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11/5 12:48 am BA

HG’s have been eating since midnight and HN’s ended,  Shelby/Morgan retire to the BA together and Shelby is about to have a complete meltdown:



Kill me


I can’t …Justin 


I told you, I’ve been telling you


He irritates me he’s on my last frikin’ nerve (Shelby talks over her)


THANK YOU! I’ve been saying this for weeks!

-Not ever since week 1 when Morgan/Monte told a skewed version of the BA incident when Shelby was led to believe Justin whipped his d*ck out in front of Morgan and allegedly challenged Monte (Justin didn’t say a word to Monte he just stripped downing the BA covering his junk and getting in the shower she has hated Justin and commented he could be arrested for indecent exposure)



uhhhh he’s so (again Shelby talks right over Morgan)


All he does is blah blah blah blah blah did you notice when everyone was talking today he just blah blah blah blah blah 


He just talks over them 

-LOL as Shelby keeps talking over Morgan.  They are all guilty of this same action but they have whined and complained about Dani and Justin doing it all season.  We have a house full of hypocrites.


It is NOT your turn to talk!  There are 8 people here so STFU


Ahhhh he’s so annoying 


I’m actually pretty annoyed that Alex didn’t tell us he farted on our food.


He’s just gross.  I’m just frikin’ irritated. 


Make sure you bring it up in your next…

Morgan goes into justifying when she ate cheez-its right after she became a HN and they both comment they (production) never do anything because Justin ate candy the other night.  Then go on about him getting away with sleeping.  

-They all have gotten away with sleeping at various times throughout the season.


My whole HOH got messed up. He gets to do whatever F he wants, the rules don’t apply to him.  You need to just keep complaining about it in there (DR) until they do something about it.

-Shelby is not doing herself any favors with this Co-HOH twist.  She used most of her DR Friday night to complain about having to share her HOH. 

-Does anyone remember Shelby running around hiding food in her golf bag and the BR so she could sneak food while she was a HN?  It was the reason I made her a HN just so I could see her try to sneak food. While, I didn’t catch her doing it on the feeds that week that doesn’t mean she didn’t and she was determined to find a way to do it before she was ever even name a HN.


He’s gonna be America’s favorite player for what? For not reading the directions on the veto and people think its funny

Shelby goes on to imitate the humor she finds appalling from him

You’re not f’ing funny you have the humor of a 7 yr old and you’re 2 f’ing 7


I just think the Reese’s thing is irritating, like he had the easiest week as a HN but he can’t follow the rules like everyone else?


-Justin did get called to the DR and was given a warning just like very other BB HG when they’ve broken HN rules.  I don’t disagree, HG’s should get called out when you break the rules but he was called out by production.  I also had the similar thought about the fact this week’s HN’s had the easiest week of any since they were allowed to eat two nights in a row with the Halloween Party and the halfway point pizza party they were allowed to eat for one hour back to back Mon/Tues night. 



He should get a penalty nom and I’m gonna keep f’ing b*tching at them until they f’ing do something about it.

-That’s gonna go over real well, Shelby!  Production loves players who make their lives hell.  LOL. Oh and didn’t they make fin of Kryssie for running to the rule book a couple weeks ago when Scott tried to gas light her into quitting?



They need to, or can I eat a reese’s when I get HN tomorrow?


Yeah you better bet I am if they don’t do anything.

-But these girls do the same petty little things.  Shelby has taken just as much food and hidden from the other HG’s, she literally took broccoli from the SR and put it in the HOH/BR.  Remind any one of Monte and him hoarding the apples?

She tried to run up to the HOHBR as soon as Co-HOH was announced to hide her basket alleging the LNC were going to come in and eat her food.  During the Plastics slumber party in the HOH last night she went on and on about how they were going to eat her food, she looked for something in her basket and said they ate it only to find it 1 sec later.  Whitney told her they wouldn’t eat her food and basically told Shelby she was being ridiculous and Shelby and Alex just kept going on about how Yes they would, then joked about eating all the candy Danielle likes first so she can’t come up there and eat it.  


It was normal petty betty behavior by this clan.  Oh and this was after she and Jason came to an agreement they would share the room but out of respect it would not be used as the ‘hang out’ spot for either team.  Shelby wanted Jason to sleep downstairs and trade off night’s because she was livid about the thought that those people would be allowed to hang in the HOH and complained all day about Jason waking her up when he comes to bed because she goes to bed early.  Then she turned around and has had all the girls in that room all day long.  I know a lot of LF’s discussed why Jason and the LNC didn’t just keep going up there and interrupt so they couldn’t strategize alone up in what is now Jason’t HOH as well.  However, Whitney has told Justin and the LNC she dreads having to go hang out with them, but in order to keep appearances up she will and it has to look like she’s still with them.  She has done just that and although she is saying in her DR she is still with them she reports just about everything that is said back to Justin.  


Whitney has entered Scott territory the last 48 hours.  She is running info and sharing intel (not specifying that its form the other side but equally contributes her observations or strategic thoughts with both sides when she’s with them.  She also doesn’t complain about the LNC when she’s with the Plastics but has gone off on several rants about Alex to the LNC.  The Plastics want to believe she is with them, but don’t trust her now.  Shelby is more open to trusting her again than the other two.  Whitney doesn’t mind Morgan and Shelby but is over Alex and has said she is the mastermind and always scheming and if she is OTB and the votes are there she will vote Alex out.  Both in her convos with Justin, LNC, and the DR she has confirmed while she loves all the girls, this is a game and Alex is a huge threat to her chances of winning and it’s at a point where it’s her or Alex and she won’t sleep on that fact.  


Back to the meltdown.  After a few minutes of silence while Morgan brushes her teeth, Shelby admits she just lost it in the DR and started crying.  When Morgan asks why Shelby completely looses it and bursts into tears.


Shelby (sobbing)

I just…I don’t want to start crying again

BB calls her out

You are not allowed to talk about your DR’s with other HG’s


She’s NOT!  SHe’s just telling me why she’s upset.


I’m just upset, like I thought this was gonna be fun, like this isn’t fun, it sucks 


Being HOH?


No not HOH, this whole experience. It just sucks I hate these people so much, I can’t even express to you how much I hate them. They’re so annoying, then like I finally get a room to myself to be away from them and it gets taken away from me.

-Let me pause for a moment and say most HG’s hit a wall at some point and have a meltdown.  It’s a lot to handle, in general this being locked up with x number of strangers, constant game mode, etc…It’s never fun to watch.  However, this whole pity party about the room getting taken away from her and not having a chance to escape all season is BS.  The Plastics literally lived upstairs in that room and secluded themselves from everyone from the start of the very first HOH.  Shelby herself did so less when Monte was HOH, but Alex and Scott’s they all spent the majority of their time up there, made sure the others knew they were not welcome and I don’t feel bad now that for 2 whole weeks they haven’t been able to use that.  It was also a contributing factor to why they failed to ever form any kind of interpersonal relationships with the other HG’s because their holier than though attitudes and seclusion upstairs by their own choice isolated them from the game, things that were actually happening, and being able to read the players on the opposing side of the house. 


Let’s not forget during Scott’s HOH they literally sat up there alone and plotted against Scott himself.  They were so excited the minute Shelby won HOH saying they get their room back and don’t have to be around those people and I laughed as they said it knowing the Co-HOH was going to happen and thwart all those plans. Then she doesn’t want the HOH used as a hangout spot but in reality that only applies to Jason’s people and not her own.  It’s not like Monte where he didn’t like people in general in his space and was very OCD, she just is furious she will have to be around the commoners as she’s called them all season long. Suck it up buttercup that’s part off the game and in all honesty they dislike you almost just as much but don’t all treat you that way.  Not to imply some don’t but even Justin who like her the least and calls her the devil, had tried for weeks in the beginning to forge some kind of general pleasantry with her and she has been blatantly rude and obnoxious to him.  Now, he doesn’t bother putting in any effort to trying to crack that hell but he also doesn’t treat her like garbage.  He does extend social courtesy to her despite his feelings.


I was upset that I didn’t get something from my family. 


Yeah that’s rough


And just got like a random letter talking about burgers from my friend. 


Yeah its rough but…

-Morgan lacks any kind of empathy in her actions.  She doesn’t really try to comfort Shelby, she’s standing in front of her giving her lip service but no real genuine empathy in either her body language or her tone. She’s standing over her, doesn’t even try to sit next to her, arms, crossed, body completely closed off to Shelby.


I was like why wouldn’t you give me something from my family?  They wouldn’t tell me shit (and continues to talk about her DR and what was said and what she said to them, she’s no less guilty of breaking rule than any of the other HG’s).

-This actually explains why she is so pissed at production, not that it’s their fault but it has less to do about Justin and more to do with hitting that wall in the BB house, and feeling very alone in this game and perhaps in her life in general.   


I’m sure they were just trying to play off the humor of it, like…


Well, they wouldn’t tell me anything.  Everyone else gets like something from a loved one and mine was just we’re gonna go out and get drunk and we’re gonna go out and eat burgers. And then my whole thing gets taken away from me!


-That’s your own fault Shelby, thats the character you chose to come in and play.  You dumbed yourself down, made yourself all about your best friend, the bungalow, you don’t need anyone, you never talk about your family, you hate all people, you can’t change your personality,  and if I remember correctly you yourself have said if you get HOH you want a letter from your BF. For future reference you mad your bed an dow you have to lie in it, next to Jason!  LOL


-You also weren’t complaining when every vote went in your girls’ favor for almost 3 weeks straight, every single vote, now that someone else has won something and it infringes on your plans you need to suck it up like they did week after week and find the best way to use the twist to your advantage.  As you girls love to say you are playing a game! You all have already exceeded your  justifiable one hour of b*tching and complaining today when this ACP didn’t go your way by about 5 hours.

This whole entire Shelby meltdown is what Jason warned them about (that Alex, as usual blows off).  It’s the halfway point, people begin to lose their minds a little.  LOL. Shelby in all her ranting and lengthy pity party were results of things she chose to do in this game.  That was YOUR strategy girl!  To be b*tchy and snide and make America hate you. She elected to say she doesn’t care what any of those commoners think and buy every single thing Alex/Morgan have fed you without giving it a second thought because what they say fits what you already decided by day 3 of this game. 


-I am sorry but Shelby elected to treat Danielle like trash from Day 1 and then wonders why after 5 weeks of being completely awful to her and the game hits a point where you need other paths to get you further in the game and now she wonders why Danielle wouldn’t see you as an amazing secret alliance to get her to the end for no other reason than she believes America hates Dani and she could never beat her in the final 3.  


She should be just as afraid of taking Dani to the end that you as she is of Alex.  If not more! Instead, it can’t possibly have anything to do with Shelby’s actions. She blames it on Danielle being stubborn and stupid. Danielle sees right through Shelby.  Justin sees right through Shelby.  


Alex’s mistake was counting on Shelby being so disliked people would want to target her before Alex.  Wrong!  The same way I observed Alex stirring things up and sending others out into the house to create drama, the misfits saw the same.  Alex has been behind or at the very least encouraged 90% of what the other girls have done.  She thinks because she isolates herself she keeps herself out of the mix.  Or when things happen she stands there quietly saying nothing.  I love when Shelby tells Alex she’s beginning to think she is a really sketchy friend!  Shelby sees more and more that Alex is in fact using even her own teammates and the more she hears others sharing things about Alex and is further removed form those two girls as they move into the HN BR for the week.  The more and more believable it will all become to Shelby.  


Have you noticed I stopped referring to her as the Sloth?  You know why?  Shelby got out of her tree and began to play the game.  The more she actually talks and contributes the more you realize she reads people when they are talking to her very well.  When she is present and sees and hears things with her own ears not only does she see it, but like Justin she calls it out by its name. Wait, so you threw me UTB?  Wait so if its me and Alex on the block you wouldn’t vote for me to stay?  I still don’t like her general demeanor but I am liking getting to watch her play this game.  She came out in that rock wall veto comp on  Kryssie’s HOH and showed us she has some umf! She is still deprogramming from all the brainwashing she so readily absorbed form the sisters but watching it enter the game has given me some entertainment. 




Alex had no idea Misfits all see Alex as the puppet master sending her little troops out to do her dirty work and all had since the end of Scott’s HOH.  That makes them all smarter and better players than Alex.  Knowing how to identify the behind the scenes is a huge part of being effective in this game.  Know your enemies!  



Danielle and Alex are very similar players in many respects.  Smart, strategically minded, physically strong and capable of channeling all of their energy to block out everything else in competitions and just play hard.  Danielle however has an excellent read on most of the house.  She knows how to accurately guess what her opponents will do and develop a way to counter it.  That’s where Alex has to rely on a Shelby or a Scott for that element of assessing scenarios.  


Alex biggest game move so far, IMO, has been luring Scott one to her side the week his game blew up in week 2.  Not putting him OTB and befriending him gained her an ally that literally road for her almost as loyally as her own sister.  Let’s not forget she’s had her sister in the game the entire season.  Someone she can vent to, decompress with, trust completely, rely on and know will not do anything to hurt her game.  Then add to those two huge advantages, one of her own creation and one by being cast with her sister, the fact America spent 3 consecutive weeks giving her 100% of she wanted.  


Well, if I were going on Big Brother I would want two solid soldiers sacrificing both their games and doing everything I told them do while protecting me form every angle.  I would want one person I knew wouldn’t stab me in the back and I could decompress without ever having to worry anything I said would bite me in the a*s.  That’s unheard of in most seasons.  Even if you have a ride or die int he house there’s always some concern in the back of your mind that prevents you from telling them everything for fear they would find a way at a pivotal point and potentially use that against you. Every player could use America handing them every single perfectly placed piece on the game board so I didn’t have to really do any work.  Even with all that, she wont get to the end, she wont win this game, and she will never take responsibility for her own failure when she leaves.  The fall of Alex will always be blamed on someone else. 


Alex had entered the BA w/S/M at 12:53 am cam 1/2

Later  cam changes and you see Alex and Morgan in the UKB after Alex had tolerated Shelby’s meltdown for a less than 7 minutes. (1:00 am UKB cam 3/4) Alex rants about how half the people in this house are crybabies and why would they stick her in a house with a bunch of idiots.  She insists its a game and she just can’t take listening to anyone crying or whining over things, they need to suck it up and remember its a game.  Morgan checks Alex.  She does in some of this say Morgan agrees with her about its a game.  But tells Alex that she has to learn how to show some empathy.  To be careful of what she says when someone like Shelby is already upset and being irrational because those are the times it can swing around and get you in trouble.  She reminds Alex that being social is 50% of the game and not everyone thinks like her and that’s not how Shelby feels so Alex has to be more sensitive in moments like this.  


All things I applaud Morgan for not only saying to Alex but realizing how important those elects are in an environment like this.  Morgan also reminds Alex that she has her sister in here. Morgan can understand others could feel very alone in this game. Alex says the only thing she’s struggling with is being with all these other people.  Hmmm, sounds exactly like what Shelby was melting down to you about.  Shelby told her it wasn’t about the HOH she just can’t handle all these people and how much she can’t stand them.  


1:05 am “This is why I got along with Scott, because he didn’t whine and complain about everything.  This is probably why my sister isn’t annoying me yet.” 


The minute Morgan leaves the UKB, what does Alex do?  She cries!  She complains and cries herself after saying people who cry in this house are weak minded idiots who don’t know what game they are playing.  My second thought, as I witnessed this happen was when Scott stood in this same room, crying and having a meltdown of his own and it struck me!  Alex and Scott are the mirrors of each other in the casting the same way that Shelby and Jason are. Monte/Morgan mirrors.  Cornbread/Kryssie mirrors.  Dani/Justin mirrors. Shane and Whitney are mirrors in many respects but not as overtly as the other pairs I just named.  Neely, Neely was the only one who didn’t have a reflection of herself in the form of another player.  I noticed this early on with Morgan and Monte.  It’s blatantly obvious with Jason/Shelby.


1:06 am HOH-BR cam 3/4

Jason and Shelby 


After two minutes of just general polite chit chat Jason asks her is she’s ok.  She says

Don’t ask that!  I’m gonna start crying again.  (Begins sobbing and having another ugly cry.)


Jason goes over and hugs her.  As he does Shelby says “this is the footage they’ve been waiting for.”  

I laughed, it was funny.



What’s wrong?



It’s just like it being around all these people here.  Well, you know you’ve lived here, well no You love it here.


Jason is rubbing her tears off her face for her, very tenderly asking her

So you're just homesick, or what?



Stop. I hate this.



No, you stop. 



I know but whenever you cry and someone asks you what’s wrong it makes it worse.



I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.



This is the worse thing ever. 


Jason asks if this is because of the ACP.  She says obviously she’s really frustrated with this, its just like, I got like a gag letter basically. Instead of like…



Like a real letter from your family. She nods and he tells her it doesn’t mean anything.  Whitney came in to take a shower.  Shelby tells her she is fine she was done and then Jason came and asked her what was wrong.  Then I started again. 



Oh God, now everybody’s gonna know.  Jason consoles her and tells her no they wont tell anybody.  Shelby says its fine everybody probably saw her.  Jason says, no you looked fine downstairs.




I didn’t notice.



Well! It’s too late now!



Do you want me to leave?  I’ll come back.  Shelby tells her its fine.  This will be the first time Whitney has used the HOH shower.  That shocks Jason.  



It’s probably better if more people are around or I would just sit here crying (she falls over and starts crying again).


Jason guesses correctly about the letter from Monica made Shelby worry about if her parents are ok.  He tells her don’t stress herself out.  Don’t play all those scenarios and know that sometimes it comes down to just not being able to get all the releases they need for photos and they will make people edit their letters 5 times and probably cut a bunch of crap out and told her to talk more about those burgers.  They rake those letters over to make sure there is no hidden messages about the game in there.  



Who would of thought the one person who would give me exactly what I needed would be YOU?!?!  Then she says go get my t-shirt dress now!  Where are those Krackles.  I need some Krackles.  Jason says oh you’re gonna try and use this to get me to tell you where the Krackles are?  I don’t know where the Krackles are!  

-This exchange is genuinely sweet and the two of them bantering like best friends is amusing and very important.


They spend hours in the HOH, talking about general stuff, then talking game.  Jason gives her some great advice and he shares some valuable accurate information.  He also confirms that Scott/Alex threw Whitney UTB which is true but Shelby isn’t ready to completely digest this as accurate yet.  She will!  Don’t you worry, Shelby in the room with Jason, removed from these girls is terrifying Alex.  Now the sisters are both HN’s and sent off to share the HN-BR with Danielle Saturday when all three become HN’s.  You can watch them (11:00 am IWR) discuss some of the information from Shelby’s convo with Jason over night.  You can see Alex’s panic begin to increase as she tries every thing in her might to sell Shelby on  Jason being a snake, don’t believe anything he tells you. 


Morgan swoops in later Saturday afternoon (3 pm IWR Morgan/Shelby)  and reinforces it was probably Scott who is fact having those convos with Jason and Alex just got lumped up in there.  Since Scott was like her self proclaimed ride or die and they all assume she’s in on anything Scott had going.  Morgan is doing all the heavy lifting this week in trying to ensure Alex and Morgan do not go on the block.  She is trying to counter every question or concern Shelby has and deflects any ideas that may have arisen from what Jason knows and Shelby is herself questioning while saying don’t worry I don’t believe any of it.  Shelby also keeps emphasizing to Morgan that she and her should go to the end and Alex is a big threat in this game.  Alex is trying to stay out of the mix.  This could be a huge mistake again.  Shelby will begin to subscribe to what she finds out from Jason.  Morgan will begin to realize that she and Shelby could ride this out if Alex leaves she wont be alone.  Morgan also does know that a lot of what Jason is in fact true about Alex and reminds Alex of that.  Alex can’t lie to Morgan, you see, because Morgan knows 90% of it, her sister has told her everything.  


The first safety ceremony begins tonight at 7 pm.  Nothing too much to get excited about before then.  25 hours in the BB house can be very long in terms of people moving from one approach to another and the smallest thing can change what they thought they wanted on a dime.  If Shelby puts Alex OTB Misfit fans will all vote for Morgan as AN.  Plastics fans are voting Kryssie for the most part.  There are some that would rather see Morgan go to save Alex though and those stragglers will add a % to the vote.  Alex is up in polls.  So, if she isn’t Shelby’s nom, she will be America’s nom by the Misfit fans.  I may not agree with that choice but it’s the majority that decides which way I vote to prevent the other side of fandom going the dominant vote.

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WEEK 6 America's Nominee


Tonight's final safety ceremony beings at 7pm. Shelby and Jason saved Morgan and Kryssie last night. Jason should save Justin but while Morgan and Alex are convinced they've persuaded Shelby to nominate Whitney by saving Alex, I am not convinced Shelby has made up her mind yet! 


12:00:51 am HOH/BR

Shelby alone 

If you didn't watch late last night start your day with a good laugh and watch Shelby's awkward dancing to N'Sync  while staring at the fish tank. Poor thing no rhythm at all. 


Stay at there and at 12:04 am after Alex had left Shelby alone finally and everyone else has gone to bed for the night we get to see Shelby studying the Safety Wall of HG's pictures. I don't think even Shelby knows what she will decide until it's actually time for the safety ceremony. 


With th that out of the way let's talk popular voting for this critical America's nominee.


With 2 nominees OTB Danielle for sure and then either Whitney/Alex this is important because who ends up OTB has a huge impact on eviction votes comes Wednesday. 


Plastica fans are doing all they can to vote Kryssie as America's Nominee. That will take the majority vote away from LNC and give it to Alex/Morgan by a 2-1 HG vote. 


Team Misfits are voting Alex for America's Nominee. This way of Danielle/Whitney are the HOH nominees Alex is OTB and should the nominees stay the same Misfits have a 2-1 vote over Morgan. 


If by some miracle Shelby plays her own game and nominates Alex, then every Misfit fan vote should go to Morgan for America's Nominee. This is all honesty is the best case scenario for team misfits since they don't know there is no veto competition next week. If Alex or Morgan then comes off the block one remains, votes stay with the misfits side and Justin/Kryssie vote the Plastic out, the other Plastic votes Dani out, America's vote will determine if there is a tie breaker. 


This is not good! Only because the HOH who has the better veto competition result would be the designated tie breaker. Jason knows he needs to beat Shelby, but if by some chance he doesn't in this scenario Shelby breaks the tie and will send Danielle home.


If either both sisters remain OTB, or Dani or Whitney comes down (should the other sister not be OTB) then the other goes up now with Morgan and Alex on the block Dani/Whitney, Justin, Kryssie have to votes to send one of them home and America's vote shouldn't matter. Justin won't vote Whitney no matter what if Danielle comes off the block and we are left with M/A/W one of the sisters will go home! 


The best case for misfits is nothing comes down to a tie breaker. Next best is even if it does come down to a tie breaker misfit fans dominate popular vote and evict one of the sisters. 


This is going to be the most complicated week in BB history! There are so many moving parts, nominees, AN, veto winner, potential replacement nominee, and a possible tie breaker vote by the HOH with the best veto performance. 


Don't think the voting isn't as important this week. It is. Jason/Shelby have less direct control over the initial nominees so in all honesty veto is very important this week. Pretty much anyone can win except Shelby, Alex/Morgan. So if only one sister ends up OTB before veto that's not all bad. As long as the others name doesn't get drawn (there is only one draw for additional veto player this week since we have Co-HOH) then it's 4-2 misfits v Plastics in veto. 


I've heard people discussing Justin possibly throwing this veto if his name is drawn. If Whitney or by some miracle Kryssie is OTB Justin will not throw it. He will want to save Whitney at all costs and if not her he will do everything he can to pull Kryssie down and leave the HOH nominees the same if it is Alex/Danielle who would remain OTB. Anything other than those two scenarios, I agree he may not want to fight very hard for this win. He's ok with Danielle going home in the worse case scenario. Wouldn't be his first choice but I don't see him killing himself just to save Dani. 


Alex is shook! She's very worried about being America's nominee. She's also left way too much up to Morgan where Shelby is concerned and that could result in Shelby making her own decision and electing to roll the dice and want Alex to play in the veto. The further Shelby is from Alex the closer she gets to thinking for herself. 


So, Alex for America's Nom is my choice! I'm hoping Shelby puts her up and then and only then I will get what I wanted originally and Morgan will be the alternate America's nominee for team misfit fans! 


Plastics are coming out in full force for Kryssie. They've been trolling chats, creating fake polls, trying to convince Misfit fans it's better to nominate Kryssie. The good news is we may pull a small percentage of Plastics fan base and vote Morgan if Alex is the original HOH Nominee. They want to protect Alex but some don't care for the sister twist and are willing to sacrifice Morgan over Alex.


We have a long exciting week ahead! Tonight-safety and solidifying the two nominees. 

America Nominee voting begins.


Tomorrow morning AN will be revealed, veto player drawn, followed by the most important veto comp so far this season! 


Make sure you vote! Every vote counts.


*schedule change this Wednesday. The episode will air at a special time 8pm EST/5 PM PST. Week 6 Live eviction airs an hour later. This means double eviction events should begin at 10 PM EST/ 7 PM PST. You need to mark your calendars. America will not be voting an America's Nominee for the double eviction but will be voting for America's Evciton vote immediately following the DE HOH competition and nomination ceremony. There is no veto comp for DE. The ACP this week is going to award the winner of that ACP the one and only double eviction veto. America's only influences on the double Evciton are voting for which HG is recipient of ACP DE Veto and America's Evciton vote. Eviction voting will only be open for one hour. The schedule change is shown on CBS BBOTT page in the top left hand corner. 



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The Balls come Tumbling Down:


The America's Nominee was announced just after 10 am this morning and at 10:03 am Alex was named the third nominee by America's vote. 


The celebration for some was short lived when Shelby drew the only chip for Veto and once again Alex's name was drawn and she choose Morgan to play. 


Going into  veto it would be:









That was an unbelievably lucky draw for the Plastics but made an already highly anticipated comp even more critical for both sides but especially Jason/Dani who would now face all four Plastics. 


1:19 pm feeds were down from 12:50 pm until the start of Justin's explanation of the rules and tasks were shown almost 20 min after the comp was scheduled to begin. 


The veto began late, but according to HG's (on later feeds) they were given a short period to practice before BB gathered them all in the BY for Justin, the comp's host, the explain the rules. 


Each player had a balance beam, a clear tube, a basket of balls, and at the opposite end of each lane a set of three clear tubes attached to a main board which would hold 10 balls each. 


Each player had to insert exactly 2 balls into their plastics tube and make their way across the beam with the tube ensuring the balls remained inside the clear tube (4-5 ft in length) all the way to the other end before dropping two balls at a time into each tube.


Once one of the smaller tubes at the opposite end were filled with 10 balls and the player made it successfully back to the starting point that set was 'locked' in and safely completed. The first player to fill all 3 tunes with a grand total of 30 balls and returned to their starting point would win the power of veto. 


-After all the jabs the Plastics took at Justin for not knowing the rules and requirements in the face morph comp, Shelby celebrated a bit too early after filling one of her tubes, having forgotten to return to the start and lost the entire 10 she had just completed in her second tube. 


Players would have to reset if at any time they dropped a ball, stepped off the balance beam (except when told to reset losing whatever balls that had already managed to insert). If the current tube that players were working on was not locked in and they dropped a ball or stepped off the beam they lost the balls in that tub much like the poison Berry Comp from BB18. This comp was given a maximum time of 2 hours. If no one had successfully completed all 3 tubes when time expired the player with the most balls would win. In the event of a tie, the player who inserted the last ball between the ones who tied in the earliest time would be declared the winner. 


It was not lost on this LF that the comp that could make or break the Plastics (a.k.a. Ball smashers) was a completion that involved balls. Nor did it go unnoticed that Alex and Morgan (a gymnast and a cheerleader) scored a comp that involves a balance beam. But we will leave that alone.  


Whitney and Morgan struggled a great deal in this comp. Frequently having to reset and never locking in the first 10 in tube one before the comp ended.


Jason struggled the first 5-7 minutes and it wasn't looking great for him but eventually he found a rhythm. After Shelby and Dani had to reset everyone was back in the running for the win. Those three performed the best and Shelby for a short period looked like she may gain a big lead until she forget she had to return to the start for her balls to be locked in. After that happened Jason and Danielle took the lead over Alex. 


Everyone had a few resets but once we get through the second completed tube Danielle and Jason were moving quickly and efficiently. Just a little further behind J/D were Shelby followed by Alex in that order. 


In about 20 minutes Jason completed his 3 tube with 10 balls and quickly made his way back across the beam to the starting point claiming his second veto win of the season! 1:40 pm 


Jason told everyone one at a time what a nice job they did. Danielle over celebrated a little considering they had been playing up that Dani was actually Jason's target which kind of blew that idea prematurely but who can blame her? Once again after being nominated 4 times she was safe and Jason had the power to remove her and replace his own nominee. 


1:50 pm you will find Alex, Morgan, and Shelby in the HOH. Shelby is having a meltdown and really beating herself up for not winning that comp. While Alex is blaming the sun, sweat on her face and being forced to compete in the lane right next to Danielle for her poor performance. Alex goes on a tirade about Danielle calling her a horrible person. 


3:20 pm

Shelby goes and finds Jason to bring him up to the HOH room where Alex/Morgan have been dominating the use of not only Shelby's but Jason's HOH room most of the week. Just before Shelby returns with him you see Alex behaving again as if it's her HOH room and the fact it's been there hang out spot after the Co-HOH's agreed not to use this space for that is not lost on Jason. 

It's Seriosuly rude and disrespectful considering Jason has been allowing Shelby to sleep alone up there the last two nights. 


After they give their Hail Mary speech to try and persuade Jason to save both Alex and Morgan and  agree to send Whitney home you can see Jason telling Dani about the HOH convo around 3:40 pm. 


Tomorrow we will see the veto ceremony where Jason gets the final say on Shelby's HOH. She's been livid all day that she actually won HOH and it's been a complete sh*t show of a week in her eyes. They all 3 rag on the fact Jason was able to hijack this HOH with an ACP. Ironically they never had an issue when Alex/Shelby's ACP saved them both. But hey it's week 6 and is anyone really surprised by their skewed perceptions of how the game has been so unfair to them? 


Tune  in tomorrow at 1:00 pm to see what Jason decides to do. Alex and Morgan realize this week they are likely going to say goodbye to each other, Danielle should come down and Morgan will likely be the replacement nominee. It's become a discussion of which sister has a better chance to survive past double eviction. 


Probably the most amusing part of this entire scenario playing out the way it did is the fact the self proclaimed 'ball smashers' will be sent home on a ball comp! 







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Take the High Road


Good Evening LF's! It was an eventful day in the BBOTT house. 

At 1:01 pm pm HG gather in the LR for the veto ceremony. Whitney, Danielle, and Alex make their polite very bland pleas and it's time for Jason's decision. 


Jason explains that he was offered many different options and deals and after deliberation he's decided that there are two things that prevent him from accepting the proposals made by the Plastics

1. The over celebration last week when Shelby won the HOH 

2. The three girls will always be most loyal to each and he can never crack that bond to where he's now not making himself the most disposable as he saw happen to Whitney while she was aligned with them. 


Jason therefor elects to use the POV on Dani and Morgan becomes the replacement nominee. Morgan heads to the nomination couch at 1:05 pm and in her infinite wisdom (and complete shock at what just happened) she stands before everyone and attempts to blow up Jason by asking him in front of everyone why he came to the HOH room and offered them a final 5 deal. As she does this he whispers to her in front of everyone "they already know".

-I had to LOL when that happened.


Morgan rarely speaks without walking orders from Alex so her attempt here to make some big move to expose Jason flops. 

-the girls were truly shocked and mind blown that all their efforts to convince Jason aligning with them, after they've broken every single deal they've made for 6 weeks and lied over and over week after week about who they were voting out, failed. I've been saying for weeks since the season began that while lying and breaking deals is a part of many strategies to propel people in the game doing so from the very beginning is a huge tactical error. 


1. People will never trust you and therefor won't feel comfortable aligning with you later in the game when alliances begin to fracture and crossover may be necessary for long term survival. 

2. You cannot burn bridges or in fact never build any with your social game.


There will always come a point where the unexpected happens and you need 1-2 people outside your main group to be invested in their bond with you or friendship to want to help save you. Whitney is a wonderful example of how important this is!


Shelby and Alex have completely isolated themselves all season long refusing to intermingle with other HG's. Even when approached with viable deals and proposals from Jason, Alex refused to even consider the potential value of such a possibility the first couple weeks of the game. Lay a few weeks of bumpy rides through voting, twists, and unexpected outcomes by the end of week 3 when Scott approaches Jason/Justin about a possible 4 person alliance with he and Alex Scott's refusal to consider eliminating Danielle over Shane as a show of good will made that scenario nothing more than lip service by both sides. 


-If I were in the house I would not even entertain anything Alex suggests. She's proven over and over she places no value on her word so why would I? 

-Now if you didn't watch some of the feeds Monday it's important to note that Alex, Morgan, and Shelby realized after Jason won veto they were likely losing a member of the Plastics. They came up with the idea of asking Jason if he would BD Justin or Danielle then they would promise him safety for 2 weeks. Also suggested helping him with Morgan's CP-which annoys me the way they talk about this. It's always with this arrogant certainty that she and Whitney are guaranteed the final ACP's. It's not 'if I get an ACP' it's always when I get my ACP. 


That being said, Jason and Danielle later, after this deal is proposed by the Plastics decide to lead the girls to believe they are going to take the deal. A/S/M all threw Whitney 100% UTB and offered her initially as the collateral damage and if Jason agrees to send her out they will owe him but she's this horrible person that betrayed them, has never been with them, was playing both sides of the house the entire time, oh and for good measure lie and say Whitney was the only one the entire game that wanted to target Jason. (See Monday's blog Sor specifics and time stamps). 


-I see the value in misleading the girls so they don't devise some other plan to try and flip Whitney back to them or persuade Kryssie or Justin to change their vote. This pacified the girls and no time was spent exploring alternatives that would allow them to survive the eviction vote. 

-While a part of me understands the misfits frustration with how this division between the two sides has unfolded all season. It was in fact the 'southerners' originally shunned the others, refused to interact with them and talk sh*t about them 16 hours a day.

-So with this plan to fake the alliance and then nominate Morgan anyway they literally did nothing more than she me to convince the Plastics they had a new deal with Dani and Jason. That's exactly what the Plastics, namely Alex, has done to various members of the LNC multiple times in the first 5 weeks. 

1:06 pm LR all that remains is the three nominees and Shelby with Jason passing through. Plastics decide to try and attack Whitney but she doesn't give them an inch, Jason comes to her defense, and they shut down the dog pile of Whitney with some fun facts like they targeted Whitney the week before, they tried to sacrifice her again this week and Whitney had been nothing but loyal to those girls. 


1:10 pm TKB A/S/M sulking, fuming, and reeling all at the same time. After a couple minutes Morgan declares she's going to confront Jason again with everybody looking on and demand to know why he bothered to and the other two quickly follow marching right behind her as she heads to the BY. 


-This falls short for them again. Everyone on LNC are aware of anything those three girls could possible throw out to hurt Jason. Which they make clear to Morgan. It's a short but sweet confrontation before the girls head back inside. This is where you begin to hear them pout, cry, say very nasty hateful things about everyone. So all that complaint Plastics fans did when the misfits reacted this way cannot say one thing in defense of how they behaved. 


1:41 pm BA S/A

Shelby breaks down crying again because she's realized losing that veto destroyed her alliance and could cost her the game. What was even more upsetting to her was the realization when the sisters leave she will be stuck in the house with all these people she hates. 


Not too long after this Shelby shares with Alex she has a secret and reveals she's actually smart and has a law degree. This leads to Alex/Morgan revealing they are sisters. This leads to a very happy celebration and does lift the girls spirits which they needed. 

-As usual you will find them moving from BA back to HOH BR again. 


Remember live DR's happen this evening and America's Eviction voting is open until 4PM ET/1 PM PT. Followed by and eventful day tomorrow with live eviction and double eviction. 


While I do find some game value in Jason's tactics this week (distracting the girls from coming up with some other ideas shenanigans) that could in any way derail. 

-I think game wise this was an enormous mistake on Jason's behalf. There was nothing really to gain? Why go in so hard as a group? Jason needs to remember America votes for the best player in the game at the end should he manage to continue on his path to final 3. He should also realize that this week leads straight into a DE and he has now made himself enemy #1 not just with Shelby but with Morgan as well. Alex may be likely to go home leaving it a 4 V. Morgan in DE HOH but he has no chance for another CP, he can't compete, and if Morgan does win Jason will see the block and depending on he sat next to the votes for eviction when sitting next to your own ally comes down to who do the remaining HG voting think they can beat at the end. 

-All of the HG should also be considering that America's votes determine the winner. If they get to final 5 with LNC basically in tact, I would be very surprised. The odds of Shelby or Whitney being brought along and saved for final 3 by a couple of their own people in hopes they could beat them could actually cost them the game if they keep doing things that makes the Plastics fan base less and less thrilled with the LNC. In a situation where 2 LNC and one of the two I just mentioned makes it to final 3...misfit fans will likely split votes based on who their favorite was and they will need some of the other fan bases votes to gain the dominant vote to win the game.

-This is a final 3, not a final 2. Same is true if all of the final three is made up of misfits at the end. I've seen chatter on Resdit and other SM platforms where Plastic fans are rumbling about throwing their votes to Kryssie who has been the least favorite all season for no other reason than to ensure Jason, Justin nor Danielle wins BBOTT. While it is hypocritical of fans to judge the LNC strongest players, who have played well the majority of the season, for doing the exact same thing Plastics have done we are talking about a season where fans have been as polarizing as the HG's in many respects. Every move is being judged and measured. Justin's comments and behaviors were very harshly criticized today and he's been a fan favorite personality all season. It only takes one small thing to turn people against you. 

-The idea of people selecting a player who really has done nothing and has been strongly disliked for her lack of manners, whining, actions, and self entitled demeanor just because the players who did play very well took out your favorite player and tricked them into believing you would consider a final 5 deal with them may seem absurd to many of us. However, Jason and Dani are both LF's and they know very well how vindictive that fan base can be. They should also realize they've already sent Scott home who is a LF and very active on the various platforms, and are about to do the same to Alex who can and will be very vocal as well. 


There is time for them to redeem themselves but they need to be much more conscious of the fact while there is no jury made up of the HG's they send home there will be a jury. LF's are the jury and this is a critical component of being able to win this game. We have seen nearly every minute of every day. LF's hold grudges and can be bitter just like evicted HG's but have the ability outside the house to throw one stone that can quickly turn into an avalanche of people who do not want you to walk away with 250k for things that had nothing to do with your actual game play. It's far better strategy to take the high road, focus your energies on your actuall game moves and not rock the boat as we enter week 7. 






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Week 6 Eviction Vote/ DE 


Wednesday is going to be packed with activity. America's eviction vote opened yesterday. For those of you not following the trends here are the majority results:


Plastic fans are voting Whitney

Misfit fans are voting Alex


While there is less chance America's vote will have as strong of an influence has it has had on the last several evictions you never know what can happen so be sure to cast your votes. Voting today ends at 4PM ET/1PM PT


Tomorrow is very important. 
Episode will air at 8 PM ET/ 5PM PT


Live Eviction follows@9PM ET/6PM PT
*times are subject to change 


Rachel Riley has been scheduled to make an appearance on the DE night. DE HOH comp will follow


Voting for this week's ACP opens @ 10PM ET/7PM PT


-Voting for ACP DE VETO will only be open for a short window once the HOH has been determined it's only an hour to vote who will be gifted the automatic Veto. HG do not know yet that Veto comp will not be a part of DE.  


Unfortunately the voting numbers could take a big hit because of the late times on the East Coast.


Every single vote will be needed since the window is narrow for both the ACP voting during the double eviction so if you can vote make sure you do! It's not down to 7 players after the first eviction tomorrow. Only 5 will compete in the DE HOH. Only 4 HG's eligible (Danielle, Morgan, Whitney, and Justin) for the final 2 ACP's. 


 Plastics fans (if Alex goes first eviction) should maintain focus on protecting Shelby.  IMO, if they were voting strategically they actually vote Whitney for DE ACP. I don't see the value in actually saving Morgan in the event a misfit wins HOH, because saving Morgan could in all honesty sign Shelby's walking papers in



Polls indicate that Morgan is in fact up in DE ACP polls over Danielle/Justin/Whitney.


As as a misfit fan go ahead and throw all your votes at Morgan without considering the impact that could have on Shelby's longevity. I do know Shelby is more popular of the two remaining Plastics should Alex be evicted as predicted. 


Shelby isn't eligible for ACP's now and if they give the DE Veto to Morgan that puts Shelby even more at risk of Morgan doesn't win DE HOH. They've turned on Whitney so it's really a poor move if popularity polls are accurate because if a misfit wins DE HOH (odds are in their favor) by saving Morgan you are sacrificing your favorite player by doing so. Justin and Kryssie have already discussed the desire to take out Shelby before Morgan. That is actually the better move for the misfits. Shelby is smarter and more capable in most respects and Morgan will is the lesser threat. 


If Morgan wins DE HOH so Plastic fans will throw their votes on Whitney to make Dani/Justin/Jason vulnerable. Just keep that in mind. It's why misfit fans really need to vote ACP during the DE! 


I haven't decided which (Danielle/Justin) I feel needs this ACP more in the DE. I am also considering which I prefer to get the final four ACP the final one of the season. Remember it's not a guaranteed pass to final four. The recipient of that ACP is simply given an opportunity to complete a challenge that could advance him/her to final four automatically so choose wisely. HOWEVER, the desire to analyze this game from a global perspective versus supporting what's a viable option to secure the safety of the players I see (strictly from a game play perspective) have earned my personal support went out the window week 3. As it did with many fans. The shift to focusing on the battle for power over the dominant vote among fans has been the greatest influence over this season. If you've been actively participating it's important to keep that reality in mind at the end. Beyond any actually positive or negative action, game move, alliances, mistakes, accomplishments the America's vote dictated the direction of much of the game and the players moves. 


Moving on to the other side of the house, personally I feel like giving the ACP to Danielle could be a critical error. Since misfits are going into DE HOH 4 v 1 (Morgan) who doesn't perform well under pressure but will be looking for vengence the chances of a misfit winning is much higher. So you gift the ACP to Dani, who isn't at a huge risk in this event, she basically will choose not to use it, leaving predicted nominees Morgan/Shelby OTB. Dani now received her only lifeline headed into the final weeks and will have to basically win every single comp to secure her spot in final 3. You are practically handing the final four ACP to Justin when Danielle, of all the misfits has no other lifeline. With the odds in favor of a misfit winning DE HOH this is a gamble, if I were looking at it globally and strategically as a Dani fan, this is not what I would want. I think she's in greater danger after the DE than she is statically in the DE.


That at being said, I do get the her fan base's sentiment. This is BB, expect the unexpected. I will be sad for Dani if she gets this and doesn't need to use it to save herself and now she is literally a lone wolf heading into the final weeks based on what we know from seeing everything in the house. Can't change the momentum now, Danielle has the misfits majority vote so we should all support that if for no other reason than to just ensure Morgan does not get it. 


Look at the alliances internally:





Jason/Justin (for a short period but will turn on each other at some point by final 5). 

Jason/Danielle to a degree although Jason has been vocal about the fact he doesn't believe he has as good of a chance at winning in final 3 scenario against Danielle or Justin. 


Who is Danielle's lifeline? If Shelby stays through DE you may see her join forces with her, but in all honesty in a final 3 scenario that's terrible for Dani. Shelby had a huge

Fan following all season long as well. In final 3 with 2 misfits and Shelby at the end the votes are sure to split between the 2 misfits among misfit fans for the win leaving Shelby with a slight edge having every single Plastics' fan vote. It's Paul/Victor/Corey bribe ACP all over again. 


Even if a misfit wins DE, if Morgan gets the ACP by dominant vote a misfit has to sit next to Shelby OTB. This is a DE, leading to final 6, you have to know there is a huge chance a power player from misfits side goes up and could go home. The odds are low this happen but this scenario is why Danielle fans feel the need to protect her with the ACP this week. 


This is the very best opportunity to eliminate your biggest threat to a win at the end and Danielle/Jason/Justin could be collateral damage if misfit fans allow Morgan to gain the popular vote for ACP. 



Here are the current poll results without knowing who the DE HOH will be. This is among the four eligible and not by sides of the house:


Morgan has 44% of popular vote. 


Danielle has 33% of popular vote. 


Whitney has 12% of popular vote. 


Justin has 11% of popular vote. 


Based on those numbers Morgan could in fact win this is misfit fans don't stay united and don't stay up and log on to cast a vote. 


Misfits majority for ACP:



Plastics majority for ACP:



I will confirm what appears to be popular opinion among Misfit fans once we get closer to the voting opening. 


Personally, I am still leaning towards misfits although Shelby had been gaining some attention from me after her outbursts about having to share her HOH and the fall out from losing veto and events following the actual veto ceremony she's managed to lose my support again.


No one is innocent in this season. They've all said and done things that have gained/lost support. Overall, while I may not like or condone everything misfits have done as far as behaviors, they've been actively playing the game since week 1 and for several played very well considering the opposition America's voting created. 


I reported at the start of the season in my preseason assessment of the players based on their intro videos, I knew Alex would be evicted before her sister and it was truly by her own doing or not doing that caused it in my opinion. Social game is a huge factor and you can be very strategic but if you haven't arranged the pieces necessary to make those plans come to life it's mute. Morgan was disappointing.


I had high hopes for her pre season but after Monte went out week 2 she's played Alex's game and/or allowed Alex to steer her game and that's a shame. Shelby, we'll need I say more?


The smarter approach would have been to seperate themselves and join opposing sides of the house and protect each other, not interacting very much at all and knowing their sibling has the pulse on that side and will protect them at all cost. It also is Alex's hand in her

demise not bridging personal relationships with anyone outside her pact, relying on others to make deals for her, and having absolutely no one else to rely on since she lied and broke every deal so early in the game. 


-One final note Shelby did confess to Alex that she is a law school graduate awaiting results of her bar exam around 1:51 pm BA (cam 1/2) 11/8 which lead to Alex getting approval from Morgan (1:54 pm HOH BR cam 1/2) that they share their sister secret with Shelby. While the girls celebrate and laugh about it in the HOH room, in Shelby's DR 7:44 pm last night she admits she's pretty salty about the fact she built her entire game around an alliance where she would never be anyone's #2.


While that sucks for her, again she should have never completely refused to build relationships with anyone else in the house. But the sister twist was finally been revealed so if you haven't seen this it's a TS you will want to revisit.  


However, Shelby now has some ammo in her vault should both she and Morgan survive DE. She can reveal the sister twist and shift any guns aimed at herself to Morgan emphasizing the HUGE voting advantage Morgan would have since she was a part of a twist. I think this was in fact the last very bad move Alex makes before leaving the game. Time will tell. 


Until tonight...


Here's the link to CBS which provides details about double Eviction and the temporary schedule changes. 





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Danielle wins HOH! 


Misfit fans are voting Justin for DE  VETO ACP.


A lot of Shelby fans are voting Justin ACP-as I blogged earlier a Morgan ACP will send Shelby home. 


Some Plastic fans are still voting Morgan but if you're a Shelby fan it is in her best interest for someone other than Morgan to win this veto. Shelby will go by default. 


Voting is open for only one hour so no matter who you decide to vote for, it's time! Cast your vote. 

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9 hours ago, fredtheturtle said:

They should have had nominations before the cp.  


This is starting to look rigged.

This is disconcerting! Especially with respect to the broken mirror fiasco early this morning.  Who is to say that Kryssie's time would NOT have been better than Shelby's?  How "close" was Shelby to finishing the comp? All four, houseguests (Jason, Shelby, Kryssie, Justin) in this comp should get a re-do.  Cherrypicking the two who get to re-do the task has us angered.  For instance, at what time point did Kryssie reach a comparable level of task progression where Shelby's mirror broke?????

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Last night was a roller coaster of highs and lows, unexpected twists and turns. Here's a brief summary of the series of events with the second HOH comp last night. Complete coverage for DE night will follow later today. 


Second HOH is individual 
Lasers/mirrors best time wins Max time is 20 min. 


Jason plays at 10:48 pm
Time: 8:14 


Morgan (audio leak prior to start time both BY/Production/Morgan)
Plays 11:15 pm
Time:  12:50


Kryssie plays 11:42 pm
Time:  15:05


Shelby's start time 12:10 am
By 12:20 am BB goes to fish. Shelby has already exceeded Jason's time  


Feeds are on HG, comp pauses for more than 3 hours. 

3:40 am Justin finally in BY 
Justin maxes out on 20 min


HG called to LR for Danielle to announce results of HOH at 5:11am. 

Justin times out

Kryssie's time

Morgan's time

Jason's time

-Shelby's time 'could not be determined' results are Jason/Shelby replay Thursday night. (No specific time announced) 


Jason/Shelby will have to replay again Thursday? 


Ok look the argument was made that Shelby's mirror broke and it was a disadvantage even though she passed Jason's time, even though 3 other people played and finished before Shelby's turn. 

Not the first time in BB when comp equipment failed, malfunctions happen others in past seasons have had issues.


We've heard plenty of HG's over the years say their lane was off, their boards were slanted, whatever it's happened a lot and it's been deemed a part of the game. 


What I don't understand is why Jason/Shelby both have to replay. No one else had the issues Shelby did. Jason played and no issues has a time. Judge for yourself with the times of each player's start times and how long they took to complete.


Even if you are going to rule in favor of Shelby why not send her back out and replay before/after Justin? 


Regardless, the official word early this morning 7+ hours after week 7 HOH began this was the official announcement. 

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16 hours ago, BigBrotherHBIC said:

Danielle wins HOH! 


Misfit fans are voting Justin for DE  VETO ACP.


A lot of Shelby fans are voting Justin ACP-as I blogged earlier a Morgan ACP will send Shelby home. 


Some Plastic fans are still voting Morgan but if you're a Shelby fan it is in her best interest for someone other than Morgan to win this veto. Shelby will go by default. 


Voting is open for only one hour so no matter who you decide to vote for, it's time! Cast your vote. 

I don’t know if other fans were locked out - but I could not vote for ACP last night. .. Tried different computers. all locked out.    Some browsers. ended at week 5.  So no care package for week 6.  Other of my browsers.  had week 6 but no ability to depress the selection.  I would have voted 20 votes for Justin.   I wrote to CBS 2X during 7-8 hour period. and  an additional time around 7:59pm (case # 02739754).   


I watched the competition -  and saw all of them struggling.   But think it is totally unfair to allow a redo. Especially. when they blanked out.    Had BB production not blanked out our screens  with fish - I might have felt differently.   


I agree with Aimee - that there are many times were competitions did not go well but redos. are rarely allowed. 


It is unfair to give one person an advantage.   I notice that. Shelby does a lot of complaining  about fairness to her.   Yet when she wins. and others have technical  problems - she is less sympathetic. 


Shelby has problems with change .. or the unexpected.    So. when Jason became her Co-HOH.  she was bitter cried.  a lot of angry tears.  Told us how unfair it was to her.      Why?  Complain .. Why not go with twists and turns and adjust.  When she made a mistake and someone else won - she complained that she should have won. There is a sense of entitlement that is not pleasant.  And now She is getting a redo.   




For all the trashing of Kryssie and Justin .. they roll with the punches they don’t complain





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Last night after Alex left, Morgan and Shelby were crying and saying how unfair it was the Danielle got a few extra seconds in the HOH comp. Actually she did not get extra time. Then Morgan get the ACP They seem to think that everything is unfair to them. I tried to vote for ACP last night and was locked out. If others were locked out of voting then how is the vote fair?

And I think its fair for Jason and Shelby to get a redo on the second HOH comp. Lets just hope Jason can win it.

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3 hours ago, sayre11 said:

.... I tried to vote for ACP last night and was locked out. If others were locked out of voting then how is the vote fair?

And I think its fair for Jason and Shelby to get a redo on the second HOH comp. Lets just hope Jason can win it.


Since this incarnation is 100% Internet, we really need an official and solidly dependable "schedule" web page for all of these adjustments in voting events and, really, all events.  The only option now is to head to Twitter.


@sayre11: Were you trying to vote between 7 and 8 pm BBT? (my source for the voting window : http://mortystv.com/bbott/ ;  see this passage "...During this week's double eviction, the Houseguests will not compete in a veto competition. Instead, the winner of this care package will be awarded with the power of veto. There will be just one hour of voting (HERE) 7-8PM BBT.").

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8 hours ago, Alleykat68 said:

Does any1 know WHEN? the HOH showdown will happen? I can't find that info on BBOTT CBS website?



According to Twitter:  BBOverTheTop ‏@BBOverTheTop 23m23 minutes ago

Watch Shelby & Jason compete for the title of next HOH on #BBOTT live at 9pm ET/6pm PT

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It's been a long 24 hours for most of us. The HOH comp went until a little after 5 am and HG slept in today until 11:30 am. 


There was no official announcement of the time for the re-do between Jason/Shelby so if you missed it Shelby competes first (selected by Random draw which allowed Shelby to draw first) the start time was 6:24 pm. 


Jason then heads to the BY at 6:39 pm (there about). Jason complains about a mirror issue again we get a short fish, then he continues. 


BB's explanation for giving Shelby the win although Jason experiences difficulty was that he didn't report it until 20 sec after he surpassed Shelby's time therefore according to them he already lost. 


Here's what I have to say about the caveat of circumstances surrounding last night's DE, the ACP, the magic veto that miraculously saves not only Morgan but Shelby as well: Whitney was the only victim in it all. So for those who felt she was production's golden child, after we heard them cheering for her week 5 when Dani wins the HOH, the BB Budget production of this season cost her the game. 


Moving on, we can all argue a myriad of points defending our opinions of what happened. If you feel passionate enough about your opinions go to CBS All Access and select the 'More' tab at the top, submit a written complaint. Beyond that, it's done and over and won't change the outcome at this point. You are a paying customer and just like any consumer you have a right to document your dissatisfaction. 


That being said, Shelby is now the HOH. Until last night's events as I looked ahead to week 7, my thoughts were-we are down to final 6, it's now who do we not want to win? If a misfit had won it would have been Shelby/Morgan nominees and America's Nom would have to be a misfit. I was resolved to nominating Kryssie at that point. The other three have played the game to varying degrees, with Jason/Danielle playing the best games, IMO. 


Those were my thoughts before the questionable ACP. Those were my thoughts before many voters were unable to cast votes, the Shelby DR audio leak, the shady HOH debacle. My response to Shelby winning HOH in a re-match against Jason? 


Morgan for America's Nominee. After the results were announced Shelby comments that no one is going to mess up her HOH this week. Well, while we've had varying opinions all season about how this much voting as been good or bad, we do in fact have one final week this week to vote for an America's nominee. This is the last week and since I've been given the power to vote, I shall. 


Remember this week's ACP was voted on and delivered during the DE. The final ACP will not be open for voting until next Thursday 11/17 and after voting closes on 11/18 it will be delivered at 1 pm that day. 


What does that mean? It means the only influence we have for the remainder of this week is America's nominee and America's vote to evict. I say let's make this one count! 


I was pleasantly surprised that although most Plastics fans had no issues with the questionable events that unfolded, I did see many Shelby fans admit, even they were shocked that Jason was stricken of the win for HOH. It's not the first time in BB history there's been a technical difficulty in a comp. It is not as much about the benefit/loss to one side or the other as much as I am a long time fan since season 1 and the series of events were at the very least questionable. Why did they force Justin at 4:20 am after a more than 3 hour delay, and him being sequestered for more nearly 6 hours send him out to play? That's a HUGE disadvantage! We will never know if he would have performed better or not. 


There are just over 3 weeks left. Danielle and Justin are the only two eligible for the final ACP's and I am happy with that outcome. 


Plastic fans are running parallel campaigns for America's Nom. Some want Danielle up still? The one person in the house that has arguably played the best game all season? Smh


There is another push on your side to nominate Kryssie. Now, at least the argument behind this choice I can rationalize. She's done the least of anyone, they've wanted her out (mainly for personal reasons) for weeks and at final 6 they aren't being emotional they are applying a logical reasoning to their choice. 


If Kryssie ends up OTB, with two other Misfits that will leave only one vote from the remaining misfit, one vote from Morgan, and America's eviction vote. In this scenario the America's vote will likely decide who ultimately gets sent home. If you have a vested interest then make sure to vote. 


However, if Kryssie ends up OTB, and the sole misfit not nominated wins the veto (remember everyone competes this week and that's likely to be Danielle not OTB) then they can remove one of Shelby's nominations and Morgan will have to be the replacement. 


There's a lot of game left to be played this week. A Shelby HOH doesn't guarantee a misfit goes home. Don't be discouraged. This was the first online season, there were bound to be problems and issues. If they do another BBOTT season things will get better each time, but innevitably things always go wrong. Now is the point in the season where the focus can shift on game play, individual players, and who ultimately you want to win. So shake it off, enjoy the little time left and don't get distracted.  

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Wednesday night’s first live eviction was a moment celebrated by many misfit fans.  It’s not for me so much the demise of the Plastics instead it is the end of Alex’s time in the game.  When we began this season, go back and read the early blogs, I warned LF’s that a voting war between the two fan bases would inevitably damage the integrity of the game. Now that we are down to the final 8, it was in fact that battle that led to an earlier demise of Alex’s game.  Once weeks 3-5 played out with nearly every vote going to the Plastics without any consideration for the effects that approach to voting would have on their favorite players, I pleaded with Misfit fans not to be disenfranchised from BBOTT.  Everything in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction.  Do I think this was the right move?  We will get back to that. 


Don’t be disillusioned, Alex would have blown up her own game without the voting forcing the issue.  Her refusal to play fluidly in a game like this and isolating herself from a large group of HG’s was a critical error that would leave her without a lifeline when it came down to the final weeks.  Breaking deals and lying are often a part of this game. Those choices have to be calculated and delivered with finesse in order to not leave people losing all trust and confidence in you.  Whether its true or not people must view another player as someone they can work with down the road or trust when an idea or deal is being offered.  


A critical error in Alex’s early game play was the arrogant attitude that people should just accept this approach and she shouldn’t be subjected to any kickback for doing so.  A key element on navigating this game is the human element.  You are playing with other people.  The great players in BB history know how to work people, how to make them trust you even when they shouldn’t, and be able to manipulate them.  To do that you must know your enemies.  Even with all that players need to know when it’s a valuable move to lie or break deals.  You cannot do it just because you have it in your mindset that it is required to be considered a great player or provide good entertainment. Alex’s inability to understand all the layers and effort put that are applied to doing it effectively was a huge miscalculation.  


Now, let’s discuss the horrible mistake that LNC made in evicting Alex.  As I stated in earlier in the week, Morgan should have been the one to go.  What’s most shocking is during Danielle’s HOH week 5 they had an entire discussion about eliminating one of the two Plastics who were still eligible for the ACP.  I don’t think it was a mistake to eliminate Scott that week eliminating Scott was weakening Alex.  However, I do think the most damaging part of the last 48 hours was the fact that the misfits did not return to this method of thinking and vote to evict Morgan week 6.  They knew she had an ACP available to her.  They know the ACP’s have gotten more and more powerful the weeks have progressed.  They knew that it was a DE week and it would be 4 v 1 in the DE HOH, with both Shelby and Jason unable to compete.  They had all the key information they needed to make the best decision.  They weren’t lacking in any of the important details that should have been assessed. Morgan even expected to be the one sent packing.  She made that speech on eviction night believing the LNC would in fact be smart enough to send her home and take a shot at Alex during DE which leads me to believe that the Plastics did consider that an ACP could potentially help Morgan survive.    


This is the mistake that will cost at least two misfits the chance at making it to the end.  Jason and Danielle have played amazing games all season long and have really stepped things up  this last few weeks.  This is BB!  You never leave something you 100% know could happen to cripple your game in play.  Yes, Alex was a big fish to fry.  Yes, Alex had been the driving force behind most of what the Plastics had been doing.  Was she the biggest threat heading into DE?  NO!  Did Alex have better odds of winning DE than Morgan in their minds?  Maybe.  Did they consider that the ACP would be delivered on DE night instead of the usual Friday delivery?  


I think that is where they missed the mark.  While they knew Morgan was eligible I don’t think they considered that the ACP would come into play on DE night.  That’s the only point where I can see they didn’t have the upfront information to know what a huge risk that would be to leave Morgan in.  Again, this is BB and you should always expect the unexpected.  It should have been a consideration.  It was a foolish thing not to plan for worse case scenario and it cost them dearly.  IMO, it doesn’t matter what happened in the technicalities between the time that Alex was evicted and the time that Shelby ends up being named the new HOH last night at  7:34 pm.  Had they evicted Morgan over Alex, Danielle would have still likely won the DE HOH since 4/5 players all tied and if Morgan was gone none of this would have been possible.  No ACP to Morgan, means Alex/Shelby go up, no veto to save them and they still could have sent Alex home. LNC fans should have all gone ahead and voted Danielle for the ACP and not considered changing to Justin.  


The ACP voting results shocked a lot of LNC fans.  While I was disappointed and to some degree think a questionable result isn’t a complete unrealistic response to fans who are so frustrated with the voting process in general, as a long time BB fan we also should expect the unexpected. In reflecting on the events of DE night and the ACP results I determined there are likely two key elements that legitimately played a key role in the outcome.  First, LNC fans were all united for the most part to give Danielle the DE ACP before the night arrived.  However, many clusters of this fan base had decided that if Danielle won the HOH to shift their votes to Justin.  Those were primarily the Danielle fans.  If they didn’t feel she was in trouble they wanted to waste it on Justin so they could save the final one for Danielle. Why?  The second, and less influential element is Morgan’s eviction speech during the live eviction.  There are some fans that aren’t following the popular voting trends and are in fact just voting for who they want at any given point in time.  It’s my suspicion the sassy speech and Alex being the one being evicted int he first eviction of the night made Morgan/Shelby the underdogs.  That motivated them to vote the ACP for Morgan in the hour voting window even if they had another idea in mind before the DE began.  


Many fans regardless of who they like or don’t like didn’t want to watch the remaining few weeks with no one but Shelby, and the five LNC on the feeds.  I did find a wave of Shelby fans voting for Danielle to get the ACP in DE because they were concerned that if Morgan got ‘veto’ in the literal sense the way many fans anticipated this veto being provided Morgan would have been safe leaving Shelby the only option to go up alone and head out the door.  Most of us never expected the veto to:

  1. Be delivered pre-nominations
  2. Provide not only safety for Morgan but for one other as well

This is apparent by the fact that Shelby fans were greatly concerned that Morgan receiving the ACP put Shelby at the greatest risk.  So we had Danielle fans voting ACP for Justin, the remaining LNC fans splitting the votes between Danielle, Justin either because they didn’t know or didn’t agree with the popular opinion, and Shelby fans voting for Danielle for ACP.  



The only people this approach made sense to was the Danielle fans. For me, it didn’t make sense to change the outcome.  Justin wasn’t going to be targeted if Danielle won the HOH.  In fact, still voting for Danielle made the most sense if she won HOH in DE.  Let the HOH retain all the power.  It was Danielle’s own fan base really that called for the last minute change in ACP recipient if she won the HOH.  Danielle’s fan base has grown as the weeks have progressed and they, are the larger percentage of overall fans for the LNC.  In analyzing the trend last week I found the concern that if Morgan won HOH, Danielle wouldn’t be safe.  I think that was a critical error on their initial thoughts to begin with.  Jason and Justin were actually in more immediate danger.  Shelby has wanted Justin gone since week 2 and Morgan’s loathing for him has grown even stronger as we’ve all seen on the feeds.  I see where they felt if Justin won the ACP, he could save himself and would save Whitney, Kryssie, or Jason before he would ever save Danielle.  I also saw many Danielle fans concerned that if Justin were to win he DE HOH he may target Danielle.  That’s a logical and rational concern.  


Danielle fans are not the only fans within the LNC fan base.  Many Justin fans have been waiting to send him the last ACP since they were announced.  They were always going to vote Danielle for ACP this week.  They want Justin to have the last one.  It’s a mistake to focus on your one piece on the game board without analyzing all the other potential moves that could weaken your queen.  When you consider all of the moving pieces you could have easily anticipated that a certain percentage of LNC fans were not going to switch to Justin in the final moments of the ACP voting.  The earlier weeks most fans regardless of which side felt by week 3 the voting was influencing so much that giving the ACP power to the side who wins HOH is a way to at least maintain some of the integrity of the game.  Problem is Plastics fans were fine with that when their side was in power, as soon as LNC members began winning the HOH’s they wanted to throw that entire rationale out the window and only vote for their side regardless of what the vote was about.  


It’s my conclusion that had all the LNC fans just stayed on Danielle and not tried to switch things up based on the HOH outcome so it would only benefit their favorite player this wouldn’t have happened.  I believe Danielle would have had the dominant vote and Morgan wouldn’t have been able to save both she and Shelby.  Just my opinion, but there you go.  As you know I agreed in week 5 to report the popular opinion during week 5 when it became evident that LNC fans were splitting votes and it was helping the Plastics.  I still fill in my personal opinions but don’t blog in as much detail and personal analysis when it comes to voting game points because many of the readers here have expressed that it has the potential to confuse the reader from voting with the popular vote.  


Since then, in all honesty this has been far less fun for me to blog.  I love analyzing the game play, the players, the actions that influence how something will unfold based on what I see.  Researching polls, chats, forums, podcasts, SM, is very time consuming but in the interest of not allowing one fan base to have such a powerful influence on the direction the game goes it was my own decision and I can’t be too frustrated about the choice. I saw the potential to swing it back to a more fair result and in most ways thats how it has worked out.  Voting has returned to swinging fairly between the two sides the last few votes.   For me, that has made the game much more balanced and given everyone playing a more even field to compete on. This blog draws a lot of readers and being able to identify some of the most influential SM presences on both side of the fandom has given me an insight into how the game is being played on the outside of the house since it’s such a pivotal part of BBOTT.


I reported the popular opinion but often don’t agree with the logic. I have also as I promised voting along with the popular opinion in the interest of my primary goal.  Stop allowing one organized fan base (Plastics) who all follow one agreed upon vote to continue to win the popular vote week after week.  


At the end of the day regardless of which side of the house you have supported all season fans have been very vocal and very absolute.  Chat room discussions have been very little about game play, strategy, it’s been really full of how much I like or hate the sides.  Some still decide who they like or hate based on their opinions of which HG game play they like. I had people on both sides of the house from week to week who I liked and didn’t like. I’ve had a good amount of fans tell me the same they like players not sides. Don’t get me wrong. In general, I have liked the players on the LNC side of the house since the first two weeks.  They were the first to really be playing active games I saw with the most potential and that had much to do with my preference. 


I’m not analyzing the game on who is the most annoying HG and bugs me the most.  They all have positive and negative personal qualities.  If those details are influencing decisions being made then that has now become part of the game from my POV, but if not then I don’t care. Alex isolating herself in the HOH room the first 3 weeks had an enormous impact on both how others perceived her and what she was or wasn’t gaining in accurate information as well as her abilities in the future to make moves or find allies who were willing to save her.The girls sitting around for the majority of the day alone together doing not much more than criticizing and trash talking the LNC had a huge impact on their game.  The LNC has had a far better read on the other side than the Plastics have had on the realities of the LNC side and their game play.  


Want the good news?  We are down to final 6!  There is still a mix of players in the game.  This is the last week America votes on a nominee and casts an eviction vote.  There is only one ACP left. It will not be delivered until next Friday in week 8. Danielle and Justin are the only two eligible for the final ACP.  Vote for who you want to receive it.  I wont report the polls for this final ACP.  I wont have to troll all week to know where the popular opinion is!  YEAH!  There is still some strategic voting happen with the nominations and more importantly this week I think the most influential vote will come down to America’s eviction vote.  


Shelby will nominate two LNC. Let’s just say she nominates Justin and Jason for arguments sake (you could insert any two names into this and arrive at the same overall outcome, but there is an argument to be made for who the best person not to be OTB come veto is if you’re an LNC fan overall).  


Scenario 1:

Kryssie is the popular nominee for the Plastics fans at the moment.  If Kryssie goes up as America’s nom next to Jason/Justin, that leaves Morgan/Danielle as the ones with safety going into Veto.  All 6 HG’s compete in veto this week.  If Danielle wins veto, she can pull Jason down and the only other HG available to go OTB is Morgan.  Shelby could literally end up having to nominate Morgan and now Jason/Danielle have the only two HG votes it wont matter who America votes for they will decide whether to send Morgan/Justin/Kryssie home.  


Scenario 2:

Morgan is the only nominee I’ve currently heard any LNC fan discuss so as of now she is the America’s Nominee from that side of the house.  Now we have Morgan, Justin, Jason, OTB.  Danielle wins veto takes Jason down and again we are left with the same combination and the same two voters deciding who they want to go and America’s vote wont influence the decision.


Scenario 3:

Kryssie AN, J/J OTB next to her.  Morgan or Shelby wins veto.  Leaves nominations the same because with 3 LNC OTB the votes come down to Danielle, Shelby and America. There are numerous ways this eviction vote could go.  IMO, the most likely would be Morgan and Danielle vote different people and America will break the tie. Or, Morgan, Shelby, Danielle cut a deal and the two girls vote together and send Justin home.  Justin is eligible for the ACP, if Danielle votes him out she is guaranteed to get the final ACP and a player everyone believes is AFH cannot prevent them from winning the game. 


Scenario 4:

Morgan is AN, J/J OTB, one of those two wins the veto, takes himself down and now Shelby has to decide whether to replace him with Danielle or Kryssie.  This still leaves two LNC having the dominant eviction vote but Shelby may see Kryssie as more malleable to Shelby and less of an end game threat. If she’s smart she would nominate Danielle and we could very well see Danielle go home.  Kryssie is closer with Jason and Justin than Danielle.  Danielle has been kicking butt for weeks and they all should be terrified of going to the end with her the most.  Justin is still talked about as the biggest threat versing nom in a final 3 scenario.  I don’t begin to think they all realize that Danielle is a far bigger threat in final 3, there’s that lingering idea she wasn’t liked by America.  


As usual there are a few more scenarios that could play out, you can’t predict everything and things change in that house from hour to hour.  Those are just the most likely scenarios I see as of where Shelby/Morgan’s focus has been.  The good news for some in Shelby winning this HOH is that she cannot compete next week and there’s no ACP available to either of those two in week 8.  


By Sunday we will have a clearer idea where the nominees will land for Shelby and take another look at the most likely scenarios. The good news for Danielle fans is for now, Kryssie is the most relevant discussion among the Plastics fan base for AN.  They want her gone, they don’t want to see her have any chance to win the game and have said if Kryssie does make it to the end they’e threatened to vote Kryssie for the win.  I will never understand that mindset and I hope that by the time we get there no matter who the final three are people will actually vote for the player who played the best game.  In all honesty had Jason won this HOH, I was leaning towards nominating Kryssie myself.  


After the way that entire DE, second HOH comp, and the multitude of BB Budget errors and mistakes that had an impact on the game, my response to Shelby ending up with this HOH, that Jason won the first night and lost during the re-play last night, I will be voting Morgan for AN.  I want two LNC to have the deciding vote.  I heard Shelby say right after the HOH was announced last night that this time no one can screw up her HOH.  LOL.  That’s a mentality that can very well lead to Morgan being sent home on your HOH Shelby.  


Based on who is left in the house and how each player has played the first 6+ weeks I want to see Danielle and Jason make it to final 4.  I don’t want to see Morgan or Kryssie make it to final 4.  They’ve done the least of all the HG’s, I don’t think they've done anything to earn $250k.  Kryssie had some influence, although IOM a negative one, on how the two sides perceived each other and how the strategic game talks went.  Morgan managed to keep her sister twist quiet and from being discovered.  Other than those two accomplishments neither has done much else.  They allowed others to run their games, Morgan won one veto.  Kryssie won one HOH. Although not a Shelby fan, I think her and Justin are the same level.  They’ve had a hand in a few things here and there.  They were polarizing characters all season, whether you loved them or hated them they have played about the same level overall and at least they’ve played.  Justin’s best element has been his social game.  He did manage to pull Whitney away from the Plastics and in the end that saved his life, even if it cost Whitney’s hers.  Had he not been able to do that before we hit DE its very likely he would have gone home.  Shelby pulled ahead in my rankings when she started winning comps.  That’s the only thing for me that has propelled her ahead of Kryssie and Morgan, before that she would have been in a three way tie with both of them.  



It’s now about the individual players.  How they navigate this week will have the most impact on who makes it to the final four.  Who has gained the most respect for their game play or who fans want to see have a chance to guarantee they are in the final four of BBOTT.  The final 6’s positions to getting to the end has more to do with game play from here on out. If you are an LNC fan you can’t be mad at that. Justin and Danielle are the only two players eligible for the chance to complete a challenge and guarantee making it to final four.  Shelby and Morgan have made it to final 6.  The only way to stay at this point is win competitions and work with what individual skills that have developed over the season, secure your safety, and eliminate your biggest competition in a final three scenario. If Kryssie or Morgan manage to do that and make it to the fin al three chairs next to anyone else above I would vote for that person to win over those two.  We are all long time fans of the show and we all know based on history that the player who played the best game doesn’t always make it to the final seats.  We have the final say this year.

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Here's the way I look at things as of now, I think Morgan will go home this week, Here's why: First of all Danielle and Justin are the only two left to get ACP and Danielle as played a much better game then Justin all he as done is throw comps.

Danielle deserves to be in final four over Justin. So lets say she gets it and completes the BB comp that means she is safe. That means only Krissy or Jason, Justin can be nom. by Shelby.

If Morgan gets AN and one of them wins Veto which really wouldnt matter. Morgan can not vote either can Shelby so that means its a misfit vote and they will vote out Morgan. So final five will be Shelby, Jason Krissy, Danielle, and Justin. The misfits get Shelby out the next week leaving, the misfits as the final four. Then its every man women for themselves. Just my thought as things stand now.

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So Aimee. brilliant analysis ..    Who do you want to be America’s Nominee.   

I for one now want. Morgan.. since there may be one or more Plastics fans have done some dirty tricks.  Most recent is pretending to be Julie Chen and nominating  Kryssie.      I reported it to Twitter and the real Julie Chen.


Anyone would realize that Julie Chen could never interfere in the game without  making herself a target for a lawsuit by the loser impacted.      (THe  fake twitter account. @juliechencbs.. formed in Nov. 2016.   The real account is @juliechen formed back in 2011).


Now Rachel Reilly has gone from recommending. Morgan to Kryssie.   And there are some saying that her account was hijacked. (it was an identical tweet back a few weeks ago.  and made to look recent.


Of concern that CBS has to work on if their franchise will continue is to insure it from the hacking and manipulation that has taken the game out from being a fun rivalry to those who really want one side to take the money.      


I will let you know if I get locked out tonight. again.    (I voted in the correct time for Pacific Coast - so know something was wrong..   especially when I kept reading the voting open for 15 more minutes.    To date unless blind.  No-one from CBS access emailed me back.  I do have the three case numbers. and if tonight we are again blocked.. I will know that CBS needs to do a lot of retooling to get the bugs out.)


Again Aimee. I love your contribution… awesome

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Black Friday in BBOTT 11/11/16


So much has happened over the weekend!  We are at final 6 with less than 3 weeks to go in the game and in order to understand the happenings by the time Safety Ceremony came around on Saturday, and Shelby elects to keep Kryssie/Justin safe first we need to go back to Friday.  Here are the key events, TS, and deals that were both proposed and accepted which lead to the unexpected events at Saturday's Safety Ceremony where many LF's were perplexed as to why Shelby elected to chose 2 misfits to keep safe right out of the gate rather than one with Morgan and then  await finalizing what her plan.  Instead Shelby chose to save Justin and Kryssie first and then waits until the final Safety Ceremony on Sunday to give Morgan safety.  As soon as she did that she meanders downstairs to face the group and states:


My nom's are Danielle and Jason. Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Then Shelby turns walks away and marches right back upstairs without another word.  


To ensure everyone has a clear path to how this unfold we need to travel back to Black Friday in the BBOTT house.  With Shelby as the new HOH, and Morgan feeling safe, the duo starts the day shopping for the best deals they can find.  The ladies aren’t celebrating too much because Shelby realizes although she will have the power this week, next week she is at a huge disadvantage. Morgan knows that leaves her fighting in the next HOH 3 against 1 to try and secure she and Shelby where a final ACP will be in play.  Shelby and Morgan are very aware of the ACP, the fact the power has gotten stronger with each one, and if they keep Danielle, they cannot count on it helping them in any way.  As the morning begins the girls become aware that Justin has no intention of coming and talking with the HOH, assuming he will be one of the nominees and the target so he just needs to win the veto. 


Jason arises early (10:25 am cam 1/2) and makes his way up to the HOH to have the first pitch of the day:

  • Explains Dani/Jason got cold feet about sending Justin home on DE and Whitney was a bigger threat.
  • Jason tries to sell the girls on there are actually three pairs now, Jason/Danielle, Shelby/Morgan, Jason/Kryssie.
  • Kryssie/Justin clearly America’s favorites and no one should let them get to the end because they will win based on popularity.
  • Shelby counters that doesn’t even make any sense no one is giving Kryssie $250k for doing nothing all season long. 
  • If Shelby and Morgan can forgive and forget Jason and Danielle will align with them in a final four deal (for real this time, wink, wink).
  • Shelby says why would they ever trust them again after breaking deal after deal and Jason continuously preaching loyalty to his alliance and repeatedly points out in most of Jason’s proposals that they were the very points sold in the fake five deal they made just to be cruel and why would they believe them now?
  • They are ready to take Justin out, he puts more blame in Danielle for not wanting to send Justin home, and if Justin/Kryssie are the nominees America will probably nominate Danielle. Also tries to inform them that Kryssie freaked out at the thought of evicting Justin and trolled Danielle and Jason the rest of the night to keep Justin safe arguing that Kryssie has been very strategic all season, does a lot of the game talk, plays the game like chess and avoids being involved in any of the fights.
  • Shelby tells Jason not to try and sell her that chess versus checkers BS.
  • Jason sells they kept Justin thinking Whitney could win comps and Justin can’t win anything and there are only 5 comps left.
  • Shelby counters saying why then do we take out the one guy who can’t win comps now?  He’s the one you want to keep then?
  • Jason says he wont try to win the next HOH and they will be playing veto for Shelby this week.
  • Jason says Danielle and Jason are going to be the only one offering them a deal this week and Kryssie and Justin wont offer them anything.
  • Danielle will be guaranteed the ACP if Justin goes. Do they think Justin will ever use the ACP to help them?

12:04 PM Cam 3/4 Camera zooms in on Shelby putting a new pair of socks on HOH.  They are of course little ducks which are reminiscent of Pablo, the irony is not lost on me.  Either way you look at it, “Sitting ducks," or Pablo socks you can’t deny that it’s a relevant small thing to take note of when the camera literally makes a point of zooming in on the socks. 


Danielle enters the HOH BR (12:06 pm cam 3/4) to follow up on Jason’s meeting earlier this morning.  Danielle as she passes through the kitchen asking Morgan if Shelby is busy, makes point to ask Morgan if she’s coming back up to the HOH.  This was subtle but a smart maneuver, emphasizing she is aware the talk should include Morgan even though Shelby is HOH.


  • Danielle begins with the point that if Shelby doesn’t put Danielle up, America likely will and that prevents Morgan from being AN.
  • Blames Kryssie for the flip back to Whitney on DE, that Kryssie made her feel as though if she evicted Justin, now Kryssie would turn against her as well.
  • Shelby says why would I believe then if we take out Justin this week, you will actually take out Kryssie next week.
  • Danielle feels like there’s more of an opportunity to work with Shelby/Morgan now that Alex is gone. 
  • Argues this is a great week to take out Justin since there is no threat of an ACP.
  • Shelby points out that means Danielle is guaranteed the last ACP how does that benefit S/M? 
  • Danielle emphasizes that Justin used the Veto to save Kryssie in a way to drive home the point that while the four of them are a group, it’s a group of two pairs.  J/D and J/K the loyalties of the pairs to each other supersedes the foursome.


It’s good to note that this is the first time I’ve seen either Jason/Danielle make pleas or arguments that literally contradict what their intent is, rather makes the very point they are trying to deflect. They are usually very methodical about what to say and not say.  For example, we saved Justin last week because Whitney was more of a comp threat, which really sells Justin as a good person to keep going into the last 5 comps.  Keep Danielle and eliminate Justin then Dani gets the ACP. but how does that help Shelby at all, why would she ever think helping Danielle be guaranteed final four be a better choice than the guy they just said can’t win the final comps once they all reach final 4.   


I said it when it happened, the scam to lie to the Plastics, making a fake final 5 deal before the week 6 veto was used and gas lighting the girls for personal reasons that had little to no game value was a self imposed bomb detonated on their own games.  This is the one tactic in this game that never gains any favor with me as a fan.  Don’t be mean just to be mean when the motive has zero game value.  The only benefit I saw to doing it at the time was it prevents the Plastics from trying to swing votes and really going to work by making them feel completely safe. With the week playing out as it has, Jason/Danielle have made themselves the largest targets in the game where Justin had been a shield in their minds and had a lot to do with why they eventually elected to evict Whitney over Justin. If you’re a fan of either it’s important to realize as this week plays out that the situation they now find themselves in was created by their own plans, actions, and efforts.  They had Alex/Morgan where they wanted them, they controlled the votes, they never really emphasized they were doing it strategically to prevent the Plastics from possibly successfully pulling off a hail Mary and flipping one of the votes because the possibility of Kryssie/Justin flipping and voting against Whitney in any scenario was not a concern. 


Danielle and Justin are the only two HG’s eligible for the final ACP which to be clear, is not guaranteed final four just by receiving the ACP.  The HG who receives the most votes will have an opportunity to compete in a “challenge” which if successfully completed, then and only then, automatically advances to the final four. Essentially, how I interpret that is if either Justin/Danielle does accomplish the task they will get safety for week 8 (guaranteeing final 4), unable to be nominated, leaving only 3 HG’s for the week 8 HOH to choose for nominations. This leaves the third person not nominated a sitting duck.  If the veto comes into play they are the only replacement nominee available.  If either Justin or Danielle goes home this week, the other will automatically receive the final ACP and no vote will be necessary just like the last week of HN’s when there were only 3 HG’s eligible. 


Shelby and Morgan, rightfully, do not trust one thing Jason/Danielle has proposed.  The irony is the entire reason none of the misfits ever bartered a deal with Alex or the Plastics was the fact they were always lying to them about who they were voting, or breaking deals saying they wouldn’t nominate someone and then did anyway.  Now they felt making the final 5 just to repay them as one final dig has left them in that exact same situation.  You NEVER burn bridges in this game unless you are 100% certain it’s one you will never need to cross again in an emergency.  Now the emergency has occurred and there’s no outlet for Jason and Danielle.


12:26 pm Kryssie drags herself into the HOH for her one on one chat just a minute after Danielle leaves.

Kryssie doesn’t offer much. No surprise there.  She focuses on not wanting to let people who already have money went he game.  The only pertinent information she spills is the fact that Jason/Danielle planned to make the final 5 deal with the Plastics for no other reason than to just get revenge on Morgan since the girls have lied to their side over and over all season. Kryssie also tells the Shelby that Justin has no intention of coming up to talk to Shelby, he’s been saying he knows he’s going up and just will have to win the veto. Kryssie leaves the HOH at 12:52 pm


Shelby doesn’t like the fact that Justin is assuming he is the target.  After the fake deal the target he had on his back shifted to Danielle/Jason and she hopes that Justin will in fact at least try to come talk to her.


IMO, this stems from Shelby’s HOH week 6, he did go and talk to her and Shelby had plenty to say about Justin’s comments which got back to Justin.  This is likely why he sees no value in talking to her, since he feels like she really didn’t listen to what he said her first HOH and he knows that Morgan/Shelby were pushing for him to go on DE night.


12:53 pm cam 1/2 IWR

Kryssie and Jason are joined by Justin who just left the KIT passing by Morgan on his way through.  Morgan heads up to the HOH now that Kryssie has returned downstairs. 

Jason is sharing that he already talked to them and that Shelby just seems so pissed about the final 5 deal and DE she’s not trying to listen to anything he had to say.


Justin tells Jason he thinks she’s just going to put him (Justin) up OTB.  Justin says he might have to go upstairs and talk to her.  He says he will go talk to her but he believes she’s going to put Jason/Justin OTB together and thats why he knows its important for him to win the veto.


12:54 pm cam 3/4 HOH BR

Justin enters the HOH where Shelby and Morgan were just discussing Kryssie’s ridiculous arguments and the fact that Justin had no plans to come up and talk to her.



I know for a fact that you are probably going to be putting me OTB this week.  Just because I just know.  Obviously I am not a major threat in this game because I suck at every competition.



Here’s the thing, if I were to take out Danielle, I would be guaranteeing you a care package. 


Justin is caught off guard by this assertion.  He replies that well, if you take me out Danielle gets it so he doesn’t really understand their point.



Well, what if we took Danielle out, which would guarantee you that last ACP, is there some kind of deal we could work out with that?



With the ACP, with ya’ll being safe?



Something along those lines.


The discussion soon turns into what the ACP could be.  Everyone understands that the ACP’s have gotten stronger and more powerful every week.  Shelby and Morgan tell Justin his will guarantee he makes it to final four.  It may have some other added value but the bottom line they are emphasizing to whims that if they take out Danielle this week, not only keeping him safe this week but by assuring he will get the final ACP in will keep him safe next week as well. Justin seeks some clarification on what they are asking of him in return.  The girls propose he can choose the one player he wants to protect moving forward, and Shelby informs he she heard that he assumed she was putting him on the block and that’s not true. 


The mood is VERY different in this conversation than it has been with the other 3 HG’s today.  Justin and Morgan commiserate about their collective poor performances in the competitions. Shelby initially says she’s not ready to make a solid deals but is feeling Justin out to see where his head is at if she does target Danielle over Justin could they negotiate some deals here?



What’s scary for me is I know you hate me.



I don’t hate you!  I don’t hate you at all, I don’t hate you or her. 


Shelby finally gets to the question that makes the most sense in Justin’s mind. She asks:

If I take Danielle out this week, next week there is 5 of us, you will be safe you will get the ACP, final four, whether you win HOH or not, but if you won HOH who would you want to take out next?


Justin starts to say he feels like he’s making a deal with the….


Shelby says I’m not ready to make a deal yet…but I can MAKE YOU a great deal this week! 


If you haven’t watched this convo you should.  Don’t be confused by this, Morgan hinted to Justin downstairs right before this that he needed to go up and talk to Shelby.  Then Jason/Kryssie talking in the IWR told him they both told Shelby he wouldn’t go up and talk to her.  Once he does, Justin is not the one who initiates any kind of deal or negotiations, it’s Shelby and Morgan in fact that propose a deal to him.  They even suggest he can pick one other person he wants to save along with him, like Kryssie.  This leads to the final four deal many discussed over the weekend.  The entire convo lasts less than 10 minutes and turns Justin’s entire week around.


1:07 pm HOH

The girls are alone and discussing the convo’s with both Kryssie and Justin.  You also hear their reasoning for making this deal with J/K which is they feel like if they get tot the end with Justin and/or Kryssie they each can make a stronger argument as to why they should win over those two.  Where they don’t feel like they can every argue to beat Jason or Danielle in a final 3 scenario.  I agree with this over Kryssie 100%, Justin however his popularity has risen and fallen and risen over the season, but making this deal is a BIG move and him being the hand that helps get Danielle out is a major game move so if he wins a couple comps this last two weeks he could in fact be a force to be reckoned with against someone like Morgan especially. 

The other important intel all these HOH 1-1 convos have provided is that everyone (except Justin) has said their #1 is Jason.  Danielle wants to keep Jason safe and make a deal for both of them.  Kryssie claims Jason is her #1 and wants to protect him as much as possible.  Justin on the other hand claims Kryssie although in a few minutes you will see at this point, on Friday, his efforts are to keep Jason and Kryssie safe and eliminate Danielle who he has in fact wanted out for quite some time.  He was itching to vote her out week 3!  


While Justin is upstairs you can see Jason, Kryssie, and Danielle conspiring downstairs in the IWR.  At one point Danielle says she hopes she (Shelby) doesn’t tell Justin oh they are trying to send you home.  


-Ok.  Now I want to take a moment here to remind everyone, this is the game!  We are at final 6.  Shelby has HOH which means two of the Misfits will go up and they have to plan of one of them to go home.  It’s literally every player for themselves.  It always is at final 6.  Danielle and Jason ran upstairs lickity split and offered up Justin.  Justin did not go up there with a master plan to throw anyone under the bus, but the situation to save himself was presented to him and he would be an absolute fool not to take that deal.  He is smart enough to understand if he helps the girls get out Danielle, who is the biggest threat to win the game at this point, it not only keeps himself safe, it keeps Jason and Kryssie safe who are in fact and always have been his original alliance. 


After Justin leaves the HOH and heads downstairs with the others briefly in the IWR.  He tells them he didn’t really have anything to offer them he just focused on the fact he doesn’t win anything. Says it is what it is. Just gotta win veto.  Other than that all his ‘teammates’ sit there very quietly and it’s awkward and clearly a different vive than usual among this foursome. BB announces the OLD is over and Danielle and Jason quickly exit thankful they can go outside this afternoon.  As soon as they do 1:14 pm Justin whispers to Kryssie he needs to talk to her but he and she could be good, it’s unfortunate but this game is crazy.  Kryssie asks if he wants to wait until Danielle goes outside and Justin nods yes.



It’s terrible but…this will guarantee me and you will be safe but it’s twisted. 






IDK They don’t trust Jason/Danielle at all. They wanna get her out of here this week, that guarantees me the ACP.  She’s talking final four me, you and them two.  You know that’s not what I want to do, but I gotta do what I can to keep me safe and this keeps me and you safe, and then after two weeks I can do what I want to do.  We gonna be good.  I don’t wanna do this, but I had to tell them whatever they want to hear and that keeps me and you safe this week. 


Justin tells Kryssie he will need her to go back upstairs and talk to them.  1:19 pm KIT after Danielle heads outside Justin breaks down the deal to Kryssie.  They want h I'm to promise to take them to final four.  But I want Jason, straight up.  He explains throwing Danielle UTB he can see, the only reason she kept him is because she knew she was gonna lose ya’ll.  This goes back to what Kryssie sold Justin that night after DE was over and she throws Danielle UTB to Justin. 


Kryssie does go back upstairs later on Friday which leads to an actual (fake) final four deal between Kryssie/Justin/Shelby/Morgan and they name their alliance the Jambalaya Gang at Justin’s suggestion. 


This covers the black Friday’s deals that Shelby had the opportunity to shop.  Morgan and Shelby were in fact smart to approach Justin and Kryssie after the experiences they’ve had trying to make deals with Danielle and Jason the last week or so.  Justin and Kryssie have to prepare to possibly lose one of their own and this secured both their safety and if they can keep Danielle OTB keeps Jason safe as well since those two will control the vote 2-1 over Morgan at this point in the game.


Saturday Justin and Kryssie eventually make it clear to Jason they are going to do everything they can to keep Jason safe and get Danielle out.  Initially, this shocks Jason and doesn’t go over too well, but once it sinks in and Justin makes it clear that he has already promised Shelby and Morgan that if he wins Veto he will take America’s nominee down with the veto and they will vote Danielle out there isn’t much Jason can complain about.  This plan if it works keeps Jason safe this week.

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Eviction Day is upon us.  Almost of us know Monday’s Veto competition resulted in Shelby winning the veto after America’s Nominee was announced and Morgan joined Danielle and Jason OTB.  To no one’s surprise Shelby used the POV on Tuesday to remove Morgan from he block.  Before this occurred there were a few events LF’s should be aware of if you haven’t been as active on the feeds as before.


Monday, after Morgan was named America’s Nominee Shelby and Morgan had a conversation in the HOH, where Morgan declared that she may reveal to Kryssie that Alex was her sister.  Morgan’s line of thinking here was to reassure Kryssie that Morgan is loyal to the new final four alliance, Jambalaya Gang which is composed of Shelby, Morgan, Justin, and Kryssie.  Morgan’s goal is to make Kryssie feel confident enough in the new alliance to persuade both Kryssie and Justin to throw week 8’s HOH competition.  Shelby isn’t eligible in the upcoming HOH, Morgan is not feeling 100% confident in Kryssie’s dedication to the new alliance beyond this week and knows that if J/J/K wins the next HOH she and Shelby will be the likely nominees.  Morgan shares with us in her DR, Tuesday evening that Shelby, as much as she's her best friend in the house, is a threat to Morgan’s chances to winning the game and even if someone else were to win the next HOH, it’s likely they would target Shelby over her, but she doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.  Fast Forward to Tuesday 12:48 pm KIT, Morgan reveals to Kryssie that she wants the next HOH so she can be the one to take out Jason.  Her motivation comes from Jason, taking Alex out and Alex is her sister.  Morgan vastly underestimates Kryssie’s loyalty to Jason. 


While, I appreciate that after 7 weeks Morgan wants to make a strategic move to help further her game, I see this as a very risky move that could in fact backfire on Morgan next week.  Now that she has revealed this sister twist to someone other than Shelby, it is possible other HG’s will begin to consider the fact that Morgan not only has the ‘Plastics’ fan base, her own fan base, but admits she will now likely also pull fans from Alex’s fan base as well.  Before revealing this Shelby’s sudden arrival on the competition scene had the focus on the threat Shelby now posed to other HG’s chances of winning the game.  Morgan, who has done just as little if not less than Kryssie all season long, had many in the house feeling like she was a goat to bring to the end.  Kryssie tells us in her Live DR during last night’s weekly recap episode that she believes Morgan is lying about the sister twist, Morgan is a terrible liar and must think Kryssie is stupid.  LOL.  Well, Kryssie if you don’t believe her then you are.  If you watch Kryssie’s face when Morgan rev ears this to her (which a clip of this convo was also in last night’s recap) you can see that Kryssie really doesn’t give this secret any validity, she doesn’t show any surprise, it’s basically Kryssie’s manikin face as Morgan admits Alex is her sister and that’s her motive for wanting Jason out.  I will come back to this in a moment but first let’s expand on my initial point which is that Morgan and Kryssie are equal in this game as players. I know some of you may require some facts to establish why I see Kryssie and Morgan as equal from my point of view.


Presumably, some of you may be stuck on my assertion that Morgan’s game ranks in the same area as Kryssie’s game.  I know that many LF’s are not Kryssie fans, which overall I do agree with when comparing her to the other HG’s game play.  Let me clarify my perception of the overall resumes of them both to establish my assertion here:


Kryssie                         Morgan 

1 HOH comp victory                    1 Veto comp victory

Stayed loyal to original alliance            Stayed loyal to original alliance

(Kryssie’s was 100% a voluntary choice)        (Morgan aligned w/ her sister so arguably                                & her own biases influenced circumstances)

Influenced strategy all season            Road Alex’s coat tails, then Shelby’s

(w/ little active application except first 3 wks)        (after Monte no active application until now)

Brought Neely into their fold, lasted 5 wks        Handled Monte securing him for first 2 wk

                            (No Morgan never really gained Neely)

Least valuable game player w/Misfits            Least valuable game player w/Plastics


The fact Morgan pulled off hiding the sister twist as long as they did, was an accomplishment in any BB game.  I credit her with that.  However, aligning with her sister and isolating herself from every other HG because as she says “I just can’t take those people, they’re horrible people, there was no way I could work with anyone but my sister once we got in the house strangled her game play.  Aligning with her sister and playing to keep two people safe vastly effected and IMO drastically limited Morgan’s opportunity to be an active game player and would have played VERY differently had she not aligned in an all girl’s alliance or choosing to each pick a side of the house and just meet up on the sly while keeping each other safe on opposing sides of the house could have given Morgan active control over how her game played out and she chose the  self created limiting path.  One is amazing and one is just marginal at best which cancels each other out.   Much of the information Morgan based her direction on was a result of her won inability to integrate herself into any dynamic regardless of personal opinions.  She managed to do it just fine with regards to Monte’s behaviors but chose never to apply that same effort with anyone on the other side of the house ever!  Still last night, Shelby and Morgan were in the HOH room talking crap about Danielle.  It’s week 7 and since the first day everyone walked into the house this clique was jealous and threatened by Danielle and they have been unable to move past that first step the entire game.  


10:47 pm cam 1 HOH BR

Morgan/Shelby as the camera cuts from KIT to HOH


We find them talking about Shane.  Both are telling him he needs to go ahead and cut his hair and then he can hang out with them.  Admit they talk to him zero times in the house, but if he sits his hair he can cut the line with them in Vegas.  Conversation turns to Shane/Danielle situation.


Has Danielle said she’s moving to NC afterwards?


Did you hear her talking about Raleigh today?


Really? HA HA HA


No one was listing to her.

She is not moving to NC1

S (sarcistically)

Yes SHE IS!  They’re meant to be together!

Shane has forgotten all about Danielle


Shane has f*cked a girl name Stacy since leaving this house


Shane is not watching the show, Shane does not care about BB


Shane ism busy visiting our Heavenly Father, he’s busy turning water into wine.  He doesn’t have time for Danielle. HA HA HA HA HA HAHAHA


I wish that had put Shane’s picture somewhere other than the middle so your’s could be there.


I wish Shane could have turned more water into wine so we could have some alcohol. 

Ok, let’s more sh*t about people that were here!  


Ok, um…


Neely!  Neely, you said we were all racist.  But it’s kind a racist of you to assume that all white people are racist.  

Morgan is much smarter than Shelby in this moment, her face changes a bit and she doesn’t reply to that comment which Shelby clearly feels the cold breeze in response to the comment and says…


She won’t say that but I will!  Neely you thought I was dumb.


Joke’s on you. Let’s talk about someone else, how about Cornbread


CB is probably off somewhere belly flopping in a mud pit.  Hey CB maybe if you stop jumping into mud pits maybe your feet wouldn't be so f*ing disgusting!  HA HA HA HA HA 


I’m not going to follow the whole rant, you could rewind to any point in the season and listen to these girls say these kinds of things all season long.  It’s these very opinions and perceptions that created such a drastic divide in the house and both sides have continuously rinsed and repeated this behavior to some degree or another all season long.  The point of it is that Morgan gets a huge deficit in her resume from me because it was this attitude and behavior that she used to limit her own game. At least the misfits tried for 5 weeks to build some kind of various bridges to the other side despite their opinions of the character and personalities of the players on the opposing side of the house.  They all attempted repeatedly week after week to find some way to establish a social game connection with the exception of Danielle.  



The secret being revealed to Kryssie could be as huge of a bad game move as Danielle making that fake 5 person alliance with the Plastics.  Jason is Kryssie’s ride or die.  Whether she thinks it’s a lie to manipulate her or not she will share it with Jason.  Kryssie’s goal is to go to the end with Jason and if Jason sees this  secret as much of a threat as I would, having this information moving forward is very valuable.  Him not knowing that Morgan managed to pull off not only a loyal all girl’s alliance but managed to play in secret for 6 weeks with her own sister.  Jason will see that for the commodity it has the potential to be in assessing players at the end when America decides the winner.  In Jason’s mind and the other remaining Misfits when they all realize Morgan is likely telling the truth will no longer see her collectively as one of the weakest players they would want to sit next to at the end.  That meager resume just got padded by Morgan herself and if that’s the case this becomes one of the biggest mistakes of the season. 


Morgan has proposed a final three deal with herself, Justin, and Kryssie.  Justin feeds her standard lip service as you would expect.  Justin has come to the understanding that with only 5 players left after this week, although he may be guaranteed the ACP he has to carefully determine which HG’s he would want to be at the end with.  He reveals in his DR that his trust in Jason and Danielle bottomed out after last week and then the pair trying to offer him up to save themselves with Shelby/Morgan.  Justin confirms Kryssie is still the one alliance member he will remain loyal to, he gives her accolades for her unwavering loyalty to him since the beginning and wants her to be next to him in final 3.  Justin also reveals moving forward Jason and Shelby need to go so that he can only face Morgan and Kryssie in the end.  Shelby is no surprise if you have followed Justin carefully all season.  Jason became a sacrificial lamb for Justin in week 6 and that hasn’t wavered.  Jason entered week 7 in a much better position than he will be leaving week 7.  


Danielle has accepted defeat on Tuesday.  She accepts its the end of her time, says she wont campaign against Jason since she doesn’t see it being beneficial and hopes Jason makes it to the end since this has been his life long dream.  The only person Danielle blames is Justin.  While I think Danielle has played the hardest and most strategically accomplished game this season her attitude towards Justin doesn’t sit well with me.  She just put Justin OTB last week during DE and seriously considered sending him home.  Danielle agreeable for no valuable reason faked the final 5 deal along with Jason last week and by her own hand made herself the biggest target in the house over Justin and Jason.  Danielle has been OTB 5 times out of 7 evictions now and while she managed to save herself or had enough loyalty from her team to save her in the first four occurrences she has no one to blame for this nomination but herself.  She had a chance to play in veto and save herself and failed.  There’s nothing she could say or do to gain Shelby and Morgan’s trust because in one week she made 3 different deals with the girls and broke every single one of them with the fake final 5 being for no other reason than just retaliate which was a personal game move that Danielle has said all season long she would never make.  


Justin is not the least bit sad to see Danielle go.  He does try in his normal fashion to be friendly and kind to Danielle all day yesterday and she rolls her eyes at the camera, talks trash to Kryssie and Jason about Justin and doesn’t reply to almost any gesture Justin makes to be friendly.  He has never trusted her.  I agree he is a little bitter she chose Shane over him but more importantly Justin knows Dani is the biggest threat to win the game.  There is potential for Justin to swing back in Jason’s direction depending on how he reacts to hearing that Morgan and Alex are sisters.  I think how he reacts will have a lot to do with what Jason has to share about his opinion on how a secret like that could make Morgan a front runner to win the game.  Jason has decided he will fight for this week’s HOH.  Prior to his latest DR he had been saying for two weeks he didn’t want to win week 8 HOH because he feels like winning week 9 will be life or death in assuring he gets to the final 3.  After this week played out Jason knows he will need it this week because Justin, Morgan, and Shelby would vote him out if he was a nominee he wouldn’t have the votes to stay.  Jason needs to put Morgan/Shelby OTB together.  If one comes down then he could possibly take the shot at Justin, but again I think if he latches onto the value of the sister twist he will also seriously reconsider his own perfect final 3 scenario.  Morgan has to win the week 8 HOH to secure her safety.  Justin will stay with her, Kryssie will likely out of circumstance stay with her, Shelby will be safe and vote with her.  Morgan would likely target Jason over Shelby but if Jason comes down Shelby is virtually guaranteed to go home on Morgan’s HOH.


Tonight’s weekly episode’s time has been changed to 8pm ET/5 PM PT, the live eviction will follow.  As of now Danielle is still going home, but there’s an entire day to get through so I’m never certain of an eviction until the name on the card is read.  It seems to be time for an endurance challenge but nothing has been predictable with competitions this season. As a long time fan I actually appreciate that and feel like it adds a long overdue shift in the game this season that I hope they begin to fold into the Broadcast seasons moving forward.  I am tired of the individually timed comps being played over and over the last couple weeks and since this HOH secures someone in final 4 I expect it to be one that HG’s have to fight for.  Remember final four HOH this season is the one that guarantees the spot in final 3 and final three there will be no three part HOH competition. 

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1 hour ago, mhmb said:

I'm just wondering if all you live feeders are still Jason fans?  I'm trying to find out what about him is appealing to you.  I find the way he speaks about people horrible, yes i know it's a game, but so unnecessary.  

I am not a fan of Jason. There are times I like him but the things he says about the girls is awful. I know the whole house say bad things but not like Jason. Over the years men have been called out for saying anything bad. But Jason calls people sluts, ho's, whores, and that's just a few of the things he said. The other night he said something about sticking his dick in Shelby's mouth. Who talks like that? If another man spoke the way Jason does do you not think they would be ripped apart by the public? 

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