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  1. Thank You ever so much for making this blog the best! Wishing Aimee for a future BB cast!!!
  2. I like your new pic Aimee. And thanks again for all the hard work you do. Yours is the best Blog of all!! :-)
  3. Does any1 know WHEN? the HOH showdown will happen? I can't find that info on BBOTT CBS website?
  4. Aimee. First, TY so very much for all your hard work and even your efforts to be equitable to P fans. However, you are 3 hrs behind the majority of misfits fans on east coast. I kept coming to your blog for insight on how to vote. Finally, I went by those other poll sites - showing dani as fave for misfit getting CP. Now, I'm stuck knowing I gave 20 votes already to Dani and not knowing where to put the last 20 - Jason or Dani? No wonder our votes keep getting split. I really wanted to vote with majority of misfits fans. No resource on internet reliable to get a feel for who that truly is. I will wait this time as long as possible to be sure for my last 20 votes. Will keep coming back to this blog. Your blog above still leave misfits fans wondering who to give - if we can't trust other sites with Polls, then we will be split yet again. I encourage you to be quick and decisive for all the other voting opportunities for us misfit fans who are lost on the internet like me! I promise that if you do that - I'll wait to read your blog before voting from now on. Again, TY for your blog and insights - I've seen mostly the same way you have for a while now. I had to write this - because above you helped P fans know exactly who to give CP to- with no doubts - yet you left us Misfit fans in the dark between two choices - knowing Dani is shown on other sites as fave for misfits vote = I would of just stuck with that - so vote isn't split again - but it is not my blog. Sorry. Begging for a clear choice for misfits - quicker and clearer - TY!! HOLD UP - I just found out the CBS VOTING SITE was RESET because they had mistakenly put ALEX on it earlier today - SO ALL YOU EARLY VOTERS CAN NOW GO BACK and RE-VOTE!! MY first 20 just now went to JASON for CP!! YAY!! No split votes for Misfit fans! Oh, and the P fans should go and recast today's votes also - to be fair .
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