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  1. really hopin jason and kryssie don't get rewarded for their bad behavior
  2. sorry, i don't think the racist remarks were acceptable at all! I don't live that way, don't believe any race, sexuality, etc should be demeaned. but jason is one step below that. and him and kryissie keep spewing their vile hate.
  3. i agree, justin should vote krissie out. he might actually win after that. jason is vile. i don't care about conniving, lying etc, all part of the game. but for someone to be so offensive, what makes him worse than the one who was slammed for being racist a few seasons back. you are being watched 24/7. you need to lie, steal cheat etc, but this went over the top. i will be so disgusted if he wins
  4. i can't believe that jasons vile behavior is being compared to everyone elses. his went far beyond any smack talking
  5. that's exactly my point. why is his poor behavior being looked over?
  6. I'm just wondering if all you live feeders are still Jason fans? I'm trying to find out what about him is appealing to you. I find the way he speaks about people horrible, yes i know it's a game, but so unnecessary.
  7. I agree Justin needs to go on slop. we need to keep them all guessing. is he the last to not have been on it? I lost track
  8. They hit my exact problem, it's not the smack talk, that's part of the game. It's the level that Jason et al take it to. My hope is he is not hoh after tonight and if the girls don't win, America puts him up. He's vile. Justin needs to move away from them, he's not at their level of disgusting. And Scott is now getting low. Tormenting Danielle and picking fights? He's trying for good tv, but not succeeding, in my opinion.
  9. Ok joker's only one who is posting any updates, as i am at work, unable to watch any feeds. He is really going off saying all types of nasty stuff about Shelby. Anyone out there watching feeds seeing anything different? If not, he's true colors are showing and they are not nice and he needs to go. This is a game, say derogatory game stuff, but if someone said the things joker's is saying he is, it's beyond game play. Just my opinion.
  10. Just think of Alex being the servant, what it would do to both their games!!! And thanks did not want to be disrespectful on someone else's blog
  11. I get this is your blog and you have all the rights to express your opinions. However, I always feel like I'm suppose to share them. I cannot stand
  12. I get this is your blog and you have all the rights to express your opinions. However, I always feel like I'm suppose to share them. I cannot stand Kryssie. I frankly find her psychotic. And I would LOVE for Alex to have safety. Between Danielle and Kryssie, I'm tired of them.



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