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  1. Scott was up early this morning campaigning to America. Saying he will get rid of Danielle and make the rest of her life in the BB house miserable if America keeps him. At at some point Neeley and Jason heard him. Jason said Scott was campaigning to him for his vote. Neeley was very worked up starting at 10am in the backyard. This lead to her blowing up on Scott in the kitchen around 10:35am. It might be closer to 10:40am. She claimed Scott was talking about her. Everyone kept eating breakfast and once Neeley left the kitchen Justin broke the tension. Morgan, Shelby, Justin, Alex were all in the kitchen. They say that Neeley did this on purpose. Scott admits he is going after Danielle. Justin comments saying a lot of people do not like Danielle. Justin says Neeley is coming after him and Jason. He need to pull the trigger first. Talk turns back to why Neeley blew up in front of them. Justin tells Scott if everything goes right Scott will still be in the house. Meanwhile Jason was telling Whitney that Scott was throwing her name out. 11am Backyard Alex and Whitney in the hammock. Neeley walks over and apologized. Both say it is damage control when Morgan walks over to them.
  2. Veto meeting Scoot says he would like her to use it on him she should save herself. Neeley says ditto. Morgan uses the veto on herself Kryssie nominates Whitney saying it is in the best interest of everyone [Kryssie has stated she wants Scott out and that Whitney is a Pawn to help ensure the votes. -Moonpetal]
  3. 3:20pm Justin & Kryssie in hoh room They discuss who K will put up. Her thoughts are Scott with Morgan as a pawn and Shelby as plan B. She says she is still debating on Morgan or Whitney but either way she wants her pawn safe. Her target is Scott. She does not want Shelby up against Scott. She is scared Shelby will go and not Scott. Kryssie does not want to give Scott the satisfaction of a backdoor. Justin says his loyalty is with Kryssie. Justin speculated about Neeley being a HN. Justin thinks it is because Neeley is talking bad about their side. Kryssie thinks it's because Neeley has said she wants to be a HN to avoid eating. Dani comes in and talk briefly changes to Alex baking cookies and using a spoon to remove the cookies. After some more talk Kryssie says Shelby will be plan B next week when they go after Alex.
  4. My voting is based off of the week and how the choice might effect long term game. Rarely do I vote based on dislike or like of personality. There was one vote this season that was based on dislike. As of right now I'm not really sure who is playing the best game. I've noticed a lot of opinion differences based on age. My thought on it is some of us older watchers remember the beginning and the raw nature of the game. It feels as if younger watchers are changing the game each season. Both voters and houseguest.
  5. These people would be fools to keep Dani. She will cause chaos. Shane will not be as devious.
  6. Veto ceremony 1pm Alex does not use the veto. Justin uses the veto on Kryssie. Scott puts Shane up in Kryssie's place.
  7. Me too!! Though it doesn't seem they have caught on. Some are still trying to go by other seasons.
  8. I like that things are less confirmed with the voting now. It makes it exciting instead of knowing our vote. It's more like playing because just like the HGs each individual move is a risk. In our case each individual vote.
  9. Whitney for the care package. It's her bday and the package holds very little power. Dani as a have not for sure. Not sure about the other two.
  10. Live Diary Room Camera 4 at 7:33pm [This is a quick summary. I tried to make sure important comments are covered and anything I see people talking about on FB. - MoonPetal] Questions 1. How has your strategy changed and what obstacles have you faced since your last dr? 2. How do you feel about the nominations this week? 3. How has this weeks America's vote effected your game ? 4. How does the outcome of the veto competition affect your game this week? 5. How do you feel about the veto punishments ? 6. Do you want to win next hoh? Is it important to your game ? 7. It's been a violte week in the house with several arguments, why do you think there is so much tension? 8. Any regrets this week? 9. Anything else to say about the week, personal relationships or your strategy not covered above ? *Note Nominations & HoH have an extra question so number 9 above will be number 10 for them. Alex 1. She says the house is split in America is the determining factor. This is the house of been crazy since Saturday. Her strategy is to survive if Danielle does not go home. 2. She is happy that she put up Shane and Danielle. She says she did not back down to the pressure putting up Scott. 3. She says America's vote is everything this season. 4. She's happy Danielle is still on the block. 5. She says her punishment sucks but she's also happy because she does not want to win HOH. She does not want to be seen as being good at competitions. 6. She says she's not eligible for hoh. 7. She says there's a lot example she can give. One of them is eating food that the have-nots can have. 8. She wishes she did not have to put Kryssie on the block. 9. EXTRA question: How would you rate your head of household? Good because she showed she will not back down with what she wants. Bad because Monty could be sent home and Danielle could stay. 10. She ask us Superfan to Superfan to help her with the vote. She wants us to vote out Danielle. Danielle 1. She says she got put on the block next to one of her closest people in the house. She says it pushed her closer to her alliance. 2. Not happy about noms as she's is one. Happy about Monte. 3. She feel she is more confident about the people she is working with. 4. She is glad Shane won pov to prevent Monte from winning. 5. She does not like the punishment she picked. She thought it would be fun and easy. Happy about the punishments Monte and Alex picked. 6. She will want to win hoh anytime she can. She wants her alliance to get hoh to prevent stress for them. 7. She feels the fights were due to comments made and that the arguments were necessary to stand up for herself. 8. No regrets this week. She feels she is getting closer to Shane and they can play a good game together. 9. EXTRA question: what is your plan to stay in the house ? She will try to swing votes to vote out Monte. 10. She says Shane is very sweet. She loves late night jamboree. Justin 1. Nothing changed. He's trying to divide his time among the houseguest. 2. Bad strategy on Alex part. He says of course she's going to put people she assumes is not on her team. 3. Thanks America for putting up Monte. Says it was a blessing ya dig. 4. He's not affected by the outcome of the veto competition. He is keeping a positive vibes flowing. 5. He is glad he didn't play or host because of the heat and punishments. 6. No. He is just going to sit back and let things flow. He says Alex has a huge target on her back. 7. Some things said are not cool by some people. Nothing nice to say don't say it at all. [7:57pm What he says here is worth watching if you like him. -MoonPetal] 8. No regrets. Wants to keep house in good spirits. He's here to win. 9. He answers the nominees question for how they will stay in the house. : To get rid of the opposition. Get all the other side out. He know who he can trust. 10. He does not care for Monte. He's a negative cat. He wants America to get Monte out. He loves us. Shane 1. Strategy has not changed. Still bros with Monte but wants him out. He's with the night jamboree. Get votes to evict Monte. He is going to confront Scott the last hour before voting to see if he can swing the vote. 2. Noms suck because him and Danielle went up. He thinks Alex did not make a smart move. He calls him and Danielle going up bull crap because they are the only showmance. Says it sucked. 3. He thanks America for voting Monte. Says he is being two faced with Monte because Monte has made enemies. 4. He loved winning veto 5. The punishments are no fun for Danielle. He says Scott is a trooper for taking his punishment. He thinks the punishment for Alex is great. 6. He wants to win hoh to spend time with Danielle and get skittles. 7. He talks about Scott's game play and him telling Monte that Scott told him about noms. He talks about arguments with Monte and Justin. Says tension is crazy. He says Monte arguing with Danielle shouldn't have happened 8. He says no just need to keep Danielle safe. Scott 1. He says his game blew up. He says Alex saved him this week. 2. He feels Alex did a good job on nominations. 3. He's glad it's not home. Disappointed it is some from his group. He wants Danielle. He says she's making up things to make people look bad. She is twisting words to make Monte and others look bad. He says it's inappropriate. 4. He said this is disappointing. 5. He says his punishment was not as bad as the others. The other houseguest have been accommodating to him while he was in the sand pit. 6. He says winning the upcoming HOH is very important. He says the other side of the house is going for them. 7. He says there was lots of calling out. 8. He says people are mad that he is voting with Alex. 9. His session was over & could not answer the last question. Neeley 1. She says nothing has really changed she is just kept her self on the other side a house because she did not like them not going with their suggestion. 2. She says she is peeved at the nominations this week. 3. She says this weeks America's vote has not affected her game at all. She says at some point she thought she would work with Monte and him staying in the game for a couple weeks would not bother her. She would've preferred Shane to go if he was still up. 4. She really wanted Shane to lose in the nominations to stay the same. She will try to keep Kryssie. She again says she would have worked with Monte. 5. She's glad she not play in the veto competition. She says the punishments were terrible. 6. She absolutely wants to win the next HOH. She wants to bridge the gap on both sides. 7. She thinks there is a major divide in the house. She says lots of talking behind backs. 8. Only regret is showing emotions. She should put her emotions in check to make people know she's conflicted. Needs a better poker face. 9. She thanks America for helping her side of the house. She says Monte had to go for their game. Whitney 1. Her strategy was to get Jason out. This has changed to getting the Showmance out. 2. She feels great. Her and Alex are on the same page. 3. Monte being put up it puts a loss at numbers for voting. 4. Shane wining veto is worse case scenario. 5. Shelbys costume is hilarious. Scott's punishment is funny. Danielle has the worst punishment. 6. She is all in for the HOH. 7. True colors are starting to come out, and everyone is not trying to get along with everyone else. She called Danielle for sticking her tongue out in the veto competition because she felt it was very unsportsmanlike. 8. No regrets. 9. She wants America to help them get Danielle out. She says her side of the house is outnumbered. She wants the game to be interesting and not to have one side steam roll the other. Shelby [She starts with a rap!! It was good too! Flashback to it! 8:50pm -Moonpetal] 1. Strategy has not changed because she's not hoh. 2. Perfect when Shane & Danielle. Not great now with Shane off the block. 3. She begs America to save Monte. 4. She skips 4. 5. She says it wasn't a prize comp. She likes her golf clubs because she can keep snacks in the bag. 6. She wants to win the hoh because her and Alex are big targets. She thinks it would be funny if she wins. 7. She gives a run down of the arguments. 8. No regrets. 9. She thought she would be screwing everyone over but she's getting tight with her girls and possibly Scott. She says Monte is throwing himself under the bus for them. Kryssie [Covering Kryssie was hard. I had sound issues from noise around me & she went really fast at the end. -Moonpetal] 1. Strategy was hoping Scott went up. Strategy is the same. 2. Alex was predictable. 3. She loves America so hard. 4. Well it put her on the block two weeks in a row. 5. BB did not disappoint. 6. She needs to win hoh. Says people see her as a threat and America likes her. 7. The environment is designed to be a pressure cooker. She says she tried to help Monte. Calls him trash. Would have been nice to compete in the veto. 8. Says for us to get Monte out. 9. Wants us to keep doing what we are doing Jason 1. Keeping his group close. Keep it real. He says the pretty people are having a hard time because of America and the twist. 2. He says Alex going after the showmance was too soon. 3. America has helped his game this week. He thanks everyone. 4. Noms do not work for him except Monte. 5. He says Scott did well with his punishment. Likes Montes and Alex's punishment. Says Shelby's calmed her down. 6. Hoh is so so so important. 7. He's tired of passive aggressiveness from Shelby. He says this time around he is not playing nicey nicey. 8. No regrets 9. He hopes America sees his side is the side with strong personalities. Monte 1. He has been challenged since last live DR. Not too bad not too great. Change of pace. He's making the best of it. 2. Happy the showmance went up. Doesn't want Shane to go. 3. He says America is making it fun and challenging for all of them. 4. He says Danielle is the main target. 5. He talks about the veto comp. He goes over the punishments. 6. He says if he would win HOH it would be monumental. 7. He says he wants to defend everyone's character. He says it's not his character to badmouth people with petty remarks. He says things have been used against people to create false accusations. He says he's not proud of everything his done in the house. Wants us to remember they are under a microscope. 8. He wishes no one ill will inside or outside of the house. 9. He ask America to keep him 10. He says just because someone is not the exact same you is no reason to dislike or target them. He wants everybody to play a good dirty game in big brother if that makes any sense. He says he's a human and he makes mistakes. Morgan 9:32pm [Before starting she ask America something. You get an insight into her thoughts that people have been wondering about Monte. -Moonpetal] 1. Strategy is saying same. It is kind of working in her favor. She says she's done a good job making friends with everyone. She does not think anyone sees her as a super threat. 2. She wants Danielle out. Says almost everyone wants Danielle out. She talks about Monte needing to slow down but says he's a good guy. Trustworthy to a fault. 3. Someone on her side being put at its worst case scenario. 4. She says Shane winning was the worst case scenario for them. She said she had high hopes for Monte winning and he got last place. 5. She's thankful she was not chosen to participate in the Veto. Says Shelby got the best punishment. 6. Yes. 7. She says it's just a difference of personalities. Big brother arguments are going to happen now. 8. No. She then says she wish she would've told Monte to watch his mouth. 9. She gives us a cheer for us to vote Danielle out. [Yes as in a cheerleader cheer. -Moonpetal]
  11. 10:03am Alex announces it's time to reveal Americas nominee. America nominates Monte Time to pick veto players Alex draws Scott Alex draws herself & picks Shelby Alex picks Justin to host Hugs are given to Monte. He says he knows he was going up and it's ok.
  12. Same here. I have a top four but that's it. They said this is different from the summer show. IIRC the grand prize is also less money. I think they are testing the waters to see if this something viewers want. For me it's a filler before the good fall shows start. Agree. It's nice to see some girlies team up and so far they are doing well. I do wish all the girls would team up to boot the guys.
  13. Dani sweet? They must be watching with candy glasses. I'm not going to touch the southern thing simply because to me that sounds childish, part of what's wrong in the media/country right now and out right past anything to do with the game.
  14. Yes!!! Like back when players didn't care about fame. They were deep into the game and willing to really get blood on their hands. Instead of this whole showmance junk and picking off easy targets.
  15. 9:25 pm workout room shelby is crying. She tells Whitney that justin pulled his D out to Morgan. (Not sure when this happened or under what context ) shelby says they should not have to worry about that stuff in the house.



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