole, Kat.


9:49PM BBT Nick says I don't want to win HoH next week.  Kat says I really want to win, too. Nick says I said I don't.  Kat, you don't why? Nick, who would i put up? Kat, Anyone, snicker, no i'm just kidding.  Nick says he wants to regain his trust back with the people he started out with plus you, kat giggles and says you have my trust.  She says you have my trust.  He told Tommy I want to win win this Veto and win your trust back.  I'm sorry for what i did, i was f'd up, i had to try to scheme, i was looking too far ahead.  I promise I wanna win the next HoH to show you guys you can trust me again.  To be honest, even though i did one shady thing, they were the ones who broke the trust first, they flipped the vote on me on my HoH.


9:53PM BBT HoHR Holly, Sis   I am gonna feel bad that Sam's gonna die by my sword.  I like him. Sis, He doesn't have to Holly.  Holly, I feel like if i keep him in the game it will bite me in the a$$.  Sis, Why do you think that?  Because He and Nick together win comps.  Sis, I know, I just don't like them together.  

Holly, I wanted to send Nick home.  I almost put Nicole up next to Nick.  They agree it wouldn't have changed anything.  Sis, I do want Nicole out, dude.  Holly, I do too.  Sis, No one knows where her f'n head's at, she's sketchy, I want her gone.  Holly, I don't know what she's thinking.  Sis, I was talking to Sam today, we had a great conversation. He was saying If Nick didn't win and noms stayed the same or if he won and you put up nicole, we would vote nick out.  The following week, he would go after nicole and he would be willing to go up as a pawn against Nicole if one of us won HoH.  That way she would be out before double eviction and then if he was able to play in the HoH for the double eviction, he would go after Jess, not one of us.  She asked how would I know you wouldn't put one of us.  He said he wouldn't have the numbers.  Holly says, i can't see him rolling over on his back.  Sis obviously it can't work now because we have nick.  Sis, I don't trust him. Holly, I do not trust nick, he terrifies me.  


Holly, if i target Nicole, i have to get her out.  Then I make an enemy or I sketch out Jess, Cliff, ... Sis, Jess did say she didn't like Nicole that she was Shady, I don't know where cliff stands on nicole.  It's your HoH you do whatever you feel is best for your game  At the end of the day do whatever is best for your game.  Our alliance is only gonna get us so far.  Holly, I don't know what's good for my game.  Sis says I have such a good relationship with Sam...  Holly, I know but YOU do.  Sis I don't know what he is gonna say to you, i know he wants to talk to you tomorrow.  Holly, he pleaded with me yesterday but I still put him up.  His trust in me is long gone.  Sis says, I don't know.  Just listen to him, but do it alone.  Holly, the other thing though is am I really worried about Nicole coming after me, she has to WIN something.  Sis, this is what I was talking Kat and Christie about in the RV today and we were talking about Nicole and she was really shady.  This is my conspiracy.  What if her plan is to make it to the double eviction and then actually compete. Holly doubts it, she describes Nicole failing at making pudding. Holly doesn't think she is "secretly stealth"


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10:07PM BBT HoHR sis, Holly  Holly, ... start talking less, ...He told Nicole who told Nick.  Holly was like why the f' would you even tell her that?!  Sis, don't say anything unless it's just me, you and Christie.  Holly, even jack (smells good?) (a bit loud?)(smuggles a bit out?)  Holly, I love her and I wanna tell her everything and I do tell her everything when i tell her stuff, i instantly regret it like the f'n Jackson thing.  Dude, is he at the door, what is he doing? Jackson is pretending to be SWAT coming up the hall, and kicking in the door.  They saw him and were gonna pretend to be sleeping but the camera switched as it saw him.  They had him do it over so they could react better.  He missed the door knob to open it and slips when he came in.



10:22PM BBT TBR Cliff, Christie, Tommy Cliff was waiting in bathroom putting heat on his leg waiting for DR.  He talks through that they may not be in a hurry to hear from us.  Gonna shower, claim that bed.  Christie is wondering what Holly is thinking.  Cliff, Nick did what he had to do Christie, he killed it in that comp.  She thinks maybe a pawn situation.  Cliff says he told Christie earlier he was gonna start putting on a pity deal.  Christie thinks Holly mentioned Kat wouldn't really mind but she loses her shit on the block.  She thinks Kat mentioned if you have to i get it.  Cliff says I think anyone could be safe, it seems like the house... [Cliff, you sold the non-6 out!  "The house" just say you guys, the 6 said who to vote out!  - rms]



10:44PM BBT WA Jack, Christie, Sam, Sis  Sam asks Jack what he would do in his position.  Jack says I wouldn't have gotten myself in it.  Jack, actions mean more than words to him.  He says what he did last week, not try to bury Bella, just highlight who they were what they do, why he liked them, what my intentions are in the game.  People respect that more than throwing someone under the bus.  You don't even know who you are up against.  Don't try to game too hard. Christie, Lay low, talk about what you can offer them.  how can you build a platform that's enticing enough to say maybe Sam is more valuable to keep around.   She says because Nick is staying, that is what you are up against.  You guys are so close you need to find a way around that.  

Sam, it sucks because i didn't do anything really wrong but I just hung out with Nick and Bella.  Sam thinks he will wait a couple of days.  


[PoPTV code: ENDURANCE - rms]


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11:05PM BBT WA Jess, Jack, Sam Sam talks about what he does as a driver, examples of some deliveries, how he is supposed to let the customer move it from the truck and how most of the time they go above and beyond.  Sometimes they have had to tie something to a tree and drop it to the ground.  push it from the truck on to their pickup truck.  he can lower it down to the ground on the lift gate but they are supposed to take it from there.  He says it they only knew, he might get some tips.


11:08PM BBT HoHR Holly, Michie, Cliff (soaking leg in bath(?))  PoV comp was called counting sheep.  the sheep may also have had numbers on them for use in part of the comp.  Sounds like there were 3 rounds with Nick versus Tommy for the Finale. 


11:18PM BBT HoHR Christie is about to leave then she brings up Sam.  She says he was asking Jack for some advice.  She says he thinks he hasn't done anything to deserve this other than association.  They claim he's done more and then amplified the association.  Michie claims he tried to hint to Sam that sometimes in this game you can be on a ship that's sinking and you need to jump ship.  


11:30PM BBT TBR Sis, Christie Christie says she and Tommy won't vote out Nicole.  She believes it would really be stupid to keep Sam and Nick together.  She also believes if Sam stays that it shows Holly, Michie and Nick, Sam are together.  She claims to want to trust Holly but believes Michie controls her.  Also that Nick controls Sam.  She claims the only people she trusts is Sis, Jack, Tommy and cliff, for now.  Sis says she trusts Holly but not Michie.  Sis says she trusts Jack but he's sketchy  Christie says he has your back.  He's a smooth talker.


11:36PM BBT HoHR Holly, Michie, Jack  They are trying to frame how to approach Kat or how to do the speech for when they put up Kat.  They want to act like the others are neutral, not to feel like they have been brought in or that they are a pawn.  Michie says the 6 are tight but we need to stop letting people chip away.  Christie needs to stop broadcasting she has a power and if they put her up...



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11:44 PM BBT WA Cliff, Nick Nick says he is just trying to win back the 6's trust.  Cliff congratulates Nick on winning.  They both say we have to win a couple of HoHs.  Nick says we need to keep some distance.


11:45PM BBT HoHR Jack and Michie brag on Cliff and how well he has done on the comps.  They list off what how he placed in them.    [maybe stop judging people by their age - rms]

They think the double elimination puzzle may be Cliff's to lose.  Christie's power will be over for the 2nd part of the double elimination assuming their speculation that the DE is end of next HoH.  Michie says he wouldn't be surprised if Christie and Tommy go up, or you and Sis.  

Michie whispers to Holly and says (?)... if cliff wants to take that shot at tommy and chris, (wipes his hands) shoot your shot big dog.  We need to talk to Cliff.  It's not if but When he wins one, we need to make sure when that deal is up with Christie we need to make sure that we are not on his radar.  Holly kept trying to get Michie to stop whispering that even though Jack can't hear in the bathroom, the fact that they are whispering.


Michie is telling Jack he needs to make sure he is off of the floaters' radars like Cliff.  He needs to start thinking of himself.  Not all 6 of us walk out with confetti.  Again, Jack thinks he should've had Cliff on the patches comp.  That his eyesight isn't as good as Jack's.  The old man beat me.  Holly says Jess wrangling sheep today reminds her that she needs to stay in this competition.  Jack, that was bad. Michie laughs and points out how Jackson face looked.  He says how she is the first to go after every comp to suck down water.  She was on the vine for 2 minutes and still complains how sore she was.  Then the throw out the insincere love fest about Jess.  

Michie says come back, where're you at, you are off.  Jack, miles away? Michie, yep, Jack, this subject's touchy.  

[wow, how screwed up is this cast? saved by Orwell - rms]



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