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Saturday, June 29, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Washroom Area (WA)
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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

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Night Owl Report:

12:30 AM BBT Feeds 3 show Tommy and Bella walking around with blankets over their heads. Tommy is speaking in a very deep and dark voice. They are walking from room to room saying that they are BB Goblins. They approach Jessica, Cliff and Nicole in the WA "We are BB goblins. You can never go back.... I have been here for 21 years." Jessica "Tommy, your voice is so creepy." Tommy "I am not creepy I am the BB goblin." 

BB Goblins.jpg


12:40 AM BBT Most of the HGs are up and about talking about general things. Nick does have to use the bathroom and every time that he checks, someone is in there. "I just gotta pee." Ovi tells the others that he is going to bed and they tell him goodnight.


12:44 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Nick and Tommy are talking in the bedroom about Bella. They both think she is a cool girl and they both like her. Nick says that he doesn't want a showmance and Tommy laughs at him. "You were making out with her earlier." Nick "Bro, I didn't mean it." Tony "What do you mean you didn't mean it?" Nick "I totally meaned it." 


12:49 AM BBT Sam has joined Nick and Tommy in the bedroom. Tommy tells them that Kathryn is trying to flip the votes. Kemi appears to be interested but they need to convince her that it is better to work with him (Cliff) than her right now.


12:57 AM BBT Kemi and Nicole are upset about the fish tank. They are talking about how the water is murky and because no one is cleaning it, the fish are dying. Kemi is looking at the tank "Oh, this one looks so sad." She tells the others that the sad fish is just hanging around the dead fish. Nicole to BB "We need to clean the tank. Between the food and their poop....the fish are dying and we need help." 


1:00 AM BBT Jack and Michie are hanging out together in the BRL. Jack is complaining to him that Bella isn't talking to them or working with them. They gave her a perfect alliance of 6 and she doesn't want that. They wanted her so bad because she came across as such a gamer. They jumped the gun on her. 


1:05 AM BBT Feeds 1 & 2 show Holly, Michie, Christie, Jessica, and Jack lounging in the BRL. Michie tells them that afterwards he wants to buy his mom a convertible. She has always wanted one. What kind of convertible depends on how much money he walks out with. Feeds 3 & 4 are on Kemi and Nicole in the KT. Nicole "We are all getting along and everything is great and the fish die." Kemi "It is sad. The one that is alive is swimming around the bodies of the other two." 


1:15 AM BBT The group in the BRL are talking about the other half of the house. The only drama they have is that they are obsessed about the fish. They speculate whether or not BB is showing the dead fish on the feeds. In the THB, Ovi and Nicole are playing checkers while Kemi watches. Kemi says that the fish tank is a metaphor for pollution in the ocean. 


1:20 AM BBT Nick, Sam and Bella are laying down in the TBR. They are speculating on who the replacement nom would be. They think she will likely keep the noms the same.  


1:30 AM BBT Nick and Sam go to leave the CBR. Nick hugs Bella. She holds him tightly like she doesn't want him to leave. He tells her "I can't sleep in her tonight, you know that." Bella "Why?" Nick "Tommy knows we kissed. I don't know who told him, but he  knows." 


1:42 AM BBT Kemi and Nicole are up in the THB playing checkers. Ovi goes down to the Target BR and tells Nick, Tommy and Bella that they are going to have a funeral tomorrow for the fish. Everyone needs to wear their Sunday best. BB is going to have a fit because they don't like them to wear black on black. 


1:52 AM BBT Kemi and Nicole are talking quietly in the THB. They feel like something is going on but they aren't sure what. Kemi tells her that the cameras are following her. She ran to the showers to avoid it. WBRB. 


2:00 AM BBT Kemi and Nicole are now downstairs. Bella is looking intently at the memory wall. She is trying to figure out who is aligned with who based on how their sleeping arrangements have changed. Bella and Kat are not sleeping in their beds. Michie and Jack. Bella "I am playing out the relationships in my head." 


2:06 AM BBT Christie and Jack are in the BY by the washer and dryer. Jack is folding the laundry. Christie and Jack are discussing their 6 person alliance. They just need to be focused and loyal. They don't need to be hyper-focused about how it will break up later and who will go first. 


2:08 AM BBT In the BY Jack tells Christie that he really likes sis. He is shocked by how much he likes her. Jack tells her that he and Analyse know what they are here for. And that is to travel and see the world. He can't jeopardize that by putting on himself. He is perfectly happy to just lay in bed with her. He just wants to snuggle with someone.


2:10 AM BBT Christie tells Jack that it is entirely possible that he can meet the love of his life in a place like this. Jack says he isn't saying that he could or couldn't. He is taking it day by day because he is not putting a target on his back with a showmance.


2:12 AM BBT Kemi, Nicole and Jessica are in the CBR whispering in hopes that it will result in BB turning out the lights. They are trying to speculate why Bella, Tommy and Nick are sharing a bed together when there is an empty bed right there in their room. Kemi and Nicole discuss that the other side is using Ovi for information. Do not share anything with Ovi. 


2:18 AM BBT Christie goes up to the HoH room where Analyse and Holly are laying in her bed. Christie tells them that Kemi tried to pin her down and she barely got away. She was waiting there for me. She tells them that she told Kemi they can talk tomorrow and Kemi rolled her eyes at her. She knows that she has to talk to her tomorrow and that is going to suck. She will just say that she has no idea what Sam is going to do with the POV>


2:21 AM BBT In the HoH Christie has just told Analyse that Jack likes her. Analyse says no way. Christie tells her yes and that Jack just admitted it to her and she encouraged him. Analyse "Why did you say that?" Christie "Did you want me to run interference?" Analyse "Yes." They discuss that Jack is a liar and he just talks in circle. She says that the she told him to stop making side deals and just stay loyal to their 6. No one is staying focused and that is the problem. 


2:29 AM BBT Christie, Holly and Analyse continue to talk in the HoH. Jack is going to blow up their alliance and ruin it for the rest of them. They should just let him do it and put the target on himself. Conversation turns to Bella and how she redid her piercing. It was bleeding and Bella said it was fine because she was a psycho.


2:32 AM BBT Christie tells Analyse that she should continue to flirt with Jack because he likes her. She could have him wrapped around her finger in the game easy. She tells Analyse not to do anything she doesn't want to do, but this is an advantage. Analyse tells Christie that she does think Jack is hot but she is not sure if she likes him in that way. However, he has an ugly side. He hates Kemi and she gave him no reason to not like her. It's just because he doesn't have control. It's disgusting. And it's weird that he has no family.


2:34 AM BBT Christie, Analyse and Holly continue to talk about Jack in the HoH. Jack and Jackson are being bullies, like mean girls. Jack was mean to Ovi today when he was working out and Ovi was trying so hard . Jack was making fun of his body. That is mean. He is going to spiral out of control if you don't give him the attention. He is going to unravel. Now that they know that he likes her, forget about it. It was a good informational day. 


2:39 AM BBT Kat has finally come out of the DR and joined Christie, Analyse and Holly in the HoH. Kat asked if Kemi knows what is going. Christie "She has no clue". Kat "How has Bella not told her?" 


2:45 AM BBT Christie tells Kat that she has nothing to worry about. It is going to be unanimous. But Nick has been acting very weird with them today. Christie says it is because he is falling for Bella and she has pu**y power over him. They speculate how much power Bella has is actual power or presumed power. Christie says she may have an actual BB power. That's what she is worried about. 


2:49 AM BBT Kat tells Christie, Holly and Analyse that everyone in the house thinks they have a final 2 with Bella. But Nick is sketchy now because he has got Bella now. Nick is a hustler, a gambler. He has an insane memory, especially statistics. She called him out on it earlier. He is a professional gambler. Look at his $500 hair cut. He is never worried about money. He is a major hustler.


3:00 AM BBT The Kat, Christie, Holly and Analyse would love it if the final 5 were them and Tommy. They will take the strong guys with them as far as they can and then get rid of them. The girls sit up on the bed, hold hands, and Christie instigates a meditation with them. 


3:05 AM BBT The groups upstairs in the HoH are starting to break up and get ready for bed. Everyone downstairs appears to be asleep and the lights are out.


3:10 AM BBT It appears everyone is in bed but Christie who is brushing her teeth in the HoH bathroom. By 3:15 AM BBT everyone is now in bed and all lights are out. 

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7:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds show sleeping HGs. There are at least 3 snoring rather loudly. It is a chorus of snores.


8:00 AM BBT All is quiet.


9:05 AM BBT Kemi is up and heads to the BR. She goes to the SR and changes her battery and heads back to bed.


9:44 AM BBT Cliff is up and heads to the SR. Cliff puts his shirt on, changes his battery and then heads to the BRL. He does some shout outs to people he knows outside the house. He then has a long monologue with the camera. Jackson is awake and changes his battery in the SR.


10:04 AM BBT Wake up call.


10:15 AM BBT The Feeds return. Christie is telling the girls in the HoH room that she had a wicked dream that she needed an MRI and the MRI was do it yourself and she couldn't figure it out. Nicole, Jessica, Ovi and Sam in the WA doing ADL's.

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9:42am BBT  Cliff is finally awake, searching quietly for his clothes for the day, trying not to disturb anyone. 

He heads to the storage room, changes his batteries and puts on a blue button-down shirt. He buttons it wrong, notices his error and re buttons starting from the bottom until it is correct. He looks over the kitchen as he walks by and then settles on the boat room where he crawls in among the pillows and blankets and says, good morning world... Good morning to my wife and kids. I love you so much. Everything is going well, and he will see you in 3 or 4 months. He does a shout out to Mr. Brocco, happy birthday! More shout outs to family and friends. He gives the daily synopsis. Says people are getting scratchy and now people are not as kumbaya as they were in the beginning. He got good news, he is probably coming off the block according to what Nick and Kat told him. He says if it doesn't happen and he looks shocked, it is genuine and he will probably faint. 


Cliff talks about the possibility of getting HOH and not knowing what to do if he gets it. He needs to pick out some possibilities. He says the person that won the 2nd HOH has never won BB. He is going to have more gray hairs when he comes home from the isolation and the paranoia. He says things are about to hit the fan and these friendships that people think they have aren't real and some of them are about to find out. He knows we viewers want drama and he says by this time next week firm battle lines will have been drawn and the games will have begun. 

Look for a George Strait song called Troubador as it is his theme some. He is a 54  year old guy with a 24 year old brain. Shout out to George Strait! He thinks about that song all the time that he is in that house. 

Jackson is up! The monologue might end soon. 


9:55am BBT Jackson passes by the boat room and enters the WC. He exits, washes his hands and blows his nose. In that order. 

Cliff talks about people whispering and looking around and the feeling you know what's going on when you see it. He says good bye from the BB house, for now! Enjoy your Saturday, hug and kiss your wife and kids. 

10:00am BBT Jackson, wearing only grey briefs and an eye mask, enters the storage room and changes his batteries. 

And we get WBRB... wake up time?



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10:20 AM BBT Jack and Michie are in the BY. Jack is folding laundry. They say that they need to get the band of 8 back together. That needs to be their mission today. Jack, Michie and Ovi lower the awnings in the BY.


10:25 AM BBT Christie, Holly and Analyse are up in the HoH doing ADL's and talking about Ovi. Christie is dreading how she is going to have a conversation with Kemi about how the house is wanting her out. She is glad that Kat is staying but she is dreading the conversation.


10:30 AM BBT It appears all the HGs are up and doing ADL's. Christie and Jack are in the BY folding clothes on the pool table. Jessica and Nicole are cooking in the KT. Kemi, Tommy, Michie are hanging out in the KT and DR.


10:40 AM BBT Analyse, Bella and Michie are talking in the BY. Analyse is feeling so much better today. She hopes BB will give her more of her deodorant. Christie is whispering to Ovi in the BR. She is discussing with him how she is going to approach Kemi about putting her up. She is not sure what she wants to say. 


10:45 AM BBT Christie, Jessica, Ovi and Sam are discussing today's fish funeral.


10:48 AM BBT Jack and Holly are talking in the bedroom. Holly tells him that Nick is a professional gambler and his ability to memorize things is scary. Jack says that Nick is the kind of person that can dish it out but can't take it. You send it back and all of a sudden it's personal. 


10:53 AM BBT Cliff and Michie are talking alone in the WA. Michie offers to work with him and Cliff gladly accepts. Michie "Me, you, Kat and Holly are the southern folks. We can keep this low key." Cliff says they can work together but put up a good front. No one will suspect a thing. 


10:57 AM BBT Christie is sitting at the DR table with Bella, Tommy and Ovi. She wants to share her bottle of wine tonight with one person. She is going to play a game to figure out who that is. She is thinking about putting M&Ms in a bag with just one green one. Everyone can pull out an M&M and whoever gets the green one will get some of her wine. 

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11:00 AM BBT Michie is by the pool table telling Jack that he just secured Cliff. They are on the same page. Jack goes back inside leaving Michie and Ovi working out alone.


11:10 AM BBT Sam and Kat are talking in the WA. Sam tells her that Jessica tried to discourage him from his plans to use the veto. She told him that he needs to worry about what the rest of the others will say. Kat says that Jess told her earlier that she is losing people in the house because she has been talking to her. 


11:15 AM BBT Holly, Kat Analyse and Christie are sitting in the WA while Jack stands by the mirror nearby. Christie tells Kat that she can't be hanging out this close to her. Upstairs in the HoH is fine, but they have to be careful. Christie says that is because she is about to have the conversation with Kemi today and doesn't want to look like a complete liar. 


11:19 AM BBT Michie and Christie are talking in the WA. They suspect that Kemi has a power. And with that power, she can make a really big move and blame it on anybody. 


11:26 AM BBT The HGs are mingling and there are multiple conversations going on at the same time. Some are getting dressed for today's fish funeral. Tommy and Jack are folding clothes in the BY while Michie watches. Some are just sitting around talking about life outside the house.


11:29 AM BBT Kat is telling Analyse in the bedroom that she is upset with Jessica. She has had Jessica's back this whole time and now Jessica is telling Sam not to use the veto to save her. Nicole joins them and they stop talking and continue to get their bathing suits on so they can go sun outside.


11:33 AM BBT Christie is in the HoH and Kemi goes up to talk to her. Christie tells Kemi that the house is very weird right now and she has no idea where everyone's head is at. She says that she has no clue what Sam is going to do except that Sam has said that he is not up for making waves. Christie tells her that if the veto is used, she is likely going to go with what the house wants to prevent an additional target on her. 


11:40 AM BBT Christie tells Kemi that she would rather work with people like her instead of immature people. Kemi tells her that her conversation with Kat has come to bite her. Every name that she dropped, Kat spewed. She just meant it as a way to get Kat to not give up and fight but now has gotten turned around. She wasn't literally telling Kat who she wants put up. She just didn't realize how close they all are and how literal they were going to take it. 


11:44 AM BBT Christie and Kemi continue to talk in the HoH. Christie is telling her that she really doesn't think Sam is going to rock the boat and use the veto. If he uses it, that forces her to backdoor someone. Kemi says Kat and Sam have been talking all day. If Sam uses it, it will be to save Kat, not Cliff. 

Christie and Kemi.jpg


11:47 AM BBT Christie continues to tell Kemi that she doesn't think Sam wants to use the veto and how hard it will be to have to put up a 3rd nominee. Kemi tells her that she is being accused of playing too hard too fast. Now she feels like she was portrayed as playing hard for Kat and now they practically have no relationship at all. 


11:53 AM BBT Christie tells Kemi that she wouldn't be friends with half of these people outside the house. She tells Kemi that when she and the other girls are talking in the HoH, it is about Jack and how they are going to pull him along and then get rid of him. We could be great friends outside the house, but he is trying to use the girls by flirting with them and they can't let that happen. 


11:56 AM BBT Kemi asks Christie if Jack has ever put her name out there. Christie says that yes, he has. However it was not like a forward "put her up" but more like "Kemi is name dropping a lot of people". He is good at being like a puppet master and trying to get you do things without being able to point the finger back at him. And she is on to him. 

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12:05 PM BBT  The HGs are holding a funeral for the fish that have died.  They read a passage from the bible, and saying their last farewells.  Everyone is dressed in black.

sounds like all of the fish have died, talking about Robbie 3, little Kat, Robbie 2 and Robbie one.  They are going around in a circle, each talking about their interaction with the fish.  It is really funny to watch.  The HGs sing Kum Bay Ya, and we get WBRB.   Now ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  They start singing na na na na, hey hey good bye, and we get WBRB again (no singing in the house).


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12: 9 PM BBT  Funeral is over, everyone goes to change out of their black clothes.  BB tells Christie to put on her mic, she said she is just getting a bathing suit top, then will put it on.  Someone (sounded like Kemi??)  said she didn't have her mic on for the entire funeral. 


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12:05 PM BBT Sam is officiating a funeral for the fish. All the HG are in the black. Each of the HG speak on their memories of the fish.


12:10 PM BBT The HG then sing Kumbaya and we get FotH. We get feeds back with them saying ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Then they start to sing Hey Hey Goodbye and we get FotH. The funeral is breaking up and Jack asks who wants fish tonight. Christie, Sis, and Kat go to the HOH room and everyone else heads downstairs. Christie is going over her conversation with Kemi and Christie tells Kat and Sis that Jack told Kemi about Michie’s side of the house and then listed names.


12:15 PM BBT Sis and Kat say Jack’s an idiot if he did that, but Kat says maybe Kemi is just throwing Jack under the bus and Christie says Kemi’s story is consistent with what Jack told her except for a few minor details. The HG are changing out of their funeral attire and into swimwear. Holly notices that she didn’t have her mic on the entire funeral. Nick is headed out to a lounge chair and Sam is out right behind. Sam and Nick are talking about the funeral. They say it was fun. Nick says it was a solid 10-15 minutes.


12:20 PM BBT Nick says he talked to Christie today and he wanted to see where her mind was. Sam says are we still on and Nick says yeah. Sam says there is no blood in him taking Cliff off and Nick says there would only be blood if the replacement nominee doesn’t go home, so they have to vote whoever she puts up out. Nick says Kemi would be better for their game, but terrible for Jack and Michie’s game. Sam gets up to spray sun screen on him and he sprays his feet. Feeds switch to inside and we immediately get FotH because Jack or Michie is singing. Jack is in the HOH with Christie and Tommy runs into the HOH BR right before Jack comes in. Christie says Kemi basically said the same thing he did and she just wants to let him know she trusts him.


12:25 PM BBT Christie told Ovi that she used his name to Kemi as a possible replacement nominee, but it was only to placate Kemi. Christie says she was eating cereal and Nick came up to her and wanted to talk game and he asked what she was thinking for the veto. Christie told Nick she hadn’t talk to Sam and Nick says he’s going to use it on Cliff and is the plan still Kemi? Christie said yeah, isn’t that what the alliance wants? Nick says that’s what the alliance wants, but is that what is best for your game? Tommy joins Christie and Jack. Bella, Nicole, and Jess are in the BR folding stuff. Holly and Kat are whispering in the WA. Christie says Nick told her Kemi isn’t best for her game because she’s got bigger targets. Christie said to Nick it was too early to think about her personal game, especially when there’s an alliance of eight. Christie says it’s still Kemi. Jack says you could BD Nick and nip it week one. You’d have the votes. Jack says Nick is the capital of everything. Jack says he’s not planting seeds. Christie thinks Bella has the power and she’d rather wait until the power expires. Christie says she plans on winning the third one and she’ll know how the long power is good. She thinks it’ll be a different power, but she thinks the timeline will be the same. Tommy says it might not because Tyler lasted seven weeks.


12:30 PM BBT Jack says he loves Nick and Christie says she does too, but he’s flip-flopping. Jack says what if you do BD Nick and bring in Cliff and Kat, but we’ll lose Bella. Jack says he’s toxic. Christie says he’s waffling. Christie says she respects her alliance and she wants input. Tommy says what if Sam wins HOH and Christie says she’s scared of that. Jack says Christie shouldn’t run with it but think about it. And he’s ok with re-building the alliance. Tommy wishes there was a way to rebuild the eight because the way it organically happened was weird. Tommy says it’s a game. Jack says keeping Kemi, and everyone is in good standing with Kemi and she’s not a threat. Christie says Nick would flip out and bully her really bad. Tommy says this conversation stays here and Jack says Christie and Tommy are the two he trusts the most. Analyse comes in and they go back to talking Kemi. Analyse heads back out and the conversation goes back to Ovi and her using his name as a potential replacement nominee. Jack says if Nick goes up he would have five days to bury their alliance. Christie thinks Nick is swayable and Jack says he’s scary.


12:35 PM BBT Michie, Jess, and Kat are in the SR. Tommy, Christie, and Jack are in the HOH room. Christie thinks they should stick with Kemi this week and then re-build the eight or stay strong and when it’s time to break up the alliance, Nick and Bella are the first two to go. Jack says Nick is a threat though. Tommy says it’s good to keep some threats in the game, so they are always a target. Tommy says everyone is saying Nick is shifty and Christie thinks Nick is a genius. FotH. All cams are on Kat and Jess and Michie. Jess heads out and Kat tells Michie that Nick and Bella are trying to flip the house. Michie says it’s not going to work. Christie says she thinks Kemi is the easiest and will make the least waves and she doesn’t want to rock the boat week one. Kat is telling Michie that Jack told Kemi that he was against Michie and there was a Michie side of the house. Michie says he’ll ask Jack and clear the air. Christie says she thinks Tommy and Jack are level headed and they are solid. Cliff and Nicole are folding laundry on the pool table. Cliff says the honeymoon period is about to be over. Nicole asks who played in the veto and Cliff says Sam, Nicole, and Jack and Nick doesn’t think they need to know that.


12:40 PM BBT Michie goes to talk to Jack in the HOH room about what Kat told him. Jack just wants to call Kemi out because she is diabolical. Michie says he doesn’t believe it, but he wanted to clear the air. Jack says Christie told him that Kemi confirmed his story and he doesn’t think Kemi said that to Kat. Jack says Christie isn’t switching anything, she’s putting up Kemi. Michie thinks Nick is smart and a damned good liar. Jack says he’s boiling. Kat comes in and Michie asks if Kemi told her and she says no Christie told her. Michie says they are just looking for clarification. Jack says you need to tell me did Christie come to you and tell you that Jack approached Kemi and Kat says she doesn’t and Jack says I just asked you a question! Kat says Kemi hasn’t said anything to her. Jack says you still haven’t answered my question if Christie came up to you and said that and Kat says no. Christie comes back in to the HOH room. Jack says to Kat you’re telling me that Kemi told you and Kat says Kemi didn’t tell me anything. Christie says no Kemi approached Jack. Kat says she just misunderstood. Jack says those stories aren’t lining up so you need to explain things right now. Michie says it’s ok if you misunderstood. Kat is apologetic. Michie says you’re good and Kat says clearly I’m not. Jack says Kemi is going on the block and going home.


12:45 PM BBT Kat apologizes again and she doesn’t want to lose Jack’s trust. Jack says he has it. Jack says he knows Nick is trying to flip the house, he knows who he’s talking to, and what alliance he’s trying to build and he wants to know if Nick told her something to inspire her to twist a story. Kat says no Nick was rude to her and he reiterated that she was good this week. Michie tells Kat to stop apologizing and Kat says clearly she did. Michie says she needs to just breathe. Kat is concerned she relayed misinformation. Jack says he just asked those questions because he wanted to see if Christie might have lied to him. Jack says it doesn’t benefit him to run out and call Kemi a B*tch and tell Christie she lied to his face. Michie says in this game we have to sit on this information. Kat says Christie told her, Sis, and Holly that information. She says she thinks Bella and Nick are trying to come between Christie and Jack and her and Michie. Kat says no one talks game with someone on the block. Kat says Jack and Michie have a final two. Jack says it’s the dumbest strategy to plan your game on final two’s. Jack says if you don’t have a final two in the first week you’re a F’ing idiot. Michie says she’s trying to plant a seed to turn you against me.


12:50 PM BBT Jack tells Kat he won’t say anything and she did nothing wrong and she needs to keep her cool. He says she’s not endangering herself, she’s giving him information and building trust so she can help Jack with his game. Kemi and Bella are in the hammock. Kat says Christie told them the stories lined up, but some of the information Kemi added a couple of things. Michie says it’s a minor detail and not big enough for Jack to go down and flip his crap. Jack says if he finds out Kat said something the trust is violated. Kat apologizes again. Michie leaves the HOH and Jack and Kat are still re-hashing the conversation. Jack tells Kat that the fact the information doesn’t line up is fine and she had a miscommunication and he trusts her and she needs to calm down and stop and the second they leave the room if she violates their trust or he does, they will be on the block next week and they will be going home. Kat apologizes again and Jack shakes his head and says she’ll figure it out.


12:55 PM BBT Jack tells Kat to calm down and she’s coming off the block and Kemi is going up and going home because she’s making too many waves. Kat wants to know if she should call Nick out for trying to flip the votes. Jack says no. He says you have the upper hand because you know and he doesn’t think you know. Welcome to the game. Jack says the information Kat gave has nothing to do with Christie, it has to do with Nick, Bella, and Kemi. Kat says Jack has a lot of pull in the house and he says he can’t confirm or deny that. Jack says he trusts Christie until the end of his days and if he dies by that sword so be it. He will not waver from that. Jack tells Kat to just be confident and keep building relationships because that’s all he’s doing. Jack leaves the HOH and Kat stays behind for a few minutes. She puts eye drops in her eyes and uses some mouthwash.


1:00 PM BBT Bella and Kemi are in the hammock whispering about Jack. Kat heads downstairs. Talk switches to Maryland where Kemi is from. Kat heads outside to the BY. Bella tells Christie if they muted her DR sessions, people will still understand what she’s talking about and Christie says because she’s so animated. They get a warning about talking about their DR sessions. Kat and Holly are inside and Kat is filling Holly in on the conversation with Jack.


1:05 PM BBT Holly and Kat go into the camper on Kat’s bed for more privacy. Kat says she’s so paranoid.


1:10 PM BBT Holly says she’s so over Jack’s F’ing threats and that makes her angry. Kat says she was trying to scare me. Holly says that pisses me off because of his cocky F’ing attitude. Holly says he thinks he’s running the whole game and he has all the girls wrapped around his finger. Kat is worried for Michie. Holly says Jack is not an idiot, but he is a snake. Kat says she’s hates Bella since day one but everyone seems to love her so she hasn’t been able to say anything. Kat thinks Bella is nasty. Holly says Bella complains a lot and she was complaining about it being boring. Holly says Bella is so obviously trying to get facetime. She’s so desperate to be on TV. Tommy, Sis, and Christie are in the boat lounge talking about their face structures. Tommy is telling Christie she is gorgeous. Kat says Bella is so insecure and those are the type of girls that will stab you in the back.


1:15 PM BBT Holly says Sis told Jack a relationship wasn’t going to happen. Kat is concerned Sis is so sweet and she’s afraid the guys are going to turn against her and make her a target. Holly says no one says that about her and Kat says they do. Kat says Holly is mature, but Bella isn’t. Holly says she likes Sis and she’s trying to keep her from feeding into Jack’s BS. Holly says Jack has made sexual jokes with her. Kat loves Michie’s heart because she thinks he’s such a good guy. Kemi, Bella, and Ovi are in the pool. Tommy, Michie, Sis, and Christie are by the lounge boat. Holly is worried about Ovi in the game but Kat likes him and he’s a vote for her. Kat wants to see Michie take Jack out.


1:20 PM BBT Holly says Michie came out of the gate being the douchy one, and he still acts like a frat boy, but Jack came out as a spiritual, strong one, but that’s changed. Holly says Kat and Michie are her ride or dies. Kat and Holly are talking about taking Jack out first and that Christie would be ok with that. Tommy and Sis are talking about Kemi going out. Tommy tells Sis that he talked to Nick and Sam and reiterated that Kemi has to go. Holly, Sam, Tommy, Jack, and Michie compete week 2 for the power. Holly says Nick is a huge threat. Holly says getting Kemi out is the easy choice, but from a game perspective, Nick is the smarter target. Sis tells Tommy that one of them has to be HOH next week.


1:25 PM BBT Sis and Tommy are talking and Sis says she hates this game and Tommy says it’s harder than people think. Sis says she hates it, it’s going to make her lose all her hair. Kat says from a game standpoint she’d be a number for Christie, she wouldn’t ever go after her. Kat would put Bella up next week if she won HOH. Kat says she knows they are trying to get Ovi out next week, but that’s not who she wants to target. Holly says yesterday Bella was picking Tommy’s nose and pulling boogers out. Holly thinks Sam and Nick are hilarious, but Bella is so immature and she can’t fake laugh. Kat says Holly just need to keep her in the game.


1:30 PM BBT Holly says she feels so ugly in the house with Sis around because the guys are so flirty with her and makes sexual jokes but ignore the other girls. Tommy asks Sis what her biggest fear is. Sis says she really doesn’t know. Holly says she’s so sleep deprived and it’s not as easy as it normally is to brush these things off. Sis asks Tommy if he misses home yet and he says no. Tommy wants to know what Sis’s sisters are like. Analyse says they are so different than her and all feeds go to Holly and Kat. Kat says there are no other guys like in the real world where you can get that reassurance. Sis says at home she’s way more outgoing than she is in the house. Tommy says he usually feels insecure in big groups. Sis says she never feels insecure about herself at all, but in the house she does because she’s so young. Holly says in her real life she’s the one that people look to for advice and she’s so confident, but in the house she feels so lost and out of place.  


1:35 PM BBT Holly is saying to Kat that the guys are going to take all the girls out. Nicole is on the radar too. Kat says Michie is one of the top guys and he could win it all. Tommy and Analyse are still talking about life in the Big Brother house and sharing rooms with strangers. Nick comes in and asks if Kat is ok. He thought they were sleeping because they just got a warning. Kat says they are on their period so they are chatting. Nick says he thought they came into the house with that. Holly says it’s contagious. Nick says Kat doesn’t seem very different. Nick is memorizing the cities on the poster in the camper room. He says they probably won’t ask anything about it. Nick is going to go eat and he just wanted to make sure they were ok. Nick asks why Kat keeps bringing up her period and Kat says she doesn’t want people to think she’s emotional, it’s just because of her period. He heads out.


1:40 PM BBT Holly says Nick asked her about her period? Dude remembers everything! She asks Kat if she’s supposed to be studying the stuff on the wall because she needs to be more observant. Jack joins Sis and Tommy and Holly and Kat are going to get something to eat. Kat says she brought up her period because if you bring up gross stuff they won’t mention it and Holly says that might become obvious though. FotH. Michie comes into with Kat and Holly and they are sitting on the bed re-hashing the conversation with Christie. Michie says Kat’s story keeps going back and forth and back and forth. Tommy, Jack, and Sis are talking about Nick and says he’s with Kat and he’s trying to flip the votes. Jack says Nick wants to keep Kemi. Michie says Kat just needs to stay calm abut her conversations and she says she doesn’t have a good memory. Michie says they need to figure it out and Kat says if you think I’m lying just vote my ass out. Michie says it’s ok. The point is not about who went to who, it’s about whether or not Christie lied. Kat says if you all want me gone then fine. Kat says she feels like she just F’ed up her game. Michie says there just needs to be clarification because this is the second time Christie has gone against Jack if it’s true.


1:45 PM BBT Michie, Holly, and Kat are again re-hashing the Jack/Christie/Kemi conversation. Jack, Sis, and Tommy are re-hashing about Nick trying to flip votes. Jack says he’s realized he sounds like a douche monitoring the food. Jack says Nick is being weird today. Holly tells Michie she doesn’t think they can trust Nick and Bella, but they can trust Christie. Michie says Kemi is going home regardless. Kat wants to know why they don’t get Nick out. Michie says we need Kemi gone. Holly says why? She’s not a threat and she’s still a target. Michie says they can’t make that move week one, they have to use Nick and Bella as long as they can. It’s a balance of keeping them long enough to help them, but not long enough to hurt them. Holly says Nick is such a threat because he will nail memory comps and she thinks Bella has the power. Kat goes to the door and is checking to see if anyone is out there. Kat says she won’t stir crap up to stir crap up. Kat says she knows how much Michie likes Jack. Michie says she didn’t stir anything up, Kemi is still going to go. Michie is going to head back outside and he says kat isn’t going to go anywhere. Holly is going to head outside because she’s pale. Michie follows a moment later. FotH.


1:50 PM BBT Holly is in the SR with Michie talking about Kat. Nick is sweeping the KT and Jack is by the stove. Tommy heads to the SR and Michie looks in the fridge. Tommy wants an apple and he says he’s eating it without washing it. Michie says he never washes fruit. Nick and Jack are talking about Kemi and Kat. Jack says Kemi is talking and so is Kat. Nick says so should we not use the veto? Because he doesn’t care if Kemi stays because she’s not a threat. Nick says if Kemi stays, he’d put her up next week. Jack says with who? Nick says Ovi. And Ovi comes down, then he’d put Jess up. Michie talks to Kat and tells her she needs to stop freaking out and stay calm. Kat says she’s never been in a situation where a guy is aggressively in your face and Michie says that’s the game. You need to keep that thing between your ears solid. Michie tells her just to stay calm.


1:55 PM BBT Michie reiterates again that Kat needs to stay calm. Kat says all it takes is for Jack to go to Christie and Michie says no one needs you out. We need Kemi out. Signed, sealed, delivered she’s gone. Just breathe. He leaves and Kat lies down on her bed. Christie and Sis are talking about the votes and who’s with who. Christie is laying on the boat lounge with Sis and they say the game is crazy. Christie says she almost wants to straight up ask Nick if he’s flipping the house and Sis tells her not to do that. Kat is back up and she heads out. She walks by Michie and he tells her she’s good, she’s fine and then he hugs her. Michie tells her to keep that brain of hers cool, calm, and collected. Kat wishes she could call Nick out and Michie says she can’t. She has to sit on it. It’s not the real world. Michie tells her not to backtrack and erase the progress she made. He says he can lead her to water, but he can’t make her drink.

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2:04PM BBT: Most of the HGs are outside, some in the pool and some outside. Analyse and Holly both agree Nicole is the "cutest thing" and they love her "unicorns and sh*t." Jack says he has 90 days to get to know everyone, so he's taking his time. Kat wants to focus on what everyone's favorite part of the day is.


2:06PM BBT: Jackson and Tommy join Jack, Analyse, and Holly off to the side of the pool. Tommy thinks they're removing the fish out of the tank now. Jackson talks about the cut on his foot, he then starts to talk about people back home and BB changes cameras. Jack is talking about his hair.


2:10PM BBT: Jackson tells Analyse that he's a "very strong" Catholic, but he keeps it to himself. He say she says his prayers ever day, throughout the day, but he doesn't want to broadcast it. He says these last six months have been the hardest of his life. He says he'll tell everyone after the show what happened four weeks ago that was so hard. He says his parents didn't understand how he could still do BB because of that. 


2:13PM BBT: Jackson says he's doing BB for himself so he can get through his personal challenges. Analyse says that's "smart" and that Jackson is "strong." Jackson says he's not a quitter and he's never been so weak as he has the last six months. He says he's cried a lot and he never cries. "The only thing we have control over is our smiles and cries," Jackson says.


2:15PM BBT: Cliff and Kat are chatting on the hammock, but BB doesn't have their microphones up. Cliff says something about the target for next week. Kat tells Cliff not to take what she says in her speech personally. BB finally tells Cliff to fix his mic. 


2:20PM BBT: Cliff tells Kat to be careful, because people who are her friend this week may not be her friends next week. Bella can't find her microphone, general conversation throughout the rest of the house. 


2:23PM BBT: Cliff tells Kat that if she plays her game right she won't be a target again. He tells her to play as if she "doesn't know what's going on" and to just "go with the flow." He says, "let other people play hard and jump in later." They talk about Kemi, Cliff says she's going to rip people apart when she's mad. 


2:25PM BBT: Cliff thinks the hous2e will vote together and Kat will be safe. Cliff says if anyone asks him what he thinks he'll say he wants to keep Kat. He tells her if anyone ever tells her that he's voting against her to not believe it. He says it's all about "not offending anyone at this point." "It just sucks," say Kat.


2:28PM BBT: Kat says she wants to win the next HOH so she can put certain people up. She thinks it'll be a memory comp next. Cliff says it's too early for that, he says "It'll be interesting to see what the next HOH comp will be."


2:30PM BBT: Cliff says now that they're locked out of the house he wants to go back in. He tells Kat he doesn't know anything more than she does and that no one has come to him yet. 

2:31PM BBt: Kat says Jackson keeps telling her she's panicking and paranoid. Cliff tells her to "just chill" at the end of the day and stay cool. He says they'll know more after the veto ceremony. Cliff says Christie will vote to keep Kat. Kat's not so sure. 


2:34PM BBT: Kat tells Cliff she dropped her microphone in the toilet. She says she's so nervous she'll be sick. Cliff asks who Kat and Nick are close to. Kat is still talking about being on the block and being anxious.  She says Jackson is her number one person she trusts. BB cuts the feeds and shows the fish tank. 


2:40PM BBT: Feeds are back, the lock down is over and the HGs are inside now. Everyone wants to go look at the fish tank. 


2:44PM BBT: The HGs are not impressed with the fish tank. General conversation throughout the house. Sam is called to the DR.


2:45PM BBT: BB calls Nick to the DR, the HGs are confused now and not sure who should go to the DR. 


2:48PM BBT: Kemi and Nicole are in the KT while Nicole makes Kemi a sandwich. Kemi says Kat was only half listening to their conversation. She says Kat told Jackson what they talked about. They talk about the "who said what" drama. Analyse comes in and Nicole offers to make her a sandwhich. Nicole tells her to see if anyone else wants one. Jessica wants one too. 


2:50PM BBT: Jack walks into the KT and asks Nicole how she's doing and how she's feeling. Jack tells her he's "sticking with his game." Nicole tells him to "be himself."


2:54PM BBT: Jackson walks back into the KT and says he's craving eggs. Kemi and Nicole talk about how to make a PBJ sandwich with Ovi chiming in. 

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 3:00PM BBT: General conversation throughout the house, most everyone is outside around the pool. \


3:03PM BBT: Cliff thinks he may want a PB&J now. Christie thanks Nick for giving her a massage, she says her back feels better. BB keeps telling the HGs to stop singing. 


 3:15PM BBT: Nicole and Jessica are whispering in the CBR. Nicole says Christie told Kemi that it's either Kemi or Ovi going up. Jessica says, "oh f**k."


3:16PM BBT: Nicole says there's a lot of whispering going on, she says she hasn't heard anything about Jessica going up or anything. Jessica says Nick and Bella are trying to turn everyone's vote and vote out the opposite of what Christie wants. 


3:20PM BBT: Jessica says Bella does not like Kat and wants her to go home, so that's why Bella and Nick are trying to flip the house instead of sending Kemi home. Nicole is shocked. 


3:26PM BBT: Back to general conversation, Jessica and Nicole leave the CBR to go to laundry. Nick is giving Bella a massage. 


3:33PM BBT: Jack and Analyse are in the WA. Analyse is plucking his eyebrows. 

3:40PM BBT: Jack and Analyse are still in the WA. She's braiding Jack's hair. They're talking about Jack's past relationships. 


3:41PM BBT: Kat asks Nick in the backyard if he plays poker. He says no, he doesn't gamble. Kat says she "f*****g loves gambling." 


3:47PM BBT: Holly tells Jackson that she wouldn't be surprised if Bella starts messing with all their stuff when she's mad or bored. She say she could see her doing it to "just f**k with people's heads." Kat joins them and tells them about her conversation with Nick. She says Nick says she's good. 


3:50PM BBT: Sam is telling Analyse, Jack and Nick the story of his appendix surgery in the WA while Nick showers. Nick says the shower doesn't have hot water. Nick says he's going to win HOH next week. 


3:52PM BBT: Jackson tells Kat to stop worrying and stressing out about things. Jackson says that Kat is safe and she needs to listen to them when they tell her she's safe. Jackson says he needs Kat to listen and that Kat "needs to get it together." Cliff walks over and the conversation ends. Cliff says Bella wants to talk to him, but he's not going to seek her out. 


3:55PM BBT: Kat is getting upset, she says she's fine and that she's frustrated everyone thinks she's paranoid. She says that everyone is paranoid for think she's paranoid. Jackson says he's giving her the honest truth and she needs to calm down. Cliff leaves. 


3:57PM BBT: Jackson is getting frustrated with Kat, he tells her she's doubting them keeping her. He says the words coming out of her mouth are doubtful. Both Kat and Jackson are frustrated. Jackson tells her she "has got to stop doubting it." Jackson promises he won't vote against Kat.


3:58PM BBT: Kat says she can't wait to get off the block and "f**k sh*t up." Jackson tells her that "stress and anxiety" show on people's faces. Kat says people have only known her for 11 days and people don't know her well enough to know what she's like. "This isn't real life, Kat. It's a game." Jackson tells her. He's still really frustrated. 


4:00PM BBT: Kat says it's hard to be on the block for so long. Jackson keeps telling her the same thing over and over again. Kat starts to cry. Jackson tells her he's looking out for her and he needs her to understand that. 


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4:08 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Jack, Analyse and Cliff. They are hanging out in the WA. They are discussing Kat and that she is drawing a lot of attention to herself with all the crying. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kat and Sam laying out in the BY. 


4:15 PM BBT Kemi is called to the downstairs DR. Feeds 1 and 2 show Analyse drying her hair in the WA. Feeds 3 and 4 continue to show Kathy and Sam laying out in the BY.


4:26 PM BBT Cliff, Bella, Christie, Jack, Ovi and Nick are hanging out in the KT talking about their favorite candy. They then discuss alcohol and how they were limited on how many drinks they could have during sequester. BB "You are not allowed to talk about production". 


4:33 PM BBT Kat and Sam have been laying down outside quietly long enough that BB tells them they are not allowed to nap. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Jack and Christie in the HoH. Supposedly Kemi is telling people that Christie is trying to turn the votes to save her. Christie says if they are trying to flip the votes, then she isn't putting up Kemi. "I don't want Kat to go and she isn't hurting my game at all, but I don't care. Is he (Nick) working with us or not? Send Kat home, I don't care." Jack "That's exactly what he wants. Kemi is with him. He wants Kat to go home." Christie tells Jack that Sam can do whatever he wants with that veto. 


4:40 PM BBT Christie tells Jack in the HoH that Nick isn't making any sense. He could be loyal to the 8. Why wouldn't he be interested in those kind of numbers? 


4:43 PM BBT While Christie and Jack talk in the HoH about Nick, Michie and Analyse are talking in the BRL about how Kat is paranoid, a liar and not good with her words. The feeds switch to Bella, Nick, Sam and Kemi in the TBR. Bella tells Kemi that Jack is trying to get people to believe that he isn't working with Christie but they all know better. 


4:48 PM BBT Christie is afraid that originally doing what the house wants is going to end up biting her and she will end up backdoored. Jack tells Christie that her confidence carries her through and the power behind her confidence makes her one of the top 5 of the strongest women that he knows. Christie admits that how things are changing truly scare her. Ovi walks in and Christie cries saying that the house is divided, the house is going to flip, and she is going to take the blame for it. 


4:53 PM BBT Kat has joined them in the HoH. She says that she has been so honest with everyone and they are going to use it against her. She is going to put Kemi up and they are going to flip the votes leaving everyone coming after her instead.


4:58 PM BBT In the HoH Kat is telling Christie, Ovi and Jack that she is having a hard time talking to Nick knowing that he is trying to turn the house against her. In real life she would call him out on it. Meanwhile Sam, Bella and Michie are talking in the BRL about Kat freaking out and being paranoid.

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5:03 PM BBT Cliff joins them up in the HoH. Christie starts crying again and telling him that she is honest with everyone and Nick, Bella and Kemi are scheming so hard to flip votes. So much scheming. Cliff tells her that the game is begun and scheming is part of it.


5:09 PM BBT Jack tells Christie to stay home, stay strong. She is doing the right thing. Don't let others tell you how to play. Christie says she wants Sam to go with his gut, go with his heart, but she really hopes that he uses it. 


5:13 PM BBT Kat, Ovi and Jack are now alone in the HoH. Jack tells Kat not to overthink things. She miscommunicated and explained herself to Christie and she is fine. The one looking bad in all of this is Nick. Just breathe and trust that you aren't going home. If Sam uses the veto then you have the numbers. 


5:16 PM BBT Christie is talking to Nick in the BY. Christie says that this is more complicated than it has to be. Nick tells her that all he wanted her to know is that he loves her and wants her to do whatever is best for her. He supports her and she can trust him. Christie "But I don't know that I do. Everyone says the same thing when you are HoH." Christie says that she is getting weird vibes from everybody and it is freaking her out. "It no longer seems like we are working together." 


5:22 PM BBT Jack and Ovi are sitting in the THB talking about how they need to stick to the plan and get rid of Kemi. Meanwhile in the BY Christie admits to Nick that their scheming is making her very nervous while Nick tries to reassure her that he only wants her to do what is best for her.


5:25 PM BBT Christie is now crying to Nicole saying that she is being just so honest in everything meanwhile everyone is telling her what to do. She did what the house wanted and now it is all split and she is going to get burned. 


5:26 PM BBT Analyse and Kat are now talking in the BR. Analyse tells her that she needs to calm down and lay low. She is going to end up manufacturing her own demise. 

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5:33 PM BBT In the BY, Bella, Sam, Michie, Analyse, Nick and Jack are all sitting in the BY. They all agree that Sam will use the veto and Kemi will go home. It will be unanimous. Nick says that Kemi thinks that he, Sam and Bella have been telling her that they are voting for her just to keep her calm. 



5:40 PM BBT Christie is now crying to Tommy. She tells him that the rest are starting to act like Jack is pulling the strings and they don't like him. She tells him that Nick accused her of playing Jack's game instead of her own. And then almost immediately Nicole tells her to play her own game and do what is best for her. She says that at this point, she hopes the veto is not used because she can't bear to put up another nom.


5:46 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Kat crying in the bedroom with Analyse. She is upset that everyone is accusing her of being paranoid and she isn't. Meanwhile Feeds 3 and 4 are on Christie crying in the BRL to Tommy, Nicole and Jessica that this has become the Jack show and she is being used. Crying on all cameras.

Tears Everywhere.jpg


5:54 PM BBT Christie tells Tommy, Jessica and Nicole that she just has to talk to Sam and see if she can get him not to use the veto. They tell her that he probably doesn't even want to use it so he should understand that. 

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6:00PM BBT-  The house is divided into groups.  Sam, Nick and Bella are on the hammock, and Nicole, Jess, Holly, Christie, Tommy are in the boat room.  Kemi walks into the boat room where the others are trying to comfort a crying Christie - who is trying to save her HOH week by not getting blood on her hands.






6:04PM BBT-  Anaylse joins the others in the boat room, continuing the "comfort Christie" theme for the night.  "I was not cut out for this game", she says.  The others say "no no no - you'll be fine".  


6:11PM BBT-  Christie heads to the back yard to talk with Sam, saying that she's not being true to herself and that she will be getting drunk later.  She pulls Sam out of the hammock and they head to the HOHR, leaving Bella and Nick to whisper.




6:16PM BBT-  Christie explains to Sam through her tears that she feels that Jack is bullying her into doing her dirty work.   




6:19PM BBT-  Tommy and Jack are in the SR where Tommy explains the temperament of the house to him.  Jack listens and shakes his head as if he understands, and then says that Christie needs to not spin, and stick to the plan, that she's such a beautiful person and a good gamer.


6:23PM BBT-  Christie tells Sam that Cliff is safe regardless.  She wants to be honest with Kat that Sam may not be using the veto, and that Kat's not even there for the right reasons.  Sam throws out suggestions in how to deal with this, possibly putting up a replacement nom other than Kemi and then letting the house decide.



6:37PM BBT-  Still up in the HOHR, Christie responds to Sam that backdooring Jack is not the message she wants to send the other HG, that she'll look like she's been lying to everyone. She wants to tell Jack that this is her HOH week and that she doesn't want to use it for his agenda.


6:41PM BBT-  In the WA, Jessica is filling in Kat on the recent updates and the possibility of the POV not being used.  Kat is taking it all in.




6:53PM BBT-  While Sam and Christie continue their conversation upstairs, the rest of the HG join together for dinner, sitting around the KT table and raving about the rice.  


6:57PM BBT-  Sam and Christie script what they are going to tell Jack as to what they were talking about upstairs, that she spent most of the time crying with her talking her off the ledge.  She is going to tell Jack that she doesn't feel comfortable putting Kemi on the block.  She's going to act surprised when Sam uses the veto - and probably going to put Ovi up.




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7:08PM BBT-  Bella goes upstairs to talk with Christie in the HOHR, who then goes through her whole mindset AGAIN.





7:23PM BBT-  The HG play a game of who will drink some of the wine by going around the table and picking M&M's out of a cup, and those that picked green ones win.  Jessica was very excited to have won!  Nicole has been very quiet.  Jack heads out back to work on his laundry, where Jackson is laying on the BY couch.




7:26PM BBT- Jack tells Jackson that he may have put a target on his back today, and if he goes, he goes. Jackson tells him that everyone has his back, so he's good - especially if he's still in good with Christie.


7:31PM BBT- Holly has been at the KT table creating Happy Birthday decorations. They guys (except Tommy) are in the BY either doing laundry or playing cornhole.


7:42PM BBT-  Bella takes Kemi aside in the back yellow BR and fills her in on her conversation with Christie, letting her know that she appears to be safe.  Nicole walks in and they are happy that they don't have to worry this week.  


7:48PM BBT-  Christie is in the hammock with Analyse, while Jess sits on the ground and rocks it.  Christie continues her "this is not the Christie show" conversation - more rambling about the day, and setting the stage for her POV act with Sam.  Meanwhile, Sam is over on the BY sofa with Nick and Jack setting that same stage.


7:55PM BBT-  Holly and Kat are upstairs on the bridge sofa talking through the day and what has transpired, and how it's all Jack's doing that got her into this situation.  Holly is telling her to stay chill and trying to comfort her/cheer her up.  Holly says she hasn't gone in the DR in days, and wants to go talk with her thoughts.


7:58PM BBT-  Holly tells Kat upstairs that she's sick about the first episode and what production made her say in her package.  She said they made her make fun of the people she works with, saying that they're all just basic b*tches.  She feels that for sure she's lost her job.  Feeds cut to the BY.


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8:37pm BBT: Christie is on the hammock talking to Ovi, who is describing what he thinks her partner should be. Holly and Sis are laughing, saying he just read her horoscope.


Talk moves to famous people. Ovi wonders why Selena Gomez is trending.


Camera 3


Kat and Tommy are talking in the boat lounge room, Tommy is telling Kat that what happened in the house today has nothing to do with her. He says everyone in the house is feeling on edge because the plan is not going smoothly. He claims that is why Jackson seems to be “on edge” and it has nothing to do with her.


Kat continues to question Tommy about the “plan that is happening”, and Tommy encourages her to sleep on it, then tel the others she is just reacting to being on the block and thank them for supporting her.


Kat continues to sob while Tommy tries to calm her down. He uses words like “strong person” and 'you got this”.


Ovi starts to come into the room and Tommy stops him, tells him about the meltdown, then asks Ovi to keep it to himself. Ovi agrees.


Tommy says things and plans in the house seem to change every hour. The two of them agree that they are working together.


Tommy returns to the boat bed lounge, where he finds Kat no longer sobbing. He tells Kat to give it the night to not discuss “it” until tomorrow. He tells Kat to go to Jackson and make light of her reaction today. He says “You are not alone. Look at me. I am obsessed with you.”. Tommy tells here they can lay there and pretend to be hanging out. He sympathizes with her being on the block, but he tells her it will all be fine tomorrow.


Camera 1 is in the backyard.


Michie is laying on a chair staring into space while the others are working out. He seems to be posing for the cameras and keeps checking his body and position on the chair. (enough of that).


Camera 3

Kemi, Jessica, Christie, Holly and Sis are hanging around the hammock snacking on popcorn.


They are talking about scents they enjoy, Jack asks if they like “comfy sweater”. He leaves and the girls continue to talk. Just general chatter, Christie is throwing popcorn to Michie now, he is catching them and the girls are delighted. One of the girls says her dog plays catch too.


Christie is gobbling popcorn, then says she needs to go to the DR. A few handfuls later she leaves the hammock. The girls offer Jessica a spot on the hammock but she declines, saying she is comfortable on the stool. The three of them are squealing intermittently. Michie has taken a place on the hammock and when the girls mention his nipples, he flexes his pecs to show off for them. He claims to have a talent he can't show on tv, the girls guess that he can move his little pepe on command and he is happy to smile and nod..(enough of this, Granysue is way too old to hear these things)


Canera 1 is in the bathroom area.


We hear Christie say to Nick that. she is not playing the Jack show and she does not want Kemi to go. Some of the conversation is muffled. It looks like Nick is frantically talking but the water is loud and I can't hear it. (Camera 1 11:58pm). Christie leaves and goes to the DR, but the do not let her in.


The camera goes back to Nick in the shower talking to Kemi. He is giving her instructions of some kind, but I can't hear what he said before she left. Something about “I got you.:


Camera moves to Sam talking to Ovi, who promises to have his back.


Sam and Nick are in the bedroom, they are talking while Nick dresses. Sam tells him about a conversation he had with Christie about the plan remaining the same. He said he told her was using the veto, and he made a suggestion to put up Ovi if she didn't want to put up Kemi. Sam and Christie have an agreement that she will act shocked when he plays the veto, and that she will nominate the person that is good for her game. The plan is that she will put up Ovi in place of Cliff. They think Jack is talking and telling things in the house. Nick thinks Jack is jealous over Sis. Nick thinks Jack watches him close when he is near Sis. Nick tells Sam that Sis has things left at a person's house that she was living with, but had not told said person about her involvement in the BB game.  Nick says “I slept with her.” and the camera immediately moved to the kitchen.


12;11am est


Cameras have moved to the kitchen interrupting a revealing conversation between Sam and Nick.


Tommy is making pancakes, Nicole is helping and Holly comes up and hugs Tommy, telling him she wants to date him. She leaves the kitchen, goes to the back yard and immediately hugs Christi, saying the same thing. Some silly behind patting follows. Nick is now talking to Christie about the conversations in the shower.


Nearly half the house is in or around the hot tub, just general chit chat.


Jessica is encouraging Kat, who is crying and saying she wants to go home. Jessica tells her not to say that. Kat is very upset, keeps repeating it. She says she wants to go and if she knew how to get out of the house she would go right now. Jessica keeps hugging her, and after a few minutes Kat decides she wants to go to bed. As she walks toward the kitchen I can hear her repeating that she wants to go home. The two of them go to the bedroom, Jessica says she knows Kat is tired and that this is exhausting. She begs Kat to stop crying, she is doing her best to get her to calm down. Kat is in full meltdown, Jessica is giving her such loving support, (I just became a huge Jessica fan)...


Kat feels like she is ruining other people's game. Camera moves to the back yard again.

The other cameras are on the kitchen.


Nicole is offering pancakes, everyone says they don't want them. All of them are concerned about what they have been eating.


Michie is telling a story about grabbing an electrical line in the rain. He said after the third pulse he was knocked back and immobilized.

Christie starts a story of her own, but is interrupted by the others. More general chit chat.

All cameras are on the loud crowd.


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9:09PM BBT [The talk with Nick and Sam is a bit confusing at the end of this, and I think that has made the transcription above wrong]. 


It appears Nick is saying he slept with Sis and Jack is jealous, but it's better that Sis is now falling for Jack then Sam brings up that he likes Bella better, then Nick says BELLA'S (not Sis) situation at home is complicated and they had to shut the relationship down because she was living with a guy before she left and her stuff is still at his house and Bella didn't tell him about BB. Then Nick says she told him two nights ago "so I said all right I slept with her..." (cut to kitchen immediately). [It SEEMS like Nick is admitting that he slept with Bella about 3 days ago as well as sleeping with Sis the first couple days in the house. This jibes with the comments other houseguests have made about Nick and Bella getting it on.]

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