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Thursday, September 10 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12AM BBT  As we join the houseguests, we find Julia and Liz in the Cabana room practicing their speeches to each other.  Austin and Steve are in the kitchen, Austin seems to be cooking.  They are talking about keeping each other on the next HoH, talking about noms and 4 people and that HoH won't matter soon.  Austin says it is a tricky situation, you have to win, you don't want to be a Rachel and have to win.   The girls keep repeating their lines, trying to get them all straight.  When Julia leaves we will have a very strong F5.  Steve tells Austin that Johnny Mac knows, you putting me up with JMac is for the same reason I put up you and Liz.  He told Austin about the tacky thing he did with the "family" thing and He did apologize.  Austin says she trusts my knowledge of the game, so with Julia gone, we got Liz under control.  Talks now turn to Liztin being the longest running Showmance in BB history.  Austin says that Jace and Jeff forces themselves on her,  Steve brought up the fact that Liz flirt


The boys continue to discuss the game and HGs that have left the house, they also 'touch' on the subject of Steve's Mom telling him not to be upset if he leaves the house in the fir 3 HoHs.  The girls are still practicing their speeches.

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1223AM BBT  The girls have broken up their practice test.  They are now talking about fixing Steve's lobster.  They discuss the fact that as the oven warms up, it takes longer to reach the next degree of hit.  Steve now has taken skittles to show Liz what he is trying to explain.  "WHAT?"  Liz is totally confused.  Austin is cooking chicken that he marinated earlier.  Austin is called to DR. He has left Liz in charge of watching the oven.  We see Julia flossing her teeth.  Steve picks his seat.  Liz is brushing teeth.  Steve talks about rescue dogs that his parent's adopted.  Steve leaves WA and starts humming, Liz and Julia debate on how to do their hair for tomorrow.  Steve looks inside closet in Purple room (aka Ocean room)  He plays with the key in his slot on the Mem wall.  Steve continues to hum, click his fingers, and wander.   Steve tells Julia she will talk to Jeff probably on Friday and Finale night the backyard will be nuts.  Liz checks the oven and says Austin is fixing way too much chicken.  What she has taken out of the oven does not look half cooked, she turns it on the cookie sheet, whining as she does so.  It looks like he fixed 10 or so Chicken breasts.  Liz puts the chicken back in the oven.  Liz whines about the ants.  she sprays cleaner on them going up the side of the fridge. 


1245AM BBT  Austin is out of DR and eating chicken.  Liz is rubbing up on his back.  He tells her to stop.  Julia stands and watch.  Steve says "Elizabeth F*g Clayton Nolan" and they start tickling each other.  Austin is still eating.  putting chicken into a dish for storage in the fridge.  Julia and Liz are still playing with Steve, squealing as he tries to tickle them.  Austin returns to eating.  Steve is chasing Liz thru the house, Austin says stop as she grabbed him and he sprayed her with soap.  Steve wants his hoodie back.  Liz says 'protect me' Austin says 'I told you not to tickle'  Steve returns to looking for his hoodie, Austin tells Steve he needs back up, they are up to something bad.  The twins start pelting Austin with candies, he has a very wet sponge in his hand.  Steve wants the hoodie back.  Austin puts down the coffee pot with cold coffee in it and picks up the sponge.  Steve is chasing Julia around, wanting his hoodie back.  Austin found a large spider and kills it. 


1AM BBT  Julia says her and Steve went to First Base, Steve says that is not First Base.  Austin has finished doing his clean up in the kitchen, uses the WC, washes hands and returns to kitchen announcing he is going to bed.  Liz says okay and takes her glass of water and heads for the purple room.  Steve runs up on Austin who entered the Cabana room, Julia finishes up her face washing.  Steve and Austin are plotting how to scare the girls.  Steve has towards the bedrooms, following Steve.  Austin enters the purple room with the bowl of chocolates, Liz and Julia both are in the room, Liz trying to hide under covers.  Austin turns off light and threatens to throw all the candies.  the beg for mercy.  plotting now for revenge.  turns light back on, both girls hide by Austin's bed.  Steve wanders in and out, found his hoodie.  Austin waiting in LR area.  the girls are talking and giggling, they sure aren't hiding that well.  Austin enters room, bangs on door to closet,  Steve says 'so lame'  and a pillow fight ensues.  Austin goes to bed, Julia says Goodnight, Steve sits on foot of bed and decides to start talking to Julia.  The twins want a bedtime story.  We see JohnnyMac and Vanessa in bed.  Steve starts the story and is not very good at telling a story.  Julia says we are telling ghost stories and you ruin everything.  She gets up and turns the light back on.  Julia says it is her last night.  [nasal whining continues] 


123AM BBT  Austin starts to tell a story, the lights are on, Julia and Steve are sitting on the floor listening.


136AM BBT Austin continues with his scary story.  and "then something happens that no one expects"  Liz "what"  Austin "the end"  Everyone agrees it is bed time.  Julia said it was a good story "called pumpkin head".  Julia turns off light says Goodnight, Steve says goodnight, Liz gets up and runs to bathroom.  Steve and Liz run thru the house and try to scare Austin who is in bed, it does not work, Steve says goodnight again and leaves the room. 


141AM BBT  Makeout session begins in the Liztin bed.  Steve scampers around the house, he goes into LR area and stops and listens,  goes to memory wall, returns to purple room, walks over to Austin's bed, Liz says she wants her shirt back tomorrow.  Steve has the HoH key in his hand.  He leaves the room, makeout session resumes.  Steve goes up to HoH room.  He says to himself, "Austin needs to be tired as F for HoH tomorrow, I kept him up as late as I could.  Austin is covering his butt, he knows if JMac wins he is going on block." starts humming.  He uses the WC, washes his hands, starts brushing his teeth, pacing in the HoH room.  "I think everyone is saying the same stuff to everyone, it is a good chance." humming, leaves HoH room, humming, walks downstairs to stop by door to say "GOTCHA" and hear Liz whine "Steveeeeeee"  he returns upstairs, humming, enters the HoH room takes off his slippers.  "last time I took" muttering to himself.  puts on headphones and takes off hoodie.  Steve jamming to music, dancing as he walks.  he has also removed his socks, is now pacing barefoot in HoH room. 

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2AM BBT  We still have a pacing Steve in the HoH room.  Liztin are still rolling around in the bed. 


215AM BBT  Steve stops pacing for a short time, he leaves the HoH area and goes downstairs to the Wa, Austin was up walking around in kitchen area.  Steve walks to LR, stops, listens and heads back to kitchen,  Makeout begins again with Liztin.  Steve walks into WA again still holding his black socks in hand, walks back to kitchen, gets cereal off top of fridge, fixes a bowl of cereal.  liz whining to Austin about 'being scared of me' she is under covers mumbling.  Steve finds ants inside the cereal box and dumps it all in the garbage.  'ant problem is getting worse' rinses out bowl.  washes it out and Steve waves to someone acts like he is scampering, Julia heads to WA, Steve goes back upstairs, 'take you up to HoH for further experimentation", Steve gets his box of cereal out of HoH room and goes back downstairs.  Julia washing her hands, Steve says "maybe if you are a wimp, maybe if you are a wimp like you.  stay up and eat with me", she goes to enter the Comic room, only to be scared by Austin coming out of the door.  Julia says she "shit herself"  Steve walks into purple room, Austin says Julia hit him in the chest, Steve says "good job" Liz says "that was good, it was too good" Austin "I was right there in the doorway, it was too good"  Steve is eating cereal, Liz and Austin settle down in bed, Julia has returned to her bed. 


231AM BBT Liz is in the kitchen and resprays the fridge for ants, BB says "Liz" and she jumps, puts away the cleaner.  She walks back into the purple room and Austin says "rawr", Liz puts on lotions and returns to bed, sitting on top of Austin in the process.  Steve having finished his cereal and cleaning his bowl returned to the balcony upstairs and was watching the kitchen, he now is inside a darkened HoH room, [Cam 3/4 shows the HoH bathroom area with Steve exiting toilet area and mumbling.  puts on hoodie, gets into bed.  "HoH room, it has been fun, I hope to see you on Tuesday, if I don't it has been a good run"  Austin and Liz (Liz still on top) start making out again.


241AM BBT  We see pictures of ants running amuck, the memory wall, and hear Steve muttering.  Cams are back to Liztin and Steve, all is quiet.


534AM BBT All is still quiet

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 10:02am BBT: BB calls Vanessa to the DR. All other Hg still sleeping.


10:10am BBT: Steve is up walking around the house , Austin and Liz are snuggling in the bed, John and Julia still in  bed sleeping.


10:13am BBT: Austin getting up and putting his glasses on while Steve is putting his stuff away in the OBR. Austin the puts a shirt on then puts on a headband.Liz is moaning and yawning as she stretches in the bed,Austin then goes to the STR to change his batteries.


10:18am BBT: Steve and Austin go to the KT then Liz comes into the Kt with them and gets spray for the ants. Austin ask her if she wants to make coffee.


10:22am BBT: Julia is now up and in the WA with Austin and Steve, She says Austin your scary story was so scary lastnight i had a bad dream about a pumpkin head.


 10:29am BBT: Julia is making breakfast, Liz washing dishes, John in the Wa doing ADL's.


10:34am BBT: Steve laying on the LVR couch alone, Julia, Liz and Austin in the KT making breakfast and coffee. Just general talk going on.


 10:45am BBT: Liz, Julia and Austin still making breakfast, John eating cereal at the KT table, Steve sitting in the LVR alone.


10:50am BBT: All Hg except Vanessa in the KT eating and talking general talk.


10:54am BBT: Vanessa now in the KT standing around as the Hg wait for the HOh lockdown to begin.


10:57am BBT: Hg are heading to the HOh rm now  and taking their things up to do their hair and makeup.

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11:00am BBT: Feeds cut to Jeffish, while HGs are all in HOH room for lockdown.


11:30am BBT: Still fish...

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1:17pm BBT:Feeds are back, HGs are in WA still primping for tonight's show.


1:19pm BBT: and John is trusting Vanessa with cutting his hair.


1:22pm BBT: BB gave a 'Vanessa, stop that', followed by 2 minutes of fish.  Vanessa wasn't sure what she was doing to cause a 'stop that' from BB(and I didn't see anything either).


1:30pm BBT: Vanessa done with clippers, using scissors on John now. Julia finds a hat, she likes it but isn't sure who it belongs to, but then decides it looks too 'Driving Miss Daisy'.

1:38pm BBT: (It is determined the hat may have belonged to Audrey)


1:39pm BBT:Vanessa is back to using clippers on John, saying she can't get this side right.

John:"Maybe it's my head is weird?"


1:41pm BBT: Raid has arrived, so Liz is attacking the kitchen ants. Vanessa has moved from John's head to attacking his back hair with the clippers.


1:50pm BBT: Twins meet up, go over what Julia should say to John about not trusting Vanessa, and Julia having a F2 with Van. Julia is worried it will backfire somehow because she doesn't have a relationship with John.


1:52pm BBT Twins are practicing final speeches, Liz mentions making it to F6 together, getting scared easily (and feeds cut to fish)


1:53pm BBT Now Austwins going over what Julia will say to John. "I got manipulated by Van during Veto, she made F2 with me, so that's why she wanted to keep Liz over me. Just want you to know that you can't trust her."


1:56pm BBT Julia plans to talk to John after the next HOH lockdown.  Liz gets called to DR.


1:57pm BBT Julia is called to DR.

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2:01pm BBT: Julia and steve walkig around the house, Austin in the KT eating.


 2:08pm BBT: Steve goes to the DR and says oh i get cocoa nice. Julia ask what did you get and he says i get to keep cocoa.


2:12pm BBt: All Hg except John in the Kt eating and walking around. Just general talk going on, John walks through and they yell look at that back. ( His back is shaved)


2:19pm BBT: Liz and Julia going over their speeches for tonight in the cabana rm. John and Steve in the CBR getting ready.


2:24pm BBT: Vanessa is cleaning the KT Julia and Liz in Wa getting make up done, Austin comes out of the WC and puts his mic back on.


 2:32pm BBT: John is vacuuming the LVR Austin is washing dishes and Vanessa is cleaning the counters, Julia and Liz still doing makeup in the WA.


2:36pm BBT: Liz and Austin laying on the bed in the OBR snuggling,Julia doing makeup in the WA  while Vanessa watches her. 


2:45pm BBT: Julia, Liz and Austin sitting on the bed in the OBR talking about  getting focused for tonight, Steve is walking back and forth from the BR to the KT, John in the KT eating.


 2:51pm BBT: John and Steve talking about Movies at the KT table while John is eating his cereal. Liz is sitting at the KT counter, Austin is laying in the bed alone. Vanessa walking through the house and Julia still doing make up in the WA.


2:58pm BBT: Liz has gone to bed with Austin to take a nap. Julia still int he WA doing her hair now, Vanessa is doing her make up.

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2:59 PM BBT Julia is in the WA & camera 1 shows us that there's a disposable razor on the floor with the blade facing up. Julia doesn't pick it up. She leaves the WA & goes to the DT, picks up her cup & fills it with water from the refrigerator.


3:00 PM BBT Steve is sweeping in the dining area. Julia tells him there is a little pile over by the KT. She tells Steve she's leaving today. John gets up from the DT so Steve can sweep under the chair he was sitting in. He washes his dishes out in the KT sink.


3:03 PM BBT In the OBR, Liz & Austin are laying in their bed. Julia is rearranging her clothes. She is trying to finish packing her suitcase before she has to put it in the SR.


3:05 PM BBT Steve turns the broom upside down to get trash out of it that's stuck inside the bristles. He uses the aluminum dust pan to clean up the trash piles. The chairs in the dining area are moved away from the table in various places. Steve takes the dust pan to the SR to dump it in the big trash can.


3:09 PM BBT John is sitting in the LR on a couch. He asks Steve what time it is? Steve tells him it's 3:09 PM BBT as he pushes the chairs in around the DT. Steve walks to the LR & back to the KT. He tells John that he has hair on the back of his neck that is bothering him.


3:11 PM BBT Julia is getting her clothes ready for tonight. Vanessa is standing in the OBR. Steve asks her when she would like to do his hair? Vanessa says, she will do it now if he wants her to. He asks her to use a razor on his neck for him. John says, the back of his neck is nasty. They go to the WA. Liz is watching them. Julia is in the WC.


3:12 PM BBT Vanessa asks if Steve wants her to use the trimmers or to BIC it? Steve says, she can use the BIC razor to clean up his lines at the base of his neck. Julia comes out of the WC. Liz goes in the WC. Vanessa wets Steve's hair & puts shaving cream at the base of his neck. She tells Julia, "Welcome to Vanessa's Barber Shop." We see FOTH. Vanessa finishes up shaving the base of Steve's neck.


3:15 PM BBT Julia asks if Vanessa trimmed the top a little. She says, she hasn't, but she can. She wipes off the base of his neck with an orange hand towel. Julia gets told to please put on her microphone. Vanessa trims around Steve's ears. She tells him not to move. Julia says, they know what's best for him. Vanessa says, they get to say, & he doesn't.


3:17 PM BBT Vanessa says, "Spiking time, I love making Steve look handsome." She puts hair gel in his hair, & tells him to put his head up, so it doesn't dry with the hair leaning forward. We see FOTH & then we go to Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.

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7:01 PM BBT Feeds return. Austin is already very close to placing his second egg. He is breathing very hard. He places his second egg and tapes a quick sip of water before grabbing his next egg.


7:05 PM BBT Vanessa is ahead of JMac but it appears they have two each now as well. Liz appears to be going the slowest. We get FOTH and when the feeds return Liz is placing her first egg.


7:09 PM BBT John ties Vanessa and Austin with three eggs. Austin has a big lead. Vanessa follows him. Jmac is in third. Liz still has only one egg.


7:12 PM BBT Steve announces "Vanessa takes the lead with her fourth egg."


7:13 PM BBT Liz gets her second egg. John is catching up and places his fourth egg.


7:15 PM BBT Vanessa finishes her fifth egg and is halfway there. Austin has slowed down significantly and finally places his fourth egg. Liz needs to go for the luxury because she's out of the running completely. Vanessa is on a roll. FOTH


7:19 PM BBT Feeds return and Steve says "A lot of gold falling under this rainbow" for production. Vanessa places her sixth egg. Steve says in the form of a question "Vanessa has the lead with seven eggs?" Vanessa "I don't know". It's just six though.


7:24 PM BBT Feeds return from another FOTH. Vanessa is now up to seven. However, she does drop one and has to go back. Liz still has only three. JMac places his seventh. Steve announces Austin's sixth egg before it is officially placed. Austin "Don't count your eggs before they are hatched." Liz completes her fourth egg.


7:26 PM BBT We have FOTH again. At last count Vanessa and John have seven each with Vanessa in the lead. Austin has six. Liz is behind with just four eggs.


7:28 PM BBT The feeds return to JMac heading back for another egg. Austin "Johnny Mack drop one?" John "Yeah". Liz places her fifth egg. Austin places his seventh egg. Vanessa appears to still be in the lead.


7:30 PM BBT Liz has decided to go for the luxury prize. Liz now has six eggs placed. Austin places his eight egg. Vanessa has nine and is working with her final egg.


7:36 PM BBT Liz and Austin have both dropped an egg. John has placed his ninth egg, but Vanessa is just a few inches away from the HOH.


7:37 PM BBT Vanessa places egg number ten. Vanessa wins the HOH.


7:39 PM BBT It was a very close race. Vanessa won with ten eggs. John came in a close second with nine eggs. Austin finished with eight eggs. Liz finishes with six eggs and the luxury prize.


7:50 PM BBT The feeds return from a ten minute FOTH. Vanessa is talking to Austin. She says she is sorry. She's too much of a competitor to throw it. Liz is crying. Vanessa says the video of Mel made her compete harder.


7:53 PM BBT Liz hopes she can take both Austin and Vanessa on a luxury trip. Liz goes to unpack leaving Austin and Vanessa alone in the BR. He tells her that he is willing to do whatever she needs as long as she has his back.


7:55 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin she doesn't know what she is going to do yet. She says she wants to fact check because she got a big bout of paranoia, just like he did.


7:58 PM BBT Vanessa approaches Liz and asks her what Steve's plans where if Liz had won HOH. Vanessa says she heard that Steve and Liz were both considering putting her up if they won HOH. Liz denies it. Vanessa then asks Steve the same thing about Austin. Steve says Austin never said specifically who he was putting up, but that Steve wasn't a target.

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8:00 PM BBT Vanessa brings Steve into the Cabana Room and asks him what he thought Austin would do if Austin won HOH.  Vanessa cautions Steve to be honest with her.  Steve says he did not know who Austin would put up but Austin told him that he was not Austin’s target.  Vanessa asks who Liz would put up on the block.  Steve says that Liz told him she would put him up.  Vanessa says Liz was honest.  Austin told Vanessa that he would put Steve up as well.  Steve volunteers information about a deal he made with Liz in exchange for following the twins’ wishes with the vote this week.  If Liz was HOH, and he was on the block going into eviction, she would break the tie in his favor.  Vanessa tells Steve that Austin will be her target but Steve needs to keep his mouth shut about it.  She just needed a reason to make Austin her target and now she has it.


8:05 PM BBT Vanessa is lounging in the WA.  Austin comes in and they talk about how hard the comp was.  Austin comments on seeing the wheels turning and Vanessa says some things are not sitting right with her.  Some things are not adding up.  She asks him who Johnny thought Austin would put up.  Austin says he didn’t tell him, but told him that he would try to take him to final four.  Vanessa says you told Steve he was safe, so how does that work?  Austin says he was just telling both of them that.  He planned to put both of them up and had to say what he had to say.  Vanessa complains about when incentives are messed up. 


8:07 PM BBT Austin says he hopes Vanessa isn’t mad at him again, please.  He can’t go against her. Vanessa says she is more upset with Liz because Liz gave her word on her sister that she wouldn’t vote against Vanessa if she ended up being up on the block, but she also made this deal with Steve about breaking the tie in his favor.  Austin says that he told Liz to tell Steve whatever he wanted to hear. 


8:09 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that he is not going against her.  Vanessa talks about how fair she is that she agreed to be a replacement nominee and didn’t ask them to be each other’s replacement nominee.  She says her instincts are good and there is something shady going on.  Vanessa asks another question and Austin repeats that he is never going against her.  Vanessa says she didn’t want to win this HOH, but she felt she had to.  She’s everyone’s replacement nominee.


8:12 PM BBT BB asks Austin to put on his microphone, but instead Austin gets into the shower.  Vanessa is realizing that nominees are tomorrow.


8:14 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the CBR to talk to John, asking him if he knew what Austin and Liz would do if they won HOH.   John tells her that Austin told him he wouldn’t put John up after John agreed that he would put Steve or Vanessa up.  John says it wasn’t a real deal, but he suggested he couldn’t win against Steve or Vanessa so he would eventually have to put them up.  Vanessa asks John whether the deal was his idea or Austin’s and John said it was Vanessa that told him to go make a deal with Austin or Liz. Vanessa says she didn’t mean for him to make a deal to put her on the block.  John points out that it wasn’t an outright deal and he was prepared to go back on it.  Vanessa says that the good news was that if she wasn’t hated before, she is about to be.  She wishes she had it in her to throw a comp.  She’s just too competitive.  What’s wrong with her??  Now she has to win the veto in 4. 


8:25 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz go into the Storage Room to talk.  Liz says Austin is bugging her because he’s freaking out.  Liz tells Vanessa about the deal she made with Steve and that she made it but didn’t agree to swear on her family.  She says if she won HOH, she wouldn’t have put Vanessa up.  Vanessa points out what if she had been replacement nominee.  Liz says that she wouldn’t have voted to keep Steve because he sent her twin home.  She had no intention of keeping her deal with Steve and she has been loyal to Vanessa.  She did what she could to stay.  Austin came into the Storage Room and adds to the convo that Steve was overstepping so what else was Liz supposed to do but agree.  Vanessa is frowing and adjusting her cap.  Austin says the loyalties are here, straight up.  Vanessa is holding her head in her hands and rubbing her temples, and gets emotional.  Austin says if you’re mad, then send me out.  Vanessa is upset about all the conflicting deals.


8:29 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin what John told her, and Austin is angry, saying that John lied.  He never said names at all to John.  He only said final four to him.  That was it.  Vanessa points out Austin’s incentives are to put up Vanessa and Steve because they have the best shot at winning the final four veto.  Austin points out that he believe that Vanessa is taking him to final 3, so why would he want to eliminate her?  Steve and JMac have final 3 and final 2.  Liz reiterates that if she had won she would have put up Steve and JMac.  Her target is Steve.  She did what she had to do to stay.  She starts getting tearful that Vanessa is doubting her. 


8:33 PM BBT Vanessa says she isn’t mad at Liz and Austin, but she’s confused.  She guesses that she is the only one that is not making conflicting deals.  She is just frustrated trying to sort it out.  Liz reiterates that they have been with Vanessa since the beginning and she leaves the Storage Room.  Austin says and asks Vanessa to talk to him.  Vanessa says this is an unwinnable situation for her.  Austin says why not?  Vanessa says no matter what, people are going to be upset with her.  The only person who hasn’t tried to keep her safe is JMac, but she can’t target him without targeting Steve.  Austin asks her to tell him what she needs.  He doesn’t want her doubting him at this stage of the game.  Vanessa says he has played well.  She wants to tell him what he wants to hear, but she can’t.  All she knows is she has to put her own safety in her own hands.  He doesn’t know what it’s like to be her in the game...she’s alone in the game. 


8:37 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa repeatedly that he is NOT going against her.  Vanessa says she gets that he’s in love, and Austin says he has come to terms with what he has to do in the game and he is not going against her.  Vanessa comments about Liz being mad that Vanessa even asked her about the deal with Steve...Vanessa feels she has every right to ask.  Austin points out that Steve put Liz in a bad situation.  Austin asks what she needs from him and Vanessa says she doesn’t know what to do.  She has to work it out and go with what she thinks incentives imply.  Austin says that she doesn’t have to do that with him.  They’ve been through all this before. 


8:41 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin, if it came to JMac, Austin and herself in final four who did he think she was going to take?  Austin says she would take Liz, but it would be better for her to take JMac incentive-wise.  Personally it would be Liz and Austin.  Austin says he wouldn’t take JMac over Vanessa.  She has him in the next 2 rounds. 


8:48 PM BBT Austin and Vanessa keep rehashing.  Vanessa says she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.  No matter what she is going with a pair.  Austin keeps reiterating that he is with her and she should stick with the pair who is with her.  He is not going against her.  He has no loyalty to Steve and Johnny Mac.  Vanessa says that she doesn’t know what she is going to do but she is going to make it by looking at who has the incentives to keep her in the game. 


8:51 PM BBT Austin tries to argue that their deal is from early on and that is his true incentive.  Vanessa points out that he got involved in a showmance after they made their deal and that changes a lot.  He wanted Liz to stay in the game, even though Vanessa didn’t think that was the best move for him.  Austin says he was ready to blow up the other side if he won HOH.  It goes over his showmance with Liz and Vanessa says it doesn’t.  It doesn’t make sense that he would do that.  Vanessa says that he has a lot of conflicting deals.  He’s a good player and of all the people, he is the one who most thinks like her.  He respects her game.  She repeats that when she agreed to final 2 with him there was no showmance involved.  She’s happy for Austin finding love.  She says that she has also been working with Steve this whole time.  Austin says Steve has been working with him the whole time too.  Vanessa says she is ready for rock, paper, scissors and she feels like no matter what she does, it will be dumb. 


8:55 PM BBT Vanessa says that in final four he has no reason to win the veto because no one will take Austin over Liz.  Did he realize that.  He says that he hadn’t thought of it that way and he was planning to play to win.  Vanessa asks him why he didn’t come to her earlier...he was supposed to come to her with something and he didn’t.  Austin says he was going to swear to her on her family and give her some family beads.  She says it’s too late.  Vanessa is quiet awhile and then says what she wants to do conflicts heavily with what she knows to be smart.  She doesn’t know what to do. 


8:57 PM BBT Austin asks if she is going to put Austin and Liz on the block, and if he is her target.  She says she doesn’t want to do that.  Austin says he just wants to know.  Vanessa asks him if he would throw veto.  He offers to swear on it and give her his family’s beads.  He will do what it takes to bring her to final with him.  It’s real and it’s been real from the beginning.  Vanessa is still conflicted and says this is a terrible game and she wishes she had thought it through.  Austin says he doesn’t play the game on incentives because otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten into a showmance, but he has followed his heart.  Vanessa goes through what she thinks his game has been and the deals he had.

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9:00 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that he's had a final 2 with several of the HG's. She tells him he's had a final 2 with Clay, & he told her. She says, there was 6 other people, & she didn't do that. Austin says, Audrey was day 1. Vanessa says, he's a good game player. She says, she wishes she could have a showmance & only win 2 HOH's. Austin says, we're back here again. Vanessa doesn't know what to do.


9:01 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if he saw her face before the competition? Austin says, he knew she was paranoid. Vanessa says, Steve was looking like he was soo safe. She says, he couldn't feel safe after going for the twins. She says, she got paranoid. Austin tells Vanessa that Steve was pushing his glasses up with the head tilt that they do. We see FOTH briefly twice.


9:03 PM BBT Vanessa & Austin leave the SR. Vanessa asks Steve if he was pushing the SR door? He says, he was & then he realized people were talking so he didn't go in. Steve finds a knife on the sink that has ants all over it. Austin tries to open the HNR, & it's locked. Austin wonders where Liz went. Steve tells him he thought she was in the SR with them. Steve got wipes to use on the knife.


9:06 PM BBT (Liz was called to the DR when Austin & Vanessa were talking in the SR.) Austin is sitting on the couch in the WA now. He's picking his left hand & shaking his head. He whispers, "Whatever."


9:07 PM BBT Vanessa is laying down on the the burnt orange couch in the LR, while Steve sits down at the DT.


9:09 PM BBT We see FOTH.

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9:14 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Vanessa saying she got a work-out in that comp. Austin says, he's hurting. Steve offers Austin & Vanessa some of his lobster tail if they want it. Vanessa takes Austin in the CBR. She tells him that she wants to work with him. Austin says, he can't win against Liz in the finals. Vanessa says, she has a 33% chance to win in the finals if she goes with Austin. Austin says, he will make any deal with her she wants. She says, it's soo hard though. Austin says, he gets it.


9:16 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa he can get Liz to agree to throw the first part of the final 3 to Vanessa, & they can battle it out with Liz for the other spot. He says, he'll make that deal now, & he knows that Liz will make it. Vanessa asks him if he will try to win against her? He says, yes. Vanessa says, Liz can't know about their final 2 deal. Vanessa says, she's worried about John & Steve finding out. Vanessa says, she feels that Steve is running around like a rat, & she doesn't have any loyalties to Johnny Mac.


9:17 PM BBT Steve opens the CBR door & sees Austin & Vanessa in there. He says, he's sorry & shuts the door. Vanessa tells Austin she has to think about it. Vanessa says, if she keeps Austin off the block she doesn't know what to do & that's terrible


9:19 PM BBT Austin says, if Steve wins the Veto in final 4 he thinks he will take out Liz. He says, that's the incentive because he took out her twin. They try to run scenarios of how the Veto will be used by Steve & Johnny Mac. She says, they have the Rockstars & has the incentive to work together. Vanessa says, she will take Austin. Vanessa says, she would have incentive to keep him if they throw the first part of the final 3 to her. (How does he know Liz will make that deal?) He tells Vanessa that will increase her odds of winning, if that's the way she wants to go. Vanessa says, "F*ck, it's more stupid than genius."


9:21 PM BBT Austin says, she can get Johnny Mac & Steve to keep her. Vanessa says, that's not going to be a problem, because they aren't going to take a couple. She says, she really loves the girls, & it's rotten. Austin says, he gets it, that's what the game does. She says, Johnny Mac is the only one that can beat her in the first round of the finals.


9:23 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that he's not going to win the first part, because he'll have too much body weight to hold up. Austin says, he will get Liz to drop out also. Vanessa says, she doesn't know if she will. Austin says, he will get her to make that deal. Vanessa says, if she does what's smart, she would break up the couple. She tells him they can't be greedy & be in final 2 together. Austin says, Johnny Mac & Steve are a couple also. Vanessa says, that's the tough spot right now. She says, this spot is really hard.


9:25 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa she has incentive to take them with her. He says, just because they are a physical couple doesn't mean they are a mental couple like Johnny Mac & Steve. Vanessa tells Austin he's a genius. Vanessa runs down more scenarios about Johnny Mac & Steve. She says, everyone is going to hate her now, she's locked it up. Austin laughs.


9:26 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that there are two couples that can go with her. Vanessa tells Austin she may not even win if she keeps the couple in the game. Austin says, he has the incentive to throw it. Vanessa says, she shouldn't have been anyone's target. She says, she would be the replacement nom, because the Veto always gets used in the final 5. She says, she will be someone's final 2 after this week.


9:28 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin if they would get her not to put them on the block she would vote for them in the finals. Austin says, they have an alliance. Vanessa says, it doesn't make sense. Austin keep pleading with Vanessa.


9:30 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin if she keeps them in the game they don't need to play to win the Veto next week. She says, she would have to be retarded not to put them on the block. She says, please excuse her french, but she would be.


9:31 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that he would be a favorite. She tells Austin that she can win the first round & he could win the second round. Austin says, he would throw it to her. (Does she really want to win by someone throwing it to her?) Austin says, he feels they are talking about a chess match. She says, she'll have to put some people on the block & have him throw the Veto. She says, if he doesn't she will leave his ass there. He says, he will throw the Veto if he has to. She says, Steve could take Johnny Mac down if he goes against her wishes. She says, she would have to put him on the block next to Liz if that happens.


9:34 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin if she puts up Liz & Johnny Mac or Steve he has to throw the Veto. Vanessa asks if Liz will be o.k. with it? Austin says, he will make her o.k. with it. She says, Liz isn't her target. Vanessa says, Steve is always going to go to final 3, unless Liz wins. Vanessa says, she can talk to Steve.


9:35 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin Steve will always go to the finals unless Julia wins the Veto. Austin says, you mean, Liz? Vanessa says, f for f's sake, yes, Liz. They run down more scenarios.

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9:36 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa he could win the Veto & not use it. They run down other scenarios. She says, Steve will never understand any of this. In the WA, Steve & Johnny Mac are sitting on the couch. Steve says, he never thought a day would come that the guys would out number the girls. John laughs. Steve says the girls out numbered the guys until recently. Steve says, the jury is 6 people, & 5 of them are women. John says, o.k. Steve talks about the order the HG's were evicted as he leaves the WA.


9:39 PM BBT Steve looks at the pictures on the Memory Wall. He says, his picture is pixelated. Steve takes his shoes on & off one by one. He starts whispering & humming as he washes out a pan in the KT sink.


9:41 PM BBT Steve whispers to himself that wimping out at this point is not plausible. He looks at the Memory Wall still whispering to himself about how many evictions John has survived. He walks around in the LR now.


9:42 PM BBT Back in the CBR, Austin tells Vanessa he doesn't see final 4 being the demise of either of them.


9:43 PM BBT Austin asks Vanessa if the HG's would believe he would throw the Veto is Liz is on the block? Vanessa says, they don't need to know. She says, worse case the other person comes off, he goes up & Liz gets voted out. Austin says, "Hopefully." Vanessa says, she should with the numbers.


9:44 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin if she does this for them, then they would be the biggest scum bags. She says, she knows they aren't scum bags. Vanessa says, she probably screwed herself out of winner, but she can take $50,000. Vanessa says, the HG's don't realize how much strategy she's done in the game. She says, her & him ran everything in the house. She runs down everything they did.


9:45 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that the HG's know he was involved in things, but they have no idea of everything she's done. Austin tells her she's the Derrick. She says, she can play for second that's fine. She tells Austin that he says, he was playing for second at one point in the game. Austin says, he can play for second place that's fine.


9:47 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that if it comes down with her having to put him up, it wouldn't be anything personal. Austin says, she's given good incentives to him.


9:48 PM BBT Austin says, he doesn't know if Vanessa wants to risk not putting Steve or Johnny Mac on the block because one of them can win the Veto. Vanessa says, she will be hated by all of them. She says, she doesn't know what's best for her game & that's the problem. Vanessa tells Austin she would have been the replacement nominee.


9:50 PM BBT Vanessa says, seeing Mel before the comp tonight really f'd her up. Austin asks if Liz wins the Veto & takes herself down, will she put Johnny Mac up? Austin tells her to put up Johnny Mac & Steve up & take one of them out. He says, then they will take him or Liz out next week.


9:51 PM BBT Vanessa says, she wants Steve to throw the Veto also. (Does she really think he will do that at this point?) They run down scenarios about Johnny Mac. Liz is out of the DR.


9:52 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that Austwins had to think it was a game move last week, so he needs to realize it's a game move this week. He says, Vanessa should keep them as a shield for her next week. Vanessa says, no one in America is going to understand this, they are going to think she's stupid. Austin says, not really, they are her shield. Vanessa doesn't want him to talk to Liz about it at all. Austin says, he won't.


9:54 PM BBT Austin says, it shouldn't matter at this point if Johnny Mac & Steve know they've been working together this whole time. Austin says, it's a good play for her in the finals if she's loyal to the group she was loyal with the whole time. He says, Johnny Mac can't fault her for that. Austin says, if Steve knows they are closer, he's not going to take him & Liz to the final 3. Austin says, it's not going to hurt her to let them know this is a thing. Vanessa says, she just wants to figure out what's the best for her if Johnny Mac wins the Veto.


9:56 PM BBT Vanessa says, the only way she can control things is to put Johnny Mac & Steve up on the block. Vanessa says, she's won 4 HOH's now. Austin asks Liz where she was when she goes in the CBR? She says, she was in the DR for the last hour. She says, she's unpacking now. Vanessa tells Liz, she's trying to make this work, & she doesn't want to go against them. She says, she blindly just went for the HOHR. She tells her they've been working together for soo long, & she's such a terrible person.


9:58 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz she needs to keep her word because this will look asinine on TV if she doesn't put up the couple. She says, they would need some kind of deal. She asks Liz if she could make the deal that if they win the final 4 to take her to the final 3? Then if they are the final 3, would she throw her the first part of it? Liz says, yes, for both. Vanessa says, they can battle it out for the second part. She says, she wants to be loyal to scamper squad.


10:00 PM BBT Vanessa says, she can't count on Steve or Johnny Mac to do that for her. She tells Liz the story about how calm Steve acted.

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10:03 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that Steve is America's boy sweetheart. Vanessa says, she might just do something stupid just because she likes them both soo much. She says, she might want to tell John that they've been in an alliance this whole time.


10:04 PM BBT Liz tries to get out of things again by saying she was forced to make an agreement with Steve. Liz yells & says, she has f'n taken out Becky & James. Austin says, he took Johnny Mac out. Liz tells Vanessa she knows the math. Vanessa says, if she's going to make this move she has to put Steve & Johnny Mac up, if they will throw her the first part of the final 3. Vanessa says, they won't take her to the finals. Vanessa talks about John's family doing the air guitar in their video. Vanessa tells them to keep their mouths shut. She says, if Steve starts scampering she will get paranoid & throw them up. (They should not really honor this deal.)


10:07 PM BBT Vanessa says, she just wants to do the right thing. (That would be a big move, & that's not Johnny Mac, they already tried that.) Liz wants Vanessa to tell her again what they want from them. She says, they need to not scamper & talk loud & normal. She says, she can't get paranoid. Vanessa says, they can never know the deal that they made.


10:09 PM BBT Liz wants to take a shower, but she wants to wait on Vanessa to get her room. Vanessa says, she's won 4 HOH's now one is going to take her to finals & the whole jury hates her. She says, you think people that hated Dan, they really hate her. She says, the only one who won't hate her is Julia. Austin wonders if Shelli will not like her? Vanessa says, she sent her out, & Becky could have got in her ear. She says, she doesn't mind playing for $50,000. She tries to give reasons for them to throw her the first round. She says, she should take out the couple, & she's going to trust them.


10:11 PM BBT Vanessa says, she would keep the 2 of them so they can fight it out, & they would probably be spending each other's money anyway. (Liz would split with Julia not Austin.) Vanessa says, they have the fact going for them that she trusts them. Austin says, they have a 75% chance of being final 3, since they are final 4. Vanessa gets called to the DR.


10:13 PM BBT Liz tells Austin she's scared that Johnny Mac is going to tell Vanessa what Julia told him. Austin says, they can tell Vanessa that John is lying, because she never told them that information. (Julia did tell them, they helped her come up with what she was going to say to Johnny Mac.) They talk about the HOH Comp. Austin says, he thinks it will be o.k. Liz says, she's going to deny it, & say she had no idea.


10:15 PM BBT Liz says, he's probably going to tell Vanessa because he's such a little rat. Austin says, "I know." Austin says, he already lied about him, he never told him that. He says, he never said any names to him. Liz says, she knows he wouldn't tell him anything. Austin says, he never told Steve either. Liz asks how he found out what Steve told her? Austin says, Steve had a parlor room (CRL) sesh. He says, John is probably trying to spin it to Vanessa because he's a little rat. Austin says, "Whatever, we've come far."


10:17 PM BBT Austin says, "She wants to trust us." Liz says, she can't believe that Vanessa would think they are more of a threat from Johnny Mac & Steve. Austin says, it's because of the things she's hearing from them. (It's because they are a couple.) Austin says, she needs to keep reminding Vanessa that she took out Becky & James & had no clue about what Julia said. Austin says, he did not put Vanessa on the block when he had the chance to. Liz says, if she won this HOH, she wouldn't have put her up. Austin says, he wouldn't have put her up either. Liz says, if she wouldn't have won, then Johnny Mac would have won. Steve goes in the CBR to get his shower stuff. Austin asks Liz if she's hungry? Liz says, she ate fried rice.


10:19 PM BBT Liz tells him he already ate. Austin wants to go lay down with Liz. Both of them say their shoulders hurt from the comp. Steve says, he did 1/4 of one way, & his shoulder is hurting also. Austin can't believe how Vanessa did that soo quickly. Liz says, should could not have done that claw. Austin says, it's risky. They snuggle together & kiss on their bed in the OBR.


10:21 PM BBT John gets up from laying down in the CRL & walks out. He goes to the WC. Steve walks through the KT, takes a drink from his glass that's on the glass table. He bangs his flip-flops on his hands & knocks on the WC door. John says, he's almost done. He comes out to wash his hands. Steve says, "Thank you." John whispers to Steve that they shouldn't sleep in the same room. John leaves the WA & Steve goes to the WC.


10:24 PM BBT John goes in the CBR & lays in his bed.

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10:25 PM BBT Austin kisses Liz & tells her he loves her. Liz says, she loves him to. Austin tells Liz, it's the final 5 so things should go quick this week. She says, she hopes so, she's sick of this, & she's glad she's there with him. Austin says, it makes sense if she takes them to final 3 to throw the first part to her. Austin asks Liz why she's crying? He tells her it's only 13 more days, & everything will be o.k. He tells her nothing's wrong, they are just playing a game. (Ummm...her sister is gone.) She says, she gets the Luxury prize & she can take 1 person. Austin tells her to take Vanessa. She says, she will, because she already took him to Outback. They talk about the egg comp again. Austin says, the rainbow sucked & his shoulders hurt so bad. Liz points out his cuts. He says, he's a mess.


10:28 PM BBT Liz asks Austin if her speech was good? Then she says, it was good. He says, it was & Julie thought it was. Liz says, Julie thought it was beautiful. They keep kissing each other.


10:30 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that if they don't win from now on they are screwed. Austin says, if they don't win the final 4 Veto they will get split up for sure. Vanessa comes out & asks, "Who wants to see my HOH Room?" Vanessa says, she has news that everything is getting moved up & they have to be up & showered tomorrow by 9:45 a.m. They go to the WA to wait on Steve, because he's in the shower. Vanessa is fixing her make-up. Liz asks if the nom's are going to be at 9:45 AM BBT? Austin says, maybe.


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Vanessa's HOH Letter: Vanessa, All I can say is WOW! I am so unbelievably proud of my sissy for winning HOH this week. I know you will do great things. I want you let you know that I'm here for you, & I'm rooting for you every step of the way. You're such a fierce strong-willed woman, & I know without a doubt that you can do anything you set your mind to. I love you so much & can't wait to see you soon. Love you so much, Teesha P.S. If you ever need a good laugh just remember our race is Vegas, while we were rolling, bruising our knees & elbows for a mile long, & people calling me a road block. Such a bad idea thinking I can even fit in that contraption. 

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10:40pm BBT Steve apologizes for his poor timing. Austin and Liz are at the memory wall complaining for Steve to hurry up. Johnny Mac has the HoH key and is twirling it.  Steve is out of the shower and throwing on some clothes.

10:41pm The gang heads upstairs and stands outside the door waiting for BB.  They go inside and we get FotH with audio as the HG gush over the pictures of Mel and Tisha. Video back.  The letter is from Tisha.  JMac wanders around disinterestedly. She gets another pair of jeans, no alcohol, and a lot of cottage cheese.


10:42pm BBT Steve points out that this is everyone. Vanessa reads her letter.

10:45BBT Van explains that she and Tisha were in a hard race in Vegas.  She tells some stories about a nightclub they went to, which explains the picture. Van tells Steve to go finish his shower. Johnny Mac is going to take a nap and leaves. Van got a new beanie - yellow like a banana.


10:51pm BBT Steve, Austin and Liz try to figure out the schedule. They assume that they will tape an eviction episode and feeds will go down to keep the feeders in suspense.  Everyone but Austin leaves and Vanessa again quizzes him on what he and Steve agreed to. Austin affirms his deal to throw F3 HoH Part I and deal with the fallout with Liz.  Van is called to DR.


10:53pm BBT Van is already out of the DR. That was quick, Austin says.  Steve is cleaning up after the shower. He and Johnny Mac are sleeping in the comic room while LizTin get the other bedroom all to themselves.

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10:50 PM BBT In the WA, Steve tells Liz that the lobster was awesome. He tells her he was going to offer it to her, but she was in the DR. He tells her how he made it. Liz says, Woe, making moves." Vanessa goes to the HOHR. Steve is using a floss pick on his teeth in the WA. Austin & Liz go to the OBR. Steve leaves the WA. Steve asks if he's sleeping in the CBR then? Liz tells him it's just him & Johnny Mac in there. Steve says, "Very nice."


10:52 PM BBT Steve wants to do an OBR slumber party. Liz says, Austin's stuff is not leaving the bed. Austin says, he kind of likes their privacy. Steve tells Austin, he doesn't get a lot of privacy in there. Liz tells Steve she always sees him sleeping against the wall. Austin tells Liz to go with him. Steve says, he loves the pull out bed. Liz says, she will clean it. Steve says, he'll sleep in the CBR because it sounds like they have a big day tomorrow.


10:55 PM BBT In the KT, Austin whispers to Liz to tone down anything with Steve. Liz gets water from the refrigerator. Liz asks Austin if he's hungry? He says a little, but he still has chicken that he's been eating all day. Liz says, she sick of the fried rice. Austin says, he doesn't know what else to have. Steve asks if Vanessa is in the DR? Austin says, yeah. (Maybe he didn't hear her go to the HOHR, or she snuck back by to go to the DR.)


10:57 PM BBT Steve talks like he's BB & Liz screams a little. He goofs around with her. Steve asks Liz how she got that nickname as opposed to another nickname for Elizabeth? She says, she picked it, & doesn't know when it started. She says, Elizabeth was to hard to spell. She says, she doesn't like Lizzy, f Lizzy, eww. Steve says, he had a friend named Lizzy in High School. Liz says, she stinks from the comp & needs to shower. Steve says, Austin stinks, according to everything. Austin walks by, & Liz asks him if he already showered? Austin says, yes.


10:59 PM BBT Steve walks to the WC humming, singing & making noises. Austin leaves the WA. Steve comes out of the WC & puts his shower bag away.

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11:02 PM BBT Austin, Liz and Steve are in the Ocean BR talking about Coco...Steve’s teddy bear.  Steve asks if it’s weird that he has Coco and Liz doesn’t answer.  Steve tells her she is avoiding the question.  Liz says that she is not going to say anything bad about his teddy bear.  It shows that he is caring. 


11:04 PM BBT Austin has gone to the KT.  Steve and Liz are chatting in the OBR about a roommate Steve had and he had to go through his friend’s room to get to his own room. 


11:08 PM BBT Liz is still unpacking and putting clothes away.  Steve is flaked out on the floor and chatting with her.  Austin is in the KT.


11:13 PM BBT Liz is all unpacked.  Steve is pondering how many people expose themselves to all this nonsense.  As she takes her suitcase to the door to return it to the storage room, Liz says she didn’t know as much as he did.  Liz says thank you and Steve asks why.  Liz says something about getting the door for her so it sounds like she was being sarcastic.  Steve stays in the OBR a bit longer and is whispering to himself.


11:17 PM BBT Liz is sitting and Austin is standing at the KT counter.  Steve is leaning on a counter nearby.  Liz asks if it’s weird if she keeps Julia’s cup.  Steve says not at all.  Liz seems distraught, her head bowed.  She compares herself to someone else and Steve says she is not screwed up like that.  She is emotional missing Julia.


11:21 PM BBT Austin and Liz are cuddling in the OBR.  They are not talking...just laying there quietly on top of the covers.


11:24 PM BBT Steve comes into the CBR and quietly asks if John wants the light out.  He asks John if he intends to talk to Vanessa tonight.  John asks if she is up there now, and Steve tells John that she is DRing.  Steve suggests being confident but not cocky. 


11:29 PM BBT Liz and Austin are still cuddling in silence.  Steve is wandering around the house.  He stops in the KT to grab some chips, checks the door to the BY and then paces back through the KT to have a sip of his drink.   He paces back and forth in front of the memory wall. 


11:33 PM BBT Austin and Liz are restless but trying to snooze.  Steve is pacing in the KT.  BB says “Steve, that’s REALLY annoying.” [steve was clacking a pair of tongs over and over again]  Austin and Liz laugh.  Steve goes to the OBR and asks Austin and Liz if they were laughing at him.  They pretend to be sleeping. 


11:40 PM BBT Steve is still pacing in front of the memory wall, periodically whispering to himself. 


11:43 PM BBT Steve pours himself a glass of juice and continues pacing between the KT and the LR.


11:45 PM BBT John is half-sitting, half-laying on his bed in the CBR.  The camera pans over to the bed where Julia was sleeping earlier, and we see Coco.  The camera pans back to John who gives a big sigh.


11:53 PM BBT Another deep sigh from John in the CBR and the cameras turn to Austin and Liz in the OBR.  Austin gets under the covers.  They are snuggled up, not talking.  Austin is laying with his eyes open and one arm across his forehead.  Liz has her eyes closed. 


11:55 PM BBT Steve is zipping up his blue hoodie and standing outside the DR.  He knocks and then walks away.  He looks in a mirror and then keeps pacing saying it was nice to hear her voice tonight [his mom’s].  Tomorrow it’s officially been 3 months.  He was “kidnapped” on June 11th.  He’s spent a third of his year here.  Wow!

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