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Saturday, July 27, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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12:03 AM BBT  Bathroom Area (Jess and Kat)

Jessikat are discussing the vote flip when Nick was HOH. Nick approached Kat and told her that he knew she was in on the flip. Kat said she told him she was voting with the house, but now Kat wonders how he got that idea [Kat did know about the flip, but she was told by Gr8ful to still vote with the others...this was the vote where Kat clarified to Julie "but, don't think I don't know what's going on"]

Kat tells Jess that Michie is an asshole and she doesn't want him coming after her. Jess says she wants all the guys gone except Cliff. Kat says "and Tommy".

Kat- I actually really don't like Jack that much. (lots of whispering that is almost completely inaudible)

Kat- I want Nick and Sam out for sure....I don't take those final two's serious.....I take them serious for me, but to have a final two with everyone so they will have your back...those people never win because they wind up getting caught

Nicole come in- Are you staying up?

Kat- no I'm about to go take a shower...how did it go? (she's asking about DR)

Nicole- good

Kat- my favorite person is in there tonight...I know we aren't supposed *feeds cut*



In the HOH Room Michie is giving Holly a massage. There's not much talking going on. 

Holly- can you feel the knots in my back

Jackson- yeah, there aren't as many as there used to be. Jess got mine out

Holly- I know. She is really good.  (several HGs are still jacked up from that HOH comp)





The lights go out in the HOH bedroom and Michie climbs into bed with Holly. He is sleeping upstairs with her. Michie says "showers are good. They are the means of sustaining.."

Holly- I'm aware

They start snuggling closer and the feeds switch to another room [it seems at this point that Michie/Holly have only agreed to snuggling and kissing being shown on the feeds from now on]


1:30 AM BBT  Target Bedroom 

Jack and Sis are in bed and the room is dark.

Sis gets out of bed and leaves the room saying "it's hot" She then heads to the  SR. She returns saying "They are really f'ing with us with this air....it's too hot"

Production calls for Jack to go the DR downstairs. He gets out of bed and heads that way.


The feeds switch back to the HOHR where the lights are now on

Holly- Okay, I'm coming...I'm coming (she is talking to production)...she then looks at Michie realizing what she said and covers her face in embarrassment and starts laughing

Jackson- like, literally....  (laughing) are you okay

Holly- a little

Jackson- you a little frazzled?.....get it together

(production interrupted their escapades)...you're just slapping that shit on (her makeup)  

Holly- I'm trying. (addresses production again) I'm coming.....to the DR as soon as I can

Michie- Day 38/39, Holly resets

*the feeds cut*



1:30 AM BBT  Kat is the only HG on the cameras that is awake in the bathroom straightening her hair

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1:44 AM BBT

Holly and Kat are in the kitchen. You can see visible bruises on Holly's right arm.

Kat- what is the plan once Nick and Sam go....I think Sam has a lot of information that I think her got from Nicole

Holly- yeah, she worries me. After her, I don't know who is best for our game

Kat- the only person I am worried about coming after me is Jackson

Holly- he won't

Kat- are you sure

Holly- he started forecasting a bit more...brainstorming, and 100% it's not you. Y'all can have your personal issues and fight but it's not affecting his game. If it changes I'll tell you or I'll f'ing slap him upside the head

Kat- you're doing so good. 

Kat tells her the nomination speech was really good...according to Jess, Nicole told her specifically that you and Jackson told her you were flipping the vote

Holly- fuck Nicole

Kat- yeah I was like are you sure it wasn't Bella....she said no, it was Nicole

Holly- that f'ing little bitch...that sneaky little f'ing bitch. If she really said that, f* Nicole



Kat- burning people? that's not game

Holly- Tommy asked me, "do you like Nick"....like, no

Holly- I didn't even speak to Nicole...unless Jackson did and I didn't know about it. Do you know when Tommy told her that?

Kat- the day of, or the day after

They continue discussing Nicole and the vote flip, thinking Nicole could have made some stuff up to try to get some votes flipped. (Bella eviction)

Holly mentions that Bella did a good job campaigning and the things she mentioned Sam came through with the same spiel

"Jack has Sis, Christe, Tommy; Sis has Jack...Christie and Jack will always fight to the death for each other...before anyone else"

Kat- I feel pretty safe right now, but it's scary

Holly- you have to enjoy it while it lasts. I won't feel safe after this week

Kat- I'm not safe with Nicole [Kat is very cunning with her one on one conversations, leading both sides to believe they have her complete loyalty. I can't help but be impressed with her position in the house because even  I am wondering which she would choose over the other...likely just whichever side is in power  -MamaLong]

The girls discuss the memory wall photos and the competition that involves the face swapping/morphing.

[My conclusion from their conversation is that Nicole might be Holly's replacement nom]

Holly- she (Nicole) is only dangerous if she's in power and she has flopped in every comp

They say goodnight and head to bed. 

Holly enters the HOHR to the lights still on and Jackson waiting in bed for her

Holly- Hi! Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up.

Michie has the remote in his hand, so he was probably watching the girls on spy cam

Holly whispers to Jackson "asked me, did I interrupt something". I was like yeah, you have just really good timing (sarcasm). He said "I waited through the entire"

Production- you are not allowed to talk about your diary sessions

Holly- I'm sorry

Holly discovers a wet spot and asks Michie if he was drooling

Michie- I think I fell asleep...I was

They then discuss that it's hot in the HOHR and that people kept going in the SR because "it's the coldest room in the house"

Holly tells Michie she was in the DR for about a half hour and then that her throat hurts really bad "I don't want to get sick"

Michie- I'm fine...you're fine. 

He then tells Holly he is going to get a banana because his foot is about to cramp up. His blender bottle is missing and he claims people are trying to f* with him

The lights go out and then they start loudly kissing 


They discuss how they got interrupted earlier, but Holly comments that she's happy. Michie tells her he has been trying to get her "happy" for a long time and wants to get her happy again. He asks Holly if she is ready for bed, but she tells him she is ready to sleep since they have POV tomorrow

Michie-  (pouting) no chance?

*The feeds cut away from them (again)

2:30 AM BBT  The cameras are all on a dark and snoring house

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5:15 AM BBT Michie gets out of bed and heads out (probably for his next feeding)

After a trip to the restroom, Michie heads for the storage room and starts going through the fridge, leaving both the fridge doors wide open (he eats at least 10 meals a day, so I truly believe him when he says he has struggled with eating disorders)



Michie stays up eating a variety of items collected from the storage room and kitchen. He then finally gets back in bed with Holly at 5:55 AM BBT. That's an impressive 40 minute feeding.

Michie tosses and turns throughout the night, switching positions at least every 15 minutes, while Holly stays in one position (on her right side).


8:00 AM BBT  The house is still dark and filled with snoring

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10:02PM BBT Analyse and Tommy talking to Cliff. They talk about Nicole being super cold in the HOH room. She had the cot where the vent was blowing directly on her. Tommy says she needs one of the big blankets.


10:07AM BBT Sam, Nick and Nicole talking. They ask her if she gets picked for Veto will she throw it. She says she probably won't do well.Sam wants ot know why Nick and him are so scary now. nicole says that they jus need to find a public enemy and this week Jack has decided it's them.


10:12AM BBT Jack is in the HOH BR with Holly and Jackson. Holly complaining about her legs. Jack looking at the pictures. He tells Holly that she needs to give him her younger sister's phone number. He said she can teach him to ride horses anytime.


10:21AM BBT In the WCA, Christie tells Sam, Nick and Nicole that Analyse complained to DR about that it was hot in the house during the night. Anaylyse comes out of the bathroom. She is yelling about being pissed off. She says she was dreaming about her family and she woke up becase it was so hot.

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10:21 AM BBT Bathroom Area (Christie, Sam, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy)

The HGs are beginning to get ready for the day. Christie and Tommy are seen in their poison ivy pajamas (green short set)

Christie says she is not allowed to wash her face. The Have-nots talk about how cold the Have-Not room was last night. The others share how hot the rest of the house was.



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10:28AM BBT Jack and Jackson talk in the HOH BR. Analyse is in the shower. Jack goes in and gives her a couple of kisses. He comes back and tells Jackson he had ot check the water temperature. Jackson starts to say and her breast and he says no. They talk about that Jackson saw Kaycee last year in auditions.


10:33AM BBT IN the HOH BR, Christie is telling them that one of the guy won't eat the slop because it's a texture thing. Jackson tells her that is his a$$ was on the line, he would eat whatever he had to. In the WCA, Holly comes in, BB has given her a "brush" made of her horse's hair on a rope. She is beyond excited.


10:38AM BBT Christie and Jack talking. Christy says that she is so tired of Nick. She says he doesn't deserve to be there. She says that he was to do small talk and she doesn't wantit. She says she is happy to tell him where he went wrong. She says she is sick of Nick wearing Bella's clothes. Jack says and its been 2 days and he hasn't washed them.

10:47PM BBT In the WCA, Sam thinks it would be funny if there was money and he took it and Cliff won the POV. Cliff says the only way he could sneak it by is that he was paying Sam back. Nick says it's a given that he is going.


10:56AM BBT In the HOH BR, Holly is telling Christie and Analyse about her gift of the horse hair brush.



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11:00 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Christie, Jack, Holly, Analyse and Kat.  They wonder if they’ll have to dig through hay for the comp.  Christie says she is so done with Nick. She wants him gone so bad.  She says he follows her drom room to room.  


11:02 AM BBT.  Jack gets up to leave the HOHR.  He says he has to do some manscaping.  Analyse says her groins hurt.  


11:04 AM BBT.  The HGs are hanging out waiting to pick veto players.  


11:06 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Christie says that when they have the next HOH lockdown she needs to tell them her gross dream.  She said she was in the BB house and it was kind of sexual and she wasn’t into it.  She says it seemed so real and the person had bad breath.  Analyse and Kat keep trying to guess.  She tells them to stop bcuz she doesn’t want it on the feeds.  Kat asked if it was Nick.  Christie says no stop.  


11:08 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, they are still guessing who Christie had a dream about. Christie says it’s not Cliff.  Christie says she sees Cliff as her Dad ir Uncle.  Holly says not your daddy?  Christie tells them she won’t say if it’s a guy or a girl bcuz it could be either.  


11:10 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Jack asks if Holly and Jackson took a bath last night.  She says yeah.  He asks with swimsuits?  She says yes.  He replies how romantic.  


11:20 AM BBT.  Nothing much going on while they wait to pick veto players.   


11:21 AM BBT.  Nicole and Sam are talking.  Nicole says she hates that the same people go on the block.  Sam says his targets have changed.  He says between u and me I would put up Holly and Jack bcuz Jackson would want to save Holly and so would all the girls and would Jack go then?  


11:24 AM BBT.  Sam telling Nicole that Jackson has said he doesn’t want Sam and Nick to go.  Nicole says ehhh.  Sam says really?  He asks if Jackson has dropped their names.  She says Jackson was blowing smoke.  Sam asks just Nick or did he drop my name too?  She says borh.  He says ok then.  He asks what he did.  She says I think it’s just your association with Nick.  


11:30 AM BBT.  Sam tells Nicole he should just start making stuff up.  

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11:31 AM BBT.  Several HGs in the HOHR.  Holly tells Jackson there will be hay in the comp.  He asks how she knows.  She tells him she had to take an allergy pill bcuz she is allergic to hay and horses.  


11:34 AM BBT.  Sam and Nicole are discussing what to do if this is the comp that has prizes and u can take something from someone else.  Sam is giving her advice on what to say if she decides to keep the veto or not.  


11:36 AM BBT.  Nicole is worried that they might screw her next week.  Sam says me and Nick would never.  

11:38 AM BBT.  Nicole tells Sam that she was told that when she gets out of the house that she’ll hear things she won’t like, especially from Bella.  Sam says I don’t remember her saying anything personal about u.  


11:41 AM BBT.  Sam tells Nicole he got screwed bcuz of who he talked to.  In the HOHR, Christie is wondering if they will havento dig thru hay to find letters.  Holly says if that’s the case I am f**ked.  Tommy says nobody will be able to walk.  Holly asks Tommy if he wants to play or host?  Tommy says he’s ok with whatever but he’d like to play.  Holly says if she gets HG choice she’ll pick Tommy.  If not, she’ll pick him to host.  


11:43 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Christie says yesterday in the BL hours before nominations Kat asked Nick and Sam will one of u pick me as HG choice?  She says it was so awkward. 


11:48 AM BBT.  Sam and Nicole think next week will be a DE. They are discussing Cliff and the him not forcing Christie to use her power.  

Holly is called to the DR.  
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Here's the video from 10:32AM where Snackson is dogging on Sam (the unnamed guy in the post at 10:33 above), who is picky about eating the slop he's now on, when in fact Snackson cheated all last week WITH PRODUCTION'S HELP and ate whatever he could sneak to the showers 5x a day as well as eventually taking hot showers with no penalty.  Christie KNOWS production helped Snackson [she said to to Tommy in the video I posted earlier - BBLurkerPlus] and she doesn't call him on it, but jumps on the Sam-dogging party train.


10:32AM BBT



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11:54 AM BBT.  Sam tells Nicole if I can make it thru this week then at least we’re in jury together.  Sam says Jess is growing in him.  

11:55 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, they’re discussing if u are unattractive and have money u will still get girls/guys.  Jackson says if u are an unattractive man there is nothing u can do but grow a beard. He says girls can put on make-up and contour to help.  


11:58 AM BBT.  Nicole says don’t screw me but she tells Sam that Christie wants Jackson out.  Sam says so it was true.  



24 minutes ago, BBLurkerPlus said:

Here's the video from 10:32AM where Snackson is dogging on Sam, who is picky about eating the slop he's now on, when in fact Snackson cheated all last week WITH PRODUCTION'S HELP and ate whatever he could sneak to the showers 5x a day as well as eventually taking hot showers with no penalty.  Christie KNOWS production helped Snackson [she said to to Tommy in the video I posted earlier - BBLurkerPlus] and she doesn't call him on it, but jumps on the Sam-dogging party train.


10:32AM BBT






Sam isn’t selfish...






12:15 PM BBT.  The HGs hanging out waiting to pick veto players.  Sam tells nicole he couldn’t believe it when Cliff told him there are people who type everything from the feeds.  She says u haven’t heard that.  Sam looks to the camera and says hello to all of us typers out there (back at ya Sam!-monkeygirl).  

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12:51 PM BBT

Tommy is manscaping Jack's beard growth and doing a rather great job

Tommy- Wow. I'm pretty good at this shit. F'ing amazing

Jack- it's so nice to have a beard again

Sis- it's coming back. Looks good!

Jack- it looks good Tom; dead ace

*feeds cut*



"The Big Brother Houseguests are shooting something awesome..."

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12:50 PM BBT.  Nick is laying on the bench seat at KT table.  Sam goes up to him and tells him that they might as well keep feeding Michie what he wants to hear bcuz he doesn’t know we know.  


12:52 PM.  We have puppy cam.  Time to pick veto players!

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1:11 PM BBT   Feeds are back

Playing for veto: Holly, Sam, Nick, Tommy, Cliff and Jess   and   Jack is hosting


Cliff tells Jack he can wear his cowboy hat

Tommy- I'm playing (scream)

Christie to Tommy- I am so glad you're playing

Christie- Jack! You get to host!

Jack- I know...I'm excited

1:30 PM BBT Campsite Area

Cliff talks with Sam and Nick about the veto competition. He says he asked to get his leg wrapped as tight as possible. Nick asks Cliff if he would use it. Cliff says yes.

Cliff says he feels obligated to use it on Sam because Sam used his veto on Cliff earlier in the game. CLiff said he spoke with Holly and she told him to play his game...not to worry about any outcome affecting him negatively (if he were to take a nom down)

Sam asks Cliff if he will let Nick win it if it comes down to only Cliff and Nick left. Cliff said he would as long as it's not obvious.

Cliff- my worst fear is that it's some kind of timed thing where I couldn't see where/how y'all are doing...the last thing I want is for me to win this thing and get pressure from over there


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1:30PM BBT Nick and Sam talkin. Sam says he would rather go home instead of jury as he is making less in the house. Nick says he took a huge pay cut.  Cliff comes in. He tells Sam he knows he owes him. They talkthat Cliff spoke with Holly and he told her that he owes Sam. Holly says she understand.


1:39PM BBT Sam explaining his religion to Kat and Christy.Christy has never heard of the Duggers and side hugs. She asks what if the couples dont have chemistry. Sam says it doesn't matter. Christie tells Kat that she is bombselling it up. They talk about if Brett might be coming.


1:44PM BBT Holly and Analyse talking in the HOH BR. Holly upset that Sam and Nick both got who they wanted. Analyse is picking food out of her teeth and throwing on the ground. They discuss that Cliff doesn't want the Veto.


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1:40 PM BBT    Jackson was just called to the DR

Christie joins Jess and Nicole in the bathroom area

Jess- I can't believe you like spread (her poison ivy) ...I thought the calamine lotion was working

Christie- I know. I just keep itching and itching

Nicole- you have to stop scratching

Christie- you want some  *girls scream "Nooooo"

Kat is in there too

Christie comments that she wants to watch the competition (they are hoping it's a comp that the other HGs can watch) Nick and Sam come in and starts to hug but she stops him saying she was told not to because it messes up the poison ivy makeup and then they have to redo it

Sam starts telling the group about the famous Duggar "side-hug"

Kat- wait, was that your religion?

Christie- could I full on hug you

Sam- I don't believe all that.... I go full on hug

Sam then goes on to talk about church when he was little where females were separated from boys. Their conversation goes on to the physical limitations prior to marriage. Sam explains that his brothers were virgins when they got married.

Christie- so you're the only one who went rogue

Sam- yeah, that's why I was the black sheep for awhile

Tommy comes in to the bathroom and tells them "Monday Night...BB Flash Mob 6 PM"

Christie asks if they will be wearing their poison ivy outfits, and Tommy says, "Yes, Monday at 6 PM)

Tommy says they can't use it during a song, but they want to at least rehearse the dance to music first (he's been asking the DR if they can get the song during morning wake-up so they can rehearse

Tommy- We are just gonna walk around the kitchen and then I'll say 5,6,7,8  and then...(he and Kat then do the dance that he taught everyone a few weeks ago)

Nicole says she is worried because she doesn't know the dance. Christie says they will pick it up Monday morning.



dancing in bathroom.png

2:00 PM BBT  HOH Room

Sis braided Holly's hair.

Holly is telling Sis that Cliff is going to throw the veto. Kat and Christie join them in the HOHR. They start talking about outfits for the comp and drawing chips (they pick chips when the HGs need to be put it some sort of order for the event, like individually timed events)

Production- you are not allowed to talk about production

Holly- if we pick chips...but, we may not pick chips


Jack and Michie are now in the HOHR. Sis asks Jack if he's going to shave his legs again, but he says he isn't sure because he doesn't want to shave half his leg off again. He also comments that he gets ingrown hairs really bad. He asked Sis when she started shaving her legs.

Sis- I was in 6th grade....is that bad? [I think that's a good age....it's reasonable to begin with the onset of puberty  -MamaLong]

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1:52PM BBT Cliff comes to HOH BR and tells Christie, Holly and Analyse that BB wrapped his leg better because it will be a physical comp. Holly is concerned abot her legs. He tells them that Sam suggested to Cliff that if he wins, he take Nick off the block. Cliff says he has made no promises.


1:57PM BBT Tommy and Jack in the KT planning out the flash mob dance for Monday night at 6PM BBT. Everyone has to learn the routine.


2:08PM BBT Michie in the KT stiring a drink within an inch of its life. Jack and Analyse snuggling in the HOH bed. Michie goes to the HOH BR.They are chatting.


2:16PM BBT In the HOH BR Michie is explaining the different levels of redneck in the south between Mississippi, Tenn. and Alabama. Holly inhaling the breakfast Sam made her,


2:22PM BBT Kat telling Christy and Tommy about Veggie Tales. She says they worshipped a chcoolate bunny. She says she loved the show so much her mom made a little vest for her cucumber. She says she had never had a pickle. The HG says that pickles are just cucumbers that have been pickled.

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2:28 PM BBT.  Holly is sitting in the bathtub soaking her sore legs.  Most HGs are in the KT talking about dinosaurs, pyramids and the ocean.   


2:31 PM BBT.  Sam is reading a passage from the bible to the HGs in the KT.  

2:34 PM BBT.  Not much going on in the house.  Religion and bible talk in the KT.  On the KT table there is a message written in some kind kf food that says BB Flash Mob Mon @6 pst.  

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2:35 PM BBT  RV Bedroom

Christie is telling Sis and Tommy about how Nick almost jumped on her in the bathroom for a hug and she told him no...that production said it wasn't allowed because of the makeup. 

Christie- I don't like to be touched that much ....I, like, meet my quota for phony conversations for the day...once I've turned you off, I'm not going to force ingenuine conversation with you. I hope America understands, I can't be fake.



Christie goes on about Sam talking about religion and how she doesn't know if he is mocking it or being serious to get them to look dumb (based on their reactions to his conversation)...that she knows he is religious, but she is really spiritual. Christie has clearly expressed to all that she was Atheist in MS and HS but now describes herself as spiritual (her relationship with Tommy's Aunt is what introduced her to her spiritual beliefs.

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2:33 PM BBT.  Christie and Analyse talking in the RV.  They are talking about Nick almost jumping on her and touching all the places that aren’t red on her.  She says she told him to stop bcuz she can’t get touched up each day, it wasn’t supposed to happen today.  She says she doesn’t like being touched that much.  She says there is nothing left to talk about and he just talks and talks.  Christie hopes America hopes she knows she’s not a b**ch, she can’t be fake anymore.  


2:37 PM BBT.  In the Camper, Analyse tells Tommy and Christie she is religious but not enough to discuss the bible.  Christie agrees.  She says she is spiritual.  Analyse says she wants to leave when they talk about it but she doesn’t want to be rude to Sam.  


2:42 PM BBT.  In the camper, Christie telling Analyse and Tommy about Sam saying Cliff should take Nick off if he wins veto.  Analyse wonders if Sam wants to leave this week bcuz then he can go home and see his family and not sit in jury.  Christie says she just wants Nick gone so bad.  She says if he stays on the block I am voting Nick out, he can’t say anything to change my mind.  Christie is done with his lies and 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chances .  She says he can go home to his girlfriend and get his cross back.


2:43 PM BBT.  In the camper, Kat asks if Nick said he had her in the palm of her hand or she was his little b**ch?  She is fine with either she just wants to know what to say in her Goodbye message.  Christie says I heard palm of the hand.  


2:45 BBT.  In the CBR, Tommy tells Holly he wants to win the veto so Holly doesn’t get blood on her hands.  He says she can throw it to him if it’s only the 2 of them left.  


2:58 PM BBT.  In the camper, Kat, Christie and Analyse.  Christie is a little worried where Holly’s head is at.  Christie says Holly said if someone comes down instead of a pawn she might wanna shake things up.  Kat says dang she has some big balls.    


3:00 PM BBT.  In the camper, Analyse says she wonders who Nicole would put up if she won.  


3:01 PM BBT.  Analyse wants Nick, Nicole and then Sam out.  

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4:00 PM BBT  RV Bedroom  (Tommy, Kat, Nick)


Tommy is working with Kat to stretch her muscles since they are sore from the HOH comp. Then she stretches Tommy's legs. Nick shows them his leg stretch, too. 






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