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Thursday, September 6, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:30AM BBT: JC and Tyler are still arguing in the HOHR. Brett, Kaycee and Angela are in the lounge talking about Haleigh. Brett says she's so "f*****g arrogant." He says it's disrespectful to Scottie. 

12:30AM BBT: Angela says it sucks, but Scottie has to go home. Brett says the "arrogance bothers" him and the way Haleigh is acting bothers him. Brett says he's so annoyed he's embarrassed.

12:33AM BBT: Angela says she doesn't know what JC is doing and then makes the crazy mime with her finger before saying, "he's paranoid."

12:34AM BBT: JC is still trying to convince Tyler to do his bidding, JC says he doesn't understand why Tyler is "freaking out." Tyler says Scottie has a reason to put him up and JC up, but Haleigh has a reason to just put up Tyler. 

12:35AM BBT: Brett says he's to the point where he's not going to bite his tongue anymore and that Haleigh has been under his skin all night. Brett says he guesses he just has to realize he's 25 and she's 21. 

12:35AM BBT: JC says he doesn't want to have to tell Tyler "I told you so" and he doesn't want to go home. Tyler assures him he's not going home. 

12:35AM BBT: Tyler and Sam talk over each other and argue for several more minutes. JC keeps saying to "stick to Plan A" and "I'm telling you..." Eventually Tyler says, "I'm f****** telling you."

12:36AM BBT: Brett is upset that Haleigh dug into the booze right away. He says she was really arrogant tonight and he's really frustrated and mad. 

12:38AM BBT: JC tells Tyler in the HOHR that he doesn't ever know how Angela is voting and when they're on the couch he doesn't know what she's going to do. JC says you can't trust her. 

12:40AM BBT: Tyler and JC are still arguing about who is going home tonight. Tyler doesn't understand why JC is upset because JC wants Haleigh out. JC says he wants Scottie out and mentions something about intuition. Tyler says it's not intuition, it's fact. 

12:41AM BBT: JC calls Tyler a "little b***h" and says Haleigh is an "instigator" and he NEVER told Faysal to put Scottie on the block. 

12:43AM BBT: Brett, Kaycee, and Angela start whispering when Haleigh walks by the door of the lounge. Brett says he's not going to sit there and make Haleigh feel like she's ok in the house when she's not. He says he's going to "let her know." Haleigh walks in. 

12:44AM BBT: Haleigh sits down and Angela offers her trail mix. There's awkward silence for a few seconds until Haleigh brings up Sam's stories from last night.

12:44AM BBT: JC thinks Tyler needs to just listen to everything he says. Tyler says he's not "f*****g dumb" and he's not going to listen to everything JC says and JC needs to listen to him [Tyler] sometimes too. JC says to just "keep the plan going."

12:46AM BBT: Tyler tells JC to stop being mean to Angela and to stop "messing with her" and "taking her sh*t." Tyler says all of the "little things add up," and if he doesn't stop she's going to get upset. JC says he's not being mean. 

12:47AM BBT: JC says he's sorry he offended the love of Tyler's life and makes a comment about how it's supposed to work outside of the house. JC leaves the room and Tyler throws a pillow at him, JC throws it back and leaves but then comes back to give Tyler a hug. 

12:48AM BBT: It's just small talk with awkward silence in the lounge now that Haleigh is sitting with Brett, Angela, and Kaycee. 

12:50AM BBT: Kaycee has left the lounge, Brett gets up to leave and Angela leaves a second later. She leaves the trail mix with Haleigh, who is now alone in the lounge. Angela goes up to the HOHR. 

12:51AM BBT: Angela gets into bed with Tyler in the HOHR, Tyler says JC is "freaking out" about the final four alliance Faysal tried to start. Angela tells Tyler about what happened in the lounge. Angela says Scottie goes home this week and Haleigh next, or if it's a double eviction, they both go home. 

12:58AM BBT: Brett is eating in the KT while Haleigh makes tea. No one is talking. 

1:04AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are cuddling in the HOHR and watching Brett and Haleigh in the KT on the feeds. 

1:11AM BBT: Angela gets out of bed to turn the lights off before getting back into bed with Tyler and cuddling. Brett and Haleigh are still in the KT drinking tea. 

1:20AM BBT: Brett is in the WA, JC walks in and Haleigh walks into the lounge. JC asks Brett "what are we doing?" Brett grins into the mirror before turning to JC and saying if they keep Scottie, "they're going to piss everyone off."

1:21AM BBT: Brett implies they should probably keep Haleigh this week, they both roll their eyes and laugh and JC makes a comment about deciding "right before" tomorrow's vote. 

1:22AM BBT: Brett and JC exchange information on their conversations from the last hour. JC walks into the lounge where Haleigh is sitting. He says, "so f*****g stupid," and Haleigh wants to know what's going on. JC is upset that every time he tries to talk to Tyler that Angela is there. 

1:23AM BBT: JC uses several expletives to describe what Angela can go do to herself and other people. Haleigh asks what JC's conversation with Tyler was about, JC tells him it was about the final four Faysal wanted with Tyler and Angela. JC says he wanted to "touch base" and be on the same page. 

1:27AM BBT: JC says some people here are "very hateful." JC says he has no reason to put Haleigh up on the block. Haleigh says she would "never" put up JC or Brett. 

1:30AM BBT: Haleigh says she would never say anything to hurt JC in the game and she has his back. JC says he'll save Haleigh if Sam wins and puts her up. 

1:36AM BBT: JC leaves the lounge and walks into the SR where Scottie is standing. He asks if Scottie is "ok," Scottie says yes. 

1:38AM BBT: Something is wrong with Scottie's microphone, it sounds like he's in a can, it takes BB several seconds to fix it. When it is fixed, Scottie says he doesn't know "what the f**k is happening."

1:41AM BBT: JC walks around the house, talking to various people here and there. Right now, he's in the BBR with Haleigh and Kaycee. JC wants to know where Brett is, Haleigh says he's in the DR after she tries to get him to go to the HOHR where Angela and Tyler are cuddling. 

1:42AM BBT: Brett joins the other three in the BBR, they talk about Angela and Tyler up in the HOHR. Haleigh says she doesn't go in the HOHR unless she's told. 

1:44AM BBT: Haleigh gets up to check on Scottie because she doesn't want him to be sad. Brett leaves the BBR also, JC tells Kaycee they'll "talk about it later" and leaves.

1:45AM BBT: JC and Brett are in the lounge, JC sits down and says, "this b***h, I'm getting her out. It's out of control." Brett asks who, and JC pauses and then says, "Haleigh."

1:45AM BBT: JC says he's "flipping this f*****g house." JC is really worked up and rambles very quickly for several seconds while Brett stares at him. JC tells Brett about his conversation with Haleigh. 

1:46AM BBT: JC says Haleigh is freaking out because she thinks she runs this house. JC says she's got to go and he just needs to get Sam on board to flip the vote. Brett says Sam is the easiest person to get on board. 

1:48AM BBT: JC switches to talking about Angela and how he's used her to get all of these people out, but now it's time for her to go as well. Brett laughs. 

2:00AM BBT: JC and Brett go back and forth between talking about Angela and Haleigh. They're both upset and frustrated with both girls. JC tells Brett he has to be smart because Haleigh is "not smart at all."

2:02AM BBT: Brett says he's getting to the point where he's going to just start telling everyone what he thinks. He says he's so upset and angry with Haleigh. JC laughs. 

2:02AM BBT: Brett says if they send Angela home, they can pull Tyler back in with them. JC asks him if he [Brett] has a top two with Tyler, Brett says no. 

2:03AM BBT: JC says he likes Tyler. Brett says Tyler is being brainwashed. JC says Angela is just acting. 

2:06AM BBT: Brett says he's in the same spot as JC. Brett says he was working with Tyler and Angela and now he doesn't know what's going on. He says they're cut off and "on the outside."

2:12AM BBT: JC says they have to be smart, win the HOH comp and then run the house. Brett says the worst case scenario is Angela winning the next HOH. Brett says he doesn't think Kaycee would come after them. JC continues to tell him to keep his mouth shut. 

2:19AM BBT: Brett says they're winning the HOH tomorrow. They talk about who Haleigh would go after if she were to stay and win HOH. Brett seems to think she'll go after Sam. Brett says to keep telling Haleigh she's safe. 

2:23AM BBT: JC and Brett leave the lounge. Scottie and Haleigh are in the SR chatting, Scottie has been doing stretches and talking about what he's going to do after the show. 

2:29AM BBT: JC, Haleigh, and Brett are in the PBR now. Scottie is still in the SR stretching and jumping around. Haleigh tells JC to go check on Scottie, but he doesn't. They talk about Scottie and how calm he's been. 

2:41AM BBT: Scottie is in the lounge, drawing on the pin board. JC, Brett, and Haleigh are talking about Disney movies. Angela and Tyler are still awake in the HOHR, cuddling in the dark. 

3:00am BBT: The house is starting to wind down, the group in the PBR are still talking about movies and books and Tyler and Angela are still cuddling. 

3:10AM BBT: Angela and Tyler kiss and then Angela gets up and quietly sneaks downstairs. She goes into the DR and BB cuts the feeds. 

3:13AM BBT: The feeds are back and Angela is getting into bed in the BBR. Brett and Haleigh are still chatting about clubbing in the PBR. 

3:23AM BBT: Everyone is now in bed and the lights are off, all is quiet in the BB House.

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9:00am BBT: Sam got up and went to the WC then went back to her bed, All HG still in bed sleeping.

9:36am BBT: Kaycee goes to the WC, As she comes out JC goes in the WC and kaycee washes her hands. JC comes out of the WC washes his hands then heads to the STR for fresh batteries then back to bed in the HNR.

9:51am BBT: Sam up and in the STR to change her batteries.

 9:58am BBT: Sam in the KT making coffee and herself some breakfast and we get FOTH. (Possible wake up call)

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10:17 am BBT  Feeds are finally back.  Sam goes to the DR.  We hear her ask if she can make a request, they say yes, then feeds cut to FoTH.  Feeds 1 & 2 are on the BBR, feeds 3 & 4 are on Brett sleeping in the PBR.  All lights are on.

10:21 am BBT  Foth again

10:22 am BBT  Feeds are back, Sam is in the WA.


10:28 am BBt  Sam is finished in the WA, goes to the KT to get something, then goes to the KT table to do her crafts/ talk to her bugs.  BB says Wakey Wakey HGs, then the Rise and Shine message, then in a stern voice to get up.  These are all back to back.

10:32 am BBT  Angela, Brett,  Kaycee and  Scottie get told by BB to change their batteries.  Then BB asks immediately if they have changed their batteries.


10:38 am BBT  Sam is eating and talking out loud as to what all of the evicted house guests are currently doing.  She said she is still there.  Everyone else is still asleep, except Tyler who should be putting his things away.  BB comes on telling HGs to be awake between the hours of 10 AM and 10 PM. Buenos dias HGs, and have you changed your batteries.  These were all right together.  Sam waits until BB is done, then continues talking about her brother and other people, and what she thinks they are doing.


10:42 am BBT  Sam gets up to wash out her bowl.  She starts singing and we get FoTH.  When they come back, she is still singing, so more FoTH.  When feeds come back, she jokingly says who said that, where am I and laughs.  She is still the only one up, and continues talking to herself.

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10:54 am BBT  Feeds come back (more FoTH)  and Angela is in the WA with Sam.  Scottie is up.  Sam yells to him to remind King Tyler to pack up his stuff and leave it outside the door. Feeds show Tyler up and packing his stuff in the HOH room.

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10:17am BBT: Lights are on in the house with HG still sleeping.

10:31am BBT:Sam sitting in the KT eating breakfast, all other HG in bed sleeping as BB tells them to get up and change their batteries.

10:39am BBT: Brett is now up in the STR changing batteries, Sam still in the KT eating breakfast talking to herself. Brett goes back to bed and covers his head with a pillow.

10:48am BBT: Angela in the WA doing ADL's, Sam is getting some of her things from the HNR as Bb says wakey wakey HG and we get FOTH.

10:52am BBT: Scottie is now up and leaves the HNR, JC is still in his bed sleeping, Sam and Angela still doing ADL's in the WA.

10:55am BBT: Scottie in the KT and sam tells Scottie to tell Tyler to pack his stuff out the door, Kaycee in the KT drinking coffee.

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10:58 am BBT  Kaycee is sitting at the counter in the KT, talking with Angela.  They can't wait for the day to be over.  Not much talking going on.  Tyler is still packing

11:04 am BBT  Angela is telling Kaycee about Haleigh going upstairs last night and ringing the doorbell but she and Tyler didn't answer it.  Kaycee said Haleigh came back downstairs and complained about it.  Tyler comes into the KT.  They asks how he slept, and if he is packed.  Angela continues to whisper to Kaycee, can't hear what she is saying.  Tyler is washing dishes

11:18 am BBT  Angela and Kaycee are in the KT.  They have been talking about the drama last night with Haleigh for the last 20 minutes.  They says Scottie needs to go, but they hope it is a double eviction so they can get rid of Haleigh too.  She is driving them crazy.  They aren't going to talk with either Scottie or Haleigh today, because of the way Haleigh is acting so confident.  They agree that they need to make Brett feel safe and included, and keep to the plan.  Tyler is eating eggs, and offers some to Kaycee, but she doesn't want any. 


11:20  Feeds are on reruns of old shows.  Must be HOH lock down

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1:12 pm BBT  Feeds are back.  Angela and Kaycee are whispering about the vote.  They are concerned that Brett and JC talked after they did, and they want to make sure the votes are still against Scottie. They want to lock up the votes before tonight.  Angela starts running the vacuum in the BBR.  Kaycee goes into the KT, where Haleigh, Brett and JC are . Haleigh asks if they should take stuff out of the cabinets and put it in the SR, no one answers. Brett is sitting at the counter eating, and the table is completely cleaned off!  Must be for the live show.


1:16 pm BBT  Tyler leaves the SR as Haleigh goes in.  Angela makes a joke about welcoming Tyler back downstairs.  He said he is glad to be back.  Tyler goes into the KT and makes a comment about the table being clean.  Haleigh mentions some things to put in the SR, but Tyler said they use that.

Scottie is in the WA using clippers on his hair.

Haleigh corners Kaycee in the BBR trying to find out how the votes are going.  She said something about what happened last night, and now things are weird. She is worried about Scottie.  She claims she hasn't said anything to anyone.  She is working hard on Kaycee.  Angela comes in and complains about the vacuum being clogged.  She needs scissors to clean it.  Haleigh and Kaycee keep whispering, Angela is still working on the vacuum.  Kaycee does a quick update to Angela while Haleigh goes to get the scissors.


1:34 pm BBT  Scottie is still cuting his own hair.  Sam is in the shower.  She said the water is colder than usual.  In the KT JC and Brett are joking around, and Haleigh is really campaigning hard to Kaycee.  She wants Kaycee to talk to Sam and Brett. 


(gotta go)

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2:00-2:30 pm BBT  The house guests are getting ready for tonight.  There is a line for the shower.  Sam is out, Angela went in.   Scottie got done cutting his own hair, and Sam is trimming it up a little more.  It is pretty short.  When he is finished, he walks through the KT, where Kaycee, JC, Tyler and Angela are gathered.  Kaycee makes cat calls at him, and JC said it looks really good.  JC said he looks like a really hot...serial killer.  Kaycee wasn't sure that was good.  People are just eating and getting ready.  Other than Haleigh questioning Angela and Kaycee often, there is no other game talk.  Brett asks Sam to do his hair, but wants to know if she can do it so it doesn't look like a bird's nest. 

Talk turns to roulette and gambling.  They are still eating and snacking.


(okay, now I have to start dinner)

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7:06 pm BBT Feeds are back and the HG are in the KT, except for Angela and Kaycee in the WA.


7:07 pm BBT Brett is kicking himself for losing by less than a second.  KC said she would've been P*SSED!  


7:08 pm BBT Haleigh is cutting up zucchini squash for dinner while Tyler dips Rice Chex into peanut butter.  KC is looking forward to her pictures and said she is looking for hair gel in her HOH basket.


7:10 pm BBT Haleigh reminds the others that there are 10 more comps.  They laugh at Scottie cussing in his speech and then flipping them off as he left.  Haleigh said "what did he think he'd gain by doing that" and Sam smirks at the camera.




7:15 pm BBT Angela wonders who's winning the most hated in the jury house right now, she thinks it's probably a tie.


7:16 pm BBT Tyler, Angela and Brett are again talking through Scottie's speech and exit.  Brett is bummed because he blew it on the comp. 


7:18 pm BBT Angela laughs at how funny it'll be when Haleigh enters the jury next week.  They think that the only one that might hate Tyler is Bayleigh.


7:21 pm BBT Brett is thinking ahead to what should happen on finale night based on last season's show.  He explains it to the others as what to expect.


7:24 pm BBT Brett said he honestly did not expect to see Sam vote Scottie out.


7:30 pm BBT Brett, Angela, JC and Haleigh wonder how much of Scottie's speech was cut from the live show.  They confirm that he said "everyone can suck it except for Tyler since he’s been getting all that good Hilton Head".  Brett said he got the joke right away, where it took the others a little longer.


7:47 pm BBT There is a lot of chatter in the KT and Sam is upstairs on the couch just listening and taking it all in. 




7:53 pm BBT Angela and Tyler are talking in the BBR.  He tells her that production told him not to worry about it, but just to defend it.  She wonders if it was actually aired on tv, "seriously - how many times can people take a stab at my character".


7:55 pm BBT Haleigh continues to cook dinner, as she finishes prepping the salmon to go with the vegetables she just made.





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8:00 pm BBT JC walks by and studies the wall for a minute and then leaves.  Then Brett sits at the KT table and focuses on the pictures for a while.






8:02 pm BBT In the BBR, JC tells KC, Angela and Tyler that the comp was a good core workout and that he could feel it in his back.  KC said it's because he was on a stool, and that she could feel it earlier when they were practicing.


8:11 pm BBT Sam is whispering to herself "I wanna be here.  I wanna be happy" up on the bridge couch.  She appears to be counting days left and talking to the camera.  "OK - only 24 more days.  That's not so bad."




8:27 pm BBT All feeds are on Kaycee, Brett and Tyler, who are eating dinner in the KT.  Brett said "all that lockdown and for the quickest comp"




8:33 pm BBT Sam is watching from the upstairs railing while Haleigh runs laps up there.  JC and Brett are talking in the PBR about how close the comp was.






8:38 pm BBT Angela and Tyler hug in the WA. She says "I'm so tired of being personally attacked. What did I ever do to Scottie?"




8:39 pm BBT Angela joins KC in the geo room and continues to talk about being personally attacked. She didn't hear any of the comp instructions because she was fuming. She's so embarrassed, and feels bullied for doing nothing, playing the game respectfully.


8:42 pm BBT Kaycee comforts Angela pointing out that it shows Scottie's character and that he just does too much, and that people will know the truth. Ang said that she loves Scottie, and has to decide if she wants his friendship in her life.




8:48 pm BBT Kaycee and Angela are whispering in the geo room and it's difficult to hear.  Brett and Sam talk in the PBR about teeth and her permanent retainer that she has from when she had braces.  


8:53 pm BBT JC joins Angela and KC in the geo room where they continue to talk about how Fessy and Scottie attacked Angela during their eviction speeches.  JC tells her to not let it affect her, but that he understands how she'd feel bad.



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BB Time 8:48pm

geometry room


Angela and Kaycee are talking about the upcoming eviction.


Angela tells Kaycee that she talked to Sam earlier and told her that everyone was on board getting Haleigh out next week.


Kaycee plans to tell Haleigh that she is going up because she put her (Kaycee) up twice.


Angela tells her to say “It makes sense to do this, I don't want to get blood on my hands.”


They are working together to decide when to tell her, Angela says to avoid her tonight and tomorrow, and tell her at nomination ceremony.


Kaycee plans to tell Sam she voted twice against the house, so she is keeping the house happy, but she (Kaycee) has not targets.


The plan is to tell Sam ahead of time so she knows how to react.


JC comes into the room and asks Angela if she is still upset.


Angela says she is not upset now, but she is offended that he would attack her personal.


JC tells her Scottie was telling everyone crazy s**t, the same as last time.


Angela: I thought my relationship with Scottie was different.

JC: …..It doesn't need to be at that level.

Angela: it is disgusting, foul and slander, and my family watches that and it is a slap in my face, my community and my family, and Tyler's.


JC turns to leave,

Kaycee: you are so hot!

JC: you saying that to me

Kaycee: (laughs) yeah

JC: you can do that, you are HOH now


JC leaves.


Tyler comes in and sits with Kaycee and Angela.


Kaycee: I am just trying to figure out what to say.

Tyler: three in a row, we need to keep that going.

Kaycee: yess

Tyler to Angela: you good?

Angela:yes, just a bunch of grown up men attacking my character

Kaycee: it says a lot about him

Tyler: yep, …...it's just awkward.

Kaycee: I bet America sees right through that s**t. (we do)


Haleigh comes into the room with the others, She is eating candy, she says this is the only thing she is doing bad this week.


Tyler: I am going to make puppy chow.

Tyler leaves the room.


The three girls continue to talk about Scottie's speech at eviction. Angela is disappointed in Scottie, she thought they would be great friends after the game, and she will forgive him, but she will also see him differently.


Haleigh says those speeches (Faysal and Scottie's) look worse than the person they attack.


Angela says that Scottie flipped the middle finger when he left (I missed that), and that she did not talk to him all week....


Haleigh tells them she will go out and be grateful, it's just a game. She says they could not say anything back.

Haleigh also says she is surprised she got Sam's vote.


Angela tells Haleigh that when Sam asked her, she (Angela) told her the house was voting Scottie out but she could do what she wanted.


Haleigh said she spoke to Sam, and is glad she did. She follows that by saying that Sam is freaking out, and that Sam will offer to shave her eyebrows, will say she is ready to play the game now, and ask to be safe for the week.


Kaycee chuckles, Haleigh asks her why, Kaycee says she is just thinking.....then mentions her peanut costume.


Haleigh says maybe she will get a picture of a peanut and a bag of boiled peanuts.


Haleigh tells them she only had one ball in the slot at the end of the competition and feels like a looser, she thinks Kaycee will have the best HOH basket, but Angela's was the best so far.


Kaycee is looking forward to her basket, she thinks it's cool to see what they know about you. She is hoping for a yellow and red bandanna, she hopes there are no booty shorts and fingernail polish. She says if they do that, she will close the door and tell them to redo it. Kaycee wonders what she will get from home, maybe a black shirt or a surge shirt. She says there might be some kind of football.


Angela: Ask for a puppy

Haleigh: that would be sick



Haleigh: what alcohol did you put down?

Kaycee: beer

Haleigh: I heard bottles clanging

Kaycee: upstairs

Haleigh: yeah (mumbled)


They like Haleigh's eviction speech, she says there is no way they aired that.


Angela: yeah they did

Kaycee: with a bunch of bleeps

Angela: did you get it?

Haleigh: the Hilton Head part

Angela: yeah

Haleigh: yeah I got it right away, my mouth was wide open


Haleigh denies prior knowledge of the speech, but he did say things like “sh**ting in their shoes”, and stuff like that. Haleigh wonders what would happen if you said something like that and stayed. She says that Scottie was determined to win competitions and work his way through the game, just like Fessy did.


Haleigh: the one thing he said is “You know they just tolerate you.”

Both girls: noo, ahhhh, huh uh

Haleigh: I hope you don't feel that way, if you do, just tell me to go away.

Kaycee; how can someone be so mean.


Haleigh repeats what he said, (obviously she wonders if it is true), the girls deny again.


Kaycee leaves the geometry room.


Angela says she did not have a conversation with him, and she wonders if that is what “dic*ing around is. Angela says he should know what was going to happen after he came back, that his first eviction should have been a lesson. Angela says the stories he brought back from the jury house may not have been true, since he is good at making things up.


They continue to talk about Scottie. After a few minutes Angela says she is done talking about him, it gives him empowerment...Haleigh agrees.


Kaycee comes back, says Tyler is making puppy chow.



Camera moves to have not room for a minute, Sam is making the saucer beds. She looks at the camera but doesn't say anything to us.




BB Time 9:27pm


Brett, Kaycee, Tyler, JC and Angela are at the counter, Tyler has been making puppy chow, it is on the counter. (he says he is having that for dinner).


Kaycee is stacking bite sized chocolate bars on the counter, she stacks 20, the pile is not steady, but she adds one more, she yells and it falls.


JC says his favorite one is krackle, Kaycee's is the dark chocolate with almonds.


Tyler and Brett are in the bedrooms talking through the panel. The subject is Scottie's eviction speech. Both of them think that cost him Sam's vote.


Brett: That's two weeks in a row she's been.....i don't know. I went to Sam and told her that the whole house wants Scottie out. He is whispering about Kaycee putting up Sam and Haleigh together and say they are the only ones in the house with conflict, even if it is bull s**t. He also says that Kaycee could mention Sam voting against her.


Angela comes into the bedroom, she groans.


Brett: what did she say?

Angela mumbles

Tyler: was it Sam? (in the bathroom area)

Angela mumbles


Tyler is hoping they don't lock them down for an extra day this week, he wonders why they did this week because the OTEV was crazy and took only one day.


Angela thinks it was the platform they stood on.



Kaycee and JC are still playing with the candy bars at the counter.


In the bedroom Brett, Angela and Tyler are still whispering.


Brett says something about the people in the jury house, he is whispering and hard to hear, He mentions Sam and JC,

Angela: yeah, unless it's a comp you can't throw.

Brett: we control the vote now, we controlled this one. Do you think there's a double?

Angela: there has to be

Brett: to line up that way, yeah, f**k.


They all think they are not allowed outside so they are forced to be in the house together.


Brett whispering: Does Haleigh think she is going home

Angela whispering: no

Brett whispering: who does she think is going home?

Angela: sam or JC

Brett: that is why she f**ng made dinner for the first time in 78 days, she told me she thought it would be the same as last week, she would go up.


Sam comes into the bedroom saying when Scottie goes into the jury house she wonders what will happen. She says whatever he dished out in the BB house when he was leaving he will get tenfold when he walks into the jury house.


Brett: I miss Rock Star, I know she misses me.....he laughs: I will never call her anything but Block Star, if I ever have to speak to her again.


Haleigh comes in and starts rolling the divider doors around. Brett says they have one bed per person in the house now.


Brett wonders what America thinks of them.


JC: they f**ng love us. The top 7

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House guests are in the bedroom, they are talking about taking the smiley face pillows with them, and when they visit each other they can take them with them.


They wonder if Scottie will go to the jury house tomorrow, JC says it will be the same process as last time.


Sam is cleaning the bathroom.


Tyler: JC does your face hurt?

JC: why

Tyler: because it is killing me

JC: what is your face is killing me mean?

Kaycee: like it's killing him

JC: well I don't like that.

They all laugh, then they are quiet.


JC tells Kaycee it is almost time for them to call her, she says 10 will be three hours, she is hoping for her gel, she says she told them Sally's or CVS. Tyler says he did not get his brand.


JC asks a question and Brett pops up from the other side of the wall to answer, JC tells him he is :not part of this conversations.” Brett makes a remark back to JC, “You don't even know me.” and flops back out of site.


JC notices that the whole house minus Sam is in the room. (Sam is showering/cleaning in the bathroom area.


Complete silence.



Kaycee is called to the DR, she says she is nervous.


JC tells her to put energy in her HOH room announcement.


Back to complete silence

Still riveting

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10:19 PM BBT Kaycee gets her letter and sees it’s from her brother. She is extremely emotional. Sam keeps asking if she wants to read it alone first. Kaycee says what the hell and she says ok.


My seastar, my kaycedilla,

She says something is in her eye and everyone laughs. I’m super proud of you beyond words. After mom and dad, I’m your number one fan. Family back in the Philippines and Utah are supporting you. This is your time, your time to shine. This all worked out perfectly for timing in your life to win in a big way. You were made for this and you deserve this W.


This part of the letter is for a different purpose. I have always looked up to you as my big sister. I’ll always look up to you because of the person you are. You are amazing at so many things. A lot of the best memories in my life are from you and us being the best of buds from young. Throwing many things like grapes and spaghetti, playing sports together throughout our lives, and even doing business together as adults. We’ll always have the exact same sense of humor and can laugh nonstop for hours. We will laugh together for the rest of our lives. Just know that I will always have your back. I will always support you in anything you do, and you can talk and come to me for anything and everything. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Always having my back, supporting and being there for me, and always being the person I can trust and count on. I’m beyond lucky to have you as an older brother, I mean sister. I can’t imagine life without you. You will always be my best buddy for life and I’m kind of choking up writing this and my throat hurts so I know yours does too by now, lol.


But I say all of that to say this. Out of all the people in my life and friends I’m close to, I couldn’t think of anyone better to stand next to me when I say I do to the woman I love. Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you like no other, would you do me the honor and be my best brother, I mean best man, woman thingamajic, whatchamacallit. You know what I mean. Get it? Best brother because you’re on Big Brother. Nevermind. Anyways, I hope you say yes. Really you don’t have an option so say yes to the camera and I’ll expect a big hug and yes when you get out.


Love you forever,

Your best buddy for life,

Kenny Clark.


She says yes! Everyone claps.

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BB Time 10:05pm


The house is silent. Sam is cleaning the kitchen appliances and counters, the other house guests are on the beds, except Kaycee, who was called to the DR. Everyone is waiting for her to reveal her HOH room.


Production: Okay head on out!! Big energy!!!!

Kaycee: okay


Kaycee: who wants to see my HOH rooooom!!!!! then, I have to pee first.

Sam: our HOH likes to pee.



Everyone is waiting for Kaycee to come upstairs. They are pounding on the rail and yelling.


Kaycee tries to unlock he door...........it opens!!!!


Everyone runs to look at her family pictures. Kaycee identifies her family members, she says some of them are old.


Someone sees that she got Michelobe, they like her music choices.


Kaycee spots a box. She opens it and she finds hot cheetos, hot sauce, the box says Will you be my... they are looking for the end of the question...


Kaycee opens her letter. She sits and looks at it and starts to cry before she reads it.


Kaycee: I can't read it. (tears), “what the hell?”


Everyone turns away.


Kaycee starts the letter, read a few words, then “something is in my eye.” the group laughs.


The letter is from her brother, and is very touching. He asks her to stand up with him at his wedding, she yells yes.


Kaycee is still teary, keeps saying “damn. I'm a baby. Damn”


House guests are looking in her refrigerator, Tyler sees asparagus. Someone finds bandannas.


POP TV gave her a box to congratulate her. It contains a plant.


She gets flamin hot Cheetos, cinnamon toast crunch, JC found cookies, Brett found flavored water, as did JC. There is salsa, tea bags,


Sam says she has the tea kettle on, she hugs Kaycee and leaves the room to check it out, the kettle is singing when she goes to the kitchen.


Kaycee is very happy, she gets peppermint tea, extra hot pringles, Chris Brown music, Haleigh finds socks and organic sweet potatoes (dried in a bag). Brett finds a seaweed mask, Tyler sees gel, but not her brand.


Kaycee reads part of her letter again.


Haleigh says her basket is almost as good as Angela's

Kaycee: hers had more of the stuff you like.

Haleigh: that's not true, I like Michelobe.


Haleigh leaves after the rest the house guests, leaving Kaycee to enjoy her private room.


Kaycee is alone in the room, thanks BB for the basket, then sits down to read her letter again.


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JC and Brett are in the bedroom


JC is talking about Sam, he wonders how she will respond to being on the block, he says she is crazy, he mentions her during competitions when she curses.


Brett says Scottie will go back and say the house put him on the block and made him a have not.


JC says their whole alliance will be in the jury house.


Haleigh comes in with a pb and J.


JC says no more negative energy.


JC and Tyler are play fussing, JC tells him he is showing him pure love.


Tyler asks for a full week of outside, JC is asking for a visitor. Brett says they might not because this is the last veto where there are enough people to have a host. Maybe after that they will get a visitor.


Everyone liked the competition that allowed them to search the house, Tyler says he slept with the music on almost the whole time.


JC says maybe Haleigh will host this veto....(Grannysue grin, she might not want to do that if the rumors are true about the nominees).


JC says when they get out of the house they can do pranks that are meaningful, he looks at Tyler and says: “Things like waiting for you to sleep and cut your hair”


Brett thinks this coming week will be the last week of have nots. JC is on his fourth have not, Brett says he volunteered for the next one.






Kaycee and Tyler are in the HOH


Kaycee plans to approach Sam and tell her she needs a pawn, she will use the excuse of Sam's rogue votes, and tell her that she doesn't want blood on her hands. She will make sure Sam knows Haleigh will be leaving the house for sure. She will ask Sam to say nothing.


Kaycee says she will tell Haleigh that since she put her (Kaycee) up twice and this is to even things up.


Kaycee says she will tell Sam ahead of time what her planned speech is so she will know.

(this is the same thing she told Angela earlier)


Tyler says he will try as hard as he can to win veto, he tells her not to listen to JC this week.


Kaycee says if Haleigh wins the veto, she would put up JC, but then Sam would go home and that is not what any of them want. Kaycee says if Haleigh comes up, she is not sure what she will say.


Tyler tells Kaycee that Haleigh will come up with deals, and plans. Tyler says she already said she knows she is going up. Tyler tells her to keep Sam calm, and Kaycee needs to make sure that when Haleigh starts trying to get Sam upset it does not work. Tyler tells Kaycee to say things to Sam that no one sees her as a threat and he will reassure her and have Brett do it as well.


Kaycee has no answer for Sam if she asks why it can't be Angela.


Tyler thinks they will win back to back the rest of the time. Kaycee says that would be so sweet. Kaycee is glad that Scottie is gone, they don't have to worry about him in competitions.


Both of them think next week will be a double eviction.



11:04 pm


JC and Brett are in the pink bedroom.


JC is complaining about Sam, Brett is making appropriate noises. Angela comes in from the shower, and JC says he is next. Brett tells Haleigh his is showering, but is waiting for the queen


JC: shut up



Brett comes into the HOH room.


He tells Kaycee and Tyler that JC is livid over Sam keeping the big saucer. He says when they send Haleigh out they will have JC and Sam at it. Brett tells them that JC had his heart set on the big saucer, and Sam took it.

JC is mad because Sam offered to share it and he wanted it. Brett says JC is the smallest person in the house, he is just being a b**ch about it, but still....


Kaycee tells them that Haleigh is wanting to come up to the HOH, she is dreading her coming up, and she is dreading Haleigh falling all over here this week.


Brett says Sam's behavior is like an act, that when she notices she hasn't gone out of her way to do things, she cooks dinner. He calls it convenient timing. He says he has told Sam that the whole house wants Haleigh out, that she has to be cool this week. He told her to remember what happened to Rachel, she blew up and went home.


Brett is the third person to tell Kaycee that she should mention Sam and Haleigh's dislike for one another, Kaycee refuses again, saying she does not want to be the one to bring that up.


Angela says they will both act calm and chill, and there might be a blow up.

Kaycee says all she knows is that Haleigh has to go next week.

Angela says the jury will hate all of them.


Brett is laughing about egging the big saucer disagreement on, asking Sam if it is comfortable, and did she like it. He did it in front of JC.


They discuss why Sam did not give Scottie a sympathy vote, they think it could be because of Scottie's speech.


Brett laughs about how badly Haleigh messed up her game with her nominations, and Faysal being the person who put her other ride or die home. Brett noticed that the only person Faysal hugged was Haleigh.

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