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Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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1:14 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh in BY talking about what they expect for GBMs.  Also, what they thought of each other early.  Sam is in WA taking her a really long shower (told Brett earlier that she is spoiling herself after HN cold showers)  Everyone else apparently asleep.  Ty holding angela's hand last they showed.

1:27 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh talking about how they would have to convince Kaycee that Tyler and Angela are too close so she gets worried. They both know she is too close to angela and trusts her.  Haleigh also believes Tyler/Kaycee/Angela are together.  They also rehashed when Tyler didn't take the PoV but instead took Brett's trip when he should have taken the PoV.    Haleigh said she's trying to convince Angela that she can be controlled better than Sam so Sam should go home.

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2:00 AM BBT Haleigh and Brett still in BY speculating on how far Tyler and Angela are going under the covers.  Brett is expressing his concern that every way this goes, he will be screwed. He wonders if Tyler can restrain himself or if this will affect his game  Haleigh, of course, is saying he won't have the restraint and it will affect his game.

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12:00AM BBT: Brett has put on his superhero costume and jokingly says he's going to be in the next superhero movie. They talk about superhero movies until Brett goes into the DR. 



12:05AM BBT: Tyler and Angela are in bed in the BBR. JC and Haleigh are talking about traveling. 

12:08AM BBT: BB turns out the lights in the BBR, Angela puts the wig in her place and then gets into bed with Tyler. She goes back to her bed a few seconds later. She takes her microphone off, whispers to Tyler and then goes to bed. 



12:18am BBT: JC is alone in the PBR, Tyler and Angela are in bed in the BBR and whispering back and forth. Haleigh is outside alone. 



12:46AM BBT: Haleigh is still alone outside, staring off into space. Tyler and Angela are flirting and holding hands in the BBR. Tyler gets up to go to the WA and brush his teeth, he gets back into bed a few minutes later. 

12:50AM BBT: Tyler and Angela work on padding her bed again to make it look like she's in it and Angela gets into bed with Tyler. 

12:53AM BBT: Brett is out of the DR, he doesn't notice Angela or Tyler in the same bed, Tyler smiles to the camera. 

12:58AM BBT: Tyler and Angela are finally settled into Tyler's bed and their eyes are closed. BB calls Tyler into the DR, Angela goes back to her bed. Brett is in the WA, talking to Sam who just finished showering. 

1:05AM BBT: Brett makes something to eat and then goes to sit outside with Haleigh, who has been sitting alone for almost an hour. She asks him how his DR was, he says fine. 

1:13AM BBT: Haleigh says she's scared of being evicted and seeing everyone's messages. Brett says he and Winston thought Haleigh was a mastermind at the beginning. 

1:15AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh talk about something that happened in the BBR, apparently Haleigh suggested that Tyler and Angela may or may not have done something over night in the BBR while everyone was laying there. Brett is wondering now. 

1:16AM BBT: Haleigh says it's something, she just doesn't know if it's innocent now or not. "It's taken a turn from that," Brett says. 

1:17AM BBT: Brett tells Haleigh not to repeat this, he says it's "taken a turn" because Angela is no longer receptive to his flirtation. They talk about all the reasons why Angela and Tyler might like each other. 

1:20AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh discuss the change in Tyler and Angela's relationship for several minutes. Sam is in the WA doing her hair. 

1:23AM BBT: Brett changes the conversation to Haleigh and Faysal's showmance. Haleigh says they fought too much" and Brett says he thought they fought because they were a showmance, Haleigh says "no, it's because we couldn't agree on anything."

1:24AM BBT: Haleigh tells Brett that if Tyler and Angela are together, then it's three people (Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee) vs. Brett. 

1:26AM BBT: Halegih says she and Kaycee are close and they've had "many many conversations" that Haleigh feels have "strengthened" their relationship. Haleigh says it doesn't make sense for Sam to not go home this week. 

1:28AM BBT: Haleigh says Angela is scared of both her and Sam and Haleigh tells Brett she's working a "naive angle" so that everyone will keep her over Sam. 

1:31AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh talk about how close Tyler and Angela sleep so closely together. Haleigh swears she didn't just "make this up" about what she hears at night. 

1:32AM BBT: Haleigh says Angela doesn't like it when Haleigh is alone with Tyler or Kaycee. Haleigh says she's "noticed" a lot of things. 

1:33AM BBT: Haleigh says everything they've done (Tyler and Angela) has gone too smoothly. Haleigh says she doesn't know how close Kaycee is to them and how logical she is. Haleigh is trying to figure out if Kaycee will vote to keep Haleigh in a tie. 

1:36AM BBT: Haleigh and Brett talk about how Angela might be playing Tyler. Haleigh says she had a conversation with Tyler and it sounded like Tyler was uncomfortable, but she doesn't know if that was true or not. Haleigh hopes everyone wants Sam gone. 

1:42AM BBT: Haleigh says she "feels an inkling of suspicion." Brett doesn't say anything. Sam is now in bed in the havenot room and the lights are off. 

1:44AM BBT: Haleigh thinks Thursday will be a double eviction. Brett says, "yeah." They sit in silence for several seconds. Eventually Haleigh says Sam "doesn't do anything" so it's hard to "paint her as a threat."

1:47AM BBT: Haleigh and Brett talk about jury and votes, Haleigh doesn't know how anyone currently in jury would vote. 

1:49AM BBT: Brett says he gets "f****d" in every scenario and he comes in second in every scenario. 

1:50AM BBT: Brett says he "sucks at this game." Haleigh laughs and then lists all the reasons as to why she's bad at the game, "I suck at this game," Haleigh says. 

1:52AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh talk about how the BB House is their home now and he forgets that he's in the BB House. Brett says it clicked today that he was in the Big Brother House.

1:53AM BBT: Haleigh says she recognizes how much work goes into this house and all she does is "b***h." She says she forgets sometimes and thinks she's at home and someone is "b******g" at her so she does it right back. 

1:56AM BBT: Haleigh goes back to talking about the "noises" she thinks she heard at night. Haleigh can't believe Angela would "do that." Brett says he doesn't think they are. 

1:57AM BBT: Brett thinks they might be kissing, but he doesn't think they're doing the other thing. Haleigh gives a few scenarios of ways they could, and Brett says, "I don't know."

1:58AM BBT: Brett wonders how much "will power" Tyler has. Haleigh snorts and says he doesn't have any. 

2:02AM BBT: JC is up out of bed. Haleigh and Brett talk about Kaitlyn and BB cuts the feeds. 

2:03AM BBT: JC is in the WA, he goes back to bed. Brett and Haleigh are still in the BY, talking about Kaitlyn and Tyler.

2:24AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh are still talking about Angela and Tyler in the BY, trying to figure out if there is or isn't something happening with them. 

2:26AM BBT: Haleigh and Brett talk about JC, Brett says JC is "good with everyone" and he doesn't ever know if he's just feeding him "sh*t." Haleigh says she doesn't feel nervous around JC. 

2:28AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh talk about why Brett was upset with Haleigh last week. They talk through it. 

2:30AM BBT: JC is out of bed again. He goes into the lounge and grabs a pillow and a stool before resetting the pin board. He goes to write a message after it's clear. 



2:40AM BBT: JC appears to be writing "9/11 We Remember" on the pin board. 



2:43AM BBT: JC adds a heart with "USA" inside of it to his message. He then adds "BB20" in the corner. 





2:50AM BBT: JC joins Haleigh and Brett outside in the BY. They talk for a few minutes, JC tells them it's "2:30" in the morning. He tells Haleigh and Brett to stay outside and have their "showmance thingy" before he goes back inside to bed. 

3:00AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh are still outside talking. Brett talks about having conversations with Faysal at 4 in the morning. Brett says once the game is removed, he and Faysal will be friends. 

3:11AM BBT: Haleigh and Brett talk about Faysal and his HOH for a few minutes. Brett thinks Faysal had a crush on Angela. They talk about good bye messages for several minutes. 

3:25AM BBT: Haleigh talks about Sam calling her disrespectful before putting her and Kaitlyn on the block. 

3:35AM BBT: Haleigh and Brett talk about credit and money for awhile. 

3:43AM BBT: Haleigh hopes Sam freaks out and she says she's going to try to just hang out with the other side of the house so they'll keep her. Haleigh says she doesn't know if she's the target or not. 

3:46AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh talk about JC saying that clubs are going to pay them to come now. Haleigh doesn't believe it. 

3:47AM BBT: Haleigh says a good way to find out if she's the target is to ask if she can wear one of Angela's dresses. She says she won't do that, but it could be a way to find out what's going on. 

3:48AM BBT: Haleigh says she would rather know if she's going home then not know. She says she's going to have more conversations tomorrow and see. She says she'll be able to tell and that there's really "nothing left" for her "to do."

4:00AM BBT: Haleigh says she's ready to get out of the house. She says she's the "crier" of the house. Brett asks her if his face is oily, she says no and then goes back to talking about crying all season long. 

4:02AM BBT: Haleigh and Brett get up to go to bed. Brett says he looks like superman. They stop to look at the pinboard JC did. Haleigh says, "he's literally the best" that he cared enough to do that. Brett says yes, especially since he didn't live here then. 

4:05AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh get ready for bed in the WA, talking about how they'll be friends with JC out of the house. Brett says he's gone through two tubes of toothpaste, Haleigh says she's gone through one and a half. 

4:12AM BBT: Brett is in bed, the lights are off, and all is quiet in the BB House. 

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 9:02am BBT: All HG still sleeping.

9:21am BBT: Sam is up and goes to the WC then puts her hair up as she mumbles to herself.

9:26am BBT: Sam washes her hands then rinses her mouth and splashes water on her face. She then heads to the KT to make coffee.

 9:29am BBT we now have fish as BB may be waking the HG early.

9:32am BBT: Sam in the STR looking in the refrigerator , Tyler comes in to change his batteries, All other Hg still sleeping in dark rooms.

9:37am BBT: Tyler in the KT getting ice water, He ask sam if she is about to be called to the DR and she says i do not know , She ask him why BB woke him so early and he says he does not know he was having a nightmare and then BB woke him. He then goes back to bed as sam is making herself some breakfast.

9:58am BBT: Kaycee sitting out in the BY alone drinking her coffee. Sam in the WA washing her hair.

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10:28 AM BBT  Sam is blow drying her hair in the WA, Angela took her drink and went outside to get some sun.

10:31 AM BBT  Sam finishes her hair, puts her dryer away and goes into the KT to drink her coffee.  She then goes upstairs to feed the fish.  She tells them good morning. She watches them for a while, then puts the ladder back under the lounge couch near the foosball table.  She goes back to the KT to wash her hands and wash out the fish food cup.  She appears to wash some dishes while she is at the sink.


10:37 AM BBT   Angela is outside alone by the pool tanning, while Sam is still cleaning in the KT.  No other HGs visible .


10:44 PM BBT  Kaycee goes into the KT and Sam says good morning to her.  Sam is upset her dark chocolate concoction didn't set up.  Kaycee tries it.  Sam said it will freeze,  but not set up in the refrigerator.  It only has 3 tablespoons of sugar and walnuts.  Sam is going to use bananas to dip into it, then freeze them.  She might make banana bites.  Sam is called to the DR.


  10:47 AM BBT  Sam goes to DR, Kaycee looks out the back doors.  She decides to go back upstairs.  She tells the camera she loves her room!  She puts her headphones on and sits on the couch in the HOH room, alone for now.

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 10:02am BBT: WE now have FOTH as this could be the wake up call for all HG.

10:16am BBT: Feeds are back with kaycee still sitting alone in the BY and sam doing her makeup in the WA.

10:18am BBT: Angela now in the WA doing ADL's. kaycee is in the KT now getting more coffee.

 10:28am BBT: Angela is going out to lay in the sun by the pool, Sam blow drying her hair.

10:43am BBT: kaycee comes to the KT, Her and sam hug and talk about the chocolate Sam made lastnight and how it did not set. Angela still laying by the pool.

10:54am BBT: Kaycee is in the HOHR listening to music, Angela in the BY laying by the pool.

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10:58 AM BBT  Sam is doing ADLs in the WA.  JC comes in for the WC.  Sam tells him Angela is outside.  He tells Sam he is going back to bed.

11:05 AM BBT  Angela is in the KT getting a banana and some peanut butter.  Sam was in the HN room.  She came through the KT to the WA. did not speak to Angela, nor did Angela speak to her.

11:08 AM BBT  Angela goes back outside with her food, puts her hat on and lays out again in the sun as she eats.  Sam is in the WA.

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11:05AM BBT Angela getting juice and Sam doing ADLs.


11:24AM BBT Angela eating and sunbathing in the BY. Sam is curling her hair.


11:41AM BBT And... Angela has rolled over to sunbathe her back and Sam is still curling her hair.


11:55AM BBT Anglea has flipped back over and after taking a bit of a break, Sam is back to curling her hair.

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11:56 AM BBT  BB says "Wakey, Wakey house guests"

BB says it takes 19 1/4 laps around the back yard to equal a mile.  BB tells house guests it is going to be hot outside today, don't forget your sunscreen.  Angela gives them a thumbs up. 

Haleigh is up and in the KT.  Sam said she curled her hair for way too long.  Kaycee comes downstairs and says they have been trying to figure out the distance all this time.  Tyler comes into the KT and says he missed the wake up music today.  He had a late DR and slept through them.  Tyler is upset he missed it.

11:59 AM BBT  Tyler asks if he should put the purple bandana on, Kaycee says yes.  Angela comes in and tells them to put sunscreen on, it is hot out there (what BB said).  Sam is reading a label.  Tyler said he was having a dream, he was past put.  Kaycee says something about his eye.

12:03 AM BBT  Feeds 1 & 2 are on the PBR and JC and Brett still in bed.  In the KT, Tyler asks to go upstairs and  listen to Chris Brown.  Kaycee tells him go ahead.    JC and Brett are getting out of bed.

( gotta go.  Gotta get ready for this hurricane!)

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11:59AM BBT Sam, Tyler and Kaycee are in the KT getting coffee. Talking about the morning music.


12:07PM BBT All HG have now gotten out of bed and are moving around the house.


 12:16PM BBT Sam is telling JC about her firehouse and the memorial they have for 9/11. She tells JC thank you for doing the wall.


12:30PM BBT JC is telling Sam about the shows that have been filmed on the studio lot. JC says they are living in a place where a lot of stars have been.

12:39PM BBT Brett joins Sam and JC in the BY. Sam asks him if he grew up with TV. He says yes and asks her if she did. She says they did but only had 12 channels. She says that she would run across the street to her grandparents of they wanted to watch cable. JC says that he was only allowed to watch TV between 6-8PM in his house.


12:52PM BBT Tyler, Angela and Hayleigh sunbathing. Kaycee playing pool.



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5:01PM BBT In the BY, Tyler is talking about he has had too much coffee. Brett talking about a sexual act and telling Sam she likes to hear it. She says no she doesn't. She says she would go inside but it is nice outside. Kaycee and Hayleigh are laughing. Brett asks Kaycee if she every swapped spit with Rachel. Kaycee says "hell no". She asks Brett if he did. Brett says no. She is pretty but not his type. Kaycee says they cuddled but her legs were prickly. She says she told Rachel and she apologized.


5:16PM BBT Tyler is telling Brett and JC about what you need to do to pass a lifeguard test. Brett tells JC that it is funny that JC has grown up near the water in Miami and can't swim.


 5:21PM BBT Kaycee in the HOH BR folding clothes. She smells a pair of pants to see if they are clean. In the BY, Hayleigh is running laps and the boys are talking about how busy they are gong to be after the BB season.


5:36 PM BBT Hayleigh in the WCA. Tyler is in there as well. Tyler asks her how she is feeling about the week. She says she wants a real talk with him. Not one where she talks and he nods his head. He agrees to have the talk.

5:47PM BBT All HG except Sam in the BY working out or running laps. Sam is in the HN room getting clothes together.


5:54PM BBT Kaycee tells Brett that he is more muscular then Mark was last year. She says that Caleb was ripped too. Brett says Jess was really built. Hayleigh says on the show he was lean. Brett says when Jess came in this season, his thigh was the size of Brett's waist.


6:03PM BBT Angela in the KT drinking something after running laps. Sam telling her that she just wants to be outside as much as possible. Angela agrees.



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6:20PM BBT HG still working out. Sam is cooking. Sam has found dirty dishes in the drawer. She wonders out loud to Tyler why people don't wash the dish and just put them away. Tyler says he has no idea. (Angela and Hayleigh both have just rinsed dishes and put them in the drainer.)


6:26PM BBT Kaycee and Hayligh discuss how a copper IUD kills sperm. Brett is still working out..



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6:40PM BBT HG are in the KT prepping food. Brett is heading to the hot tub.


6:49PM BBT Kaycee and Hayleigh are chopping up vegetables for dinner. Brett and Tyler are relaxing in the hot tub.


6:55PM BBT ANgela comes through the KT and takes a piece of vegetable out of the pan Hayleigh is cooking them in. She says she is starving. Hayleigh tells her to look what she is making her. Angela says she sees and is is looking through the fridge for food as she is hungry.



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7:29 pm BBT Angela and Kaycee are in the KT cooking dinner.  JC comes in and asks about their pot luck, expecting a buffet.


7:36 pm BBT Sam is playing cornhole in the BY.  Brett and JC are in the WA while Tyler showers.







7:50 pm BBT Haleigh does laundry while JC talks to Brett from the shower about Brett having three balls.




7:52 pm BBT Kaycee and Angela are in the HOHR. Angela says she has a weird feeling about JC and Brett, she doesn't know why.  Haleigh comes upstairs to use the shower.


8:14 pm BBT Angela and Kaycee chat about how much they're looking forward to meeting each other's family and friends.  KC can't wait to hear her mom call her peanut.




8:15 pm BBT Angela tells KC about her brother, who is a DJ in LA called Chas3r.


8:32 pm BBT Angela, Kaycee and Haleigh are in the HOHR talking about their blood types and what foods/drinks don't agree with them.


8:40 pm BBT Game talk from Brett and Tyler in the storage room.  They are seeing what a threat Kaycee is.  They feel that the girls have been loyal, but they will let them take shots at each other. They agree that they cannot throw comps.


8:46 pm BBT Brett and Tyler are talking through the double eviction scenarios. Brett says KC has to go.  He said that if the comps are physical, they for sure will win.  Lots of back and forth talk with various scenarios.




8:51 pm BBT The HG head into the SR one by one to pick up their meds/vitamins.



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8:40 PM BBT Brett and Tyler in SR - important convo! [Camera 4 - This may be one of the more important ones, unless Tyler is just getting Brett to spill.  They both are admitting they don't stand a chance in final 2 with Sam or KayCee.  Brett has been struggling with the end game a lot from early morning and now.  Tyler may be sincere in this conversation, will see as time goes along. Worth flashback to- rms ]

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10:34 PM BBT Tyler and Angela in HoHR Tyler is letting Angela know Haleigh told Brett she heard them making noises like Swaggy and Bayleigh did.  Conversations continue like that a short while.


10:50 PM BBT Brett and Kaycee have joined Tyler and Angela in the HoHR and they are discussing who to put up if its a double eviction. Also, they discuss who amongst themselves would go up if Sam or JC got PoV (?).  [This assumes Haleigh is voted out, then one of the Lvl6 wins HoH and they put up Sam and JC.  - rms ]

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9:00 PM BBT Angela and Kaycee are in the HOH room talking about triple eviction or some other crazy twist. Angela says she just doesn’t want to be the first person from their side in the jury house. Brett and JC are outside playing pool and Sam is playing corn hole. Angela and Kaycee start talking about JC and wondering what he’s thinking. Kaycee says she’s just ready for this to be over. The game is fun, but stressful. Angela says since they’ve been shutting the yard down for so long, maybe they’ll take them on a field trip. Kaycee says maybe they’ll set up the backyard for an Outback dinner. Angela says what if whoever wins a luxury comp only gets to pick two people? She knows who her two favorites are. Kaycee if that happened, they’d have to be worried about JC and Brett. Brett’s favorite food is steak and he’d feel left out. Angela says if Thursday is D/E they’ll be down to five. Kaycee says maybe they’ll do something for all of us. Angela says there hasn’t been a lot of drama this season and Kaycee says everyone came to play. She says they have to be so entertaining. Kaycee talks about the bullying from last season. Kaycee can’t remember why Jessica went off on Christmas. Kaycee says it was all petty stuff too.


9:05 PM BBT Tyler and Haleigh are sitting outside on the couches. Kaycee and Angela are still in the HOH talking about last season and that there haven’t been that many fights this year. Brett and JC are still playing pool and they are playing best 2 out of 3. Angela says she’s hasn’t fought with anyone but she’s been personally attacked. Whatever JC and Brett are doing it has prompted three Stop That’s! from BB. Angela says it’s funny how Haleigh talks crap about the people in the jury house, like B, you love them, they are your alliance. Kaycee wonders how safe Haleigh feels. Angela says she told Haleigh she has to make them trust she wouldn’t put them up again. Angela says she’d go off on JC more than she would Faysal because she doesn’t give two craps about Faysal, but she cares about JC. Angela says if Haleigh hadn’t won HOH she’d be in a much better position because she wasn’t even on their radar. She got so much blood on her hands and accomplished nothing except to make mad Tyler, herself, and Kaycee. Kaycee says at the end of the day it happened how it was supposed to happen because we had to get the bigger targets out. Kaycee says it didn’t really change anything because she was never much of a threat.


9:10 PM BBT Kaycee says Haleigh going is a game move so she doesn’t feel bad about it. Angela says JC has been acting differently towards her. Kaycee says if we win the next HOH and POV we’re golden. We’re so close. Angela says back to back to back, it’s been a long time coming. Angela says it’s been such a nail biter of a season. Kaycee says this season as a whole is a good season, especially after what happened last season. Kaycee wants to go outside since they aren’t going to have it much for the next two weeks. Tyler is asking Haleigh outside if she’s freaking out and she says she just appreciates everything more. Haleigh says they don’t have long at all.


9:15 PM BBT Kaycee and Angela head downstairs to head outside. Sam is in the hammock. JC and Brett are playing pool. Haleigh and Tyler are on the couches talking. Kaycee goes to watch the pool game and Angela joins Tyler and Haleigh on the couches. Haleigh is filling Angela in on the conversations they’ve been having with Brett and JC and Tyler goes to check his laundry. Sam is talking to herself in the hammock about racing planes the way they used to race dirt bikes. She says maybe that’s how she’ll travel, she’ll fly her own plane. That would be so cool. Sam wonders if there is a difference between a license for a helicopter and a commercial plane. Tyler says he was good at basketball and he would have made the team, but he didn’t have any interest in it. He’s playing corn hole by himself.


9:20 PM BBT Angela heads inside. JC starts singing. Sam is in the hammock still. JC scratched on the eight ball and he says that’s not even fair. Tyler starts humming The Addams Family theme and they get the please stop singing warning. Sam is singing softly in the hammock. JC and Brett are going to play another game and break their tie. Kaycee asks Tyler if he wants to play next.


9:25 PM BBT Haleigh starts a line to a song and JC finishes and they are asked to please stop singing. Angela has come back to the yard and she says that was a good break about the pool game. Angela says she’s going to go back upstairs and listen to music and Kaycee tells her to go ahead. JC starts singing again and he’s asked to stop singing. Kaycee asks Brett and JC if they want to play two on two in a little bit. They agree. Sam has been trying to see the helicopter and it finally flew over the backyard where she can see it because she says oh, there it is! The helicopter keeps flying overhead and Brett is annoyed by it.

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9:30 PM BBT Haleigh and Tyler are talking about doing a marathon together and training for it and doing it before Christmas. Tyler says then they’ll go on their trip. They start talking about the Iron Man. Sam is in the hammock and it looks like she’s trying to sleep. Kaycee is still watching JC and Brett are playing pool. Haleigh and Tyler say they should just do the color run. Neither have done it and they think it will be fun. Tyler says they should take a snow ski trip and Haleigh says she’s down for that. Tyler starts singing and Haleigh picks it up and they get the please stop singing warning. Haleigh says she wants to start thinking about what she’s going to wear to the wrap party. Tyler says hopefully they get their clothes back. Haleigh says she’ll have to borrow a dress from Angela. One camera is zooming in on Sam as she lays in the hammock.


9:35 PM BBT Tyler asks Haleigh if she’s going to stay around after the show. Tyler wants to try and move out there. Haleigh says Angela and Kaitlyn have both said she can stay with them, but she doesn’t want to impose on them and she’s not sure what she can afford. Tyler says they are going to be so busy after this. Brett and JC have finished their game. Brett and JC are going to play pool against Tyler and Kaycee and Haleigh has come over to watch. Sam is still alone in the hammock. Angela is in the HOH listening to music.


9:40 PM BBT The pool game is still going on with a lot of locker room chatter. Sam is in the hammock and seems to be annoyed with the chatter. Angela is in the HOH listening to music.


9:45 PM BBT The pool game is still continuing. Sam is still laying in the hammock. Angela is still in the HOH room. Brett asks them how many text messages they will have waiting for them.


9:50 PM BBT Tyler heads inside. Kaycee and Brett are now going to play a game. Brett is singing and they get the please stop singing warning. Sam is still mumbling to herself in the hammock. Tyler comes back out to the couches with JC.


9:55 PM BBT Sam wonders who she reminds live feeders of. If it’s someone good or bad. JC is talking about a road trip and Tyler says he’d be down for that. Tyler says he has friends in Australia and he thinks it would be fun to go back. Tyler wonders if an Australian girl is mad at him. JC and Haleigh, who has come back out, asks why she’d be mad and Tyler says because he didn’t tell her about this. Haleigh asks JC where he’s living after this and he says he’s 100% homeless after this. Haleigh says they can be homeless together. JC says they can live in his car and Haleigh says they can get a van.

10:00 PM BBT Angela is in the HOH room listening to music. Kaycee and Brett are playing pool. Tyler, Haleigh, and JC are on the couches talking about what they’ll do after the show. Sam is in the hammock. Kaycee says life is going to be so weird when they leave. They are going to go from doing nothing for three months, only competitions, and then have to go back to their normal lives.


10:05 PM BBT Tyler says he worked on the beach for three weeks this summer, that was it. Kaycee says everything is going to smack them in the face when they get out of the house. Brett is talking about all the stuff he’s going to have to get straightened out in his life. Kaycee says she doesn’t know either. Brett says he’s not sure if there will be opportunities when they get out or if he’ll have to go run and hide. Tyler, Haleigh, and JC are talking about Are You the One? Haleigh says she’d go on Bad Girls Club and Kaycee laughs and says she can’t see Haleigh on that show. JC has never seen it and Tyler and Brett want to know what channel it’s on.


10:10 PM BBT Haleigh and Kaycee are explaining Bad Girls Club to Brett, Tyler, and JC. Kaycee and Brett have each won a game and Brett wants to take a break. Kaycee is going to do her laundry. Kaycee heads upstairs to the HOH and Angela is told to put her mic on.


10:15 PM BBT Kaycee takes her clothes downstairs. Talk has moved on to the Kardashians and Haleigh asks if Kaycee watches it when she comes back out. Kaycee says her dad watches it. Sam has gone inside to the WC. Brett has folded his clothes and is taking them inside. Tyler hides and tries to scare Brett. Tyler says he scared himself more than he did Brett. JC goes to switch his laundry around and Haleigh asks if he needs help. Kaycee has gone to check-in with Tyler and Brett in the BBR.


10:20 PM BBT Tyler and Brett are putting clothes away. Kaycee and Sam are getting snacks in the KT. JC is in the WC. Angela is in the HOH listening to music. Haleigh is outside on the couches. JC takes his clothes inside to put away. Sam and Kaycee are talking about doing laundry. Brett heads back outside. Haleigh says she’s sad they are losing the yard. Haleigh and Brett are talking about the weather.


10:25 PM BBT Sam, Kaycee, and JC are in the KT talking. Sam says she’s super f’ing horny and after that phase she sleeps like a baby. Brett says she campaigned for Haleigh by throwing Sam under the bus by saying she has every jury vote and she can do whatever she wants and no one ever gets mad. JC comes back out and joins Haleigh and Brett. Sam asks if they want any dessert and Haleigh does and she thanks Sam as she goes inside.

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10:30 PM BBT JC and Brett are outside sitting on the couches talking. Sam is by the washer and dryer eating. Angela is in the HOH room listening to music. Tyler joins her in the HOH. JC is told he can’t talk about his DR sessions. Haleigh comes back out. Tyler tells Angela that Haleigh has heard them at night and Angela wants to know how he knows. Tyler doesn’t want to say. Angela asks again how Tyler knows Haleigh knows and he says he overheard a conversation between her and Brett. Angela wants to know what Brett said. Angela asks if he was like Haleigh is making crap up. Angela wants to know if Haleigh is going to say that in her eviction speech? Tyler doesn’t know and Angela literally can’t take another person attacking her. Tyler tells her it’s ok and Angela wants to know when it happened. Tyler says Brett tested him to see if it was true.  


10:35 PM BBT Angela is wondering what Brett could do with that information and Tyler says it will be fine. Tyler says it’s Angela’s fault and she says how is it my fault? Tyler says look at her! She says it’s so awkward. Brett, JC, and Haleigh are talking about food outside. Angela wants to know how she could have heard it and Tyler says Haleigh has made comments about hearing whispering through the walls. Angela doesn’t know if all of them will hang out all that much and Tyler says they will. Angela says when she won her first HOH Brett ran into the room and said he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. Tyler says so she’s in a showmance with Angela and she laughs and says no. Tyler says it’s Angela, Brett is probably in love with her too. Tyler says he’s still just denying everything. He says it’s all part of their strategy. Tyler scrambles off the couch to sit in the chair as Kaycee comes into the HOH. Brett comes in too. Angela says Haleigh is driving her nuts. Tyler says she’s been following him around too.


10:40 PM BBT Brett thinks it has to be a double and Tyler agrees. Kaycee also agrees and Tyler says they have the odds in their favor. They are discussing who is more of a threat and Tyler feels like they are both even. Kaycee says they have one that sucks at comps and one just throws comps. Brett says Sam won a hardcore endurance comp and then hasn’t come close since. Brett says Sam is preaching how her memory has been bed. Angela says if JC stays she feels like he’d put two of them up and Tyler says so would Sam. They say Sam would never put JC up because he is her child. Brett says he hasn’t talked to Sam in weeks. Tyler says he keeps trying to reassure her. Kaycee thinks Sam would put two of them up and JC would put one of them up with Sam. Angela says well Sam goes then. Angela feels like JC is up to something, he’s scheming. She says he’s been acting weird around her. Brett says JC treats him like he’s an idiot and Tyler says that’s how JC treats him too. Angela says JC drives her nuts. Brett says JC hasn’t given him anything tangible. Brett says when he does talk to Sam her answer is completely irrelevant to what he asked her or it’s a rant about something. Angela says she had a good talk with Sam the other night. Kaycee says and then Tyler told her he’d let her know if anything changes. Tyler says he felt dumb afterwards.


10:45 PM BBT Angela says Haleigh’s pitch to her was who will braid her hair if she’s evited. Tyler says Haleigh has been trying to corner her too. Brett says he has Haleigh feeling safe. Angela just doesn’t want Haleigh blowing up because she just can’t handle another eviction speech with someone throwing her under the bus. Brett says Sam hasn’t even asked him or said a word to him about it. Kaycee says they need to figure out what happens if JC or Sam win veto. Angela says she thought they were going to draw straws. Tyler says it doesn’t matter because they control it. Angela asks if they pack and they tell her there’s no time. Kaycee says it doesn’t matter who goes up. Kaycee says 1, 2, 3, not it. Angela says the only fair way to do it is to draw straws. Kaycee says she pulled the HOH and POV this week she doesn’t want to go up and Brett says he volunteered to be on the block with Scottie. Angela says it sounds like me and Tyler. Angela says if she’s on the block with JC she might just call out their alliance. Angela is now saying her and Tyler will rock, paper, scissors it. Tyler says he won’t announce the alliance because JC will go nuts and cut his hair. Kaycee asks if they’ve made speeches. Tyler says they’ve both been on before veto but not after. Angela says she’ll do it, she’s not afraid of JC.


10:50 PM BBT Tyler says it will be down to who won HOH out of them. Haleigh and JC are in the KT talking. Angela says if she wins HOH, Tyler goes up and if Tyler wins HOH, Angela goes up. No hard feelings. Kaycee says whoever goes up we’re totally good. Kaycee says she’s running out of eviction speeches. Tyler says he has a picture of JC punching people in the nuts. Angela says she’s not afraid to say in her speech against JC, sorry there’s no saving you in this one. Tyler says you guys can say that but I’m not. They talk about how shocked JC will be when he finds out about their alliance. Brett says he doesn’t think he’ll be shocked, he’ll be furious. Angela wants to know if they should tell him Winston and Rachel were also in it. Brett wants to know what they think JC will do? What kind of interview he’ll have with Julie.


10:55 PM BBT Brett thinks there is going to be another twist. Kaycee says if there’s a temptation should we do it or not? Brett says if there was one before Haleigh leaves she’d grab it. They are trying to think what Haleigh might do in her eviction speech.

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10:59PM BBT: Sam is cleaning the mirror in the WA while brushing her teeth. The remaining members of Level 6, Kaycee, Brett, Tyler, and Angela, are talking in the HOHR. Brett is imitating JC, everyone else is laughing.

11:01PM BBT: Brett says JC has been spending a lot of time "reinforcing" their alliance. Tyler says JC has been doing that with him also. They all agree that JC thinks he's the one pulling the strings. 

11:02PM BBT: Brett says he keeps taking "shots at Haleigh" about her showmance with Faysal. Brett says Haleigh keeps talking "sh*t" about Faysal. JC is swinging in the hammock outside.

11:06PM BBT: The group in the HOHR are still talking, Brett tells Angela about Haleigh's "dress plan." They talk about letting Haleigh wear Angela's dress and still sending her home. Brett says she'll be blindsided, Tyler says, "that's what we do."

11:08PM BBT: Angela jokes around saying she'll tell Haleigh in her GBM that she can "keep the dress." Kaycee says that would be "savage," and Brett says, "give the people what they want."

11:09PM BBT: JC is still in the BY, he says he misses his grandma and she doesn't understand what he's doing. He says she'll probably want to know why he hasn't talked to her in three months. He's talking to himself. 

11:13PM BBT: The group in the HOHR go back and forth talking about JC and his love of Disney Movies and US History and blindsiding Haleigh on Thursday. 

11:16PM BBT: JC leaves the BY and goes up to the HOHR. Tyler leaves the HOHR. Brett throws a pillow at JC when he walks in. Tyler goes to the KT.

11:20PM BBT: JC quizes Brett on movie releases. Angela says she's "obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio." They talk about Leo for a bit. 

11:23PM BBT: Tyler is outside in the BY with Haleigh, eating cereal. Haleigh says she stayed up too late last night, but she just wants to soak it all in. Tyler asks if she thinks she's going home, Haleigh says she doesn't know because no one is "reassuring" her.

11:25PM BBT: Tyler says "as far as" he knows, Haleigh won't be leaving. Haleigh is surprised, but obviously pleased. Haleigh says she wants to move forward with Tyler and that she meant she would work with him. 

11:27PM BBT: Haleigh tells Tyler next week, after they make it through the double eviction, that they (Tyler and Haleigh) need to go over dates and people for the final HOH comp. Haleigh explains the final HOH comps to Tyler. 

11:28PM BBT: Kaycee, Brett, Angela, and JC are talking about Faysal and Sam and Faysal and Haleigh. Brett is confused. It's just general house gossip. 

11:30PM BBT: Haleigh says she wants Tyler to feel comfortable talking to her in "concrete ways." Tyler says he can only speak for himself. Haleigh says Brett is positive, but she feels like she "has him." She mentions JC is positive to her.

11:31PM BBT: Kaycee goes to the BY to move laundry around. Haleigh says she thought about trying cigarettes in the BB House. 

11:32PM BBT: JC and Brett are in the HOHR talking about a double eviction. Brett says he doesn't know what will happen during the second eviction. Brett asks if JC has talked to Tyler about the double eviction. JC says he doesn't want to "chase" Tyler around. 

11:33PM BBT: Brett says he's nervous because he can't get a straight answer from Tyler. Brett says he think Tyler may be avoiding him. JC says Tyler is complicated and he knows no one is coming for him in the house. 

11:37PM BBT: Kaycee plays pool while she waits for her laundry. Haleigh walks over to Kaycee and says she's just trying to "enjoy" the backyard while she can. Brett and JC are in the HOHR talking about food. 

11:40PM BBT: JC and Brett watch Angela on the kitchen feed, JC says Angela feels "so safe" in the house and that he and Brett will be on the block if Angela wins HOH. Brett asks JC if he's "holding out on him" and if he knows anything else. 

11:40PM BBT: In the BY, Haleigh tells Kaycee that she's trying not to stress out and that she wanted to talk to her, but she's just going to let it happen "naturally." Kaycee asks her if she knows how the house is voting. 

11:41PM BBT: Haleigh says she doesn't want the house split and she doesn't want Kaycee to break a tie. Kaycee tells Haleigh that if it's a tie, she'll keep Haleigh here. Haleigh tells Kaycee she loves her. 

11:42PM BBT: JC knows Angela and Kaycee are working together, but he doesn't know who else is working together. Brett tells JC he'll ask Tyler if he's working with Kaycee and Angela. 

11:47PM BBT: JC says he's just friends with Tyler, like he's just friend with Brett. JC says Tyler doesn't really talk game with him. Brett says Tyler never brings up game talk. 

11:53PM BBT: JC says if they survive the double eviction and get Angela out, they'll be good. JC says "this situation" of being confused makes him furious. JC says he's at the "bottom of the f*****g alliance." He says he's grateful to have Brett. 

11:56PM BBT: Kaycee is playing pool in the BY and Haleigh is watching, JC and Brett are chatting in the HOHR while JC eats snacks. They agree the best case scenario, is one of them winning HOH. 

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