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Friday, August 17, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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BB Time 8:33pm


A short time ago Brett prepared some food and offered it to Sam. She tried it and had an allergic reaction to it, the house guests got her to the DR and the feeds went down until she returned.


Sam came back to the house, she okay. She seems to think that the hemp seeds in the tuna caused the reaction. She had no idea she was allergic to anything, BB has removed the hemp seeds. Sam has decided she will only eat sugar now, the others can have the healthy food.


Happy that Sam is well after that scare!!





Sam is sorting through her “house”, straightening up while Tyler lays on one of the beds.


8:37pm camera moves to kitchen


Haleigh, Brett, JC and Angela are around the counter, JC is teaching Brett to read a Froot Loops box in Spanish. JC corrects him once in a while. (It sounds like he is reading the nutrition label). When he is done he looks at Haleigh.


Brett: Do you know what I just said?

Haleigh mumbles

Brett continues to read the box, this time in English. Brett and JC tell Angela she has hand prints on her posterior end.


Brett is called to the DR, interrupting his eye contact with Haleigh. He was giving her a soulful, I like you, be mine stare.


Camera moves to Tyler and Kaycee


Kaycee: Dude! Crazy

Tyler: mumbles and hides behind emoji pillow

Angela comes into the room and sits on the bed, Tyler crawls over the low wall into the pink bedroom. Angela is called to the DR.)


JC comes into the room and pitches an emoji pillow at the girls. Brett is out of the diary room, he walks by Haleigh very slow, while he drifts his arm along her waistline. He gives her the same look as earlier. (let's call it the Brett look in the future.)


Tyler and Brett are talking about compress ions in CPR, (according to the chat on CBS feeds, Tyler was the one that realized Sam was in distress and reacted first) Haleigh tries to question Tyler when he gives the compression procedure information.


Haleigh: doesn't that change Tyler?

Tyler: yeah it changes all the time, I am certified every two years.


8:48pm FISH

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9:03PM BBT All 4 cams on HOH room. Hayleigh is walking around getting ready to take a shower. She asks Fessy why he isn't coming down. He says he is enjoying his privacy. Says it isn't his problem that he hasn't come down. She says he is being rude. He says he isn't.


9:11PM BT Tyler, Angela,Kaycee and JC in the BBR chatting about veto comps. Tyler says he has been in all of them but one.


9:21PM BBT Sam comes into the BBR. Tyler asks how she is feeling. She says ok. She is drowsy from the Benedryl DR gave her.


9:33PM BBT Fessy and Hayleigh talk in the HOH room. Hayleigh tells him that she told Scottie to come talk to him. Fessy tells her that he is thinking about pitching to Tyler and Angela about working together. Hayleigh wonders if they are a couple. Fessy says that he has talked to Angela and Tyler is not her type.

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9:39PM BBT Fessy tells Hayleigh how he is making a big move with his HOH. They cuddle and kiss. She offers to bring him dinner because he hasn't eaten. She said she will play chess with Scottie and then bring him dinner.


9:45PM BBT Tyler and Brett talk in the HNBR. They are discussing what Brett should do if he picks HG choice for Veto. Tyler says he thinks he has Scottie convinced to pick him. Brett isn't sure who to pick.


9:50PM BBT Tyler says best case scenario is that Brett wins Veto and takes himself down. Tyler says they still have the votes. They continue to talk about Scottie being nominated. Tyler says that if it hadn't been Scottie, it was going to be Tyler and Brett according to JC. Brett says that would have been so much blood on his hands since one of them would stay.





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BB Time 9:29pm

I came in on the end of a conversation about “how did Angela's panties end up in the HOH bathroom?”


Faysal asks Haleigh if she told Scottie to come talk to him before the nominations, she tells him that Scottie was wondering if he was okay this week, then he came up.


Faysal says in the beginning he was thinking about Scottie not going up, but in the end he felt that one conversation doesn't change things.


Faysal thinks Tyler and Angela are very close, he wants to pitch to them. He wants to tell them that there are people in the middle of the house that should go first. He names Scottie, JC and Sam. He wants to get an agreement to top four.


Faysal says he is not comfortable with them but he feels he can have conversations with them. He says he told Angela that he wants the nominations to remain the same.


Faysal is going over his pitch with Haleigh, she looks distracted


Haleigh: Angela' panties in the shower?


Faysal starts telling her how the panties appeared.

He says he called Tyler to come up, and also Angela


Faysal: I was in the bathtub.

Haleigh In the bathtub?

Faysal: I was standing in the bathtub talking to them


(there is no elaboration on the panties past this point)


Angela leaves to play chess with Scottie

Scottie is in the middle of a self-challenging game, he is explaining the moves to Haleigh.


The other cameras are on JC and Brett in the bathroom area.

Brett is flossing, JC is on the sofa

Kaycee comes into the area with them to do some beauty maintenance of her own.

None of them are talking.


On camera 3 and 4 Scottie conitinues to illustrate chess moves


in the bathroom


Scottie: only five more people to go.

No one answers, but a few seconds later Kaycee mumbles and

Brett: I feel ya


Kaycee says the lotion smells interesting. Brett leaves and Kaycee asks JC if he is staying up or trying to go to sleep. JC says he isn't sure yet.


Camera moves to have not room


Brett and Tyler ae in the room whispering.


Brett says Faysal is more politically correct than he thought since he put up Scottie and Brett. Brett asks if there is any information about what is being done with the veto, and Tyler tells him Faysal had mentioned keeping the nominations the same.


Brett asks if he should choose Tyler, Tyler asks him who else he could pick, Brett tells him there is no one else in the house for him to pick except maybe Sam.


Tyler says even if it stays the same Brett has the votes. Tyler says that if Sam did win, she would do what Faysal wanted and keep the nominations the same.


Brett wonders if he should pick someone not close to them, and maybe picking Haleigh to play would be a good idea. He believes that Scottie and he were picked because they are close to Haleigh.


Tyler says it could come down to a tie, but he doesn't see that as a real possibility on votes.


Brett throws out JC as a possible pick.


Tyler best case scenario is that Brett wins, comes down and someone else goes up. Tyler thinks that JC really wants Scottie out.


Brett wonders if the argument between Kaycee and Scottie was real, they think so.


Brett says Faysal doesn't want to talk to him, Tyler said he went up and Faysal was asleep.


Brett says being nominated is better than being back doored. Brett thought Faysal would put Angela and Tyler


Tyler says it could have been you (Brett) and me.


Tyler thinks Faysal put them up because both Scottie and Brett raised their hand over the flipped vote this week.


Brett says Faysal has not tried to talk to him, and when JC suggested that Brett go up and talk, Brett refused.


Brett: If he wants to talk to me he can tell me.


Brett is worried that if Tyler takes Brett off it will be a problem, and Tyler repeats that he told Faysal he would do as Faysal wished if he won veto. Tyler is not sure what Faysal will expect him to do if he wins.


Brett thinks Faysal has a back door plan for Tyler. Tyler agrees, he says Haleigh was going to back door him last week, so it is hard to believe Faysal isn't planning the same thing. Tyler says he pretended to believe Haleigh when she told him she was never going after him (Tyler).


Tyler tells Brett that if he is the last to pick JC could be his pick, but he is concerned that choosing JC will look weird.

Tyler also says he will talk to Sam and see where she is at, what she would do with the veto.


Brett says Faysal told him he believed him about the vote in the kitchen in front of other people.

Brett thinks this could be the one with the numbers and days, and that if it is Faysal is good at it.

Both of them are going over the names of competitions, the days of HOH, veto comps, and who went home. Tyler says he is going over it in his head before sleeping.


Brett says Haleigh slept in there last night

Tyler: Yean, it's full blown

Tyler says he has tried to warn Scottie (assume about the showmance, Faysal's jealousy)


Brett said right after the confrontation in the HOH about the vote Scottie sat in a room with him for nearly an hour, he acted like nothing happened and talked to Brett about random things,


Tyler tells Brett if he picks him for the veto, he will cover it somehow to look like Tyler convinced him to do it. Brett says he also might pick Sam, she might be good in mental or physical. Tyler wonders if Sam will go out there and gun for it, and Angela is not a good choice. Tyler tells him to pick who he thinks is best. (Tyler has said that every suggested person Brett mentioned has a risk of some kind, leaving Tyler as the only probably pick.)


Tyler leaves the room, and Brett settles in his saucer to sleep.

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BB Time10:13 :pm


Scottie and Kaycee are in the kitchen.


He is telling Kaycee about the mating rituals, but he cannot demonstrate them because residuals are too powerful. He tells her that she should never try the mating ritual in a bar because it will attract all the slobs and non-slobs.


Scottie says for him it is a numbers game so he needs the slobs.


Kaycee says she needs to go to sleep, she complains about her back. She indicates that the teapot is hot so he won't get burned.


Kaycee hugs him and tells him goodnight.


Scottie continues to munch on his cereal.


JC comes by and asks who Scottie was talking too, Scottie tells him he is talking to the toilet and leaves for the bathroom area.




camera moves to bedroom


Tyler and Kaycee are laying in their beds, Angela is in Tyler's bed between them. They are all settling in, JC comes in but leaves in just a few seconds.


Camera 3 10:19pm


JC and Brett are in the have not room.


JC tells him to choose him to play the veto.


JC: I don't want to play tomorrow, but F it.


He is moving his microphone while he is talking, but right before he leaves he says;”You are good for tomorrow”



JC goes to the kitchen, then to the bathroom area.


Sam is in the kitchen, he passes Scottie on the way to the loo, Scottie leaves and goes to the kitchen.


Sam goes to the storage room for a can of coffee, Scottie is still pacing the house, talking to himself in whispers.


JC is moving around the house as well, probably checking to see who is sleeping where.


Scottie has gone upstairs and is looking at the fish tank while he twirls a head band on his finger. He is whispering very softly at intermittent times, but he is impossible to hear.


I hear: He is.....a fool....only Wednesday......a sigh..this is cool...i have pockets, pockets are meant for this kind of stuff.


He mentions the size of the fish, he wonders what the fish are thinking, he assumes it is interesting.


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10:38 p.m. BBT.. Scotty is still standing in front of the fish tank he's been there for almost a half an hour now. He's just been talking to the fish and standing there he continues to still do this. Fesse came out of the HOH bedroom but went straight downstairs didn't say anything to Scotty and Scotty just continues to stare at the fish.....

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10:45 p.m. BBT Scotty continues to stare and talk to the fish. Haley yells from off camera by HOH room and ask Scotty what he's doing. He replies this fish is a weird size and the other one looks like a lizard. Then no more talk between him and Haley and Scotty continues to stand and stare at the fish.

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10:47 p.m. BBT Hayley and fesi.. downstairs in kitchen alone fixing some snacks to eat they are not talking at all right now just fixing food. They walked right by Scotty who was continuing to stare at the fish, when they left HOH bedroom to go downstairs. No one is talking to Scotty he has now laid down on the little couch right by the fish tank and is just laying there sort of mumbling to himself

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11:05 p.m. BBT Haley is finally paying some attention to Scotty and is playing a game of chess with him so Scotty is not sitting and staring at the fish anymore they are not really talking about anything they are just focusing on playing their chess game I haven't seen any game talk between them at all right now

JC had Walk Thru Kitchen and was talking to fessi, about the veto competition it was a little hard to hear and follow what he was saying. They kept telling JC to put on his microphone. Then JC leaves kitchen goes into bedroom and is in bed with Casey Casey and JC or whispering in bed about Scotty. and all the crazy ways he was acting tonight they think Scotty is losing it and doesn't know how to handle the stress of being on the block again and he doesn't have many people to talk to now so they think he is losing it by how weird he's been acting tonight. Tyler gets called to the Dr it seems like he was sleeping but he had to get up and go to the Dr now 11:11 p.m.

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2:20 a.m. BBT... Tyler and Angela seem to be all cuddled up hugging while they are sleeping. I observed that last night also but didn't post about it so this is second night I've seen them like this.


All houseguests seem to be asleep. Haley and fesi we're up for a while talkin and kind of arguing about fesi nominating Scotty.. Haley said she thinks that's a mistake. This was around 1:30 a.m. before they fell asleep. Then fesi said Haley was making him second-guess himself so he was upset about that cuz now he thinks possibly he made a mistake but he still thinks Scotty would be out to get him and Haley told him no. They talked about this for quite a while and then they did usual roll around under covers kissing for a while and then fell asleep

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11:00 PM BBT All four cams are on Haleigh and Scottie playing chess. We hear JC is told to put his microphone higher in the background. Faysal is in the KT washing dishes. Kaycee and JC are in bed whispering. Kaycee says Scottie is going crazy and doesn’t know how to act. JC says he keeps talking to himself. JC tells Kaycee if Scottie wins POV and then HOH he and Faysal will be going on the block. JC says Scottie is only in the game because of him.


11:05 PM BBT JC and Kaycee are still whispering and JC says his only concern is Sam with power if she were to win. Tyler is called to DR. Haleigh and Scottie are playing chess. Haleigh says she’s sorry and Scottie says crap happens. Haleigh wants Scottie to win the veto and he says he does too. Haleigh says she wants to try and win it. Brett is walking downstairs and Haleigh tells him good night. JC calls Brett over and he wants to know why Brett is sleeping in the HNR and Brett says because he’s a loser. JC says if Brett sleeps in there he’ll damage his back and not be able to play in veto. Haleigh says she didn’t want Scottie up, she made that abundantly clear. Scottie says if you have no pull with him, then who does? Haleigh says JC. Scottie asks who JC is loyal to. BB says to JC to please not hold the microphone in his hand and JC says thanks. BB says you’re welcome. JC tells Angela he’s worried Sam will get picked to play. He doesn’t trust her with power. Scottie says he said he was on Faysal’s side, but he still put him up. Haleigh says she wanted Scottie to go talk to Faysal because Faysal was acting strange. Scottie says he did, but every time he talks to him he doesn’t talk back, just asks a bunch of questions.  


11:10 PM BBT Angela, Kaycee, and JC are still whispering. Angela says they need to keep noms the same because it would be stupid to change them. Scottie asks Haleigh what Faysal would do if he wins veto. Haleigh says hopefully backdoor someone. She says she hopes that’s the plan. JC keeps playing with his mic so we can’t understand anything he’s saying. Scottie’s afraid if he’s on the block Thursday it will be a sweep. Scottie says that means if he or Haleigh don’t win veto tomorrow, he’s gone. Scottie says Tyler talked to him and says he has his back, but Scottie says he won’t use it on him because he’s working with that other side and he doesn’t want to risk one of them going up.


11:15 PM BBT Tyler is out of the DR and he’s going to bed. Scottie says he’s glad to see Haleigh was getting along better with the others today and she says it makes her suspicious. Scottie says unless one of them wins veto, for the next 72 hours he will be walking around like the plague doing random, awkward 1-on-1 conversations with whoever will talk to him. Haleigh says he’ll always have her because they always have great conversations. Haleigh and Scottie are making Finding Nemo references. Tyler says good night as he walks by downstairs and Scottie says goodnight beautiful. Faysal is called to the DR. Scottie says he’ll be called soon and Haleigh says probably after Faysal. Scottie says he’s the last one. They are talking about someone in production who is their favorite “good-bye message” guy. Scottie asks Haleigh what she wants to talk about. Scottie is talking about Haleigh’s pimples. He says he’s got a secret calendar with the date of arrival of her pimples and the date of departure and she laughs. He asks her what she thinks the veto will be and he says nevermind he doesn’t want to speculate.


11:20 PM BBT Haleigh thinks it will be the super hero one and Scottie says he doesn’t think he’d be good at that one and Haleigh thinks she would. Scottie talks about Zach Rance and he says he compared himself to Zach and he lost that one and Scottie would probably lose it too. Haleigh says Scottie should have just won HOH. Scottie says he started off slow because he thought it would be longer than it was and he might have been able to won. He says everyone else is sore, but he doesn’t feel anything. He says this is what he gets for poor game play strategy and not giving it his all. He never, ever would have put Faysal up. It never would have crossed his mind and he’s really protective over Angela. Scottie says he brought it up in his talk and Faysal just shut it down. Haleigh says when? Scottie says when they talked earlier. Scottie says it’s like it wasn’t even an option and Faysal shut it down and Scottie figured it was a touchy subject. Scottie says they didn’t even talk about noms that much, they really just talked about last night. Scottie says he talked about it but Faysal just asked questions. Scottie says someone is in his head telling him not to trust Scottie.


11:25 PM BBT Talk has turned to what Haleigh has eaten today. Scottie says maybe he’ll blow up a couple of times this week. He says if he’s on the block, he’s going home Thursday so he might as well have fun with it. Scottie thinks the vote would be 5-1 but maybe 6-0. Scottie says Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela are all voting the same and Sam has a crush on Brett. Scottie is going to keep his speech short and simple and say they better hope there isn’t a battle back and sit back down. Scottie thinks Haleigh is taking this harder than he is. Haleigh says Scottie has to win tomorrow. Scottie says it might be Haleigh because she’s on a hotter streak than him, he keeps coming in second. Haleigh says she can’t win anything and he says she’s won as many comps as he has. Scottie says Faysal also brought up in their conversation how close Scottie and Haleigh were and that he didn’t like, but then he said Scottie didn’t get close to Faysal. Scottie says every time he talks to Faysal he never responds back.

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11:30 PM BBT Scottie and Haleigh are talking about Christmas traditions. Haleigh says her family uses a gold star on their tree. Scottie wants to know Haleigh’s favorite Christmas songs. She answers Silent Night. Scottie says that’s a good one. Haleigh says Christmas is coming soon. Scottie says kind of, but we have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Haleigh says it’s closer to Christmas than it was. Scottie asks Haleigh if she buys a lot of presents and she says yes, she likes to get everyone a little something. Haleigh says she’s good at shopping for her mom, but it’s hard. Scottie says it’s impossible to shop for his mom because she says she doesn’t want anything and tells him to get what she usually gets him. Haleigh says it’s easy for her because she pays attention to her mom, even though she’s very particular. Haleigh tells a story that her mom wanted a robe, a very expensive robe, but there were multiple kinds and multiple colors. She knew she wanted a thick one so that narrowed it down, but then she just picked a color. But it ended up wrong and her mom returned it to get what she wanted. Scottie says she returned it? He says his mother would have never done that.


11:35 PM BBT Haleigh asks how much Scottie’s brother spends on Christmas. Scottie says his brother spent so much on his niece. He says he went to the Disney store and bought all kinds of plushes and spent hundreds for his niece. Scottie is talking about their family tradition of him, his dad, and all of his siblings going shopping together, but come to find out it started because it was his mom kicking them out so she could clean the house. Scottie says the first few years were fun, but the gifts weren’t great but they were little kids. Scottie says his brother bought him a recorder and he didn’t know what to do with it. Scottie says it was yellow. Haleigh says she can play the recorder. Scottie says anything and she says Mary Had a Little Lamb and Scottie says he can play Hot Cross Buns. Haleigh can also can play it on the piano and Scottie asks if she could play it on the electric guitar and she says maybe. Scottie says she’s like an artist. Scottie asks Haleigh what her worst present ever was. She thinks about it and can’t think of anything. Scottie says his was a year after the recorder incident, but his little sister bought a combined gift for he, his oldest sister, and his brother and it was Stuart Little 1 and 2 and a bonus disc and he hates Stuart Little. He says she bought it because she wanted to watch it and she bought it for them. Haleigh liked the movie.


11:40 PM BBT Scottie asks Haleigh if she’s gotten bad gifts? She can’t think of anything. He asks if she’s the type of person to return a gift and she says no. Haleigh says granted she doesn’t have siblings who buy her movies they want to watch. Haleigh says she got an old school Frogger game, the joystick you can plug in to the TV. She got an awesome paint set and a Lite Brite. She also had an easy bake over. Scottie asks if since she was an only child if she got excessive gifts, and she says yes but not just because she was an only child, but because she was also an only grandchild on both sides. She got a puppy one year for Christmas. The puppy was a cocker spaniel. She had the dog for 7 years but she got a tumor.


11:45 PM BBT General chatter between Haleigh and Scottie about her puppy, Ladybug. She also had a cat called Mr. Whiskers. Faysal is out of the DR. Scottie had a fish that died immediately. His sister had parakeets. His mom is allergic to cats and dogs and Scottie is allergic to cats. Faysal goes into the HOH room. Scottie says his grandfather threw a cat out a window and his mom said it landed on his feet and just walked away. Scottie says his grandfather was short tempered. He doesn’t have any grandparents left. They passed away every 5 years.


11:50 PM BBT Brett is called to the DR. Scottie says his grandfather was a soldier and had PTSD. Haleigh wants to know what time it is. Scottie has never played Risk. Haleigh thought she seen something move and Scottie asks what she would have done if it was a mouse. Haleigh says freaked out and then Scottie would have thought she was team America. Haleigh is going to talk to Faysal and Scottie tells her she doesn’t have to. She says she wants to because she has some questions. Scottie says he’s wanted to blow up multiple times, but he hasn’t done it yet. Haleigh asks if he has a secret alliance with someone and he says no and she says go make one. Scottie says the person he wanted a secret alliance with went out week one. Haleigh says she’s going to talk to Faysal and Scottie says let him go to sleep. He says they just need to stay calm, head to the ground, and play veto tomorrow.


11:55 PM BBT Scottie says they must be trying to repeat season 16. Scottie says he thinks he’s Zach and Haleigh is Nicole and Kaitlyn was supposed to be Christine. Haleigh says they need to go to bed because of the veto and Scottie says he still has to be called to the DR. Brett is out of the DR. Scottie asks what Haleigh is going to dress up for as Halloween, he wants to know what type of costumes she’s done. Haleigh says she was Jason, Little Red Riding Hood, and one year she was a Ghost. She says she went as a boxer and he says like a dog? She says like with pizza boxes, someone who folds boxes. Scottie says when he was in high school he applied to so many different places and he couldn’t get a job to save his life.

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