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I'm pleased to announce that Aimee Blanchard, from our Morty's TV group on Facebook, has agreed to begin posting her live feed observations here in this space.  A mix of live feed update and her unique perspective, Aimee will be watching the BB OTT live feeds and posting about moments she finds interesting.  Feel free to comment and let her know what you think - do you agree or disagree? 



Who is pleased to have Aimee join the Morty's TV team...

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Good Morning! What an exciting day to begin this new blog since fans of BB are getting access on BBOTT like we've never seen before!


HG were awakened early to get ready for the scheduled bikini photo shoot in the BY. The girls fluttered around the bathroom primping. Shane helped Danielle select which bikini to wear and Justin announces "I'm glad I'm a man!" as he watched in shock as all the women peformed their beauty regiments. 


At 9:30 am the BY opens and subscribers, for the first time ever, are allowed access behind the scenes of the traditional BY bikini photo shoot and nothing was hidden. LF are able to watch the photo shoot LIVE as HG take their turns being photographed and we get a peek behind the curtain watching production and the photo crew capture the essence of the characters we are all quickly learning to love or loving to hate. Check out some of these moments I was able to capture for you! 


HG oiled up as directed and took turns one at a time on the edge of the jacuzzi posing for the photographer. The HGs' were are learning to love or already loving to hate personalities came through this just like they do when we watch them meander the house on LF. But trouble will be brewing once all is said and done. Let's not FF just yet because this is a huge moment for fans since we are usually subjected to a long run of Jeff reels and feeds are down for hours.


We thought we were excited when we saw production for the first time during the BB18 explosive jury segment? This blows that out of the water and shows us LF's that producers are taking OTT theme seriously. When they marketed this online only season promoting that we will see 100% of the feeds with no blackouts they meant it! The next 9 weeks just got a whole lot more exciting for us. It's only an hour but worth checking it out. Enjoy a few snapshots of what we were able to see! 


HG interact with the photographer and his team...



Jason wonders where are his pecs...



Pool Party...


Check out the complete album here: https://postimg.org/gallery/d4jqhsjg/

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This week has shaped up to be very exciting for Big Brother fans because we have never had live feeds the first week that HG move in! IMO this has been the most amazing 6 days and more exciting and entertaining than all 99 days of BB18 combined! With the most diverse group of HG we've seen move in for a very long time there's a #BBOTTcivilwar underway that's delivering some of the best feeds we could have hoped for. 
#BBOTT house alliances quickly formed the first two nights but after Monte won the 1st HOH and the nominations safety ceremonies ended there is a lot shifting happening all over the house. I want to update you on the early morning happenings that give you a fresh peak into the groups blossoming or wilting under America's microscope. 
As of 1:15 am 10/4/16 let's summarize the groups that are together and others that crumbled under the slightest bit of pressure when HG were informed of America's unprecedented influence over the game so far! 
As far as the Jamboree the party is over! Justin and Jason don't trust Scott/Shelby at all. They announced to each other early a.m. (10/3) they're done with those traders! This was also the first chance we've had to see Justin and Jason share some insights to what they both see happening in the house. It's exciting to go back and watch if you haven't seen this already because IMO this could be the beginning of a powerful duo! One many fans will be overjoyed to see develop. 
Jason is over Kryssie
Justin is over Shelby 
The most exciting news is despite the Jamboree imploding Justin/Jason seem to be aligning have actually talked some game and Justin is very aware of the house dynamics and Justin wants Shelby out and if he wins HOH will put her OTB next to one of the plastics.Justin told Shane/Danielle/Scott/Jason early a.m. (10/3 1:36 am cam 4) which is a key bit of info considering what unfolds later that evening in a convo below I will outline between Shane/Danielle. This as with most late night conversations involving Justin is really fun to watch! 
Justin says "I am coming for you Shelby baby! Don't worry I'm coming for you. I'm putting her ass up OTB first chance I get with one of the plastics, one of the 3 musketeers" The last two days Justin has begun to show where his thoughts are as he slowly reveals who he likes/dislikes in the house. It was only after this event happened that the talk between Danielle/Shane shift regarding Shelby. 
Danielle/Shane are together but each trusts the other side of the house more. Check out the long game talk between these two in the BY on the hammock (10/4 9:05pm). Shane trusts Monte but Danielle doesn't. 
This budding showmance does agree on one thing thought they want to eliminate Shelby and Alex/Whitney next and try to grab Morgan/Monte.  Danielle can't seem to persuade Shane to work with Jason. She is trying to widen the wedge between Shane/Monte. Shane won't turn on Monte (yet). But Shane has been spending more time with Jason/Justin bonding and smoking with them. 
Danielle confides in Shane that Monte told Danielle if she gets HOH she HAS to nominate Jason. Danielle told Shane she wouldn't do that and didn't like Monte said that to her. Also told Shane Monte has HOH itus.
Danielle is correct! Monte has the worst case of HOH-itus we've ever seen on BB! (10/4 10pm cam 2) Go back and watch Monte/CB in the HOH/BR.  Monte is talking trash about Jason. Then discussing how Shelby would probably target Shane, CB, or even Monte. 
Monte goes on to say how Justin earned his respect because he just came up to HOH (before Nom's) and said "just do what you got do man" Monte says he respects Justin for that. But then he says Justin's a little bit of a brown nose, not too much, but he's a brown nose.
WAIT! Didn't Monte summon every HG 1-1 up to HOH to plea their case of share info before nominations? I mean as soon as he won HOH he held court! And he just said he respected Justin for being a man about it and saying "do what you gotta do" and the calls him a brown nose for coming up to the HOH room? 
Later in the evening Morgan and Monte spend a long time sharing his wine and talking game in the HOH alone. (12:20 am cam 1/2). Monte could seriously be the poster child for the DSM handbook and listening to him is exhausting. Not only because he's so power thirsty but he just talks in circles. It's like listening to someone with dissociative personality disorder and all his personalities speak at the same time but non are aware what the last one said 3 seconds ago. I can't begin to cover are his circular strategy but what I will say is at one point during his convo with Morgan last night in the HOH room Monte says: 
"If I'm gonna get put up(OTB), I'd rather get put up this week because I still have the votes"
There you have it! Monte has asked to go on the block and I suggest we give him exactly what he wants and vote Monte for our next nomination America! #VoteMonte
Some of what Monte says let's us know that Shane hanging out with Jason has Monte Pissed off. Shane hanging with Danielle has Monte pissed off.  Basically Monte is just all over the place. The good news is LF's aren't the only people talking about getting rid of Monte! The bad news is Monte/Morgan are plotting and planning the entire season while the Plastics are beginning to question if Morgan is spending too much time with Monte? 
The Plastics (Shelby, Alex, Whitney, Morgan) have now named themselves the 'Plastics' at Shelby's suggestion (LOL). Ironically, the Plastics was a name Jason and the Jamboree (which included Shelby) called the mean southern girls in the house the first nights in the house. This was a terrible decision on Shelby's behalf because the entire house knows who the Plastics are historically and once and alliance name is that alliance is doomed. 
Over the weekend the plastics told Morgan to keep getting closer to Monte to keep him with them. But late Monday night in the BR they (Shelby/Alex/Whitney) discussed that they don't like the fact Morgan is spending so much time with Monte. This is typical BB in that when a group gives someone marching orders for the team somehow it always comes back to bite that person in the ass. Our gamer Alex should know better. 
The plastics (minus Morgan) are over Monte/Morgan but for now need the votes but want to target Monte and bring Morgan back sooner than later.  
Monte and Morgan have gotten much closer and I suggest watching their interactions in the HOH/BR to see that dynamic and get a glimpse how unaware they both seem to be at all the shifting going on around them despite their laying out game plans moving forward. (10/4 12:20 am).
CB is being shunned by everyone since being nominated by America even Monte is talking bad about Cornbread. CB hates Shelby and Kryssie and has stayed loyal to Monte. 
Neely is still 6 days into the game flying solo but worked on Monte last night who now believes he may be able to trust Neely. She's also maintaining friendly chatted with Jason. 
Kryssie/Shelby may be nominated likely Kryssie and everyone on the southern Side is talking crap about Kryssie.  It's also important to note that everyone in the house except for the Plastics has complaints about Shelby and the target on her is growing by the second. 
Monte/Whitney are still adamant to get Jason out next week. However, Whitney is no longer the closest female to Monte in the house since Morgan moved into the HOH room with him 2 nights ago. 
The Plastics and Monte hate Danielle. Danielle told Shane she has nothing in common with those girls (plastics). She's closer with Jason/Justin and maybe Neely but she has a bad gut feeling about Neely. 
Justin had a glass of wine in the HOH room from Monte's private reserve and after later in the BR told Scott he hates Shelby and wants her out but Scott was trying to get Monte to nominate Shelby so I'm not overly Worried about Justin's momentary error in judgement sharing info with Scott again. Important to note though just is case. This is the second time in as many nights that Justin has revealed his game thoughts to Scott. 
The guys alliance has imploded. CB alone. Scott is a back up plan for Monte but not on the "in" anymore. Everyone seems to have caught onto Scott and he doomed himself where he was in a great position between the two sides of the house his scampering after Monte in the HOH position this week burned a bridge far too early in the game. 
Monte/Shane are not wavering at the moment although Shane is being more loyal to Monte than Monte is to Shane. 
Fortunately, Jason is lounging safely now that he won Veto. Since this happened Jason has been moving around the house tonight and been more social than all week now that he doesn't have the nominee plague that CB is feeling. 
HG don't know officially that America has a vote to evict but numerous have speculated that must be the case.
Be sure to check out my first post today sharing the BY bikini photo shoot that was scheduled early this morning! It's an exciting event for us long time fans! 


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. Guess no one else is commenting. Lol! No way to delete this. Opps. 


Still disagree that monte is less loyal to Shane. That was very clear in the diary session too. As well as Shane telling Dani he will put up one of the girls while not telling Dani he told Monte it was ok to put Dani up. He even talked about putting Monte up. 

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October 4th Breaking all the Rules 
Part 1/2 (all times are BB time) 
Tuesday is the old Wesnesday! The day before eviction night is always filled with high tides! Today was especially eventful because BB had their bikini photo shoot this morning (9:30-10:30), veto meeting this afternoon (1:00 pm), Julie announces that America gets to have a vote to evict (1:30 pm) and then Live Diaries later this evening(7:30pm). 
Big Brother woke up the HG at 8 am and they aren't pleased they are being forced to get up early for the second day in a row. Everyone is awake and stirring on camera except for Justin and Morgan. 
UKBR 8:10 am cam 3/4
Jason/CB up and CB straight into continuing Shelby hate. Jason tells CB he doesn't know where Monte's head is at. CB is still furious at Shelby and her actions towards him of late so he would prefer Monte nominate Shelby since beginning of the week. CB ingratiating himself into the misfit trying to infiltrate not switch sides
(Monte is already decided to nominate Kryssie.)
CB exits to head to KT and Danielle enters the room. 8:15 am
She runs down her convo with Monte re: re-Nom. Danielle tells Jason that the reason Monte is so focused on Jason because Jason doesn't like Whitney. 
Jason asks who told him I don't like Whitney? Monte told Danielle there's no reason to touch Justin/Neely. But he seems resistant to Shelby because he knows that's she's a vote for Monte if he needs it and Shelby is who Jason wants out. Danielle Jason that Monte told her if SHE (Danielle) gets HOH she needs to put up Jason. Jason is shocked. Danielle shares she feels like Monte doesn't want to upset Morgan and the two agree Monte is obsessed with Morgan. 
8:15 am cam 1 KT
CB, Monte, Scott in KT discussing this week Kryssie being re-Nom and general dislike of Shelby including across the house. When CB tells Monte Jason mentioned he would like Shelby to go Monte replies saying that "Jason said the same thing to him. Jason says the same thing to everybody. He's legit straight, ironically, no pun intended"
It's clear to the misfits that the southerners are determined to protect Shelby. 
After CB leaves KT Scott tells Monte he needs to talk to him about CB upstairs later. 
Monte then scans the frig commenting that "we are getting scarce on food" 
Alex/Shelby are attached at the hip this morning. 
8:28 am Justin the only one in bed and BB sternly announces 
"JUSTIN! It's TIME to get UP for the DAY!"
8:30 am Justin still asleep! LOL
BB gets louder and announces more sternly-
"JUSTIN! It's TIME to get UP for the DAY!"
CB ingratiating himself into the misfit group slowly but surely. 
8:29 am 
CB back in the UKBR his hate for Shelby runs deep but he 100% sees Monte wants to keep her because he thinks she's a potential vote for him. CB says Shelby will never vote for CB, and the fact Monte doesn't care upsets him. 
 "I say we get her out of here and start from scratch like its Day 1!" He doesn't care for the fact Monte was supposed to be aligned with him and doesn't give a shit what CB thinks and is only looking out for Monte. 
8:40 am HG are called to the LR and told that they have 30 minutes to get dressed for a photo shoot.
Monte-"oh man I am so fat right now"
Chaos in the BA ensues. HG are excited but the girls are not pleased since 30 min is limited time. They Shane/Monte pretty much all congregate in the HOH Scott arrives shortly after using this opportunity to sneak in a convo while everyone is scrambling. 
Scott says to Monte 8:44 
"I think Jason is trying to pull some slick shit and get Shelby up there real quick. Yeah, but the thing is the people that we're like concerned about like Neely, Jason, Justin those 3 people would nominate Shelby next week in a heartbeat. I was really surprised! They turned on her so quickly (ironic since that's exactly what Scott did to the Jamboree along with Shelby). They turned on her like something really quick! 
Scott, Scott, Scott. What are you doing? He was in such a fantastic position early in the week. He was in with the four guys alliance and in with the Jamboree alliance. He was listening and contributing to both but not relaying information back to the other. This is the spot as a player who isn't a huge target wants to be in! You have allies on both side, hang out in the middle of the house and get more information than you give.  Based on this evenings DR rooms later it's clear that Scott thinks he's good with Jason. 
Unfortunately as soon as Monte got HOH and Jason was going on the block Scott picked a side, and from my POV the wrong side this early. Monte is doomed. Monte's the only one in this all guys alliance who really interacts with Scott relating to game and it's completely one sided. Monte has continuously told Shane and Morgan that he is using Scott purely as a vote. Scott is Monte's bitch. 
The sad thing is that the even when Kryssie and Shelby began to faulted Jason and Justin would have stayed loyal and seriously treated Scott as an equal. Justin especially had been spending time with Scott really genuinely getting to know him, interested in finding out who Scott was. Justin has shared his thoughts on the people in the house with Scott , which he doesn't do frequently or with many people. Justin is physically strong, likable, social and Scott could have had a strong make player like him on his side as well. Jason is a fan, he's a vet those two had far more to offer but regardless he should never have aligned himself with just ONE side within 3 days of the beginning of BBOT when luck landed him in the perfect spot! 
Scott's mutiny against the Jamboree didn't go unnoticed. As I discussed in my last update Jason and Justin two nights before this both said Scott and Shelby are dead to them and the Jamboree is no more. IMO this is a rookie mistake that a long time fan of BB should know 1. It's way to early to choose a side when you are sitting perfectly between two groups. 2. You've know made enemies where you had none. 3. Monte was never going to take any actions or make any decisions best for his "team" and if Scott was paying attention at all this week like CB he would have realized Monte is only looking out for Monte. 
8:43 am Scott continues the convo with Monte and also shares that CB shouldn't be completely trusted either. I'm perplexed why the last few days since safety talks happened Scott has worked really hard to keep Shelby off the block. But Shelby has no allegiance to Scott? Again later tonight in Scott's diary room he never names Shelby as someone he's aligned with just that he likes her. What's in it for him? Kryssie wasn't targeting Scott. No one was targeting Scott! He was flying under the radar. Scott leaves Monte and Shane to get ready for the day and Shane casually mentions CB and his snoring reminding Monte that he will rejoin them in that room very soon. This seems innocent but as the day progresses this is a convo you will see comes into play. 
9:30-10:30 am 
As you should already know from today's Early morning update LF were treated to a view of the game we've never had before! Live feeds allowed us to experience the traditional BY bikini photo shoot that takes place every season but we are usually subjected to hours without the feeds! Check out my early morning blog for an in-depth look at what we got to see and experience for the first time in BB history! If you watch this pay attention to Morgan's face during Danielle's bikini shoot. Her hate is strong! 
11:30 am ILD continues
TBR CB, Jason, Justin, Neely, Shane, Danielle, Kryssie all sitting around talking at once funny general chit chat. Kryssie of course has a BF story to interject on every topic. Nothing significant but at point they are talking about the rule book and potential happenings sign bed situation and Justin has proven he's street smart and savvy when it comes to reading people but as far as the actual game goes he's so far behind the eight ball it's funny sometimes. At one point he asks:  "they're not doing like a double go home? They're not doing like uh, uh, a double go home?" 
At least he had the concept right. His questions or comments when he interjects into actual BB specific game talk are always a good laugh. 
1:00 pm Scheduled Veto Meeting
CB's veto speech sounds much more like an eviction speech. He addressed HG and their voting. Jason of course uses the veto to save himself and no surprise Monte nominated Kryssie. When the meeting is over, Justin is confused and asks "so we aren't voting to evict" the entire house unanimously says "NO!" and laughs. Again Justin doesn't know how all of this works. It's funny make sure to watch! It's unclear whether Justin got confused by CB speech or just didn't get how the process works. Gotta love recruits! Justin's unawareness does always somehow lighten the mood at the best moments in these typically awkward moments in the game. 
What isn't to be missed is as soon as people start to disperse Shelby gets offended when Kryssie tells her "well played sweetheart". By 1:30 pm Monte and Morgan retreat to HOH alone and he tells her that by putting Kryssie OTB rather than Shelby he's proven his loyal to her because Shane wanted Shelby to be the re-Nom. 
Morgan has been planting the seeds of doubt in Monte's mind about Shane. It's clearly working because now he believes Shane is with Justin because Shane told Monte to put Shelby up. Shane wants the squeaky wheel eliminated (Shelby) and has warned Monte that leaving Shelby in with Alex/Whitney/Morgan is dangerous for them. 
Morgan flat out tells Monte "Shane is 100% working with Justin."
This is NOT true. But this entire triangle between the bro-mance versus the Plastics who want Monte under their thumb until Alex can cut Monte. Morgan doesn't understand how she's playing into a plan she's not completely aware of for her girls'Alliance. Alex also doesn't realize that Morgan would like to work with Monte more long term than her own sister. This is proven later this evening in the Live Diary rooms as well. 
1:44 pm Shane interrupts the game talk between Monte/Morgan. Monte is over confident that Kryssie is leaving. While Monte is feeling like Shane is turning against him for DanIelle, Shane is frustrated that Monte refuses to consider the arguments he has made to Monte who is supposed to be his ride or die. Again this all seems to stem from an extreme dislike for Danielle. Monte is acting like the jealous ex-girlfriend and Danielle stole her man. Which isn't the case but as we all know sometimes what we fear we create. 
Morgan starts to excuse herself to leave Monte alone with Shane but Shane exits the same time. She says if he wants some time alone she will disappear she just dish f want Shane to feel like Morgan was dominating Monte if he wanted to talk. Monte says to Morgan after Shane exits that everybody will figure out there's nothing going on with you and I. Everybody's just got that one person." LOL. Typical Monte, I thought Shane was his one person? It's fine he has Morgan but the fact that Shane has Danielle isn't? Seriously this guy needs some intensive therapy. He's coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. Monte is turning on Shane for a group of girls who are manipulating him. He's sweet on Morgan and Morgan is working it! Funny because Monte insists Shane is thinking with the wrong head with Danielle. It's insufferable listening to the girls and Monte hate on Danielle so hard all the time. She's done nothing to them. She's on the block. 
Almost on cue Alex joins the convo in HOH and it's a lot more of the same with Monte. Talking in circles. You can get a good read on what the girls are up to in this situation because you have both sisters working Monte at the same time. It's an obvious tag team. The King (which is what Monte has dubbed himself as HOH) is oblivious and he genuinely believes he's running the girls' game, has all the power and everyone he thinks he's aligned with will ask how high when he says jump. Monte lacks common sense. It's something you cannot teach someone they either have it or they don't. Alex sells it though. "The four girls are a voting block for you." 
1:50 pm Justin/Jason/Neely/CB start out in the BY. This is a must watch because Justin tells us exactly how he feels about the dynamics. What he looks for in people and that without trust he can't deal with you in this game. He wants nothing to do with the plastics! Justin is stressed out with the approaching eviction. He doesn't know who to vote out, keeps bumming smokes from Jason and feels bad but stresses at home he can go fishing get out do something here he's stuck! He tries to initiate a convo about the voting. Asks if they are allowed to talk about who they are voting for. Jason says yes "deals be flying all over the place". Justin says ok and tries to ask Jason where 'they' are headed in the voting and Jason is blowing it off but Justin is unaware that CB is standing right there and you're talking about keeping Danielle. Again the inexperience is making Jason hesitant with the game talk because Justin doesn't get all the intricacies of how to manage the game! 
1:55 pm Meanwhile Neely has moved to the UKBR with Danielle and Scott. They discuss Kryssie's error in burning any chance of a bridge with Shelby by that remark after the veto. They really wanted Kryssie to stay over CB and Shelby may have been able to swing the Plastics in Krissy's favor but now...Kryssie shot herself in the foot. Scott drives home how pissed Shelby was since he was standing right there when Krissy said it. Danielle is so disappointed. After Scott leaves Neely and Danielle get knee deep into a plan to try and flip the house. They know right now Kryssie will go home. They don't want to lose someone they know will vote with them. They wanted CB to go and realize it's going to take some serious work to make it happen! 
That's it for now! Let that all resonate with you. In the meantime I will try and navigate the chaos of the second half of the day and be able to wrap it up in part 2 post tomorrow so you are up to date before the live enviction airs 10/5 at 7:00pm BB time! Don't forget that live diaries also happen this evening at 7:30 pm. Another behind the scenes vantage we've never had we asked for Over the Top and that's exactly what we are getting! 
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Breaking All the Rules Pt 2/2


It's Eviction day! Did you make sure to vote? When I last left off there was some shaking and moving going on just beginning following the Veto Ceremony where Kryssie was named as the replacement Nom. HG were also finally informed by Julie that we have one eviction vote collectively. Many had already suspected this may be the next twist getting confirmation certainly have HG another reality check. No one more so than Scott, CB, and Justin.

By 1:10 am in BY last night Justin was dumbfounded by all the shadiness in the house. What we know so far if Justin is he is a very straight shooter and has respect for those who "51/50" and if he doesn't see people as 'real' he's got no use for them. 

Justin has indicated this to Jason several times over the last few days. As we saw in tonight's diary room segment Justin is smart enough after sizing all these people up to know that Jason is his #1 guy. He will ride to the end and protect Jason at any cost in return. 


As a gamer, I was disappointed with Jason's diary room where we can see that the lasting effects of his alliance crumbling and his own people turning on him in BB17 has him still terrified to align with anyone. He can keep the course of making his own BB survival a priority and align himself with the right person without repeating his previous mistakes. If you're watching the late night feeds especially we've seen Jason and Justin bonding, sharing, and through this Justin behaving in a way through things he says should indicate to Jason he should be developing a true allegiance. If I were Jason I would be capitalizing on Justin's loyalty and character. Justin's stories alone, beyond entertainment reveal strengths he does have and I would really start to invest in him moving towards creating a Strategy that could carry us both to the end. 

Instead, what I got from Jason's diary is similar flaws in his game as Justin's to this point. From my perspective Jason is so focused on not making the same mistakes he did his previous season he's undermining this opportunity. Jason's mentality of people screwed me over last season and I was loyal so screw all this bitches this season is a detriment to his BBOT game.  Fortunately, Jason admits later tonight that he forgot to mention Justin in his DR. You will see this evolve as I lay the road map to today's events unfolding. 


As you invest in this BY conversation really analyze how deep and straight forward Justin is with Jason. Jason is sharing this is what happens in BB, people will do A, B, C. Comps are D, E, F. He essentially just shares BB General feedsters knowledge with everyone and hasn't really gone the extra step to collaborate with Justin beyond general BB blah blah you will find in any chat room on Reddit or Joker's. He's not getting into a more in depth break down of defining the different types of game play, assessing strategies and how they play a role in advancing people in the game or like Kryssie the last 24 hours who alienates Shelby immediately following the veto and how taking actions and making moves can potentially ruin your game.  


Fortunately, we get to observe the evolution of Justin without this tutelage from Jason which would have saved a lot of time and allowed energies to be focused on moving forward now that Jason will stay this week. After Jason won the veto he still didn't shift gears right away. That's a huge missed opportunity but as I watch this I'm realizing there's still hope! Justin explains his epiphany that some people he was waiting to see what's real and what's not people he had been feeling maybe they are like minded with him aren't. He's really salty about feeling like Danielle and Shane were trying to run game on him. Shane and Danielle told Justin after the veto ceremony (2:15pm) Tuesday that everyone is voting Kryssie and advised Justin to vote with the house. This is also reminiscent of a convo Justin had just a little earlier in the BY with Neely. 


Justin, like Jason, Danielle, Shane, and Neely wants Kryssie to stay but this did make him stop and think that maybe he's supposed to do what the house wants. He conveys he would prefer Kryssie stay he does understand she's a number for them and gets confused why people that he believes are with his side of the house are caving into Kryssie leaving. This shows me that Justin gets the gist of what you want to do by keeping numbers even if you aren't necessarily completely trusting someone but now you can see his wheels turning like these people must know something he doesn't. 

Kryssie's emotional roller coaster today began with the insecurities surrounding the photo shoot (10:40 am BR), not feeling like she's being allow to present herself the way she would like in the show. Add to that all the whining and moaning she's been doing about being home sick and every conversation she has engaged in since day 1 she interjects a story about her BF which leads people to believe she's homesick and we should just send her home. However, although Shelby knows CB hates her she is certain in telling Neely (3:35) she will not budge on evicting Kryssie. Danielle and Neely both don't see why Shelby wants to keep someone who doesn't like her over someone like Kryssie who has no real threat to her game. However what we learn from Shelby when she's chatting with Morgan in the BY at 3:47 am is that while she knows CB doesn't like her he's a number for them and she hasn't heard any feedback that he's mentioned her name as a specific target. 

Just a little earlier Neely goes to let Monte know (3:01 pm) she plans on voting to keep Kryssie. She doesn't have any issues with her and felt like since she and Monte have a bond she wants to just be real with him. This is Neely trying to avoid it coming back to bite her in the ass since she and Danielle are pushing hard for CB to go and as you see from her DR later tonight Neely is working an angel to keep herself in his good graces. 


Monte was already resolved to send Kryssie home but has flip flopped all day from CB (he's switching sides in his mind) which is being planted by Morgan just like the wedge she's masterfully creating between Shane/Monte (FB 2 pm HOH). Monte asserts he would love to get Danielle out to bring Shane back to him because the Plastics have been really hating on Danielle hard to convince Monte that Shane isn't with him anymore and Monte needs to just listen to the girls. They've united to vote Kryssie out this week but don't think that changes their target.   (2:27 Plastics have SR session to discuss Danielle yet again).  This continues well into the evening. 

What may surprise you most is that although Scott tells us in his DR that Monte is one of his allies and he trusts him last night he decides because of many of CB's actions in the house that he doesn't want his game associated with CB. Scott is one of the few who really shifts his game at the news we now also have a vote. Scott is a huge BB fan and after the off color remarks, slurs, verbal attacks against Shelby Scott has come to realize any association with CB could potentially associate Scott with that behavior and he's not having that. By 5:02 on Scott shares all of this in Alex and begins to assert that his vote is likely the swing vote and if Monte insists on pushing CB Shane may actually be a better ally. Add to the fact Scott now realized that Monte + Plastics with Scott aligning with them Scott is the outsider and first one that his own alliance will turn on. Let me tell ya, this epiphany renews my hope is Scott! I felt from a strategic perspective blowing that middle of the road position he had and then choosing Monte over the misfits was a fatal move in Scott's long term game. Looks like we gave him a wake up call America. As of noon today he was still working in the HOH room to convince the Plastics and Monte that while Kryssie isn't on their side of the house, having someone like CB associated with their side of the house is a far bigger threat to all their games because we the viewers aren't going to appreciate CB behavior. Well done Scott I hope it works. 


Of course this is BB, things can shift from one person to another right up until the vote and as you will see yesterday unfold it happened several times amongst the varying groups all day yesterday. Kryssie is still very concerned she will go home. And honesty as of 1:25 pm this afternoon the only thing that does appear to be true is we are not in store for these annoying "the house votes" together garbage we've been ensuring the past few seasons! For that I am grateful. IMO I respect players who play their own game! Play hard or go home! 


There is another firestorm I see developing in the background because the hate for Danielle is so strong.  Using manipulation of the showmance to draw Monte from Shane is a good strategic move but there is really no basis or foundation for why the Plastics loathe Danielle so venomously. I believed it was all strategy until I watched Morgan's facial expressions during the Danielle's photo shoot  (9:44 am) and then heard last night's first live diary rooms which aired on the live feeds at 7:33 pm cam 4). Be sure to watch Whitney and Morgan's diaries. It's not just strategy to separate Monte from Shane their hate is real. 


While we are on the topic can I just tell you the DR's are interesting insight into a another behind the scenes experience for us! Wow, two major gifts for subscribers in one day! Many for this first opportunity were a little lack Luster. Don't worry it's only week 1 I have confidence over time these will be less mechanical. But, I'm Thrilled they were made to read the questions! There is always a lot of chatted amongst feedsters during seasons on how much productions shares with people and I think by knowing what kinds of questions are asked throughout this season we will begin to see how the diary rooms influence players mindsets! For now most HG were mechanical and provided some insight but have very pageant answers not too many surprises. Although Jason, Justin, Morgan, Neely brought energy and personality into their sessions and there are a couple of tidbits that give us a perspective into the thought process especially Scott for me! Ok, that's enough about that I know everyone will watch these at least out of curiosity. 


Let's circle back around to the efforts by Jason, Shane, Danielle, CB, Kryssie to convince Monte that he should throw Shelby OTB because it's an easy nomination most people in the house don't like her, everyone will vote her out and no one with be mad at Monte being countered by Alex and Morgan all day insisting that while Shelby isn't liked she's a vote for them for now and Kryssie is a vote for the other side of the house. While this is going on on the southerners side Danielle continues to work Shane and convince him that taking out CB is a better move. 


From a strategic game point the division in the house and active game play by both sides of this equation (Plastics v. Danielle) are very well thought out ideas. Plastics want to use the showmance to draw a wedge between Monte/Shane so they can draw Monte to them. They feel they can manipulate Monte then chew him up and spit them out later. Alex especially is playing very well. She's staying one step ahead without planning to far in advance. The focus is on Kryssie for this week's eviction because she's a number for the other side of the house. What I also see is the Morgan/Monte thing is quickly (in combination with how quickly Morgan is learning from her sister) confirms my preseason prediction still holding strong. Morgan may very well surpass Alex in this game. Alex is focused on the Plastics and only the Plastics.  Alex is somewhat getting closer to Scott but I don't see enough effort here yet. Morgan on the other hand is playing a better social game. She's invested in Monte, the Plastics, but also slowing nurturing a relationship with Neely as well as keeping a light hearted presence with Jason. 


As far as the Plastics they are playing a savvy game in the moment. We see they are smart enough to know they don't want to burn bridges with Shane. Shane's also a number for them for now but see the ability for Shane to hover in the middle and swing on both sides of the divide. So this only strengthens their desire to get Danielle out. Shane actually may be in one of the best positions now! He's kind of absorbed Scott's position in the middle. Both sides want him. He knows this. He has Danielle. He has Monte, for now. He's always trying to work Jason and Justin on a social level. After his diary I was pleased to see he's aware of it, doesn't have a need to go into the next week playing too hard just yet. 


Danielle is making the same moves with Shane that the Plastics are with Monte. She wants to separate him more from Monte, secure him as a number on the 'misfits' side of the house and she also feels as if she can manipulate Shane down the road of she eliminates Monte as an influencing element. They are all playing the same game and the power struggle has ramped up a hundred fold in last 48 hours. The difference I see is that Danielle admits she has nothing in common with those girls and she feels a stronger alliance siding with the misfits. Whereas while it began as a strategic move for the Plastics it's taken a very well pronounced personal and vocal dislike for Danielle by the Plastics. This has grown into the southerners as a group really hating on Danielle the girl. For me, I don't like this. It's foreshadowing that while we have this girls alliance that is really gaining some steam this kind of behavior will be closely monitored and is usually an indicator that once Danielle is gone they will eventually grow the same kind of approach towards each other. It's why I have a hard time investing in the girls alliance long term. It's also very reminiscent of why most all girls alliances crumble. Pettiness and jealousy is emotionally driven game play that almost always muddies the water internally. 


These two are focusing on game elements Justin doesn't have any frame of reference for. If you, like me, are hopeful these two will officially align and really start plotting and strategizing to become a power duo for the record books, this is something you don't want to miss! It's also an exciting window into the early evolution of Justin's game.  As the day ticks on Justin watches the shifts happening before his eyes. He's taking notes of the moving and shaking.  From Justin's POV the unexpected efforts of Neely and Danielle actively working to switch the votes over to CB is something he sees as an issue. This was his original plan to begin with (to keep Kryssie) and as he watches dirty moves in his opinion stank up the house he's quickly questioning why did Danielle and Neely told him hours ago to vote Kryssie out?  The efforts to save Kryssie were great strategic moves.  What's noticeable to Justin is the girls were quickly willing to go against Kryssie to begin with.  Why?  Then to see them working hard to save her just sends a flag to him about Danielle and Neely overall moving forward in the game.  His gut was to keep Kryssie, the girls seemed to buckle and concede to vote with 'the power' in the house and while it's good they came back around in Justin's mind why did you even consider buckling in the first place and going so far as to tell me I should vote against Kryssie.  Justin is a straight up guy and navigating the ins and outs of how some people play is the ah ha moment for him in how shady this game can get even with the people you think are on your side. 


The original plan was to keep the numbers. Personally, that's what he wanted and according to every thigh they had been saying to him up to the veto he thought that's a common goal. He's an observant guy. He's also one who gives great weight to loyalty and being a straight shooter. So, as the hours pass and he begins to see how dirty even people on his side of the house are moving and shaking it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. If I were him I would feel the same way. What's important to realize is Justin has little BB knowledge. He's gaining understanding of the inner working quickly but what we learn later in the evening is he feels like Danielle and Neely were trying to set him up in some way. While that wasn't the case, the lesson he eventually concludes from it is really valuable so I won't fault him for that. 


Remember like Paul in BB18 Justin knows absolutely nothing about BB. He has been paying attention as people explain things to him but in 6 days he's been overloaded with details and seems to be realizing that unlike his colorful experience in life on the streets just reading people and knowing who is doing what isn't enough. He needs to roll up his sleeves and think beyond, how nominations, vetos, alliances the mechanics of what happens when isn't enough. It's not a recipe and you can just plug in ingredients and create an end product. People playing who do understand BB are plotting and scheming trying to take advantage of him. Justin shares that he's had an ah ha moment after Shane/Danielle feeding him information on who the target is and what the vote should be in the morning versus what they were saying by 9 pm. Justin that he has to ignore what others want because their motives aren't genuine and people don't approach things the way he does. 


As I watch this light bulb go off and Justin shares the events that made him peep game what comes to mind for me is once he has now realized that it's not just a matter of knowing ok, two people are nominated then we each cast a vote to kick someone out of the house and you want to be the last man standing at the end of the game. This person is shady and jumping from side to side and won't be a vote to keep me and my people. These are the details he's been trying to collect to understand the mechanics of the BB game. Instead he has the epiphany that how these people will work in the technical aspect of the game is less important than understanding what lengths people will go to in order to make outcomes fall the way they plot the course. Deals, schemes, lies, deception, manipulation all play a role in how voting washes out. All things I've been wishing and hoping Jason would share more intricately with Jason and not just gloss over with because of a fear BB17 has left him with in making an alliance with someone who can actually bring an equal contribution to future F2 alliance. Not saying he should have already locked this down with Justine. It's week 2! Lol. But he should be laying the ground work and testing the waters to groom Justin and be able to know for sure in next 2 weeks if he should go ahead and make that kind of commitment. Finally at  at 1:08 music to my ears! 
Jason/Justin serious game talk 

Justin-"just know man when it comes down to it I GOT YOU"

Jason-"and I GOT YOU" 


What comes to mind as I listen to this (1:10 am) is Justin was approaching like a cooking competition. Here are the requirements and here's how the winner is determined. May the best chef win.  In Justin's mind until tonight all he had to do to win the 'cooking' competition was be the best chef. Know the other chefs strengths and weaknesses, then focus on selecting only the finest meats (find other players you trust) , freshest vegetables (strategies for nominations), devote time and energy to understanding the rules (social game) lengthy time planning the execution of a fine Italian dish (allies).  It never occurred to him that another chef will come in his kitchen and switch out his oregano for tarragon to sabotage his dish! That's because that's not in Justin's character. He explains to Jason he knows that Jason is the only person he can trust! He now sees that sizing up who is with who (what dish others were cooking) which he does very well, who is shoo shoo'n from room to room and appears of shady character is untrustworthy as a person (sous chefs he would or wouldn't hire) and mechanics 

Justin has been taking notes and peeping game but admittedly he didn't realize how cut throat the strategic aspect of people who have intimate knowledge of the  Justin is having his come to Jesus moment. We get to hear an uncensored realization from Justin of how much his lack of BB knowledge is a disadvantage. The convo isn't too long but as you go back and watch the important events of the day and then this convo it will increase your stock in Justin as a worthy competitor. 


I can't wait for live eviction tonight! Mostly because that means HOH follows soon after and like many of us I am over King Monte's reign. 

Unless things drastically change I plan to give Monte, Shelby/Danielle, Morgan my HN votes. I wouldn't recommend targeting all three from the southern side. That's giving them plenty of alone time to strategize and more chances to bond. Instead throw Danielle who is being so hated I. Their and force them to interact with her. HN always end up sharing a unique experience and it often forms new opinions of someone on the opposite side of the house. Don't worry thought Monte will be my vote for nominee and evictions if he's still there next Wednesday.  The sooner he's off the feeds the better as far as I'm concerned. 

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HG are on ILD as of around 10 am.  


Monte approached Shane and Danielle this morning seeking information on who should win the next HOH.  They tell him that they need to win it of course. Danielle tells Monte that even if Jason wins HOH he’s not targeting Monte.  They go through scenarios of various people and who they want and don’t want.  Danielle says she doesn’t mind even Justin wins but she has no idea what he will really do although they all know he’s likely going to target Shelby.  Monte got a confirmation that Shelby will be their next target.  Monte spent the morning making rounds around the house and Shane and Danielle comment that Monte is always plotting and scheming.  Monte had told Morgan she is now his #1 over Shane and will never backstab her.


Oh how the mighty have fallen.  About 36 hours ago Monte felt he had all the power in the house and no one would do anything he doesn’t give the go ahead for.  The plastics felt they essentially in power because they had Monte in their pocket via Morgan.

Scott electing to flip the script for he benefit of his own game and not wanting to be associated with CB has completely flipped the house upside down.  The Plastics are terrified and Monte has been scampering with his tail between his legs all day realizing CB is going out on his HOH and he accomplished nothing and the alliance he felt he had complete control over crumbled like a pan of corn bread ironically.



(Shelby/Alex SR 1:52 PM)

Begins discussing HOH scenarios

Maybe it would be ok Scott 


The entire conversation between Shelby and Alex is simply a nasty bashing session.  Shelby is always bashing others and you become most like the people you associate with.  Alex seems to project a lot of her own personal things and strategic age on other people but when she’s with Shelby she becomes as nasty as she is.


Alex does appear to avoid bashing from time to time but then circles right back around to her #meangirl ways.in the way that Shelby does.  She tells her that she has to find a way to just tolerate people. You have to adapt to a situation.  They make fun of Kryssie for staying up all night crying. hey are now speculating the Danielle is really a teacher.  Shelby doesn’t think Danielle is some hidden genius working PT to get her PhD.  Shane wants publicity for his sister’s company.  Shane’s a model and IG person like Danielle.  Alex doesn’t believe Scott’s story about being a debt collector.  Shelby has a trucker’s mouth. Justin who knows what the F is going on? They believe Neely works at Nordstrom.  Shelby says who cares if Kryssie is telling the truth or not. 


Alex-I just like can’t, some people’s voices are getting on my nerves.


They notice the suitcases.  Now making fun of CB name.  Alex just needs to be like on a Honey Boo Boo, well I could see him on like an AR.


Alex-We are in a really bad spot.  Since all the guys flipped on us. I mea I feel like Monte is still with us.  Cb would do whatever Monte/Shane said.  I don’t feel like people see how smart Scott is being


Shelby-I do want to keep him around for a while.  I do feel like he can be a vote for us.


Alex-We need America to realize that people on the other side of the house are running the house.  There’s just a lot of people in the house having power trips right now. 


Shelby-Well someone’s here to get IG followers.  Someone is here to promote their band.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Neely’s here with some hidden agenda. 


Alex- I wish that people would just vote for people who just really want to be here.


Shelby-I don’t trust people’s story is here


Shelby-What of America votes our way.  If we still did it then we could send a message to them that we aren’t with them.  I think it’s pretty unanimous.  It seems like everyone he’s friends with are even pissed with him.  He had Shane/Monte/Scott and he blew it.  


Alex-Scott is 100% making himself a target by going the other way.  Monte has been telling everyone he’s with Shane.  He’s clearly very loyal with Shane.  I wish I knew where Jason’s head was at for next week.  Who will he push to be up.


Shelby-I was friends with Jason for a while but he hangs out with Danielle all the time and I just have to walk away.


Alex-You don’t always have to interject.  She doesn’t have any interest in listening to other people. 


They exit SR and return to the KT.


Kryssie/Whitney BA general chit chat 2:10 pm


They are bonding over feeling trapped in sequester.  Felt like prison. 


Ironically one of the few times Ive seen Whitney hang out with anyone but Monte or the Plastics. 


“I appreciate the vote of confidence. I think we can relate so much with each other.”


Danielle enters. Alex enters and then leaves quickly. Neely is in the shower.  Monte enters to use bathroom.    


(2:15 pm cam 3/4 Upstairs sitting area)

Justin laying on couch with pillow over his head.  Shelby sitting on the chair nearby. Justin leaves to go tot the kitchen for coffee as Alex enters and takes a seat.  


Alex-Shelby re: Justin. “He’s such a wild card.” She asks if he said anything. 

Shelby is counting items around the house.  Alex will count trains, Shelby will count planes. 


Shane/Justin in KT.  Someone broke something on accident Shane is cleaning it up they were off camera when it happened.Justin is feeling blessed and thankful for the coffee.  


CB/Scott (UKBR 2:19 cam 1/2)

CB explains you start to feel alienated in the house.  He is subtly or not so subtly pointing out that there are stronger people in the house than him.  He explains he doesn’t have any issues with gays.  Tells a brief story about a guy he worked with and shared living space with that is gay.  CB points out there is a lot about these girls we don’t know anything about yet.  One of them could be a professional athlete for all we know.  


Justin enters.  Scott says they are just getting rested for the HOH comp.  Scott is having really bad skin reactions.  Shows his pillow to Justin because of all of the dandruff. Justin suggests not using shampoo and only using conditioner.  Scott thanks him.  Justin exits and Scott excuses himself from CB to get a paper towel to clean his pillow.  CB is packing his clothes. CB called to SR to get suitcase.  Scott returns as CB exits.  Cleans pillow.


2:27 pm SR

Cb comes in thinking it was the clippers he requested. Jason is there and tells him that his suitcase is there.  Jason is ironing.  CB leaves asking if Jason is good.


2:28 pm TBR

Morgan, Whitney, Shelby counting items in the room.  


4:45 pm IWR

Monte is using some of the workout equipment while CB lounges on the couch.  

Monte tells CB that the vote is going to be close.  CB expresses he doesn’t want to be the first one out.  Tells Monte he’s the oldest.  There are others who are a bigger threat.  Monte says “I wish I had a vote.  I mean I didn’t put you up.”


Monte is hinting to CB that he doesn’t know for sure what the vote is going to be.  Thats not the case this morning Scott met with the Plastics and Monte in the HOH and made it clear that he will be voting CB out and that with America there will be enough votes that CB will go home.Earlier Alex/Shelby entertained the idea of voting Danielle anyways, just in case America doesn’t vote CB then maybe they could still get her out.  Alex doesn’t want to go against Monte behind his back.


Monte is now telling CB he is going to lay really low this week, as low as you can.  Monte has been overly confident all week and now this is a significant shift from his posture that he is running the house.


CB confides in Monte that some people from both sides have told him they will vote to keep him.  Monte immediately says, “well people can flip.  Honestly I’ve had people come to me saying things can go both ways. But if you did go that would make only 5 guys this house.”  He then speculates he thinks the girls will go up next week,  At least one of them.


CB tells Monte you want to go with the girls who keep their nose clean.


Monte tells him at the end of the day it’s just a game.  You know there’s going to be some backstabs and stuff. No matter what you just have to be ready for anything.


CB still emphasizing that “if he doesn’t get past the first week,”


As usual Monte cuts him off.  Keeps trying to sell that at the end of the day there’s 13 of us here and every week someone has to go home.  


Monte just kind of casually leaves the room and heads to the BR where Neely, Kryssie, and Jason are sitting. Shane is getting ready to take a shower. Monte whining about not having the BY.  A lot of the HG have been doing this today they’ve been lock downed since this morning. Discussions about the no nap rule ensues.  Monte has a scheduling idea where 4 people could nap at a time.  Just general chit chat continues.  


All HG are getting ready for Eviction.


5:13 pm

CB Scott 5:14 pm


CB-I was talking to Monte and he said he thinks it could go either way.

S-Well we should be go, unless the girls go another way.


Scott has been the most vocal since last night to evict CB.  He doesn’t want to be associated with CB.  He is sitting there with CB acting as is if he has no idea that CB is going.  He keeps telling CB “It’s looking good”


CB says he wasn’t feeling uncomfortable until Monte just told him that people were working to try and keep Kryssie.  Scott just says that Jason hates Shelby and wanted her gone even though he sits there with her and acts like he’s all buddy buddy with her.  It’s kind if messed up, you know”

This is exactly what Scott has been doing with CB.  Cb doesn’t know that Scott asserted he was voting CB out and made it clear to the plastics and Monte he doesn’t want to be associated with CB because of the things he says.  

Clearly CB still doesn’t know that he is likely the one going home.


5:32 pm Jason/Justin in IWR 


Justin tells Jason he has been sitting upstairs all day because he could see everyone and what they were up to. He informs Jason that Shane is playing both sides of the house.  Jason confirms he’s aware what Shane is up to.  Justin also accurately accounts that Scott is scheming just as much and even though he’s voting with them he is still working with Monte.


Jason, explains to Justin that it’s smart to let the floaters float.  As long as Justin and Jason stay loyal to each other let those other people play both sides.   It has nothing to do with them at the moment.


Eviction is less than 30 minutes away.  Shelby knows that Shane/Justin have been hanging out upstairs all day spying on people all day.  She wants to blow them up but decides it’s better to wait until after the HOH comp.


Scott is reassuring Monte that he’s going to work hard for the HOH.  He wants to target Justin/Shane/Jason and Neely.  Monte tries to deflect attention from Neely but Scott explains he has to put her up with on of the guys so she cannot help take one of them off the block.  If someone does come down for Veto then they can BD one of the other guys.  There’s three on his list so in his mind even if one wins veto takes the guy down there is another guy to go up.




Here’s how things look 10 minutes before we go live:

The girls could switch their votes.  I doubt it. Alex doesn’t want to make it obvious to Monte that they went against what was discussed this morning.  Most HG know that if America votes CB they have enough votes to send him home without the girls.Monte has said since the house wants CB gone they should go ahead and not fight the battle. 








Justin -CB







Alex -




I will do a brief recap of the HOH for those of you on the East Coast who may not see the full competition play out. They are not dressed in athletic wear so unlikely it's a physical or endurance competition.  But...Expect the Unexpected! 

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On October 4, 2016 at 2:31 PM, Moonpetal said:

. Guess no one else is commenting. Lol! No way to delete this. Opps. 


Still disagree that monte is less loyal to Shane. That was very clear in the diary session too. As well as Shane telling Dani he will put up one of the girls while not telling Dani he told Monte it was ok to put Dani up. He even talked about putting Monte up. 



Sorry.  I do see you!  I have been behind on feeds but I am finally caught up just in time for Live Eviction.  I know that's what Monte said, but as I predicted Monte told Morgan today that she is now his #1.  He's over Shane.  Shane and Danielle have seemingly cut Monte loose for now.  I promise I will reply to comments on the Blog every day as best as I can.  I appreciate your feedback and enjoy hearing other's ideas because they can help me look for things sometimes I may not be seeing! It's a new week in an hour or so, HOH will decide how the most recent shifts effect the alliances that have shifted or crumbled over the past few days.  You never know because things change on a dome depending on who is in power as Monte learned the hard way this week.  Hope you enjoy the perspective I offer.



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I always enjoy reading how others view the game. 

My opnions this season are definitely different from what I've seen bits of between the FB group and comments on CBS chat. 

I do feel like some are pulling out personal agendas based on someone's regional home but I saw a lot of it on CBS chat. Wish I didn't because it makes me question having America vote. Feels a bit like being a bully I guess but again that was CBS chat. 


Shane was done with Monte a few days ago. He's been actively working with Justin. I think Shane will tale the first shot. 


Do you know why Monte says Jadon dislikes Shelby? I've not heard Jason say anything but the times that I'm able to watch is at less active times. Being in the same time zone you'd think it would be easier but I am always busy when they are talking game. 



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Tonight the first full one hour (almost) episode aired for BBOTT. 


HG had dressed as if there was a live show. There wasn't. No Julie, no audience, Monte as HOH was given  After the episode ended we go back to LF and HG are told voting would now begin. Danielle, CB, Kryssie gave brief speeches and one by one HG entered the DR to vote. 


Final votes revealed:


Kryssie with zero votes you are safe.


By a vote of 9:1 CB you've been evicted. 


CB is visibly upset stands up walks right past everyone not a word grabs his bag and walks out the door without aknowleging anyone despite Monte trying to shake his hand. 


Afterwards as HG are told a few minutes later to get changed into athletic gear and be dressed and ready by 8:45 pm.


As they change HG in small groups everywhere question the 1

vote for Danielle. 


Scott tells Danielle/Shane he's "glad it's a physical comp I don't have to worry about Kryssie"


Scott seems like he's caught the over confident virus from Monte. He's stomping around swearing like a sailor puffin up his chest trying to pump himself up for the comp.


Its late but the HOH competition lasted nearly 2 1/2 hours. I will cover it more thoroughly tomorrow but...here are the results! 


9:17 Shelby out
9:23 Jason out 
9:38 Shane out 

11:14 Justin out
Shortly after Justin goes out
You can very faintly head Alex trying to stealth whisper "Neely"

Neely doesn't reply (can't tell if she hears her.  Finally a minute later Alex Asks Loudly: 

"Hey Neely do you wanna make a deal? 

What are you thinking? I just wanna make a deal.

Neely, "sure, I can last a while. I can guarantee you safety."

Alex, "well I can guarantee your safe too, I want it" 

Neely asserts she wants it too.


Alex begins to plead and offers to keep Neely safe and won't nominate or come after her the whole game! Yep she's says the whole game. 


She will work with Neely and Neely can even 'help' pick on of the nominees, I just really want it she Pleads.

Monte at this point interjects saying, "wow that's a really sweet deal"

Kryssie yells from spectators "hang in there Neely you've come this far"

Neely agrees but says she cold as shit and willing to hear her out. 

Jason says "let it play out girl, you've hung in this long."

Neely agrees that's a really sweet deal but she hasn't been sleeping she needs the room. To which Alex counters and says I will share the room with you too! 

Neely decline says she really needs the HOH room she hasn't slept all Week.


And Alex wins! Obnoxious Monte stands by his throne dangling the key waiting for Alex to come retrieve the key from him. 2 hrs 28 minutes (11:28 pm) Alex had tried to offer Neely a deal a few minutes prior. Neely declined then drops out within 5 minutes. 

Monte Alex, congratulations becoming the new House of head hold" (yes that's actually what he says). 

Immediately when he gives Alex the key he said he was worried for a while Justin was gonna win." Alex mentions something  about "Did you see Danielle's face? She knows she's going up." 

Monte "yeah she knows she done!
She's done! Her ass is going up she and Justin are going up"

 Lol-still thinking he's the boss and tells her who she's nominating. I am sure she will target Danielle but she had no reply/response re: Justin.




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Good morning!  Last night’s first Live Eviction offered us plenty of entertainment.  First, thing is first, let’s get the feeds facts out of the way. The actual Live voting was shown on one of the cameras so if you didn’t realize that and were like me initially dying to see the votes happen go back and check them out because it’s important!  
If you have’t seen my late night post last night following the eviction and HOH comp please go back and read that for the details because there is so much to update you on between the moment CB leaves and when HG finally went to bed, but for now I will cover some things many may have missed between eviction and when HG entered the BY. The one thing I will add here is FB to CB when he leaves, as you know he was blindsided by the votes being 9-1 and Kryssie comment in her eviction speech telling HG to “give America what they want” there were a couple things I missed until I went back later and watched again.  As CB left without acknowledging anyone he says “F*ck ya’ll!”  Yes he did!  In BB history it’s been a very long time since we’ve been treated to such a angry exit!  For now I am just going to touch base on small things that happened after the eviction and before the HG enter the BY for the comp.  There was so much happening I made sure to go back and take a look at some of these key moments.
After CB exits there are lots of branches of conversation going on about CB and feeling bad for him.  There is also multiple conversations that immediately happen with HG speculating who the 1 vote fro Danielle was.  Monte speculates that America must have voted for Danielle and if they had stayed the course he would have been able to break a tie and send her out and this really sticks with him.  He’s convinced America voted for Danielle, but as usual Monte is wrong!  Alex voted for Danielle and did it just to stir the pot.  She is actually the one Monte has this conversion with and she doesn’t come clean.  I’m not an Alex fan but from a gamer perceptive this was a great move and I give her credit.  Well played Alex!
Since no one knows that Alex did that there is a lot of paranoia that spreads like a virus regarding this vote.
8:12 pm cam 1 we find Scott and Shelby in the IWR
Scott shares a few things so be sure to check this out because most importantly he again throws Jason UTB to Shelby.  Didn’t Scott tell us in his Diary room he likes Jason and is still kinda working with him?  Any ideas you formed from what HG said in the diary rooms about alliances and strategies you may as well throw out because in most cases whatever they said then has become irrelevant in the 24 hours since.  Monte is no longer considering Shane is #1 and told Morgan she’s now officially his #1.  There are too many to run through but you get my point.  It’s BB and things change by the minute in the house and following the flip to evict CB and the live eviction this holds true. The most important thing I took away from the convo with Scott and Shelby is his ego is beginning to resemble Monte and w while I am happy to see him take control of his game I fear his approach will come back to hurt him if he’s not more careful.
Scott tells Shelby he’s gunning for the HOH and he needs the 4 girls on his side to have the votes and he can guarantee Danielle is gone.  He’s gunning hard for her and this aligns with what he said to Monte just before we head into tonight’s episode.He’s working Shelby hard too in order to ensure she trusts him. Scott's driving home he wants to align with the Alex, Shelby, Morgan, Whitney and he thinks they could make a powerful group together.  Shelby is also discussing the vote fro Danielle in this convo.
Scott-“this is a team game also and we need to be able to count on each other for votes.  I don’t want you to get blindsided by people you think are your friends and really aren’t.  Those other people (misfits) aren’t your friends.  The girls, they are your friends and I am telling you so you know you can trust them.”
Yeah ok Scott.  He’s not looking out for Shelby he’s trying to ensure she doesn’t invest any truth into what anyone else says to cover his own butt and try to solidify to the girls they should be aligning with him and no one else can be trusted.  Smart move but I suspect the little conversations and comments he makes to various HG in this manner will actually confirm to those who suspect he’s playing hard and playing all sides of the house will see quickly that’s exactly what he’s doing.  Justin and Jason are already 100% sure that Scott is doing just that.  Alex has also commented of late that she suspects the same but for now he could be a number for them so they can deal with that later.  This mean Scott shows himself again in a few minutes with others in the house and like I said in BB the smallest comment can become a huge issue so you have to be very careful what you say at all times.
Meanwhile at the same time (8:11 pm)  this is happening on cam 3 Alex, Morgan, Jason, Monte, and Justin are in the BR.  Again the conspiracy relating to the hinky vote is topic of conversation and Monte says, “who knows, lol, it was probably Shane.”  After everyone else exits Monte and Morgan find themselves alone talking about CB,
Monte says something to Morgan about “Justin.” but it’s hard to hear. He then goes on to reassure her he doesn’t think it was the girls, they listen to him and Scott. Whatever he says 
Morgan says to Monte “If that doesn’t tell you that you shouldn't be looking out for some people….”
Monte cuts her off as usual asserting “we’re fine, it’s good”
Morgan says irritatedly, “alright, if thats what you think.” then she leaves the BR. Monte lingers by himself pacing back and forth.
Alex now enters and Monte speculates he “thinks it could have been Whitney she was pretty pissed (referring to the flip to CB over Danielle at the last moment”
Alex replies suggesting it could have been America and this is when Monte says he wished he would have know then they could have stayed the course and he could have broken the tie (remember it was Alex).
Alex has been consistent in that she wants to use Monte and his vote towards Danielle without Monte knowing this it was a smart move on her part to continue to manipulate him.  While I think Morgan is moving towards being more loyal to Monte and setting herself up for duo with him over the pact with the girls, Alex is clearly playing her own game as well and still sees keeping Monte in her pocket for now as an advantage.  Remember the sisters have both told us that they did not want to have to work together.  They preferred to play their own games but based how things played out the first week they both capitalized on the other being in the house.
When I viewed the HG in preseason although Alex is a gamer and knows BB and Morgan doesn’t, I predicted that Morgan will be in a better position to go further in the game.  Alex to me seems like the type of player that given the opportunity to get her sister out she would!  There’s definitely some sibling rivalry there on her side and my impression even before the HG entered the house was that Alex is doesn’t take kindly to the fact that Morgan is stepping on Alex’s toes being in the house.  Alex seemed petty and jealous to me and while that is all fine and good intros game that kind of mentally usually results in the player blowing up their own game.  She will shoot herself in the foot and given the chance I think she would slit her sister’s BB throat without hesitation. My perception is that in Alex’s mind she’s the fan and can’t understand why she has to play with her sister.  I think their alliance now is out of convenience for both sisters.  I think when it comes down to Monte Morgan sees a long term plan moving forward in the game and is setting that up well while Alex sees Monte as a mean to an end and when he is no loner useful, will line up the shot and take it.
Shane/Danielle 8:14 cam 1 discussing the rogue vote for her as well.  Kryssie, Morgan join and HG begin to comment how they don’t have any food left.
BB announces the HOH competition will begin soon and they need to put on their athletic gear.  HG cheer, everyone seems happy to learn this will be a more physical competition.
HG who had been gathered in the kitchen almost immediately scamper like cockroaches when the lights are turned on,  Well, everyone but dear sweet Justin.  He stays in the kitchen for another 20 minutes to finish cooking what he was preparing and eat before the comp begins.
8:16 cam 1 UKBR
Danielle is speculating she thinks it was probably America who voted for her and she doesn’t get it.  Scott says he thinks it was likely a rogue vote and they will know eventually if someone wasn’t following script.
Scott, Shane, Danielle are in the UKBR at this point and the evolving rat in the house says to the showmance “Im so glad this is a physical comp, at least I don’t have to worry about Kryssie.” Wow Scott, you are really showing us your true colors and considering you sold evicting CB because America is watching and you don’t want to be associated with the comments he is making you are no better than CB's  IMO.
Scott.”I’m not even going to worry about the rogue vote because it will sort itself out in time."
Scott is physically getting himself amped up for the comp and now working hard to seem like on of Shane/Danielle’s buddies.  Again I like that he is back to developing relationships with HG in every group but he’s not doing it unnoticed. The strategy is a smart one, rewinding back to where he was the first few days in the house but at this point he swayed so hard over to Monte and then almost just as quickly showed he was down with misfits to get CB out and had major hand in making that happen.  Players like Jason, Justin, Alex are very aware that he’s dangerous and the target on him will grow if he doesn’t start to do it in a way that is less obvious.  My perspective on this is confirmed later during a confrontation Jason has with Scott after the HOH comp is over.
It’s now 8:24 and Justin in still cooking in the kitchen while other HG are almost all change and ready for the 8:45 deadline to report the BY for the comp.  His laid back demeanor prompts Jason to politely nudge him like hey man you need to go get changed.  LOL
While Jason, Monte and Jason are in the kitchen at this point Monte makes the comment, “I know one thing, the game IS on NOW.’  This was a very alpha male thing to do that wasn’t missed by Justin although he ignores it.  This is foreshadowing a confrontation between Monte/Justin later as well.  I saw this in the moment as Monte asserting he’s coming for Justin, and clearly that’s how Justin heard it as well although at the time he lets it roll off his back.
8:36 pm
The last note before HG enter the backyard for the HOH comp is that Jason and Neely also discuss the hinky vote.  Jason is certain someone in the house did it to stir sh*t up.  Neely assures Jason that he and Justin are safe if either Neely or Kryssie win the comp.  Jason tells Neely he understands that Neely has to work that relationship with Monte. It’s part of the game and don’t worry about it.
Heading into the By it’s clear the only people Alex really managed to throw off if that vote were: Danielle who is afraid America voted her but not sure why that wouldn’t make sense.  Monte is pretty easy to fool so in the end it didn’t really look like it had any impact on the short term.
There you go.  These are time you may want to go back and see this thing you may have missed because later when I address the HOH comp  and the hours that followed many of these small things that seem inconsequential on their own actually play a role later on.  But that’s the game isn’t it?
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Lord help me this whole voting scandal is going to give me a stroke!  Do people not remember how upset we were towards the end of CP in BB18 when fans gave packages the first couple weeks to their favorite players and then couldn’t protect them later in the game when they really needed it?  Don’t you remember how annoyed we were that the pool of people for some of the better packages in the end was full of people we didn’t want to help but had to pick whoever was  the lesser of the few evils. Get it together people.  We have an amazing power this season and the season has 9 weeks left with 7, count them, 7 care packages that means these are in play most of the game and once you give one out chances are they will not be eligible again the rest of the season and you will be messaging me and saying OMG! you were right.  LOL Ok maybe night but you get my point right?


Be smart about your votes.  Don’t just focus on the people you do like. Focus on the ones early on that maybe you don’t like if there is someone you REALLY love isn’t in danger girl!  This week is the power to save-a-friend.  If you are really worried about let’s say Justin (which as of today I am not).  Then give it to someone like Kryssie who people already know are aligned with that side and she will have the ability to save Justin if he’s in trouble.  Also, may give her a little boost and potentially if it is someone else up she can use the power to maybe strike a deal down the road.  That’s a valid use of a power like this.


Another idea is use the first few powers to actually blow up someone maybe you don’t like.  For me right now that is Scott.  Both sides are hip to his shady dealings trying to integrate both sides of the house.  Giving him a power like this has a potential to blow up his game. Being able to save a friend means if we do put Monte on the block and Scott wants to use the power to save his friend that sends a very clear message to EVERYONE who Scott is really aligned with.  I’ve been taking notes of tons of things about Scott and let me tell you he’s playing DIRTY!  The Plastics and The misfits know he’s running back and forth to both sides so we aren’t exposing him there instead it’s likely the Plastics, especially Alex who is HOH may get a little paranoid if she thinks America likes Scott?  Scott believes he is still in a final 3 with Monte/Shane.  Monte is using Scott, not really loyal to him right now but sees value in having vote to use when he needs it.  Shane doesn’t trust Scott at all!  If Scott has to show his cards by giving Monte safety then we’ve now forced him to expose his true allegiance or he will have to not use it and his #1 ally goes home.  For me any of those scenarios are a good use of one of the early packages.  


Either way Vote for who you think you want to have an advantage whether it works as an advantage or a disadvantage.  Don't vote a certain person because you think that's how others are voting.  That makes you like a HG that votes the way the house wants.  Isn't that something dos LF's hate?  I see social media posts all the time soliciting votes for the way they want them to go.  I read, or listen to a lot of opinions and make my own decision based on what I would like to see happen in the game.  Also don't forget some people are like Scott, they say crap just because they want to stir the pot and enjoy the trill to see if they can get people to vote the way they suggested while they sit at home behind their keyboard laughing when the results are announced.  Again just like some HG.  We have a chance to impact the game every week in numerous ways and it's may not be an element of the game we prefer or not it is what it is and since CBS BBOTT gave me the power I am not going to not use it!  


The care package is only good for one week. Once someone receives a care package they aren’t eligible for another one.  This means essentially if Scott doesn’t strike a deal let’s say with Danielle to save her, or actually use it to save Monte then we are not losing anything!  What we are gaining is the ability to reserve the best packages Safety, eliminating 3 votes, guaranteed final four for players we really want to see make it to the end.  This prize is just a way for whoever receives it a chance to give someone else "safety" for the week. That means instead of Alex naming 7 people safe this week she only gets to name six and the winner of this care package will name the seventh safe HG.  That person is safe from Alex nominating them as well as us.  I assume that means no re-nom option for that person since it says "safe from eviction'.


As a long time fan of the show the most annoying thing about votes like this is that the casual viewer has always had the majority vote.  That power is so wasted on them because they have no idea what’s really going on in the house.  They also make is a popularity vote and it has nothing to do with truly effecting the game in a way we would love to see happen!  This season we are the majority.  With that comes an amazing opportunity to really truly either help players who we think deserve to be there and are playing a GREAT game!  Or mess some crap up for people we don’t like and change some targets along the way potentially.


Regardless of who your favorite players are this method of using the votes strategically applies.  You don’t have to like or dislike the same players I do in order to make the most of the care packages.  I will be so upset if we get to week, 5, 6, 7 and the only people left to vote for are the people we all HATE!  It’s very early in the game.  Alex is HOH and we assume her target is Danielle.  However, we really don’t know yet!  The discussion surrounding targets will continue for the next couple days and it's not locked in before we vote so you have to vote each week based on what you see going on. Doesn't necessarily mean that person is in danger could be that it's a crap advantage that is less valuable than being the veto winner by designation or eliminating 3 votes to evict.  Then there is the holy grail guarantee final 4.  If you like the player on the misfits side of the house realize there are 5 of them.  But there are 7 packages.  We will have to give two to the other side.  Better to give them the ability to keep 1 person safe this week than giving a southerner Co-HOH because all of our favorites have already been awarded a care package.


That brings me to my next topic!  Nominations.  I was up long after the HOH won last night and this absurd suggestion of nominating Alex to spook and upset Alex began circulating.  First, I thought that’s only a good idea if you are an Alex fan and want help her get her sister out of the house.  Alex genuinely isn’t thrilled her sister is in the house.  They are working together right now but Alex is a hard core player.  She will actually be thrilled if we nominated her sister and she went home that means she can play her own game.  


I think secretly Alex would celebrate if her sister got nominated and evicted!  Whether you agree with that theory or not, we can’t argue the fact that doing this would be a waste of a nomination.  We only get one nomination and should be focused on a player you really want to go home.  If you hate Morgan then by all means nominate her.  I personally think Morgan is playing a better game than Alex and I like her more.  Morgan also will never have enough votes to evict.  This is a critical factor to consider every week!  Morgan has zero chance of going home and essentially that would be helping Alex get who she wants out of the house.  Morgan is far more social than Alex.  She actually bonds, hangs out with, and engages people on both sides of the house.  She is close with Neely (friendship wise), working with Monte, Whitney, Shelby, Scott and that right there is 5 votes in her favor. I also think Alex is a savvy player.  She is pandering to America and saying things she doesn't necessarily really believe but says to manipulate America to vote how she wants.  She's a gamer and she is like us she knows how we think and she is treating us like another player in the game.  Bravo I think she's brilliant for doing it but since I have no desire to help propel her and eliminate someone from the misfits I am not buying it.  You may hear her say one thing that catches your attention but if you watch every conversation she's in she is a walking bundle of contradictions.  She tells everyone what she thinks they want to here to get them to do what she wants.  Are you going to be that person who gets played by this chick?


When deciding who you want to nominate you want to put a bigger target than the HOH would and you never want to waste it just because you think it would be ‘funny’. Twitter and many chat rooms were saying to nominate Morgan this week to piss Alex off.  Personally, I would rather nominate a HG I really want out of the game and there is actually potential based not he votes to get that job done.  Why would you nominate someone just to scare Alex?  This is one of those circumstances I referred to above.  Morgan won't get voted out and so that's a waste.  HG need 5 votes to evict this week.  The Plastics have the largest voting group.  Three of the Plastics plus Monte can vote.  If we nominate one of them that still leaves a voting block with 3 people voting the same way.  Would you want to go into Final 2 jury voted against someone you know 100% already has 3 votes?  Heck, no!  Scott and Neely are free agents.  Neely and Morgan are close friends in the house.  They may not be aligned but if Neely is given the choice of evicting Morgan (who is a friend) or Shane/Danielle who are a showmance who would you expect her to vote to evict?  She would vote Shane and try to hook up with Danielle in the game and keep her 'friend' Morgan.  But, if Shelby is sitting on the block next to Danielle/Shane Nelly votes Shelby out every day of the week.  

Neely, Jason, Justin, Kryssie now become 4 votes all they need is ours and Shelby goes home and we eliminated a number from the Plastics voting block.  


You also want to have at least a chance of actually getting your target out. I really thought I would vote for Monte for nomination but I am not so sure we have the votes to get him out.  I don't want to put him up just because he annoys me if it ensures Plastics have the votes to get rid of Shane. Evicting Monte may be great and force the girls to start playing their own games, but that means we have to be certain Monte would go.  Scott and Neelly would not evict Monte this week. However putting Shlelby on the block ensures we have the votes for our nominee to go and keeps It leaves Scott without wind in sails, it lets the misfits know we are on their side and saves whoever Alex nominates (likely Shane/Danielle at the moment)..  If we play this nomination vote correctly it could end up being the second week that we send home an alliance member on a southerner's HOH. Personally, I would celebrate if Alex's HOH results in a voting number for her group going out the door!  Now that’s entertainment!


For me the best power to send a direct message to a player or members of an alliance that doesn’t hurt the integrity of this game is HN. If you wan to freak Alex out then go ahead and make Morgan and Shelby HN’s.  I still want to make Monte a HN but this whole social media scandal confusing people about America’s nomination is absurd and a waste of a chance to get a player out of the game that we can’t stand or is an enemy of your favorite player.  I like the idea of trying to upset Alex!  That’s a brilliant idea if you don’t like her.  But the best way to do that is make her girls a HN.  That fires a shot at that side of the house and could potentially make Alex rethink her nominations.  She threw that hinky vote against Danielle in the eviction last night and then blamed us.  She did it just to stir the pot in the house (which as a player I applaud).  If Alex is HOH and we put at least 2 of her allliance members on slop she will notice.  


Finally, my last thoughts regarding HN votes.  If you love the game like I do and have watched every season since the beginning then there’s one undeniable benefit to being a HN.  Each week HN pretty much have that HN room all to themselves and it ALWAYS provides a platform for some private game talk.  Many deals and new alliances have been born out of a HN week.  Knowing this I think it’s important right now early in the game to put 2 players were want to target or let know we don’t like them or someone they are with and 1 from the opposite side.  Why?  Because throwing a third person from the opposite group prevents you much plotting and scheming!  They are sharing a room with someone they don’t want to talk game in front of.  Alternately, if there are a couple players not working together that you think could benefit from sharing the HN experience and bond over it that’s a valid strategy to use your HN votes for as well.


For me, I’ve considered making 2 southerners (Monte+1) and Danielle in the HN group together.  They hate her.  They are awful to her especially Morgan and Shelby.  Why not force them to spend a week with the person they like the least?  Danielle can block game talk and maybe it forges a chance for the other side to get to know Danielle so they stop trying to target her.


Regardless of who you like or don’t like there are cause and effect in all things.  The worst thing you could do to this amazing season is vote all loosey goose and mess things up.  Change one thing and innevetably another changes. Use HN to send messages.  Reserve care packages later down the road for players whose games you are liking and you really want to continue to see them play with a chance of maybe rooting for them to win at the end!  Nominations have to be the most well thought out. We don’t get to replace a nominee if they win Veto.  We only get one shot and to get someone out there has to at least be potential showing in the eviction votes in the house right now for it to be worth putting someone on the block.  All I am saying is you want to use these powers and be a part of the game?  Get Your Head In The Game!  


5:50 pm cam 1/2 Neely, Jason, Danielle are currently on the feeds begging us to please nominate Shelby.  If you are team #misfits or team anyone on the misfits side of the house there you go!  Vote to nominate Shelby!  We have the votes to take out a number on the other side if you aren't a Plastics fan!


Ironically an hour earlier Alex was upstairs with Shelby talking about nominees and was begging America "please don't nominate Shelby".  Says she would die if Shelby leaves this week.  She went in deep to analyzing how to counter our vote.  Later this evening she takes a different approach and decides to sell us on the fact we need Shelby to stay to keep the game citing and keep the war between the two sides of the house taking shots at each other.  That's an easy thing to say the you have the largest voting block in the house.  'Sounds good" but that's not Alex's priority!  Do you seriously believe she wants us to nominate a misfit so every week they can keep us entertained?  I see you Alex!  I see what game you are playing and I prefer the game that Jason, Justin, Neely, Danielle, Shane are playing.  


Sorry I was having a moment there.  I hope this at least gives you a deeper insight into how to use your power to your advantage in the game. I of course, do not expect everyone to agree with me in the opinion of liking one player over another but you can insert whatever name you prefer into each of these scenarios and it would still apply!


Don't forget to Vote America's Care package tonight and tomorrow morning,  Then log back on to vote for who you would like to see be a HN this week! 

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Doesn’t trust Shelby
Thinks targeting the Showmance (especially Shane) 
Alex is thinking they as a house need to separate the trio (Shane/Danielle/Jason)
defends Shelby but knows she doe sit to herself.
5:21 pm 
Morgan and Alex in room together talking to Mom on LF.  Says Morgan is the best actress on here she’s the nicest person and people love her and thats not who she really is!
5;23 pm
Alex replays her convo with Neely.  Likes that5 she is blunt.  Neely is down to vote out Shane as long as Shelby isn’t up. They bleed with us not to nominate Shelby.  Keep Shelby there will be so much drama.  Shane and Danielle do nothing!  Don’t keep them safe. They are going to end up running this game.  Keep Shelby I know she says the most outrageous things and is really rubbing people the wrong way but isn’t that what you want to see?  We need Shelby!
If Shelby gets up she is 100%  gone!
They discuss that Shelby needs to tone it down.  If she goes that’s when things get really really bad for us.  Alex says she’s going to talk to Shelby about this. For me, if I was team Alex this is very aware!  She’s right that many LF like the drama that Shelby creates but Shelby is creating a huge target on her back and that’s bad for us!
5:42 pm
Monte confirms Neely hates Shelby.  Monte also thinks America may target him but we could target a girl because the girls outnumber the guys and they may want to level the playing field.  "Justin was a big suck up.  He never talks game."  Monte speculates that, "Justin could be the saboteur.  LOL He’s not really here to play but is just here to play for America."
Alex and Morgan both say they think anyone is playing for America it has to be Scott!  Again discuss how Scott is telling each side wha they want to hear and just to be very careful what they say around him.
Monte, “It’s almost better if America puts me OTB because they won’t have the votes.  But if they put Shelby up the votes will be there for her to go.”  LOL Yep!  wow first actual sensible thing I’ve heard Monte say.  Thank you southerners for telling us to put Shelby up!  
Monte, with America voting and Jason/Danielle up there that takes two votes away from their side.  Then whoever America puts up as long as it isn’t Shelby, we have the votes regardless. 
Monte says he would vote Danielle out.  
Monte-“Shelby was just telling me that you can stay away from us this week.  Just stay away from us this week.
Monte- “I created this group” Monte pushes for Jason/Justin.  
Alex says she isn’t leaving a showmance in the game. Last season two showmance’s made it to he end of the game”
Monte-“Ok, Ok you do what you need to do
Talk circles back around to what a good competitor Justin is.  Justin is always lingering and paying attention.  He’s always hovering and listening.
Monte-“You got me competing this week, so I will take care of him.” If you take out Justin that side crumbles.”
Then they say the same thing happens with Jason but that weakens Shane because Shane is with Jason.”
Talk turns to the selection of safety order.  I want to save the emotional more volatile people for last and see hoe they react.  
Monte-“Scott screwed me over. You guys, I know I’m not dumb.”
Alex-“Danielle is running that side of the house.  We need to get her out,”
I love Jason so much.  I want to save him just because as a player (vet) I love him so much.
So now in just minutes Justin is the head of the other team. Jason is the head of the other team.  Danielle is running the other team.  LOL
That’s a lot of heads of the other team. 
Alex asks if Monte would be mad if Alex puts Shane/Danielle up together.  I want to make a big statement and let them know I see YOU!  I think Danielle would get voted out.  Monte argues that Jason/Justin 
They count votes.  Regardless of who you put up, We have the numbers.  We need 5!  Morgan
Monte-"We have 4 so we only need one more to guarantee 5 votes so then it doesn’t matter who America puts up."
Speculation that they could swing Kryssie to vote their way.  
Alex "We need Scott or Kryssie to vote our way."
They finally mention Shelby.  Now they are counting Shelby as a vote for their side 
Just a note: (They can’t count Shelby/Monte one of them is likely to go up so they only have 4 guaranteed votes on their side they are also very aware that if Shelby is OTB the votes are there to send her out.)  
Monte rants about Justin more.  Monte says he’s "not worried he’s sure America loves him (Monte)."  Talk turns to whether America loves Justin.  The girls agree unanimously that America has to love Justin.  It’s always how it works whoever you hate in the house America loves them! Monte agrees its possible that we love America. Well, see the girls do have some sense!  Yes, America loves Justin (most of us do anyways).
Alex again begs us.  Saying "I NEED YOU AMERICA I am one of you.  PLEASE!"  
Delusional Monte says when he was HOH he was nice to everyone and opened up the HOH to anyone who wanted to come up there.  LOL
That’s hilarious he had the door locked all the time and when groups were in there he was always telling them to GET OUT. He also suggests he thinks America may put up Danielle.  They may see how she’s playing and not like her.  I think America may like me and they are probably on our side.
Sorry I just can't with this guy!  HAHAHAHAHAHA Yes, Monte that’s why we nominated one from your side and they went home last week. 
Ok at this point I think we have the gist.  If we want our target to go home and be in favor of the misfits to keep whoever they put up safe for right now it looks like Shelby is a smarter America nomination.  Most of the HG hate Shelby.  The southerners have 4 solid votes even if we target one from their side and if they swing Kryssie/Scott they have the numbers.  Scott would vote with them if Monte is on the bloc he sees Monte as his F3.  Alex said early on in this update that she does;t want Shelby OTB.  That’s the closest person to her in the house.  Yes, her sister is there but she DOESN”T want her sister there in the long game it would kill her if her sister went further than her but we don’t have the votes to get Morgan out and quite frankly, I like Morgan better than Alex right now.  Alex is playing hard and I like that from a strategic gameplay point of view but she’s just not player I can get behind right now.  She is so petty and jealous of Danielle.  Danielle and Alex replying very similar games and for now I like Danielle’s game play better.  I also Like Jason/Justin far more than anyone in the southern group.  
Monte is now holding court in Alex’s HOH room.  He is talking crap about us and says we targeted CB because he was older and that was a copout on America’s part.  I am so over Monte but sometimes you just have to laugh out loud as you listen to these guys.  I remind myself frequently they don’t see all we see.  However, where Monte is concerned he is the authority and knows everything!
Things will change and I am tracking each HG comments to Alex as she meets with people 1-1.  This should give us a sense of who people will likely vote out.  It’s BBOTT and things change by the hour but this should give you a window into the southerners today and how they are thinking.  I am off to FB to the misfits and see what they have been up to downstairs while all this has been happening.  
leaving HOH 6:09 PM
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That being said what I am seeing from Alex runs her game and listening to all her conversations if you look at what she says and does collectively I think she would have talked crap if they had in fact done that and come up separately then her complaint would have been “who do they think they are fooling?  They came up here separately to try and convince me they are individual players but they aren’t.
Danielle and Shane are in a non win situation with her.  I think Alex is has the potential to be a very strong force in the game as a player from her knowledge but her execution has too many flaws and she will be the greatest detriment to her own game because of it.  Historically in the BB game when you as a player have tunnel vision it inevitably ends up being the one things that ends your game and blows up in your face.  Da’Vonne so focused on Tiffany/Frank-Da’Vonne goes home.  Paulie overplaying his cards insisting Z has to stay.  When a player cannot step outside of one specific idea and is so forceful in their efforts showing others in the house that they must get their way is the surest way to guarantee other HG look at you like they can’t work with you.  Monte did it last week with Jason, this week again with Jason/Justin, Alex last week with Danielle and this week again with Danielle neither is even attempting to make it appear as though they could be persuaded and vocalize well if plan b happened then that may be a situation that could work for everyone.  Whether they believe that or not the best players are able to seem so passive and agreeable it makes the audience more likely to buy into plan A willingly.  This game a huge element of being effective is your ability to master a soft sell over a hard sell.  Derrick, Nicole, Andy, Dan, Will, Paul at times, Johnny Mac talking to anyone but Vanessa lol, these players all had a gift for getting what they wanted by acting like what they wanted was just an option and not the priority.  
I am watching Whitney right now I see potential for her to be a strong presence as well as Shane using this form of play.  They both have very well defined opinions but you don’t see them on the feeds appearing as though their goals are.  It’s early but just based on watching them overall they seem like the ones who have the potential to be effective at the soft sell approach. Even Nelly right now, she really wants Shelby to go, but she is doing an amazing job of being open and not fixated are trying to force it to happen.
One thing different about OTT right now is we have a lot of very strong players emerging all at once.  Each has plus and minuses to their approaches but you can see they have a clear understanding of the game, how things work, what actions move things in a direction you need it to go, they all have the knowledge but do they have the skills and abilities to make their expertise work to their advantage.  Alex, Morgan, Jason, Danielle, Scott, Shane, maybe Nellie are all very savvy players.  They see what they need to go, they are looking at the big picture the way we all love to see in great players.  That’s 6/13 HG who get it!  We have seen plenty of player who know how the game works and have all this BB history knowledge but rarely does that archetype also possess the ability to apply it.  This is what I am finding most exciting about the first 2 weeks of BBOTT.  The potential.  
I don’t know about you but I find myself agreeing with so much of what these players say related to the game, strategy, goals, I watch and say, “Yes! Exactly!  (Insert name) is so smart. We will have to continue to watch them evolve over the next 2 weeks or so.  I think after next week we will begin to see both sides of the house begin to crossover and new alliances mingling the two sides emerge.  That’s as a fan, what I want to see.  Those moves are demonstrating you understand to get further in the same it’s important to adjust your preference of ‘personalities’ you gravitate to and set that to the side in order to align with people who will help you further your game. However, in order to get to that place in the fame where that is a possibility these two well defined sides of the house have to reduce the numbers on the southern side of the house.
As fans of the game we never enjoy seasons where one dominant group forms the first week then dominates all the competitions and demolishes the other side to a point where the power group is now set up to have a majority the remainder of the game regardless of who has the power in HOH that week. The seasons where a powerhouse forms and every week is just a certainty the outsiders of the main group will go home even if I LOVE a HG in the power group it’s not as much fun to watch. By the halfway point of the game we can predict every week exactly what’s going to happen and slowly lose interest in what’s happening then we end up with 6 people on the feeds we don’t want to watch.  LOL
There are players on both sides I like, a couple I may not care for but I see the value not their potential game play, but the powerful voting block of the southern side of the house has to be lessened for this to ever have a chance to happen.  It’s not that I don’t like Shelby, or Whitney, or Morgan it’s that I want to see some amazing game play.  I want to see shifts, have the evictee that next week be uncertain down to the last minute, have votes split and it be close!  I want to see players work hard to move the chess pieces in the house.  Isn’t that what most of us want to see?  It’s why Dan’s seasons were so entertaining.  It’s why All Stars was actually fun to watch!
Remember folks it’s only week two.  By week 4 this game and alliances could look completely different than they do right now.  That’s especially true of the misfits side of the house as long as the southerners don’t remain the largest group in the house. Otherwise we will end up with misfits basically staying pairs, trios, individual games as sitting ducks.  For me, I would rather see a coupe from each side end up working together.  I saw someone today mention they felt Jason, Alex, Danielle, Scott as an alliance would be amazing to see.  Yes it would!  Imagine if Monte, Justin, Whitney, Neely joined forces as well?  I wish Monte and Justin would stop having a measuring contest and consider with al the bad blood no one in the house would ever suspect they would work together! Morgan, Jason, Shelby, Scott could also be a force to be reckoned with!  There are still so many options in the long game so I won’t get too emotional about the short game right now!  I was thrilled dot see Monte int he BY rapping and going around.  It let both sides see a side of each other they had been refusing to share.  It as the first time I have said I like this Monte! It could happen, this is BB, expect the unexpected!  
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10:47 am

Kit cam 1/2

HG Starting their day.  Shane in eating breakfast, people coming in and out of the kitchen.  Greets Justin as he passes through


Justin returns and Shane asks Justin if he was there of the lap dance?  They have planned to give Whitney a lap dance for her bday next week.  Shane practiced his skills on Dadnielle int he backyard last night with Neel cheering it on and Kryssie there enjoying the show.  


Danielle and Jason have joined the kitchen crew.  Monte passes through.General chit chat while HG eat breakfast. Justin occasionally singing as usual. HG are so happy to have restocked pantry!  There were numerous convos yesterday about managing the rations better and comments it should help that CB is gone.


At the same time on cam3/4

BY couches Kryssie, Danielle, Morgan


Sitting while Kryssie discusses her sun allergy.  She has a rash on her hand this morning from the sun yesterday. Danielle leaves heads into KIT


Cam changes from BY to HOH where Alex is in the HOH BA doing her makeup in her HOH robe.  


Cam change again to UKBR where Justin returned to get something and heads back out. 


Cam back to BY crew wScott has joined and Kryssie still talking about sun allergy.  


HG lockdown called/Shane called to DR as Justin re-enters the KIT Now Kryssie enters KT Jason has joined Scott int he BY to smoke.  Kryssie returns with Justin.  


10:57 cam 1/2

Shelby/Morgan now in BA


cam 3/4

BB calls ILD again and tells them to inside and close the sliding glass door.  Jason, Justin, Scott don’t budge immediately Jason had just lit a cigarette. 


10:59 cam 1/2

Justin, Kryssie Danielle in KIT


Kryssie/Justin joking about incident the other day when Justin was asleep and Kryssie tried to wake him up and he swung on her in his sleep.  


Scott enter KIT, Morgan passes through from BR area to BA 


IWR cam 3/4 Alex and Monte using equipment to work out.

Sounds like Shelby Morgan in BA (off camera)


Everyone is just wandering from room to room.  They are on LD and cameras are shifting every coulee of seconds unable to find a group to land on.  LOL


Monte and Alex discuss CP.  Monte speculates that today’s CP could be a safety reward where you can save someone and give them safety.  YEP!  Although I assume it wasn’t his original idea and probably heard that from someone else and just repeating it?


cam 1/2 BA



Jason, Whitney, Shelby, Alec getting ready, brushing teeth, combing hair, Jason prepares to shower.  Danielle enters with bathing suit or bra in hand awaiting WC.  Scott has entered to brush teeth.  Justin keeps wandering in and out greets Whitney cheerfully.


Danielle enters WC, Scott exits, all three girls in different mirrors doing make-up.


cam 3/4 IWR 

same time

Monte Alex are just working out no talk now or just randoms questions about exercises.


Both working on arms


Monte sharing details about last night’s rap battle between he and Justin to Alex.  Shane and Neely contributing. Monte says it got “wild”. 


I am happy to hear Mote talking about this.  It was the first time we have seen him real and just hang out.  He and Alex both are very self isolated and rarely hang out with anyone outside their immediate group.  I had been thinking about this yesterday and then heard Morgan tell Alex last night that Alex HAS to start being more social.  They joked about how int he BB house they seemed to have swapped personalities.  Morgan is being super social and making friends with lots of people and Alex is not.  Alex actually complimented Morgan in that conversation that Morgan was doing and amazing job integrating herself.  We will see if Alex heeds the advice because she hasn’t so far.  Another weakness in her game.  She’s putting all her eggs in one basket only associating with Shelby, Monte, Whitney all day long.  This is one of the reasons I invest more potential in Morgan’s game.


Workout ends now Shane, Monte, Alex, Whitney lounging on the chairs/sofas discussing bday dance next week as well. Speculating how Scott will perform.  Alex says as long as they let him be the center (???) Monte says yeah we will he’s the front line.  Again another time when Alex asserts someone is more important than Monte.  She does this a lot and his personality doesn’t respond well to this usually.  In this case Monte doesn’t seem effected by it, but these small things like this are what has Monte feeling like he needs to compete with others.  Quite a change in Monte since last last night into this morning.


Alex returns to arm exercises.  Shelby enters.  


11:07 cam 3/4

Neely joins work out crew.  


Shane wanders by and Monte says they have to work on that dance routine for Whitney both guys laugh.  Shane heads to BA


Danielle called to DR she’s lingering in BA BB repeats DR call serval times she finally heads that way.  She was changing clothes and getting ready.  


IWR group discussing which days America Nominee is revealed.  If it’s before or after veto is it Sunday or Monday when they announce.  Monte acknowledges he’s confusing them and apologizes.



11:18 Jason out of the shower.  Whitney and Shelby have moved form BA to IWR


Neely enters BA with Jason and Morgan 

Morgan has been called to DR several times.  Neely asks how Morgan is today.  Neely preparing to shower.


America’s Care Package is scheduled to be delivered at 1pm.  


11:23 am cam 1/2

Scott, Kryssie, Jusitn sitting around KIT counter 

Justin says he was a sick baby.  Kryssie inquires what their first memories are being little.  Justin says he was 5.  Kryssie says she remembers because it was a traumatic remember (that explains a lot no wonder she’s always talking about what’s wrong)


Kryssie explains her first memory “was running down the hallway having to barf red kool aid”


Explains her BF first memory is also a traumatic Pumpkin patch memory being trapped by a skelton when he was 2.


Justin remembers catching his first fish when he was 5 years old and has been fishing ever since.  He’s been fishing for 21 years almost every day of his life.  


Kryssie starts back discussing how traumatic memories stamp on her brain.  


Justin talks about a motorcycle incident with his uncle when he was little and how he was holding on for dear life at like 7 or 8 years old his uncle Dre told him to hold on and just takes off.


“Rest in peace man.  My uncle was killed they came in his house and killed my uncle his kid and his wife all at once”  feeds cut to IWR


back to KIT

Justin talking about what to put in coffee.  Kryssie almost never puts anything in her coffee.  Justin has tried everything, milk, half and half, almond milk, creamer.  He’s done it all.


Scott says he made milkshake last night.


Morgan passes through on her way back from DR.


Justin remember the first time it ever snowed in New Orleans.  It’s now Scott, Kryssie, Justin i the KIT


Jason, Danielle, Monte, Shane, Shelby, Whitney, Alex, and Whitney in the IWR


Alex and Morgan sitting across from each other.  Moran started to sit in same chair with Alex ( why do they keep doing that?  Morgan has also slipped with comment several times last 24 hours). Whitney left so Morgan got her chair.


Shelby joined KIT crew.  She leaves the every time Danielle comes into a room.  Within 5 minutes every single time Shelby gets up and leaves.  She needs to learn how to fake the funk.  It’s so ridiculous to watch.  Especially when Danielle has never said or done anything to her.  


General chit chat happening but Shelby is just sitting there and hasn’t contributed anything.


Justin talking about tailgating at the Saints games. “I love my city so much! When we win the whole city just lights up there’s such an amazing energy.”


IWR crew discussing how quiet the house is at night.  Monte wishes they had some kind of ambient noise.”


(He has mentioned that a few times.  Is he the one that said he would bring his fan in the house because he can’t sleep without it? )



Kryssie/Justin talks about service industry.  Justin talking about people asking for refunds after they ate all the food and wanna say give me my money back this wasn’t good.


Kryssie says it’s different if the order is messed up or you got the wrong thing but if you ate 3/4 of it and then said this isn’t what I wanted or I don’t like this -then come on get over yourself.


Justin says people do that and when he says no refunds they demand to see the manager.  Most the time he just blows it off but sometimes he just wants to say “I’m the owner get the hell out of her you have 2 shrimp left I guess it must have been pretty good. LOL


Justin leaves KIT Shelby finally speaks.  Didn’t she tell HG she is a server.  She doesn’t participate in these types of convo’s which for me if I was in the house would have me thinking she lied.  The stories she does share are more from a customer experience than a server.  She is an attorney so I know she’s smart but she could do a better job of keeping her cover story.



Everyone talking about food/restaurants at the same time KIT is discussing service industry.  It’s amazing how often in this house this happens!  Last night Alex and her crew were upstairs begging America not to nominate Shelby, please, we need her!  While the misfits were downstairs in the BY asking us to nominate Shelby so they have a fighting chance in this game!  LOL  I was loving watching this I think it was between 6:30-7:30 


Justin was hilarious.  Jason told his fans not to send him a CP right now save him for later when he really needs it!  LOL which again is ironic since Twitter had the same debate flying all over the place with LF telling Jason fans not to give him his first package and telling them they were crazy save him for the better prizes in a couple weeks.


Like I said in a previous blog for every action there is an equal reaction.  I’ve been been observing it literally happening simultaneously in a lot of cases re:BBOTT rather than let’s say Alex and them begging us not to Nominate Shelby she loves her would die if she left.  Then someone downstairs hears about it and does the same thing telling us to nominate Shelby.  Instead it’s literally happening at the same time on the feeds.  


The plastics will be together bashing Danielle or talking crap about someone on the other side and then on the other camera the other group will be discussing how Shelby needs to go, she’s so bitchy and rude.  Has anyone else picked up on this?  


There you go that’s the boring early morning feeds.  The best we can get from it is see some minor adjustments in how people are behaving.  I personally am happy to see that this morning.  Monte has loosened up and I am hoping he continues to integrate himself as well socially lie I saw earlier about Alex.  This was Jason’s mistake the first week but after he won veto and knew he was staying he adjusted and started socializing with more HG from the other side.  Shelby is just one I don’t see being able to pull this out.  She refuses and isolates herself intentionally.  She will hang out with Jason sometimes but as soon as Danielle comes into the setting she bolts and she has told us she does it intentionally and wants nothing to do with her. that she doesn’t like any of these people and doesn’t give a F”.


If you enjoy the antagonist who likes to be mean and snarky constantly bashing other people just for sport and not as a form of strategy then you may want to keep her safe.  For me, there are plenty of big outrageously entertaining personalities in the mix that leaving someone who isn’t working very hard, as far as game play we don’t see her really pulling any strings, planting any seeds changing any minds seems pointless. At least Danielle and Alex are both playing the game. Instead spends all her time with Alex being a mean girl which drags her down and just generally a sloth.

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12:42 pm
Awaiting Care package Delivery
While we wait if you had issues voting both yesterday and then today you are not alone.  Many of us were frustrated as we logged un well before midnight yesterday and cast our votes.  The like the loyal minions we are many of us arose and logged on to vote before the 10am pac/1pm. east deadline only to be frustrated with an annoying message saying we had already reached our maximum number of votes for today.  It made me wonder whether they are only allowing each subscriber to vote one time period (if that’s the case just tell us we are ABLE to take directions) or if they had yet another error in formatting which resulted in a lot of people unable to cast the second series of 20 votes for the HG of choice to receive today’s save a friend pass.
This makes me suspect a man is in charge of organizing this voting stuff and posting the link because it lacks details!  A woman would have covered every angel and made sure it was plainly obvious the rules and setting up the actual parameters of the votes online.  It looks more like a middle school intern is  that’s assigned to assist for a quarter is responsible for this element of the website.  LOL
HG have been locked inside all morning and a brief indoor lockdown followed by a brief outdoor lockdown that expected isn’t what they got.
Danielle, Jason, Neely, Whitney, Shane sharing general chit chat.  Neely shouts all the big booty people of the world!  Danielle shares the story of a concert she went to with her niece. 
Neely evaluates the type of men and what you find inLA is much more tame than the men in Georgia, NY, Miami where they get icky with how they dollar at woman at events like concerts.  She feels like the men in LA are way more tame.  LOL
Camera switches to Monte entering HOH with Alex yo give her a requested tutorial on how to work the TV monitor.
Scott ratting out a convo with Kryssie where he tells Shelby Kryssie told him to his face that there are two people in the house that are floating in the middle herself (Kryssie/Whitney)
Shelby asks did she say Whitney is or she could get Whitney to?
Justin interrupts and Shelby smoothly transitions to how she has;t felt well since they came into the house. He suggests she drinks some OJ and other’s some ought drops around somewhere.
Justin exits and comes right back in.  Leaves and Scott confirms he’s actually gone.Scott tells Shelby that Justin told him while he was targeting her she isn’t his (Justin’s) target anymore he really wants Monte out.  He was talking about Monte and Whitney with Whitney as a pawn,
Scott says that Whitney has been really attaching herself to Monte all of a sudden (that’s not true she’s been with Monte all along) and how that’s good for Shelby because it takes the heat off of her (Shelby).  Not sure why he is telling her this.  Shelby is the target this week and misfits have been pleading with us to nominate her.  They have said put America please put either Monte or Shelby up but we don’t ht ink we have the votes to get Monte out.
1:01 pm HG here airplane sound and announcement to report to the BY for a special delivery.  Excitement and energy explodes amongst HG and the all move to the back door quickly and ready to go yelling open the door!  we get fish?????
feeds back and they are like little kids waiting to try the new toy at they toy store.  Announcement starts to repeat and cuts out and we get fish again.  UGH come on guys
Back and now HG are standing there quiet but the door starts to open giving them access. Out to the yard.  Justin is the last to exit and enter the yard.
Everyone chilling, there’s the package.  Danielle reads it and Kryssie wins!  YEAH  good upon America!  Well down so proud of us!
SHe’s trying to get it open Alex is literally holding her heart! I’s open
little rats?
Power to save a friend, you are not safe but you can choose one HG to give safety who cannot be nominated.  Alex face cam 3 is priceless!  LOL  Shelby has stank face. Alex really looks like someone punched her in the stomach.
Monte says, “I’m telling you America is trying to make it chaos they seriously don’t care”
Most HG head inside. Justin does ropes, Shane/Danielle by the pool table.  Jason and Scott to the couches.
off camera you here Monte “hey if you save me I will save you”
Danielle/Justin play kick fighting.
Justin says so she can’t take herself off?  I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. (smart guy)
Scott ”America has been showing her some love this week”
1:10 pm cam 3/4 Kit
Alex, Whitney, Monte, Shelby, Morgan
Monte “Alex at least you know this time that America is going to put someone up”
Alex “yeah”
General chit chat about fruit and food because 
Someone must have been passing by because the subject changed so quickly.
Monte can that person still vote if they’re still safe?”
The girls “Yes”
Now Monte suddenly realizes that this week Alex has one less person to make safe this week.  
Neely joins
M- don’t think their going to do HN, that makes sense now with this voting.  (LOL get ready Monte) It would be horribly unfair to the HN
Maybe she will save you (to Nelly)
N-“She needs to play her own game”
Danielle enters and speculates the same about maybe they won’t have HN and the girls tell her thats what they were just saying.
M-“Thats not my game if I get kicked out I get kicked out I am not going to suck up.  I know who I don’t like”
Danielle/Neely leave
Morgan “things just got interesting.”
Morgan leaves KIT
off camera can barely hear whispering
Whispering between Danielle and Morgan in the hallway to rooms. Danielle tells Morgan she is going to go talk to her, Something about letting Morgan know she talk to Kryssie and she just didn’t want Morgan to think…”
Now I am excited for tomorrow when HN are revealed and the south realizes how much we really don’t like what they’ve been up to.  Monte will not do well as a HN.  He will also not handle the fact we make him a HN very well IMO.  I do think that HN choices will make Alex think twice about who she puts on the block.  What I can’t tell is whether she will have a come to Jesus moment and really adjust her game or if she will now target people we do like because she hadn’t plan to and it pisses her off that we target all her people.  I fear it may be the latter because she’s been saying she won’t target Jason because he’s loved and Justin is probably top of our polls.  She just reads like a spiteful girl that allows that side of a coin to override reason and strategy.
I hope she does the first.  I hope his pushes her to start making some connections and form some alliances bridging both sides!  I think that could be the best mover for her game for now.  
Monte is convinced it’s not personal that we just don’t really care who wins we just want to mess with them and create chaos.
He and Scott speculate that she will likely save Jason or Justin.  Scott says he’s not campaigning for that (the safety) Monte laughs and says no of course not. They’re not saving us!
On cue after they disperse Kryssie grabs Neely and says I got to talk to you.
Neely advices talk to Alex.  See where her head is at and tell her of course she’s going to save a side of her crew but she wants to do whats both of them(Kryssie/Alex)  At the same time be smart and compromise with her.  Use this to your advantage.
Go NEELY! See if you saw my blog this morning about Neely’s ability to be diplomatic and seem accommodating to get people on board with how she sees things this is a perfect example of what I described.  Get advice Neely and Kryssie smart girl talking to Neely and getting her direction how to approach Alex realizing you don;t want to piss anyone off using this.
1:21 pm cam 1/2
Alex/Whitney BY
W-“It would be smart if she gave it to Justin.”
A-“Yeah I am going to push that too”
Shelby joins girls tanning on large lounge chair.
A-“I think it would be good if she used it on Justin. Then Monte can just stop”
They agree that she’s stubborn and don’t know if she would listen to them.  
Shelby leaves
Alex, “ Literally every person came up to me there last night and said they want Shelby out.  I wish it wasn’t the case but she doesn’t help.”
A“I wish she would just shut her mouth
..be like just nice. We shouldn’t have brought her in with us.  I’ve been kinda avoiding her today and trying to separate myself a little because of it”
W-“the one good thing is since she’s with us she will always be a target”
A-“LF always try to give the first package to the people they don’t really like or care about.  I think she got it because she’s the middle and doesn’t matter.  I knew they wouldn’t give it to Jason.  I wish Neely would have gotten it actually I think she has better judgement.”
A-“How do you feel about Justin?”
W-“he’s not a threat to me”
A-“Yeah I don’t think he is right now either but that whole bathroom thing with Morgan…just before this she tells Whitney that “I just can’t believe he (Justin) does stuff like that maybe that’s why he didn’t get it”
Alex proposes Whitney work on Kryssie because she’s better at talking to that side.
Again here is an opportunity for Alex to start bridging that gap she has with the other side of the house and yet she puts it all on Whitney.  Yes, Whitney is more well liked because she socializes.  Alex’s refusal is as bad as Shelby’s quite frankly but she criticizes Shelby for it all the time and constantly telling Shelby she has to learn how to fake it.
Morgan joins and reports that Danielle was talking to Kryssie.  Alex is like “Nah” that’s not gonna work.
A-“I can’t play this game in fear like that.  It’s just gonna work.”
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Cam 3/4 

9:15 pm 


Monte: “That’s line he (Justin) stepped over, Walks right be me and doesn’t even acknowledge me. I’m a competitor, I’m a competition, gets naked in front of you. I just got naked in front of Morgan what are you gonna do about it.  You classes bayou piece of shit! I hate that guy so much.  But you can’t wear your emotions on your sleeve in this game. I’m cool but…are you ok? You don’t get naked in front of a girl you don’t know.  Dude, you are clearly trying to throw shade my way.


Throughout Monte’s rant Morgan just repeats, “yeah”


Finally Morgan says, “Yeah I’m not a fan of him”


Monte, “Thats disrespectful for you, to drop your drawers in front of you.  That’s it he’s done.  His ass is going up.  We can’t try to backdoor him” (this is what the girls have been telling Monte because he’s pushing so hard for Justin/Jason to be the nominations and they have no desire to do that the girls are hyper focused on Danielle/Shane nomination to send Danielle home.  But they want Monte to just shut up about Justin because that’s only what’s good for his game Justin is coming after him not them.  Instead they allowed Monte to believe they were too afraid to put Justin straight up because he WILL win Veto, so they have to send Justin out through the back door.)


Morgan “I’m just waiting to talk to Kryssie.”


Monte:  We need to put him up pronto!  We don’t even need to touch Shane/Danielle


Morgan “The only thing is I think he has a really good chance at winning veto.”


Monte “But what if, what do we do let two people up to win veto so we can backdoor him.  That’s the only thing that I can see.  But we can’t guarantee who is going to play in the veto. But what if it’s Alex and the entire other half of the house playing in the comp?”  


Morgan “Thats’ true, I never even thought of that.”


Monte “we’re gonna have to put him up.”


Morgan “like he and Danielle?”


Monte: “Because if he win HOH or anybody from that side of the house IIIIIIIII am targeted”


 Morgan “But you also have Neely on your side, Scott on your side…Ugh we got to get Shane back on our side”


Monte, “No, no Shane wants to Alex told me I’m going to approach Shane and Danielle.  Alex talked to me and she said Jusitn’s nervous that Shane is gonna backstab him and rejoin me.”


Morgan “Which if he’s smart he will.”


They move from LR area to the TKB


Monte  “We have the numbers again we’re the strongest group”


Monte  “I’m not gonna say anything about backstabbing or coming back because as far as he knows he thinks he’s still good with me.” (Monte told Morgan last week that he was done with Shane and that she is now his #2”


Monte  “But hey man we gotta get rid of Justin but maybe hey like Shane, me you Morgan and Danielle?  Something like that.”


Morgan   “I just don’t know if Shane’s gonna do anything with Danielle still in the house.”


Monte  “I’m sorry if I crossed the line, If I wasn’t on National Tv I just woulda went the heck off”  (uh hum Monte you aren’t on national television you are on the internet, live feeds 24 hours a day.  


Let me inject here that the HG are really struggling with this theme.  they are always excited when called to the LR because Julie has an announcement (99% of the time Julie’s announcements have been recorded and as soon as she come song he monitor and greets the HG they always answer her assuming she’s actually live.  Every single time.  Then they complained about wow there’s no audience, no applauds, no cheering during our live eviction and Julie wasn’t even here for that.  It’s been a topic of conversation appearing regularly on the feeds especially on this groups side of the house. LOL They are feeling very robbed in their BB experience)

Also note every time Morgan begins to speak this is Monte so he talks right over her, interrupts her doesn’t allow her to get a full sentence out without doing it.  Maybe they should be hating Monte and gunning to put him on the block since this is the very reason they say they can’t stand stand and she’s so rude and disrespectful not knowing how to just and let someone else speak.  Ok now that I gave you a brief break from the Monte ranting because we all need one he’s so irritating to listen to 90 % of the time he’s on the feeds let’s finish this convo it’s about to shock you even more if that’s even possible!


Morgan  “I want that guy gone.  He was blatantly in there challenging me.  He was like I don’t lose. Like cause he was in there like I’m a competitor, I’m a competitor and then he just drops his drawers (Justin was getting in the shower as he does 3-4 times a day.  Ladies this man is the cleanest man in America and he tells the group he has to take a shower every time he goes to the bathroom because he has a thing about not carrying any extra bits on him he has torahs himself off and make sure he’s always clean. He explains he has an entire drawer just full of underwear because he changes them every time he showers.)



Morgan  “he’s just making it so uncomfortable for the girls”


Monte  “well one thing, let me tell you he is sexist! Coming out buck naked in front of ya’ll he is sexist”


Morgan giggles a little “


Monte  “He’s like the most sexist guys I’ve ever met in my entire life.  And with me I have two sisters and good girls like you, Whitney, and Alex  that’s uncalled for there’s not room for that”


Morgan  “yeah 


Monte  “that’s why I’m like come at me come at me, what did I tell you come at me but don’t attack the people I’m closed to then just drop your drawers in from of one of my good friends in the house (he gestures at Morgan) like your all big and bad, like some girl’s blessed to see your junk (Morgan laughs) that junk probably contaminated been through so much raggedy shit  


(lol we are every day on live feeds! lol)


Morgan  “yeah, oh boy that was…”


Monte  “I hope he hears all this, I never wanna see him again in my life after this.  I can’t wear it on my sleeves.”


Morgan  “it’s so uncomfortable yeah no you can’t.”


Monte  “But I am not going to say anything to him the rest of the week” 


No of course you aren’t Monte because clearly you are completely and totally intimidated by Justin even breathing!  Monte literally feels completely emasculated by this guy.  The girls have only mad wit worse all week telling Monte that they can’t put him up they’re afraid of him, he’s the strongest competitor in the house, he will win veto, the more the girls talk up Justing the more upset Monte gets.  In his mind he is the strongest male in the house the girls she be begging him to protect them from Justin and be certain that Monte can.  You can see it on his face and his body language whenever the convo happen his neck starts to turn red, he puffs up his chest, he tells the girls they should be coming to him and he’s the one responsible for leading them as the man.  He is always asserting he can beat Justin  in any competition all of this scam the girls have used to persuade Monte it’s better to put up Shane/Danielle has done nothing but infuriate Monte because in his mind remember even though he doesn’t have power of HOH doesn’t mean he doesn’t have al the power int he house.  He has said he is the power in the house and everyone does what he says.  This is  not reality for everyone but this is Monte’s reality.  The girls fear of allowing Justin to compete in the Veto in Monte’s mind means they are insulting Monte and saying he is not strong enough to protect them from big bad Justin.  I’m an in no way saying Monte is right!  He is not, what I am saying is this is how Monte sees it, how it makes him feel and what he hears not what’s being said with is also true of the whole shower incident with Justin.  Justin literally came in got naked and got in the shower. LOL in silence people. He didn’t wave his junk, he removes his underwear with his hand over his junk turns and gets in the shower.  


In Justin’s mind he’s at home.  This is his house for the next 60 days, these are his roommates and he is behaving as I imagine he would at hime.  Justin is very free, confident, uninhibited, has said he doesn’t care if America sees him naked he’s proud why should he be embarrassed God watches him 24/7.  Whereas Monte who is admittedly a right wing conservative, raised in the south who has a very different take on male/female interactions and what’s appropriated and what’s not.  Monte has a very different opinion on how men should behave in mixed company.  Monte has a lot of opinions actually.  He won’t work with Jason because one day Jason came to the HOH room to talk to Monte and was siting there waiting for him.  Monte told Shane/Danielle he doesn’t like that guy because was staring at me when I came out watching me zip my pants and that’s not the kinda guy he wants to be around.  Danielle has been lvid over what she coins Monte’s bigoted remarks and has said it take everything in he ran this house not to say anything and she didn’t tell Jason about the convo because she didn’t want to upset him.  Kryssie and Danielle just talked about this today ( 5:10 pm cam 1/2) in the IWR.  How hard it is mentally for Danielle because she has to endure him but then she actually has to be around him because he’s friends with Shane and it destroys her internally but it’s part of the game and Kryssie is the first person she’s said this too but she;s been holding it in and she just had to let it out.


Morgan  “I just had to leave at that point”


Monte  “you can’t blame me.”


Morgan  “I don’t “


Monte  “OH, I ALMOST LOST IT, oh I almost lost it.”


Morgan also says that Jusitn’s behavior is indecent exposure.  Anywhere else this would be indecent exposure and they shouldn’t have to subjected tp this in this house. 


They enter the kitchen and Shelby is sitting there.  Morgan asks if Danielle/Shane are still in there (The HOH talking to Alex I think) asks where Jason is?


Morgan “Did someone go check the London room, someone could be 


Monte “Justin”


Shelby says “I think that was an aggressive move with the shower right there.  I feel like that was a move right there with the shower”


Monte “You have no idea”


Morgan “That got so uncomfortable right there.”


Monte “You missed a lot”  


Morgan is giggling and laughing “that was so uncomfortable”


Monte “If I wasn’t on TV I would have beat his ass.”


Shelby “what happened”


Monte “ I would have beat his ass if this wasn’t on TV’


Shelby and Morgan are both laughing. 


Monte “The less that know the better.  We gotta keep….”


Morgan instructs Monte with a smile on her face “just tell her what happened”


Monte “he’s like I’m a competitor, I don’t lose, I don’t lose.  Morgan’s right next to me and he drops his drawers gets buck naked right in front of her and just walks and gets in the shower.  Clearly making a statement ‘Monte you’re…”


Shelby “he showed you his dick?”


Morgan “ he was holding his hand covering it, I was just like, it was just so uncomfortable”


Monte “that’s sexist. thats just so disrespectful to her”


Shelby “ no thats so like”


Monte “he’s got to go” he’s just like I just got buck naked in from of her. That’s the most blunt move I’ve seen.


Shelby “that’s like indecent exposure.


Monte “ Yeah. and he did it to start shit with me becasue he knows me and her are close. He’s all yeah like


Monte  “he’s like yeah I just got buck naked din front of Morgan.”


Shelby “Does he want to be targeted?” 


Morgan  “He’s going up.” 


Shelby “did you tell Alex?”


Monte “No, we’re not going to, you can’t tell her.”


Morgan “I wonder who’s up there?” 


Monte “NO keep it to yourself”


Shelby “I don’t know how to”


Monte “Thats is the most blunt move I’ve seen”


Shelby “Wtf?”


Monte “Bring it on”


Morgan “ he’s crusty”


Monte “I’ve been saying all week come after me, target me, don’t embarrass Morgan, there’s no need of that.”


Morgan “ I mean…”


Monte “do that in front of me don’t be like..”


Shelby “that’s indecent exposure and you can be arrested for it”


Monte ‘It makes her uncomfortable”


Shelby “I’m uncomfortable (Shelby wasn’t there when it happened)


Monte “yeah I guarantee everybody’s backing me right now that was bull crap.  That was complete bull crap”


Shelby “wtf was that?”


Morgan “I’m just like…”


Shelby “Are you ok?”


Morgan “Oh no I’m I was just like I hate when guys do that shit”


Monte “Oh diary rooms are here tomorrow.”


Morgan “I just like…why is he…”


Monte “He’s trying to get under my skin I’m not gonna wear it on my sleeve.”


Morgan “ No you can’t let it bother you he’s just blatantly doing that”


Monte “I’m not going to worry about it”


Yeah ok Monte.  This is all you’re going to worry about it.  This is all about you according to you and you’ve repeated the same thing now like a dozen times.  This wasn’t an act to challenge you directly but clearly you are very bothered by it and very threatened by Justin.  Make some wonder how intimidated Monte really was by what Jusitins working with LOL.


Monte “he didn’t even address me in there really”


Morgan “ well”


Monte “ I see the way he looks at me whenever I walk out, like whatever dude, just firkin’”


Morgan “Maybe he will like taking it up the back door”


Shelby laughs 


Monte “Yeah.”


Morgan “We need to get Shane on our side again.”

(And there it is folks another comment saying we need another big strong male to help us Monte because you’re not enough.  That’s what Monte is hearing when she says stuff like this in conversations like these.  Monte is 100% ego driven and creating a measuring contest in his own mind)


Monte “I’m debating whether or not I should let him in on that? 


Morgan “I don’t know about that with him, it’s so shaky”


Monte “With him, you gotta let me think about it”


Morgan “If they’re gonna vote CB out over a jew comment?”


Shelby “yeah” How is that not..”


Monte “I will just tell Shane that Danielle was…be like hey Shane we got an issue man that dude Justin got butt ass naked in front of”


Morgan “tell him that all of the girls are gonna have an issue with it, well he’s been doing that shit all week.”


Monte “that was an obvious statement”


Morgan “yeah, he’s..”


Shelby “If she doesn’t get him out then..”


Monte “he’s firkin’ sexist.  He talks about putting’ em down”

(This is funny since this afternoon Monte rapped outside with the LNC about some pretty vulgar things integrating himself in with that crown had Neely, Danielle, Justin all of them cheering him on, talking about ho’s whipping his dick out, etc. etc. when I watched it I was like wow, Monte loosened up actually had some fun, who knew which is what other HG said and Monte replied ‘I have layers” Justin complimented Monition his freestyle skills and it’s the most I’ve liked Monte since this all began)


Alex, Shane,and Jason come through and they end the convo. 


Monte says again “I need to cool off. If this wasn’t a TV show I’m telling you I woulda been like you classes piece of…OH it woulda gone down”


Shelby “Monte we already knowwww… lol…you don’t have to tell us”


Monte “I know you don’t understand though 


Shelby “ I am like what are you trying to prove?”


Monte “Nothing”


Shelby “No one in this house wants to see your dick, well except maybe Nelly.  If they ask me what it looked like I’d say I don’t know a cocker spaniel?” then laughs her annoying laugh.


Morgan laughing


People like “he’s so hot”


Monte “he thinks he’s Brad Pitt.”


LOL really Monte? Come on!  You’re again the one telling the girls you have bigger muscles than Justin and he’s jealous of you because you’re the best looking guy in the house!  Justin isn’t even thinking about you other than he wants you gone!  And that’s only because you spent all last week.  challenging him.


Shortly after this Shelby goes into the IWR and has a mini meltdown.  She also of course can’t keep it too herself like they asked her too and tells Whitney what happened adding her own lawny’s to the story making the entire thing sound even worse.  Whitney asks if they told Alex yet also and Shelby advises her she can’t say anything Morgan and Monte will be so mad if they know she told her they don’t want anyone to know.


That’s it for me folks.  I cannot tolerate trying to listen to these awful people any more.  Seriously, Shelby because Justin’s black his dick looks ;like a cocker spaniel?  Monte calling him Bayou trash. Morgan talking about giving it to him up the ass. I took the time to transcribe the entire conversation word for word for those of you who are only able to catch small bits and pieces the feeds during the day. I've seen a lot of questions in the FB threads about why this is such a regional divide this season and hopefully this will provide some insight to that question.  These are the types of convos they have about all the HG especially Neely, Danielle, Justin. Jason all day long.  Draw form that what you will but they are never more vile and repulsive in their comments than they are towards those 4 HG.  Neely is a “mad black woman who could explode at any minute”  Danielle is a “explosive black girl who is unpredictable” and Jason is a gay man who stares at Monte and must want him and Monte doesn’t want to be around him having Jason learning at him.  



When they aren’t doing that they are bashing Danielle non-stop and the most infuriating thing is this started very early in the game and comments were not based on any actual interaction or behavior any of these people have demonstrated.  They are deep seeded stereotypes they allow to direct their opinions of people and it’s exactly why the house quickly separated into the Southerners v. everybody else.  Their elitist arrogant petty attitudes are what made the divide and there has been nothing anyone has really been able to do or say to prove to them hat they are nice, funny, honest since people who like to have a good time, tell some raunchy stories to each other and make fun of themselves as much if not more than they make fun of the others in the house.  Both sides will sit and talk crap about each other.  Bu the level of vile deep seeded projections this group has self imposed are repulsive and exactly why the votes by America are going against them despite some fans actually liking and even appreciating some gameplay by the southern players.  Even worse they were easily persuaded to go ahead and flip the vote last week to CB in the final hours when they heard that some HG were very upset by racial and bigoted comments CB made.  That quickly sat in judgment of him when Scott used this as an excuse to save Danielle and get the power alliance to accept that Scott didn’t want to be associated with any comments CB was making and couldn’t in good conscience vote to keep him considering the comment he made about jews and other things.  


I will not say they do it on purpose.  However, IMO doesn’t matter whether they do or not.  The fact is they do it and it is what drives every decision they make as a group including joining together as a team.  For me, that’s not BB, it has no value to progressing their position in the game it’s personally, deep rooted personal issues they need to examine and evolve forms through this experience and I hope in the end they are never rewarded for this behavior and at least get a valuable life lesson out of it to better themselves and foster a change in their life so they don’t miss out on getting know amazing people just because of the color of their skin, their nationality, or their sexual preferences because that does not define WHO a person is it defines who You are when that’s all you see.

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1:42 am 10/8 

cam 1/2


Justin speaks to Kryssie about the fact the it was clear to him day 1 day 2 they (southerners) don’t like him.  They just decided that and it was clear form the beginning.  


(Morgan enters)Justin talks about wanting to start a 2-3 week in No for kids because they don’t really haver nothing going on for kids down there.


“The veto comp will really say a lot.  We will see what happens.  The groups and things you just never really know what’s going on but like Scott you can’t trust him, he can’t be trusted.  He’s going back and telling things.”


They begin discussing Scott/Shane convo where Scott told him that Shane was targeting him based a comment Shane made if Danielle/Justin OTB he would save Danielle (which duh everyone knows that’s the case) Scott told Justin that Shane is targeting Justin as he twists the convo back to Justin.


Justin says to Kryssie Scott is a snake man and we can’t trust him!  Says when Scott told him this Justin  went straight to Shane asked “hey man if you’re coming for me just let me know.  Are you coming for me man?  Shane\s like no.  Scott had come to me and told me my name came u” that’s how I roll girl.  I go straight to the source.  I am just like that.  If I have an issue with you, you know, I will tell you.  If you have an issue with me no problem just tell me don’t be all fake and shit these people in here are so fake! So when Scott told me that, I was like ok let’s see how Shane feels.” 

I just went straight tot Shane and asked him straight up.” We squashed that shit right there.


Then Scott went to Shane and tried to twist our conversation and since I had already talk to Shane, when Scott did that Shane knew right then that Scott was lying to him.  That showed Shane that Scott was lying and Scott didn’t know I had already talked to Shane about that.  Now Shane knows for sure he can’t trust that guy.”


Justin, “Im not good at being fake.  It’s hard for me to pretend when I really just don’t like someone I’m straight up…. My gut has saved my life so many times in my life I know to trust my gut.”


Kryssie also expresses that there may come a point tin this game down the road where taking that approach may not work for you and you may have to do some things against that and just know that’s a part of the game and don’t get so locked into that idea because when you’re down to the last few people there may come a time when you have to turn on each other this is a game and I just don’t want you to not realize that may happen at some point in the game.


(I ENJOYED this convo.  It shows Justin’s awareness the longer he’s in the house the more he quickly puts together the pieces 


J-“Scott’s convinced wherever the hell he is thinks he’s infiltrating and I don’t think he knows what the hell he’s infiltrating”


Kryssie does credit Scott with being the ONLY one who came to her and told her she should use the safety on Jason,  That really shocked me but he is the only one who has done that.


Justin explains to Kryssie that showmance shit is for the birds he ain’t down with that.  If I am next 


They plan to get you the F outta here and then go foe Neely.  Danielle, Jason, them guys they were like ok we will get Kryssie out of here and then get Neely out”


They both agree that Jason is just telling people what they want to hear and playing a part in convo’s like that and don’t buy into things like that because he sees what’s really going on and is just playing a part with people like that. (I’m glad they both know that and they both agree 100% that Jason is smart he and knows what he’s doing.  I hope she doesn’t miss the point of Justin sharing that so she knows Danielle and Shane have a plan that targets her.  He tells her that was important for him to expose that shit)


They both also say Jason/Justin/Kryssie are a great F3, of everyone and everything that trust he each other see that we keep it real with each other and of all these people they both have seen threw actions they really can trust each other and Justin and Kryssie are both down with that).  


—Ok this says so much about Justin and Kryssie has a similar convo a little later about reading people and not listening to what they say, people will say anything, but compelling everything you observe to make a conclusions about folks.  She is trying to use the same logic but she seem maybe she could be getting way too deep in her head and as you watch her she overthinks so hard sometimes she adopts something as fact too easily and runs with it and has to be reigned back in by Jason.  


Justin’s approach however, personally, I see this as a huge advantage in this game.  Now maybe he shouldn’t taunt Monte in the middle of a comp when power is up for grabs but the two are DEFINED enemies and Justin feel like I may as well we both know we are coming for each other. However when it comes to the people in the house he attacks things straight on.  If someone gives him information about another person eventually he goes to that person directly and asks flat out “did you say this” even if they don’t tell him the truth he’s a great read on people and walks away knowing yeah we’re cool for now or this full is full of shit don’t trust them.  This is why in fact by day 4 of the game he told Jason he’s done with Shelby/Scott they are dead to him.  You can’t trust those too!  Bye bYe Jamboree.


Based on BB game, history, player sin the past we see a LOT of he said, she said and more often then not whether whats’ being repeated is true or not over time people get so far in their heads trying to figure out i they can trust someone, or take something completely out of context turning something that was really insignificant or completely innocent into a pivotal moment int he game that cause a shift in whats someone does or how they are playing.. Justin doesn’t believe nothing anyone tells him.  He listens he interacts in the convo take mental notes and then lat some point soon after talks to the 3rd or 4th party the things he heard was about and confronts it.  Squashes it right there goes to the source and makes a very smart read on the reality and then applies what he knows about who to trust.  This is completely mind blowing to some people on his own side of the house.


Krsyssie (sweetly) does break down the aspect of the game where Justin has to realize while she loves Justin for being that kind of person and it’s admirable.  But…This is BB sometimes you have to say things to people who aren’t a part of your core group and play along.  Also explains as you move along further down the road in the game you get to a point where you can’t necessarily keep every deal you make with people. There is going to come a time you may have to lie, or go back on your word because you were just telling someone something they wanted to hear to get yourself ahed in the game.  Just know you, me Jason I will always be solid with. But…

(I applaud Kryssie for her understanding of strategically how you move things like cheese pieces and for someone who doesn’t know the game coming in she’s taken everything those who do and figured some crap out really quickly.  Also, since she go this Carew Package and it gave her something to talk about all day, the negativity factor decreased by 85% in conversations.  It lets us see how smart she is!   Now do I think she got on a roll and the momentum of all the convos and so much intel at once she’s not holding as much in as she should in mixed company (sides of the house) and not allowing time for what she’s hearing resinate in her mind and process it before she gets more information.  


Shane enters and they discuss coffee bombs and how that will have you up the entire day (half coffee/half coke)


K-whispers to the guys “I am so worried about tomorrow Alex is telling me and Danielle different things.  I am worried she’s going to put you two up together.  I am thinking I may need to use this on one of you but I don’t think I should use it on Danielle because she saved me last week and that looks like I am aligned with her and puts a target on my back.  I  think it’s better to use it on you (Shane), keep you off the block.  We can’t have you two up there together.  You can’t save each other and that’s a vote you each don’t have for each there if you’re sitting next to each other.”

(Very smart way to look at this)


Kryssie is afraid that if Jason goes up he will go home.  Shane says let’s be clear none of us want Jason, Justin or us to go.  But…whoever goes up there’s a chance they’ll go home. 

(true but Kryssie is aligned with Jason/Justin that’s her main squad and everything else is a side chick.)


Kryssie explains to Shane that she thinks this golf game veto is designed for Shane.  If you aren’t up you may not get a chance to play in this veto but if you are up you are guaranteed to play in the veto and I think you can win this shit!’

(again very true)


Shane emphasizes that this entire side is as risk regardless who goes up.  He’s not guaranteed to win anything. (he is either missing her point or is just trying to deflect that way of thinking so she will use the safety to save him unclear to me I missed earlier evening feeds) 


Shane argues “that way of thinking ‘I don’t want to make it obvious who I am working with’ is a mind fuck.  Essentially we all know who is with who.  He tells her he doesn’t want to talk in front of Scott as he wanders by twice.



They are running various scenarios whether she saves Shane or Jason.  He also throws in he feels strongly America will put up Shelby/Monte and it’s important to consider that when looking at her feeling like this power screws her because she pisses of Jason/Justin if she uses it on Shane/Danielle and vice versa.


Jason enters.

Whisper about how the plastics are only keeping Shelby for her vote they aren’t loyal to her either. If we get her out they won’t be upset other than they lose a vote.


Scott enters


General coffee bomb random crap since Scott entered.  Justin returns talk about cinnamon challenge.  Kryssie and Justin sing off each other.


Shane leaves.  Jason leaves.  Pizza talk briefly. Justin leaves now just K/S Kryssie explains where she learned about coffee bombs from a chef she worked with.


Shane returns


Scott requested all rap music n his HOH basket

Eminem, Nas, Biggie he names 5 Kryssie says Scott is so unexpected


random BS chit chat 



where are you at in this whole damn thing


I think it would be best to save Jason




because they came after him last week and I think they will do it again



this week will make or break which side if the house has the votes to do a f’ing thing ever

two of ours are going to be put up


Justin enters waiting for Pizza starts singing



“like depending on who ends up going up for America

if they don’t nom someone on their side we’re screwed anyways”


Explains Alex is telling people different things.  If America puts someone up from their side we still have a chance.  



Kryssie “The problem with that is…”


I agree with you to an extent I do think Jason is a good obvious choice.  Say if I save Jason D/J go up, 


They’re strong, I think they have a good chance in the competition, no offense but I don’t think Jason has as good of a chance in veto as they do.



“That’s not lost on me


Scott discusses why Jason safe and not playing in veto is the smartest move



“Where doe you vote lie then.  If Jason isn’t on the block what do you do?  Depends on who 3rd nominee”



“What if it;s Shelby, are you gonna vote Shelby”



Do I listen to you then?  



“Thats’ why you save Jason.  I promised them my vote so you need to save Jason.”



“what if America put sup Monte and thats the one chance to get rid of me If he goes there’s a power shift.”



“I already gave them my word”


Shane/Kryssie both

‘that’s concerning”


Scott explains he did this side a solid getting rid of CB



“who wanted to keep CB

you came to me and told me you wanted to get rid of CB”



 “I told them I am getting rid of CB

I voted here this week I am voting there this week”



“You told me you hated CB?”



“There’s a few things here that are conflicting”

IF I save J/J I go up next to them

I save D/S the other goes up.”

I would rather not put cards on the table for them right now”



“It’s all gonna be who America put up”



“i’ve already screwed up on Monte once

Because I told them it wasn’t going to be a 5/5”


Scott’s telling them that he voted on the misfits side of the house doing them a solid last week.  Shane is stumped because Scott said he hated CB.  Scott is slipping he’s showing how he sold his vote to the southerners last week but Scott had been telling Shane he hated CB so how is voting out someone you don’t like screwing over Monte or dong the misfits a solid?  Shane is all over this).



“Do you really think it was only your move that flipped the house.” 



“Did they campaign to anyone else?”



“Yes!  They came to everyone

If you think for a second that you, me, Neely aren’t swing votes you’re wrong.”


Shelby enters

(all goes quiet!)


Shelby sits at the kitchen counter with Kryssie, Shane, Scott


Coffee boss and pizza discussed



“tomorrow is a big day”



“It’s really not. It’s only safety, Hn reveal. Not really a lot going on.”



“You’re not screwing someone over you are keeping someone safe.”



 “in this house you make 1 person happy you can piss 5 people off. This could screw up the connections I have made everywhere”

(she’s 100% correct and the fact she understand that makes her a very smart player this early on.  Many people don’t consciously think about this in the house and are always in defensive mode where she has a more offensive stance).



Power shift discussion.  Trying to get everybody’s opinions, stories, watching conflicts and inconsistencies in a lot of what I am being told


Justin sits as well



Explains “when people think you are going home they dismiss you and start revealing things because they think well you’re gone. It doesn’t matter you’re not important then you stay and the damage control happens.”  Kryssie is explaining that while she was OTB she noticed people being much more relaxed in what they were saying and doing and she paid attention!  Good girl you are never out of the game until the votes are revealed and you are told you have been evicted!)


Scott ‘BRB’



“Overthinking is a blessing and a curse”



“If you ever have any questions you can pull me aside any time of the day.”



“There are some inconsistencies.  I am confused.  You think you have a grasp and then go to bed wake up and everything can be different.  Once activity shit is gone and all we have to do is talk to each other that’s when you see things you may not have.  You learn a lot.”


(ok girl shut up and stop showing too many of your cards.  lol you’re in mixed company not just your alliances right now.)



“People are going to make moves this week. “ 



“Do I save someone I want to save and have a connection to?  Or do I save someone I have no connection to?”


Kryssie says she doesn’t want to show her cards.  “I Don’t want to save someone who wasn’t in danger anyways

thats’ not a good game move.  Don’t waste a power.  America will look at me like WYF.”

(Yep we will)


Whitney enters/Moragn eneters

Shane Justin left




cam 3/4 

Now that Shane and Juitn left KIT


Justin.Neely/Jason BY couches

Neely goes for a drink



“What’s up yo?”



“Made my rounds. just like day 1” (he’s now talked to Kryssie, HOH, did the pre nomination shuffle.)



“Yep, back to day 1.”


Shelby joins they discuss her in those shoes 1st night this joke is getting old for me because they joke about her and the very high heels, wobbling when she walked and taking her shoes off all the time.)


Cam 1/2 

Alex/Whitney in TKB


They are worried Kryssie may not use it on Justin/Jason.  Alex overheard end convo with Jason/Kryssie sounded like she was apologizing for not using it on him



“Justin told me he doesn’t think she’s going to  use it on him”


Alex/Morgan SR


“I feel like I am getting targeted.”



“the only person targeting you is Kryssie.  I have talked to everyone.”


Monte enters

HN  discussion dooming



Do you think it will look bad if Morgan sleep sin the HOH room tonight

I’ve slept in there more than anyone because I was up there with you last week



It’s your call



I will just sleep down here



I feel weird being up there (HOH) maybe I should come down here and hang out.  Make an appearance in the BY

You guys can come up there if you want


(Discuss is they are going to bed or if they should make appearances with the Late night crew)



“We can hang out with the peasants”



“We have a lot going on tomorrow



Kryssie selection

we have A LOT going on tomorrow”


Now they discuss how stressed they are going to be waiting for HN reveal and the pics flipping up on the screen

Monday was veto it was the same day

(Monte is wrong) Sunday night I put up my noms then Sunday night they revealed America Nomination’ just before Vetio”



“Monday was veto”


Shelby enters



“She’s running her fucking mouth saying people are starting to flop”


Morgan?Alex replay what they heard



I hope she doesn’t change her ming



she told me I have two people in mind to use it on

She may not be coming after me but she’s not working with me either

I feel like I can’t even go to sleep. I you go to bed you are missing talk



Screw that who cares



 “I‘m going to bed”



Me too

Is it passed 1?

They are so stupid they drank coffee bombs they are going to be up all night.  That’s alright you guys be stupid and stay up all night You will be worn out tomorrow (there’s no comp tomorrow.


“He’s (Justin) starting to show his true colors too.  I think everybody is starting to get a little sick of him he’s showing his over confidence


Monte leaves



“She’s (Kryssie) running her mouth to Scott and Justin”



Is now relaying the things Kryssie just said in the kitchen back to the girls.  Making fun of her and playing git up for the girls.

“She thinks because she was going home last week and how people are thinking.”


Alex says shocked

-“Scott and Kryssie are working together

He’s literally working with every single person

Well who cares we need his vote this week

If he flips on us, depending on who America puts up I can always put him up.”



“This puts a lot of emphasis on who wins comps.  Seriously all this comps are so important .”



Replays what Krissy said to her about she doesn’t need to worry about this week she is safe.

She’s like telling me ‘People are about to flop.  Alex isn’t going to put you up you don’t have to worry about it”’



“She doesn’t know anything about my game!  W don’t talk game when I talk wit her she does all the talking.”

(Actually she isn’t wrong here is she.  Kryssie was simply being friendly with Shelby and telling her she has nothing to worry about this week)



She’s so stupid


Now the girls dog pile on Kryssie.  They make a joke about Krssyoe being terrible at comps )based on her weight-this is another crack they and Scott make about Krysie often) They talk crap about how they “aren’t worried about Kryssie winning a competition.” 



“Miss power lifter….Lifting a stick competition maybe?”


Monte directing the girls to go to bed.  He and Whitney can’t stay up every night until 4 am



“I’m a grandpa.  We need to be the well rested team tomorrow”



Who do you think she would flip it to Jason?

Regardless she will use it on one of those 4 (Shane/Jason/Justin/Danielle)


(Morgan/Shelby left a minute ago)


Whitney “Are you going to bed?’


Alex “ I am if you two are”


Monte talking about the only thing that bugs him is the food





Monte “It’s who you are a HN with.It will be me Danielle Justin watch”


(LOL almost nailed my picks! Scott/Danielle/Monte today’s HN reveal gave it to Scott/Monte/Morgan))


Collectively they talk about sharing a room with people you don’t like, how much that will suck. They say “the only thing they dread is being stuck in a room with one them UGH”



“She won’t give it to Shane I do no think”


Alex says Kryssie told her she can’t give it to Danielle because that will piss Shane off


Says GN 

Alex/Monte leave

Jason enters for jacket says they are doing the golf practice 


Cameras change 

BY Couches




“Did you hear when Scott said he’s the bad boy of the house?”


Justin falls out laughing



“When did he say that?”



He was talking to CB and Monte and said yeah I’m the Bad Boy of the house.  Thats’ the funniest thing I’ve heard yet


Justin says 

he’s not going to the bathroom because he just already took a shower


Danielle offers him some of her flushable wipes but clarifies he can use them on his butt but they are technically for women 



“yeah I know what you’re talking about these Ph balance wipes”



“Yes!  Gotta keep it fresh.”



“That’s right keep keep that shit fresh Massengil fresh”  (I laughed so hard at this since that’s Monte’s last name it’s the first thing I though of when Justin says this)


camera changes room

Morgan/Monte bed

We come in to them talking about how Justin needs to go Monte talking about that shit isn’t acceptable he has to go


They discuss Kryssie and what she will do.   Morgan thinks she will make a good decision. Explains she’s thinking of further weeks.  Alex and Shane were never close so if he goes



If shane and Danielle stay I feel like down the road that could be good for us



That’s why they can’t go on the block 


Morgan saying that she’s been telling Shane and Danielle she is trying to sell Alex on they could work with them in the future and trying to sell Alex not putting them up they have potential 

(this is true she’s telling Shane/Danielle that but it’s not what she’s telling Alex.  She and Alex decided she should tell Danielle/Shane that if one of them leaves hopefully Danielle we may be able to pull Shane back in


Danielle walks in room dark they ask who it is


Monte tells her she should 

“go to bed soon they are going to woke up early to find out HN.”



“I am not going to bed any time soon.”


Monte jokes “maybe you and I will be HN this week and we can both be miserable together all week won’t that be crazy.”


Danielle leaves


“ I honestly think Danielle going this week is the best case scenario because we can say oops and try and bring Shane back in.”


Monte brings up Amerca’s nominee 

“If we would come back with us, we have 6 again, plus Scott’s vote every other week because he’s going to go back and forth.”


Morgan says she needs to talk to Kryssie tomorrow.

“I really feel like when I talk to Kryssie she’s going to say ‘I really don’t like you.’”



That really don’t make sense.



I don’t really caret’s just she’s nice to my face and I know she doesn’t like me so why be all fake?  I would rather she just tell me to my face



Yeah well that’s me and Justin there’s no hiding it

“I hate people like that that judge based on appearance”

(this comes into play again before the HN reveal at 1pm)



“I knew that was going to happen in here.  People were going to assume because the hair and the cheer thing they assume I am stupid.”



“You just graduated from college.  I don’t even look at you and think about that (Hair/Cheer) not dumb you’re not up in here burping and carry yourself in any way that make you seem very smart.”

I feel like it’s pretty solid.  It’s trending, it’s fun.

I’m very proud of you I didn’t see you with chocolate or cookies today.”



“Oh yeah I did good today, well you didn’t see me eat all those chips and salsa”



“I never thought about eating healthy and never had anyone say anything about it until you

now I am embarrassed because you called me out on it, on camera,  in front of everyone.

You know that clip will make the show.  Showing me and how I am eating (healthy)”



“Shane and Daniel know at least we are working of them to keep them safe.  that’s good for us.”

HN is probably going to be lonely.  You hang out with certain people in the house and then you don’t see them at all. That’s gonna be lonely.”

(LOL that was subtle do you thin he’s hinting to Morgan he’s going to miss sleeping with her)


Camera changes to BY


Neely/Jason BY couches


Shane/Danielle practices golf


Kryssie/Scott hammock


“People hate each other for no damn reason.  People probably go home and watch this shit and see they were all wrong and the people you thought you couldn’t trust had you’re back the whole time and then people you were down for were stabbing you in the back.”


Scott describes Jason talking about hat when he got ho,e form his season



“This is why I tried to say you don’t burn bridges.  You keep building them but you don’t ever burn one you never know when you may need that”


Camera Change

Justin enters house heads to LBR can’t see trying to be really quiet apologizes “I am so sorry yo”



You’re ok man


Justin keeps apologizing in a whisper tone ‘Sorry about that struggling in the dark in the room ‘

(but not noisy and finds his chapstick and leaves)


Camera zooms on Monte tight whitey’s and he and Morgan lying in the bed.Seems a little odd he would sleep in his underwear in the bed with Morgan whence has a BF and he said he has a GF and his lengthy grants on treating women with respect and going on and on about Justin walking around i the bathroom in his underwear in front of women and then getting maked in the main bathroom when he gets in the shower. (clearly came crew feels some type a way about Monte between this and the throne and crown for the HOH comp when Monte kept saying he’s the king of the house all week he was HOH.  I see you CBS and I am glad you see what I see happening in the house.


Camera back to the BY


Justin/Shane messing around on balance beam andJustinEATS IT HARD!  Whole BY cracks up.  Justin that hurt so bad.  



You can’t do that in flip flops



Don’t hurt yourself boo


Justin says he can’t go back in there he doesn’t want to wake them up he was just in there



They aren’t sleeping yet I was just in there a couple minutes and they were up talking





Shane washing his hands Justin had gone in the BA with Shane he need ed to use BA

Shane leaves Shelby is brushing her teeth 


Justin talking to Shelby while Shane washed hands and exits

“What’s happening?”


Shelby “I’m just flossing”



“Do your thing baby. You good?”


Shelby (snarkily and irritated) 

“What are your talking about”



“I was just asking if you are ok?”



“I am flossing my teeth I don;t know why you would think I wasn’t ok?”



“Damn I was just asking if you are ok?” ( like how you doing?)



“I don’t know why you would think I wasn’t ok I am just flossing my damn teeth like WTF/“



“Damn!  you are such a weirdo!  All I did was ask how you’re doing?  It’s not a big deal I was just asking.  You don’t have to be all crazy about it.  You could have just said ‘Yeah I am ok” damn you are something else.” 


Justin return to BY Jason/Justin/Danielle?Shane/Neely


It’s Friday night shit is popping in LA tonight.  They can hear sirens and lots of ambient noise over the wall. 


Justin discusses getting a DUI a block away from his house

Talking about taking the DUI class and listening to the stories and  A mom coming to tell the story about losing her daughter and how she will never get over it, i listened to that shit and it had me crying.  I felt so bad for it, I will never do no shit like that again,  It’s not worth it I walk home.



“or take an Uber “



“That shit is like $10k” (DUI)


 Justin explains how he was drriving and fell asleep and drove off the road the crashing his car (only on hurt he says thank God)

That he should have died, crashed in through the window, cut his face, broke his nose he didn’t wake up until the police were there.  He feel asleep and says it could have been worse i think because my body was so relaxed that saved me but it worked it I will never do that shit again and  “I am still handsome” 


A lot of these conversations come into play later today when things boil over in the house over Scott’s shadiness and Monte’s racially motivated comments.  Things come to a head around 12:50 pm

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1:03 pm 

HG on outside LD awaiting HN reveal


BB goes to fish HG were asked to move couches a bit


Monte brings up that the bike seats are uncomfortable those seats are so small.”


Shane says “yeah,  yeah especially when the sun is on them.”



I don’t have a problem but I have plenty of cushion back there



“Mine is ALL muscle”


(LOL-seriosuly?  this guy can’t resist himself. Always measuring himself against Justin.)



HG enter Slop is on KT table.  Alex reads the card and  Monte, Morgan, Scott are HN


They agree to go check out the room. 


(Thank you LF’S! we are really being smart about our impact on the game which is what I hope would happen this season since we’ve eliminated most of the casual viewers).  


Monte complaining about “all carbs all week”, his diet, blah blah, girls say they “can figure out carbs count”, Monte says he won’t be going shirtless this week or next.  He likes his all chicken and spinach diet.  Tastes good to him. But that’s ok time for a carb surge week. 

Maybe this thinks they won’t put us up this week? Morgan gets another dig in about his diet and tells him that’s good for you Monte I want some chocolate. LOL


Apparently Monte told Scott in reference to Justin’s wearing all Polo

“he probably stole that shit!”


Scott told and this all heated up real quick.


1:05 pm

Scott alone in UKB crying alone.  Over half the house hates him, now America put him on slop.  DOn’t let em see you sweat.  He’s alone and really upset keeps sniffling and trying to stop crying.


1:06 pm cuts to Justin talking to Alex in kitchen talking (about Scott) “He’s a rat, he’s a snake!  He’s running around both sides trying to start shit, you can’t trust him”


Alex “ yeah I know I see what he’s doing we need to talk later”


1:15 KIT

Monte announces he really t thinks this means he won’t goo on th eblck.  America won’t put them on slop and they wouldn’t do that to him.



HG reading over Slop info and discussing what they can put in it


Camera cuts to BY where Danielle is telling Justin something Monte said to her sitting right there and saying that to her



“He’s racist!  That’s racist.’  He would never say that to me.”

(Justin’s face is angry)


Danielle we were just here and he’s like 


suddenly they hear the crash inside and everyone comes walking the yard

Justin, ‘yeah hates a strong word”


Suddenly an overhead camera crashes and almost takes out Shelby! (DAMN so close) 


Monte and the plastics come walking into the yard huddled up wit Monte telling them how Justin went off on him walking by saying “fuck you man”


in reality what I heard Justin say was : “hate’s a strong word, I don’t hate anyone, hate is a really strong word” this is what Justin just said walking through the kitchen on his way to the yard as others were looking at slop reveal on the table)


Monte comes walking out in the yard with the girls

“He told me fuck me”


On cue Justin came walking in the BY and immediately yells at Monte

“Don’t look at me”


Monte “I don’t know what you heard”



“Fuck you just keep your ass over there”



“You gotta calm down man”



“Somebody told him something we got a rat”


Justin is going to workout.  Slowly doing arm curse in the mirror you can hear him taking deep breaths


Monte stays in back yard says “someone ratted me out.  Someone told him something.”


Danielle goes to get Nelly out there.

Plastics being dramatic and trying to tell Monte to “just don’t say anything walk away’


Calms down in two minutes Justin walks over to the couches gets his cup and walks away.


Most HG sitting in that area Monte keeps watching Justin closely.


Danielle sitting tall and alert for a shane as well. 



By 2 pm HG less Monte and Scott are coming together to discuss common hate for Scott and his game and how it is fueling the fire between the two sides.  


Monte has been confronted about his comments.


Plastics don’t approve of Monte’s actions if that’s what he said about Justin and about not wanting to sleep in the same room as Jason because he’s gay,  Morgan takes a pretty firm stand that the gay thing is not ok (really but the derogatory comments about Justin are?)


I’m thrilled to see both sides comparing notes and agreeing that type of game racial targeting is not the game nook.  


Justin “Group hug?”


You have to go watch this!


If you read my blog last week about Scott and his sneaky rat like game play when he had been in such a perfect sport has, as I predicted, blowup in his face in a big way.


Monte returns to yard

Everyone is present t now except for Scott.  As soon as Monte returns from Diary room Scott is called to DR



Monte can we just clear a few more things up.  I appreciate you clearing up that you aren’t racist.  We just need to address whether you have some homosexual phobia”


Jason clarifies they had’t really addressed what he mentioned about homosexuality issue was just kind of brushed over.


Some hugging going on with the girls now.


Monte points out that we have to realize some people may be running around making stuff up just to create some problems.  Don’t believe everything you hear.  


(Monte did say that to Scott.  My blog last night shows that Monte, Morgan, Shelby all have said some really hateful racially motivated.


Monte saying he’s being target because he’s from the south, has an accent people are being racist against him assuming because of that he’s a racist. 

(WOW!  Seriously Monte did you just say that?)


Monte and Justin hug, shake hands 

“It’s all good man”


Wow!  This is such a beautiful result!  SO happy and I hope as they go off into their small groups this theme continues.


Also hope Scott got son the block now!  Maybe with the HN reveal, this whole discovery of the source of the information that is stirring divide that was already there even more, and the Scott’s hand in it all.



I want you to know with racism if anything I feel strongly about it not being an issue and non one being racist.  Not saying that you are Justin.  I’m just saying I don’t accept anyone being that way.”


Monte, “Hey Justin, buddy, we are the stars today bud.”

Justin, “I love everybody.  I don’t hate anybody, I may not like someone but I don’t hate anybody.”


Now Monte alludes to the fact others have said they won’t sleep in the same bed as the same man.  Says that was about CB, he’s a big guy.  I slept int he same bed with Shane, our feet were touching.  The first night.


Danielle make the same point to the group that she did to Justin last night.  You have to be very careful how you say things because America can take one small thing out of context and hear something it can and it suddenly looks really bad.  We have to be aware of we say in here.


We ALL need to be conscious of what we are saying it;s out there and we are here for months and can’t defend ourselves and by the time we get out it’s taken on life of it’s own.



I’m interested in a good clean fight.  I want to win because I won, not because the person I am sitting next to is perceived a certain way and America votes for me because that person wasn’t liked for things they said.  That win really piss me off.


This again os another instance where what is being discussed in one place (SM between fans) and now the entire group in the house.


Please let this hold true.  This looks like a very honest conversation and addresses that Neely is concerned


Monte tries to push the homo phob on Justin “when I said there are some people in this house Jusitn said the first night he can’t sleep in the same bed as a man.  He was the one being that way.”


Jason shuts that down!  He ain’t having it says that’s my boy clearly he’s not he hangs out with me all day and we are closer than anyone else in the house and so clearly that’s not the case.



“let’s all mind our P’s and Q’s at this point.”



They won’t put this in the episode



Yes, they probably will, if this has come up they will use this to resolve the conflict.  resolve it with production, the viewers, us this is actually something they will use to address it and that’s good they can use this.”


Now they are realize Scott has made final 2, final 3, final 4 with every single person the house except Jason.  Scott took advantage of the house and the divide between the 2 sides. 


ok back to Monte talking over everyone, interrupting, trying to hold court. Blame this all on Monte’s sleeping schedule.  He’s not out here and goes to bed and that time is being used to stir things up because I’m no tout here.  Don’t read anything into the fact I go to bed early.  That’s just me, and nothing against those who stay up late, I need my sleep.  I have a regular schedule I go to bed early that’s just me I am not plotting and scheming.”


ends 2:37 pm it does continue


Check out Morty's TV FB fan page to view video clips of these incidents I've posted to the BBOTT page! Also cluck out a photo running record of today's even beginning at 1:05 am






















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Saturday Evening/Sunday early Morning Recap

Where the Wind Blows



10:25 pm cam 1/2




Monte showering


Alex/Shelby in lounging on benches/Morgan folding clothes


Girls discuss how they’ve been sleeping.  Monte makes a comment about getting dressed before he come out of the shower (Justin dig)


Whitney wanders out



‘Honestly, my favorite part of being HOH is the food.”



“Seriously, the food and the Bathroom”



“Oh yeah the bathroom.”


Shelby comes out of WC having just changed her clothes 



sighs “I have to get my stuff out of the dryer. Ok I’m gonna do that.”



“I wish it wasn’t so cold outside”


Whitney returns


Groups seems tired, lot of sighing and yawning going on



“I don’t know whether to go to bed or not?”



“You should stay up.  I don’t want to go to bed yet.”



“You don’t want to go bed int hat comfy room.”



“ I just feel weird going to bed up there.  It’s still early.”


Monte is fully dressed and exits shower


Just a note, Monte makes all these comments about Justin and the incident getting stripped down before getting in the shower and how disrespectful it is to woman, he’s a sexist, no respect for women.  However, Monte climbs int o bed with Morgan in with underwear every night when both have said they have BF/GF.  Morgan has said she has a BF since the beginning but Monte just suddenly announced a mysterious GF as HG made a couple comments asking if he and Morgan are coupling up.  Shane asked the other night with a smile and nudge like hey what’s up with you two at night.  Monte gets smiley but then tells Shane no man she has a BF and you know I have a GF and Shane was surprised because Monte never mentioned that to him before.  

Monte told us in his intro video he is currently single, and he’s open for a showmance saying “When you connect with somebody you can’t help that”

IMO it was another situation where Monte qualifies their is zero chance with Morgan by suddenly asserting a mysterious GF.  Remember Monte mentions nothing about GF prior to this bro chat a few days ago with Shane after Morgan began sleeping the HOH. This is a Monte typical way to assert it’s not that he can’t get the girl but just a alternate reason why he won’t be Morgan’s showmance choice because  in his mind he needs to assert he could persuade her even though she has a BF but needs Shane to know it’s because Monte is choosing not to go after her. At least he’s consistent.  Consistently narcissistic and consumed by his own assertion he is the greatest thing to walk the other and could dominate over anything or anyone but chooses not to.


When the Justin incident happened he did not say one word to Justin.  He could have said “hey man there’s girls in here what are you doing?  Let’s be respectful of the women in the house.”  That would have been a really normal response if Justin doing that was an issue.  No he waits 6 hours to puff up his chest and show ‘dominance’ to Morgan continually stating if he wasn’t on TV he would have whipped Justin’s butt, oh but I can’t wear my emotions on my sleeve.  First of all, Monte would never confront a man like Justin he’s a whip and would never pick a fight with someone he didn’t think in his own mind he couldn’t win.  Second of all Morgan without understanding really why kept asserting she thought Monte was overreacting and couldn’t understand why.


I will tell you why because Monte is insecure and although walks around like King of the BB house it’s literally eating away at him every second that everyone in the house is always talking about Justin.  How funny he is.  How likable he is.  How competitive and strong he is.  For Monte thats how he expected everyone in the house to perceive him and it really is a thorn in his side that keeps growing.  It’s also why he is always making comments and taking Jabs at Justin to try and shade how these women just reveal Justin’s manhood.  If you listen o Monte all day everything is a pissing contest.  He’s always right.  The girls should “follow him he’s the leader” everyone else in the house should fear the almighty Monte.  He may be a big fish in a small pond at home or maybe just in his own mind, that I haven’t figured out yet.  The HG however make Monte feel like a guppy in the ocean.  




BA 10:35 pm cam 1/2


Group discussing when America Nomination happens

Shane affirms it’s Monday they give America’s pick Monday

Monte has had this day wrong in conversation and he was the HOH


Then when someone argues for the correct day/time Monte always says 

“they want to mix things up they like to mess with us”

(Monte never thinks Monte is wrong but always qualifies his points as if things don’t go as he dictates it’s because production or America just wants to change his timeline to mess with HG)


Discuss Scott sleeping


“I think it was literally woke up early.  America Nominee, Then veto”



“They could change it.  Alex’s pick, then America’s they could change it up.”


Whitney points out 

“after Noms they need 24 hours for America has time to pick and then announce it Monday” (Whitney keeps showing us how smart she is)


Shane suggests they should “bank on Scott”

Monte concerned he was first name on HN America thinks I’m racist 


Monte as usual has all his theories which are never correct



“We know she’s safe if they put her up” (Morgan)


Group discuss they were surprised Scott HN maybe that’s true maybe they will put Scott up


Monte asks 

“what’s going on out there?”



“I just came form the DR”



“They don’t want to talk to me today”


Group says no they were getting ready to call her earlier (don’t know who her is)


Monte says know I just tried and hour ago and stood there for a long time waiting of the light top change


Shane point out that maybe 

“you just have to wait for someone to talk to.”



10:42 pm caM 3/4



Justin walks out to join the LNC (Late Night Crew)


Justin says he just washed his face he had to lay in his bed and cry for a bit.


They ask him if he’s ok.  He says he is.  Neely says ok.  Just checking.  

Kryssie says if you need to come out here and like we can have a cuddle fest.


“I’m good.  I know Boo. Thank you”

Just is told to put on Mic, 



heads inside to get Mic



Neely as soon as Justin goes inside.

“I like this (Kryssie, Neely, Jason, Justin) we gotta get Monte out.  

I like the guy, I really do but he’s got to go. He’s not gonna stop coming for you (Jason) and Justin.”


Jason and Kryssie agree Monte isn’t going to stop coming for Jason/Justin.  They all agree Monte is never going to change.



“We really gotta take this next HOH.  They weak this week.  Two of their strongest players are gonna be weakened.  We gotta win his week.”


Jason and Kryssie agree whole heartedly. 



“If we don’t they are gonna take this an run with it. “


10:44 Shane joins


Shane joins BY crew as they discuss he’s going up for America Nom


“That’s what they’re trying to figure out.”









“Don’t tell them nothing let them figure out their bum holes. 

They are really thinking about we gotta get in with them again (America).  Especially now they see HN.”



“I am the last person to ask. I can’t remember anything

(He’s lying he just told them it happened Monday morning they were woken early America nom announced then played Veto a little later)



“What if America doesn’t put Monte or Scott up?”

I just asked them up there we’re voting Scott out right and they were like yeah?”



“They did? “ 



“Yeah I asked them so we’re voting Scott out?  They were all like yeah. “


Group briefly talks about Scott sleeping already.  He was counting the minutes to go to bed.  He knows he’s done.  It’s not personal but he knows we all have his game figured out.  They feel little bad on a personal level but as far as game goes no sympathy for how Scott ran his game.


Danielle joins


AlexWhitney  joins BY crew

Random chit chat, blankets, make up, 



After the girls leave later that night Justin tells the LNC that  the girls and Monte were asking him about Katrina.  Kryssie and Jason are surprised because Justin talked about that Day 1/2 o entering the house. The Justin says Alex asked him if he works in a restaurant and Justin told her he doesn’t work in one he owns one, he’s the owner.  Justin tells the LNC these people don’t pay attention at all and don’t make any effort to get to know him.  It’s day 10 in the house and they are just now asking him questions about things he talks about ALL THE TIME! The LNC is just baffled that none of those girls really pay attention at all because they’ve all been there when this crap is discussed. 


That pretty much covers what happened in the evening last night, at least the notable points.  The only thing I didn’t include is detail is some ranting by Danielle about coming out swinging if Alex put Shane’Danielle on the block. That’s just repeating an old record.  The one thing I will say is after everything went down yesterday with the two sides coming to a head in their division and addressing Monte’s racist behavior is that Danielle has gotten cocky.  its’ been a slowly evolving storm gaining strength now and she needs to watch herself before she wrecks herself.  We’ve already seen Monte and Scott blow up their own games suffering from this same kind of arrogance and al though she is a strong force in the house right now she better reign that ego in before she does the same.


A few other details to just summarize really quickly.  Morgan is very concerned having been made a HN with Monte and Scott she could be our nominee. Alex showed no concern at all for sister’s life in the game as they discussed whether to change the noms.  Alex didn’t even consider thinking about how she could do a nomination that may position Morgan in the best way just in case that happens.  Instead she literally replied to Morgan voicing her concern, “you better win veto girl.”  I share this because I have been saying since preseason that Alex does not want her sister in the house.  Even though out of circumstance they joined an alliance together they have not made a F2 together, and the fact they are hiding they are sisters has nothing to do with allegiance to each other it’s simply a shared strategy to avoid becoming targets for playing with a sibling.  Alex would happily dance on Morgan’s BB grave if she was evicted and don’t for a second believe otherwise.  


I have seen a lot of requests for an updated alliance map.  I started working on one after the HOH comp and diary rooms but I watch the feeds all day.  I can’t do it!  There is too much shifting and too many fake alliances people have just to assure voting power in the house.  Some that were there last week are gone.  I can tell you for sure who is 100% aligned as of today.  I can also tell you with complete confidence by this time next week we can expect some shifts and see new alliances form that are crossing the lines of the two sides of the house which I mentioned in a previous blog. 


Jason/Justin solid alliance they are loyal to each other over anyone else.

Jason/Justin/Kryssie are a trio but Jason/Justin are not as committed to Kryssie as she is to them and she is more loyal to Jason than Justin.


Monte/Scott has been a thing since the beginning. Scott more to Monte than Monte to Scott but now that they are both on islands alone that will become a stronger bond out of circumstance for Monte.


The plastics:  Morgan/Alex/Whitney are an alliance for now and they include Shelby but Alex is the only one really loyal to Shelby for the moment the other two see her as a vote and need her for the numbers.  Same with Monte.  The Monte and the Pythons is smoke and mirrors and purely numbers game.  Morgan was kind of branching her alliance with Monte outside the Plastics but after yesterday I don’t see that going any further she’s smarter than that but hasn’t completely  clipped him although has said she will start to distance herself form him now. 


Shelby is loyal to only the girls at this point and this is a huge mistake.  The bigger the target grows on her the less the girls will try to save her at risk of hurting their own games.  Alex who is closest with Shelby has even said if Shelby isn’t willing to save herself and change how she treats people she can’t rely on her.


Neely has been the one who really hasn’t established a true alliance at all until last night.  She likes the idea of Jason/Kryssie/Justin/Neely and I do too!


Shane and Danielle of course are a duo and loyal till the end it would seem.  Shane has tried to stay in good with the southerners side of the house but isn’t loyal to them.  Danielle and Shane aligned themselves with the misfits for number purposes but beyond each other have no true loyalty to anyone else. I see that changing in the next week when see the shifts start to unfold.  


Morgan could be in trouble if she doesn’t work quickly to solidify a real alliance.  Alex is in trouble as well because she’s mad eno effort to forge any kind of relationships with anyone but Shelby.  She’s killing her long term game by doing so and I hope as the shifts happen she realizes that and finds a group and learns she has to play nice with everyone or her ship in sunk.  Too early to be a lone wolf by choice.


Scott is likely to survive this week unless we nominate him.  Then he goes home this week.  


Like I said there are a few more crossovers but in watching the house closely nothing jumps out at me as a solid potential or true loyalty between the players involved.  Many of those are just a means to an end where voting is concerned just for individual survival.


Here is the lay of the land week 2




America’s Care Package  



Safety from care package was used on Jason (good girl Kryssie)



Monte-I’m really enjoying his misery because it’s day 1 of HN and Monte is completely miserable!  LOL




Likely noms:



*Oh one more thing!  apparently there was another witchy exchange between Shelby and Justin last night.  I haven’t found it yet because it’s not really game relevant just feeds gold but if I find it and thinks it’s worth a giggle I will include it in a later blog this afternoon.


Hope you are enjoying BBOTT as much as I am.  Never boring that’s for sure!

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Hope you enjoy this replay of a random gathering in the KIT last night.  It introduces Whitney to the game and shows some of the cracks gaining depth int he southerners side of the house.  It also sets up a strategic consideration for who to nominate when voting opens tonight for America's nominee.  Sit back and enjoy some giggles before I roll up my sleeves and lay out the facts moving into HOH nominations later today and America's vote beginning tonight!  Make sure you vote early so you can vote again first thing tomorrow morning!  Every vote counts.


By 8:25 pm last night Monte announced he’s already dehydrated from the 7 hour slop diet he’s on.  The whining and complaining aboutHN food has been almost non-stop since it was announced.  To the point that even Whitney is making fun of him. 


I am so happy to see Whitney emerge from Mount Monte this week!  I never gave her much thought at all in the house between the alliance with Monte and her alliance with the Plastics she was in the shadows of my mind.  This girl has some fight in her which we saw during the HOH camp and admittedly what I realized is she was laying glow and staying pretty quiet intentionally and was a conscious move.  Now she’s coming out of the shadows and actually make some laugh frequently.


10/8 8:25 pm cam 1


Shelby is being helped by Justin to make a rice story fry.


Scott and Whitney hanging at the Kitchen bar table.




“Omg, I forgot that Morgan’s not eating.”


Neely comes from outside to find some dinner.  General chit chat about dinners happening.


Scott says he’s watching the clock just waiting for 10 pm so he can go to bed in the HN room.


Whitney helps Shelby add a little more seasonings to the stir fry and heads off the get Alex.


She;by comments there’s so much and no on his even eating eat. Scott sits solemnly at the counter looking on.  


Nelly decides to make herself some hamburger patties and is very liberal with the black paper.


Asks Scott if he’s alright.  Scott says he’s good just waiting for 10 pm.


Whitney returns after a couple minutes upstairs letting Ale know the food is almost done.  Shane enters Shelby offers story fry he says he’s full from pizza.



“Looks almost like slop.”


Monte enters an announces maybe if he smells real food while he eats the slop his brain and taste buds will be able to overcome the state of slop.  (LOL. Yes Monte further torture yourself smelling all the delicious aromas of others foods while you suffer the torture you view in being confined to slop.)



“I I feel like severely dehydrated already.”


There’s laughs in the kitchen.



“No, I’m serious this is already making me dehydrated.”



“They (America) probably did this for you .”



“That’s what I’m saying I could be one of the biggest characters on the show right now, it’s because I am such a fitness buff, there like hey lets throw this in there for fun.”



They’re laughing right now.”  (Yep we are, especially since it’s only been 7 1/2 hours and Monte says he’s already dehydrated, it’s good he’s a HN that’s a sign we won’t nominate him they wouldn’t put him on slop and on the block at the same time they’re not that cruel (LOL wanna bet Monte!  Yes we will!)


Shane heads back outside. Monte’s reading the HN menu list of rules. 


Shelby still mushing away at her rice.  


Whitney starts cracking up and gets loud as she jokes at Monte’s expense:

“Severely  Dehydrated lol lol lol.  


Monte very seriously reaffirms

“I am, I’m severely dehydrated as of now.  It’s here, like I’m feeling light headed as I was sitting out there things were still moving as I and they weren’t.  I was like this is not good.”


Scott laughing as well.



I’m going to be so f’ing weak.” shaking his head



“Yeah I know” 

Whitney again heard laughing hysterically.  



I’m gonna be useless for that veto comp, I’m gonna have to drink so much caffeine before hand just to be ready.”



“You’re gonna do a coffee bomb (this is the new trend amongst the LNC a combo of 1/2 coke and 1/2 half coffee which seems to give them bounds of energy for hours and hours).


Alex and Morgan come downstairs and going the KIT



“yeah, like I can already tell.”


8:35 pm

Whitney cracking up as she addresses Alex and Morgan

“Monte says he’s already severely dehydrated (hahahahaha).

She’s really enjoying Monte’s suffering but they all been to voice their annoyance with his whining as this continues.



“Have you been drinking enough water?’



“yeah I have been drinking tons but it just doesn’t help.”



“I’m just tired, like this makes you so tired.”



“I’m lightheaded.”



“You’re not going to be able to work out during the day like you were.”



“What I am going to do is wake up, drink tons of coffee, workout really hard in the morning while it’s early.”


Morgan laughs

“I think I’m just not going to work out this week.”



“I think that’s why people like nap during the day (in the BB house)

when they’re on slop in here.”



“ohhhh, that’s gonna be the worst. Not going to sleep when you can.”


Whitney now at the counter table eating her stir fry

“How are ya’ll supposed to stay up?’



“I’m going to bed as soon as 10 pm comes.”



“Whitney’s just loving’ this. hahaha



“No, I feel horrible for ya’ll”



“I feel horrible, yeah I just came in because it felt really hot out there and I didn’t know what else to do.”


Monte and Morgan both yawning almost simultaneously.

Alex, Shelby, Whitney all eating the stir fry now.



“Yeah I really gotta take a shower, but I am, I am dreading that.”



“Yeah I gotta take one too.”


Neely at the stove cooking her dinner with her sunglasses on?



“I’ve been putting that off as long as I can.”



“yeah I took long one last night  just in case.”



We’re going in the hot tub in a while if ya’ll want to join us you can.”



“Did you take a shower last night Scott?’



“Oh yeah, I took a shower last night and I stocked up on food last night, stocked up on the reserves.”



“Well we had a lockdown this morning right before, I should have been eating when we cam in right as she was reading it.”

(Of course complaining about yet another conspiracy where they (production) are ‘messing with them’.  LOL.  No foolish Monte you should have been stuffing your face all morning both for our sakes-not having to listen to you talk and for yours.)


Kryssie enters KIT



“You getting’ some stir fry?”



“I think I’m getting involved like a little but but nothing like crazy.I have a stomach full of coffee.”


Morgan asks

“Did you have a coffee bomb again?’


Kryssie says no just lots of coffee


Morgan and Monte both yawning again.  Scott says he’s “just keeping his eye on that clock”( waiting for 10pm).



“I feel like it’s gonna be hard to sleep too.”


Too much talking over each other to make out everything being said and who said what.


Monte asserts he “has a hard time sleeping when he’s hungry and of course he’s gonna be hungry.”


Whitney still sitting there eating with a little smirk on her face as Monte goes on and on.


Morgan tells Monte

“Go ahead and eat some slop right before you go to bed.” (her tone is sounding a little firer beginning to get irritated with all his whining).


Monte makes a comment about already eating it four times and his stomach is going to like that.



“Oh dirty Monte.”



“That’s the wrong kinda dirty.”

(again making an implied sexually charged joke in mixed company.  He does this a few times a day and while more subtle than some in the house I point it out only because he’s so critical of what’s said by Justin and Jason yet really Monte does the same thing. Just not as loud or as often but he does it.  He implied Shane is thinking with the wrong head in reference to him and Danielle getting close when he was talking to Alex and Morgan about it.  He did a rap the other night in the BY talking about pulling his ‘D” putting it down on them ho’s.  He’s such a hypocrite and his dislike for Jason and Justin has little if nothing to do with things they say because he says the same types of things. I mean he sleeps in his tight whitey’s with Morgan everyone night how is that respecting her or her BF?)



“Thank you for whoever made this stir fry.”


The group of girls all announce Shelby.



“I actually work at Justin’s restaurant.  Plot twist”  Everyone appears to laugh except Kryssie.



“I think you eat with your nose a lot, so if I eat when somebody else is cooking something, maybe I will smell that over what I am eating.”



“Yeah? “



“It won’t be too bad, it will go by quick.”



“At least it’s only like half of it (not sure what she’s trying to say)



“Yeah next week HN’s we’re gonna know like Thursday.”

(What is he talking about?  LOL Here we go Monte and his theories again.  Why do they think the day after eviction they get new HN’s?  They have two ‘superfans’ excused the term but that’s how Scott and Alex refer to themselves, sitting right there!.)



‘You’re going to be done in time for Whitney’s b-day? 



“that’s very true. I’m excited about that.”



“Me, Scott and Morgan will at least be there for your birthday.”


Scott’s laughing


Danielle come sin from outside


Whitney replies

“I may not even be ready for my birthday?’

She ponders what she’s the next HN on her bday?  That would suck.

HG speculate they will make an exception for her and let her at least have an hour off to eat some cake for her bday.  (Yeah ok).  Then Whitney says she would be on slop voluntarily for her bday week if she could just have a brief call from home and get to talk to her BF.


Danielle is asked if she wants some stir fry.  Shelby tells her Shane said she probably wouldn’t because they ate.  Danielle says she might when is she not hungry, she’s always hungry.


Shelby replies

“yeah that’s what I said to Shane when isn’t Danielle down to eat?”


Alex and Morgan tire of Monte’s compiling and say as much.  Tell him he has to stop whining about it.

All the girls exit the kitchen soon after this leaving Scott and Monte to debate HN combos for dinner.  Monte gets very excited momentarily when he sees grape jelly in the fog and declares that is a condiment!  He can have grape jelly that will be great.  Scott isn’t so sure although agrees it would be good but advises they should check the list.  It’s nowhere on the list.  Monte has a one man argument about why grape jelly is no different than salsa and they can use salsa so of course they can use jelly.  Monte looks towards a camera and hold sup the jelly asking is it ok to use the jelly?  As if he expects an answer to come down from the production heavens as he stands in the kitchen. Eventually they decide it’s not on the list so they better not although Monte rambles on and on about it for a few more minutes.


Well, LF’s this was just an entertaining convo where we get to see the cards around Monte continue to fold.  The Plastics have already tired of Monte’s constant complaining about the food.  Whitney has a couple moments like this on Saturday and Sunday where she begins challenging Monte’s sense of authority on all things and directly disputes his theories and ideas and she’s actually the one who is always correct.  It’s happened so much she’s started finding humor, like us, in Monte’s delusions and ideas and corrects him while laughing and making checks about him being wrong.


While I am thrilled the vote for HN landed Morgan, Monte, and Scott in HN I think we must have overlooked how much more intolerable Monte could actually become.  An entire week o him complaining and whining about this makes me feel like maybe it’s best to send him home this week just to save ourselves a few days of it!  LOL


America’s vote for our nominee begins this evening.

Let’s run this through:


Danielle/Shane (even if one is changed for Justin)



There are 8 HG votes + America's Vote to evict. I've looked at polls across many forums and while there are a few where Scott and Morgan have higher %'s Monte appears to be the front runner as long as he doesn't win veto.  In my experience let's not get over confident until veto is played.


Votes to evict Monte







Votes for Danielle or Shane  (no way this group divides votes they will coordinate and put all their votes on one misfit (unless somehow Danielle or Shane wins veto then she’s said she will replace them with Scott and Scott would go out 100% both sides voting to evict him.  This is BB we have to run worse case scenario).


Votes to evict Shane/Danielle (target is Danielle)






We actually should have ate among HG and since we have a  vote Alex doesn't break the tie we are the swing vote!


Alex has said their group will vote Scott out if he’s on the block (I clarify they will if Danielle isn’t up there next to him).  They also know Shelby is a dead girl walking.  Neely drawing a line in the sand after yesterday's events gave us the numbers for Monte.  Had that not happened Scott and Neely may have saved Monte and cost a misfit their spot in the game.  We can thank Monte for being exposed.


Scott OTB







Morgan (I think there’s good chance Morgan votes Scott out over Danielle this week.  Monte is ruining her chances to move forward with him in the game but in the back of her mind there’s a chance if she needs to to combine the two pairs (Couples) and make a power alliance. She sees she’s in danger and has said she has to look out for her own game. If Scott is there I think she may take the shot, it doesn’t cost her side a number, Danielle and Shane would owe her and give them reason to trust her and consider Monte/Morgan/Danielle/Shane for a couple weeks.)

That’s enough to prevent Danielle from going home and ensure if somehow Alex strays form what she says and targets Justin after POV ( which is a great game move) we ensure a misfit has a chance to stay.  


My concern focuses on the votes.  If two from misfits are on the block and one is Danielle she will go home!  Even if Monte is there I fear she will go home as much as Alex and Morgan are willing to let him go in the game they won’t do it now week 2 they are worried about voting power.  Same with Shelby really although Alex is far more loyal to Shelby and Morgan isn’t ready to piss her sister off just yet.


If we want to the numbers to come out in the wash to prevent a large alliance of votes from dominating the game we need to nominate Scott. It’s the best odds at getting someone out that doesn’t hurt the misfits chances of having a dog in this fight.  Just the way I see it.  Don’t have to agree with me but hope it’s food for thought.  Remember these votes we get aren’t America’s favorite or least Favorite based on character and archetype.  It’s strategy.  Scott leaves week 3 we will see a power shift in the house and see people scrambling to form new alliances.  Isn’t that what true long time fans would prefer over one dominant group bulldozing the weaker side?  It is for me that’s for sure.

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Shades of Alex


9 pm HOH

Scott/Alex after Shane/Danielle went to HOH and talk to her together 


Scott asks how the talk went?


Alex, “they came up together.  I was like can we do this individually?  


As I watched Danielle and Shane enter together I thought the exact same thing!  They know they are being targeted as a showmance and from a game perspective Alex is 100% correct!  Shane and Danielle should have come up one at a time at different times of the evening.  Why are they going in together when they know she wants to target them because they are a pair.  Here’s my problem with giving Alex too much credit for knowing this.  If they had come to see her one on one she then would have complained saying something like ‘who do they think they’re kidding.  DO they think I’m stupid and going to fall for them talking to me one at a time as if separating themselves to talk to me makes me think they aren’t playing the same game?’  It didn’t matter how they approached her she has no interest in hearing anything Danielle has to say and thinks labeling it as ‘you have to take out the power couple’ week 2 impresses LF.  In what season has this ever been the primary focus?  Now BB18 people should have targeted couples earlier there were 3 couple are intertwined one way or another in one big alliance by extension and they were left in the house long enough you couldn’t really target them until the end (minus Zaulie).  Two couples made it to final 6 and that’s never happened.  Couples are always targeted in the middle of the game, before that you align with them to secure two votes always in your group’s favor!  Hello? Has Alex ever really watched BB?  LOL j/k but you get my point here.  BB 18 was the exception to the rule, no the rule.  


Alex is a savvy chick.  She sees the big picture where the game is concerned and has some ideas that get fans really excited to watch her play.  I for one in my preseason draft found her in the middle of my list.  Yes, she’s a fan, she’s gamer in general and that gives her an edge.

Alex’s weakness is her attitude.  She’s a mean girl and I observed that just in her original introduction video clip.  She’s spiteful and petty and that type always struggles in the BB house.  While she has the chops to be a force in the game she’s proven me right by her personal obsession and laser focus on Danielle.  


I don’t dispute Danielle is a strong player  (one I also ranked in the middle of the road for my preseason rankings which I can discuss in another blog where I rank Danielle) and Alex should see her as a threat.  Of course she should.  I also give Alex credit for being a very strategically informed HG.  I see her weakness coming from her social abilities which I knew she would suffer in this area versus Morgan in preseason draft.  I ranked Morgan very high!  I had a gut feeling listening to Alex that she will get distracted by her own emotions and she will struggle with social game and the importance of it.  She make very little effort to interact with people outside her immediate click.  Monte getting HOH week 1 was the worst thing that could have happened for Alex in this area.  The southerners being in power made Alex rely on her superior nature you could see just in the way she talked about her sister!  So instead of getting to know people all week she huddled up with Shelby most of the time who is the nastiest most off putting person in the house.  It’s like an anchor on Alex.  She also has no real loyalty to her sister to help her get to the end.  


I’ve listened to Alex in every convo with the Plastics, her sister one on one and with Shelby as difficult as it’s been to do sometimes.  I don’t discriminate.  Alex gives great game advice to Shelby and to Morgan about working the relationships on the other side of the house and while Morgan took her advice and made it her own mission to really apply efforts her sister Alex refuses to heed her own advice.  Now Alex has HOH and while she’s not up there all day she still only spends about 10% of her time with anyone outside her group.  It’s always Shelby, sometimes Whitney and only Monte and Morgan when time permits.  I have seen she quickly realized after HN’s revealed, she needed to address America more but I see her efforts like a snake oil salesman.  She says, what as a LF she knows we like to hear, all the right things but if you watch her carefully and look at her in the big picture nothing she says to us does she actually apply top her active game.  I see you Alex and I don’t care.


Following the whole Monte-gate yesterday you hear her in every conversation how shocked she is Monte isn’t as smart as she had concluded. We also see her realize America is not on their side and they need to work on that tooth sweet.  However, listen to her game talk and she’s so zoned in on Danielle and her personal hate for her she can’t even consider strategically how to work the possibility that a another option may work better to still eliminate a misfit because it’s not Danielle.  Historically, we know in BB, when a strong player is so adamant about one target and there’s no other option (Da’Vonne, Paulie, Shelley, Becky, the list goes on and on) they inevitably shoot themselves in the foot.  People around them, both aligned and not, perceive that inability to be flexible and adjust your focus on the long term gain over the short term game as a quality that makes you virtually impossible to align with long term.  It’s week 2.