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Thursday, September 20, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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2:52 AM BBT Earlier, JC and Tyler talked some with Tyler trying to reassure JC he will be good if Tyler is final 3.  KC supposedly told Tyler she would save him earlier.   

Lots of Tyler and Angela in BBR time on the feeds making noises under covers the past hour or so.  [BB chat has been fun speculating who KC should evict - rms]


All feeds are are night vision

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12:01AM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler talk about the final HOH comp and discuss their plan of action. They're not worried about a physical competition, but they are a little concerned about a mental comp and JC winning. 

12:07AM BBT: Kaycee says if Angela would have made it to top three and won, Kaycee would have gone home and Angela would take Tyler. They're both happy that their final two from Day Two is going to happen. "You and Me," Kaycee says.

12:10AM BBT: Tyler says he's happy he didn't have to make a decision about using the veto on himself or Angela. Kaycee says it "sucks" because they both "care" about Angela. Kaycee asks if Tyler's made it official with Angela, Tyler tells her to "shut up."

12:11AM BBT: Kaycee asks if Angela and Tyler are in a relationship, Tyler shakes his head no. Kaycee says Angela with understand. Tyler says Angela will understand in his GBM.

12:20AM BBT: Kaycee is up in the HOHR with JC. Kaycee gets into bed with him and tells JC they're almost done, "only six days left." The lights are off and they go to sleep. 

12:55AM BBT: Angela is out of the DR and getting ready for bed in the WA. JC and Kaycee are asleep in the HOHR, Tyler is in DR. 

1:30AM BBT: Tyler is out of the DR, he gets into bed with Angela in the BBR. Angela says it's "so weird" that it's just them in the BBR. 

1:38AM BBT: Angela and Tyler flirt, cuddle and kiss in the BBR for several minutes. Tyler tells Angela about his conversation with Kaycee earlier, but he only tells her about Kaycee asking if they were in a relationship. 

2:00AM BBT: Angela doesn't think she'll be able to sleep tonight. She and Tyler continue to chat and cuddle in the BBR. Angela jokes that it must be "karma" that she and Tyler are on the block after she put up Faysal and Haleigh. 

2:35AM BBT: Tyler and Angela kiss in the BBR, Tyler pulls the sheets up over their heads, hiding them from the cameras. 

2:52AM BBT: Angela uncovers them from the blankets, Tyler says that was a "nice discussion" about "politics" they just had. They cuddle. 


3:10AM BBT: Tyler and Angela whisper back and forth for several minutes. They talk about GBM and being on the block together. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 


3:15AM BBT: Tyler says they should "go to sleep." Angela says, "I wish." They cuddle in silence. 


3:23AM BBT: Tyler gets up to get some water and then gets back into bed with Angela in the BBR. 


3:30AM BBT: It appears all four of our remaining HGs are asleep in the BB House. 





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10:37 AM BBT  Lights are on, in the HOH room, JC is still in bed with the lights on.  Tyler is in the WA shaving.

10:43 AM BBT  Feeds are still on JC alone in bed in the HOHR, and Tyler fixing his hair in the WA.  Angela and Kaycee are not on camera.

10:47 AM BBT  Tyler is finished in the WA, goes to the KT where Angela is sitting at the counter.  He sits next to her, then gets up and makes himself a cup of coffee.

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10:12am BBT: Feeds are back with Angela and Tyler laying in the BBR with lights on and JC  with kaycee laying in bed in the HOHR asleep still in the dark.

10:13am BBT: Kaycee is now getting out of bed and putting her hair back in a bun grabs her shoes and mic and then heads out of the HOHR and down stairs. Tyler and Angela hear the door close and Tyler moves to the other bed i the BBR.

10:18am BBT: Kaycee in the WA doing ADL's while the other three HG are still sleeping.

10:25am BBT: Tyler is up and getting dressed in the BBR while Angela sleeps, kaycee still in the WA doing ADL's and we get FOTH.

10:27am BBT: Tyler goes to the KT and kaycee in the KT they hug and say good morning. Tyler ask her if she is about to go to the DR and she says yes i am about to go right now. Tyler goes to make coffee and says this is weird.

10:35am BBT: Tyler in the WA shaving and Angela washing her hands then heads to the KT. JC still in the HOH bed sleeping.

10:47am BBT: Tyler and Angela in the KT sitting and Angela says day 93. Tyler gets up to make a cup of coffee.

10:49am BBT: Tyler makes his cup of coffee and BB calls him to the DR. He tells Angela to think happy thoughts as he goes to the DR.

10:52am BBT: Angela and kaycee in the KT talking about how  they knew this day was coming and it is finally here. Angela says  that nothing will come between them ever no matter what happens. Kaycee says she loves her and Tyler so much and it is a shitty situation.

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1:49 AM BBT  Angela and Tyler are chatting.  Angela thinks they have every type of cereal in the house.  Tyler gets called to the DR, he tells Angela to think happy thoughts.  As Tyler leaves, Kaycee comes in.  Angela asks how was her sleepover?  Kaycee said it was good.  Angela said it was so strange for there to be nobody downstairs.  She said it doesn't feel like a house anymore, but a studio.  Angela names everyone that was in the house a week ago (before the DE), and how empty it is now.  Angela said she didn't sleep very well, she kept rolling around.  Kaycee notes that the coffee is really strong.  Angela said Tyler made it, that is probably what they need.


Angela said we knew this day would come, they just expected it to be F3, not 4.  Angela told Kaycee she isn't going to have a talk with her, and Tyler isn't either.  Angela said they will accept whatever her decision might be.  Kaycee said this is without a doubt the hardest decision yet.  Angela said they will look back on this day and laugh.  They will remain close. 

10:55 AM BBT  Angela goes to the WA to get ready for her DR session.  She says her face is breaking out, dammit.  (might be the mayo face wash?)  Kaycee stays in the KT and drinks her coffee.

11:04 AM BBT  Angela is doing her hair in the WA, Kaycee is still in the KT.  We get a brief FoTH, then back to nothing going on.

11:07 AM BBT  Angela comes back to the KT.  Kaycee tells her she looks good.  Kaycee is very horse.  She said she won't have a voice for her speech.  She said it always happens on game day.  She is always screaming and yelling "let's go", and then loses her voice the next day.  BB tells JC that house guests must be awake between the hours of 10 AM and 10 PM.  JC tells them he is awake, he is just lying there.  JC comes out of the HOHR to complain that the TV isn't working.  Kaycee tells him to try another channel.  BB tells JC and Angela to put on their microphones.  Kaycee laughs, it is day 93, and you still forget to put on your mic.


11:09 AM BBT  Tyler is out of the DR.  They are laughing about the comps being like Fear Factor.  They said the winner would be the one that survives.  They talk about the comp that had snakes and electric shocks.  Tyler thought it was a joke, that they were all in on it, then realized it was real.  JC is told to put on his microphone again, he said no and climbs back into bed to watch BB TV.  Downstairs, Kaycee yells that it is almost October, and Tyler said they have been in there since like February, right?  Kaycee is talking about being a Peanut or Rainbow (costumes from BB).  Now going over previous comps.

11:18 AM BBT  Tyler and Kaycee are still going over early comps and laughing.  Angela gets called to the DR.  JC is in bed in the HOHR. 

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11:23 AM BBT  Fast FoTH, then feeds are back.  Angela is back from the DR.  Tyler. Kaycee and Angela are in the KT.  JC is up and put on a shirt and his mic.  Before Angela came back, Kaycee and Tyler were talking about studying when not around JC.  Kaycee hopes she has a voice for her speech tonight.  (She said that earlier, but keeps talking). 


11:25 FoTH.

11:26 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  JC is downstairs in his HOH robe.  They are joking about his discipline because he was in the military.  Angela asks if anyone wants eggs. 

Kaycee said this game is a love-hate relationship.  Tyler starts cooking eggs. 

The group is talking about getting paddle boards, go roller blading, then riding bikes.  Kaycee said she and JC will get a tandem bike, and JC will be in the back.  They joke about getting him a booster seat on a bike.  Now they are talking about the person in a row boat that yells directions to the rowers.  They said that is JC, telling everyone to go faster.  Kaycee is looking forward to the scooters that are electric that you rent, ride where you want to go, then drop them off.  Angela is surprised JC doesn't know about them, as they are all over LA.  Kaycee said she loves the scooters, they rent them and ride them everywhere.  JC talks about renting bikes in San Francisco and ride them all the way to the Golden Gate bridge. 

11:41 AM BBT  Nothing to report, sorry!  Kaycee at the counter, JC is packing up his things from the HOH room, Tyler and Angela surprised they didn't hear the audience.  They are told not to talk about production. 

11:46 AM BBT  Tyler and Angela got there suitcases. Kaycee is joking that they forgot hers.  Tyler is joking around, and Kaycee tells him he is mentally ill, he will need help when he gets out.  Kaycee tells Angela that she likes her suitcase.  Angela says thanks.

11:51 AM BBT  Angela hopes they get to wear real clothes today.  Kaycee thinks so.  Tyler and Angela are still packing in the BBR, with Kaycee in there as well.  JC is still in the HOH bathroom washing his face and brushing his teeth.

Kaycee says they have an impressive bandana collection. 


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12:07 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  JC and Kaycee aer in the HOHR.  He is pushing for Angela to go.  JC says whatever she does, he is fine with it.  He doesn't think they can beat Angela in a comp, but they can beat Tyler.  He is assuming he is going to the final 2 with Kaycee, at least putting it in her head.  He is giving reasons to evict either, and still saying he doesn't care.  Kaycee tells him i will be okay.  She says she is going to give a speech telling both people that she loves them, and saying good things about each.  Kaycee says no matter what, he and her are final 3 baby!  She wants to take one of his Starbucks. 

Kaycee wonders if they have to give a veto speech and another eviction speech, or if there will be just the one.  JC and Kaycee are cleaning out the HOHR and moving everything back downstairs.  They think after tonday, they will lose the HOH completely.  JC complains he was HOH for only 30 hours.  (earlier Tyler said he was HOH for 20 minutes during DE).


12:17 PM BBT  Tyler says he might shower in the HOHR, JC is non-committal about it.  Tyler says maybe not.  Kaycee and JC comtinue putting away the drinks and snacks from JC's HOH basket.  BB calls the house guests to the HOH room for a lock down.  They get water and things together to be stuck up there for a while.  They all head upstairs.  Tyler says they forgot to feed the fish, could somebody (from production) please feed the fish?  Kaycee said they are terrible parents. 


12:20 PM BBT  Feeds are now on reruns.

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1:46 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  Tyler and Kaycee are in the BBR  Tyler said he has his speech all ready, it is a long one, about a full minute.  Kaycee said to go for it.  Tyler said everything is working out perfectly, they couldn't ask for better.  Kaycee said she knows. 


1:49 PM BBT  Kaycee and Tyler are still in the BBR.  Tyler said he was all done packing, and then realized he has about another 50 shirts to pack.  Kaycee finds a watch, and asks if it is Tyler's.  He said no.  She asks if he wants it.  Tyler and Kaycee are talking.  He asks if JC knows what is going on.  She said she told him which way she is leaning.  Tyler wanted to know if she has told Angela.  She said no, does he think she should?  Tyler said maybe, then no...she shouldn't do anything crazy, then he says she won't do anything crazy.  Kaycee decides what to wear tonight, and asks Tyler between two outfits.  He chose a lit blue shirt with black shorts and white shoes.  Kaycee leaves and Tyler lays down.


1:54 PM BBT  Kaycee joins JC and Angela in the KT.  Nothing going on.  Kaycee gets the iron and takes it to the SR.  Angela goes to the BBr and talks with Tyler.  She said she is sick to her stomach, and she hasn't eaten all day.  He said she needs to eat.  He asks if she is ready with her speech.  She said she has done very little, she has a couple of things in her head.   ( Earlier they commented this is the first time either of them have to make a speech for eviction night)  Angela asks if he is going to make the announcement, he isn't sure, she might.  She asks what she should say, he says whatever you want.  She sarcastically says thanks.  He asks if that is not helpful? 

JC goes into the SR where Kaycee is ironing.  He gets the hair clippers to take to the WA. 

Angela says her speech, about Kaycee having the hardest decision to make, and she will respect whatever she does.  It is short and to the point.  Angela wants to go first.  Tyler is not saying what he is going to say.  He is just giving vague hints.  He asks if she understands, she says no.  Tyler says good.

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1:58 pm BBT.   Kaycee is ironing in the SR.  Angela and Tyler are in the BBR talking.  Tyler asks if she is gonna go first.  She says she is gonna say she understands this is the hardest decision she has had to make in the game and she is sitting next to her 3 best friends and the 4 of them are bonded for life and she’ll love her no matter what.  Angela asks should I go first.  Tyler says he isn’t gonna straight up say it but say something that would give them the impression.  

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2:06 PM BBT  While Kaycee continues to iron her outfit for tonight in the SR, Angela and Tyler are lying on separate beds in the BBR, not really talking, Tyler is just stroking her arm.  They both seem down knowing one of them is leaving in a few hours.


(I need to start cooking dinner if someone can take over...thanks!)

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2:03 pm BBT.  Kaycee is still in the SR ironing.  Tyler and Angela in the BBR, they haven’t said anything the last couple minutes.  Angela says she hates this.  Tyler says it’s goona be ok and everything happens for a reason.  Feeds cut to reels for a few seconds and then came back.  


2:08 pm BBT.  Tyler and Angela laying in the BBR, not much talking.  U can hear someone’s heart beating into the microphone.  Tyler says look at me.  He kisses her.  She tried to put a pillow up to block the cameras but the overhead camera is on them.  She says the cameras.  He says who cares about the cameras.  He says I love u.  She says I love you too & my stomach loves u too (her stomach growled).  


2:11 pm BBT.  Kaycee jumps in between them and hugs them and strokes each of their backs.  They all say they love wach other.  Tyler says it’s a game.  Kaycee says everything is gonna be ok guys.  She gets up and leaves.  Tyler says I know u have a heart and Zingbot know now too.  


2:19 pm BBT.  Tyler is burying Angela in blankets and Pillows.  JC and Kaycee are both in the BBR now too.  They all say does anyone know where Angela is?  

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2:10 PM BBT  Kaycee brings her clothes into the BBR.  Angela says she is vulnerable, not to come lay on them.  Kaycee lays on top of Angela and Tyler, an arm around each.  Angela starts to cry, and says it wouldn't be so hard if she didn't love them both so much.  Kaycee said they have the rest of their lives.  After a few moments. Angela gets up.  Tyler asks if she (Angela)  is getting it over with early.  Angela tries to hide from the camera.  Tyler tells her that they know she has a heart, even Zingbot knows.  Kaycee takes her shirt back to the SR to iron it again, leaving Angela and Tyler alone.  They are quiet, holding hands, and Tyler kisses her once.  Tyler gets up, asks if she wants some vitamins.  She pleads for him not to leave her.  He covers her in pillows. 

JC goes into the SR and Kaycee explains she was re-ironing her shirt.  Kaycee and JC goes into the BBR.  Tyler is still burying Angela in pillow, sith the crying emoji pillow over her face.  She is completely hidden by the pillows.  Kaycee,  JC and Tyler are up and around.  JC said he is going to take a shower soon.  He doesn't have to wait on Sam to get out of there, so he can take a shit.  They laugh.   

Kaycee and Tyler go into the KT, joking about loving when they had a comp and got new clothes.  JC in the PBR says that they will never close the wall again.  Talks about it being a conspiracy room, and Bayleigh and Swaggy love room.


Kaycee in the WA plucking her eyebrows.  Angela is still under the pillows. 


(really gotta go now)

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2:30 pm BBT.  No talking going on in the house.  Angela is in bed in the BBR.  JC is sitting in thr PBR.  Tyler and Kaycee in the KT.  Tyler is eating and Kaycee is getting something to eat.  


2:31 pm BBT.  Tyler says we are so close to real life.  Kaycee says she can’t wait.  


2:33 pm BBT.  JC walks by the KT.  Kaycee says I am gonna eat some of your rotisserie chicken.  Tyler says he hasn’t had that since he was 7.  Tyler gets up and says he is gonna clean the fridge, they have too much s**t.  Angela comes into the KT.  Not much talking at all.  


2:37 pm BBT.  Angela is getting some of the rotisserie chicken to eat.  Tyler (cleaning the fridge) asks if he should theow away the cheese cake.  JC says do not throw the cheesecake.  JC asks if they watch documentaries?  JC mentions one called “How to Die in Oregon”.  He says he is not a cryer but that ruined his day.  He says that is the only state where u can end your own life.  Angela asks if u had a terminal disease & it would be painful would u ride it out or take your life?  JC says after seeing his grandfather die of cancer and be miserable and in pain for 2 years it changed his mind.  Angela says she would have a “dying” party, get drunk and then take a pill that would end her life before she went to sleep. 


2:43 pm BBT.  Kaycee walks by the KT and says I hope we get our clothes back soon.  She says she is gonna shower and heads to the WA.  Angela says they told them they wouldn’t get their clothes before the eviction.  


2:47 pm BBT.  Tyler says they have a lot of bars.  JC says all this healthy stuff at the end, if we could’ve had this 3 weeks ago I would’ve been happy.  JC says we have nuts, bars, banana chips.  He says he asked for plantain chips not these.  Tyler says u are bougie!  JC what do u mean boo-she?  Angela says don’t they taste rhe same?  JC says no these (banana chips) are sweet, plantains have

like no sugar.   Tyler says to JC eat this with me, this is my favorite candy bar.  JC says I don’t normally eat this.  Tyler says I don’t either.  JC says but u have a favorite, I don’t.  JC says he doesn't even have a

box of cereal in his house  ever.  JC alternates between singing “Meant to be” and “the real Tyler”.  


2:54 pm BBT.  Tyler says oh s**t and goes into the SR to get the fish food.  JC comes In and says eveeyone who as des the dish after Sxottie left has gone home.  Tyler says u wanna feed them?  JC says are u superstitious?  Tyler says no.  As Tyler gets close to the fish tank, JC says look how smart they are, they know u r coming with food.  

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3:05 pm BBT.  In the KT, for the last few min JC and Tyler have been talking about when they get out but will still think they need to change they’re battery pack.  Tyler said he may get a phone clip like an old man.  They then talk about the HOHR closing and the BY and they weren’t told o they could say goodbye and really enjoy it.  Then, they talk about comps & Tyler’s favorites.  They then talk about the house and JC says celebrity BB got renewed and they may have to redo this house quick if it starts soon.  


3:11 pm BBT.  JC says lights are everywhere so they have good lighting for the cameras.  Tyler says Sam was on a mission to find the darkest spot & that’s why she sat on the stairs.  He says production was probably so mad when she did that.  JC she was never in the dark & that camera there would zoom in on her.  

3:16 pm BBT.  Feeds have gone to reels.  

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7:25 pm BBT  The feeds are back and the three remaining HG are in the KT.


7:28 pm BBT In the BBR, Kaycee says that Angela forgot Louis.  Tyler said that he has her pillow and that Ang put her sweater in his bag.  He thinks he might just live out of the suitcase the rest of the time.


7:30 pm BBT The three remaining houseguests talk about when they first started working together. JC said that the last alliance was gone after the final 6.  Tyler said that the hardest to get rid of was Rockstar.


7:34 pm BBT JC jokes to the others that this is the first time in BB history that three gay people have been in the F3. Tyler laughs.  


7:35 pm BBT Tyler says that whatever happens, he just hopes that they stay busy.  Kaycee laughs..."busy??"


7:38 pm BBT Kaycee hopes that they don't have a comp going on in the middle of the night.  JC goes to the bathroom and Tyler/Kaycee start whispering in the BBR.


7:46 pm BBT Kaycee said that she saw poles or scaffolding, so they feel like the comp will be something with balance, moving, and holding on.  They wonder if they're going to get outfits.


7:55 pm BBT JC said that they never sat on the couch the whole season without knowing who was going to be evicted.  Even with Brett, he still had a feeling as it went down. They laughed at Fessy's face during blindsides.


8:00 pm BBT JC, Tyler and Kaycee talk through the other players and laugh at Haleigh sending home Rockstar.  They all agree that none of them were fans of Fessy from the beginning.


8:15 pm BBT They're talking through the timing of things for the last week and the possibilities of what will happen when.  They think that the breakfast where they're asked questions about the season will go fast. 


8:26 pm BBT JC is in the WA.  In the BBR, Kaycee tells Tyler that Angela looked shocked to be going home.  Tyler told her that Angela thought that he had a better chance with the jury.  They confirm with each other that their GBM's told Angela about their F2.  


8:29 pm BBT Tyler and KC are happy that Angela got a loud applause when she left.  Tyler said "she probably thinks I'm in love with her" and they laugh.  They both agree that they can't see Angela in a relationship because she's so work oriented.


8:34 pm BBT KC asks Tyler how confident he is with the days. She feels better with him in that comp because she doesn't trust her knowledge or being fast enough with answers.  JC is playing with the drawing yellow wall, writing their social profile names as F3.






8:48 pm BBT JC tells Tyler that he was loyal til the end and karma hit those who weren't.  [or something along those lines]


8:53 pm BBT JC, KC and Tyler are in the geo room talking about their social media accounts and how many followers they may now have. JC said his is private.  Tyler said that his followers are 80% women. 



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9:10PM BBT THe F3 sit in the lounge. They can't wait to see Rachel. The talk about different HG.


9:24PM BBT Kaycee tells Tyler and JC that this entire experience feels like a dream. They are laughing and saying they are tired.


9:40PM BBT JC and Tyler talking in the lounge. Discussing the F2. They are discussing what Kaycee can do better then each of them. Tyler says to him as long as they each of the same end goal.


 9:48PM BBT We have reels. It is time for the BB  Part 1 comp.

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