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I'm No Casual!


Week 3 is rapidly approaching with eviction nite ahead and the power up for grabs.  A lot has transpired in the house this week if wasn’t the HOH’s goal.  Mont leaving actually doesn’t weaken the Plastics since they did in the final day leading to eviction maneuver themselves to scoop us Scott from the pits and replace the loss of Monte’s vote with his.  That makes it a more level playing field eliminating a swing vote each week since Scott’s original approach was just follow the power each week and vote alternately siding with each group from week to week.  


Alex cannot compete in the next HOH and unless it’s a crap shoot or a mental convo we can likely count out the sloth.  So, Morgan, Whitney, Scott have to come out swinging against 6 other people.  There’s been worse odds but that definitely posed for a win statistically speaking.  Thanks to the veto this week Alex also will have a disadvantage in the HOH comp week 4 as well.  Not a good spot for Alex.  She’s the biggest target in the house once Monte is gone and has a much more narrow margin for winning the week after next.  She says she chose that intentionally so as outgoing HOH she would appear less threatening because of her impending punishment.  Eh.  I don’t necessarily believe that was the best strategy but she can thank Shelby for taking the caddy punishment early into the veto for that.  Way to be a team player Sloth.  I heard Danielle on the feeds this afternoon outlining the very strategic nominations I suggested Alex should have applied this week.  Put up two low level players like Scott and Kryssie (one from each side essentially and regardless of who wins veto as long as it isn’t a plastic then one of the nominees, likely Kryssie comes down and Alex goes up in her place as a back door!  That’s exactly what I would have done this week if I were Alex.  


You had 12 players in the game, 3 nominees and HOH competing in the veto with only 2 names to select from a pool of 8 people.  The odds were in her favor that someone who won veto would use it then she could have nominated a bigger target.  Problem is she would have nominated Danielle for personal reasons and it still wouldn’t have worked for her.  I however, would have likely nominated Shane.  He’s Danielle’s life line in the game and a real threat in the game at the moment not just a thorn in everyone’s side.  I would have done many things differently but…expect the unexpected is the one thing that Alex seems most resistant to and it’s a fundamental part of the game.  Going into week three the numbers and odds still support such an approach to evicting your actual target.

I was proud of Danielle when she expressed this strategy, bravo, but I think like Alex she’s bit of an emotional player and if she gets the HOH will deviate from the plan.  I also throw flags on Danielle’s game play the last few days.  She’s hurting herself being arrogant and overconfident out of frustration with Monte and the assumption just because Monte went on OTB that means we love her.  She’s wrong Monte went OTB because he drives most of us insane for a variety of reasons.  


Once Shane won veto I think she should have relaxed and been far less aggressive overall.  By being so overbearing all the time she’s potentially going to alienate the misfits and while they will support her when they need her vote but if she sees the block again this week or next there could be a meeting of the minds and at least a couple people willing to let her go. LF’s also don’t care for players who believe they are the ‘star’ of the show whether it’s true or not.  You can’t shove your goals down other people’s throats all the time even when what you propose is good for a group you begin to grate on people’s nerves and are then perceived as a tyrant versus a team player. That’s where she and Alex are very similar in approaches and we can even throw Monte in that mix.  The misfits need each other collectively for one more week and then the fantastic four have the largest voting block and you’re dispensable having made yourself (Danielle) the biggest target on both sides of the fence.  Fans should also realize that the ‘misfits’ is not an alliance.  They are two groups that have temporarily joined forces because circumstances required they do so just for survival.  The opposing side of the house began with a 8 person voting block and retained power two weeks in a row.


Personally, I would prefer (from a gamers perspective) to see Shelby followed by Scott leave next.  That’s not because I want to stack odds in  misfits favor.  This format of the game doesn’t really permit for floaters in the end game so cut the fat and lets roll up our sleeves and face off with a house full of players with varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses.  If that’s how it goes then by week 5 nothing but gamers left and the well developed social games in combination with more strategic game play arises for all of our enjoyment.  New alliances, constant maneuvering, and pure OG BB game play.  Win!  Win! Win!  We’ve already seen far more strategy slowly emerging over the week this week and the driving force behind it has been the gamers. We don’t want one group to dominate but we also don’t want to keep players in the house who aren’t really either playing the game actively or who have the potential to screw up a player we like’ game which applies to both Scott and Shelby.


What no one in the house knows yet is the value the next POV rises exponentially with this week’s care package.  If fans feel the need to help Alex they can certainly give her a life line with the care package without poisoning the game with Monte-isms.  The winner of the care package is able to select the type of veto that is up for grabs in the POV competition.  Personally, I love the ability to remove someone from the block and name the replacement if I were in the house!  In this format when America has so many influences this helps take back a little more direct control and increases the fever for winning a comp that brandishes that type of power!  America needs to think long and hard who they want to give this power to.  We still don’t want to waste an early package on a top tier player if that player isn’t in immediate danger.  We need to save those for a little further into the game and make sure the best one’s towards the end of the game give us potions for people we want to be rewarded with such amazing gifts


Let us not forget Alex has spent a week telling us on the feeds she doesn’t care about what America thinks.  She won’t let anyone tell her or influence her game play.  Then she goes in the diary and begs America to help her?  Alex we see you all day long.  Your refusal to consider any other option just because what you think is absolute and nothing else maters is what got you in this mess in the first place.  That’s Monte’s game which you criticize all the time. LOL.  The constant, ‘I’m not bowing down’ to ‘them’ shows more of her weaknesses.  The southern side seems to forget we are live 24/7, there’s no way to edit what is happening.  She can rally the troops to go in the DR’s and try to hard sell us they are being treated unfairly, they are sweet innocent HG who just want to play the game and make decisions based on game and not personal biases and middle school behavior when that’s pretty much all they do all day long.  If you are buying what they are trying to sell, or what SM storms are trying to persuade you to believe you need to come pick up your casual viewer card and must get all your BBOTT updates from twitter and no the live feeds.  Both sides talk crap!  That’s a constant element of the game.  Get over it. My only issue is 90% of the time the Plastics are talking on the feeds is bashing a misfit.  Kryssie’s fat and can’t do well in comps.  Danielle is petty and self centered and can’t engage in conversation without talking over everyone…LOL yeah that’s Monte. What the plastics talk crap about is more weighted in personal attacks and skewed perceptions they created in their own minds not by actual facts.  The misfits talk crap especially about Shelby and Monte but the crap they talk is based on actual things those two do! The misfits only trash talk the other group on their conversations as a whole about 20% of the time and usually it is in reaction to what has actually happened in the house and usually to them.  There majority of their conversations are about random stuff, music, likes, dislikes, how LF work, how things happen in the house and on SM.  They laugh at themselves and keep entertained by Justin’s stories and his abilities to entertain them.


Alex’s sudden pleading and appreciating the ‘incredible power’ America has has her rewriting history.  SHe’s not really beginning to assimilate Monte’s traits and that’s the worst thing that Alex  could be doing.  Alex fans should be smart enough to know Monte is poisoning the Plastics in the house and the best thing they could do to help them is eliminate him from the game.  I predict we see a very clear shift in the girls once they have a few days to detox from Monte.  The other thing I noted in the conversations happening in the house and Alex’s DR last night is she fails to apply the things she knows and identifies in other players.  She sees the value in finding players who appear they may be influenced by rational arguments and see an alternate point of view if she just lays out various options.  Now thinking she may trick Justin into voting Danielle is a huge underestimation of Justin’s intellect.  However her idea that maybe Neely and Justin are the only two on the other side that might be able to be persuaded demonstrates she understands the value of appearing as though you are flexible and rational players.  


This a great example of what I’ve summarized her failures being she has the knowledge base but doesn’t follow her own assertions.  Alex believes that Neely and Justin are most amenable to being manipulated. She believes Justin is dumb and can be tricked.  Alex believes Neely on the other hand is flexible, rational, can see both sides and be persuaded to see the rationality in siding with the Plastics.  However, she fails to see the value in herself (Alex) perhaps appearing this way to other players!  She misses the practical application of this as a strategic move in some cases she should be making herself appear that same way.  Alex should appear as though she can be reasonable or maybe even swayed by the arguments misfits laid out of win the HOH room when she’s this far down the rabbit hole.  It’s too her benefit to appear that way so she seems less threatening at this point and seem as though she can be swayed even if she won’t be when it comes down to the wire moving forward.  


Post veto she was in a very bad spot. While I appreciate she smelled out the possibility this was a scheme, her refusal to bend may cause her game to break far too early in the season by her own hands.  Look, putting Kryssie up was not in Alex’s best interest.  In reality, whether it was her idea, or the misfits idea the fact Monte thought it was a terrible idea should have been a red flag that at least made her think how can I use this to my benefit.  She could have gone to Scott said hey, I have to damage control, I’m sorry I have to use you as a pawn but it’s what’s the best strategic move at this point.  No she tries to paint the meeting with Neely, Jason, and Kryssie as bullying?  This is the same player who digs her feet in to the detriment of her own game saying I won’t do it just because they want me to.  She’s admitted losing Monte is actually a good thing for them moving forward with all that’s happened.  She should have let it appear the misfits persuaded her but done so under cover with Scott.  By siding with Scott and refusing to even consider it.  It sent a clear and transparent message to the other side of the house no one can work with Alex moving forward.  Why piss off Neely if anyone?  Alex put herself in that situation.  She made too many deals, not unlike Scott, then chooses to break the deals with two players on the opposing side to save the biggest rat in the house.  Neely especially would have respected Alex more for keeping her word to her and that’s a player Alex needs to see her as someone she can trust long term.  Who cares if it’s what the misfits wanted if it’s what’s best for YOUR game Alex! Alex is also pandering trying to sell she’s here to make “big moves”.  She thinks that’s what we want to hear she’s a LF.


Monte’s DR hurt the Plastics even further.  The entire holier than though attitude, I don’t judge others that’s not my job, God bless America, this country this nation, then in the same breath I only judge people on their actions in the house.  Please see things my way that’s howdy life works and because I say something that’s the truth and America you should save me because I’ve been the victim in all of this.  Again, we see 24/7.  Monte may not be aware of his deep seeded biases and prejudices as racism.  He may not realize that his perceptions of the HG of color in the house are 100% based on racial ideas about ‘what type of people’ those HG are because of how he perceives characteristics assigned to the HG of differing racial and regional backgrounds but failure to be aware doesn’t mean he’s not racist.  By definition all of the comments he makes as a whole demonstrate that’’s exactly what he is whether he intends to be so or note.  Webster’s dictionary defines racism as: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.  racism - discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.  Calling Justin a ‘Bayou rat’ implies a preconceived idea Monte has about the social and regional status of people from that area.  It’s the equivalent of Paulie’s “Jersey girls” being trashy and gold diggers.  Consistently insinuating that the black HG are violent, explosive, will behave like a ‘mad black woman’ fearful of having an angry volatile black woman who he says will because of their skin color behave erratically and going to far as to say last night at 10:54 pm “I can see Danielle and Justin killing me if they see me on the street once we are outs of this house.” This made Morgan reply, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa’ because after all that’s been suggested by people in the house about Monte’s racially motivate comments and be shocked after being told his comments were being perceived this way and he still confidently makes such statements without regard for how they are perceived is a wake up call for the ladies who tried to twist this into a Danielle manipulation of Monte’s intentions.  Of course then we see the sloth jump on Monte’s bandwagon egging him on to believe these comments are acceptable saying “good thing you don’t live in the same area and don’t have to worry about it.”  Seriously?  IMO, if you want any chance for the Plastics to be able to wash off the stink that is Monte to their game you need to vote them out to give them a fighting chance because their unwavering allegiance to him motivated by their dislike of Danielle and Justin is burying them both inside and outside the house.


Alex blew up her own game this week.  She doesn’t deserve sympathy as did the misfits when they were being targeted and subjected to false beliefs.  Alex and Monte have created in their own minds their ideas about Danielle and Justin not based on facts up until  the veto.  Danielle now is behaving in a way that doesn’t helps her dispute some the ideas that were initially born out of jealousy and petty ignorance.  As I said as soon as the veto was won by Shane, and based on America’s voting she needed to sit back, relax and let the other side sink themselves.  By behaving childishly sticking out her tongue and popping off on Monte unnecassarily (although justified in her frustrations) is now making her appear to big for her britches to LF’S.  Everything you say and is under a microscope and her arrogence and overconfidence is swinging the public opinion of her quickly.  I warned this may happen if she didn’t take a more passive approach for the remainder of the week.  Let things play out based on the facts you have.  Danielle, like Alex I ranked middle of the road because her pre-show interviews led me to believe she would come on two strong and overconfident and we know the game well enough to know that archetype inevitably causes their game to implode.  The misfits on varying levels have a dislike for Shane and or Danielle so if you’re watching you know they don’t have the backing long term.  Justin and Jason were the focus initially and they needed people like Shane/Danielle to feel aligned with them to have the votes to survive and put potential shields, a showmance, in front of them. You see this in Nelly’s DR last night where she admits she wanted Shane to go this week.  Justin has made no secret he doesn’t trust them which is what led Alex to believe those two were her best shot at flipping the votes.  If Alex can see it, not seeing all we do, there’s no excuse for LF’s not seeing it.  


Morgan and the others using their time in the DR to beg America based on their false assertions on what’s actually happening in the house fell on deaf ears in my case.  The fact they spent so much time whining about pickles and chocolate milk made them appear even more ridiculous and self important trying to present themselves as victims rather than the aggressors was complete non-sense and shows how unaware they really are about what’s actually happening in the house.  Anyone can eat pickles and chocolate milk and annoying other HG’s is part of the game. Don’t be fooled they are talking about how they are going to be picked off one by one and the misfits have the biggest and strongest comp threats.  LOL.  The Southerners had the first two HOH which Alex won!  The competition stats are even each side has two wins.  Southerners had the power both weeks and blew their own HOH’s.  The misfits won the veto both week out of necessity.  We are seeing back and forth!  We are watching the two sides attack each other on their own and we wouldn’t be if we weren’t helping keep it a fair game!  The very thing that the Southerners are begging and pleading don’t let one side dominant and steamroll, let’s not forget was their OWN STRATEGY!  That’s exactly why they formed an 8 person voting block so they could be the one’s steamrolling!  We kept them from the ability to do it!  How are people so easily influenced by rhetoric and SM nonsense not based on facts we are seeing with our own eyes?  Don’t be mindless nitwit.  That’s exactly why we loathe casuals because they base their decisions on how someone else edits the actual goings on in the BB house!  SO by buying into some flash mob attempt to skew  the fact you are not basing your votes on knowledge but instead by propaganda.  


They had all the information both on what other HG shared about their perceptions of what Monte was saying being inflammatory in combination with their own personal interactions with Monte hearing what he says with their own ears before it ever came to a head on Saturday.  We’ve watched them laugh and exchange snide and inappropriate comments about people for two weeks and they still are so blind to their weakness they want to blame the misfits for trying to use it as strategy to tarnish the superior group’s images?  Stop calling the other HG’s commoners?  Stop bashing Danielle for no good reason other than insecurities and jealousy that she managed to gain Shane’s attention over you.  Shelby’s and the other DR’s trying to convince us that they need us to make this a ‘fair fight’ and they are being bullied and steamrolled is hilarious!  You people voted out your own player week 1!  You refused to look at what was best short term and fed into residual ideas over BB18 where three showmance’s made it to the end.  That the exception to the rule.  Alex, yes you don’t let couples go far in the game but it’s week 2 and your power could have been used to set yourself up better moving forward and played sloppily and fail to apply the thing you know properly that’s no one’s fault but your won.


Justin’s DR was the most entertaining.  He doesn’t pander to America.  Jason, like his approach in the game, used his experience to make his point subtly with a soft sell approach.  That for me is far more effective than trying to come into your DR hard and fast and sell us lies and deceptions as if we don’t watch your asses 24/7.  LOL.  Neely was the most surprising while I knew she doesn’t care for the couple I, like many was surprised to hear her admit she would have voted Shane out.  Neely’s stock rose.  I admit I didn’t even listen to Kryssie’s. I didn’t see anyone mention anything I wouldn’t have expected and I’ve heard enough of her since she won that care package she’s not doing herself any favor either but go ahead mama that increases your target and narrows any vision people may have on Jason/Justin/Neely so keep it up your day will come soon. Remember none of the Fantastic Four really like Shane/Danielle. They are PLAYING the game and needed them but hey are dispensable.


As week 3 approaches and I consider all the variables,  My hope is that Neely will win the next HOH.  She’s in a position where she has enough respect from the Plastics overall that they will happily trot upstairs and spill their guts openly and willingly.  I don’t want to see the Plastics in power for the 3rd week in a row.  Let’s shake things up and see if we can get an HOH who’s worth their weight in salt and for me as a Fantastic Four fan I see this as being the best case scenario.. Jason/Justin need to be available to compete in the week 4 HOH I see that being the pivotal week. Alex can’t compete this week as outgoing HOH and has a disadvantage in the week 4 HOH, I think that will help her this week to survive one more week if Neely wins. Yes, Neely was pissed but she’s not an emotional player and will come back down by then I think.  At least she has the best demeanor to possibly do so.  No one wants to see Danielle with any power right now.  She needs to calm down and that would certainly go straight to her head.  By extension I don’t like the idea of Shane purely because she will still see that as her win and my prediction is that scenario is very bad for Danielle’s game at the moment.  I could see Nelly actually trying to BD Shane or Alex both are good moves at this point.  Shane being the best case scenario because by week 4  things should have realigned in many cases and having a voting pair at that point becomes a problem. However I own;t think Neely is as subject to laser focus based on her emotions.  Kryssie already went OTT with her little ACP despite the fact it really didn’t help her.  So I hope Neely has a shot!  She’s proved herself a strong force, she’s not easily influenced to do what’s best for others, she’s aligned with the players I would like to see go further but also not on some hyper focused trip to only eliminate a Plastic and a good move for Neely is a good move for the Fantastic Four.  Don;t forget a great power in choosing the type of veto is available for the ACP so you can influence the week 3 events. Let’s see a scenario where the Plastics are free of the weight of Monte, I won’t cry if Shelby leaves either.  Force the mean girls to have some real conversations and maybe gain enough insight into their own mistakes to readjust and get back on track so we continue to have a fair fight.  Remember is Monte leaves the Plastics still have the target alliance in the house because they scoop up Scott and just trade him out with Monte that leaves them with 5.  Jason’s squad is only 4 people, the could is a voting power of 2 in reality.  We are just now getting down to a fair fight and setting this up for a chance to witness some amazing game play!




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Let’s just go ahead and all do our Happy Dance because today is our first official day with Monte free feeds!  Monte was evicted by a vote of 5-4 against Danielle, with Kryssie having zero votes to evict.

If you watched the show it was clear early on Monte would be the one to go by the edit!  Made enduring an hour of Monte’s self important speeches and scenes much easier to tolerate!  By Monte hope the long talk Kryssie gave you at 4:10 pm marinates in your heart and you gain some insight into how people perceived your behavior in the house.  


Notice to celebrate because at 9:01 pm we find the HG in the backyard on a giant bar code ready to compete in week 3’s HOH competition.  Many fans were confused although we all heard the rules so here’s what they needed to do:


BB Barcode

Each line of the barcode is broken into several pieces (black planks), each with a unique number. 


One piece is the longest and HG’s need to determine which numbered piece is the longest on the barcode.


Goal: They have to determine which piece of the barcode is the longest.

Played in 15 minute rounds.


Inspect the barcode and may give one answer per round. Declare the number of the piece you believe is the longest.


If you incorrectly guess out of that round but as long as no one wins in that round before the 15 minutes ends everyone can return and make a new attempt in the next round.


No time updates from BB, if you don't guess before timer sounds you miss out on making a guess that round. May you body or provided tools to measure but may not take off any clothing or share tools.


Danielle behaved as I have been sharing int he last few blogs, very overbearing and pushy.  She decided she understood it better than everyone else and felt nth need to micromanage everyone in the first round.  You saw people like Neely and Jason visibly irritated, Jason at one point when asked to hold something for Dani so she could measure a plank just walks away like ‘girl I an’t your PA.’  As I feared Danielle is so overbearing in her approach it’s off putting.  She needed to just work with Shane and unless asked for help, focus on her own strategy and leave everyone else alone. At least, to her credit, she was trying to be a team player, but as with most things in this game it’s not what you say it’s who you say it.


The first round ends and most HG had attempted guesses, although two of the Plastics hadn’t even made a guess.  The round ends and everyone is back in the running.


Round two ends when everyone has already made a guess before the 15 minute max time ends so we head right into round three.  Justin really was just focused doing his own thing the first two rounds I don’t think I even heard him speak until the third round began.  That’s the longest he’s gone without talking since the game began but that shows he was focused and not allowing what others were doing to distract him so , Bravo, Justin.  Scott as well, quiet and steadily trotting along.  The misfits were trying to keep track of what each member of their group had already guessed but at a certain point so many guesses and so much time passes it’s too difficult.  One person maybe should have taken on the task of just keeping track of numbers that had been guessed.  Again, so many numbers I think even that strategy would have been difficult.  Scott wins with a guess 72!


The Plastics are OTT excited! Danielle looks very annoyed and does;t hide her disappointment well.  Justin of course is the first LNC member to congratulate Scott.  Shane and Danielle go off to pout.  Morgan realizes quickly now she will be alone in the HN room for the rest of the week and the only HG left on slop.  LOL.  Scott immediately celebrates with a smoke. Jason points out to Scott, “Well you’re done being a HN.”  There’s a small celebration.  Alex is looking about cocky once the HG all gather by the BY couches.  


BB announces the outdoor LD is now over and they are now free to roam about the house.  Jason announces, since he and Scott are smoking to give them a moment and then they will rejoin everyone inside. Jason, “Give us a minute please.”  Danielle keeps wandering about the barcode.  Danielle announces at least she doesn’t have to go in the pool tonight since the comp is built over it.


9:45 pm BB announces an ILD and politely reminds Shelby she needs to retrieve her golf clubs from the BY. Scott and Jason linger to finish their smokes.  


Scott is very relieved, rightfully so, he’s been trying to regroup all week and the Plastics have made sure to buddy up to him the last two days before eviction so we will see them celebrating as this update continues.  


We find Shane/Danielle in the BA.  Danielle is pouting and has said “I can’t be OTB three weeks in a row.”  Um ,yeah that would be true for Kryssie as well if she’s a nominee Danielle, you’re not the only one.


The Plastics are in the TKB (cam 1/2) having a mini celebration (Alex, Morgan, Whitney), Morgan wondering about the HN deadline and Alex almost makes a sisterly slip but catches herself  9:46 pm.  Alex tries to assure her that she feels like maybe it will end at 12 am this morning, but it shouldn’t.  No much chatter Justin passes through and people are coming in and out so they disperse and returns to he KIT with everyone else. Meanwhile Danielle is in the BA (cam 3/4) worrying she’s going to be a HN, she’s going to be OTB again.  


9:47 pm (cam 3/4)Shelby enter HN room alone wit Scott and congratulates him.  Scott says “I feel amazing.’  Alex can be seen sitting in the KIT wheels turning base don the serious stare.  Shelby says, “OMG Scot that is literally the comeback of the century.”  She is genuinely happy for him and actually a nice change to see her be nice.


Danielle again saying too much and showing too much in her attitude at the moment “America put her up!” as if we are her personal fan club and will blindly follow her requests.  She’ set herself up for a reality check, although I think maybe a lot of the LF who worked hard to flip America’s eviction vote these past few days may be more inclined to keep her a bit longer since she and Shane gave late night LF’s quite a show at (2:15 am cam3/4)? In the UKB.  The two playing ‘tickle me Elmo’ where not even making any attempt tohidz what was going on other than staying under the sheets. Ironically this is the same girl who told us in her pre-show interview she would never get into a showmance this season, “My grandma will be watching feeds I would never do that.”  Well, not only did she do that by day 2 but day 14 she gave America quite a show, although not quite Ollie and April level, she clearly took away no tips form Nicole’s escapades in BB18. LOL They must have both had their mic’s on because the sound effect require no need for imagination.  


Back to the aftermath of the HOH competition leaving Scott as the new HOH.  He’s now pacing back and forth alone in the HN after Shelby said he needed to go so it doesn’t raise eyebrows she’s in there tooling.  He’s talking aloud as usual and telling us he’s going to get laundry service.  By 9:409 pm Plastics, Neely, Justin all gathered in the TKB and Shane and Danielle are on cam 1/2 in the UKB.  Alex suggests that Morgan go in the DR and ask when her HN time is up.  Uh oh!  She will likely return grumpier than when she went in.  



Slop is a major point of discussion.  Since Scott won HOH and was already a HN this week everyone else except for Morgan is eligible to be the next round of HN’s this Saturday.  Kryssie is in the IWR acting deflated and feeling little sorry for herself.  Justin is reassuring her and tells her it’s only Thursday we have a couple days don’t stress too much now. (Yes, Justin please repeat that for LF’s who are getting far too ahead of themselves)  Jason joins and tells her America, may not be so forgiving of Scott this week they just made him a HN on Saturday and their memory isn’t that short so they may throw a wrench in his plan, we don’t know. Kryssie and Danielle are both positive they are his nominations.  I wonder if Kryssie isn’t putting on a show, I know Scott wanted people to believe he was targeting her but has told us he wasn’t.  Who knows whats true right now.  


Now, let me take a small pause here to point out an important difference between Danielle, Kryssie, and Jason re: America.  Yes, we are seeing a lot of ‘America, America, America”.  Remember we are basically being viewed by HG as another player in the game with a lot of power every week. As a HG it would be hard not to.  Kryssie talks about America a lot and how she perceives our voting pattern. Consider though you can’t really blame her.  Keep it in perspective she’s been on the block two weeks in a row with 0 eviction votes so she knows we didn’t vote against her.  We put 3 people from the opposing group on HN status which is why I have said we need to throw at least one from the opposing side for many reasons, this being one important one, keep them guessing people!  She won the first care package.  We’ve set her up to have that perception and then want to scold her for having that perception?  She’s talking about it but sh’e not coming off cocky and is really appreciative.


Danielle, on the other hand uses our voting pattern to validate the misfits and scare the Plastics.  It’s strategic and it’s working.  The difference is  Danielle’s approach is coming as too arrogant to some people who are judging moment’s here and there rather than keeping the big picture in mind.  Many of us have voted the way we did the first two weeks to prevent an 8 person voting block from running away with game out of the gate.  That’s exactly what has been the driving force behind Danielle’s strategy. SHe’s busted her balls so to speak trying to achieve the same goal we were.  We should’t  turn around a knock her for that.  Keep in mind Danielle has been on the defensive as a target since she walked in the door.  That in combination with us blindly targeting only one side without strategically throwing a goat in the mix to prevent this form being the perception was America’s mistake. How many times have I said we can’t lump three HN form one side every week it doesn’t send the right message and prevents adding some layers into the game that aren’t manifesting organically.  The Plastics have improved their time spent with the ‘others’ but they never do it until the day before eviction.  It’s only the end of week 2 let’s force some co-mingling.   Having not take that approach in our HN choices we’ve led the HG to believe were don’t like the southerners and that is not the case for most LF’s.  Danielle is taking a very different approach than Kryssie put that’s consistent with her active game play.  From Danielle’s perspective she’s using this to scare the opposing side of the house although being too self important in doing it.   She’s mistakenly adopted her own perception of why we are doing it and asserting her dominance over the mean girls!  Danielle has not survived the block two weeks in a row and is feeling great about her ability to do so.  As she should.  What she doesn’t want to continue to do is come off as arrogant and self righteous and hopefully a week as a HN will be the reality check she needs to regroup.  


 The Plastics (which they renamed themselves tonight as the ‘ball busters’ after HOH last night) they are seeing things as she has been describing but they’ve mistakenly adopted the perception that was all because of Monte and they’ve done nothing we don’t like, and Danielle is in their face no they don’ like you they like me because these girls have been so mean to her since Day 1.  Danielle is different she talks to ‘us’ like we are in the house and going to back her up no matter what she says or does at this point in the game. That’s incorrect but I again don’t completely blame her when we set it up of her to see things that way.   That’s a dangerous line to walk.  All of the direct pandering Danielle does and then throwing her conclusions of what America thinks is inflating her ego and I fear if she stays on that path blindly without seeming gracious and appreciative that tide will change on her quickly.  Its time for a reality check (time out) and let’s give her HN status for a week to send a message of you’re not untouchable.  Even all that being said I don’t see this as a reason to target her yet. She’s one HG who is playing the game the hardest but has been on defense since week 1 for no other reason initially than the Plastics a jelly.  She’s a bigger target in front of Jason/Justin we have her believing she and Shane are win alliance with Jason and Kryssie (which is not true) and that provides a short term layer of safety Jason and Kryssie have created for themselves lets not remove that since we know the Fantastic Four is the actual alliance at the moment, they intend on cutting the couple sooner than later but need them for now and have done the work to make it happen.  Targeting Danielle right now America hurts Jason especially who is playing the game very well at the moment.  Monte leaving removed a layer of tension in the house and ll of the racial talk from the game and should at least give everyone in the house a needed break in the tension.  Don’t be so emotional in your decision making, these votes we have control over shouldn’t in my opinion as a gamer, be determined by who we see as America’s favorite or let favorite HG.   I saw people immediately after eviction already declaring who they wan too nominate this week. LOL.  That’s an emotional reaction based on personal perceptions of players and not strategic moves that influence the game in one direction or the other.  Alex fans remember if you target Danielle and get her out you are making Alex the biggest target in the house by doing so.  Jason/Justin fans by removing Danielle you’re removing al yer of protection they worked to fold themselves into and making them the biggest target on the misfits side of the house.  It’s only the first day of week 3!  We just took one of the biggest targets out which moves second tier targets up int o first position and those are our favorites.  Aren;t these the most active players we want to see face off against each other?  


We haven’t even seen Danielle’s really seen Danielle’s personal offensive play book yet.  You cannot deny that Danielle has played an amazing offensive strategic game in support of the misfits side of the house and not just her own game.  All of her efforts have been to prevent a stronghold being had by the southerners which is exactly why we were voting the way we were last week!  She’s giving us what we love!   She accurately predicts the cards that are going to be played and doesn’t let the cards fall where they may. Danielle picks up the deck and yells 52 pick up!  That’s exciting feeds! We’ve watched her flip the entire house on CB in the final hours week 1.  She and the misfits tried their damnedest to persuade Alex to nominate Scott.  Imaginer the spectacular outcome if they had been successful with Scott winning HOH!   We would have been applauding her and raving about what a great outcome that gave us!  She’s the only one trying and playing non-stop. Danielle needs some air to reign it in and based on her game play shouldn’t we at least give her a chance to see if she can adjust. A slice of humble pie (HN) may stifle the I’m America’s favorite attitude that we set her up to adopt.  She REALLY fired up after the HOH comp and the ‘’other side of the house’ wins power for the third week in  a row.  Competition wise so far it’s been an equal tally for both sides of the house.  Southerners won the first two HOH’s.  The misfits (both nominees) have won both veto comps.  It’s that back and forth tennis match we love to see.  Danielle and Kryssie have both sat on the block two weeks in a row, I won’t be surprised if Scott follows suit and makes it a trifecta for Danielle.  America kept making it appear misfits favorites unconditionally.  This week we can shake that up without hurting the A list players in the game.  ACP going to Scott, HN going to Danielle, Shelby and Alex (only because it’s Whitney’s b-day and I’m not that cruel, and wait out the week to see who should be our third nominee once voting opens 5 days from now.  LOL. A lot can happen in five days.  I know many fans of Alex may not want to give her HN’s.  Honestly, you will be helping he ran the long run to do so to prevent the same happening to her that is happening to Danielle.  Alex’s side of the house has had power now 3 weeks in a row, she also came off cocky and arrogant following the Scott win, she’s the biggest target on that side of the house.  Use the strategic assignment of HN to confuse the house, keep Alex humble and maybe even in turn help shrink the immediate target on her back for her.  Again we don’t want to set these strange players up by sending the wrong message.  You don’t buy someone a really nice gift and then leave it out on the kitchen table of them to see and ruin the surprise do you?  Keep em guessing and don’t forget every actions has an equal reaction when voting.  Anticipate what that can mean from a bigger scope.  


Finally, let’s break down Jason’s approach in discussing ‘America’. Jason like all HG really, does talk about our influence but in a much more indirect way.  Jason doesn’t make out all about him.  He makes comments like “America sees everything don’t worry”, “have faith in America they will vote on what they see…” they are very consistent in what they like and don’t like.  It hasn’t gone to his head, he isn’t banking on it to propel his game yet he’s still appreciative and coming off humble and gracious when things do fall in their favor.  So far, Jason is keeping it in perspective.  He understands the power we have, he shares what he would like to have happen but not in a demanding way like Danielle.  He doesn’t rely on us voting in their favor but actively considers and prepares for various outcomes and has been incredible thankful while trying to remind his LNC group things can change on a dime you never know what America is thinking because they see everything.  I applaud this approach and think he’s doing a great job in this aspect of his game.  Justin follows suit and so does Neely.  Alex on the other hand refuses to acre what America thinks until she realizes they may not like what’s happening over there and runs to us in the final house pleading help me I need you.  That’s as bad as Danielle’s approach IMO and wins no favor from me from a game perceptive.  Don’t tell us all week you don’t care what we think, don’t care what we do, you’re a one man show and I can’t play my game out of fear.  Girl, it’s not fear its strategy!  Alex’s perception is a poor game move and not consider as much as possible outside of your selfish motives is exactly what set her up to flop in her HOH reign.  Then she suddenly acts as if we haven’t seen her on the feeds all week talking crap and in the 23 hour puts on her smiley face and tries to sell us on how everything has been stacked against her the entire time and she can’t do it without us.  This approach si the same as her social gam approach does not let work in advance, makes little if any effort at all to foster a relationship and then when she realizes oh hey I need you to play your cards the way I set up my game strategically she thinks she can put in 24 hours work and make it happen.  Girl, get it together!  You need to be playing a more well rounded game so you have favors to calling when you need them.  That’s the game! It’s also why I am not a fan of her game play, but do credit her that she is active, just her approach needs some calibrating or she will blow up her own shot at making it to the end.  We can help her.  Don’t take out her enemy she needs a target as big as her.  Don’t by doing that move second tier player sin alliance to the top position making them next in the line of fire since overall these are really the players we are liking and having some faith in their long term game. Don’t put cookie son the table in front of a 5 year old and say don’t eat those.  That’s what America’s voting has been doing and we have a chance to ourselves take an alternate route.


After Scott wins HOH we of course see the Plastics stroking his ego and bathing him in attention.  If you watch closely though you see Alex begin to immediately dictate how his win positions the Plastics and Scott puts the breaks on that saying he “needs to think about what HE wants to do this week”.  We also see Danielle and Kryssie immediately react strongly to Scott’s win although in different forms.


By 9:56 pm cam 1/2 we see the Plastics stroking Scott’s ego but he quickly asserts, I thought I knew what my nom’s would be but I am not so sure right now.”  Then he goes on to tell them he doesn’t want to waste an HOH on nominating Kryssie, she’s not a comp threat.  He says this all the time on the feeds but this is the first comp he’s done better than Kryssie.  Last week she outlasted Morgan, Scott, and Whitney in the HOH comp. Scott does try to rat out Shane to the girls which makes Alex even more celebratory. Don’t get drunk with power Alex, it’s not good for your game. Take a lesson from Danielle and settle down.  My advice to her would be don’t push Scott too hard and don’t behave to overconfidently.  We also hear Morgan state “Scott I will be a HN for another two weeks.”  Scott’s immediate declaration about not nominating Kryssie after two week son telling everyone in the house Kryssie is his target seems to affirm my suspicions about Scott are correct.  He’s still looking at working with Kryssie under the radar.  He constantly downplays her competition potential to deflect a target from her.  At this point in the conversation Scott now wants to check with DR and see if he can eat now.  Don’t blame him he’s been eating pickles and salsa most of the week. My impression is Kryssie is hustling the misfits as well, but we haven’t seen she and Scott steal off since last Saturday’s blow up so this is something to pay attention to and don’t be surprised.  We see her really exercising her dramatic performance with the misfits if that is the case she’s playing it up that she’s so upset, she knows she’s going to be the target, woe is me and the misfits all rallying around her trying to comfort, reassure her, and build her up.  I could be wrong, this could be Kryssie’s genuine reaction because she may still be under the impression after the blow up and she and Scott having a falling out last Saturday.  Like I said, we see little interaction between the two this week compared to last week.  However, I’ve seen Kryssie pull this same stunt with the Plastics week one when she and Jason created the plan to go inside and mingle with them and gain some sympathy from CB by relating to him about being homesick ,missing her BF, yada yada, so for me this looks suspect.  Here’s what we know about Scott from his own mouth, he doesn’t want to go to the end with strong players. He’s told Jason I want you around for a lot of this game but I can never let you get near the end and would never make a F2 with you because I know I could never beat you.  Scott also puts in a lot of work with Shelby and Kryssie separately week 1 and then more with Shelby week 2 once he’s exposed.  Why do you think that is?  Because Scott is SMART!  Those two are the least liked females in the house.  Not only that he reads them correctly in that they do some have minor abilities without having very strong overall games.  Shelby is smart but terrible social game.  Kryssie has a pretty food social game.  In his mind if he carries these two to the end it puts him in a great position to potentially win the game.  He will crush them in his mind.  Can’t say he’s wrong either.  This is the problem with leaving floaters in the game at this point.  Many of you may find the Sloth’s catty and passive aggressive personality fun to watch but she’s hurting Morgan’s game and a perfect goat for Scott.  There are other players in the Plastics that can fill that bottom wrung and Shelby shouldn’t be allowed to go more than another week or two without being eliminated if you really want a game played by strategic, savvy, active players in the house.  The sloth is Alex’s poison berry and I don’t recommend leaving that in play because it will only increase Alex’s target as we move into week 3 and 4.  Same goes for Kryssie by week 4 or 5.  Kryssie isn’t hurting Jason/Justin’s game at the moment so I see her value in staying a couple weeks longer for now.  She’s a great pawn that if she accidentally goes out won’t cause too many problems but is useful for both sides at the moment even if she’s hard to take on the feeds sometimes she’s much easier than the Sloth for me.


I often refer to my preseason rankings.  As we move into week three and alliances have formed, fallen, and Monte has been eliminated I will share with you the stock values of the players for me.  Keep in my mind amy analysis is based on what I know about the game, strategic and active game play and how they have positioned themselves in the house as of the moment Scott becomes HOH.  Also keep in mind we are only in week three!  There will be power shifts, new alliances emerging over the next few weeks and some cross over between the two sides but unfortunately of the Plastics with a Scott win I fear they will continue the path of investing too much time only hanging out together and not developing a more well rounded social game and that is to their detriment in terms of long term game.  My assessment is ranking who is playing the best and has positioned themselves well to this point and who is playing the worst game and may have to far to climb up the ladder to make a come back at this point or has zero game value for me.



11. Shelby a.k.a. The Sloth

Shelby is a smart person but not a smart player.  She adds nothing but trouble for the plastics except being a low level target because she annoys the heck out of people in the house.  She spends most of her day laying around talking crap about everyone and is #1 on the mean girl’s ranking but has practically zero game, and is an anchor on Alex’s game.  She hurts Alex more than she helps her and we have Whitney in the mix to fill the bottom tier if the cloth goes home so there’s more benefit than harm by eliminating her now.  There’s no room for floaters in this format and the fans she has are based on her attitude and entrainment value not game value.


10. Kryssie

Kryssie is the bottom ring on the fantastic four’s ladder as well.  She’s dispensable but she is playing an active game, although far from being a good one.  She helps Jason/Justin at the moment.  She has some value in her role and yes I know she is less fun to listen to sometimes but I noticed this week much less negative Nancy commentary and was grateful to finally not have to hear her BF mentioned every 2 minutes.  The things about her personality that irked people slowly fell to the way side when she wasn’t an upfront target this week and that shows some progress but she would have a lot of climbing to do in order to become a gamer we want to see play.


9. Shane

Shane is very smart.  He is an active player and when he needs to step up and take the bull by the horns he does.  Where he is layered in the game at the moment is not a great position.  He and Danielle as a couple are targets. Justin doesn’t like him and Neely would have voted him out this week given the chance.  Danielle doesn’t do him any favors she shines the spot light on him, but he does at least have his own thoughts an ideas about the game and has potential to climb if those two are separated by the mid game point so there’s potential there for him to progress. He needs to be seen more away from Danielle and he needs to be a calming force for her as long as they’re in the game together but for now he and Danielle are the biggest targets on the misfits side and in reality don’t have loyalty from anyone but each other.


8. Scott

Scott is a unique player at the moment.  He was very high on my rankings preseason and the first couple days in the house because he was actually in the best position right in between the two sides.  Scott got cocky and sloppy played too hard too fast and like a mudslide crashed quickly and with a lot of force from both sides of the house.  HN status, being a swing vote and the sand trap have all helped him.  He is slowly climbing back up the ladder, although has a ways to go to demonstrated he learned his lesson, but his ideas are solid even if the execution was lousy.  Now that he’s HOH he can’t be targeted this week but doesn’t move him up too much yet because that leaves him vulnerable next week.  If he plays his cards right in this HOH and targets one HG from each side leaving a BD option available to him and does’t let this short term power go to his head he could actually rise more quickly and help position himself with those who may get power next week and shrink the target the outgoing HOH always seems to have because it’s an easy nomination to make.  Scott is one to watch and analyze closely and in all honesty I think this week’s care package is truly best suited for him this week.  He thinks we hate him.  This gives him a small boost of support in we see you working hard.  It also prevents either side from incorrectly assuming we prefer them over the other and allows Scott to have a little more control over the HOH this week when America has had so much influence.  Let him choose which veto to put into play on his HOH and see what he does with that. It’s not really an advantage for the person who receives this week’s ACP but the ability to choose what kind of veto is put into play could be a dangerous power to put in either the Plastics or the Misfits hands based other perceptions of what America thinks of them.  Also, gives Scott a pat on the back for making such a huge come back this last week.  The type of veto can benefit anyone because 6 people will compete and depending on which one he chooses could give him longer term protection next week and he’s the one most likely not to choose to allow someone to not only remove someone from the block but replace the nominee and if we don’t want the nominees this week to look like they have been then he’s the best choice while still preserving better ACP for the favorite players down the road.  I still see this one as a throw away because the potential for it to actually help the recipient is about 10% because they actually have to be able to play in Veto to benefit from winning whatever Veto it ends up being.


7. Whitney

Whitney still hasn’t moved too much.  She’s in a four person alliance and she’s not the bottom person in the layers of the group she and Morgan are both sitting in the middle which is the best sport to be in.  Initially this week I saw her make some adjustments and improve her social game by comfortably integrating herself into the “commoners” side of the social game and is liked by almost everyone in that group.  We saw her engage in a lot more strategic conversation which allowed us to see she is a smart cookie, understands a lot of the game, and has her won opinions.  She distanced her association with Monte on the surface which turned out very well for her initially.  However, the whole lying to Justin when he really had some faith in her was a HUGE mistake undoing much of her hard work and was a detriment to her personal game.  The entire misfit side who was #teamWhitney now sees she was handling them and they don’t appreciate it at all.  The way she handled her goal was the wrong approach and the Plastics tasking her to do so was for their own benefit with her taking the only risk and she lost by doing so.  I do see potential in her, she’s not floating along and of anyone until this eviction vote scam they ran on the misfits was the one Plastics I thought would have the easiest time acclimating into another alliance with some opposing players in the next 2 weeks over any of the other mean girls.  I think they knew that as well and by getting her to lie to the Justin set her up to be less desirable by that side of the house in order to keep her in line because need her more than she needed them by the end of week 2.  There’s time and opportunity for her to recover but it’s going to take a lot more work now and Scott winning HOH again wasn’t the best thing for the Plastics this week from the big picture view of the game.  



Danielle has proven herself to be smart, strategic, able to make things happen and shaken the house up several times to try and take some direct heat off her and Shane.  I see a gamer in her but like Alex she puts in a little more effort to try and socialize with the mean girls but spends far too much time attached to Shane.  She’s in a showmance which is always a target.  They do have the benefit for now of being a 2 vote block which can be a selling point if presented in the correct way.  She’s gotten a bit cocky and arrogant about the America’s votes but also a lot of her motivation came from attacking Monte and not backing down with him out of the game sitting up both sides we should see that subside quickly this week overall for everyone in the house.  Danielle doesn’t know when to sit back and just let the leg work she’s put in come to life.  SHe’s too forceful and wants to control to many elements all at a once although I do realize she hasn’t had a lot of choice since people have been blatantly targeting her before she ever even brushed her teeth the first night.  My assessment pre season was she has the potential to be a great player in BBOTT  but her Type A personality would hurt her game and being overbearing never elicits a positive response from either your enemies or your allies in this game.  No one outside of Shane sees her as someone they want to work with long term.  She and Alex are both the biggest targets in the house and that’s never a good position to put yourself in which is what they both actively did to themselves by the moves or lack of moves they’ve applied.  For now, the fantastic four are using the couple as a shield, they have no long term commitment to them moving forward but must try and preserve having a bigger target in front of them for a couple more weeks.  I think Danielle needs a slap on the wrist for letting our voting go to her head but she has played the best active game working the hardest and she and Alex need to challenge each other so my hope is a HN week along with Alex will 1. give us some entertainment.  2. keep these two big egos in check this week 3. in going so maybe help shift focus to some bottom feeders and get out a floater this week.


5. Alex

Alex is playing!  She is smart and gets so much of what she should but she just misses the mark in how she goes about it and like Danielle is stubborn and selfish in her game play.  You need people around you to keep you safe and social game is a very critical element in creating longevity in the game. Also like Danielle, she made herself the HBIC of the Plastics and in turn made herself the biggest target with Monte gone she has no shield and that’s a rookie mistake.  She spends far too much time with Shelby in the same way Danielle spends far too much time with Shane it's a detriment to her game.  Alex also refuses to look at the big picture and his playing more like she’s reading off a checklist on how to play Big Brother rather than an analytical approach of what pieces do I need to move now to set up what my goal is.  I see her working and give her due credit for that but overall she’s been sloppy and careless and if she doesn’t take a step back and evaluate her weaknesses she won’t have longevity in the game, there’s nothing other than voting numbers to protect her and she’s at a disadvantage in next week’s HOH as well.  For me, 5 and 6 are inter changeable at this point.  Scott winning HOH and the Plastics feeling like they have power for the third week in a row could hurt Alex far more than it helps her.  Her elitist attitude where she believes she’s so much better than “those people” was fueled by Monte of course but I also predict it’s not going to change much just because he’s gone.  Although Monte being removed from the equation may reduce the microscope on her by the misfits slightly she inevitably always shoots every opportunity to maximize on a step in the right direction so I fear although it could help it won’t.  Alex is her own worst enemy at the moment and a week of HN may help her not get inner own with drunk with power now that Scott has won and we are more likely to give the ACP to the other side of the house this week regardless.  Please don’t set her up any more badly than she’s done to herself.  Giving both her and Danielle HN together sends a very strong message to the alpha females lets see who the best one is in the end by the time the next eviction night rolls around.  Lots of potential just not seeing the evidence yet that she can reel it in and stop playing BB like she’s finishing a chores list in the house.  The one benefit for Alex over Danielle that makes a difference is she is in a larger alliance and for the others aligned with her not seen as dispensable in the short term game.  The sister’s haven’t been uncovered yet so I don’t really see this a benefit or a negative.  Both have said they are  playing their own games, eventually will have to cut each other and neither plans to take the other to the end.  

*I am kind of expecting a bull horn incident this weekend.  BB Tooms had their twitter account temporarily suspend again and whenever this happens we have someone yell things over the wall and the word on the street is LF’s are pushing for the message to expose the sisters.  Now, I don’t like when someone messes with the integrity of the game but it’s something I felt you may need to watch out for because the likelihood if it happening soon is pretty high and will cause some chaos if it does happen.



4. Morgan

Morgan is actually in a really good position on top of acclimating quickly to the game.  Her sister is a shield in fan of her in her alliance.  SHe’s more social been though no less mean girl than the others in this group. In strategy sessions we see her looking at the game and moves more like I suggest Alex should.  Monte was hurting her game and now that he’s gone we can watch to see how she adjusts.  She needs a different alliance available to her. She made some strides with Neely earlier on and the Plastics burned a lot of small poorly constructed foot bridges on the other side by trying to counter the voting strategy last night and making everyone believe they actually be voting for Kryssie.  Neely’s trust and respect she had was damaged but of all the people on that side I see Morgan having the best shot at doing some damage control hat lines her up to two the work needed to repair that relationship.  She still doesn’t integrate herself enough socially with the house as a whole but she does recognize the need to do so more than her sister, doesn’t get weighed down by Shelby and isn’t the biggest target in the group or the lowest girl on the totem pole leaving her dispensable like the Sloth. My opinion of her hasn’t changed much since preseason and she actually rose form the dead middle to the top 4 because I see her potential, she’s actively playing, and she isn’t doing things to hurt her individual game play.  


3. Neely

Neely is on one of the very best positions in the game at the moment!  Bravo girl!  She’s layered in a strong alliance she’s loyal to for now and likely for a while.  Jason and Justin are shields in front of her.  She is smart, strategic, plays short terms and long term moves.  People like and respect her and no one is really threatened by her right now except for Scott maybe.  He may try to get her out but the odds of it happening aren’t in his favor based on day 15, although it’s a long week ahead of everyone.

She also is not the lowest person tiered in her alliance so Kryssie is more dispensable than Neely.  The biggest scoring over Morgan is more people like, trust, and respect Neely than anyone else in the house.  As  a HG thats someone you keep around longer because there’s greater potential maybe you can work worth her down the road.  She keeps spirits high but also doesn’t mince words and will address things quickly to prevent a spark form turning into a forest fire.  She’s loyal to her primary alliance and waited and took her time to choose a side which is always the best strategy. I expect Neely to go far if she survives this week but may need a ACP down the road and is working hard to earn it!  Play Nelly Play!  I see you girl! The only reason she’s not in top 2 ia she’s been on Scott’s radar which leaves her somewhat exposed this week but I do have faith she can put in some work and survive but I want to wait and see.


2. Justin I don’t need to explain too much about why Justin is in the top 2.  He’s beloved by all but 3 of the HG.  He’s funny, laid back, loyal, is a great alliance, learning the game quickly.  Justin’s greatest asset is his street smarts.  He knows people.  He reads them very well and applies what he knows.  He’s competitive and positive and gives us life not he feeds!  He’s not in the direct line of fire but comes in #2 because from what I see he is actually a bigger target than Jason right now despite Jason being a vet, people see how well liked he is, the plastics will come for him because Monte left.  Scott may try and take a shot he’s very threatened by Justin in the short term more than Jason.  Scott’s fear of Jason is long term game and knows he needs a bigger target like Jason in the house and still sees potential for working with him.  Justin is a very well rounded player with a phenomenal social game!  He cooks, he makes people laugh, he’ grateful blessed and appreciative and that disarms some people.  Shane and Danielle also have no idea he will cut them given the chance the second he doesn’t need there votes or they begin to draw attention to him and that’s smart game play!


1. Jason

Jason went from almost going home the first week to falling off the radar almost completely.  He’s a vet and will always be a target but for now, between his real alliance, fake alliance and fan base he’s in a top position in the game.  As we move into week 3 Justin is a shield for Jason, there re two bigger targets on people’s minds (Alex and Danielle).  I know he’s dropped in some of the polls but being in the middle is actually a good spot there as well.  Not the most liked not the least liked.  I also suspect some of the drop has more to do with some players like Alex jumping up quickly.  Don’t be fooled though Alex maybe well liked but we cannot protect her as well as we would like to think.  Jason’s approach to America’s vote is the best in the house.  He also is playing a very different game than BB17 and some people are scolding him but that’s one of those no win fan situations.  If he was playing the exact same game like Da’Vonne did when she returned those same people would be judging him for that.  Jason is putting in a lot of work. He’s aligned himself short term with Shane/Danielle and again they don’t realize that he and Kryssie agree to a final four as a means to an end.  He can win comps and physical one’s he may not be as well armed to wine has both Justin and Neely in his crew who are better predisposed to take those physical spots.  I would like to see Justin or Jason go for HOH week 5 for sure at this point, based on what we know today but I am glad they are eligible of next week’s HOH is the heat on them gets turned up this week.  Danielle or Shane will go week 5 or 6.  Jason needs to keep planting seeds thinking ahead, actively working on what’s happening in the moment when he needs to and stay behind Justin for another couple of weeks because neither is the bigger target and since Danielle and Alex are both fan favorites at the moment I see the opportunity for our voting power to keep them in the game week 3 and 4 and that benefits the top 2 right now.  


There you have it.  That’s my revised rankings based on what the game looks like at the end of week 2.  We have a lot of game left and I caution people not to play like its week 5 or 6 when it’s only week three. I cannot name who I would nominate this week and why.  Let things play out for a few days, see where the cards fall and who needs us or doesn’t and then I can assess the current goal.


However for now I think in the best interest of the two biggest targets having some ego issues and wanting to not leave them to hurt their games in their own hands because all of their independent perspective is wrapped up in some serious misconceptions and we can help them take a step back and maybe shrinks the targets a little by doing so helping the HG’s who stand to be hurt the most by them being taken out are:


ACP Scott

Let the HOH actually have a little more control over the week this week.  Boost his confidence a little rewarding him with a power that doesn’t necessarily benefit his personal game and waste the second week power on someone that isn’t a fan favorite player to preserve better powers for them in the future.  Let’s see what he does this week.  I initially was thinking Neely for this week, but since things have been swinging so much and she may need our actual help with another ACP I think this strategically is the best use of it this week now that Scott is HOH.



Mix the group form both sides don’t make the same mistake as last week sending the wrong message and although it’s a ‘punishment’ really we can use it as a helping hand to reset some big attitudes before they do any more damage to themselves.




Shelby the Sloth


The first two need a reality check.  Don’t do Whitney it’s her bday this week. Don’t do Jason or Justin and weaken them for HOH next week.  Instead  make it entertaining just imagine Alex and Shelby having each other to get through it since they insist on being inseparable and throwing Danielle in a room with those two could be exciting feeds!  Either they will bond or they will face off all week.  These are just my opinions and how I see the voting be used in the best way strategically.  Please don’t try and tell anyone else how they have to vote or should be voting.  You become the player that wants to shove their opinions or goals down someone’s throat and doesn’t gain you any real support.  All I ask is as you decide think about the message it sends, how it helps or hurts no only the person you’re voting for but the work other players have put into their game.  Cause and effect, it’s a part of nature you can’t avoid it.


Hope we are all in a for a more relaxed environment with the agitator removed.  Racial relations will be discussed far less if at all once talk of Monte by the girls dies down which is good for us and them here’s really no place in this game for that.  Expect the game to change several time the next couple weeks and keep in mind it’s only the beginning of week 3!  

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HG were all sleeping still this morning and there were a few things that happened yesterday to share it was the slowest day for me in the BB house in a while.  There’s conversations in both groups about the ACP, America’s Nom, HN’s (Morgan feeling very sorry for herself being the lone HN now), and some internal conflicts brewing inside the  misfits.  We also had a 8 minutes recap episode and Monte exit interview yesterday.  I will also share the happenings once the ACP was awarded this afternoon. 


The Plastics are being more social with Justin(10/13). While we are begging for the two groups to blend a bit more this isn’t really what I had in mind.  LOL.  I give them credit for being offensive in strategy slowly trying to win some of Justin’s favor, they vastly underestimate his intelligence and their goal isn’t to integrate themselves into the social game it’s nothing more than a means to an end. Justin knows the girls’ aren’t trustworthy he’s working them as much as they are trying to work him. The major difference is that Justin is genuinely socializes trying to get to know the girls better (which helps his game).  The girls are playing nice to his face and still talking all kids of garbage behind his back.  The girls aren’t learning anything really about Justin that they could potentially be using to help them play up his strength and weaknesses and be able to call in a favor if they need it.  They are sowing seeds on a rocky path, while Justin is sowing seeds on good soil.


I am going to take a very strong stand on the chatter I hear from a lot of LF’s about trying to vote to force the two groups to finally crossover into new alliances blending the two sides in some new groups.  This is BB and early on alliances form but as gamers and BB historians we should know all to well the majority of the initial alliances break off by week 3/4 and new alliances form.  The power to vote and influence the game seems to be skewing what we know!  I see part of this being related to the fact that we LF’s were welcomed into he house a week earlier than normal and we were able to witness the interactions of HG from the moment they walk in the door and the desire to control too much too fast interferes with the integrity of the game.  It’s only day 2 of week 3!  LOL.  I am in complete support of our goal to prevent an 8 person voting block week one and blending into week 2 establishing a power that would be difficult to recover from if we didn’t use our voting to through some support to prevent this from happening.  My fear is some people aren’t realizing that we could quickly become like that HG that makes surface moves like Alex not considering cause and effect.  


We set the misfits up to believe as a group we support them collectively and now we are judging them for believing what we sold them.  I saw this coming and made a point of stating its necessary to mix up the HN’s each week.  There’s benefits to doing this and one if not leading an entire side of the house to falsely assume that means we like the entire group and not just throwing some support to protect some of our favorite players.  Yes, different members of the misfits perceived it more graciously than others but…we weren’t effective because of how we did it.  Had? We nominated 2 southerners and one misfit for HN this could have at least indicated it’s not a group thing.  We also could have in a gentle way strategically placed opposing players in the HN room together and set them up to share a HN experience.  


I said it before, I will ay it again, many deals and side alliances have been born out of the HN experience.  People who would not have intentionally spent time together would now be put in a position where they had to.  One of two things would have happened and both would have benefited our goals.  HN’s could have found some form of common ground commiserating together.  Or, there would have been some tension that made for entertaining feeds.  Either I think we would have been happy with.  Instead we now have Morgan all alone feeling sorry for herself because Scott is HOH and Monte is gone.  That being said we need to be a little more patient and allow the splits and crossovers to happen organically.  It happens every season by week 4/5 once the stragglers are gone, some shots are fired and at least one head of a power alliances is chopped off people begin to scramble.  When we begin to try and force things there is cause and effect to consider.  I myself, find it difficult because the Plastics just refuse to associate with anyone outside of their group.  That’s a consequence they will have to suffer in their personal game play but remember we are going into week 3.  Look at Justin.  He’s naturally beginning to spread his wings and while it’s not appearing to effect his loyalty to Jason, Jason is showing concern in comments he’s made overnight tot he LNC.


I don’t see Justin flipping on Jason at this point unless he sees Jason question his loyalty.  What I do see, is some chatter within the misfits about him hanging with the girls fearful he is getting caught up.  Justin’s social game is the strongest in the house at the moment.  He uses everything he learns to his advantage!  Justin is still focused on the game at hand.  Justin knew he needed Dani/Shane first two weeks to prevent a power voting group (southerners) from picking his alliance off.  However, Justin, like Scott have both said since week 1 they want Danielle/Shane out.  Neither trusts them.  That hasn’t changed.  It’s not new targets for these two fellas.   What has changed is the voting numbers have evened out and Justin’s game is no longer reliant on keeping Dani/Shane in the house.  


Justin approaching Scott last night and asserting he is with the plan to eliminate one of them was a smart strategic move.  He didn’t come on strong, he just kept it honest and makes it clear to Scott if he takes the shot at Dani/Shane again Justin is on board.  Justin’s alliance with Jason isn’t really damaged by doing this because Jason/Neely/Kryssie aren’t loyal to Dani/Shane either and their short term goal was achieved, next week’s voting numbers will remain balanced and they are eliminating player son their side who can potentially harm their game moving forward long term.  What Justin may not realize is its better to hang on another week or so or until Misfits finally get power because as long as the showmance is in the game they are a shield for Jason/Justin.  Shane/Danielle are bigger targets they need in from of them until they get numbers down just one or two more.  


I worry that if Justin is informed that Jason asserted Justin is being blind to what the Plastics are doing will offend Justin and could be a problem that Jason created.  Just something to watch this week.  Its similar to week 1 when the Plastics told Morgan to get close to Monte then were seen two days later complaining that Morgan is getting too close to Monte.  LOL.  Justin has been very upfront about what he’s doing and made it clear that they don’t talk game and he’s no sucker.  There was some trouble in land of the misfits late last night Justin/Danielle/Neely were engaged in a conversation about having children, baby mamas, that started light hearted joking and Danielle hot a nerve with Justin which stirred him to fire back and that made her cry.  


You can watch the whole thing except what Justina actually says to make her cry because the camera cut away and came back right after whatever was said was said.  Justin apologizes over and over. Justin still felt bad this morning because it wasn’t his intention he just felt backed into a corner and lashed out back at her.  I get Dani sharing her 2 cents base don the topic and her being a single mom.  Her heart was in the right place but she does come off too aggressive often and people are general defensive now because to it.  Like Monte, Dani likes to prove or assert she’s always right.  There’s no denying that.  In this particular case I don’t think that was the case. ( 10/14 1:00 am BB Time) Justin makes sure he and Neely are cool.  Also apologizes numerous times to Danielle but when Justin leaves Shane makes a point of saying Justin doesn’t respect women.  Don’t let that get back to Justin either because them’s fighting words!  LOL Seriously though, Justin doesn’t trust Shane at all.  He saw the way Shane flipped on his boys the first week and that’s enough for him to know he’s not trustworthy in the game.  Also knows those two will always protect each other first.  If Justin were to be nominated next to Shane then Danielle wouldn’t be a vote for Justin and vice versa.  Exactly why showmances are targeted.  Justin has spent a lot more time alone today.  I also noticed whenever Shane/Danielle are around he meanders off within a short time period and finds an excuse to do something else.


For me, Justin is demonstrating while he will ride or die for Jason but he is not a patsy.  Justin has his own personal game in his line of sight.  That’s smart game play.  Ride for your team at this point but never lose sight of what’s best for your game while not alienating your group like Monte did.  Monte’s approach to only doing what’s best for him quickly left a bad taste in CB’s and Shane’s mouths days into the game.  That was Monte’s first mistake and led to much of what unfolded as the week played out.  Monte’s actions are what pushed Shane to put his relationship with Dani first because she was looking out for Shane as much as herself where Monte refused to listen to anyone else and shoved his own personal agenda down Shane and CB’s throats and was very dismissive of their concerns.  Alex did this as well last week with her HOH although not as aggressively.  Morgan did learn that quickly Alex was going to not even consider how her decisions as HOH could effect Morgan and Monte by extension and played a role in why Monte became the second visit to America’s vote.



Justin is generally social with everyone and admits he hung with those girls minimally before because of their association with Monte.  The misfits perceive the girls spending so much time with Justin as a strategy (it is) and Justin doesn’t appreciate the misfits trying to question his loyalty and character making a lot of side comments about the girls kissing his butt all day.   The misfits are frustrated that side has power 3 weeks in a row.  I get that.  I think we as LF’s are shaking our heads as well.  However, although the first HOH wasn’t won as much assigned, the last two were fair fights and that side came out victorious.  They deserve credit for that.  As do the misfits, Jason and Shane who worked hard to win veto and save themselves.  The game play competition wise as been equal.


The misfits Social game is better than the Plastics at this point (10/13).  The active efforts manipulate the vote in their favor and secure safety for their side has been better on the misfits side and that’s proven by Danielle/Neely putting in a lot of leg work after the replacement nom happened week 1 to get the southerners to vote out their own team member.  Both sides of the house tried to work last eviction to manipulate some voting to save their team member to maintain numbers in voting power for the moment and America sided with Misfits because Monte was a TERRIBLE gamer, difficult to have to endure on the feeds because of his arrogance and constant talking over people, saying the most ridiculous things and his effect as a result of his actions on the members of the Plastics.  We didn’t want to see the southerners steam roll the game because they had the numbers and we achieved that.  Let’s not forget how much has happened in such a short amount of time.  Moving forward I strongly urge voters not to always out 3 people from the same side up as HN’s.  There’s no benefit to anyone in doing so and actually back fired on us as viewers and the HG’s.  I also hope we all realize this is the only influence we have to force crossover this early in the game.  If we begin trying to force it with ACP and nominations there are greater side effects that can and will effect active game play we respect.


Jason especially put in work to create shields both in front of him and beneath him that are needed to layer himself.  The fantastic four is his actually alliance at the moment.  He also made a side alliance with Shane/Danielle/Kryssie/Jason for show, it kept the couple voting with his side and he and Kryssie did that with purpose for their short term game without actually having any loyalty to the couple moving beyond the immediate need for votes.  It’s quite possible Shane or Danielle will finally go this week because they’ve served their purpose and can be let go now.  The votes are even and neither side trusts the couple moving forward.  Plastics fear Dani as a competitor and see the showmance as a threat voting as 2.  Justin/Jason/Kryssie especially don’t trust them.  It’s coming because Shane will have to find a niche without Dani in the game and setting the game up naturally to begin to evolve outside of the initial alliances.  Also its time for the misfits to have some power because this forces the girls to have to branch off and make some deals outside their foursome.  Whitney has set herself up the best although after the voting scandal last week she’s not as trust worthy as she would have been had she not actively participated in those efforts with Justin.  Like I’ve said before be careful when your alliance asks you to be the front man in a strategic move because you are the one who stands to lose the most by being the front man.  Those in your alliance staying in the shadows while you put yourself in the front makes you the fall guy with the people who try to manipulate or hustle when the scam is uncovered.  


(10/13)The Plastics continue all day to sit around and talk crap about the people on the other side.  That’s what they always do and I am sad because Monte being removed was a chance for them to being to blend socially in a natural way that wouldn’t appear as calculated because like Justin said today he didn’t really spend much time with them because they were so close to Monte.  It’s more bad social game play that does have an influence on long term game needs.  If you don’t put in the leg work before you need help from someone on the other side when you come running to them in the 23 rd hour they are not going to be as willing to buy what you sell.  If Alex had been putting in leg work the first two weeks as she should have been when she tried to scam certain people to try and flip the vote to save Monte it may have at least had a chance of working.  Since she’s done nothing at all to build friendships no one felt any reason to believe anything she said.  The same is true on the other side.  When they tried to sell putting Scott up she wasn’t as vulnerable to believing they were being genuine because people like Jason and Neely didn’t put in the advance hours to get the promotion when they needed it,  Had they just spent some casual hours just trying to get to know Alex their planned strategy may have had a better shot at working because she could have seen them as more genuine and trustworthy. We saw her pondering it, but the leg work wasn’t there to sway her to believe and in fact the lack of leg work affirmed to her it’s more likely they are trying to hustle me than to join together to eliminate Scott in the best interest of everyone’s games. 


Finally, Scott is misusing this opportunity putting all his eggs in the Plastics basket.  He may actually be the first successful HOH actually getting his target out.  That’s great for this week!  But then next week he can’t compete, Alex is at a disadvantage in the week 4 HOH, and you will go into it with really 5 against 2 with no equity on the opposing side of the house.  


With Scott’s conversation with Neely and trying to negotiate a one week deal next week for both he and Alex was a STUPID personal game move. He exposed too many cards and spent equity on Alex that he didn’t have to spend.  It was so overt and not well presented at all.  Neely now knows Scott primary loyalty is to Alex, not just the Plastics in general.  That’s valuable intel!  Scott also made it clear to Shane he has no allegiance to him at all.  Scott could have and SHOULD have at the very least presented to Shane if he puts Shane up it’s because Danielle is his target and Shane would take Dani down if he won veto and this is the only way to ensure Shane can’t save Dani.  True or not that was a better way to present it to Shane in case Shane stays.  


Scott win’s ACP-Power to select which of 3 Vetoes are put into play at this week’s veto competition.  Of course we’ve seen enough to know he runs off with the Plastics and Alex will have a strong influence on Scott’s decisions.  You can see Scott talk about the veto with Justin first actually at 1:24 pm cam 3/4.  Scot indicates he is leaning towards Diamond Power of Veto.  He shares with Justin he wants clarification from the DR since America’s nominee isn’t replaced typically (because waiting for us to vote again isn’t reasonable in this format) so he wonders with these vetoes if someone brings America’s nominee down will they be replaced.  This is why I felt like Scott was a good choice!  He’s HOH and I felt like HOH needed some power back despite we still nominate and have an eviction vote.  Scott’s a gamer too and would really know how these vetoes will effect the outcome and make an informed decision which one he wants to activate.  I don’t know about you, but when I read the ACP this week that question never occurred to me!  If someone wins diamond power and can remove 1 from the block and select the replacement I would assume it will apply to our nominee this week.  Who Knows?  Great question and shows he really is thinking about the decision and power he’s been given even if it may not be sued how I want he’s being strategic.  If he was really sharp, in his position I would nominate two from my alliance so we all play in the veto, increase likelihood we could look in targets we want by having the veto and backdooring our target without a chance to save themselves.  He could easily throw Shelby and Morgan or Whitney and Shelby up there.  If you look at how things have worked out, southerners have been drawn every week for veto!  Misfits have won veto every week despite playing 4:2 odds.  It’s a risk, but one I would be willing to take given all the facts.  


Chances are statistically that misfits will be drawn this week to play.  If even one is drawn and you nominate two from that side you now only have a 50% chance of winning the veto and keeping nominations the same.  We will see what Scott does, I know he won’t do what I think he should but it sounded as though he may change his original plan up.  He was planning to Nominate Shane/Danielle and I think he counts on America nominating someone he doesn’t care about.  Now he’s gotten this power and toyed with changing noms to Kryssie/Neely.  Scott’s suggestion all the time that Kryssie sucks at comps is not valid.  She outlasted 3 of those 5 in the now Scott and the Plastics alliance in the sword HOH!  LOL If he puts Neely/Kryssie up that’s a really stupid move!  Go big or go home!  Shane and Dani could get pulled, win veto, and have power you are handing them!  So could anyone on the misfits side.  


Scott’s clearly focused on aligning with Alex.  Not entirely a bad game move, she’s proven to be a strong player (although a bad one) and for him that’s a bigger target in front of him.  Again though, The Plastics aren’t putting in the work that needs to laid as a foundation so they can build on to get to the end of the game!  It’s so frustrating to me.  Alex and her knowledge of BB but applying it like a checklist and not really understanding the people she’s watched and admired in the game put in a  lot of work to make those things happen!  Maybe no one explained that BBOTT isn’t Pokemon Go!  Just finding your target isn’t enough to win this game! 


America’s Care Package was delivered this afternoon around 1:04 pm and Scott received the power to choose the veto this week!  You can see Scott lie to Justin about his ideas 1:24 pm cam 3/4 and then Scott and The plastics discuss it 2:09 pm cam 1/2.  He tells Justin he will probably choose Diamond veto.  He tells the Plastics he’s leaning towards Double because if any of them comes in 1st/2nd and third nominee is one of them they can take America’s nom down if it’s one of the Plastics.  He’s leaning towards Kryssie/Neely.  They also think they can almost let a misfit win the Veto if it’s the double because they can remove themselves he can then put Shane/Danielle up.  That’s not a bad approach other than he’s really now increasing his Target by pissing Neely off.  Kryssie is already not his biggest fan.  


I hope as we continue to have such a strong hand in the game we don’t lose sight of how every piece we move does effect another piece on the board and could hurt the people we want to protect.  I gave Scott my ACP votes.  It’s a wasted power, he’s HOH, I don’t want either side to believe this week we are completely on their side and let’s give the HOH some of the power our voting has robbed them of the last two weeks without really hurting anyone else.  I don’t force wanting to help save Scott later and the actual veto he chooses to put into play if he doesn’t adjust his noms after he knows what the power is actually could help the misfits side again this week.  I also plan to vote to Plastics and one misfit for HN.  I want Alex and Danielle to get a little reality check.  Their dos are growing faster than their game and maybe this will help.  It will hurt their abilities to compete, it forces them to be in the same room at the very neat!  LOL.  


Shelby is my 3rd HN,  She was already on my radar but she and the Plastics found the Krackle candy bars last night.  If those girls put as much effort into actually playing the game as they did into finding some candy they would be in far better positions in the game!  That’s the hardest I’ve seen the sloth work in 2 weeks!  Shelby also said numerous times on the feeds yesterday she was going to hide food in her golf bag and in the bedroom so if she’s a HN she can sneak food!  I would like to see her try and sneak food and since she and Alex are attached at the hip all day very day by choice in my mindset let’s give them what they want and make them HN together as well.  At the very least it will be fun to watch these three be forced to spend time int he same room and will give me some entertainment on the feeds!  Best case they find something else to talk about in common and if Dani goes Alex was forced to spend some time with her.  If by some miracle with er Shelby or Alex goes Dani and the other will be stuck together in the HN room and that’s a win, win IMO.


The Plastics finally found the Krackle stash last night.  They decided to hunt in the house and Whitney found the bag under the couch in the IFR (7:24 pm 10/13). They were very proud they finally accomplished something and have their first victory over the misfits.  Don't worry it's short lived.  Now (5:20 pm cam 1/2) misfits are cleaning while the Plastics lounge around the IFR talking about showers and DR's tonight.   The misfits have found a Krackle wrapper so they know Shelby found the stash they hid.  Now the misfits have are looking for where Shelby hid them again!  LOL.  I love this Krackle war!  The misfits are besides themselves since they didn’t know she had found them (5:44 pm cam 1/2) and now they managed to find where Shelby hid some them so easily the efforts to hide them and the celebrations in the process are just laugh out loud funny!  Hopefully they can hide them better this time!  They also realize the rest must be in the golf bag Shelby lugs around with her everywhere.  I guess Whitney saw Jason running into the IFR with a bag and they assume she put it together.  Need to sharpen your sneaky skills Jason.


5:55 pm Jason went to the DR to see if they could do a DR together.  They poo poohed the idea.  However, Jason has made the request they make an exception and Lord I hope they do!  Let them have some fun this isn’t Bug Brother it’s BBOTT!  


This is where I will leave you for now.  That was plenty for you to digest until tomorrow.  Don’t forget to vote for have not’s today and again tomorrow!  Voting ends at 1pm eastern/10a pac!  HN should be announced tomorrow by 1 pm and Morgan’s HN punishment ends tonight at 12 am. Expect to see a lively LN kitchen crew.  Whitney’s birthday is today and although they (LNC) made her a condom ballon bouquet last night right around midnight there is some fun and festivities planned tonight so make sure you tune in after the live DR’s.  I’m half hoping they get alcohol tonight because it’s about time, and half hoping they don’t because people can say too much with a little liquid courage.  




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Big Birthday Over The Top!

If you weren’t on the feeds last night you definitely want to FB to Whitney’s bday celebrations!  We saw some amazing unity between the two sides of the house as everyone came together over some alcohol to turn up and make Whitney’s night OTT fun!  The HG received alcohol around 9;33 pm (two bottles of wine and 8 beers) and while you still saw a little maneuvering happening as the alcohol was divided among the HG things quickly loosened up.  Yo have to listen to Justin’s bday freestyle at 10;55 pm it was a treat for all who watched!  However, don’t miss the few minutes leading up to it when Shane, Jason, and Scott entered the KIT to deliver the bday dance that had been promised days before!


Jason and Shane change for the show Jason squeezes in a little game talk in the UKB explaining to Shane he thinks Scott is going to put pawns OTB and try to BD Shane’Danielle with the double veto going into play.  Way to go Jason you’ve nailed that perfectly!  Keep watching because seconds later we see Scott emerge from the HOH room in full stripper character “Is there a birthday girl?” and makes an entrance as he defends the spiral staircase ripping open his shirt (10:42 p cam 1).  Even funnier is he makes it all the way down the stairs and BB announces please put on your microphone to Scott who then has to run back upstairs.  LOL


Scott was up first he kept his lap dance for Whitney short and dirty.  Jason really put it down on the Kentucky girl and showed he’s got some moves which made me think he was hearing “Pony” in his mind as he gifted his flexibility and stamina generously.  Shane put in a great effort, his technique was a but more slow and sensual but had nothing on Jason!  Everyone had fun and got into the groove and Shelby looked equally shocked and impressed with Jason’s moves.


We see less than 10 minutes later, while HG awaited the ILD to end to they could smoke and hit the jacuzzi while they still had a buss, Neely wants to keep the mood hype.  Justin then treats us all to one of the best bday songs I’ve personally ever heard and would like to request from here on out since I sure a bday week with Whitney it was something special I won’t soon forget. 


It’s nice to see when the gloves come off all of these people, including the more uptight Plastics, Alex and Morgan can let their hair down and genuinely have a good time together.  It made me feel better about how this group of people will be able to appreciate each other once the game is over and everyone is out of the house.  I wish I could believe this would be the bridge that starts the first steps to some crossover but there were small clues along the way that indicated once the festivities die down and the groups head into their separate quadrants the Plastics will sit an gossip and throw shade because that’s just what they do.  



We eventually see everyone head out to the backyard where even tipsy Whitney smokes a cigarette showing the misfits she is at heart one girl on the opposing team right now that could assimilate well into their group.  People may have been letting loose and having fun but I assure you mental notes were taken.  


11:27 pm cam 4

The Plastics head to the TKB to change to go back outside and in true form it takes less than 60 seconds for the mean girls (Alex, Morgan, Shelby) to trash talk the night’s events.  Ironically they discuss the likelihood that Alex and Shelby will be have not’s this week.  So they are savvy enough to realize they will be HN’s this week but not to consider why?  Alex even mentions they should be ready to be HN’s every other week?  Btw…It wasn’t all lost on the HN of the night.  HG saved some red wine for Morgan to enjoy after midnight when her HN week ended. 


Shelby(a.k.a. the Sloth) “we were all like give Whitney her win, and then Jason’ has half a bottle” 


If you’re watching closely when the alcohol is distributed you do catch some judge eyes initially when the alcohol is being distributed.  Especially on the Plastics side, as if I even had to clarify that.  Then key thing I observed is Justin sitting back off to the side as everyone else poured their glasses of wine and discussed who’s preference was for red or white.  Once that subsided he did serve himself but this a very important social cue from Justin and sends a cleat message to anyone present or watching that he is cool with nothing center stage and isn’t by far the greediest of the bunch.  Could just be that southern hospitality or the chef in  him where everyone else is served first but regardless its a very smart social move.  Bravo Justin, bravo or should I say Tres bien. 


Morgan is looking for something in her drawer and Shelby whispers,  “I want a Krackle bar.” 


Alex says, “Can I have one too.”  


Morgan quickly rummages through her drawer to get one and shockingly announces, “Nooooo.” 


Alex, “What? Are they gone?’  


Morgan, “They left one Krackle bar.”  


Alex “Game on!”


Shelby, “So I guess going through each other’s drawers isn’t off limits anymore?”

(Just a note on this topic Alex went through Danielle’s drawer the other night before the live eviction and made comments about liking the clothes she had and not recognizing the labels, concluding maybe she orders her stuff online.)


Alex, “So what?  He saw when he was vacuuming?”


Morgan whispers, looking at the camera over the bed, “It’s on!”


Missing Krackle was enough to make the sloth rise from her lounging on the bed.  

“Yeah, I thought my drawer looked like it was open.”


Alex, “They probably went through your’s first.”


Morgan, “That’s funny.”


The sloth begins to look through someone’s drawer and packed bag.”


Alex, “They wouldn’t be that dumb.”


Alex searches under the couch in the LR, off camera we here them maybe checking SR.  Sloth suggests they are probably in the LBR.  Morgan and Alex rejoin the BY crew at this point.  


11:32 pm Whitney is having a smoke with the LNC.  Discussions that their buzzes have faded and Danielle wanting to have another beer. At the moment everyone but Neely, Justin, and the sloth are at the BY couches. 


Danielle, “I wish I had more of Jason’s wine.  I wish I was where Whitney is now.”


Whitney, “Im fine now, maybe later I won’t feel so good.”


Jason says, “That’s ok we will take care of you, it’s your Bday and you supposed to get a little sick.”

This was thoughtful.


Justin returns to the BY, “I feel terrible, I think that messed with my stomach.  Where the grill at?”

Checks the HT to see if it’s warming up at all.  Uh, it’s been all of 10 minutes.  LOL


Scott tells Whitney he has a cold Frapaccino (sp?) in his room for her.”


Everyone is like, “NO!” Jason, “No dairy products tonight. That’s for the morning.”


Scott, “Yeah that’s true.”


Almost on cue Whitney rushes inside to the BA.  Morgan volunteers to go check on her.  

Jason says, “Her hair is already up so that’s good.”

It’s likely smoking that cigarette while intoxicated caught up with her real quick.  

After Morgan quickly checks on her she leaves Whitney alone and returns to the yard.



Justin share that he never remembers the songs he comes up with.  After he does them they are just gone.  (Good thing they’ve been recorded 24/7 and he will at least get to hear them back on 8 more weeks.)


Talk turns to smoking and BB providing patches when hey run out.  They won’t give them more cigarettes once they run out of what they brought for themselves but will provide the more expensive patches.  Remember Kent season 2 after bartering with Bunky and realizing he was getting the short end of the stick for a short term solution he started the patches and when he went home was still staying strong and his wife even quit with him.  Bunky was like a loan shark when that happens wanting big trades for just 1 or 2 cigarettes at a time.  LOL  To Bunky’s credit he planned ahead and brought them strictly to barter in the house because he was a non-smoker.  Oh, how I love that this BBOTT season is much more reminiscent of the original straightforward BB format!  


Back to the BY 11:45 pm cam 3/4

Justin heads inside to the BA briefly, Whitney still hasn’t returned and Sloth is still MIA. General chit chat random topics are being thrown ahead in the BY at this point. Justin washed his hands quietly.  Knocks not he BA door and Whitney isn’t in there the camera zooms icon the occupied sign.  Whitney emerges from he house and reenters the BY.  She says, “they’re (DR) worried about me.  They’re like Stop smoking!”


Morgan now heads inside as we see Justin looking around the BR’s and asks Morgan if someone is in the diary room?  Shelby is in the BY now. Justin/Morgan in the KIT. You can tell Morgan is counting the seconds to midnight!  She returned outside and announces “14 more minutes.”


11:50 pm

BY crowd suddenly gets quiet.  Justin returns and some jokes begin to fly around.  Topic of “dirty Monte” and his rap.  They all agree it was so great.  Danielle is sitting on Shane’s lap.  One thing unusual is the Plastics are spread out between the ‘others’ not he different couches.  Rare to see. 

Jokes about CB.  Must be the evictee roasting hour.  At least they all found a common topic to exchange fluid conversation about.  LOL  The effects of the alcohol and it’s wearing off is beginning to show in everyone’s energy level.  Justin never really sits down, he comes in and out of the group and wanders as he typically does.  


Danielle turns to discussing her please to America to please not make them HN this week and her bartering she’s negotiated if they keep them off this week.  Shane asserts he said if they wanna make them HN’s that’s fine just asked they make them both HN’s together. Justin finally sits on his favorite tree stump stool, smoking and being still briefly.  Danielle suggests maybe if they all get in the jacuzzi it will help it get warm.  LOL.  Scott heads inside to ask about the jacuzzi in the DR.  Speculation has been it’s off because the golf balls are in the pool.  She must have been told that at some point by the way it’s being discussed and they are haggling with the cameras.  Danielle offers to get all the golf balls out of the pool she will get n there right now and remove them all if BB turns the heat on for them.


Scott returns with a standard response from DR “we will se what we can do.”  Scott then heads upstairs to HOH BA and washes his hands.  It’s approaching midnight now and Morgan will finally be free to eat food!  Pizza, cookie dough, and anything she can get her hands on are on the list!  Now is a good time to let you go back and watch anything you missed and I will post another updated later to cover the rest of the night’s events along with tomorrow’s HN reveal.  If you haven’t voted again today yet make sure you get your 20 votes in this morning before voting closes at 1pm est/10am pst.  I gave my 20 clicks to Danielle, Alex, and Shelby.  Remember regardless of who you want to see be on slop this week every vote counts!


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As we continue watching the birthday evening after midnight (12:01 am) Morgan is finally free to eat.  I don’t blame her she really struggled and got emotional as she became the only HN once Monte left and Scott moved upstairs into the HOH and was able to enjoy all the perks that comes with it. Justin, being the generous person is, heads inside and makes her a sandwich at her request.  She wastes no time, pizza, chocolate fondue, wine, and barely takes breath between shoveling real food in her face.  She announces, “I’ve never appreciated food so much in my life.’  Alex, the Sloth, Justin and Morgan can be found in the KIT together as she make sup for lost time this week.  Justin seriously has the best social game in the house.  He has consistently hung out with everyone and even when the Sloth was so ratchet to him he continued to attempt repeatedly to try and at least be cordial despite being met with such vile behavior.  


Scott joins the KIT crew and Alex asks if she can take a shower in the HOH bathroom.  I am not sure why she even bothers asking she’s running his game and expects to be able to do whatever she wants anyways.  Justin has taken every care to ask if Morgan wants bacon, of course she does, what kind of bread she prefers, he’s personalizing this sandwich with special care.  I will never voter Justin to be on slop.  He wasn’t a HN and still tried to create recipes for the people being terrible to him for weeks.  He cooks for everyone’s the house with a smile on his face and it literally (no unlike myself) is soothed by being int he kitchen and cooking for everyone because it’s is happy place and stress relief.  It’s not just his strategy to be liked by HG it’s also how he keeps himself balanced in the midst of this fast paced, ever changing, stressful environment and for that he’s earned a HN pass for the entire season of BBOTT form me!


He finishes his sandwich masterpiece (12:10 am cam 3/4) and hands it off to Morgan who hugs him and says, “thank you so much.”  Every bite is like good sex if you watch her facial expressions.  That only make some look forward to the possibility of Alex and Shelby suffering this afternoon if they become the next HN’s in the house and she gets to eat in front of them without any guilt like they did to her all week this week.  I am also happy to see the Sloth lugging her golf bag a little more she got away with not picking it up and taking it everywhere each time she moved about today and it was annoying me she was getting away with it this early into her punishment.  It’s likely she’s doing it now because she knows the  LNC found the other half of the Krackle stash and she has the half they didn’t find tucked into the golf bag.  LOL


As we move back into the BY we come back onto Danielle dominating conversation as usual and Shane and her not attempting to even to appear considerate to the others around them fondling each other and making usually suggestive comments which is not going over well with Neely and Kryssie.

You can tell by Neely’s demeanor as the minutes pass by she’s getting tired of Danielle and her need for constant attention. You see it in the way she brings up a topic and there’s a kind of delayed reply and significantly less interest by the way Kryssie replies to the inquiries and statements Dani is making at this point.  The one thing I will point out is that we are into week 3 and HG get comfortable and spend less and less time censoring themselves in general it’s not just her.  Also, the LNC collectively is pretty blunt and shares much more than most HG’s ever do anyways.  It’s what makes OTT so much more fun to watch.  The masks fell off the LNC quickly.  


12:13 am Shane/Danielle decide to head in for some food with the others and I can almost hear the sigh of relief from Neely as they do.  As I continue to watch cam 1/2 with the BY crew which has dwindled down to Scott, Kryssie, Neely at this point (even I feel a greater sense of relaxation at this point) seem received for the reprieve from Dani’s constant spotlight she insists on aiming on herself for a while now.  Neely tells Scott his performance tonight was personally her favorite (way to stroke his ego Neely).  Kryssie points out Scott’s entrance into the KIT for the strip tease and Mic call by production was the funniest moment of the night.  Kryssie shares with them what I think most of LF’s felt tonight which is the sentiment that she’s so happy they had Whitney’s bday as a distraction from the game play tonight because everyone was able to just have fun and ‘don’t hate each other’ for a little while and enjoy each other’s company.  


Kryssie asks Neely, “Do you miss monte at all?’


Neely, “Uh well I like Monte so I don’t have any ill will towards him so..”


Scott, “yeah, absolutely.”


Neely continues, “I actually…”


Kryssie, “that’s what I mean do you miss him?”


Neely, “miss would be a strong word, I mean he was, I was cool with him.”  You hear Scott giggle a bit as she replies to the inquiry.


Kryssie explains, “anytime anyone leaves here, I mean there’s only been two but I feel bad if I don’t miss their presence, but he (Monte) never talked to me.”


Neely, “nah, I mean, it definitely wasn’t as strong of bond as I have with smoother people in the house. But, yeah I didn’t have any drama with him, so.”


Kryssie, “yeah I didn’t haver any direct drama with him either.  It’s just obvious that with the stuff he said to or about Justin and Danielle, my claws would come out, but he never did anything to me.”


Neely, “I never heard any of that of myself.’


Kryssie, “yeah that’s where it’s different for me, I did, I wasn’t there for the comment about Jason but I was there when he talked about Danielle, and that was difficult to sit through.”


Scott get called to the DR.12:16 am


As soon as Scott goes inside the two ladies start whispering about the nominations, Scott’s plan, their potentially and likely nominations now so he can BD Shane/Danielle. It’s harder to her word for word between the whispering then them saying things at the same time but that’s the gist of the comments.


Then once the showmance is mentioned as being targets Neely tells us exactly what she thinks!


N:  To be honest she was getting on my f’ing nerves today.  (I could tell girl!  It was getting harder and harder to not notice it if one was really paying attention to your body language and shift slowly as the night went on and a smart player in the house would notice it as well.  It may have been lighthearted fun and a brief break from ‘game play’ interaction, but in the BB house no matter what everything you say and do is being observed by someone and it’s always important to remember that.  I PAID close attention from the moment the alcohol came out of the storage room and not only made observations but noted who was paying attention to what.)


Kryssie notes the things she was doing “in front of everyone” rating to her non-stop groping of Shane.  


Neely’ “She was getting on my nerves bad.  It’s like overtime someone brings something up, she’s got to bring it back to her, I mean it’s not gotta always comeback to you.  I mean people can have their moment, everyone can have their moment.” (Neely perks up a little bit and gets more animated as she shares her frustrations alone with Kryssie.) “you’re gorgeous, you’re gorgeous and no one can ever take that away from you, it doesn’t always have to come back to you.” (As Neely says this a thought pops into my mind but before I can hit pause to share it with you Neely says it for me.) 

“I mean I know that’s a young girl thing.”


Krysssie, “I definitely feel like that’s a young girl thing, it’s”


Neely on a roll keeps going and says “It was really getting to me today, and it kept growing and I was like ‘girl don’t let it get to you, just chill out (talking to herself), cause I didn’t want to explode.”


Kryssie, “Yeah, I think you and I are so much alike in that respect. I mean I’ve noticed things too, and I try…”


Neely, “I mean I don’t have any ill, I want her to do well, I want her to succeed,but grill, I CAN”T!  I guess it’s because I’ve been through that in my life, I’ve been through the petty girl thing and now I am at a point in my life where I have so many dope GF’s and I’m doing such bomb stuff.  We’re just cool, and we’re all good people, no one hates on each other, and we all support each other, and we lift up one another, and it’s all good.  It’s just I don’t like when no one else can shine.  It’s almost like, this is Whitney’s night, it should all be about Whitney, nobody else.  Girl, ehh, I can’t take that, it was really just starting to work on me.”


Kryssie, “yeah I know.  I know you knew I didn’t need any help with the chocolate.  And you were over there like, ‘what CAN I DO?”  They both laugh at this point.


I am glad these two have each other to decompress with and just allow each other to vent, without worrying how being honest and transparent without worrying if they have to be concerned saying something to each other would come back to bite them later.  That’s a very important weapon and resource to have in this game.  You need that one person who you can unload on and will help you put things back in check so you can put your game face right back on and keeping playing.  This is a great example of what I described when laying out the things I watch and how even in these kinds of moments people are taking notes.  


In my opinion, there are two important strategic plays to note about reads on social interactions and these are: 

1.  Paying attention without seeming like you are paying attention.  Neely, Whitney, and Justin are the pro’s at this! 

2. Paying attention to who is paying attention to what.  If Danielle was smart she would have picked up on the subtle clues like the one Kryssie just did and dialed it back or at the very least kept an eye on Neely and her body language and social cues.  This is not outside of Danielle’s scope of knowledge I know I have an AA in CD, A Bachelor’s Degree with a dual depth in both Psychology and Sociology.  Observation is the most critical tool in these areas of study.  Even if it’s only CD (child Development) at this point observing cues and behavior of children is a critical element and learning to do a running record or behaviors, actions, and responses of children is how your focus of study is developed.  Neely has this she’s older and observant by nature, 


Kryssie is always playing the game and does this by observing others but also doesn’t always make the connection when the behaviors are actually in direct response to her own constant advice giving and stay telling either.  She only has 50% of this skill down and the 50% she is missing is hurting her social game with not only some HG but a lot of fans.  However, if you are a Neely fan you must keep Kryssie in there a while longer because she keeps Neely sane.  Having that GF, that outlet helps Neely keep from getting to a point where she can’t hold it in any more and those types of moments have a big impact on people’s games in this house, liked or not.  Justin and Jason provide this for each other and both of them are experts at reading people, sitting back and letting others have the spot light, sometimes intentionally shining that light on others in these big group situations because they know they are big personalities and do not want to be seen in the way that Neely is describing about Danielle.  You can find these same dynamics on the other side of the house within their own group as well as in Social situations.  T


he sloth loves to draw attention to herself as well.  She wants all eyes on her and like a small child if she can’t get good attention she happily seeks bad attention without regret. Alex is an attention hog when she’s within her own social circle which is why I have always been so annoyed when she says this about Danielle.  Alex always points out in other people what she herself is by nature or does in this house and has zero self awareness about how she comes off and quite frankly I don’t think she cares any more than the Sloth does.  While Whitney is as casual about the way she observes without looking like she’s observing as Justin is.  She tends to hang back, let others have center stage.  She can be the life of the party but most of the time is positioned to be an external contribution to social interactions in large group settings than others as well.  She takes copious mental notes and we know that by the comments she makes and information she shares when talking in smaller groups with people she likes on either side of the great divide.


Jason and Justin we get to see a lot more one on one with each other and they always trade feelings, observations, vent, say exactly what they are thinking to each other.  What’s a bit more common is one or the other here may have missed what the first saw or felt and then they are now more mindful of looking out for it.   They are a great tag team!  Some things they both notice, but a lot of things because they divide and concur they get to gather as important intel on a larger scope of the house almost at all times and therefore are generally better and more accurately informed than anyone in the house.  It’s amazing to watch!  They have so many interlinking social circles cover ing every single person the house in some way and manage to have almost as good of a view of what’s actually happening as we do!  I LOVE THAT!  


Anyone really looking at everything from a game perspective can identify the layers they burned themselves in with F2 each other, final 4 with K/N, a fake final 4 with Showman, friendships with external links in the chain on the other side, these two have put in all the leg work and time and effort to be as well positioned as possible and done it smoothly and stealthily bit by bit over the last 2 1/2 weeks.  Mind you, that’s a lot of balls to be juggling all at once and they are doing it very well.  They make the needed adjustments, lay the foundations on many paths but tend to them regularly, so when something comes up that needs to quickly moved on they are already one step ahead which gives them a better odd in being successful at whatever they elect to do.  They also come up with a plan quickly which is almost always the best option since there is no real right option and stick to it.    I loath the random, mean spirited, emotional knee jerk reaction lot of players on the other side along with Shane and Danielle have.  Whitney and most of the time Morgan are the most level headed on the Plastics side but Morgan is much more emotional and judgmental in her knee jerk reactions although she usually can hide that from the other side when they are in play.  


I am the first one to remind everyone it is very early in the game as a whole.  As i’ve been able to show you through actions and events in the house one can clearly see every other player has made adjustments to their approaches, short term goals, on the fly strategies as needed except The Plastics,  They are always in defensive mode because they fail to view the entire game from an ariel perspective.  These four generally are focused on their own narrow view and misconceptions often of what’s actually going down until it’s already well under way because they refuse to adjust or expand their read and reach in the house and with regard to America’s impact on this format.  This is old stool gaming at it’s best, more pure, immediate and fast paced than the more recent seasons which outs even the younger superman at a huge disadvantage in combination wit their lack of social game in general. 


As we move into Day 18 and a week that has the potential to take some sharp twists and turns these are things to really focus in on because this week will be very important on the long term positioning each individual player can establish for their games.  Week 4 and 5 lead into the middle point when we should really start to see front runners take their spots and the bench warmers find themselves less and less likely to be called up to compete with in the big leagues.  


It’s now 11:44 am and as I switch from Fb to Live feeds low and behold it’s Alex, sloth, and Morgan sitting together outside making fun of Kryssie and her size, the drinking last night and who had what (which shows they were taking notes but their focus was far off the scope).  You can see their anticipation of HN announcements being based on dread.  They’ve assume all week they would be the next HN’s and while great insight into what’s coming they really did nothing but discuss how we LF’s are all being swindled by that side of the house and have an incorrect ariel view of what’s going on in the game because we don’t seem to be seeing things their way.  


Shelby, “We should be inside looking for the Krackle, but I guess since they are out here all day every day we have time to look inside.  I feel like they are going to just eat all the food if I’m a HN just to ‘f’ with me.”


Alex, “I feel like they will.  They will eat it all in front of you just to mess with you.’


Then they say I hope that if it’s me and like you it’s at least one of them with us.  LOL. Well, that’s my hope to girl, but not for the same reasons as you.  I want you to think we are changing up our targets a little bit but only to throw the house off who I really want to help and who I don’t.  By doing so, we keep from drawing attention to our favorites and help squash some the conclusions being drawn by both sides of the house this week.  I would be horrified if all the attention going to a couple player son the other side in turn created targets that were not necessarily being grown organically which could as a result have to much influence over the integrity of the game.  Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled that if voting is going to happen it’s finally LF’s who are the majority voting because we have a better understanding of the actual event sin the house, but we can’t be lazy and forget everything you do has a domino effect and I don’t want to be the hand that is responsible for hurting the players who are working the hardest in the game.  Instead it’s just as helpful to use a gentle hand like HN to give a soft pat on the hand so they have a chance to stop and think about what they could be doing that is drawing negative attention from us.  The good players, the invested active players are more likely to take a step back and read this correctly.  


While Morgan left a couple minutes into this scene we find the LNC crew along with Morgan and Whitney now on cam 3/4 shooting the breeze and when I switch cams I hear a conversation about people who are like kids “that’s my toy, I don’t want to play with it but it’s mine so you can’t play with it either.”  I love the irony and it’s not lost on me.  LOL


Everyone is just lounging around and chit chatting random topics as they await the HN reveal.  Scott is absent from the camera’s at this point 12:00 pm so it’s quite possible he’s in the DR getting the cards I don’t get the impression they are on OLD yet. 


Alex and Shelby decide to go up to the HOH room and eat some candy before they go on slop for the week.  The sloth decides to wait a few seconds after Alex heads in and then meet her upstairs.  (Yeah like that keeps anyone from noticing what those two are up to.)


Scott is actually inside and Alex asks if it’s ok to have some sour patch straws. Danielle overhears and says, “oh me too?” He happily obliges and now the two mean girls are stowed away alone together in the HOH room.

Shelby heads straight up stairs and starts in on her Danielle bashing.  Production of course lets a well timed “FORE” go which forces Danielle into the pol to retrieve a ball instead of interrupting any gossiping that was going to happen between the Sloth and her manager upstairs.  I see you production and the timing isn’t lost on this gamer. ;)


Alex, “That’s why I am laying low and getting Scott to nominate who I want that way the attention is on him and not on me.”  


I’m sorry I can’t with her.  Using Scott, while being a valid strategic move is not going unnoticed and she is being given 100% of the blame for it while Scott is labeled as her lap dog and receiving far less of the blame.  The LNC views it in his favor (which Scott knows and wants) because they know the girls snatched him up quickly and anticipated that move last week so see her as taking advantage of Scott because he got himself so deep into the dog house last week.  


Cam 1/2 Shane and Kryssie in the BA.  They are discussing Scott using the alliance our the four guys the first night as an excuse to nominate and target Shane.  Scott has said he wants to get Shane out so he (Scott) is the last of the four guy’s alliance in the game and tried to skew people’s view of Shane saying he was disloyal to the first night alliance made int he UKB night 1. 


As Kryssie correctly points out the alliance stuff is nonsense and that Scott made an alliance with Kryssie  and them the second night.  Kryssie plays this well saying I know there will come a time when we (LNJ) will have to face off but that time isn’t now.  Danielle has come in to take her warm shower now and Shane and Danielle both assert no, we are not at final 6 together yet.  they all discuss needing to take out a few more first and then they can play a face to face battle in final 6 for the win.  Danielle does make a great assessment of the fact the other side of the house is playing the TV version of BB, they came in the game with a list of things they are supposed to do from watching the show, ‘make an alliance, take out the showmance, blah blah, but this isn’t that game and because they are just moving off a checklist they aren’t even really playing the game we are right now and it shows.  Hey folks, does this sound familiar at all.  Kudos Danielle!  


I’m happy to hear you make such a global assessment of the mistakes on the Plastics side because that lets me know you are in fact on top of your game in this area.  If you know your enemy and can get a good read on what they are likely to do you can then be prepared to react offensively rather than defensively and even counter some of the play before it even happens.  She may be overbearing and in many interpersonal ways I see she and Alex very similar in their weaknesses (too aggressively emotional players ho let ego’s drive their game play but….. this is where they differ:  Danielle has earned her stripes establishing herself as  a more aggressive player and much more effective game. By doing that she’s made herself the biggest target on the misfits side and that’s great for the fantastic four but especially Jason and Justin because they are next in line after Danielle.


The other thing to note is that Kryssie assured those two they are all on the same page with final 6 and made sure there isn’t any cues that would leave them to question the loyalty of the fantastic four which they are unaware of.  Shane and Danielle were also being active making sure that everyone is on the page they are being led to believe they are on and honestly IMO Danielle and Shane need to find a way to prepare for the worst and lay some foundation to eventually call a truce with Alex or her counterparts and be in a position to fire the first shot if need be.  Yes, I am aware the coulee have talked about the fact they will have to take a shot at their own side, but that is usually in cineast of when they all get tow final 6.  Jason has no intention of getting to final 6 with the couple. As Jason told us last night, it’s not time just yet but it coming and he can feel it and he knows the group that fires first will be in a better position. (offensive game is always better than defensive game on the fly because you want to be driving the ball trying to score not trying to catch up to the other team and stop them from running away with it.


What we don’t know until after the HN is revealed (1:05 pm) is that the Sloth was alone in the HOH when that conversation in the BA between Danielle/Shane/Kryssie was happening and could hear everything they were saying!  As soon as she and Alex begin commiserating over being HN’s the Sloth shares what she managed to accomplish just by laying around the HOH room.  As much as I loath her non-game this was certainly a case of being in the right place at the right time.  Alex seems to glaze over the topics her mascot overheard regarding ‘not playing the TV BB and adjusting their game’ by saying “different people play differently and that doesn’t mean we’re doing it wrong because I’m not playing Danielle’s game.”  Alex is still on a high believing America (LF’s) nominated Danielle solely because she’s not liked and she must have gotten the most votes since her name is read first. Yah!  I’m thrilled she doesn’t consider maybe we did it to keep attention off the rest of the misfits so that’s good for Fantastic Four.   Not saying she is right or wrong but illustrating how she only sees things from one point of view and runs with it.  


Hey BB, your plan was a temporary fix but just then Danielle remembers she wanted some candy from HOH and asks Scott if it’s ok she gets some and he willingly agrees not even considering that Alex and Shelby were maybe trying to escape the others and have a moment alone in the HOH. Fortunately both girls found their way out of there because I am sure they didn’t want to await Dani’s inevitable arrival.  The sloth can be found in her natural habitat lazily lounging alone on the upstairs couches picking at her fur (I mean her split ends).  Neely calls for her from downstairs to ask about how to cook something she must have made.  Then the sloth brings up the grill and how it sucks to get it right before the new HN’s is revealed.  She wants to know if Neely knows how to grill, it would suck they just got it and Justin is a HN so she wanted to know if someone else knows how to grill food.  Neither Neely or the Sloth know how to grill.  She also asks Neely is he’s a HN will she still work out every day before returning to her normal position momentarily and then collecting the golf bag and heading back downstairs.


Just after 1 pm Scott emerges from the DR and announces it’s time for the HN reveal.  I just want to say I feel like LF”S have been gifting me birthday presents all week long this week!  First, Monte goes home, then Scott gets the ACP, and now the HN for the week are:




The Sloth


Thank you America (LF’S) between all of these wishes coming true and Justin’s rendition of Birthday Baby last night it’s been a perfect Birthday week and I couldn’t have asked for anything…well wait maybe just one more thing but I won’t be greedy!  If my nomination goes home it will just be a cherry on top of the already perfectly iced Bday cake for me this week!


You must watch the reaction as it is announced!  1:03 pm you can hear what I am talking about.  If you follow Alex and the Sloth to the HOH room about 1:05pm immediately after you will see them do what they always do which is seclude themselves away from everyone else.  To Alex’s credit although she is b it cocky about Danielle’s nomination it does have the desired outcome I hoped for.  Confuses things a bit, elicits Alex to say she may actually cook for Dani on slop this week unlike the Sloth to try and work it to her advantage a little bit and that’s defiantly what I hope to see her do.  I won’t count on what she says here until I actually see her put it in to action but overall it appears this is exactly what I had anticipated it would likely do and that’s good for both sides of the house at this point.


No lost on me, other than Justin’s exuberant reaction to the actual HN’s was his OTT appreciation for us not putting him on slop and thanking us over and over between fits of laughter.  There’s more to cover here but it’s a good time to say farewell for now and can’t wait to see how today plays out.  I will also assert who I think the best nomination is if you are team Jason, Justin, or Fantastic Four.  Yes, I could tell you who is best to nominate if you are team Plastics, but this is my Blog and since I don’t have nay reasons to help the Plastics I won’t!  If you read my previous blogs where I discuss overall benefits and detriments to each sides’ of the houses games then I am sure you can assess what’s best for them as well.  This week, I say the voting being much closer than the past two and since I feel like Jason and Justin are playing the best overall active games in the house at the moment that’s who I am throwing my support to this week.  Sorry, not sorry. 





















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Thanks for allowing me to share my global view of the game and break down the strategic element of the game we all know and love.  Regardless of who you like and who you don’t like I encourage everyone to vote how they wish to vote.  My only request is that you consider how it effects positive or negative the players you want to see go further in the game and never get sucked into the SM carnival that happens every week as we approach voting days.  We are not casuals and have very well tuned radars on how we like to see the game played, what deserves respect or recognition and what does’ fall into those likes and dislikes.  Based on what I know and which players I see playing the best game this week I will vote Shelby as my nominee and that’s because it helps Jason/Justin and doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the game.  Next week will kick everything up a notch and just remember week 3 always insights some fireworks every single season!  Voting begins tonight 8 pm PT/11pm ET-you can vote today and tomorrow 20 votes per day. Whomever you are behind make sure you vote!  Every vote counts!  


Today we should first revisit some ate night feeds actions which leads into some of what I can share about how I see things as of today in BBOTT.  



Just prior 12:02 am cam 3/4

Alex and her mascot are in the HN room trying to go to bed and figure out where the blankets went.



cam 3/4 12:02 am cam 3/4

Alex, “wait just take their blankets. give them the comforter and just take their blankets.”


Alex likes to send minions to do her dirty work and her mascots all do it without any thought for how it can effect their game.  It’s been happening all season.


Shelby is walking around the room taking the comforter not he big HN bed that Dani/Shane brought in from Shane’s bed int he UK room


BB gives sloth a “stop that”


Alex “don’t you see she (Dani) took our covers earlier?”

Even production isn’t on their side at this point and Alex still make sit about everyone else isn’t seeing what the commoners are doing and we get picked on oh poor us.


Sloth continues to move pillows, blankets even after the warning at this point Justin, Whitney, and Morgan are in the TKB in their beds while Alex delegates her minion to do her dirty work. 


Sloth, “Well they get the small bed now.”

Alex laughs (of course she does Sloth will take any heat and Alex has front row seats for the firework s.  Smh I can’t stand this nonsense.  It is just ridiculous.


Alex, “so that’s what you’re doing, I thought you were just…”



“No Im gonna take the big bed. I don’t need it but I am gonna take it”



“Thanks for leaving me even closer to the…



“You think they’re going to call me in (DR) over the comforter? Or what were they stopping me for?”






Help be out BB


Alex asks BB cam

Can we have comforters in here?


12:04 am

A to S

“So what bed are you taking?



"The big one (bed)"



cam 1/2 TKB 12:02 am

Morgan/Whitney/Justin TKB all in their respective beds


Justin mentions that he thinks Shane is going to sleep in there 



 “I would be like you’re on your own Princess”


Justin says, “well they’re in love.”


Morgan says “they have known each other for 18 days.”


Justin, “IDK yo. who knows, they find love at the BB house.”

(Morgan why do you care so much?)



“They found love in a hopeless place.”


They hear the “Shelby STOP THAT”



“She’s in trouble (laughing) she’s not allowed to take it.”



“Oh God.”



“That’s how I pray if I’m a HN make me a HN withJustin Duncan”


Justin laughs.



“If I have to be HN again I would like to be it with ya’ll two.”



“Yeah cause Justin’s not going to hide the blankets on me, or drink all the chocolate milk.”



No you’re right about that baby, oh gosh man (giggling)



Meanwhile on cam 1/2 Jason comes into the TKB 12:03 am


Jason enters the TKB right when Whitney was talking about Sloth being crazy


Why, what was she doing?



Knocking out walls with her golf clubs



Is thinking that they “stopped her for that and asks



No she’s trying to sneak in blankets



“She’s trying to find blankets she thinks Dani hid the blankets, she don’t have any blankets” as he laughs



She doesn’t have any blankets, I thought they had provided them with like 3 blankets?


Ju explains

Nah, I think Dani hid the blankets



laughs his evil little laugh



She said there gone



This has all gone too far, now we are hiding blankets? We can’t hide everything in this house.”



Everyone’s going to be paranoid someone’s going to miss a sock and be like ‘who took my sock’.”



Admits he found a black t-shirt over here and I was like who’s missing a black t-shirt I took it so if anyone is missing a black t-shit I have it.


(BB calls Whitney to DR)



You gotta give me 15


A in TKB

“I knew it, I knew they were going to do this  I just took off my makeup. I don’t even care.

She passes though the TKB





It feel like a meat locker overtime you guys open that door.



Its so cold in there


12:05 am cam 2

Jason heads into UKB and Justin hops out of bed laughing and follows Ja into he room


Justin/Jason have some laughs about the growing war between the sides over Krackle and blankets being an all out war while A/S

now defending themselves against several “Stop That” from production since keeps getting them for because messing with other people’s blankets. 


This is exactly why these two suck at this game.  Even BB is calling them out on their petty nonsense and it doesn’t occur to them they could possibly be wrong about the blankets being hidden and just go ask here they are, these two are always looking for a reason to obnoxious and perceive us (LF’S) as being idiots for not seeing it their way, everyone else in the house is wrong and they are right even production at this point.  I kept waiting for Alex to get a clue and now I’ve given up all hope she really is in all sense of the words a ‘mean girl’ and her sloth is the worst kind of player in BB because she has zero game at all is a complete agitator not for the purpose of advancing her game and confusing the house to cause drama for game effect or strategy just because she’s a nasty person and wants everyone else to be as miserable as she is.  It is literally effecting people’s games in the same sense that Monte did and she needs to go!


Monte was a complete idiot where BB was concerned but at least he was trying to play the game.  His problem was he was so bad at the game and the Plastics were so determined to manipulate him that his presence in the house was having a negative impact despite the fact he was a shield for Alex he was never going to stop targeting Jason and between his inappropriate comments literally reflecting bad on other players like Morgan and Whitney in addition to Alex hurting their potion in the house I felt like him leaving was going to potentially help these Plastics reset and gain some perspective and not be held responsible for Monte’s terrible social skills. 


Now Shelby has just seamlessly filled those shoes and is having the same effect on everyone in the game.  She irritates the heck out of everyone except Alex.  Alex cannot spend more than 5 minutes away from her mascot who does nothing but act as an anchor for Alex’s mean girl attitude and she uses the Sloth to stir up crap for her own entertainment sitting back and taking no blame for anything the Sloth does knowing people already don’t like her.  The difference here is she isn’t doing it for game reasons.  Alex does it to be entertained.  That’s not good game play.


Shelby is the one I see that needs to hit the block this week and go home.  This is a hot on Alex.  Huge plus for me.  However the nasty, snarly, b*tchiness she contaminates the enter house with has zero game value!  In fact it’s negatively impacting Alex as if she doesn’t do herself enough harm on her own.  As long as the sloth is there Alex will NOT interact regularly with anyone else.


Yes, Dani has, as I predicted, allowed her own immaturity, ego, and pettiness get in her way of being a force in the house overall.  She does play the game and plays very hard and to her credit has made some big moves to secure safety which I respect.  However much she’s annoying me and most HG at this point with the exception of Shane Dani is a shield for Jason/Justin and they made the fake final 6 and final 4 deals with the showmance knowing the couple will always be a bigger target.  Justin and Jason put int he leg work to layer themselves nicely and it has been effective.  The couple keep going up and saving themselves or there is always a bigger more immediate fish to fry for LF’s.  Danielle being the biggest target on the LNC side of this game is still a needed piece of the puzzle for just a little while longer.  


If we take Danielle out because emotionally we don’t like her then we remove a critical layer of protection Justin and Jason need and have worked hard to keep out in front.  Take Dani out and Justin/Jason now move up in positioning and become the largest targets on the LNC side.  I won’t counter the work they’ve put in just because I don’t want to listen to Dani on the feeds.


LF’s shouldn’t either.  Alex and Dani are targeting each other.  That’s good for others who are actually playing much better games.  As much as I can’t stand Alex if we try and take her out it also shifts immediate focus somewhere else and escalates the timeline of how things are going.  It’s week 3, next week will be a pivotal transition week.  Alex fans should know they are really doing her a for by extracting the huge thorn inner side that is having a direct impact on her social game and her ability to acclimate herself into any kind of better position in the house by her own hand at this point.


Dani and Alex need to stay this week as much as I would love to kick Alex out, Shelby is a better nominee from a game perspective this week


Shelby is on slop.  Shelby has been lugging the golf bag around all week. She’s weakened even more than she already was naturally and we need the weakest link from the Plastics side to be the one competing in the Veto. We need to respect the integrity of the shields in place protecting Jason/Justin because these two are playing the BEST game in the house.  These two have worked really hard to set themselves up the way they have and I personally don’t want to detract from what they’ve accomplished.


I have no interest in helping players who are playing a terrible game or no game at all.  That’s not what I want to see as a gamer as someone who genuinely loves this game. That’s not what the game is about and if a goat or floater isn’t actually benefitting someone you are behind in the house they have no reason to be there they are taking up space and personally I want to watch some great game play!  Hard work, strategic game play, phenomenal social games should be what we as LF’s love to see happen in this game should be rewarding.  Not taking personal emotional shots at players who annoy us but who have value to the stronger players long term game that’s just like playing this weak a*s emotional B.S. as Alex and Dani are.  Are we voting for the winner at the end based on who was most entertaining to watch because they caused drama or are we voting for the player in the end who played the best GAME?  I know I am voting for the player who PLAYED the best game when it comes time to award someone $250K.


I don’t care about some SM push to save someone that I don’t see working their butt off to save themselves.  I also don’t follow some idea that oh all the chat rooms and polls are saying we should vote this person out?  We are all LF’s.  We are not casual fans who don’t see everything all the time.  We all watch the feeds, we all invest time to gain varying perspective with fillers like podcasts, blogs, chat rooms, polls, LF updating platforms.  I can’t stand these trolls we want to sit behind their computers and find some self entertainment value in seeing if they can manipulate people to vote a certain way for no other reason than just can they do it.  They aren’t usually doing it to throe support behind a player they respect or appreciate they do it just to see if they can.  Don’t be fooled.  Don’t fall victim to well I don’t think my opinion or vote will make a difference because I see so many other people trying to get this person out or that person out.  I heard that same reasoning last week but guess what WE got Monte out!  We had the stronger voting pool and managed to trump the smaller voting percentage  who wanted to try and get Dani out because they blindly support Alex with no valid strategic reasoning for doing so.  I implore you to vote how you think you should vote based on your options which come from facts not fiction.  Please don’t vote out of emotions.  


Danelle is not safe by any means.  Not only does Alex want her out but Jason/Justin/Neely do also.  They have no real allegiance to her other than she’s serving a short term purpose in their long term game in week 3.  Her time will come and personally I refuse to escalate the game faster than necessary just because she annoys me and most of the HG on the feeds.

She is serving a purpose and I can respect that a little longer until the right time comes to get her out.


Same goes for Alex.  She is serving a purpose for the moment.  She has proven to be a stronger competitor in competitions and the Plastics and Scott  want to WIN that veto so they can remove America’s nominee and ensure a LNC team member leaves this week. I applaud the strategy in that move but…their target harms my favorite players who are playing the best game in the house right now week 3.


Alex is at a disadvantage in the HOH next week.  Scott can’t play in the HOH next week.  Shelby SUCKS at comps she the best strategic nominee considering how critical this Veto will be.  


My goal is to prevent a shield for Jason/Justin to go out and put them in front of the LNC alliance as the biggest targets on that side. If Shelby goes home we now have set up Jason/Justin to be in the best position going into week 4 HOH.  Then it will be 6 versus 2 in that comp and a misfit (Hopefully Neely, Justin or Jason can win) could have power at a pivotal transition week in the game.  It also indirectly helps Alex because her crutch is gone and she will HAVE to make friends.  All the Plastics will HAVE to make friends if Misfits have power next week.  That shift you wanted last week is not a viable non invasive shift we can organically implement without hurting the remaining players in the house.  Whitney and Morgan are in the best positions in this scenario because they have played a better active social game.  Alex will have to STEP up or sit her a*s on the block next week. 


We saw Jason in his DR remind us he and Justin have no long term loyalty to the showmance and he is very aware that shot fired across their own side of the house is coming.  Jason also showed us he’s planning and alway playing by sharing he also understands the pair (Jason/Justin or Dani/Shane) that takes the first shot has the upper hand.  


Justin like Jason has made it clear to use and other HG he doesn’t like Dani/Shane.  He has found a link to Scott in bonding over their dislike for Shane.  He’s made it no secret to the Plastics he does’ like Shane/Dani either.  He is actively playing the game and setting himself up to take the shot at the right time.  Neely has also gained momentum in her dislike for Dani as well.  These people are doing what we would want theme to do so why are we then going to try and nominate someone that messes with the integrity of the game?  


Yesterday was a hot mess in the house.  We are seeing tensions begin to bubble over and that’s normal of any BB format.  It’s week 3, they’ve been in the house long enough for the honeymoon phase to subside, people to figure out who they trust and who they don’t.  By the end of week 2 we saw people determine who they may be able to work with moving ahead and begin to put in the leg work and lay the foundation for that to happen when the right time comes.  We’ve seen the Fantastic Four work their as*ses off to accomplish short term goals and lay paths to benefit them later in the game.  We have seen them develop plans on the fly and put them into action.  They are able to two so because they put int he work ahead of time so when they need to make something happen the pieces are in place to move things quickly and efficiently.  We’ve seen Danielle begin to crumble.  We’ve seen the Plastics do nothing to establish any sort of foundation they can build on so when they need to change things up to flip a vote they haven’t done the work ahead of time to even have a shot to make it happen.  They refuse to step up their social games, they refuse to adjust their strategies and they perceive our voting pattern in a way they believe that we are all dumb and falling for some scheme the the commoners are manipulating us.  Alex literally said on the feeds to Shelby at 11:58 am on 10/15 “I“I pray that people like, are finally seeing the light.” She's talking about our voting and that we LF's finally see things there way which clearly is the right way!!!!! She has adopted an idea that she is right and we are allowing of not seeing it her way rather than taking the loads of intel not only we have given her but any interaction in the house would actually provide if she was looking at it globally and decided she doesn’t need to change anything we are all seeing it wrong because we don’t see things her way?!  That pisses me off as a gamer.  The little hope I was holding out for her this week to finally see the light with Monte gone and adjust her game.  Alex will not be hurt by nominating her sister she will be hurt if we take a shot at Shelby and remove her from the equation. This also benefits the players who are actually playing and playing hard and so for me there is no better option than to put Shelby up, let the sloth lose the veto so the misfits can leave the noms the same which leaves our nom on the block and the votes are there to get her out.  


Kryssie is wrongfully expressing concerns about Justin spending time (several times the past few days) with Plastics leaves him vulnerable to flipping on FF, Jason shuts that down!  Jason and Justin have complete faith in each other and Jason backs up the benefit to socializing with Plastics and assert Justin’s character is to be loyal which demonstrates the communication these two have ongoing all the time with each other and where their true loyalties lie. Statistically the misfits will be drawn this week to play.  If even one is drawn and you nominate two from that side you now only have a 50% chance of winning the veto and keeping nominations the same.  Scott’s repetitive suggestion that Kryssie sucks at comps is not valid.  She outlasted 3 of those 5 in the now Scott and the Plastics alliance in the sword HOH!  LOL If he puts Neely/Kryssie up that’s a really stupid move!  I would prefer to remove a non-player form the game knowing it will not hurt anyone I support.  I also feel like based on comps so far and watching the sloth for 3 weeks now she has the least chance at winning veto this week.  Based on Scott’s strategy, to help secure Jason/Justin’s positions they have worked hard to achieve Scott/Sloth/Kryssie/Neely/ +whoever is drawn for veto which is more likely to be a misfit since they haven’t been drawn or chosen the first two weeks is the best strategy to try and set this week’s eviction up for America’s nom to say in play.  Morgan and Alex are both better at comps and the misfits need to and will put in the work to secure nominations and get Shelby out which IMO is a win/win for everyone except Alex on the surface but actually a benefit to any chance she may have to turn her game around.  This also sends the LNC into week 4 with strong chances for finally winning an HOH which they deserve considering how hard and how well they have worked to stay not only safe but in great spot moving into the huge transition point in the BBOTT season!  


HN’s announced at 1:02 pm




(Visualize me doing my Happy Dance)


Safety Ceremony Saturday 7 pm

1st. Justin

2nd  Alex

3rd Whitney

4th Jason


Week 3’s Eviction Voting


Nom’s (2-3) we need 3 OTB








(If America’s nom is a plastic and they remain OTB Misfits have the numbers unless we screw the pooch and give Scott the tie breaker)






If you nominate a misfit you are taking a vote away form them in this eviction

If you nominate a Plastic (not a strong player who can win veto) misfits have the voting majority for the first week this season

If a Plastic/Scott wins veto America’s Nom (Sloth for me) comes down that’s worse case scenario for Justin/Jason Plastics now have voting power and a misfit goes home that is a shield for Jason/Justin


Jason talks about this vote in many of the same ways I’ve laid out and he gets it!  He has in fact considered the angles as well as the benefits and detriments to his game as well as the FF strategy

ctt's 4th selection: Jason NT - Tigrr

If you want to see examples of the things I have outlined or examples of the things I refer to then you can go watch the following times if you haven’t seen them:



Wednesday 10/12 2:20 pm Strategy meeting in HOH Scott and the mean girls

Thursday 10/13 5:33 pm Scott/Alex/Sloth hammock

10/14 1am Danielle/Justin face off over children

Friday’s Live DR’s begin 7:33 pm watch Jason at 7:42 pm

Friday 10/15 11:32 pm Plastics talking trash after a night of fun for Whitney’s bday they just can’t help themselves

Friday 10/15 11:54 pm (Alex/Sloth) talk about our terrible perception according to her views what’s happening in the house.

Saturday 11:30 am Alex/Sloth BY lounge chairs 

Saturday 1:02 pm HN revealed

Saturday 1:05 pm HOHB Alex/Sloth bashing Dani as usual 

Saturday 1:15 pm Kryssie/Showmance BA

Saturday 1:25 pm Scott/Justin HOH BR

Saturday 10/16 4:00 pm fight begins over Kryssie’s dirty laundry

Sunday 10/17 12:02 am Alex/Sloth HNB

Sunday 10/17 12:05 am UKB Justin/Jason

Sunday 10/17 3:20 am cam 1/2 Kryssie shares concerns alone with Jason.  Jason sets her straight. Justin is built out of Loyalty





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Wow.  It amazes me how one can go on and on and on, calling Alex, Whitney, Morgan, and Shelby names (i.e. The Plastics, mean girls, The Sloth), nitpicking every little thing they do while conveniently ignoring all the pettiness and name-calling on the other side of the house.

Anyone who watches the LFs, and has a brain of their own, can see that this animosity is NOT one-sided as this blog seems determined to convince us.    Not by any means.  I've heard Alex, and her alliance called "bitches", "f*cking whores", and "pieces of trash", mostly by Jason and Kryssie.    I've heard them mocked, and made fun of.  I've heard Jason say they hid the Coke in their "loose vaginas."  Ugh!  They're even mocking Whitney's accent now, one of the nicest people in the house.  When Alex and Co. make an attempt to sit and socialize with Kryssie, Jason, etc. no one shows any interest in them or their lives.  So why is it such a surprise that BOTH sides of the house are divided?

It's also interesting to me how Kryssie's bizarre tantrum about her bag with her dirty laundry was given a one-liner here, almost completely glossed over.  Seriously, what the heck did she expect them to do when her alliance members act like passive-agressive juveniles, hiding the Crackle?  Of course they were going to look for them.  They're bored!  And really, who bloody cares whether someone looks through your dirty laundry, when the other side had already rifled through their drawers?  Her anger was just so strange, and her hatred of A, W, S, and M was so over the top (haha.  See what I did there?) that I hope people saw it, since it was ignored here.  She showed her true colors, and they were a bit unbalanced and VERY angry.  And her constant harping about being on the block two weeks in a row is getting on my last nerve.  How can she be so self-absorbed, and oblivious to the game, that she can't see that she was never the target?  And don't get me started on the belching constantly, loud enough to wake the dead!  Belching montage, please!

FWIW, I think Shelby is pretty funny.  So no, I won't be voting Shelby as America's Nom, even though this blog seems to be making a huge effort to convince everyone to do just that.  I'd like to see the numbers on each side more even, so I'd like to see Scott's plan work.  So, although I know they won't go home, I'll be voting for either Jason or Justin.  That way, hopefully!, either Shane (did anyone else see him trying to cheat in the barcode competition?) or Danielle will go home, with the bonus being that I either won't have to listen to Danielle anymore, or I won't have to watch them grope each other anymore.

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With nothing too exciting to discuss after a rather 'Debbie Downer' day on the feeds here's update on the final safety ceremony of week 3, what HG are up to following it and with the slow feeds day what I began to consider looking ahead to next week.  Why is it the one day most people are actually home all day to jump on and watch at their leisure is always the most uneventful day? Oh well, rest up HG because tomorrow is going to be a jammed backed day of tensions and sh*t talking until the veto competition plays out.  


It’s Sunday evening and time for Scott’s safety ceremony.

1. Morgan

2. Shane

3. Danielle

4. Shelby


There’s a half hearted applaud for both Morgan and Shelby.  As soon as Sloth’s lanyard lights up 

Justin has perfect timing announcing “Well that’s predictable.”


Scott joins everyone in the BY after his final safety selection and gives another unsolicited nomination speech which offends Kryssie and leaves Neely giving us her best Audrey impression wrapped in a blanket and sporting sunglasses at night.  LOL


7:08 pm cam 1/2

Shane collects everyone’s block passes in the BY and Justin and Shane retreat inside.  Justin is preparing to make some cookies, Morgan is in the KT as well.  Justin asks her if sh his going to cuddle with him tonight.  Whitney and Morgan are readying to make some quesadillas.


The girls and Scott made red velvet cupcakes earlier this afternoon since they finally found a cake mix and could bake for Whitney.  


Shane comes back out to the KT from try UKB.  Shane also left the empty 2 liter bottle to be found today since they found it last night and had some toasts among the LNC after everyone went to bed early this morning.  There were plenty of jokes about how horrible the Plastics are at hiding things.  They were definitely surprised to find the empty 2 liter they hinder the bathroom sink last night had been found and consumed. Shelby asserted they will still find the Krackles.  


Alex has joined Justin, Morgan, Shane, Whitney in the KT now.  SHe’s brainstorming how to prepare her slop about as well as her game.  Boring and without any forethought for the potential problems like cooking it in chocolate soy milk which her sister has to clarify she highly recommends not trying that.


Cam 4 by 7:11 pm is randomly discussing food and being subjected rot yet another list of foods Danielle doesn’t eat, like wing sauce.  No ones feeding her so she falls quiet for a change as Jason, Kryssie, and Shelby move onto clubs, bottomless mimosas, and one of Kryssie’s many waitress run downs.]]Shane keeps bouncing from inside to outside.  The empty 2 liter is well placed on the corner table between 2 couches which make me laugh a little. 


Yet another anti climactic safety ceremony out of our way.  Fortunately that means voting begins soon and we can all vote for HG we would like sitting next to Neely/Kryssia before the veto draw tomorrow afternoon leading into few boring hours on the feeds until the competition.  Scott will also have to have announced in the early morning ceremonial ritual which veto he has selected to put into play.  Would be fantastic if he has to choose before they learn the America’s nominee results.  


By 7:51 it’s just the LNC out on the couches in the BY cam 3/4 and the Plastics have finished eating and planned a rendezvous in the HOH to have a quick chat.  Alex wasn’t overjoyed with Scott’s speech either. 


With slow feeds I was thinking about the next Care Package which is Safety servant.  The recipient of this care package receives Safety for week 4 but also becomes the HOH’s personal assistant and must follow every command from Big Brother (not the HOH) to maintain their safety status.  This is another safety care package but with a catch.  I honestly think regardless of who wins HOH, Whitney is a good choice for this ACP.  She has shown she can be fun, she’s likely going to remain safe anyways so we aren’t giving safety to someone that we shouldn’t and unless there’s someone on my short list that seems like they are at risk because somehow a misfit goes week then it’s a reasonable use and she will likely make the experience fun and have the best attitude about it.That’s just where my mind went initially and since we vote right after the HOH comp is determined there’s no way to say for sure who needs it or where it’s best placed based on the beginning of week 4.  I still wouldn’t likely want to waste it on Jason and I don’t see a scenario where we would be in a position of needing to give Justin an ACP this early.  This is BB though so anything can happen, expect the unexpected. Good to start thinking ahead to next week even if it’s too early but if Jason has his way Alex and Scott will sit next to each other and Alex has failed at yet another idea thinking she was keeping the LNC from realizing that she’s the HBIC of that group.  LOL

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Good Morning LF's.  Since most already know the result this morning's ceremonies I am going to stick with covering some things last night that lead straight into that we saw following the announcements.  If you don't know I will get to it, just bare with me.  Let's hop in and out of recent events so you can see the trends that are holding strong those that have changed up a little. 



By cam 4



Jason reminds the showmance it’s good to be scared.  Don’t ever get comfortable in this game.  Jason also discusses that predicting America is the toughest thing, can’t be done because we can’t see them, can’t read them although they get a full read on us.  America also could not be protecting people like Kryssie because they like her it could be a totally different reason.  Can’t read too much into this because of it’s unpredictability.  Shane/Jason/Dani also discuss that Scott and Alex are terrible and making it so obvious about who they are paired up with.  Points out they think none of us realize it.  They are terrible at trying to hide it, Scott tells everyone in his conversations, Alex let everybody know by jumping on Scott the he won HOH.  


Jason says that if veto is used on Kryssie tomorrow Scott has to put up a replacement nominee and then the second veto can remove that person.


Dani keeps saying America’s nominee has to stay on the block (be careful what you wish for Dani this isn’t a week where the majority all have the same target in mind and that’s potentially fatal for you).


Both sides are planning their strategies based on a Plastic being 3rd nominee.  Jason and Danielle have said they wouldn’t be upset to be the 3rd nom then they get to play in veto and in Dani’s mind if she goes up America could be doing it to help her so she can save herself and Shave (She’s beginning to see the game throw Alex’s glasses)


Shelby makes another good point (wow twice in one day made me listen to her).

She knows America likes Jason but do they want to watch him never play for his life at all.


Scott points out LF’s got to see him do that week 1 and thanks a lot Monte fro making Jason the underdog week 1. 


Shelby and Alex admit Dani tried to work with them (all girls) in the beginning and they shut her out deciding that she was fake and spying for the other side.


Dani just can’t help from making herself less and less appealing to both sides.  A discussion about Caitlyn Jenner and her refusal to refer to her as Caitlyn instead repeatedly referring to her as Bruce did not sit well with Jason.  I can’t deny at this point if Dani sees the block this week no one is going to fight too hard to save her.  They are far more willing to hold on a little longer with Shane over her because she was always a means to an end (shield) and after this week and all her continuous behaviors that are off putting seem to be amplified by ten fold.  As I said in preseason her ego was always going to be the downfall o her game.  I still would like to see her hang in there one more week this week just in case in the unlikely event Plastics win power yet again she’s in front of Jason/Justin.  


Scott really wants Shane to go this week, and to his credit even though I am not ‘with him’ his ability to think 360 degrees unlike Alex or Monte makes for a much better HOH this week.  What’s beautiful is Alex is feeling like Scott is her lap dog and will listen to her (to some degree he’s proven he will) but he’s got a much more well rounded skill set in considering various angles and adjusting the plan he went into this week wanting to do when this ACP came into play.  Alex has proven she’s inflexible and Scott has been able to stand his ground and say no I’m not doing that (to Alex) and here’s why.  I hope Alex is taking notes. However he’s showing some signs of making the same kinds of mistakes he did early on which is trying to control to many things and since his read on the house isn’t as accurate as the read the LNC has on the house things like suggesting Shelby could bond with Dani over Harry Potter if Shane leaves and everyone on that side likes her as little as the Plastics do they could capitalize on that and Shelby could scoop Dani up and pull her to their side.  LOL LOL LOL I can’t wrap my head around the fact these idiots don’t see how much they’ve burned trails making these kinds of valid strategic moves possible.  Jason and the Fantastic Four know if Shane leaves Dani is still a shield for their side and a number for their side and will not cut her loose or treat her in a way that makes her question their loyalty.  The Plastics have made it their mission for 3 weeks to alienate Dani as much as possible, being so blatantly rude and mean to her there’s not a chance in hell she would ever consider double crossing the LNC to make a side deal secretly and fall for anything Shelby tried to pull off.  Add to that Shelby is incapable of convincing anyone that she’s interested in bonding over anything organically and is identified as being the meanest girl in the house. Morgan and Whitney are the ones who have at least on some levels made themselves less visible as aggressors in this whole face off between the two sides although Whitney has done it much more effectively than Morgan overall. Never underestimate your opponent.  Never get stuck in a position where you’ve elevated almost any other option if/when your original plan fails.  


Another thing we saw over the weekend with Alex is her finally showing some willingness to adjust her attitude and potentially try to form an alliance with Jason, Neely, Justin, Scott and herself.  The problem is she’s proven to that entire side she is untrustworthy (going back on her word with Neely and Kryssie hasn’t been forgotten) and the fact Jason has gone to her twice early on and pitched this idea and she shut it down.  Jason may play along (which could be a good or bad thing depending on how he approaches 

it).  Alex should have been laying the ground work to be able to make changes to her long term plan all along and now heading into week 4 if a Plastic does go home Jason has no reason to even pretend to consider her idea.  If he is approached now and he says oh yeah sure maybe that could work, then a Misfit wins HOH that’s dead in the water Alex is already the major target for Jason, Justin, and Neely at this point.  Alex had the right idea in that she should let Scott do the dirty work and keep her hands clean but her execution as it always is was awful.  She doesn’t realize everyone sees exactly what that is over there and because she, Shelby, and Morgan failed to make any kind of real connection to anyone on the misfits side they’ve shorted themselves valuable intel they could have had to know how transparent their games really are to the misfits.  Clueless.  


The Plastics last night intentionally joined the LNC in the BY for the safety ceremony expecting to see a show when Neely/Kryssie were blindsided by being nominated.  They again were immediately identified as doing that for that purpose.   They were as obvious as a group of kids in a house that are being really quiet, every parent knows something is up when it’s too quiet in a house full of kids.  LOL  What the Plastics didn’t know before the safety ceremony when they hatched this plan was Scott had already divulged nom’s to enough people.  N/K knew they were being nominated so the fireworks the Plastics took their front row seat for turned out to be a dud.  Instead, what their actions did do was really gas light Neely regarding the Plastics.  It won’t be forgotten and yet another example where Alex did something that will prevent her from being able to try and make any kind of alliance with people on the opposing side of the house.  Neely sniffed that whole thing out the second those three sat right across form her huddled up under one blanket when they’ve NEVER attempted to make ‘safety ceremony’ an entire group activity before.  It was blatantly obvious to the LNC what that was and it didn’t go over well.  


This shows Neely’s attention to detail and ability to call BS on the right things.  Also only further proves my declaration that Alex is her now worst enemy in this game.  The LNC knows Alex better than Alex knows herself.  Alex’s ego over to believe she’s playing this very stealth game where no one knows what she’s really doing which couldn’t be further from the truth.  I didn’t take the time to go back and see who came up with the idea because I know it was either Alex saying it to Shelby first and then Shelby suggesting it to the group as a whole or one of those two just outright saying to the other girls we should do this.  I feel like these kinds of stupid game damaging moves that have no benefit would be less likely to occur if Alex/Shelby were separated.  They just can’t help themselves the way they feed off each other and its seriously detrimental to Alex’s potential longevity in this game.  


10:59 pm Dani tells us “you know I love you America, even though you made me a HN, it’s cool, I still love you, you just will have to listen to me complain that’s all but it’s all good.” I appreciate that even if I’m ready for her to go home she has been really whiney and complaining so at least she isn’t constantly obsessing about why we made her a HN and has more the mindset of I can take one for the team, I don’t like it but I ain’t mad at ya.  It’s really the best attitude to have in this situation.  My only advice would be you know we (LF) see you complain incessantly and is likely annoying us so reel it in a little more.

Same can be said for Shane and Dani’s PDA.  It is aggravating everyone including LF’s but especially HG.  They are completely unaware of how grating their constant PDA is causing both sides now to be over them and it’s just gone so far overboard.  


Last night (11:05 pm cam 2) they couldn’t keep their hands off each other while everyone in the LNC except Justin was outside everyone gets up and leaves except Kryssie who’s stays and throws shade.  Neely returns and basically tells them to knock it the heck off.  Enough is enough.  Kryssie tells them go do that crap in the HN room we’re all over it.  It’s one thing when you’re out somewhere and you see a couple kiss and keep it moving but most of us are put off by a couple just going at it non-stop in a group setting.  We get it ya’ll like each other and there’s electricity but this is BB not couples therapy get over yourselves and pay enough attention to anything but yourselves and you would see you are rapidly becoming less and less desirable on all fronts.  


The arrogance of these Shane/Dani and their idea that they don’t need anyone because they will just win every comp is glaringly obvious and that’s a huge downfall for them.  You have to credit the Fantastic Four for making S/D feel so safe and protected (purely for strategic purposes) that they don’t think they need to do anything but win comps to survive. I’ve seen them have very generic chats about the fact the LNC will turn on each other but it’s always surrounding the assumption they’ve made it to final 6).  At 10:54 pm cam 2 S/D found discussing with LNC (minus Justin) in the BY” if we get through this week we are sailing through to final 6 we just need to plow through this comp and we’re set’.  


Jason explains that there’s lots more work still to be done but again have these two completely comfortable among the Fantastic Four which they aren’t aware of.  Jason remains humble and very aware things can change on a dime so never get to comfy and this is likely foreshadowing what’s in the very near future for Dani.  Shane and Dani are still relying on the fake alliance they formed with Kryssie and Jason.  Dani’s ego is just like Alex’s and keeps her from the ability to see that she could be and in fact is weakening her own game herself.  Dani reaffirms her strategy just WN THE DAMN VETO every week.  The only saving grace may be that the Plastics are so hyper focused on Shane going home this week (in the same way they had been about Danielle for 2 weeks straight) is  they aren’t giving enough weight to plan b, C, D as usual. Scott has given it more thought than them but there are so many variables and possibilities involved between who America’s nom will be, who is drawn of vetoes, who stays up and who comes down no one should be celebrating that Shane is a lock to go home.  


Time for America’s Nominee!  

10:02 am

Danielle is the 3rd Nominee.  She heads into the UKB 10:04 am cam 1/2 climbs under the covers and is being the quietest she’s been in weeks. LOL 


I knew when they began showing the pics this time it was definitely Danielle, production is so obvious in their foreshadowing, Morgan and Whitney were shown early on which meant for sure the Plastics were in the best spot this week.  Last night the camera also made several moves from the advice board and Paul’s rule F showmances and then switching to zoom in on Dani, then back to the rule on the board and cutting back to Shane in bed with Dani again.  


Veto Draw pulls Alex and Justin to compete.

10:04 am both groups head off in different directions Neely/Kryssie are in kitchen with Plastics making tea.  Their is no cross talk Alex, Morgan still in KIT Shelby in BA (10:06 am) now hugging Scott, Whitney joins and she’s telling Scott about a convo with Kryssie in the BA last night being pissed about Scott’s speech breaking the rules. Morgan come sin and leaves, Scott leaves and Shelby does a brief celebration “Thank you America” and is alone again in the BA.  lex is so beyond excited it 3 hours until the comp and she’s already grabbing her athletic gear to get changed right away.  The power went out and came back on during the ceremonial events and so now they don’t have the time on the clock in the KIT which isn’t a great thing.  Alex and Whitney had already moved to the upstairs seating area. Alex thanks us as she runs into the HOH room to get her ‘uniform’ on 3 hours before the big game.  LOL. Subtle Alex, real subtle. Morgan arrives upstairs.  Whitney says “no matter what Shane is going up.”  Discussions about the veto and how maybe pulling Kryssie down is the best idea if Alex wins she pulls Kryssie down and saying hey I am saving you, and the bigger benefit is not leaving her up there because it may be tempting for Misfits to vote Kryssie out over Shane or Danielle.  Alex returns assuming America has her back in this.  Finally we’ve seen the light in her mind!  Scott has joined now along with the sloth so all can have a Plastics meeting to discuss how to keep going forward.  Morgan says all 3 of the plastics are going to sit there the whole time during the comp celebrating and being unsportsmanlike.


Now the Danielle bashing begins again.  Alex is 100% convinced America is on their side, so much so they gloat and shout out Monte.  LOL.  Listen honey’s just because people are sick of Dani or perhaps for some wanted her to be able tot compete since you were trying to BD her and Shane doesn’t mean anyone LIKES you.  We could spoon feed you your entire game and you would still manage to screw the entire thing up you are really that bad.  


Scott gets to know what comp it is, what the rules are before he has to pick which veto.  Alex says it shouldn’t really make a difference and won’t change anything.  Gives her marching orders.  


*Both group;s discuss the chip bag for veto.  Morgan swears her chip isn’t in the bag it never gets pulled.  Jason mentions they should have count the chips to verify everyone is in there because Alex has been pulled 3 weeks in a row.  LOL.  At least both sides are showing concern about this. 


Jason/Shane/Danielle straight to UKB.Justin meanders a little and can be heard off camera telling Scott good luck and Scott pointing out this will be Justin’s first veto.  Jason is also having a BB17 FB and says he don’t mind hosting but it better not be me hosting the dang comp again only to get BD’d and sent home on the comp I hosted.  I will snatch some wigs!  LOL


10:04 am cam 1/2

Jason and Shane agree that’s not the best scenario but they can still get what they want done.  Jason admits having Justin drawn isn’t the greatest because of all of the LNC he’s the one least on board with having to much in the way of needing to win the veto or actually wanting to use it if he does win it.  I was actually really bummed when Justin got pulled and really in this scenario the best thing for him to do is throw it (discretely)because both sides will want him to do something that isn’t good for his game and he has to put his own game ahead of anything else.  I expect to see a LOT of Jason and Justin side bars before the comp today.  All the while Dani hasn’t said a word. Meanwhile Neely is gas lit again by Shelby’s complete flagrance in celebrating in a way that an NFL player would get fined for it in the end zone.  


Kryssie makes a valid observation that they want to go on and on about good sportsmanship and then they go and do that.  Shane makes my next point I was getting ready to type when he says “Especially when they are trying to get close to you and get you on their side.”  Another example of how Alex/Shelby counter any offensive move they could possibly conceive of is never an option because of random ignorant moves like this! LNC will never be foolish enough to celebrate as a group in any common area to be seen by the others!  I tried to consider that point and with the exception of Dani jumping all over Shane last week when he won the veto that seems to be accurate.  I don’t even fault Dani for that they were both on the block, the other side came hard for them all week and now one of them won veto.  Dani in all of this is still under the covers quiet.  Neely is really pissed.  She feels bad that Kryssie and Danielle have been on the block for 3 weeks in a row.  This may be the best thing Neely could be doing for a huge favor because she’s going to be gunning hard for that veto now.  She is not ok with the overt attitudes and behaviors of the Plastics she just experienced.  She gets the go in a room where no one else can see and do your celebrating but the girls brass balls to do it where she and Kryssie could see and hear really has her fired up.  Can’t say I blame her all things considered.  This is the third week in a rom K/D have been on block.  3rd week Alex has gotten drawn to play, Dani is now up and the LNC has endured passive aggressive Shelby for far too long.  


Jason, “you go ahead I love ig’nant Neely, get it all out girl!”  

Neely about the Sloth, “that’s why your stomach is full and bloated all the time because you’re so full of sh*t.”  


(I went right back and watched the time when this would have happened not he other camera and didn’t see what Neely ,saw, if what I saw on the camera was what Neely saw she is way over reacting to what actually happened.  I will be more inclined to think there was a camera/change or POV that didn’t show what Neely was seeing because she’s pretty rational unless something genuinely happens to get her fired up.  But all I can see is I don’t see it the way she’s describing.  Either way not a bad thing she’s on one right now she needs to bring all that fire into veto!  


10:21 am cam change to  Scott is whispering with Justin in the KT making it clear he only wants one veto used, he could throw it, if he wins what Scott wants to happen.  Justin points out he doesn’t even know what the comp will be.  


This could really put Justin in a bad spot after he’s worked really hard to remain appearing neutral.  If he wins and does what the LNC wants the paths he’s now laid with Plastics could be pointless.  If he wins and uses it for the Plastics the LNC will not view that favorably. Justin needs to lose, but cannot do it in a way that makes everyone 100% certain he threw it.  He also can’t throw it early on if there is a good chance Plastics will have a better shot at winning because that will ruffle feathers on the LNC side of the house.  Whereas I think the Plastics would rather him just throw it and let them duke it out with the 3 nominees. 



UGH!  This just annoys me to no end.  What does that have to do with BB.  Just because she’s annoying doesn’t mean as a player she hasn’t worked harder and one far more than the SLOTH!  Alight nothing I can do about that.  Just going to have to keep it moving.  Still lots of different outcomes that can come out of this veto and since all three people on the block are LNC the veto is likely to be something one of them excels at.  It’s their lives on the line.  I just hope Justin doesn’t get screwed in all of this.  


Justin, just came into UKB, Justin says Danielle isn’t coming down, I’m not taking Danielle down.  If I win I am not using the Veto to take D down.  There’s a back and forth that Justin could take Neely/Kryssie down, he’s agreeable to taking one them down, but Jason doesn’t like that either.  Everyone agrees they ll get annoyed by her.  She’s all about self, stories are annoying, but Jason lays out that if Justin wins and takes one N/K down, then the only other people left to choose form is Jason or Shane to go up.  Jason says if its Shane/Jason/Danielle all 3 OTB and Jason goes home he’s gonna lose his mind.  Everyone assures Jason there’s no way that happens, the Plastics want Dani out bad.  Justin reminds them they HATE her!  Scott wants Shane guy no way this puts you in any danger at all.  Justin said he wanted to come in here and make sure everyone knew exactly what Justin’s plan is.  He won’t save Dani.  If he saves anyone it will be Kryssie, as Kryssie knows she could pull some votes, but Neely won’t everyone likes Neely so if he takes anyone dow it would be Kryssie just to make sure no one tried anything.  The LNC are ok with Dani leaving.  We are all ok with Dani leaving but I am still not for this because Alex and Jason become the new biggest targets and that mean MISFITS MUST win HOH.  


Well, there’s always lots to hear and see after the Monday morning ceremonies.  I will be back this afternoon with the results of the Veto.  










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 It’s time for the veto competition!  Game faces are on and if there was war paint in the BBOTT house Neely would be the HG I would predict to have the most intimidating mask painted on.  Events the last few days have certainly had her gearing up for the battle with a fierceness we have yet to see this season.  While Shane and Dani are well aware to stay int eh house they will have to win comps but this one is very personal for Neely and I am looking forward to see how she channels her frustrations!


1:00 pm and the signage on all four feeds still reads “The Veto Competition is Coming Soon.”

Camera got alive and all HG are either standing by the back door or in the KIT finishing their snack.  Kris has a bandana on with neon green knee socks, Justin and Shane are in shorts and Justin runs off saying he needs to go get something but no one knows what.  Sloth points out that Scott is like 6 inches away form the door.


A couple jokes about Monte’s self proclaimed rules that were untrue inspires some jokes:


Jason “They told Monte they created the Show just for Monte, forget there’s been 17 seasons before him they built the entire house and created the game just for him according to Monte.”


Kryssie, “We miss you apple stash.”


Justin “I don’t. (general laughter erupts) good riddens.”


Door begins to raise and Scott claps and says “let’s get excited!”


We see HG enter the backyard 1:03 pm and start to assess the yard and then suddenly back 1:04 pm to gold screen message prior to comp on all four cams again.  What’s up with the altered version of fish BB?  We want to hear the rules!  


1:09:24 back live Jason reads comp information.  Random draw for order and head to head face off two at a time to solve a puzzle.  Once puzzle solved correctly place answer ring if correct you win round.  If incorrect then you are eliminated.


Each round new puzzle.  Winner of each round selects next players to face off.


Scott chooses the double veto.


“Fitting In” begins with name draw.  The order will be as follows. 








Kryssie up she chooses Alex to face off against.  Curtains open and two boards revealed opposite sides and horn blows.  Peanut gallery discusses this is intense.  


Alex won this round quickly.  Kryssie eliminated she’s out, off to couches.


Danielle up next challenges Scott


You hear Kryssie whispering saying it’s like tetris and she sucks at that!  All the pieces are different colors and different shapes.  


1:14 pm

Curtain opens again, horn sounds, and they are off.  Scott and Dani moving at even paces.  Dani glancing to Scott occasionally she finishes and places the correct answer ring and wins!  Scott is eliminated off to the couches.  Now 3 v 1 (Alex)


1:16pm Neely up selects Alex to challenge.  Both up and awaiting curtain call 1:16 pm

Alex looks sick to her stomach now knowing she’s the only one left to save the Plastics plan.  Curtain opens, horn sounds and they are off!  Both looking over at their tables while waiting for horn.  Alex again a matter if seconds completes puzzles places ring on pole and wins the round!


1:18 Danielle and Justin left to face off.  Justin’s turn but since Alex just went Dani is only option at this stage?  I didn’t hear him select Dani to face off until I went back and watched again.  He could have chosen Alex and he chose Dani.  That was not a good positioning the draw for Justin because now if he picks Alex and throws it to her, she and Dani have the vetoes, Dani comes down and Shane goes us and goes home if the Plastics get their way.  Or they end up saving Shane to vote out Kryssie as the LNC and that’s not likely to happen either.  IF they misfits votes out Shane Dani will be against the entire house.  What a mess this is!   Who ever wins this round wins one of the vetoes and Alex has the other.  Dani looks ready to cry (she’s in shock he picked her). Justin smiling at her in a friendly manner.


Curtain opens, take their positions horn sounds and both get moving at 1:19 pm.

Dani and Justin both fitting third pieces in Justin solves first and wins round.  Dani is eliminated and upset she pissed why didn’t he just throw it to me.  Dani is crying, Shane comforts her and says I don’t know why he did that it doesn’t make sense.   


Justin and Alex head up tot he front of the curtain as if they will play against each other except they are done.  Takes BB a couple minutes to announce Jason should award the vetoes to the winners.  Thats’ it veto is over in less than 12 minutes. This was 100% comp designed for the gamer Alex IMO.  Not saying it was selected today just of her but when comps are created they are always created for certain players by theme or skill set and this was her comp no doubt about that.  


BB announces Justin and Alex each won the golden power of Veto.  You can hear Whitney say “they don’t know.”


Jason awards vetoes.  Shane returns to couches, Dani storms off into he house alone but the door isn’t unlocked she’s stuck waiting at the door you can hear her trying to control the tears.  Finally opens she races straight back to the bedroom. 


Kryssie goes in, Dani is waiting at the DR door and it won’t open she she heads into UKB, begins to sob.  Kryssie in TKB.  Dani pulls comforter over her head. She’s saying she’s sorry to her son as she sobs uncontrolably.  


On cam 1/2 Inside we see Shelby gloating and biggest smile I’ve seen in 17 days. 


Jason, Scott, Shane, Neely stayed in the BY. 


Justin in KT with Whitney, Morgan, Alex, Shelby cam 1/2

Alex jumping up and down, now all Plastics dancing and celebrating yelling, laughing, posing their alliance pose choreographed for the camera but camera doesn’t switch to catch their faces stays on cams behind the girls.  Shane enters the KIT, passes through.  Scott and Jason enter as well.


1:26 pm

Shane enters UKB tells her it’s ok he’s going to use it on you.  I asked him why he didn’t pick Alex instead of Dani?  It’s ok they want to BD me anyways.  


Dani says 

why would he pick me?  He’s not going to save me maybe he’s been working with Scott this entire time and just playing all of us, IDK, it doesn’t make sense.



Because he’s f’ing retarded



If was going to pick me, why wouldn’t he just throw it to me.



Maybe he just didn’t get it, he’s going to take you down.  



He’s not going to use it on me.



Ok folks, this is where as player you have to always be on top of your game.  Yes, Dani is upset, yes I don’t blame her for bubbling over with emotions at the moment.  However, she needs to quickly reign that it, be cordial and a good loser a this point to prevent from drawing any more attention to herself.  What she cannot do is be confrontational with Justin, unload a sh*itload of venomous built up frustrations on her team or start making accusations surrounding what just happened.  She needs to fade into the background, be pleasant and social and come up with a new strategy.  One option is to play nice nice, so someone brings her down even knowing Shane may go up.  Don’t worry girl he will be waiting for you when you get out of the house and it’s a small sacrifice in the big picture.  Another is to plead that no one uses the veto to save her, and either try to get someone other than Shane nominate (slim pickings so not much chance of that) or strike a deal with Scott.  Don’t put Shane up let me take my chances against Neely/Kryssie somehow and give it everything she has to get Kryssie sen those she they both can stay to fight another day.  Not saying these are reasonable or likely odds in her favor of accomplishing but th done thing that that is 100% certain if she goes off he rails the LNC will rally together ask for forgiveness instead of permissions with Shane and send her packing because in all truth they already had their fill of Danielle.  This one of the worse case scenarios for her but acting out will be the only thing that can make it worse. 


1:22 pm

While Dani has taken cover literally in the UKB, outside on cams 1/2 we see Scott and Moragn congratulate Justin. Jason and Scott squeeze in a quick smoke before BB calls ILD to clean up from comp (which shouldn’t take long at all this was Basic stuff little set up other than a platform and two stands with puzzle pieces).  


The girls both sides all head in pretty quickly after Shane.  Justin/Scott/Jason remain BY



OMG was that a bad thing?



She gonna be mad.



Ya think?






Shrugs his shoulders and says very softly “IDK what she wanted me to do.”



I know, it’s ok, I know we’re in a tough spot 


Justin goes to head inside and Jason tells him

“we’ll deal with it dude, don’t worry.”


Shane rejoins the fellows now that he grabbed a drink and asks Jason for a puff.  



I got like 10 left (smokes), picks up his pack and looks

oh sh*t I’m down to 9.



Don’t worry I’m still here

(Very smart on his part, subtle subliminal message as long as I’m here there are smokes buddy nudge nudge.  If you aren’t a smoker you may not understand just how valuable that comment is and it will resinate with Scott and other smokers in the house)


Scott, laughs nervously and relieved at the same time




The convenience store is still working



Ok, excellent



That looks intense 



I was not ready 


They discuss it was like Tetris on steroids and Jason asserts he blows on Tetris.


Camera change to KIT


I just want to do well at things



Yeah and well people get pissed online when people throw stuff



This is not a season where you can afford to throw things anyways



Nah, I just wanted to do the best that I could Yo and I said that I would, so like, 


Of course all the Plastics are eating this help, bathing him in support and stroking his ego I love when someone thinks they are the dealer when in reality they are the player being played.  That’s this scenario in the kitchen at the moment.  Justin is pimping these girls hard and they don’t even know it. Good game play Justin, gotta  give you credit, risky walking a fine line but go big or go home right?  



You have a standard you want to hold yourself to you know 


ALRIGHT everyone there you have it just a quick replay of the veto today.  My man Justin did exactly the opposite I said he should do and we will see where the cards fall for he and the LNC as the day progresses.  Until then you have time to watch for yourself because it’s almost as quick as those recap episodes. Alex and Justin hold the vetoes.  Once the veto ceremony is completed tomorrow voting will begin and we will know who is actually OTB to choose from this week.. Could be anyone at this point but for now expect Dani or Shane at least to be one of the options.  I won't count my chickens before they hatch a lot of hours before now and then!

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Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave


At this point I fully expect Scott at some point shift the target back to Danielle in a way that the Plastics feel like he's doing them a favor when in fact it will be what's best for Scott's game along with Jason/Justin if Scott has any real desire to continue to nurture a future chance to call in for back up in an emergency.  Although Justin/Jason would prefer Dani to go they are cool with either one of the two going this week and have done enough work to survive either way.


4:19 pm BA


Jason washing his hands says to Scott as he exits the BA

Let me know what you’re thinking later, let me know where you’re at



Yeah, if you wanna, you probably don’t want to come up and talk to me, but 



No, you’re gonna be up there by yourself tonight



Yeah, it’s pretty simple basically, I’m not nominating you, and I’m not nominating the girls.  SO if someone comes off the block that only leaves one person.


(Like I said yesterday when he and the Plastics agreed not to reveal the nom’s to anyone Scott of course tells Justin minutes later in front of the girls and now Jason alone in the BA.  At the moment this is best for Scott’s game.  He’s trying to reestablish some form of trust between Jason and Justin and this shows Jason/Justin although Scott is primarily aligned with Alex he’s laying foundation to form some kind of bond and future alliance with the guys )



Which is?



I mean he’s the only person that’s left



My question is, who would you prefer to go? Shane still?









Honestly it’s probably going to be the same plan as last week.  The girls might wanna take out Danielle



That’s why I was like, it depends on what they were thinking, but I din’t know if they were gonna do what you wanted to do



Honestly, I mea I really don’t care



I really don’t care either



I know the plan last week was to take out Danielle, might just stick with that, stay consistent



She’s smarter than him, she’s the one running more like the brainiac sh*t



that’s just it, Danielle was able to get ride of CB when she was the nominee, like that’s…intense



Yeah, and it was intense I was looking at her like this b*tch is crazy



So honestly it’s probably just gonna be the same plan as last week



Well you know me and Justin are down we’re not trying to step on no toes, we’re like ok we’re fine with whatever but yeah I am more confident with getting her out in the long run



Yes until the nominees are set as far as the target it’s kinda up in the air right now



Well it won’t matter, for me it’s better to get rid of Danielle but I don’t want to step on your toes



You couldn’t. Do whatever






This is where they are both conversing in a very passive way.  Not trying to push agenda or shove a plan down anyone’s throat.  Each seems agreeable to the other and Jason says he thinks Dani is a better target now for everyone’s long term game but since it’s Scott HOH and either one of the showmance is an acceptable loss he does it in a way were he’s giving Scott the power as HOH and assuring him he and Justin will agree with whatever Scott wants.  Scott also doesn’t commit to a solid target and leaves it open ended other than one of those two if someone comes down and he can throw Shane up.  This is likely to be sniffed out by Jason he’s very perceptive to how people dance around topics and the non-committal kind of response in combination with the language Scott is using Jason is incredibly intuitive and observant in this way.  He will have a sense perhaps they will try to try something and Jason is likely to sniff that out and be prepared for it before the live vote even if Scott doesn’t tell them very far in advance.  


Shane/Jason Start out tin KIT move to LR as they head into the TKB again whispering 4:22 cam 2


A quick cam change to them come into them discussing the vote likely depends on the Plastics but they’re likely gonna take her out (Dani).



The thing is thats the smartest decision, it’s just so understandable 



Taking Danielle out?



Once you and her are up there it’s not his decision, what’s he got to do with it? It’s what the house decides. 



Yeah I know



I just need to ask, cause I don’t know if you’re the type to sacrifice yourself for that? (meaning his showmance will he bow out for Dani to be able to stay)



Who me?  I mean I wanna play the game though



Ok , good that’s what I want to hear.  I don’t want to get the ‘I love her so much she can stay over me’.



No, there’s things outside of BB, but you know I am hear to play dude 



That’s what I wanna hear



Like I was telling Kryssie, I don’t mind getting kicked out by You or Justin, it would just suck getting kicked out from Scott, being back doored and I didn’t get to have the opportunity to play.



I talked to him and said of the two, if they’re both up there, Danielle is probably the larger target of the two.  And he was like yeah I get that. The girls are probably gonna do that.  And I’m not trying to plot on her (LOL yes you are Jason and I love ya for it!) 



yeah I know you are just trying to feel it out.  That’s what I was trying to do earlier.  



That’s why I asked if you’re one of those dudes that’s gonna be like ‘it’s ok’.



No dude.  (Good man Shane.  You and her can hang out all you want later, this is what you came here and the whole couple thing is a bonus.)



Not that, that wouldn’t be the gentlemanly thing to do, but like…



I am a gentleman but like nah

But I mean like I am keeping my mouth shut this next two days (which is exactly what both he and Dani should do)

Just trying to make it fun no matter what happens



I mean it’s not going to be an easy week, but we knew the easy weeks were eventually gonna end and catch up with us (This is very important because they did all talk about this last week before Monte went home.  They’re aren’t overconfident, they weren’t relying on America’s vote and they knew the tides were going to shift nd they needed to be prepared for that.)



I mean it’s coming down to getting girls out 





Jason tells Shane that he talked with Scott and they discuseed if they evict Shane you realize it will be only 3 guys among a house full of girls.  Jason says it’s funny because he’s always with all the girls (alliance wise) and now it could be the four guys together and if they don’t join forces on some level then there are gonna be 8 girls picking off the last 3 guys.  


Many LF’s have discussed the fact that the guys were already outnumbered by women in the house and after two guys have gone home they could quickly be extinct in the game because the women could at least going forces to eliminate the last couple guys left and run tot the end with a final four of all women.  I am not worried about that scenario when you look at who they guys left are.  Jason and/or Justin should be in the vicinity of the end game the way things are going right now.  As long as some crazy unexpected DE or complete and total blindside happens (which based on both their games I don’t see something like that brewing without them being aware and already having some emergency shelter in place to help them survive an unexpected storm.  We have held onto the best ACP and done a great job at making sure when/if a time comes that these two need a lifeline we have it at our disposal to dish out.  We LF’s just need to be careful to stick to that plan and not botch that up as we begin to click off these ACP’s the next two weeks or so.  As it is now we could very likely save the last two most critical ACP’s in weeks 6-8 to reward them for great game play and prevent some crazy random luck from clipping them from the game.   I saw a lot of chatter last week about giving the veto power to Neely and even though Neely ended up on the block based on what we knew saving a ACP of her later was a smarter strategic move whether it’s because you a re behind Neely or purely the fact that helping Neely down the road is likely to help J/J without wasting an actual earlier ACP on them.  I have no problem dealing out some of these earlier packages to the Plastics or low level bench warmers who aren’t playing as well as others.  We should all be willing to donate to those less fortunate than others in life and in the game.  LOL


Here are the Plastics in their usual form, although gauging some things much better with Scott there to lead the way.  Unfortunately, you still see them spending most of their time being gossipy and catty in moments where you can clearly see they have insight and the fortitude to make assertions that are very telling things they should be really focusing on.  Instead of chewing on the information they have voiced they almost always say it in passing and never really run with what they know to help position themselves better.  I have heard the Sloth especially today along with Whitney  make very important points but they almost as quickly as they point out a fact they turn whatever the statement was into a new reason to bash on someone and can’t keep focus where it should be. The saddest part is it’s usually Alex and stubborn attitude and Alpha female attitude that shuts whatever was said down and claiming they shouldn’t even be bothered thinking about that because they are smarter and have a better read not he house than the LNC which is 100% inaccurate to assume on her part.  


IWR cam 2 4:45 pm



Prior to Scott entering the Plastics were all laid out in blankets and stretched out over the couches, except Morgan who has been working out while the others followed the sloth’s natural routine.



Alex questions Scott where he had been.  He plays he’s been in his room for an hour.


Sloth asks when they are locked down can she listen to music.



Yeah, everyone in this house has access to the music, anytime you want.



You’re so nice, 



Shelby’s gonna be like get the f outta my room.



You better let me listen to your music



You guys can but anybody who’s tried to get me up can’t, soooooooo


Alex and Morgan go for food and water along with Scott leaving the IWR



8:29 pm cam 2 BY couches



Alex goes into a brief discussion of she can’t wait for tomorrow because she’s tired of Monday and just wants to get to Friday at midnight so she can eat)



I’m scared for Wednesday

(As you should be!)



Me too. Actually that’s kind of terrifying. I choose to ignore that. 

(This is why Alex sucks at this game.  She only sees the here and now and doesn’t usually have the right information even then.  She is always in defensive mode and doesn’t look ahead, anticipate things that aren’t what she in her mind thinks should happen.  In BB you have to always be thinking in the moment, predicting scenarios, planting seeds for the future. The only really active play I’ve seen her and the Plastics do is make sure to keep wandering around the house for a few seconds at time to get a location on people, but even that is more motivated this afternoon by a desire to hear and see a meltdown by Dani and an implosion of the other side of the house’s allegiance to each other not to gather intel and keep a pulse on what’s actually happening.)



We need to enjoy these few days of non-stress because we are probably never gonna have another day like this.  


Well I certainly hope not.  LMAO but that’s the last thing you should be doing when you are actually going to be setting yourself up to remove an opposing competitor and head into he next HOH when all of you’re feet are dangling over a fire that isn’t going to extinguish itself!  You should be actively working to position yourselves in a more positive perception of some of the people on the other side of the house after this week you are being seen as the reasoning behind K/N being nom’d, a shot being fired that may actually land in the vicinity of the target you’ve been aiming for the last 3 weeks.



we should be the ones chilling’ and not them



Everybody seems to be in a really good mood tonight though.



Well you can only be grumpy about it for so long

(LOL yeah that’s why.  It can’t be that they are knew exactly what you were going to do and planned ahead for it, are all in agreement that the showmance is disposable and if they had to take a hit this week this is the hit they were willing to accept without resistance.)



I just think it’s weird because I don’t think S/D have been hanging out any today.  


They go into discussing the fact Shane has been coming around them today, and the Sloth

“why we would be thinking about anything form, he hasn’t even offered us anything.”



It’s just like one last chance.  He doesn’t understand we’re…I just think this is like Scott’s HOH and if Shane were to come back Scott would be like screwed.


This is met with ‘yep’ from the Sloth and Alex



But I think we need to keep acting like we’re voting out Danielle it will be funny



It would be perfect



They know where we lied last week and we’re doing the same this week.



We can be like this is for Monte.  We’re getting Danielle out for him.



At least tomorrow we’ll have something to do.  Live DR’s.






Yeah, and the veto nom’s will be interesting 



Yeah form like 1-1:30 and from 7-9 we have stuff. 



Why…do you think that they know Shane is going up?


the other three Plastics all say yeah, Sloth reminds her that because he (Scott) told Justin




Yeah they know, they just don’t know who the target is


Sloth repeats what Scott told Justin and says “then we debated, and we kind tried to land on Danielle but…”



My thing is, is Justin gonna freak if we…I just don’t know



I’m worried about that because if we lie to him that he’s gonna cut ties with us.  



I think his ties with us were only to get rid of Shane/Danielle






Cause the whole time he was talking to us he was like ‘my side, my side’ make you realize that he doesn’t really, he just wants Danielle to go. 



But then I wonder like if he does win HOH who is he gonna put up?



Probably two of us, and  probably me and Alex, or me and Scott, or Alex and Scott.

(Exactly my point here!  They know they are in danger.  They know they are potential targets moving forward and what ar they trying to do about it?  NOTHING!)



I don’t…



Idk he’s so hard to read



I think if he ends up getting pissed, he will end up getting more pissed at Scott than us

(BOOM!  Another misconception she’s using to drive her game.  NO!  He’s going to assume you Alex are puppeteering Scott or that you scammed Scott and Scott will play his hand this way ,smartly, and you will take all the blame.)



Ya think?  Because Scott was the one who said I’m gonna



I think he..I think it would be more targeted towards him.  But I can see Justin putting up one person from each side just to stay in the middle.  



Like him and Danielle had that big blow out, and now they’re all fine right?

(LOL ONG this is so sad it’s gotten less frustrating and more humorous as time ticks on.  Danielle and Justin are not cool.  He can’t stand her, and he’s told YOU that.  The fight they had didn’t have anything to do with game nor any effect not he game and her loyalty or honesty and that’s what drives Justin’s game which you all are aware of and have discussed.)



He doesn’t like her.  He would easily put her up if he wins HOH.  





While it’s true he doesn’t like her Jason and Justin would not at this point int he game target a shield that’s protecting them, a vote for their side, and the out their own team member even if they aren’t really aligned with them when they have enemies on the other side that they KNOW for fact are going to come for them before Danielle would.  Even if Justin dislikes her that much (which he does) he and Jason decide everything together and Jason wouldn’t allow Justin to take this eye off the prize and always presents things in a way that allows Jusitn’s ego to take a nap and make smart game moves.



This is why I am thinking he’s not even trying to win it



That’s kinda what I’m thinking


Well you thought he wouldn’t try to win the veto today either and he did. Then he’s told you he’s here to compete and going to do his best.  He tried hard for that HOH week two and almost won it over you Miss HBIC and as much as Justin acts like winning HOH isn’t important to him it is when it needs to be and he won’t make the same mistake he did goofing around when there are high stales at this point like he did dancing around trying to keep warm.  I don’t see him as the kind guy who makes the same mistake twice in this game so far.


And here they go off on a tangent lead by the Slot about he wasn’t trying that hard to win veto,he had a smile on his face, he was going slow.  



He’s a scary competitor.  I did note expect him to win a puzzle comp.  


He just won because he was the last person picked.  And he went against Danielle, like 


Whitney is trying her hardest to emphasize that they should be looking at Justin’s game as better than they are estimating and as a huge player in this game.  One that she would prefer to have on her side than against her.



He was fast at it, but I think a lot of people in the comp would have beat him.


Okay, I think I’ve made my point here.  They say he wasn’t even really trying to win.  They say he won bevcsauj he was last drawn, they dismiss that this win was really any indication he is a bigger well rounded competition threat  than he his.  But then they confirm that he was fast and a lot of other people could have beat him.  So he was fast when he wasn’t really even trying according to you but he isn’t that good at these mental comps not was a fluke?  They have am nay of the correct discussions about things they should be considering, worrying about, planning for, and taking action against but they always leave the most important pieces of the picture not he cutting room floor.  Luck may have had a huge hand in this week but they can’t rely on luck the entire game.  They need to be developing a well rounded effective game and fail to do it at every opportunity they manage to find or we hand to them.  


Whereas the fantastic four take every bit of event he very smallest crumb of details and information and nurture it, plan for it, select a direction to move on it and do so effectively and strategically.  The FF has not just sat back and relied not he helping hand we gave them the first two weeks.  They put in a lot of time and effort to creating a play book and watching all the game reels they can get there hands on by dividing an conjuring throughout the house, spend minimal time sharing what they learned and being honest and transparent with each other to prevent any kind of doubt to hiccup to distract them from agreed upon goals they have established and keep things moving.  It’s why this week not going their way hasn’t derailed them as the Plastics had anticipated it would.  


Keep watching how the next 30 hours unfold but I think regardless of who goes the Plastics may have no regained the voting power we tried to prevent them from having with how things played out this week and have various plans to evict others besides who LF’s voted to put not he block to get out and help them finally do it.  That will, if Dani needs up staying not sit well with LF’s and has a lot to do with why Alex’s rankings dropped quickly this week which in combination with her own terrible game play is not a good scenario for her although I’m not shedding any tears over that. 



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Ok this was the last blog I posted on 10/17 late last night that I noticed didn't save for some reason so this is good to read before the "Oh the Tangled Web we weave" to keep timelines fluid on the LF updates included in each blog.  


Monday 10/17


Plastics/Scott-Post veto chat 1:30 pm cam2


Shelby I’m mediately saying the LNC in comp weren’t smart, why did they keep picking Alex?  Alex agrees “not smart”.  


Come on Alex I expect more of you.  Of course they would pick you and Scott to face off with you were the two they hoped to eliminate.  They literally had to pick each of you to try and knock you out of the comp.  It worked with Scott, this was your comp, you killed it, kudos.  Now what?


Plastics of course bashing Danielle calling her selfish because she was upset Justin didn’t just throw that comp to her?  Well, if you’re in an alliance with someone, you’re OTB, they are facing off with you in the last 3 people for 2 vetoes of course that’s what she would expect!  That’s what anyone aligned with someone would expect.  Why would she expect him to knock her out of the veto she needed to come off the block, 


Danielle had no idea before today that LNC wasn’t really down for Dani and quite frankly neither did you until 48 hours ago so that to me only further proves the fantastic Four have done an amazing job of keeping Danielle in line, in the dark and played her like a fiddle.  Then to go on about how she doesn’t care about anybody but herself. Take a look in the mirror sweethearts because your Plastics group+Scott is the weakest alliance int he house.  You all are not collectively loyal to each other and put in the same position you would do the exact same thing.  Scott and Alex are most loyal to each other at this point and Alex likes to pretend she’s controlling Scott he way she wanted to continue to do with Monte, but she’s not.  She NEEDS Scott.  He’s the only one she really needs at this point.  The sloth is disposable for all of you except maybe Scott just the same way that Dani and Shane were disposable to them.  Morgan and Whitney are true to each other at this point.  The sisters are loyal for now but won’t be long term and they both have said that adamantly.  Sloth really bottom line has no one willing to put their neck on the line for the other.  Whereas Danielle has Shane and vice versa.  Justin and Jason are 100% and have been since week 1.  Neely and Kryssie are down and they are both down fro Jason/Justin to final four.  Jason/Justin are all the way down for Neely at this point and would do what they could to save her.  Kryssie and Dani are the throw aways on that side but all 6 LNC collectively have ridden it out until today.  You have changed your dang alliance name as many times as you change your underwear.  LOL


The Plastics as usual all sound very petty and ignorant right now and these very things that keep you from going anywhere in the game.  It took a lucky draw, two chance comps (both HOH bar code and this Veto) for you to finally achieve anything and it’s not really at your own hand it’s all LUCK!  Be thankful you have a week where the stars aligned for you, and a bunch of LF’s who are playing the same HS popularity contest handed her to you gift wrapped this week because there was nothing strategic about nominating Danielle this week.  It was a majority  of LF who have been dominating voting results not all agreeing on who needs to be targeted on your side because there are so many of you we don’t like.  We did it to ourselves by splitting largest pool pf LF votes for nom’s between Alex, Shelby, and Morgan so the top % went to Danielle.  You’re Corey  “Harry Potter, Harry Potter.”  That’s it.  Very simple. Time to move on.


Whitney accurately points out this is going to cause tension between Justin, Danielle, and Shane.  Alex “that’s exactly what we need to happen.”  


No arguments there I told ya’ll this morning that the one thing Justin needed to not do when hi name was drawn was win.  Very simple, don’t win because that forces you to show your hand.  So what does he do?  HE WINS!  LOL.  Now, the only point I will make here is that Justin was the very last player selected to go.  Everyone else had gone.  That literally guaranteed he was in final 3 for the veto win.  It was only Dani, Alex, Justin left at this point.  He had to pick one of them, it all happened in a matter of about 8 minutes he wasn’t really even thinking about who to pick, is my impression, he just picked Danielle because she was literally the only one sitting there since Alex had just won against Neely.  I sincerely, unless Justin tells us in DR that he chose Dani on purpose because he didn’t want Dani to win Veto, this is my read on Justin and on watching the comp happen and then going back and watching the end with these three involved again.  Feel free to judge for yourself.


What’s key here is Justin very bluntly told the Fantastic Four before the comp that he would “win to save Kryssie, I would gladly pull Kryssie down so she is not a tempting potential target left on the block.”  He loves Neely but flat out told her “no one is gonna vote you out. It just ain’t happening, but Kryssie could get some votes, but I am not saving Danielle.  I won’t pull her down, I won’t save her, I don’t like her, I don’t trust her and I am just not doing it.” (You can find the time stamp for this in my pre veto comp blog posted first thing this morning.) The Fantastic Four all were aware before hand Justin wasn’t doing nothing to help Dani get down.  If she “does it herself, all gravy, but I would rather Danielle go home and if Shane gets put up as a replacement for Kryssie then I would rather keep Shane for now.”  This is the sentiment of the FF collectively.  So Jason and them may be acting surprised, but they are all calm and prepared for the Dani meltdown and for Shane to go up in Kryssie’s place so ain’t nobody recalling crying inside that Justin won.  Jason told him right after the comp ended “it was a sucky spot to be in this week, we will handle it, don’t worry.”


The ridiculous circular conversation with the theories, Justin threw the comp, he tried to throw it, he gave her lots of time.  Scott, which I was glad to hear and appreciated, shits them catty girls down quick when they try to run away with this debate. “No shade on Justin.  We can’t throw shade onJustin he pulled it through for us. “  


You should really watch this.  1:33 pm It shows how effective Scott is at managing these girls.  Bravo Scott, Bravo.  They quit, start to back pedal, “no. no shade on Justin.”  Whitney asserts, Justin is really playing his own game. “  Scott follows this with:


“Alex this is why I don’t think you should use your veto.  I am not going to tell you what to do, you can do whatever you want, but if we leave everyone up there and Justin uses his, he will pull Kryssie down, we throw up Shane and we don’t need to use yours.  That’s just what I am thinking.“


The Plastics are just now in this moment realizing that with 3 LNC on the block they only have 3 votes.  Seriously you are just realizing this?  They get all excited because with Shane up that takes a vote away from Danielle, then they are taking away three votes from that side.  Um, shouldn’t stye have been able to realize this as soon as Veto was drawn and America’s nominee was announced?  LOL.  Ok, I’m going to leave that one alone, I really don’t see the point in beating a dead horse we all know the Plastics are the worst strategists in the house.  They celebrate that Scott might finally actually getting to send the HOH’s target home. 


Whiney finally gets to the point here for them is that for the first time they get to decide who they want to send home.  Even if America votes with the LNC it’s a tie and Scott breaks the tie.  Way to go LF’s punish the two guys who have actually been playing the game better and more effectively than anyone in the house and just when the ego’s were starting to slightly come down within the Plastics you shoot them right back to being beyond unbearable yet again.  I don’t even care about Dani, she’s as bad as Alex, I’ve made that very clear.  I agree that for the LNC if they are going to take a hit, which they readied for, they are really deciding who they can live without.  They all decided that losing Dani, if they have to lose someone is the best one to lose because she’s driving them all crazy too and Shane is more reasonable and less annoying than she is.  She was only a shield.  Yes, they would have liked for this week not to go this way and keep her as a shield, but if someone has to go they are in agreement it’s Dani.  The Plastics also assert no one is voting for Neely this week.  America is going to probably vote for Danielle and then Scott breaks the tie.  


They at this point are still targeting Shane, the LNC is targeting Dani.  So if the four Plastics vote for Shane, the three misfits vote for Dani along with America, Scott hen decides the votes.  As the girls begin to run away like wild boars trampling around various ideas on how they can scam the other side again (1:37 pm) it’s Scott who reels them in saying “let’s not outgame ourselves, there’s no point in lying if you don’t need to lie.”  Shelby quickly shuts up and says “you’re right, you right.”


This brings Alex to an important point and yes there’s a little foreshadowing in this conversation, Alex points poses the question, “Do you think Justin is going to be mad if he thinks we are voting out Danielle and we vote out Shane?  He will be, he will be a little mad at first. Because he made it clear since the beginning he believes Danielle is going.”  Even if America goes against us, we have the votes.  They then talk LF’s telling us we “can vote with us if you want, Scott saying “or if you want it to be a tie and for me to break the tie that’s cool tie.  We don’t care either way.” The Plastics are really beyond OTT excited that they believe this will make that side of the house implode and they can watch it happen.  Alex especially with some added Shade from Morgan are drooling over the idea of this.  


Sorry ladies, once again you have the completely wrong read on that side of the house and Shane and the KNC or Danielle and LNC will be just fine.  They all knew this had to happen eventually, they prepared for it, they have talked about it last week before this HOH and knew it was bound to happen and the vote can’t keep going in there favor every week.  There will be some damage control but if there is no gigantic conspiracy involved (which I could see you all trying to create) the seas will settle quickly regardless of which one goes home and your little kayak is going to flip over and scatter you all like fish when a bear enters the water.  Just you wait my little pretties.


LOL LOL LOL They are now speculating that Justin hangs out with them because they don’t gossip and they’re not mean.  He came over to them because those other guys are ‘boring’ and we are more fun and play better games.  (1:39 pm)




“Right now we get to enjoy two days.  They are probably cussing Justin our right now.”  Morgan volunteers to go creep and listen.  Scott, easy week, easy life.  


Now they speculate if Alex goes first on choosing not to use her veto and Justin decides to go ahead and use his and take Danielle down.  Then they go into bashing Kryssie and reminding Scott all the things not to like about her.  Maybe the next HOH they can try to the pawn thing again and get Shane out next.  (2:11 pm cam 4) They are planning to keep wandering in and out of rooms so they can see the show they expect of the internal combustion of the LNC crew.  Yet another fireworks show they hoped for that they will miss out on.  Shelby hanging with Scott in HOH.  Morgan/Whitney/Alex downstairs.  Shelby believes that they can make Kryssie quit, she’s on the verge.  LOL. You can FB and listen to Shelby’s bash Kryssie, Danielle, play innocent i you want I can’t record anything we haven’t all heard before.  


Camera switches to Morgan in the KT (1:46pm) with Jason.  Reassuring him he’s not in any danger.  Neely is fine.  Jason says she pretty much knows she’s fine.  Jason conveys he never wants to feel too safe.  Asks Morgan to keep him the loop.  Justin walks into the KT as well.  Once he leaves they start whispering again.  Morgan said she’s not sure what Scott’s going to do and she will try to see what she can get from him.  Jason says for him, they do need to be broken up.  It’s just a matter of which one is the best to send out.  Morgan gives Jason that “she’s the brains…”  speculate what will Shane do once she is removed form the equation.  Morgan, “We will find out.”


Now Justin and Jason the IWR.  Justin says he realizes even if you’re not on the block winning it is still important to keep from being used as a rename.  Justin says he’s glad he got the chance to compete.  The more he gets to play the different part the more he gets it.  For real though I am figuring this out and it’s crazy.  Just being able to compete in his first comp and seeing how the whole process goes.  Justin tells Jason they need to work on there hand shake.  Jason confirms they would prefer to push for Danielle, they will wait and see what they decide but he prefers keeping Shane it will be 8 girls versus 3 guys if Shane goes.  We need to start getting some vaginas out of here.  Jason says Neely tried to create a girls’ alliance which included Jason.  


Justin, “You and me, that’s all we got.  You are the only one I trust.  That’s why I sleep easy because I know I have you.”  Jason confirms he prefers when Justin is over there hanging out with them, keep doing that.  Justin reassures Jason they don’t ever even bring up Jason’s name to him.  Jason (accurately assess) they are so focused on them right now.  Justin says oh yeah they are.  Justin reminds Jason that Alex told him Morgan and Shelby can go, that she doesn’t really need them.  


There’s Jason from Mass who would never betray his loyalties and shoots people straight and then there’s Jason who lives in the BB house who does whatever he needs to do, thats the game its strategy not personal.  


Camera Change again to UKB Kryssie, Shane, Dani


Dani leaves to get a drink.  Kryssie says to Shane, “what the heck do we do.  If you go up. then who sacrifices themselves for the other and stays?”


Shane says when he say Alex (snap snap snap) he was like oh man that’s my game right there.


Cam Change again 1:55 pm

Neely/Jason in TKB Neely is crying, she feels bad she wanted us to do good.  I want to show them she’s more than that, she’s not just another black single mother, she’s more than that.      



“You may not be able to break stereotypes together, but you are every day.  You already are.  And if we don’t that ’s ok.  I would love to change stereotypes about me.  You can’t come out and think sh*t I didn’t prove what I wanted to prove.  You know who you are, you know how people aren’t portrayed on these shows how they really are.  They come out and they are someone else.


Dani joins.



We are just gonna have to see what they are gonna do now.  We are gonna figure it out though.  


Dani is having a pity party.  



Doesn’t matter when we come out this joint, 12 people are going to leave.  Only one person that wins.  

Don’t feel like you been got.  Nobody got you.


2pm cam 2 TKB Neely/Jason/Dani

Jason and Justin are doing an excellent job managing damage control on the LNC side of things considering Shane and Dani still believe everyone with the exception on Justin (maybe) is down with them. 


Jason tells Danielle that Justin just asked him if he can still be nominated.  Explains don’t be too upset he’s like Monte in that he doesn’t really even understand this game and he said he picked you because you had already gone and he thought you had an advantage and would be able to do the puzzle fast.  Jason’s efforts in damage control are playing out nicely at the moment.  We will see as the next 30 hours or so play out of the work pans out as he and Justin hoped.  Keep Dani calm, reassure them both they are riding for them still.  Stroking Dani’s ego telling her if she does end up going don’t beat herself up, don’t hibernate when you go home, you be proud and be out there and shouts out Dani’s GF’s at home and tells them don’t let her hibernate.  She goes from being stiffly and pissed they beat her and those girls are staying and she is going home to relaxing and her tone and body language improve significantly and they are engaging in more general chit chat about the house, the rooms, etc… he jokes and says “are you gonna be like Rachel and Becky crying in the bushes?”


Justin on the laid back I’m good with whatever you wanna do I don’t like them and never trusted Shane after I saw what he did to Scott, Monte, and CB.  Everyone knows the two big groups.  Jason and Justin have a perfect read on the Plastics+Scott and the pecking order, who’s really with who and who isn’t really down with whom.  The Plastics know some, they know Justin has no problem saying those are my people.  He doesn’t try to sell them snake oil, he plays it straight.  As I’ve pointed out before the best lies have an element of truth to make them easy to keep track of and to make them believable.  The Plastics wouldn’t buy Justin was turning on his people.  


I heard someone say they heard Alex say on the feeds (Thurs./Fri) that now she wants to explore a final 5 with Scott, Alex, Jason, Justin, Neely.  They were so excited like ‘yes girl’ finally she’s branching out and see she needs to form some other crossover alliances.  I have to admit I laughed my a*s off when I heard this.  Seriously, what do you read updates and only watch when someone tweets you some detail like this?  Jason went to Alex and Monte separately several times the first 2 weeks and tried to sell this idea and both refused to even consider it.  Now 3 weeks have passed the only people Alex has bonded with is the Sloth, her own sister, Whitney and more recently Scott.  Justin pimps those girls and they aren’t even aware of it.  Other than that she has crossed nearly every person on the other side of the house, she hasn’t forged one genuine connection with anyone to lay a foundation to build on.  She is the biggest target on that side just like Danielle made herself the biggest target on the LNC side by getting in a showmance and losing sight of why she was there and by being Danielle.  Not censoring herself, not paying attention to how people are reacting to her, doesn’t care what other people think and all she needed to do was win comps.  3/4 of the fights in the house Danielle was a part of or started.  She essentially stood there and waved her arms saying “here I am come get me.”  She seriously cannot leave this game mad at anyone who played her because she allowed them by not paying attention to anyone but Shane.  Wanting to control everything all the time and not controlling her emotions.  Even when Jason or Justin have had a moment where they just exploded and were at their limit (w/ Monte/Sloth) they circled right back around made peace, won those people over by being the bigger person and admitting their mistake and redirecting the focus off of themselves again. Damage control is always necessary when you are aware of how you are perceived has a lot to do with where you fall in the hierarchy of the chopping block.  


Of course Alex sees now she needs to expand her layering in the house but others are already layered, know the ins and outs of Alex and her game with a very accurate read on her while she’s 85% clueless of what is actually going on within the ‘other side’ of the house.  Too little too late.  She ran to far down her checklist after skipping the steps in between and now she may form another alliance but it will only ever be one where they run her like they ran Dani.  Alex is already done and she doesn’t even realize it.  She thinks none of them realize she’s using Scott as her lap dog and Shelby as her mascot.  


2:29 pm BA cam 2

Kryssie, I am safe!  


Justin tells her 

I told everyone what I was going to do before we ever even played that comp.



Yeah but is everyone ok with you using the veto on me?



Yeah.  Everyone, even them I told them I am pulling you down. I told them you deserve that, you’ve been on the block for three weeks.  They get it.  It’s cool.



And they were all cool with that too?



Yeah, even Scott he was the first one to say yeah she deserves a break.


Kryssie takes a potty break, Justin finishes rinsing his mouth out and says to himself 

“it’s either them or us and it ain’t gonna be me.  Well, eventually but not right now though.”


2:20 pm Alex and Morgan and some sisterly exchanges and rough housing in the SR.  Ask me again why I say Alex wouldn’t be upset if her sister was nom’d?  All she does is tell her how much better she is than her, talk crap, and assert her dominance over her.  Morgan must be the good daughter and the ‘favorite’ in the family.  If you really listen to how they talk about each other and to each other it’s glaringly obvious.  Yes, they have worked together out of necessity not out of choice.  Alex has made sure to share with several people she isn’t hesitant to cut Morgan when the time comes.  We’ve also seen the sisters numerous times say they know there will come a time whence has to cut the other and that’s ok they have to play their own games.  I think Morgan would be more loyal overall than Alex.  Alex would flip outfit she gets evicted before her sister since she is the self proclaimed queen of everything.  


So as the plus stand now:



Justin plans to use veto to pull Kryssie down.  Everyone in the house knows.  Shane is the only one not overjoyed since it means he goes up but he gets the sentiment.


Fantastic Four (J/J/N/K) are cool with either one of the couple leaving and kind of leaning towards Danielle more at the moment.  She annoys everyone, will be out of control alone without Shane and harder to control than Shane and they all wan tot see how Shane will play without Danielle.  Both sides have said repeatedly today that Danielle is the brains (strategist) and Shane is the heart.


The Plastics have ran all sorts of scenarios and I expect it to change and numerous other possibilities discussed before they lock down either Dani/Shane as the final target.  Originally it was to BD Shane.  As of now they want the LNC to believe Dani is the target and then send Shane home in hopes that the LNC will all vote for Dani, the Plastics will all vote for Shane then Dani will stay and be alone and posed that her own alliance were the ones to vote her out.  I am not confident Scott, even if he really wanted to, can pull this type of wool over anyone’s eyes.  He has habitually had diarrhea of the mouth and since I haven’t seen any immodium in the HOH basket I don’t see that suddenly changing.  Scott will not want to cross Justin and leave him blind going into the Eviction vote and he has already told Justin and Jason that Shane was his target this week. 


2:30 pm cam 4 HOH BR



Morgan and Whitney chomping away on popcorn in front of Alex and Shelby.


Alex, “well what to do, what to do.”


Scott says if anyone asks me  what I’m gonna do. I’m just going to say well I’m not putting the girls up and I won’t put Jason up.  The girls want him to not say anything although he isn’t naming a target telling that implies who he will nom in Kryssie’s place.  Scott is always trying to feeds these girls.




Shelby, “so you’re just gonna tell them what you plan to do?


Alex, “it will have more entertainment effect if you just don’t day anything and save it for your speech tomorrow. 


Shelby is excited for the speech tomorrow.


Whitney’s brilliant suggestion was to just say well I don’t know what Alex and Justin are going to do with Veto.


LOL. Yeah cause anyone is going to buy that.


Alex decides to rank who she does not want to get HOH next week.  Now those of us who are long time fans we know the minute you articulate what you don’t want to happen it almost always happens.  LOL 2:33 pm 


1. Danielle

2. Jason -she’s right on this one she says for her she feels like Jason has her in his sights.

Scott and Shelby both say Neely is number 2 for them they don’t want her to get it next


This group can’t even finish this list.  LOL. They have the attention spans of a gnat and go right into talking crap about people.


Alex comes back around to Neely.  Says she would be scary because she’s fired up. 



I just don’t know what she’s thinking at all.

BTW Morgan is now Meech and is eating non stop since coming off of slop.  SHe’s never full and eats anything in her general vicinity.  



we have to hope and pray the American nominee is someone from their side, and we get a good care package. 


LOL yeah ok Shelby let me tell you right now NO ONE is sending you are ACP.  Morgan isn’t of interest to most fans at this point (despite I personally rank you higher than your sister because you are wavering in the middle with your sister in front of you as a giant shield for the time being.



The only thing that could go wrong at this point is Alex doesn’t use her Veto, then Justin goes second and doesn’t take Kryssie down.  That’s not even the worse case scenario, Justin pulling Danielle down would be worse case scenario and I don’t see him doing that when he promised Kryssie he was bringing her down. 

Let’s just say if the nominees end up being just Danielle, Neely, and Kryssie or even if Danielle comes down and it’s just Neely/Kryssie.  Would ya’ll support not sending home Kryssie?”


They all agree “yes” they wouldn’t want to send home Kryssie.



I do not think we should not vote out Kryssie no matter what



I feel like Neely is the strongest person on that side of the house



Neely on that side of the house has a really good chance at winning HOH next week.



yeah, that and she just, it’s just smart to take her out when the opportunity presents itself.



I just think if Alex and Justin don’t use the veto and Danielle, Kryssie, Neely are the only ones up OTB I just really feel like we need to get rid of Neely



I do to



Would everyone support me on that



I would support that



I would support you, I mean that’s a worse comes to worse especially because Neely does really trust me (no she doesn’t) but I would still support you



Thank you



you know she’s willing to lie because she lied to Alex



Right, she did lie to you but she has always shot it straight with me but if that’s what we need to do that’s what we need to do


(If Morgan is as smart as I believe her to be she will come back around to this topic at some point to try at least to sway this vote away from Neely.  This is really the only person on the other side of the house she has any kind of real connection with.  She is flirting and trying to scam Justin but that’s reciprocated because Justin while he does like Morgan for entertainment purposes he’s using her the same way)



Like she hasn’t shown any of her cards yet, you know.  


They agree they don’t know where she lies and has proven to be a strong competitor


Justin arrives in the HOH 2:37 pm


General chit chat 

 Justin is congratulated on his veto win



So are we discussing tonight or is that tomorrow



We can discuss it tonight but the ceremony isn’t until tomorrow. (Remember they all just agreed not to reveal their plan and the first thing Scot does is reveal the plan)

So I’m no putting up the girls and I’m not putting up Jason so and he’s a voter for Danielle to stay anyways






As far as voting out Danielle, I don’t want Neely to go home, Neely’s gonna have zero votes

(You should go back and watch this, Justin handles it fine but listen to Scott, he never directly lies to Justin, he words things in a way where he isn’t out right lying saying Im gonna do this and then not do it instead he sticks to the truths so his round about lying sounds more believable and he isn’t betraying Justin in his own mind.  It’s impressive how he does this but…I don’t think this will absolve him form all kinds in Justin’s mind if Dani isn’t the one voted out since that’s where Scott leads him to believe. Remember Scott already told Justin Shane was his target, Justin agreed to save Kryssie which wins favor with the Plastics as well as with the Fantastic Four.)



This is my take on it, Um, I’m 100% with just voting Danielle out of here.  I don’t know how ya’ll feel about that.



I think Danielle went home this week I don’t think anyone would complain



I mean it’s either her or Shane



Yeah exactly it has to be one of the two



Right (Justin is smart and reads people pretty well so he doesn’t accept that and IMO has a read that they are dancing around him and if they were on board with the Dani being voted out they would just confirm it)



Do they have the numbers to…



No, they don’t have the numbers



Does anyone really want to keep Danielle?



So, I mean who else were you, I mean who else were ya’ll wanting to vote out?  Shane?



I mean…right now we’re just discussing stuff like we don’t

(You’re not fooling anyone and you are a terrible liar)



He’s like the only option to go up






Yeah like I’m not putting up Jason






So honestly like the thing is Alex probably won’t use heres



I’m not going to use mine, I just don’t to you know 



But if you wanna take Kryssie down that’s absolutely fine because Shane is a vote to keep Danielle



Right he’s the logical one to go up.  If I take Kryssie down I mean are ya’ll gonna vote to evict Danielle? 


Here they all dance around the question saying they are considering their options, haven’t really decided anything they are just discussing it we’re going through the pros and cons



Well my side is going to vote out Danielle



Does she know?  Like what is she saying down there?



She’s not really saying anything she’s just kinda moping around.  She knows I am not using the veto on her.  She’s like no help to my game, She’s really no help to anyone.  It is what it is so I want her gone this week, like or we could vote Shane up out of here but that’s not like logical.  I don’t know I just don’t see that happening






Unless ya’ll like switch, switch it up?



Nah I mean there’s only like two days until eviction now



Well I like understand that going into this I know you wanted to get Shane outta here 



What is the logic behind keeping him?



To be honest with you I just think Danielle is the brains of that and he’s more the heart.  He’s amore emotional player and less logical player.  He could have some kind of personal vendetta it’s gonna be what’s it’s gonna be


Scott and the girls keep coming back to we have 2 days so we have time to weigh the pros and cons before we make a decision



Well those are the two I never really trusted thats like on my side so 


Shelby tried to convince Justin that Danielle started that fight with Monte and him to try and make us target you instead 


Justin doesn’t feed into that and glazes over it saying she may have she probably did

But I know that Shane had a four guy alliance with CB, Monte, You (Scott) and him.  He destroyed that he turned on you  an d when I saws that I realized he was trying to avoid me on sh*t I saw what kind of person he was, they were trying to convince me to vote Kryssie out and I knew I couldn’t trust them as soon as they did that


Scott goes into Shane is willing to do almost anything in this game


Justin says

I don’t mind if he goes home. I’m fine with Shane going home but just let me know so I can find out where their heads are at and whatever it is the house is gonna do whatever.  I mean they assume you are gonna vote Danielle since you voted for her last week.


Scott says he will keep Justin in the loop, he did them a solid to win that veto today and they owe him for that so they will let him know for sure and keep him in the loop 


Talk turns here to Danielle being selfish, her being mad he didn’t throw the comp Justin knows she wouldn’t do anything to save him and he sees Shane trying to be buddy buddy with him, Justin asserts he’s a very good judge people and so he knows not to trust Shane.


This is where I am going to leave this for today.  It’s not so much what was actually said but how things are being moved within the groups, who is feeding what to whom.  The FF will be fine with either going.  Scott will most likely be transparent with Justin for fear of pissing him off. Scott is trying to build trust with Justin he knows he needs him with him not against him.  The plastics wanting to blindside and set up the other side to vote Danielle and then they vote Shane out is not a likely event to occur for this reason first and second the FF are VERY good at reading these jokers on the Plastics side of the house.  It’s highly likely they would smell something fishy and readjust to deflate the plan to try and bamboozle them.  


I except to see more scenarios being tossed around up until Wednesday late morning early afternoon.  The plastics always come up with so many plans before finally landing on one at the final hour and not having planned it well enough blow up their own strategy.  Twill say Scott at the head of that group does improve the odds of them not going off the rails but if for some reason he veto doesn’t get used at all tomorrow they are more likely to take Neely out unless Justin catches wind of that and then I think he puts the fear of God into Scott and gets Danielle out.


You can find Jason and Justin touching base briefly throughout the day.  Jason makes sure the FF and the LNC are all maintaining trust and faith in Justin and is doing a great job of deflecting Justin’s winning that veto.  Expect tomorrow we will get feisty Dani back and Shane will try to strike some kind of deal with Scott and fail.  Don’t get too worked up over anything you hear or read about until Wednesday this happens every week and until the arrow actually lands on a target and sticks there’s no point in getting to worked up over anything.


As of today the alliance map looks like this beginning with larger groups who are not really completely loyal but working together for now down to the ones we know right now are most loyal if not completely loyal to each other at this point in the game.  Of them all the only one I can say I feel like will stay true to the end (week 8 or 9 at least) are Justin/Jason.


Plastics+Scott (Alex, Morgan, Whitney, Sloth)



Jason, Neely, Kryssie, Justin, Shane, Dani (the showmance being a means to an end for now)

Danielle and Shane are disposable)








Fantastic Four

Jason, Justin, Neely, Kryssie




Week 4 is almost here and if a LNC or FF wins power expect to see the Plastics scatter and try to form some friendships on the fly..  Morgan and Whitney stand the best chance of actually being able to form something on the side.  They’ve burnt the least bridges and have had the only real social games out of the four Plastics.  Week 4 always results in the house getting shaken up a little bit.  I expect this would be when Alex and Scott may approach Jason/Justin/Neely about a 5 person alliance but I think that’s too late and they will target Alex/Scott or Alex/Shelby.  If a Plastic wins HOH I still see Alex and Scott trying to form that alliance but in this scenario Jason and Justin will likely ‘play along’.  


Remember punishments ended tonight from last week’s veto comp.  Tomorrow is the veto meeting and then voting begins tomorrow night for America’s nominee.  I am already thinking about the ACP next week and who would be the best person to throw a week of safety to as long as J/J aren’t in danger.  As always I won’t make up my mind until we get to the voting day because anything can happen but for now my thoughts are leaning towards Whitney.  She would be safe anyway, doesn’t save someone that needs to be available for noms by either HOH or LF’s and confuses the Plastics still giving them some hope that someone out here likes them.  HN next week will be Plastics again.  We have a rotation in the works for Scott, Morgan and Whitney this time although don’t be surprised if Kryssie ends up there.  Expect the unexpected!  



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Tuesday 10/18

1:33 am

Scott tells us to stay on the feeds because he’s “about to have a really important conversation with Jason so stay tuned because this might be the most important conversation of the season.  It’s gonna be some good sh*t hopefully.”


He’s really sure of himself now isn’t he?  Look do I think this was a conversation that we should have expected?  Yes, it should have happened before the blow up with Monte but of course as usual Alex and Scott both have proven they want to control everything and wait until the wheels are potentially falling off before they play any kind of actual hint of a smart game.  Do I think anyone should buy stock in what’s about to be discussed?  Hell, no!  If you are going to buy this hook line and sinker then you haven’t really been watching the feeds.


Scott tells Jason alone in the BY 

Obviously, you and I are big fans of the show and we know how this sh*t goes every season.  Year after Year, most of the time the house divides by the people who stay up late and the people who go to bed early.  That happens more often than not.  So as the season progresses either we are going to have the strongest players butt heads and take each other out and end up with a BS final 3 like Morgan, Shelby, and Kryssie…Or the strongest people team up and devour the weak.  So me and Alex have been workshopping this for a little while and were planning to bring this to Neely, but we decided to approach you instead.  


-Of course you can’t approach Neely after Alex lied to her, promised not to nominate 3 different people and then turned on her promise to Neely and Kryssie and put her BF in the house on the block.  The genius Scott turns around this week and sits the two best friends on the Block together for good measure after promising Neely he won’t nominate her again.  This is why you two are idiots because you keep lying and trying to screw over the LNC side of the house collectively and in very recent future and now that Scott’s HOH is about to end you realize you need to find something to grab onto because you are free falling.  A new HOH will be played where Alex has a disadvantage in the competition and Scott can’t compete at all.  Makes perfect sense you would call in a favor form Neely when you two have set yourselves up so nicely that anyone would consider working with you two?  LOL.  But go ahead Scott I am listening because so many people wanted to clammer and ewwww and ahhhhhh at this pivotal strategic conversation that we are about to continue with.


Jason does his obligatory ah ha, yeah, ok as Scott talks.



We want to go ahead and form a 5 person alliance with you, Justin, and Neely. So that’s basically where our heads are at. We can work together to take out the weak players and hopefully ride this out to around Thanksgiving or some sh*it like that.  



I mean the hardest person you going to have top convince of that is going to be Neely.  



And we know that, because obviously I nominated her this week, and that sucked.  



That and she’s really some kind of way about you and she’s got a LOT of loyalty to Kryssie.  



Exactly, yeah we know and Alex made the deal with Kryssie to keep you safe and not nominate Kryssie, and obviously went back on that and went ahead an put Kryssie on the block.  I mean the thing is Alex trusts me A LOT and I trust her.  And the thing is that before the CP thing even happened I told Alex that like you Can’t go after Jason, because if you go after Jason that’s gonna like ‘F” up my game,  And she was like alright then Jason’s off the table.  



She wasn’t very, she wasn’t honest about the fact that had anything to do with you. But she was like ‘I don’t want to put you up’ and la la la la.  I told her I wanted to have a working relationship with her and the thing is out of all of those girls I do.  



With those other 3 girls it’s take them or leave them, I mean they’re numbers but numbers can only get you so far.  And in this game, this game right here, it’s all about comps, America’s voting, Care Packages, I mean there’s a lot of variables to consider.


-Um yeah, good to know you have finally caught up with BBOTT now that it’s week 3 Scott!  Btw thank you for telling Jason yet again as you propose this mastermind workshop you and Alex spent all of a couple days this week developing. 


Jason is still letting Scott do most of the talking and following along with his occasional, right, yeah, of course as Scott continues to lay out all his (their) ideas moving forward. 



So we decided it’s better to join with the best competitors in the house, you know, player sin this game, and you know see how far we can ride this thing out.


-Ok so Scott and Alex are vulnerable.  They have pissed basically every person in the house off, they’re at a disadvantage going into the next week, America has been voting against them 90% of the time, the odds they win the next HOH are about 30% of winning the next competition.  So now, after 3 weeks of refusing to work together in any way shape or form, coming for them hard, lying to the people they now need, have nothing to offer in return they hatch some scam alliance with Justin/Jason to buy themselves safety for a week or two.  In hopes that they will keep themselves safe by turning on the 3 girls Alex has been leading for those weeks, gain some popularity by aligning themselves with who they believe (correctly) are America’s favorite players, may be catch some breaks with the ‘variables’ Scott refers to which is win some ACP’s, not be on slop, and not be the nominees for America even though we’ve been complete jackas*ses to you?  This only benefits Alex, Scott.  They have everything to gain, nothing really to lose they are already at the top of the hit lists.  They have absolutely nothing to offer J/J/N at this point except we can target everyone else and since I told you week 1 that I would never want to go far with you in this game because I know with your popularity, fans, and following I could never beat you that’s why now week 3 when nominations are over, veto is over, final notations are locked in, I think this is an offer you (Jason) can’t refuse.  LOL I’m sorry but this some low level bottom feeder generic game of bullsh*it.  Is it a good idea to explore this idea now for Scott/Alex.  Yes it was a good idea two weeks ago, and again last week.  That’s not my issue, my issue is the way in which they wait, they don’t really put in time and effort to be the master of their own game.  There is most certainly an element of this game where you have to know how to play on the fly.  More importantly, really good game play, the best players, are laying bricks around the house every day.  Testing to see how sturdy the one they laid over there and left alone for a little while or after a little storm happens in the house and see if it’s still in a good spot.  Should another brick be laid or that one be moved.  This is a very active game.  Longevity cannot be based on random fly by the seat of your pants approaches and the viewers this season are all LF’s who know the game, invest time in the game, many are taking tome to vote every week,  watching for the strategy and how the HG are managing a very different format than typical broadcast BB.  Look, I’ve coached most of my adult life.  The very best players, the best performing players who are naturally athletic and good at a sport are great to have on a team.  The players who show up late to practice, think and act like they know everything when in fact they are really the worst player on the team or are disruptive goofing around during drills, talking or bouncing a ball while the coach is talking, distracting other players are the most annoying pain in the ass players to deal with.  




That’s where our heads are at, you are the one person who could bring all this together. Because Neely, of course plays her cards really close to her chest.  


-Jason get’s ‘Monte’d’ by Scott who talks right over Jason trying to reply on some level but Scott just wants to keep rambling on and driving home his point while it’s all fresh his mind and he is now the All Star of the season in his own mind just like Monte was.  

“so really I am like the glue to two sides?






I’m glad to try it.  I am going to approach it very lightly and slightly, so it’s not…I;m not going to approach it like you have just with me, I am going to approach it very slowly try to work it into Neely’s mind that this may be in our best interest to do that.  But Neely has A lot of mistrust with those girls…


Scott interrupts saying

Well theres no attachment to ‘those girls’



Obviously Alex cant’ separate herself from those girls, but why pisses Neely off about those girls is she’s seeing Alex with those girls, so she is seeing Alex with those girls as ‘one of them’.  



Sure and obviously you need to break that up somehow.  But Alex and I are extremely tight and I’m not going anywhere without Alex and Alex isn’t going anywhere without me.  Me and Alex have been talking about this for several days and she’s 100% on board






Listen I love Neely and Justin and I think they’re great players but you’re the glue to this whole thing.  



Yeah its gonna be hard to get them in, really in, if I’m not involved  in some way.


Shane comes outside and they make random chit chat and don’t come off odd or suspicious.  Shane grabs his water and heads back in.



But, it uh it make sense.



And if you feel like it needs to be workshopped a little then we’re good with that too.



I mean, those 5 are a good 5.  



That’s what we felt these 5 were gonna be the best 5



I mean Me and Justin we’re not not going to be the easiest to pull to that side but Me and Justin already had the conversation we are going to have to start purging this side eventually and now is not a bad week.  






So um, America’s nominee kinda did us a favor not putting one from your side up



Yeah it did us a huge favor



Neely is going to be the hardest person to convince.  Because Neely is very head strong.  She’s very headstrong 



and it’s hard to get a read on her.



I have a good read on Neely .  Neely is very head strong, she’s not going to abandon her loyalty as quickly as people need to sometimes in this game.  


Scott Sure



So that would be the one I really need to work on. So I don’t think we can be like, yes this is going to work, let’s come up with a name tomorrow.






But it;s definitely something to put into motion, and get the wheels turning because like I even  said to Alex the I was talking to her ‘Girl I’d be fine to roll wit you for a real long long time.  And I told you the same thing.  And Justin knows where I am with Justin



Yeah me and Justin are real tight too 


Jason (there is a noticeable pass between words as Jason is speaking because Scott suggests he’s somehow as tight with Justin as Jason is.  Not the hmmmm that’s good to know kind a pause but the Fool who you trying to kid you ain’t down with Justin like I’m down with Justin don’t even try it, quit playing’ you sound real stupid right now kinda pause)

“This is a good thing to start slowly putting into motion.  Even like today I was thinking well this isn’t so bad for me (the nom’s) but I still had to go play and act sad and mope with the rest of them and be the mediator.

 Tomorrow Justin is taking down Kryssie, do you know that?”



Yeah, oh yeah I know.  


-Okay so that’s a perfect place to stop because this is a F/B to more than 30 hours ago but it was something I saw people buying into at least the excitement of finally a crossover alliance is being discussed.  Wow, it’s week 3 and groups may be starting to look across the yard and ponder if they need to expand their horizons?  Cause that never happens weeks 3/4 of this game.  LOL. I know BBOTT format is escalated and we were able to come inside the game from the very beginning and watch everything happen from jump, but I find it astounding that for some reason that extra week has gamers, LF’s who know and see more than any other type of fan are feeling like we were already in week 4 subconsciously because we got the extra week.  Just saying’.


Now let’s briefly set up how the next 25 hours plays out.  In all honesty I wasn’t believing for a second Jason was going to truly invest in this plot other than it creates a short term layer of protection for he and Justin now that the showmance will be broken up (the largest target in the house) regardless of who ends up going home.  I know from a certain perspective Jason has to consider this, but in the back of my mind, which I gave you all a window into as I commented on the convo, there was no way this was going to be an actual thing.  Jason has been so actively aware of exactly what’s going on in the house, which people to trust, which people are showing their weaknesses and identifying the other HG strengths and taking the time to carefully evaluate his analysis and develop his own benefits from the information he gathers.  So as the next day develops I do begin to worry a little and by the time the DR’s happen last night I am dumbfounded.  What the heck’s happening it’s like we have entered the alternate universe running simultaneously during the game we’ve all invested so much time in these past 21 days.  Is he seriously buying into this second guessing what he has and potentially making a move that all blow up his game?  That’s what I see this as.  


I wanted to shake him and say WTF are you doing?  I also wanted to come through the computer and choke Alex and Shelby by later afternoon yesterday.  That’s when you know you have been watching to much of the feeds!  LOL.  I was just getting more and more frustrated.  Any woman who has worked in an office environment or a career where you work around a lot of other women you can relate.  You come to work, you know there are people who like to sit around and talk about everybody else all day, knows where everyone is at all times and has an opinion not only about how they do their job but about other women’s life in general.  All I want to do is work.  I don’t wan to have watch over my shoulder to if someone on my own team is working against me just because they feel like it.  In this situation you quickly learn who you can trust at work and who you can’t.  Who you can not worry about and which work peers you need to counter act and waste time you could be spending on other things having to do twice as much work to get anything done because this group of people who prefer to spend their day sitting on their asses doing nothing, taking long lunches, leaving early, disappearing for hours is bad enough, but that’s you and I could care less.  But when you’re not doing your job or you spending your working hours making my job harder then I have an issue with it.  I will take step back and find a very well thought out way to counter any damage or get a step ahead of any extra work you may be dumping in my lap or even go so far as to play to your ego and make you feel like something was your idea and have no issue with that if it allows me to really accomplish my goals in the end.  That’s a win to me.  I managed to manipulate you to get exactly what I needed to achieve a plan, idea, proposal, approval, etc…and you smiled and gave it to me willingly not even realizing what I just did. I loathe the fact I just had to waste a bunch and time and energy that could have been allocated to something I needed or wanted to work on but in the end, I know what you are and what I am and the ends justify the means.  Sitting around being mad about it isn’t going to help me get my job done.   I also am intelligent enough to know who the co-worker is that will be loyal, is hard working and we can support each other so we don’t lose our minds or end up going ham on someone.  That’s how I see these girls.  They are the ones standing around doing nothing all day at work talking about how no one else works.  LOL.  


My advice toLF’s is always don’t get your panties in a bunch when things are initially thrown around the days leading up to nomination and the last 36 hours or so before eviction.  Things change 100x’s and you can’t really invest in anything until we get to the day of and sometimes not even until just hours before these event happen.  It’s what we want to see happen, it’s what we like to watch.  These people are stuck in house 24 hours a day with nothing else to do but let their brains run wild.  The most effective player lands on an idea or plan early on in the brainstorming phase.  Then these players spend their hours putting in the leg work to make it happen and the mindless twits who have no clue how to play the game run around like chickens with their heads cut off or sitting around clueless because they think they had it all sewn up and have no idea what’s happening right under their noses.  Both are true this week after the veto ceremony happened and just when I started to give Scott and the Plastics a little bit of recognition they of course take a gift and return it because it wasn’t good enough for them,  Safety and a week where they finally are able to accomplish something after two previous failed HOH’s and they still can’t look ahead and use their time to begin playing offensively, no they have to fall right back sitting g around telling each other why they are so wonderful and a full dissertation as to why the other side are a bunch of bumbling idiots they think they are puppeteering.  You will see why as I map out the day for you but thankfully by the time I woke up this morning (eviction day) I was rewarded for all the suffering we were made to endure on the feeds yesterday (Tuesday 10/18).  In all honesty by 2 pm I couldn’t take following the Plastics all day and checked out of active watching it was making me too mad. This isn’t what I want to see.  


So after this talk with Scott there’s another conversation that happens way too quickly which begins this downhill free for all.  Jason is usually very smart and chews on things before he brings anything to anyone else.  He decides on the best way to approach someone based on what he knows about them and then rolls ideas or plans out in a way that can be more easily digested by his intended audience.  Scott however is like Monte in the sense that you tell him not to say anything and then he does exactly the opposite.  That’s Jason’s first miscalculation in managing the convo he should have simply said that’s a valid proposal and I will give it some serious consideration.  Period.  He fed Scott too much and Scott took everything as YES it’s a done deal and let’s coral everyone and make it happen this moment.  That’s how Scott works once he has an idea in his head and that’s a miscalculation on Jason’s part. 


1:47 am (10/18) BY cam 4

Jason and Scott are joined by Justin


Justin asks what’s up?



Nothing just discussing.



Does Danielle really think she’s not going home this week?



Kind of



She’s gonna be on All Starts Justin don’t shade her.


-I guess Dani made some comment the other day about if she’s on AS who she would want to play with.  Scott has been beating this horse ever since.  How cocky and ridiculous she is to think she is good enough to be an AS.  The irony in this is that’s exactly how Scott and Alex both behave although they don’t say they are going to be AS they carry themselves in this game the same way they describe and bash Dani for being confident enough to just blatantly say out loud.






Danielle, she’s gonna on All Stars, when she’s HOH she’s gonna mess sh*t up, when she’s on AS she would like to play with this player, this player. and this player.



What are you talking about?



I even talk to Shane today…



I mean that was just things I heard her talk about 



What is she thinking’?



I have no idea what she’s thinking.



Does she think I’m saving her this week?


Jason interjects finally and explains the convo he had with Shane confirming he’s not throwing away his game for a girl.



No, of course he’s not 



I think knowing that, now for our side that’s good to know because it makes it easier for our side to take her out and no worry that Shane is going to become Shambo



I mean Shane’s gonna, Shane’s a very dangerous player, he formed an all guys alliance the first night…He turned his back on CB, he turned his back on Monte…

-Scott thinks he’s sharing some bug secret and quite frankly he’s contradicting his own assessment that Shane’s a very dangerous player when he had a 4 guys alliance for a girl and even more ironic is the very reason Justin don’t mess with Scott on a real level is he saw Scott turn on CB in a hot second and that left a bad taste in Justin’s mouth form jump for Scott.



I think we’re all on the same page where Shane and Danielle are concerned

-Actually this was a very dumb assessment in Scott’s mind but you will see where this comes into play I promise.



She asked me what I was going to do and I just told her I didn’t know yet 



She’s just counting down the day until she isn’t on slop  and be eating with Julie while we all still in here.



Does she honestly think I’m like, she must honestly think I’m like a sucka or something.



yeah she thinks we are all sucka’s in here



Well I’m about to ‘F” shit up real quick.



She’s like I’m a nominee and I got CB out I’m amazing at this game

-She is compared to you and you fail to see this (Scott) Mr. I’m the greatest player of all time. He behaves as if he is a hybrid of Dr. Will and Derrick.  LOL



And she is way better than Shane



She is better than Shane



She is, Shane doesn’t see the possible paths, she’s the one coming up with that even the whole rouse of let’s go tell Alex to put Scott up so we can still vote out Monte, that was Danielle, like Shane could not have come up with that in his dreams






She is the one that has the game strategy that’s gonna be a problem down the line



That’s why someone like Kryssie was so offended when I put her up as a pawn.



I think she was more offended by your speech.



Because she thought I was trying to get her to quit the game.



I think she just thought it was little like a personal attack and brought up it sorta sounded like it was the chocolate thing.  She’s gotten much better but she is someone who gets really negative about herself and her gets in her emotions and there’s nothing you can really say



That’s pretty clear yeah


They converse about the whole scenario and the things that bother Kryssie may not bother others and replay the little things surrounding Kryssie.  Jason is sharing details about his read on Kryssie and how to manage things when stuff like this comes up in the house to prevent a huge problem that doesn’t need to be a problem. Scott tries to imply that players who come in knowing nothing about the game can’t possible do well while sitting across form Justin.  I had to laugh because didn’t Paul and Victor make it to final 6?  Didn’t Paul come in 2nd?  Isn’t Justin playing the heck out of this game knowing not one thing?  Justin does remind Scott of that if you want to go back and watch this entire convo feel free.  My point in sharing these smaller details is that Jason is giving up some insight to demonstrate he’s gonna extend a little trust Scott’s way after that convo regrading the alliance and the discussion about Dani becomes more and more relevant as we sift through the last day and a half.



Half of the strategy in the BB world is controlling your emotions and that she cannot do.  

-Ain’t that the truth!  



She’s not very flexible 



With that being said I think moving forward showmance we gotta get them out of the way for everyone’s benefit.  Kryssie, probably gotta stay a little bit longer. 



that’s fine



Kryssie, Neely subdued for longer.



I have no problem with that.



And it makes a lot of sense and I wanna talk to Alex 






I know it’s hard to get people alone, cause I’ll be up when she goes to bed but we gotta find some opportunity to chat



Yeah, exactly and I can tell her to approach you at some point because she said she’s definitely willing to talk to you. She just needs to know what to do.



All you gotta do is approach me on some real sh*t.  I know real sh*t form fake sh*t and that’s all I need but especially for this week I think that we all good. 



Yeah, 100%



We get Danielle out it’s all good

-Jason and Scott have both been playing the I don’t care which one goes for a few days now.  Each having a real target in mind and gently trying to steer people that way without trying to seem like their option is the only option but this is Jason being very clear after the alliance discussion they just had that in reality if this is going to work they need to take Dani out now.  He’s very clear saying as long as we take Dani out this week it’s all good. Scott on the other hand doesn’t have the ability to see if he’s asking for so much…which Scott is rally the one who needs J/J not the other way around, he should have really listened to this.



Yep, either one. 



If our side wins HOH next week though, they’re not gonna go for Shane. 



That’s fine



We’ll take out a Shelby, we will take out one of your weak fish and then we can start this back and forth jump roping, you can come for Shane, and we’ll let that happen and then we can come for Whitney, or vice versa.  Does Alex have a hierarchy of those girls?

-Jason doesn’t realize that Scott sees Shelby almost as important to his game as Alex and he should have made this clear since Jason had called dibs on Justin and Neely this is when Scott could have easily offered up Whitney/Morgan and asserted he needs Shelby to hang a little longer on his side.  These things are always give and take situations and Jason would have been agreeable to that had Scott gone ahead and negotiated that term. Jason even asks for clarification showing his flexibility and willingness to adhere to any terms relating to who they want to keep the longest.



No, it’s me and Alex and we’re very flexible.  



I know you love your baby girl Whitney (to Justin) but I think your baby girl Whitney is the smartest person over there other than Alex



Boo, I will send all of them outta here do you here me?



Whitney is the only one that hasn’t been a HN.  



Jason, do you hear me?  All of them gone!  



Well that’s how this game works, all of ‘em gotta go.  



But we gotta take our time with it.



Yeah I already know but look I’m keeping everything cordial but Bo I’m cutthroat, cutthroat committed.  Like I ain’t coming for you (Scott) ya heard?



I know, I know we’re all on the same page here



I see Whitney as a better strategist than I see a Morgan or even a Shelby cause Whitney can control her emotions and she can sorta play this nice sweet thing but when we get to final 8 we might meet some Whitney we haven’t met before. It’s definitely not a bad idea.  If I win HOH next week you and Alex will sure be chilling’.

-Again Jason shows us he is really playing hard.  he’s watching and ready, he knows that anything can happen and not to get too wrapped up in an idea you think you have on someone on the surface because anything can happen.  Watch your back and don’t think you have it all figured out because no one does ever in this game.  






and I don’t have nothin’ against you or Alex



Exactly and I mean doesn’t having anything against either of you two and she’s definitely look to like work with both of you in the future moving forward 100%


Justin admits he had made a deal with her during her HOH that if she didn’t put him up he wasn’t going to come for and it just worked out successfully 



well obviously I made a deal with Alex too 



I can talk to you with my right hand man here, see I wouldn’t be able to talk to you.  I wouldn’t talk no strategy and game with you unless he was here.  We like partners here and



LOL wait let me run it past Jason 



But straight up for me I’m good, but if someone like Shane or Kryssie wins they gonna be coming of you 



Exactly , that’s why mine and Alex’s priority is to get out the showmance as soon as possible.  The order doesn’t really matter to us as long as they’re both outta here sooner than later.  



I’m with it, the crazy thing is she thinks I’m gonna use the veto on her.  

(Jason is surprised by this because the FF knew exactly what Justin planned to do wit the veto, save Kryssie, but Justin points out that Danielle wasn’t in there when they talked about that.)

She doesn’t know nothing!  I even told Shane so like maybe he might be able to break the news.  I was like you are probably gonna be safe this week but your girl going’ home.  


-Ok you must go to 1:57 am and listen for two minutes because Justin’s response when the group discusses Danielle’s game and what America gets to see versus what HG get to see is hilarious!  



She’s playing real hard



Well she’s about to be sadly mistaken and like ya dig 


-Jason and Scott finally begin to really discuss outright pairing up in front of Justin he was still kind of out of the loop but was definitely making it clear he was down with the 3 guys working together and said as much when Jason begins to just go ahead and lay stakes to the fact the Alex/Scott teaming up with Jason/Justin is a good match up.  To this point it was Scott saying a lot of things as if Justin was already agreeable to be on board and Jason was still replying to things in a very general way without asserting a real confirmation because he and Justin haven’t had a one on one chance to replay what Scott proposed.  They’ve said so much now he kind has to go ahead and just bring Justin up to date because there’s potential for Justin to muddy the waters if he doesn’t really understand the actual conversation that is really taking place here at this point.  I wish that hadn’t happened but of course Scott had to go right into talking about things as if all three players knew this is a thing and get ahead of himself as he always does.  



He (Jason) is the only person in this house is him!


They discuss how everyone is beginning to branch out not just them, even those girls have been branching out their social interactions and hanging out with me now and they would have never even considered hanging out with me before.  They discuss this is a long game.  Jason points out in this house you gotta open some doors now so when you gotta walk through them you can walk through them. (Hmmm…sound familiar anyone?  Pretty sure I’ve analyzed FF game demonstrating how they are very effective at this especially J/J and the biggest detriment to Alex and the Plastics game is they do not.  They are always standing there banging on the doors begging to be let in when their initial plans continue to fail.)



I definitely see the pros.



Definitely, but Alex and I we are down to move forward with this we are in



But like this ain’t gonna happen right away for sure.  Ya’ll keep doing your all part, we will keep doing’ our part, and we will see how it goes ya dig


-Thank you Justin for knowing that right away and laying it out right there in from of everyone so there’s no misconceptions because Scott is already planning on naming ya’ll as a new alliance and being the chief of operations.



When we get there we get there. 



For my game sake, and for Jason’s game sake this can’t leave 

he si looking Scott dead in the eyes when he makes these last couple of points.  Justin is being very serious right here and making sure Scott knows he ain’t playing. 



That’s true of me and Alex too.  Everything is dependent on this staying between us



You know even if some sh*t goes down where the girls on your side are aiming for us, or my side is aiming for you…(Scott cuts him off)



We can switch it to the showmance, we could switch it to Kryssie



We can try and switch it as much as we can, you know what I’m saying. They are receptive, they may be strong minded but they are able to look long term game Kryssie is the most emotional and she may not wanna listen to anything and just be like I’m going for Scott and there may not be much we can do about that, some of these people aren’t going to be as moldable as others.  



It’s a complicated process



 It is, and I mean we’re not expecting this to work itself out in 12 hours it’s a process



It’s a jigsaw puzzle and we got to figure out how to put it together 



 and trust build with time



Exactly and you know I’ve had trust with you, even when you had leoprosy for a few days. You were there for me when I had leprosy for a few days.  



I’ve always shown love to you Scott 


SO now based on what we hear from Jason and Justin this follow up convo it appears they are both agreeable to grooming this potential relationship, have negotiated some terms of how it can become a real thing and requires some sacrifices on both sides of this foursome.  Jason and Justin have mad wit very clear (and not selfish;y but from a big picture inside behind the scenes real deal information) Danielle needs to be the one to go this week.  This is a non-negotiable term and while Scott continuously  danced around committing to this and being caught in a lie because he still has every intention of sending Scott home he does a tone point agree that Danielle needs to be the one to go this week to satisfy J/J.  This is going to be a problem for J/J especially Jason because he rightfully looks a the proposal as show me you are for real and since they are both up there and I am telling you she is the bigger target you are going to have to take her out of this game or we are all going to have some serious problems.  On top of Danielle being a much stronger competitor in this game because she’s so strategic Jason also does not want to eliminate Shane the more likely of the two to be malleable moving into next week he is also a guy!  If they send Shane out it’s now down to 3 guys versus 7 women in the game and that’s insane to him.


In my mind there’s no way Jason is going to actually be down with creating a real alliance with Scott/Alex knowing exactly what kind game they are each playing, so serious lack of trust in either.  Scott can’t ever keep his mouth shut and Jason’s true alliance (Fantastic Four) has done a stellar job keeping things to themselves, not saying things they shouldn’t , dividing and conjuring by developing surface level social relationships with some section of the opposing side of the house.  Why would he?  I expect him to nod and say all the right things but then find him in a room with Justin telling him we are going to use them as shields of they are really telling us the truth since the showmance shield has been removed, maybe ride this out playing a long for a week or two so we can get some other people out and then as long as they don’t give us a reason to before then take these two b*tches out.  Listening to it all, having a strong grasp on all the players involved this is what I deducted and didn’t place any weight or value on the alliance between these two pairs actually being a real thing from Jason’s POV.  


I maintained that point of view even with all the side convos and happenings all day long and expected Scott by the time Wednesday rolls around to see the light and go ahead and tell the Plastics in a way http makes Scott appear like he’s all about the Plastics+Scott team and telling them they can go ahead and have their way and vote Dani out.  That’s what I got from the 10 minute convo between Jason/Scott and then felt even more confident that was the ultimate turn of events by the time we get to eviction regardless of the roller coaster ride I expected us all to go on in between 2 am Tuesday morning and live voting tonight.  


While I am not surprised, and I know many of you are not, the Plastics continue to ride the hate train all day long Tuesday focusing all their energies on picking apart everyone else in the house and revere themselves as above everyone else and they are the superior demographic in the breakdown of HG in BBOTT.  I talked about this yesterday how they don’t use this time when they aren’t being held over the flames to improve their positions going into the next week.  They are so feeble minded and petty they just long around with the Sloth acquiring her characters and routines and waste a perfect opportunity to work on their long term games.  By 2 pm I was so sick of listening to them I literally wanted to come through the screen and choke out Shelby and Alex.  I had to walk away for a few hours because it was really making my blood boil and there’s no value in listening to it other than what I’ve already established.  


Now some people may perceive my constant harping on the mean girls and all the bashing and crap talking they do all day long.   I have no problem admitting I do not detail the things that LNC says and how they call the Plastics names and talk just as much crap.  Admittedly, you are correct.  Earlier on I quoted more convos about the either side  showing that both sides were guilty of doing it and pointing out from what I was seeing is a majority of the time when the LNC is doing it they are reacting to things the Plastics are saying and doing to them.  However, the reason I detail the Plastics convos and have such passionate opinions about the mean girls and what they do is because it’s having an enormous impact not heir GAMES.  I summarize how these girls see and hear things that are relevant and important.  I am giving them credit for knowing it.  I also show you as I walk you through it how sitting around all day huddled up together egging each other on drives their game play.  They miss the mark all the time!  They invest 75% of their time gossiping and don’t spend that time actually actively doing the things they need to do to open doors or lay paths that they will need tomorrow, next week, or weeks from now. 


The Plastics are safe this week.  They know they are at a disadvantage next week, they accurately understand that Alex, Scott and Shelby are in the line of fire and they are busy figuring out a way to seat themselves for front row fireworks.  They waste their time developing ideas on how they can create drama and get the most personal satisfaction out of one moment (nominations, eviction night, etc…) and these sessions are not used to plan, theorize, take preventative steps.  It’s lazy and terrible game play that MANY of us LF can’t stand to endure it when there’s no pay off.  We are collectively sick of listening to them, we are sick or tolerating it waiting for some lightbulb to go off.  A lot of us really wanted to see Alex step into the shoes she’s designated herself to wear but instead she keep giving us reasons not to like her or respect her game. They are great examples of the result of helicopter parenting where mommy and daddy did everything for them, their life everything was just laid out for them and they have no value or experience actually putting in a hard days work for an honest days pay.  


The LNC talks crap.  Kryssie and especially Danielle are just as frustrating to endure not the feeds the constant stories and tantrums.  Early on I paid a lot of attention to Kryssie’s because all the pity parties and BF talk was horrible for her game!  It effected her game!  Dani dominating conversations, being pushy and overbearing playing to hard to fast, trying to control everything, all things I spent time on last week knowing she was setting herself up to go out much sooner than the LNC had planned for her demise.  I showed it and covered it because it effected her game play, moves and how she’s being perceived by other people in the house.  When something HG’s are doing are having a direct effect, either positive or negative on their game I am en equal opportunity updater.  The LNC chats and name calling and bashing of the Plastics in the back yard has not had a role in their game play.  It’s not having a negative effect not the FF game play, they don’t get all twisted up and let it fog their vision of who should be doing what, where they need to be starring the ship and that’s why I don’t bother to detail it.  They also spend FAR less time doing it than the Plastics do.  When they do have a conversation bashing one of the other girls on that side and I see foreshadowing in a conversation or something they said is coming back to bite them in the ass I always cover it.  Other than that for me, in how I look at the game from a strategic perspective and how moves can play out, help, hurt, change direction of something that’s supposed to be happening I make sure to at least capture it in a detailed convo.  


My opinions are my opinions.  I don’t get trapped in box like Alex and believe everything I am seeing and believing is bible.  I read other forums, chat rooms, follow the tweets, listen to podcasts and have enough people who message me directly that when there’s something I miss I go back and look at it, mull it over, and happily address it if others are really talking about it even if I don’t see it as important.  I don’t t base my voting or declarations on how much I like or dislike someone as a person.  This isn’t voting for Prom queen, as some like to treat it, this is all about who is playing the best game as I see it each day.  I’m voting for or in a way that helps the players I see working the best angels, most active social and strategic games and make strategic moves that I think won’t hurt them or undo work they’ve done.  


Yesterday the Plastics literally went off the rails.  They basically hijacked Scott’s HOH room, took on the role of squatters and then proceeded to not only sit around most of the day talking mindless crap about everyone else but about Scott in his HOH room.  That for me was enough.  I wasn’t going to gain any intel I didn’t already have on them and it was becoming a very personal disgust or atrocious behavior that had absolutely nothing with progressing their individual or collective games.  By the time the DR’s rolled around last night I was able to log back on with an open mind ready to hear what each HG had to say about 


2:19 pm cam 3/4

Dani/Shane BY pool 

Danielle tells Shane that she told Jason they should just vote her out. Even if the Plastics are going to vote Shane out they should still put the LNJ votes are her and force Scott to break the tie and get blood on his hands. 


Later in the evening we see Jason tell Scott and Justin that basically Danielle came up with the exact same plan as Scott and Plastics did and that should terrify people! It shows how strategic she is, how quick she put two and two together and used this again to drive his point home to Scott at around 11:20 pm in the HOH room. Scott's failure to even consider what Jason is trying to emphasize is again what triggers Jason to get very annoyed and unleash his thoughts to LF in the BY alone around 2 am. 


After the DR's it was clear Shane was now realizing he's the one leaving because Dani had been crying and sulking for a day and a half and now she's smiling and perky in her session (a bit more humble) and Shane literally cried about being up against Danielle his entire DR. Earlier in the day that was turned around and now we see how quickly things can change in this game. My only hope now since the Plastics also know that Dani/Shane know the plan and they are so adamant about pulling off some big show tonight maybe they will flip the script and send Dani packing but don't hold your breath they aren't inclined to make smart moves. 


5:36 pm 

Alex meets briefly with Justin on sky bridge to confirm the four person deal is a go. She says she hasn't talked to Jason yet but she feels it's a good grouping of people. Justin agrees it could work well but they have a long way to go and she can talk to Jason in more detail about it but he knows where they are at, they know where Justin is coming from so it's all good. 


6:28 pm Justin/Scott HOHBR

Judging checks in with Scott about voting out Danielle or Shane. Scott still insists Shane has to go and tells Justin he would like a tie for the entertainment value as well as telling Jason earlier that he can check a blindside, backdoor, and tie breaking HOH off his BB bucket list. 



Jason does announce he’s going to the HOH to take a shower and waits upstairs for Alex who never arrives.  Just want people to note while she awaited Jason later this evening he had tried to get alone with her to talk in the HOH as well.


6:47 pm

Jason/Justin HN BR

Discuss what Scott just told Jason. Jason rightly suspects the plastics want to have the LNC vote Dani and then they vote Shane so that Dani is shocked she stays and then pissed at the LNC for just all voting her out. Justin isn't really comprehending what point Jason is getting at but I do! This is hitting the nail on the head and Jason will make sure somehow it's all on the table before eviction comes to 


-CYA if the Plastics do go ahead and vote Shane out. 

I get Shane has won a comp. one comp. lol. He won a veto and he drank the potion which wasn't winning and was actually a team move initially with the four guys alliance. That's it. That's all he's done and the won a veto comp that was a sport he's very good at. Whereas Danielle hasn't won a comp but has strategically maybe eyes exceedingly well in this game. She has all day to think up moves and strategically plot where comps only happen two days a week. Who is the bigger threat to Scott's game? Alex's game? This is such an ego move by Scott wanting to be the last of the original four guys alliance and perhaps even the only guy at the end with a bunch of women? Sending out Shane over Danielle doesn't advance Scott's game nor is it building any trusts when the entire house wants Danielle out! His side and the other side all want her gone. This refusal to budge that like Alex her week of HOH is costing Scott equity he doesn't have, and blowing really and shot of the new four person alliance he's selling to J/J. If you only make moves that benefit you your team looks at you a certain way and it's not a good

Look. Happened to Monte, happened with Scott, happened with He who shall not be named from BB18. People need to look out for their game first but sometimes giving is the best avenue to getting there in the long game. I am telling you now this will not earn Scott any favors with Jason moving forward. 


8:55 pm HOH cam 1/2

Plastics in the room discussing the vote. Who they think will vote for whom. 

Shelby says she's almost certain Scott is working with J/J now. 

Alex asks if she's seen them together because she hasn't? 

Shelby says no, but she's almost certain those 3 are together. 

Good call Sloth let's see how your handler manages to distract you from your instincts. 


Morgan also talked to Alex about potentially making a final three with the sisters and Jason. Alex shut that idea down. Here's what I've been trying to pay attention to. They are sisters whether they like each other or not. 

Alex's DR proves my assessment of her is true and will slit her own sisters throat in the game and not blink an eye. Where Morgan's DR she discusses her sister being her ride or die, final 2 and how much responsibility and effort she feels to protect two players in the game. Very different conversations about allegiance to blood in this house last night. However, as Alex tried to pull off this side jumping how long do you think it is before her sister sniffs out the BS. Morgan has to know her sister well enough to know when she's lying. Morgan tried to propose a final 3 with Jason and Alex shoots it down, wait until Morgan finds out Alex went off on her own and tried to form something with Scott, J/J! That will be some amazing days in the BB house. 


8:56 pm we switch to BY

J/J/Scott and again Jason is explaining why the house should be afraid of Danielle.  Scott isn’t moving this at all.  He did tell the girls at one point if they really wanted to vote Danielle out if they wanted to, but at this point Scot that convinced them that Shane has to be the target, any deviation from this idea will send them into a tel spin speculating about why?  What Danielle did to change Scott’s mind.  Why keeping her is the best revenge and they can watch her suffer alone without Shane and a team.  




11:40 pm cam 1/2 Alex gives up waiting for Jason so they can have their one on one chat she goes to HOH room to tell Scott (who is sitting on his bed wrapped in his bath towel.)


11:47 pm Jason confirms to Shane they are voting him out and they talk about Justin telling everyone the plan, Kryssie points out that Scott is telling anyone who will listen.

They agree to stick the original plan as Danielle had already agreed to which is the LNC crew throwing all their all of their votes to Danielle.  Speculation this plan that’s been revealed could be all smoke and mirrors and as a group they are going to stick with what they collectively decided and not deviate from it.  Scott just went in on Why he wanted Shane to go when Jason went up to the HOH and they still plan on voting Shane out.  Jason also asks Shane to word his speech in away that doesn’t let Scott know he is the one telling Shane, he wants Shane to know but Jason is staying here and please don’t say something that then leaves a big target on my back as you walk out the door.  Jason already told Scott that Shane knows the plan.  There won’t be a tie breaker, Shane already knows the entire plan about trying to be able to break the tie.  Jason is running back and forth in this scenario much the same way that Scott has been when his game blew up in his face.