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  1. 1:26pm BBT - Cam 3 - Haleigh downstairs hanging on the couch with Angela and Kaycee. They are talking about how they wish they had an expresso machine. They are talking about all the things they need to ask for, xanax, ambien etc. Sleepy time tea, stress free tea. Fessy goes into the DR but they don't think its time for noms yet after all. They are trying to remember what time the nom ceremony would happen before the hacker twist.
  2. 1:21pm BBT Feeds come back on and they are still rehashing the Sam comment. Fessy saying that Sam HAS said explicit things like that before during her HOH when she nominated Haleigh. Fessy changes into his Swaggy C shirt. Fessy lost his microphone. Haleigh telling Fessy and JC that Kaycee came up to apologize to her and that she thought it was sweet. Fessy found his microphone. Haleigh tells them that Angela came to her and told her that she knows she lost her best friend and that if she needs someone to hang out with she can hang out with her. JC talking about how he doesn't think Tyler is really in an allowance. He says that Tyler feels picked on and thats why he is down there sad. Haleigh said she's going to go check on Tyler and leaves. JC talking to Fessy about Tyler being worried that if Scottie takes himself off the block that who is going to be the replacement. Fessy said they will talk about that when the time comes because he's not sure now. Fessy restating that he doesn't think Scottie is going to win the veto. JC says with Fessy's back being messed up that its a possibility. Fessy thinks the veto will be more mental than physical this week. JC leaves the room.
  3. 1:15 pm BBT Fessy gets called to the DR. They think its time for nominations. Scottie leaves the room and Haleigh gives Fessy a look. JC telling Fessy he is a little concerned. They are worried about Scottie winning veto and next weeks HOH. Haleigh is telling JC about what Sam told Scottie about Haleigh being upstairs with Fessy. JC is denying that Sam was even in the same room as Scottie last night. They are speculating that Scottie lied about what Sam said in efforts to get Sam to go on the block. Fessy in the BR getting his HOH robe on. Cuts back to fish.
  4. 1:09 pm BBT JC and Tyler are talking veto scenarios and whether or not Tyler will have an opportunity to play. They keep cycling through different scenarios. 1:12 pm BBT Feeds follow JC into the kitchen with Sam. Sam is doing the dishes. She tells him she loves her and kisses his head. Sam is telling JC how cute he looks in his hoodie. JC is asking Sam if he can clean her underwear for him. She says yes. Camera follows JC to the HOHR and he rings the doorbell and goes inside. 1:14pm BBT - Switch the camera 1 inside the HOHR. JC telling Haleigh, Fessy and Scottie how the house feels so empty and telling them where everyone in the house is. They continue to talk about how lit JC was last night. Fessy asking JC if that was the most lit he has been in the house and he said no and starts recounting the time he was most. They start talking about diary room sessions and it cuts to Fish.
  5. 1:03 pm BBT Feed switches to Tyler and JC in the BBR. They are talking about how drunk JC got last night. They start to whisper about Fessy's noms. JC tells Tyler that Fessy told him it was going to be Brett and Scottie. JC telling Tyler how the plan last night was to put up Brett and Kaycee with a plan to Backdoor Tyler. JC is telling Tyler that he needs to be careful.
  6. 12:57 pm BBT switched cam 3 in the LR with Angela and Kaycee laying on the couches. They are talking about how quiet the house is. They are now whispering speculating who Fessy is going to put up. Angela asking Kaycee if Fessy told her she was good. They are wondering why the nom ceremony is taking place so much later than normal [me too!] JC comes out of the Diary Room and Brett gets called in. LR group says they wish they had alcohol. JC talking about how he was having alcohol deprivation and the wine last night made him tipsy.
  7. 12:52 pm BBT Haleigh saying how it pisses her off. That Sam pisses her off. Scottie saying how he was in the bathroom while Sam was flirting with Brett and when he came out she tried to play it off with jokes. Fessy says he doesn't care to watch the HOHR monitors because he doesn't car who is talking to who. They are speculating if next week is going to be a Double Eviction. Scottie says that things are real awkward down there (referring to the KT). HOHR group is now talking about what Fessy got in his basket compare to what Haleigh & Scottie got in theirs.
  8. 12:48 pm BBT Scottie joins the HOHR saying that he was talking to Brett about absolutely nothing. Scottie then proceeds to tell Haleigh that Sam hates her and how when Haleigh was upstairs drinking wine in the HOHR Sam commented how Fessy was going to have a "real good night". Scottie telling them how he pushed the beds together in the BBR to make a mega bed.
  9. 12:45 pm BBT Haleigh and Fessy in HOHR. Fessy going over nom speech [sounds like he is planning on nominating Brett and Scottie since both of them said they voted for Rockstar to stay and obviously one of them is lying]



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