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Sunday, September 2, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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1:00 AM BBT Angela, Tyler, JC and Brett are in the HoH talking about the POV. Brett says that it was when Haleigh was slipping like crazy that Sam called out asking that the water be turned on again. 


1:06 AM BBT Brett tells JC, Angela and Tyler that right before Kaitlyn left, she literally acted like he had cheated on her and that she knew it was going to happen. She said that she had dreamed it all.  She predicted it. She spun the whole thing into her guides and intuition. 


1:17 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Tyler, Brett and JC in the HoH. They are discussing Kaitlyn and her antics when she was still in the house. Feeds 3 and 4 show the rest of the HGs in bed with the lights out. 


1:21 AM BBT Tyler, Brett and JC continue to talk in the HoH about Kaitlyn. One thing Brett is dying to find out is who was the rogue Kaitlyn vote. He is looking forward to see who that was. 


1:21 AM BBT Tyler, Brett and JC continue to talk in the HoH about Kaitlyn. One thing Brett is dying to find out is who was the rogue Kaitlyn vote. He is looking forward to see who that was. 


1:31 PM BBT The conversation between Tyler, JC and Brett has changed to Haleigh. Tyler has no idea why Haleigh has been all up in his business. He told her he has no vote and can't break a tie so it is pointless.

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1:34 AM BBT Tyler and Brett both think that Rockstar, Fessy and Bayleigh all knew that Haleigh was the hacker when Tyler was put up. JC tells them that Fessy did not know. Fessy trusted JC enough to listen to him about putting Scottie on the block. There is no way Fessy would not tell him if he knew. He was completely freaked out about it when he found out. 


1:39 PM BBT In the HoH Tyler, Brett and JC are speculating that the Jury Battle Back was done because Kaitlyn didn't finish her puzzle. There is not enough time left for anyone else to come back and they are definitely going to have a double eviction this week or next. It's just a matter of BB taking them from 8 to 6 or from 7 to 5. 


1:50 AM BBT Brett, JC and Tyler continue to talk in the HoH. They are discussing Brett's big speech when he and Winston were on the block together. Rockstar had a melt down afterwards. 


1:56 AM BBT Brett tells JC and Tyler that Scottie crawling right back in the hole with Haleigh when he came back in the house was the biggest mistake. A stupid move.


1:58 Am BBT Tyler, Brett and JC are talking about HN's. JC wants Tyler to make Scottie a HN since he is going to the jury house and will get to eat whatever he wants. Tyler says that Scottie is a jury vote, not going on some vacation, and he isn't going to sh*t on him before he goes. JC tries to convince Tyler that it is not his turn for HNs. Tyler "It is equally you and Sam's turn."


2:05 AM BBT Tyler is now alone in the HoH. He brushes his teeth and restocks the mini fridge before turning off the light and going to bed. He lets out a loud burp. Shortly after he lets out a fart and he laughs. Brett and JC have gone downstairs. Brett is making them pancakes. 


2:09 AM BBT Kaycee comes out of the DR. She joins JC and Brett in the KT. Brett is making them pancakes. Kaycee is surprised that everyone else has gone to bed while she was in the DR.

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2:17 AM BBT JC and Kaycee are eating ice cream sandwiches. Brett declines one. JC "What's the matter with you? You may be a have not tomorrow." Kaycee asks JC if he would do HN with Brett. JC "I would get out of it if I could. Not with Brett but HNs." 


2:24 AM BBT Brett hasn't just made pancakes. He made pancake burgers. Instead of using buns, the cheese burger is sandwiched between pancakes. 


2:33 AM BBT Brett, JC and Kaycee have finished their pancake burgers. They clean up their dishes and head to the WA to brush their teeth before bed. 


2:38 AM BBT Brett has gone off to bed. JC is in the darkened hallway changing his shirt. Kaycee comes across the LR into the hallway. She doesn't see JC there. He scares her. Kaycee "You bi**h. You f'ing bi**h." He laughs at her. They go and crawl in bed. 


2:45 AM BBT Sam gets up to use the WC. She crawls back in bed afterwards and puts her mask back over her eyes.


3:00 AM BBT Everyone is in bed and asleep. 


6:45 AM BBT JC gets out of bed. He uses the WC and returns to bed afterwards. 

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7:36 AM BBT Sam gets out of bed. She goes to the KT and prepares the coffee maker for the morning brew. She visits the WC and then goes back to bed. 


8:00 AM BBT Still quiet in the BB house while everyone sleeps.


9:00 AM BBT No wake up call just yet.

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9:34am BBT - HG are still sleeping.

9:57 AM BBT - Someone's snoring really loud. They better enjoy it because wake up call will most likely happen soon.


10:04 AM BBT - We got Foth (wake up call?!)


10:17 AM BBT - Feeds return! Sam in KT; everyone else asleep with lights on.


10:17 AM BBT - Sam heads to SR and grabs some milk and looks inside cabinets and grabs something else.


10:19 AM BBT - Sam back in KT gives the "A-OK" hand sign to the camera. Then a few moments later BB calls her to DR.


10:21 AM BBT - Sam comes out of DR and heads back to KT but makes a detour to WA


10:23 AM BBT - BB calls Tyler, JC, Brett, Angela, and Scottie to SR for fresh batteries. Brett gets up.


10:25 AM BBT - Brett passing Sam and said, "They say LD" and Sam responds "No". Brett in WC and Sam stiring something from the Microwave. Everyone else still in bed.


10:27 AM BBT - Brett leaves WC and heads right back to bed. Only one up right now is Sam. 


10:33 AM BBT - Feeds show Kaycee passing Sam heading to WA 

10:35 AM BBT - When Kaycee walks past Sam in KT; I saw the BY open up.

10:37 AM BBT - BB says, "Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela there are fresh batteries in SR, please change your batteries.


10:38 AM BBT - Sam gathers all her dirty clothes from WA and BBR as it appears she's about to wash her clothes.


10:42 AM BBT - Sam carries a pile of clothes to the BY and heads to the washer/dryer


10:47 AM BBT - Sam heads back to KT, takes the last pile outside to BY, then she heads back in KT to attend to what's she's cooking on the stove. Everyone else still sleeping.


10:51 AM BBT - BB says, "Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela there are fresh batteries in SR. Please change your batteries."


10:54 AM BBT - BB says, "Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela there are fresh batteries in SR. Please change your batteries." (again). Scottie gets up this time and heads to SR. Sam in WA working her hair.


10:56 AM BBT - Scottie climbs right back into bed once he changes his batteries.


10:57 AM BBT - JC stumbles out of bed and heads to SR to change his batteries. At this time BB does their reminder about HG being awake and BR lights need to remain on. BB then yells at Tyler & Angela about fresh batteries in SR. 


11:03 AM BBT - Feeds show Sam still doing things in KT and Kaycee in BBR getting her socks on. 


11:08 AM BBT - Tyler comes out of HOHR. Sam says Good morning to him. He responds "Morning Sammy". 


11:08 AM BBT - Angela heads to BY and lays down on a lawn chair to get some sun.


11:14 AM BBT - Tyler, Kaycee sit down in KT making general chit chat. Same still cooking something.


11:14 AM BBT - Sam said the songs this morning was really good. She says the first one was Patsy Cline, second one Avett Brothers, and third one she couldn't figure who it was. They talk about the songs that BB played them this morning.


11:22 AM BBT - Sam, Tyler, and Kaycee talking about the Jury and what they are doing. Scottie joins the KT crew. Angela in BY suntanning. Everyone else not on cam - probably still in bed.


11:25 AM BBT - Sam and Scottie talk about sleep. Kaycee heads to BY.

11:26 AM BBT - Kaycee heads back in and makes her way to WA


11:32 AM BBT - Scottie & Kaycee in WA. Sam now in BY picking up things on the ground.

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11:22 am BBT  Sam, Tyler and Kaycee are in the KT.  Tyler is washing dishes, Scottie comes in and gets some milk.

11:25 am BBT  Sam and Scottie are the only two in the KT.  Sam asked how he slept.  He said ok, but something about green that bothers him.  Sam said she slept alright, she tossed and turned a lot.  Sam prefers to sleep on her back.  She said she made too big of a pillow, she needs a flatter one.  Scottie took the bed in the PBR closest to the lockers, that was Rockstar's old bed. 

Sam is cooking something in a large pot.  Scottie is sitting at the counter with a mug.  Sam said she thinks it is funny that all the guys are in the PBR, and all the girls are in the blue one. 


Angela is outside getting some sun.  On feeds are Angela alone outside, Sam and Scottie in the KT.  Don't know where everyone else is today.

11:30 am BBT  Scottie finishes his muffin and tells Sam how good it was.  She thanks him.  He gets up to throw away his trash, and realizes the time.  It seemed to surprise him.  Sam went outside and told Angela she made her cold drink and strained it before she made the slop.  Angela thanked her and said she would be inside in a few minutes.  Sam goes around straightening things in the BY.

11:35 am BBT  Angela went inside to get something to drink.  Kaycee is in the KT and asks how she slept.  Angela said really well, she just didn't want to get up.  Sam comes in and puts something close to Kaycee's face.  She asks what it is, if it is a bug?  Sam said it is a moth.  Kaycee said she hates bugs, you can't put it that close to her.  Sam takes it over to her spider. 


Angela is back outside and laying in the sun.  Tyler comes out.  He gets in trouble for talking about production because he said they yelled at him this morning.  Angela says, Tyler, Tyler Tyler.  BB then says Tyler.  More talk about how they slept. 

11:40 am BBT  Angela and Tyler are putting up the awnings.  BB says thank you.  Tyler says that is the nicest thing you have said to me today, Bob.   Scottie is trying to do the other side alone.  Tyler goes over to help.

11:42 am BBT  Brett is in the BBR, talking with Haleigh who is still in bed.  He said his hips really hurt.  She is just laying there.  Brett says he is going to brush his teeth.  He rubs her leg and says he is sorry.

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11:35am BBT HG slowly waking up, Tyler and Scottie head outside, Angela is laying in the sun. Sam is in KT checking on her bug in a jar. Kaycee is wondering around inside. BB asks Tyler and Angela to put down the awnings.   


11:46am BBT Brett, Kaycee and Scottie make their way outside. Haleigh and JC are still in bed. Sam says she has gotten fat, her clothes don't fit if she dries them in the dryer. Scottie found his glasses. 

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11:58 am BBT  In the BY, Sam is finishing her laundry, Angela and Tyler are laying in the sun, Kaycee is working out and Scottie and Brett are running. Scottie high five's Tyler as he goes by.  Tyler said he will get a sunburn on his armpit because of this.  Tyler put his arm down, so Scottie is high-fiving Brett as they pass, then went over to Kaycee where she was working out. 


Haleigh is still in bed in the BBR, sleeping with her mouth open.


12:05 pm BBT  Tyler gets called to the DR.  They think it is for Have-nots.  He tells Angela to go eat something.  She says she is over it, and stays in the BY.  All 4 feeds go to Haleigh sleeping in the BBR.




(not much talking, will be back if something happens)

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11:54am BBT Scottie doing lunges, Brett jogging, Kaycee doing some weights. Tyler and Angela laying in the sun. Haleigh's eyes flutter open then closed again. Scottie moves on to jogging and Kaycee increases the weights. (its an exciting day in the BBH)


12:05pm BBT Tyler called to DR. Angela says time to be a have not. Tyler says better go eat something. Angela answers she's over it. Haleigh rolls over. All 4 cams on Haleigh sleeping. 



12:11pm BBT BB asks the BY HG to switch the awnings. The legs of the awnings were put up wrong and the fabric wasn't covering over the windows right. They finish and BB thanks them all by name. Tyler and Angela talk about drug testing and all cams switch to Sam wiping down the counter.


12:24pm BBT Kaycee coaches Scottie thru some weight lifting. He says...oh I feel pain, I feel pain. Brett still jogging, Tyler and Angela still sunbathing.



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1:00pm BBT Brett and Angela going over previous comps and winners/losers. Scottie, Sam, Haleigh eating in KT. Tyler gets a drink from the fridge. 


1:15pm BBT Brett lays out with Tyler and Angela. Angela finally turns over. Scottie takes the trash out. Haleigh sings and we get WBRB. Haleigh washes her dishes. 1:18pm BBT Tyler rinses off in the outdoor shower and lays back down. Brett rinses off and gets in the pool. 



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1:48 PM BBT Tyler has gone inside to get a snack. Angela and Haleigh are talking about Haleigh's finger nail habit. Angela tells her that she should paint her nails a bright color like red to discourage her from biting them. 


1:53 PM BBT Angela and Haleigh continue to lay out in the BY. Angela tells her that she wishes she could get her hands on some Botox. Haleigh agrees. Meanwhile Tyler, Scottie and Kaycee are hanging out in the KT. Tyler is making a snack. 


2:00 PM BBT Angela, Tyler and Brett are in the BY. Angela says that she feels guilty that she has only been a HN once. Everyone else has done it two or three times. 


2:06 PM BBT Haleigh tells Angela that she is physically and mentally exhausted. She could probably sleep for 24 hours straight. Angela tells her that is what happens when you do too much. 


2:16 PM BBT Kaycee has used white tape to make a veto symbol on the inside of her left arm. She then goes outside and oils down. The apparent goal is to have a POV symbol tan line on her arm. She says that she may decide to get an actual POV tattoo when she gets out of the house. 


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2:31 PM BBT Scottie and Tyler discuss playing Bocce Ball with the balls from the pool table. Tyler says thinks that is a great idea. One of his favorite things to do while working is to watch people play Bocce Ball on the beach. 


2:46 PM BBT Tyler has been called to the DR. Angela "Here we go." The HGs expect Tyler will come out and assign HNs. 


2:49 PM BBT Haleigh, Brett, Kaycee and Angela are all laying out in the BY. They are looking and pointing up at the sky. In the far off distance they see objects in the sky. Haleigh thinks they are balloons. Brett says if they were balloons, they wouldn't keep seeing them. They would disappear eventually. Planes shouldn't fly that close together. Haleigh "If they were UFO's, the would be shooting them down already. Have you not seen the documentary?" Haleigh describes them as flashy and shiny. 




2:59 PM BBT Brett is telling Scottie that whatever they saw in the sky wasn't balloons because they maintained altitude. They were circular and very reflective. Scottie asked about satellites. Brett "Why would 5 satellites be cruising our atmosphere?" Scottie wonders if there are any military bases in the area. 

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3:28 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC and Scottie in the KT. JC is eating and asking Scottie about how Fessy looked when he left. Scottie says that the Fessy looked at him like he expected Scottie to hate his guts. Scottie explains that after being in the jury for a week, he realized feelings and emotions he had in the house were not real. Feeds 3 and 4 show Angela, Brett and Kaycee laying out in the BY. Brett tells them it is Labor Day Weekend. Haleigh says there is no one else she would rather spend it with. 


3:32 PM BBT Scottie tells JC that he is suspicious. According to the speech, Haleigh is the target. However Fessy said that he was told the exact same thing and he went home. Part of him thinks that Fessy didn't know what he was doing. It was weird the way that he apologized to him afterwards. Scottie said that move single handedly destroyed his game. He is being told he is a pawn. All he can do is pray that it is true. 


3:37 PM BBT Scottie tells JC that he got set up. He was told that JC, Sam, Haleigh and he were all going to vote to keep Rockstar. JC says he was never told that. Scottie says he has re-entered the game alone. He is just at the point where he is searching for friends. Tyler came out of the DR. Scottie looks to see if Tyler has come out with a slop card. Tyler "No slop card yet." 


3:41 PM BBT Tyler is out of the DR. He talk to JC at the KT island. "This is BS. They let you sleep all freaking day." JC "Because it's Sunday." BB "Tyler, you are not allowed to talk about production." 


3:44 PM BBT JC is explaining to Scottie why they have to have a double eviction soon. They will lose a HG at day 79, 86, and 93. That leaves 5 people still in the house at Day 99. If they have a double eviction, then get to Day 99 with just 4. BB calls for JC to change his microphone.  


3:54 PM BBT Scottie tells JC that he would vote for him as Mayor of BB. Scottie wants no more HN's and half day Fridays for his vote. Kaycee asks if anyone is in the bathroom. Scottie says no. Kaycee "Okay because I am going to be hanging out." Scottie "You poopin?" Kaycee "I'm poopin. It's going down." 

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4:02 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are still on JC and Scottie in the KT. They are talking about the plastic cups. JC admits that he hid the cups from Rockstar. Scottie just assumed they weren't giving enough for everyone to have one. He never suspected JC. Feeds 3 and 4 are in the BY. Angela is running laps. Haleigh, Tyler and Brett are laying out. Brett had fallen asleep and woke up in drool.


4:12 PM BBT Quiet day. Feeds 1 and 2 show Kaycee folding clothes, Angela running, and Scottie playing Corn Hole by himself. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Haleigh in the hammock. 


4:18 PM BBT Scottie has joined Haleigh on the hammock. If he was at home he would probably be at Haunted Trails with his family. He explains it like a Chuck E. Cheese with go carts and mini golf. He has a ton of tickets from the game room that he has never turned in. He has been saving them. 


4:27 PM BBT Scottie asks Haleigh about Texas. What are the different parts of Texas. She says that West Texas is dry. It's the desert. Eastern Texas is piney. The panhandle is very hilly and green. The best land is in Central Texas. If you wanted to buy land, that the place to buy. She would never live in SE Texas. Meanwhile Tyler and JC are whispering in the KT. Tyler says that Haleigh is trying to get close to Kaycee and Angela. It isn't working. 

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4:35 PM BBT Angela has just done 100 laps in the BY, most of which were in the sun. She is now walking to cool down. Meanwhile Tyler and JC are in the KT. Tyler is eating Rice Chex while JC talks about what he wants to do after the show. 


4:40 PM BBT Kaycee is on the exercise bike. She tells Angela that she is falling asleep while on it. She is almost napping while doing cardio. Scottie "You figure out how to do that, you tell me." 


4:46 PM BBT BB calls Scottie to the DR. He is in the hammock. He gets out of the hammock on the wrong side and gets back on the hammock to roll out the other side. Instead, he is flipped to the flat of his back.


4:59 PM BBT JC has gone out back to work out. Haleigh "When he is ready we have to drop what we are doing." Meanwhile Sam is in the PBR. The camera follows her. She looks at the camera and says "Can you not?" 

Scottie Takes a Tumble.jpg

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BB Time 8:06pm


House guests are in the kitchen.


Sam is doing hand stands against the wall


Haleigh and JC are trying to out shout each other in a conversation.


Kaycee is eating leftover nachos, and Angela is listening to the conversaton


Sam goes outside, Scottie is out there.


Brett comes into the room, he is carrying his shirt with him.


Sam and Scottie come into the kitchen.


Everyone is talking at once, house guests are coming and going, they are asking questions no one answers..


Sam is looking at a sealed bag of grain, wondering if it will make her sick again, meanwhile Tyler is burping, JC is yelling, Kaycee is talking loud, someone is pounding.





Brett and Scottie are in the hot tub, much quieter there!


Brett is telling Scottie that he has a twitch in his leg that feels like a cell phone vibrating.


Scottie says he seldom gets a new phone, and Brett says he is comfortable with his phone, and knows the platform.


Brett says he ate very clean today, ran about 3 miles. Brett says he only took a stretching break. Scottie asks if there are rules.


JC: you guys want two beers?

Brett: yes

JC; jusssst kidding


JC asks Brett if he wants a grape, Brett says no. They get into a fuss about you could have caught it/why did you throw it. BB tells JC to stop it.


Jet flies overhead


Haleigh is near the hot tub, telling them she has eaten too much.


Brett tells her to get in the hot tub and sweat it out.


Kaycee, Tyler and Angela are in the bedroom. They are talking about outside temperatures. Tyler jumps up and grabs beer from one of the closets. Kaycee is in the storage room, she tells him it is Labor Day weekend, she wonders what is going on, and why BB is forgetting them.


He follows her to the bedroom, I don't know what he did with the beer, he no longer has it.


Tyler and Angela are on the bed, partially covered with the comforter. Angela tells Tyler she is wearing Scottie's nail polish.Tyler seems surprised Scottie has nail polish.


Tyler is telling Angela about Haleigh's visit to the HOH, that she thinks Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are in a trio, and he says she asked him again about him and Angela being a showmance. Tyler says she believes less that they are a couple.


Tyler is called to the DR. He throws Angela a snack and tells her to eat the whole bag.


Tyler: here, eat this, eat it quick, eat the whole bag.


Angela lays it on the bed beside her, she gets comfortable under the comforter. Silence.




JC and Kaycee are laughing in the back yard, they are trying to level the billiard table, Kaycee is giggling and it takes a few tries to get it up enough for Haleigh to put a towel under it. JC says they need another towel under the other side.


BB tells them to stop.


They all yell, how are we supposed to play?? Why don't you fix it??


They continue to fix it, ignoring BB.



Tyler comes out the back door with a slop bucket and card. 8:25pm


Tyler tells them it is a tie for who's turn it is....they are ready...he reads the card..


This week the have nots are the three house guests who dropped first during the competition. This means Sam, JC and Scottie are the have nots this week.


Tyler: I 'm sorry.


JC checks the card to make sure Tyler didn't lie to them. The card is right.


Haleigh and Kaycee are laughing, they say Scottie has been a have not for a month. JC tells them it is three weeks for them, and they are almost there.


Brett and Scottie are in the hot tub. They are talking about past have nots as the planes fly overhead.


Brett says it was nice they did it so late on a Sunday, most people have already eaten their meals for the day.


Brett climbs into the pool area, they are talking about last week. Brett says he was more aware of Brett last week, Scottie says he saw Rock Star crack eggs and leave the shell in the carton. They don't like putting shells in a garbage disposal either, they say it makes it smell like eggs. Scottie thought you weren't supposed to do it at all. Brett says you can, he doesn't like the idea. He says it figures Rock Star left the shells.


Brett was confident that he would do better in that competition, Scottie says it is the second worst one, the worst being the one with snakes. Brett laughs, and says he is p***sed about the HOH one, he says it wasn't about who was strongest, it was about who f**ed up.


Scottie says he started spinning and he was done, Brett says he did not suffer nausea, he was committed to winning, he thinks Kaycee eating before the competition was what made her sick. He says the fish made hi a little sick.


Scotties says the balance beam was a problem for him (must be veto competition) he says the water made him slide. He also mentions balance beams.


Brett wonders if Baleigh and Rock Star were upset to see Fess,


Scottie says that Faysal and Haleigh were their favorites, so on a personal level they would have liked seeing him. He says that Rock Star would not be happy to see him. Scottie tells Brett she told them about her goodbye message from him. Brett tries to blow it off, saying it was because she was yelling at everyone.


Scottie tells Brett they talked about the first two weeks quite a bit, Brett says he doesn't even know much about the first two weeks, he spent all his time with Winston, and he thinks people didn't tell much during that time. Scottie tells him that word of mouth travels. Scottie tells Brett about the “love square”::


Faysal had a thing for Kaitlyn, Angela and Haleigh.

Haleigh had a thing for Tyler.

Haleigh had a thing for Faysal

Kaitlyn had a thing for Faysal

Kaitlyn decided to zone in on Tyler.

There was a confrontation between the girls.

Swaggy confronted Kaitlyn for having a boyfriend and chasing Tyler and Faysal.

Kaitlyn used it as an excuse to vote out Swaggy


Brett is surprised, he did not know all that, he did know that Swaggy tried to make deals with everyone, sometimes on the behalf of Baleigh and Brett without their knowledge.


Scottie says that Rock Star, Faysal, and Haleigh approached him about an alliance of five, and included Baleigh in it. He says they went to Baleigh and told her that Scottie inserted himself.


Scottie says he knows that Haleigh made many final three deals, Brett names the four.

Scottie tells him the “all girl thing” happened, Brett says he knows, he wonders who started it.

Scottie tells him Sam was not included, Rachel was the ringleader, he tells them the girls would push all the guys out.


Brett believes that Haleigh and Kaitlyn had a final two, but he thinks they each had several.


Scottie wonders if Faysal put him up because he had a final two with Haleigh, he says he tried to reason and use logic. He says nothing got through to him.


Brett says he is a single track person.


Tyler comes out with the snap chat glasses.


Brett: Scottie you are in a bar, a chick tries to pick you up, how does she do it.

Scottie: be funny


Brett: you are on your first date, what is the red flag

Scottie: if you gleek when you talk.


They are going over other people's answers last week for snap chat (red flags)


Scottie asks where they would take on a first date


Brett: going to the zoo to play with baby lion cubs, then go get states.

Tyler asks Scottie the same question.

Scottie: I have never been on a first date, he wants it to be fun, not a restaurant or a movie.

Tyler: man can get discounts

Scottie: I can get discounts.


They tell Tyler that he has to have the questions, he tells them he wants them to ask questions.


BB Questions

Tyler: Brett, which non jury member hates you the most and why

Brett: Rachel. He says sorry Rachel, she wanted a more intimate things.......it's not you, it's me


Tyler: what jury member loves you most

Scottie: Steve, not a question


Brett: Who has a secret in this house.

Tyler: I am looking at him, Brett is an Australian model for the military.


Brett starts using an Australian accent


Brett says Scottie works for the NSA


Tyler: you heard it here first.


Brett asks them questions about the jury and how they feel about people in the house.


The answer dissolves into funny stuff, JC comes in, tells Scottie that all the votes were flipped and sent him out.


(if you have Snap Chat, this will be fun to see)


BB Time 9:14pm


Tyler finishes his questions at the hot tub, he goes in search of other house guests.


Brett tells JC he gets a few minutes of fame and he goes crazy.


JC tells him he has ten to fifteen thousand followers on snap chat, Brett is amazed.


Brett says he is curious about what his texts and what they say. (random people throughout his life)


just general chat around the hot tub.




Haleigh, Kaycee and Angela on the beds, all of them look like they are napping, Angela is under the comforter, Haleigh puts on her shoes and leaves the room. We hear Sam laughing in the background.




Haleigh has joined the group at the hot tub, she has a microwavable heat pillow with her, JC is asking her about it.


Scottie asks if they want a snack, they can have slop. Haleigh asks if this if this is his fourth time. Scottie says he has been a have not with nearly all of them.


Haleigh has her legs in the hot tub, she is thinking about getting in.


BB JC! Are you sure you are wearing your microphone?


JC: yeah


he goes inside.


Haleigh tells them everyone is already lying down, except Sam, who is making everyone's beds.


No game talk.


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Video of Scottie's mishap with the hammock at 4:49PM BBT today.



Also, after the broadcast show aired and Kaycee repeated production's rules for the country fair HoH comp, it's clear that Tyler should have been disqualified and the second person out of the comp (before Sam) when his feet were completely off the disc for 1/2 a revolution at 11:03PM BBT while he tried to regain his balance. Hayleigh actually won the comp according to the rules.



Kaycee recounting the rules that say you need to keep at least 1 foot on the disc at all times...


Scottie ALSO referring to the "keep one foot on the disc" rule, though he says if one foot comes off he's out.  So, one foot off (Scottie recounting) or two feet off, either way, Tyler was disqualified and not called for it.


Liz from BB17 Episode 30 repeating the "1 foot on disc at all times rule" for same comp

Broadcast version of the Sunday show where it's 100% clear that Angela's audio in the middle was replaced with a reading of rules in a different sound environment. It likely replaced the 1 foot on the disc rule when production realized they had a problem of Tyler being disqualified they had to cover up.


Big Brother production knows Tyler lost. They're clearly covering it up (poorly). If Ty had been out 2nd by disqualification, the competition would have ended about 20 minutes earlier when Hay was the last one standing on her disc.  Big Brother owes her a rewind week to fix this.  If they don't, they have openly cheated their own long-standing rule for this HoH competition.

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10:04 PM BBT Kaycee and Angela are laying down in the BBR. They are discussing Fessy's exit speech and how he said that Angela was spoon fed. Angela will never forget those personal attacks. Meanwhile Scottie, Brett and Haleigh are sitting out at the hot tub. They are discussing showmances.


10:18 PM BBT In the BY, Haleigh and Brett are trying to teach Scottie how to detect if someone is interested by looking in their eyes. If he gets an eye roll, walk away. They are not interested. 


10:26 PM BBT Sam is in the KT making her slop granola cereal. She tells Brett that she hopes it cheers JC up. "He is very not happy. Zero happy. Matter of fact, he is straight pi$$ed. His life is over."  


10:28 PM BBT Scottie and Haleigh are alone at the hot tub. She says she is almost convinced that one of them are going home on Thursday. Scottie says he isn't almost convinced. He is convinced. And if he goes home by another unanimous vote then that just reiterates the fact that he is a BB joke.


10:37 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Scottie and Brett in the hot tub. No game talk. Feeds 3 and 4 are Sam and Haleigh in the KT. Sam is still making slop granola. They are talking about Brett and the fact that he has a bad sunburn. 


10:48 AM BBT Scottie, Brett and Haleigh are at the hot tub. They are discussing the way men can pee in a bottle. Women do not have the luxury. Scottie has only done it once. 


10:55 AM BBT Angela has gone upstairs and crawled in bed with Tyler. They look at the camera. "Tangela updates. Does this qualify as a Tangela update? She finally came upstairs." They discuss how the live feed watchers were aware of their relationship because they already created that Twitter name for them. 


10:57 PM BBT Angela to Tyler about their relationship "I can't wait for the HG to find out." Tyler "If they don't already know. No, they don't know." Angela "I feel like they are dumb enough not to know." Tyler "It probably drives them nuts."  


11:00 AM BBT Tyler and Angela were laying in bed together. JC comes up. Angela jumps out of the bed and runs to the couch just in time. JC says he doesn't want to go to bed because he doesn't want to be up at 7 AM. Angela "Well, the good news is you will be sleeping in a saucer." JC "Shut the F up." 


11:13 PM BBT Haleigh and Scottie are talking on the hammock. She tells him that she told Fessy that targeting Scottie was a dumb mood. He tells her that Fessy did apologize to him. She said good, he should. 

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11:21 PM BBT Haleigh and Scottie are discussing his Goodbye Messages. Some of them were highly edited. Scottie tells her that she had a lot of F2 deals. Haleigh says that she never had a F2 except with him. Scottie says that according to Bayleigh, Hale's Bale's was the name of their F2. She said no, that was the name of the skin care line they are going to do. She didn't even have a F2 with Fessy. 


11:29 PM BBT Angela has found wine and beer in the SR. Those who can partake gathered in the KT. 


11:43 PM BBT Everyone not a HN is in the KT enjoying beer and wine. They are discussing T Mobile Tuesdays. Sam is making more slop granola. JC is up in the HoH listening to music. Scottie is in the WA. 


11:55 PM BBT Angela and Kaycee have hidden back some of the beer. They go to the SR for a refill. 

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