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It was a weekend of nothing more than both sides isolated from the other and trash talk all around. I had no desire to write about the Garbage being spewed by anyone but today it's all about the the Veto! 


If you would like to FB and watch the ACP was delivered on Friday afternoon. Justin of course received it by default since he was the only HG still eligible. The "challenge" was quite simple which I was happy to see.  This is after all and ACP so it shouldn't have some difficult task attached to it. This is BB though so i was concerned they may make it something like the 24 hour sword punishment Shelly had in BB17 with the sword and something similar needing to be done like 2500 times in one day. 


Justin had to complete to receive the benefit of the final ACP begins his 2 hour "practice period" at 2:40 pm. He was given only one official attempt which occurred at 4:45 pm 11/18. 

On Sunday, we confirm that Morgan nominated Jason/Kryssie for eviction after Justin successful completed the Final Four ACP challenge. This gave him safety and left Shelby vulnerable if anyone other than Shelby/Morgan wins Veto. If anyone else wins Jason or Kryssie comes down and Shelby is the only HG left to be the renom. 


Monday, 11/21 1:19 pm Veto Begins

HG play one at a time and have to crawl through a corn maze seeking three ears of corn and make it back to the finish exit with all three ears of corn and hit the buzzer to stop their clock. Justin can be heard reading the rules and explanation of the Veto comp at 1:19 pm..


As usual the player with fastest time wins! Justin started first. Jason rounded up the crew. Shelby second, Morgan went third 1:48 pm and I suggest you FB to her because she has a complete hissy fit when she can't find the 3rd ear! 

Morgan found the first two ears of corn and then cannot find the third. She proceeds to insist the 3rd ear isn't there, complains for several minutes, going on and on about rigging, her knees hurting, etc...
After all these weeks of everyone being so critical of Kryssie and small fits every single player in the house has had over one comp or another, I was thoroughly entertained by Morgan's 11+ minute debacle. I enjoyed watching her chance at saving Shelby slip through her petty little fingers. 


Once everyone has played the HG head to the BY at 2:47 pm to get the results! Morgan clearly knows she's likely going to be in last place.


Justin was excited to see his time was so quick just under 2 min. Once Shelby sees her time is well past both Kryssie and Justin's times you can see her face and body language quickly shift knowing this is the end of her game. With Jason's time the last to be revealed we discover that

JASON WINS VETO!  Only by 20+ seconds over Justin who placed second. Morgan placed last and Shelby second to last! 


As many of you know I'm not a Shelby fan but I have credited her for some more recent accomplishments and ability to survive since week 5. Those wins made her a player I was happy to see compete and finally begin to build a resume fans could justify considering her at the end. Did I want her in final 3? Well, certainly over Morgan and even perhaps over Kryssie. I don't care which side of fandom your preference lies, there's no argument based on the final four Jason has played a well rounded game, he's won enough competitions, weaponized the ACP's that worked against he and the misfits from week 3-week 5 and the DE. Jason has played strategically and despite being a large target when everyone entered the 

BBOTT house has done a great job despite some of his less than desirable comments along the way. Quite frankly everyone is guilty of that this season. 


Of the HG's who remain in the house Morgan is literally the least deserving as a actual player and I don't give Kryssie too much more credit. IMO, Kryssie does have a slight edge over Morgan because she made a lot of efforts prior to week 5 that helped the Misfits survive. She's been OTB numerous times as a pawn but she's still there. Jason/Justin/Kryssie started together week 1 and although there's been some bumps along the way all 3 have successfully managed to make it to final 4 in tact. That's an accomplishement any way you slice it. 


This leaves: Jason, Shelby, Justin in that order of the three who have all done enough to deserve a monetary gain for their individual accomplishments all season long. The problem is I know, as do Jason and the misfits, if Shelby made it to the end she would be very likely to win. I've been a Misfit fan since week 1 and I would be overjoyed with either a Jason or Justin win. 


Fortunately, thanks to Jason's veto win today the Misfits get to stay together! Morgan will be up against 3 players in the final HOH later this week. If Jason or Kryssie win that HOH, Jason will be in final 3. I am not so sure about that if Justin wins the final HOH...but how much do we really have to worry about that? He's a little more unpredictable only because he knows sitting next to Jason versus Morgan may not be in his best interest. 


Morgan would send Jason home without blinking. If this works like final 4 does in broadcast BB, with an HOH and one HG not on the block, no veto in play,  it seems likely whichever HG isn't HOH or a nominee has the sole vote to evict.  Remember in normal BB, final four is all about the Veto. Since there may not be a veto next week the only other solution is the player who isn't OTB still has the sole vote to evict. 


After the results are revealed from the Veto comp today Morgan and Shelby spend the hour following today's veto comp crying and consoling each other. Shelby seems as though she's not overly upset since she tells Morgan, "it's ok, I will get out, find out my bar exam results and this will be a speck in my Life. 


That's it! Tomorrow's veto ceremony Jason will take himself off the block, Shelby will go up next to Kryssie. Justin and Jason will vote to evict Shelby on Wednesday night! 

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I am not so sure about that if Justin wins the final HOH...but how much do we really have to worry about that?


I'm sure that what fans said about Jordan in Season 11 heading into Final HoH Part II.



Who reminds all to expect the unexpected...


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8 hours ago, mhmb said:

i can't believe that jasons vile behavior is being compared to everyone elses.  his went far beyond any smack talking

I one hundred million percent agree. I used to be a Jason fan, and now I'm questioning my sanity. He (and Kryssie) have gone way too far with their Shelby and Morgan bashing. 

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I will first say that I am in no way condoning using demeaning terms to refer to people and that trash talking in itself is not a good look for anyone. And I am sure that you will fail to see what I am trying to convey, please try to hear me out.


I don't know Jason, not in the slightest. I have never met him, and I am NOT defending him, but as I  have watched throughout the season, I have noticed that it is not just Jason making disparaging remarks about the "other side." But here is where I think the difference is. Jason tried to work with everyone. And he was quickly rejected. Alex called him a snake before he even gave her a reason to do so (and yes, I know he did...) But, my take is that the quickness to reject him put his psyche on defense mode. Demonize these people who refused to accept him and then ostracized him in the process. It is a mechanism, and nothing more. He has shown genuine kindness to Shelby, and all. There are glimpses of him extending across the divide at times of need, and at times for fun.


And here is the key difference I see...Jason has zero problems saying the things he says to their faces. He does not put on airs and then go behind their backs and say horrible things about things that they cannot control (insert comments about Krissie resembling a tube of toothpaste) or casting them beneath him (insert comments from Alex and Morgan about how the difference is because of education level). While the bodily fluid stuff is pretty juvenile, he also doesn't destroy things (insert Jason HIDING food, and Shelby throwing food away out of spite).


I also think that this is a game and that living in a very confined area without any outlets will push people to their limits. Again, NOT DEFENDING him, but I am just curious why you think their bashing is viler than that of Shelby and Morgan (and Alex when she was there). The plastics painstakingly go through efforts to avoid interaction, and they did it first. No, two wrongs don't make a right but from my vantage point, the plastics broke deals, lied, connived, and have been more malicious and hurtful thrusting the misfits into a self-preservation mode. I wonder how different the game would have been had Alex taken that deal and put up Scott instead of Kryssie as a replacement nom, then did the legwork to make sure that Scott went home. To me, that was kind of the tipping point for the plastics. She gave her word to Kryssie and then broke that word, that put in motion the ability to make deals with no intention of keeping them. But, instead, they sat in their tower, said very vile things about the "other side", and further divided the house.


If Shelby goes tonight and it is just Morgan in the house, and I doubt she will make any effort to hang out with Jason, Justin, and Kryssie. She will hole up somewhere (if it is not the HOH room) and wallow in her self-pity, and conjure up all kinds of rhetoric in her mind. She simply doesn't have the maturity to do anything but that (insert never putting a stop to the Justin flashed me tales).

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I can't believe you defending Jason and krissie's behavior.  They have done nothing to deserve where they are. If Justin was smart he would keep his word to the girls and vote Krissie out.  He has a better chance of winning against the girls. .  I was hoping we would get too vote on this one.  

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i agree, justin should vote krissie out.  he might actually win after that.  jason is vile.  i don't care about conniving, lying etc, all part of the game.  but for someone to be so offensive, what makes him worse than the one who was slammed for being racist a few seasons back.  you are being watched 24/7.  you need to lie, steal cheat etc, but this went over the top.  i will be so disgusted if he wins


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On 11/27/2016 at 4:54 AM, SharonF said:

Team Jason!!!!and something is wrong with if you can anyway compare what Jason said to the Racist remarkss and racist hell they lived in that season. 

sorry, i don't think the racist remarks were acceptable at all! I don't live that way, don't believe any race, sexuality, etc should be demeaned.   but jason is one step below that.  and him and kryissie keep spewing their vile hate.


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I am hoping Morgan wins. So many people are saying that Jason should be given a pass for the things he has said. They say that the plastics have talked just as badly. I think I must have missed a lot becasue I NEVER heard the girls come even close to saying the vulgar things that came out of Jason's mouth. And for him and Krissy to touch other people's belongings and rub stuff on these things is disgusting. He could have played the game the same way as he did, but cut out these bad things and he may have had my vote.

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Good morning Live feeders! Wow! What a whirlwind of a season. When CBS elected to name the online version of Big Brother Over The Top they had no idea how appropriate the name would be! 


As we close the feeds on the first season, hopefully not the last, of BBOTT, there are some positives and negatives that should be reflected upon. This groundbreaking format had the potential to blaze a new trail and it certainly didn't disappoint even if you aren't satisfied with the outcome.  The first thought that comes to mind is be careful what you wish for. Fans have been begging for some of the elements CBS All Access delivered like less FISH and more complete access to competitions and behind the scenes action. 


One of my personal favorites was the opportunity to see the beginning from the beginning. The ability to see HG enter the game live and the initial interactions was a view we've never had before and one that gave fans a dynamic insight to how the relationships were formed. In a typical broadcast season the HG have been in the house co-mingling for 7-9 days before the feeds go live and one thing this season showed us is just how much than can steer the entire game. I hope moving forward this is something producers of BB consider keeping moving forward. Not having access to that in real time is the equivalent to missing some huge blow up just before a vote because the feeds are done and while they generally provide some edited version to us after the fact it can never accurately depict what really happens. 


Many fans really enjoyed the idea and concept of live DR's as well. For me, initially I was very excited but as time progressed what i had envisioned the benefit being and what the real time outcome was fell flat. Fans enjoy the opportunity for players to speak candidly and fill viewers in on motivations and mindset with events and game moves. However, in the first OTT season as soon as HG learned the massive hand America would have in the game the approach many HG took was arguably where this great opportunity went left. Moving ahead I don't think it's something that shouldn't be considered in the future. I do think HG who study the first season of BBOTT should take away is the knowledge that we see everything 24/7. HG were so strongly influenced by fear of America that it kept them, at times, from being as transparent as a platform of this nature could have allowed for and instead motivated them to sell a story that wasn't always based on truth. Now, if that had been purposeful strategy it would have inspired a different perception most of the time. Then again remember the huge difference in how Season 1 of BB and season 2 of BB was played. I am not just referring to the fact America decided the winner of BB1 but the second group of HG had a better idea of what they were signing up for and how to use the positives and negatives of that first season as they entered the house for the second. 


Fans should remember that this was not your traditional BB game. Some fans loved that aspect of this BBOTT format and others did not. What most of us realized by the end of week two is you can't apply the same measures to game play we are all accustomed to analyzing in BBOTT. America was in fact the absentee HG who played from home and for all intent and purposes ran the game for much of the season. Winning HOH always has its ups and downs but never more than this format. The only thing HOH really provided was safety and some perks. The influence of America's nominations, ACP's and America's eviction vote which was the deciding vote many times stripped the HOH power traditional BB provides. 


The look ol behind the curtain for events like wake up announcements, mic changes, photo shoots didn't take the magic out of the thrill for most of us. While I know there are valid reasons to limit such transparent access for the bigger production of Broadcast BB competitions I hope this is something producers give some serious consideration to moving forward. It was fantastic not losing so much access to live feeds for very lengthy periods of time overall and I am certain a balance could be achieved for both formats. Give us access that reduces the time feeds go to FISH or spent on Jeff reels. There's no harm in most of these scenarios. Especially when it comes to hours leading up to eviction night. There is something to be gained from access to those final moments and how HG prepare for that night. 


I am more of a purist in that I prefer formats that allow players to play. I don't care for a lot of interference from the outside and while there can be some benefits to throwing a twist and turn into the seasons as we all witnesses too much power is never a good thing. We did see HG by the 3rd make some major adjustments and that has some value in strategic acclimation to America's hand being so strong, ultimately I think it was too much for too long. If BBOTT continues I personally feel as though an America vote is far less damaging to the integrity of the game than America's ability to select nominees. Regardless of which side of the fandoms you sat at some point throughout the season this deeply impacted the game and drastically inhibited HG from executing any kind of plan each week. As for the ACP's...well I could argue both sides of this equation. So my best conclusion is if CBS wants to beat this dead horse mix the bag of tricks up a bit and don't make any of them so powerful that it has the potential to negate every move a player has made. A balance between perk and punishment may be something to consider. The ability to 'check' a player in a more direct manner could offer a new layer to this aspect. If handing out huge twists be more specific with the details so voters know exactly what they are handing someone. I think many of us would agree that if we were aware that veto for the DE was going to save two people it likely would have impacted how fans voted and dealt out ACP's from the beginning. That leads me into one other note for production which is some of the information was not easily found and links across different devices or access have different labels. Be fluid! CBS app you have to select 'Clips' to find some of the interviews and LF Highlights while if you are on CBS All Access on another format the link was labeled a completely different term.  It's 2016! CBS is working to help customers who are transitioning to an all online media platform and this is one area that can be easily rectified. CBS you are delivering the goods to a primarily technologically savvy target audience and this company certainly has the resources to employ some of the best IT staff. Just be consistent and fluid across the board. 


Now, that I've recapped the highs and lows that have been the topics of discussions across so many BB forums...let's talk finale! I enjoyed the refreshed format! It delivered a balanced recap of the season for the most part, it didn't drag on and on! Each HG had a chance to convey some sort of perspective without adding too much time to the event. Personally, I was thrilled that Julie shared the vote went back and forth over the time period LF's were allowed to cast their selections for who should win and the fact it came down to a mere 20,000 votes! In a season where there was so much controversy over the voting and after years of never being given facts about the final numbers this was one of the highlights of the changes BBOTT offered us. In all honesty 20,000 votes if LF's cast votes both days they were afforded the opportunity to do so, that means the final decision came down to 500 people. This was absolutely a critical detail and I applaud the decision by producers to share it! Jason was the anticipated winner by MANY people whether they liked him or hated him and by being transparent the rational viewer walked away with an explanation that was reasonable. I know there are some of you who may still subscribe to conspiracy theories because you aren't pleased with the outcome but...there are plenty of explanations to quantify how the vote so many believed was locked in could end up in a huge upset delivering the win to Morgan. 


As most of my readers know I was team Misfits all season long. Every fan has their own set of reasons why they liked it didn't like the teams or individual players. We all have experiences in life that influence those opinions and that's just the psychology and sociological aspects of human nature. We can all witness the exact same events and have completely different perspectives on the situations. As someone who comes from an educational background in both of these fields this season delivered the social experiment that Big Brother was created to deliver! Even knowing that many of you may be surprised to hear me say I am not shocked or outraged by the outcome. Did I think of the final 3, overall looking from day 1 to day 65 by my measuring stick Jason played the best game? Yes. Did I back him 100% to the end no matter what? No. For Jason fans it's important to understand that the final weeks in the house there were many LF's who had been team Misfits and/or team Jason all season who in the final weeks didn't care for how he treated the opportunities he was given. In any voting situation players choose a path and there is always a chance the platform you choose to stand on wins or loses voters support. How Kryssie and Jason treated Justin when they were already in final 3, secured their spots, guaranteed a seat in the coveted chairs on finale, was incredibly off putting. I heard a lot of fans who ultimately threw their votes to Morgan because of this approach to the end game saying those last 10 days in he house flipped them. Jury management is a key element to winning in the end and that's true until the last (key) vote is pulled. 


In looking at how this could happen there is another element fans who can't understand how that could happen should be aware of. Social Media played an ENORMOUS role on voting this season. Typically half the cast is sequestered and their opinions are not vocalized in such a huge way. However, fans who were maybe not team Morgan initially that saw all the SM banter of the misfit teammates like Shane, Neely, Danielle and didn't care for what was being said or how it was being communicated had the opportunity to become allianated. I also heard people assert that they didn't care for the perceived negativity from those voices and it swayed them away from wanting to support a Jason win over Morgan. This may not be true for you but it was true for some and when an outcome is determined by such a narrow margin you have to admit 500 people who didn't like the behaviors of Jason or his alliance members outside the house you can see why this happened. 


Let's also not forget that Jason and Kryssie's actions and behaviors towards Justin in the final days likely didn't sit well with solo Justin fans. Justin himself the last 2-3 days he was in the house asked his fans to vote for Morgan. Again, when it comes down to 500 people you have to aknowledge that turning on Justin in the final days could have cost Jason the win. You also know while there was never a huge following for Kryssie people like Mike cast his 40 votes for his sweetheart and when every vote counts the small percentage of people who may have actually cast a vote for Kryssie did so knowing they were tipping a scale that could at the end of the day cost Jason the game. I heard chatter on plenty of misfit forums where that side of the house's fan base knew there was a chance a few votes going to Kryssie when you know she has zero chance of winning could be the difference between Morgan and Jason winning. When you consider all of those things it's actually very easy to reconcile how a mere 500 people voting for either Morgan or Kryssie over Jason prevented him from the coveted title of the first winner of BBOTT. 


While my opinions about the Misfits wasn't always popular I did provide facts with regards to bottom line game play I respected or didn't determining my personal opinions this season. I was team Misfits and I argued Jason played one hell of a game despite the roller coaster ups and downs of voting and outcomes even in the final weeks. What muddied the waters for me? First, the fake final 5 deal with the Plastics. There was zero strategic value to that move. It was personal and it literally cost Danielle her game which saddened me at the time. While she may have been annoying to listen to on the feeds she played one heck of a game, made some impactful moves, slayed comps, and survived several weeks where America and the Plastics came for her hard and the one emotional decision to go along with Jason to give the preverbal finger to the girls just for the fun of it left her with absolutely no lifeline and sent her home the next week. It was the second dumbest move of the season for team misfits. Had there been some strategic value I could have overlooked it but there was not. While I understood  the sentiment after being lied to and mislead by Alex and Morgan they felt like why shouldn't they repay them for all the times it was done to them that's a personal move. Those rarely provide positive outcomes in this game. The biggest mistake game wise that Jason made all season was sending Alex out that week over Morgan. I said it then, even though I knew the momentum of this fan base was to nominate Alex, I knew Morgan leaving heading into DE was the better game move. She was almost guaranteed that veto ACP if she stayed and that changed everything! They knew there was a DE. They knew the minute they voted one (Morgan/Alex) out 4 misfits (with Whitney knowing Alex had to go) they would have still had the odds on their side to send Alex home right after Morgan. Shelby didn't have an ACP. Alex couldn't receive the ACP, had they sent Morgan home that night either Danielle or Justin would have gotten that all important Veto and Jason would have been safe anyways since it saved two people and instead the decision to send Alex out over Morgan knowing she was eligible was the worst game move of the season by far! They had all the information they needed to make the best strategic decision, there were 6 people in the house and only 4 competing in that DE HOH and they chose wrong. Now, did they make the decision from an emotional stand point. No not completely, Jason couldn't compete in he DE HOH, coming off his CO-HOH ACP and in the house hats a scary thing. However, Dani or Justin receiving that ACP knowing they had increased drastically in power each passing week should have prompted Jason to realize leaving a Plastic in the game who was still eligible was a huge risk and one that in this case saved both Morgan and Shelby that night and that was the start of the unraveling of the shot Jason had at the title. 


This was a polarizing season right down to the final moment. As with anything there were highs and lows. Sometimes I loved it and other times I was so disenfranchised from the process. One thing is for certain though this was like no other BB season any of us has ever seen and it stayed true to the bottom line in any BB game...Expect the Unexpected! Congratulations Morgan. Your game may not have been the type I personally prefer but at the end of it all it's who sits in those final seats and wins the popular vote that matters and girl you are the winner of BBOTT! We will all have to wait until some time next summer to know for sure if there will be a BBOTT 2, so until then...thank you for supporting Morty's TV and this blog! 

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Big Kudos to HBIC !!  You were my go to all BBOTT season, and I didn't agree with all your opinions, but I understood and appreciated them.  I believe you pointed out the many different ways that Jason may have lost the vote in the last days, Justin was my Favorite and certainly the actions of Kryssie and Jason to Justin impacted my vote, although I split mine between Morgan and Jason.  Thank you so much for all of your insights.

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