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Monday, August 10 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Steve and Vanessa are in the Colorful Bedroom.  Steve is telling Vanessa that he is nervous because Johnny Mac and Shelli are freaking out about the “eight-person” alliance.  Vanessa asks how they know about it, and Steve doesn’t know.  Vanessa says there is no group.  It was a one-week thing.  Steve is surprised.  Vanessa explains that it was only because they thought the double eviction was last week.  Steve tells Vanessa that he has not told Johnny Mac anything.  Vanessa says “you know I hate liars, right?  You know that, right?”  She tells him that she’s trusted him beyond.  She asks Steve if he told Johnny Mac anything that made him think that she was going after Johnny Mac.  Steve tells her that he doesn’t understand what happened.  They talk about what happened with the blowout with James, Clay, and Johnny Mac. 


12:07 AM BBT  Becky tells Meg, James, and Jackie that she decided that Vanessa needed to go home when Vanessa had a meeting with the two groups and expected them to protect her and pointed at Becky and made her give her word in front of other people. 


12:09 AM BBT Becky says that Vanessa does not get to play villain and also keep her hands clean.  They continue to share their complaints about Vanessa and they discuss how to approach the planned discussion with Austin.


12:13 AM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that Becky has not asked Steve about his vote.  Vanessa believes that Johnny Mac will go up as a pawn and that Shelli will go home.  Steve thinks it will be him and Johnny next.  They talk about scenarios for the double eviction.  Steve tells Vanessa that he is confused about Becky’s game.  He’s surprised that Becky is gunning for Shelli because Vanessa is a bigger threat and so are Austin and the twins.  They talk about James and Vanessa tells Steve that she actually has grown to respect James’ gameplay.  They talk about deals they made around the PoV.  Steve wants to clarify what Vanessa promised Shelli versus him.


12:20 AM BBT Vanessa and Steve are talking about Becky’s game and Steve says it will blow up soon.  Vanessa says that if Becky puts Vanessa up as the replacement nom, then Becky’s game will blow up VERY soon. 


12:26 AM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that if Becky puts up Johnny Mac they will talk about making Becky a target for the double eviction.  Steve tells Vanessa they have to change the name of their alliance because “Freaks and Geeks” is the name of a TV show.  Vanessa suggests “Freaky Five” and Steve says “great”.  


12:35 AM BBT Steve is still worried about Shelli and Johnny Mac.  Steve, Shelli and Johnny Mac think they are next.  Steve tells Vanessa that he would have a really hard time voting against Johnny Mac.  Julia comes into the colorful bedroom, and Steve heads up to the HOHR. 


12:38 AM BBT Julia expresses the same concern that Steve just asked about, that Shelli and Johnny Mac have learned about the 8-person alliance.  Julia tells Vanessa that Shelli doesn’t know where to go and is feeling at a loose end.  Vanessa wonders why Shelli is not hanging out with Vanessa.  Julia thinks Shelli is just moping around and needs to get her social game together.


12:40 AM BBT The group in the HOHR are asking Steve about his tooth.  He is feeling fine, but others have been telling him that his speech sounds different.  He tells them he has no pain right now. 


12:43 AM BBT James asks when the veto ceremony will be.  Steve jokes with the HOHR group that he’s thinking of using the PoV.  He hasn’t decided 100% but he’s leaning towards it.  They joke that he just wants to see what the jury house looks like. 


12:49 AM BBT The discussion in the HOHR breaks up and they all go down to the KT.  Julia and Vanessa are stilling talking in the Colorful Bedroom.  They are running scenarios for the double eviction and counting the votes in the various scenarios.  Vanessa shares what Steve told her, that he would have a hard time voting out Johnny Mac. 


12:54 AM BBT Julia tells Vanessa that she would hook up with Steve before James.  Vanessa asks if she would hook up with Steve and Julia says no.  Especially after Steve did not flush!  It wouldn’t happen!!  Steve comes in and lets them know that as soon as he went up to HOHR, the discussion pretty much broke up.  Julia anxiously asks him if he saw Shelli up there.   He says no.  He jokes again about his decision whether to use the veto.

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01:01 AM BBT Vanessa points out to Julia that “they” would have to win power three times to get rid of the three of them.  (Austin, Julia and Liz).  Vanessa says they’re in a very good spot.  Out in the BY Austin tickles Liz in the hammock with her squealing and giggling.


01:03 AM BBT Liz tells Austin one kiss but he has to bring the blanket over their head so the camera can’t see them.  The sound of kissing can be heard.  Liz flips the blanket back and said nothing happened, he was just checking the pepper in her teeth.  He agrees after saying it was good.


01:07 AM BBT In the CR Vanessa asks Julia to tell her if she hears anything other than Johnny Mac getting put up as a replacement nom.  Julia says she will.  Vanessa doesn’t want to be blindsided.  It would be embarrassing and she would campaign like a “mother********” because she has so much information.  Over in the WA Jackie and Liz brush their teeth and Shelli removes some of her makeup.


01:09 AM BBT Johnny Mac into the CR.  Idle chit chat between Vanessa, Julia and he.  Over in the CR Jackie and Shelli begin to chat.  Shelli says she bombed POV and she’s nervous.  Jackie says she’ll (Shelli) will just have to wait and see.


01:15 AM BBT Jackie and Shelli continue to chat in the CR.  Shelli says she felt last week turned nasty and personal and that in turn made her turn nasty to people.  Shelli says she's alone in the game now and Clay was the one person she could trust.  Jackie understands because she lost Jeff.  Shelli asks if there's anything specific that Jackie wants to clear the air with.  Idle chit chat over in the CBR between Vanessa, Julia and Johnny Mac.


01:19 AM BBT Jackie just wants to make sure the two of them are ok.  Shelli believes they are.  Shelli says when Jackie watches the TV show she'll see that Shelli never said anything about putting her on the block and instead will see that Shelli said "I will not put Jackie on the block".  Over in the CBR Liz whispers to Vanessa and Julia that Shelli pulled Jackie into the CR to chat and they're in there now.  Julia says that's super sketchy.  They wonder if they can trust Shelli or if they've said anything to her (Shelli) today.  They agree to try and ask the two what they were talking about and see if the stories match later.


01:24 AM BBT Jackie says Shelli and Clay chose a weird bunch to side with.  Shelli gets what she's saying.  Jackie says it really hurt when they chose the other side over them.  Jackie says she said "if only they knew I wasn't coming after them....".  Shelli says other people told her that they were which of course put paranoia in her mind.  Shelli says to say that she picked a side...she really hadn't picked a side.  Jackie says it's all jumbled now and she doesn't know what's going on.


01:27 AM BBT Over in the CBR Vanessa reads from the Bible while Liz folds clothes on her bed.  Back in the CR Shelli and Jackie continue to chat trying to clear the air.  Jackie asks Shelli if she knows what's going on.  Shelli says she has scenarios in her mind but ultimately she has no idea.


01:29 AM BBT Shelli realizes there are other noms that could go up but again just scenarios.  Jackie agrees and tells her she'll see tomorrow.


01:32 AM BBT Shelli says she feels like last week's conversation with James was set up to collect info because Meg woke her and Clay up to tell her to talk to James to help him understand things. Talk turns to them thinking this week will be a double eviction. They thought it was last week but it has to be this week. Over in the CBR Vanessa reads the Bible, Julia and Liz have wandered off to join the voices heard elsewhere in the house.


01:37 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the LR between Becky, Julia and Meg.  Liz's voice can be heard elsewhere.  Meg and Julia stretch out.  The conversation over in the CR comes to an end and they agree that they never spoke ill of each other and things they heard was always spoke by others.  Shelli says it's nice talking to someone because she doesn't have anyone right now.  Jackie says they can talk any time.


01:39 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the LR while Jackie, Meg and Julia stretch out.  James and Steve play chess on the skybridge.


01:44 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the LR, the stretching stopping.  Meanwhile Steve and James continue their chess game on the skybridge.


01:46 AM BBT Feeds switch to Vanessa giving Shelli a pep talk a darkened OBR.  Vanessa says she can't be discouraged and she has to hang in there just like she (Vanessa) did.  Vanessa says things change rapidly in the house.  Shelli says they go so long between chatting.  Vanessa says she can't seem like her closest ally otherwise she'll end up on the block next to her.  Vanessa says she's at the point she's reading the Bible and hanging out in the CBR.


01:51 AM BBT Austin comes in and chat stops briefly.  Shelli says she feels like Meg has a chip on her shoulder.  Shelli says she's just paranoid.  Becky and Jackie head upstairs  to the HOH and Jackie says she hopes it wasn't shady.  Becky says Jackie and Shelli were seen going in the CR together.  Jackie tells Becky how they were just clearing the air with each other.  Jackie said she didn't make her any deals or anything.


01:56 AM BBT Down in the darkened OBR Vanessa sits in Shelli's bed talking.  Shelli says she has to "keep it to herself because Steve is onboard."  She just had a conversation with him a bit ago about it.  Meanwhile up in HOH Jackie and Becky continue to chat.  Becky thinks Shelli is finally getting it now and seeing Vanessa's game.  Jackie said she left it open ended and said they could talk after the POV ceremony tomorrow.


02:01 AM BBT Vanessa says worse case scenario they go home at the end of the game.  They're not dying.  Shelli agrees.  Vanessa says at the very least she'll have a blossoming showmance at home.  Shelli agrees but hopes she doesn't loose him.  Vanessa doesn't think she will.  BB says the bedroom lights must remain on.  Vanessa says BB must like the conversation.  Vanessa tells her goodnight.  She's going pee as she originally intended.


02:03 AM BBT Steve tells Shelli he's going to go study in the BY if she's interested in joining him.  She may join him later so she's going to bed.  Up in the HOH Becky and Jackie continue to chat running through previous conversations.  Becky begins to run through her POV ceremony speech for tomorrow.


02:08 AM BBT Meg, Julia and James are doing nightly ADLs.  Up in the HOH Becky practices her POV speech to Jackie.  Becky is going to tell Vanessa that she doesn't know who she's working with and when she is working closely with someone she will throw them under the bus and abandon them (in a nutshell, the speech goes on and on).  


02:12 AM BBT James tries to scare Meg in the SR.  She says he can't scare her.  She's looking for Advil but thinks the house is out.  They wander into the darkened OBR.  Meg finds some in the stand next to Shelli's bed and says she asked for more.  She says she told "them" that there are three people on prescription strength Advil which means they're burning through them.  James heads outside where Steve is playing pool by himself.  Up in the HOH Becky continues practicing and offering several different versions of her speech for tomorrow.


02:16 AM BBT Down in the BY James and Steve chat idly while walking back and forth across the yard.  James starts to steer the conversation towards production and Steve says he won't do it.    BB says "Thank you!"  Steve says he said earlier today that he was going to try and do better about not talking about it.  Up in the HOH talk turns briefly back to Shelli and Jackie's conversation and Becky says Jackie has to help her finalize the speech.  


02:20 AM BBT Steve asks James if he knows who's going up this week or if there will be drama.  James says he'll be fine and yes there will be drama but it shouldn't involve him.  Steve starts to quiz James on days.  James doesn't know any of it and he's going to guess.


02:27 AM BBT  Steve dumps knowledge on James about burning calories in the BY.  Up in the HOH Becky settles on her speech for the POV ceremony and calling Vanessa out on turning on people the first chance she gets.  Jackie wonders if anyone else spoke about her and Shelli in the CR.  Becky says no.


02:32 AM BBT James heads in and Steve starts to talk to his mom via the cameras in the BY.  He says his tooth is fine and he'll have it pulled after finale and his speech is slurred because of blisters on his tongue (he's mentioned these before).  Up in the HOH Jackie and Becky continue to chat about how they felt always taking in everyone's words and kindness and then getting turned against.


02:35 AM BBT Becky says when she won HOH..."and I'll probably get buzzed for this...but they said 'Oh you won HOH so you would finally pick a side?'"  Becky said she told them she was on a side for 5 days but then she felt like Andy (BB15).  FoTH.


02:39 AM BBT Steve makes himself something to eat in the KT while Becky and Jackie continue to chat up in the HOH discussing previous conversations.


02:42 AM BBT Steve sits at the KT counter and eats while Becky and Jackie continue to chat up in the HOH bashing Vanessa. 


02:46 AM BBT James is going to bed.  Steve is going to take a shower soon.  Up in the HOH Becky and Jackie continue to chat with Becky leading the conversation regarding how this HOH was important for her game this week because she was able to identify what is happening regarding lies being told.  Jackie says "they wanted to break us up so badly".  Becky agrees.

02:49 AM BBT James into the HNR.  Meg is there.  James says Steve tried to ask him what things happened on days 15 and 29.  Jase evicted days 15 and Da'vonne evicted 29.  She tells him he needs to be learning this stuff.  It's final five question material.  Up in the HOH Becky is hungry and will be running downstairs briefly.  She tells Jackie she's enjoying the conversation and wants to continue it.  She'll be right back and asks Jackie if she wants anything.  Jackie is good.


02:53 AM BBT Becky back upstairs.  Jackie in the HOH BR.  Becky and she begin to talk again.  Jackie called out to put on her mic by BB.  Jackie says sorry.  Camera zooms in on her cleavage as she puts the mic on.  She says she is getting worse and she even dropped it in the toilet today.  Becky begins to work on her conversation with Austin to let him know about Vanessa going up.


02:59 AM BBT Becky continues to practice her speech to Austin saying that she can't trust her (Vanessa) because she's running around making deals with everyone.  Becky will base her conversation off how Austin is responding to it.  Meg and James are quiet in the HNR.  Feeds switch to Steve shaving in the WA.


03:02 AM BBT Steve gets in the shower.  Up in the HOH Jackie and Becky continue to chat...Becky leading the conversation.  Jackie says they've already dealt with Clay and Shelli.  Becky agrees and says James really did good last week.  Jackie says "Nobody wants to piss them off so the rest of us have to go home?"  Becky and Jackie agree that the twins did what they needed to do this season by making it to week 5.  Becky says Jackie would be pissed if the twins won half a million dollars.  Jackie agrees.


03:06 AM BBT Steve continues to shower in the WA.  Up in the HOH Jackie says she should go to bed.  Becky agrees but she's wide awake.  Becky wonders if she should talk to Austin in the AM at wake-up.  Jackie thinks she should while they're making their morning omelets.  Becky mentions that if Jackie can she should ask the twins to send Austin up to talk to her.  Jackie says they'll figure it out and leaves the HOH.


03:11 AM BBT Jackie into HNR.  James and Meg are awake chatting.  Meg says she's miserable.  She asks for a pillow while Jackie is up.  James asks for his water while she's up.  James wrapped towels up to support their necks.  Meg and Jackie agree they're very nice and supportive.  Up in the HOH BR Becky is doing nightly ADLs.


03:15 AM BBT Jackie begins to rehash her conversation with Shelli and Becky tonight.  Jackie cleared the air and Shelli is good with her.  Vanessa told Shelli and Clay that James was bullying ‘them’ into a vote.  James says he wasn’t and it’s bull crap.


03:18 AM BBT Steve knocks on the HOH door and says he was coming to hang out.  Becky says she was trying to go to bed.  She is wide awake though and says she may pull a Steve and wake up 20 minutes from now.  Steve asks if she's nervous about tomorrow and if she knows what she's doing.  She says she's known since before she won the comp.  She's putting up Vanessa.  Steve is says ok and he she didn't tell him that.  Steve called to DR.  He asks Becky why Vanessa.  Becky will make it quick and says that she can't be trusted.  She will go after anyone and everything.  Down in the HNR James, Jackie and Meg continue to chat.  James says if Shelli puts him up on the block if she HOH she'll clap for her and won't freak out.  Jackie just hopes everyone sticks to their word.


03:23 AM BBT Becky tells Steve that Vanessa is on board to get rid of Shelli this week even though they are supposedly close.  Steve worries that he is an outcast.  Becky says he's not but he and Johnny Mac are easy pawns.  Steve says that makes him a target.  Becky agrees and changes the subject by saying Vanessa freaked out when Steve won POV.  


03:26 AM BBT Becky points out to Steve that she told Vanessa today that she has 3 votes to get rid of Shelli and that she just needs a fourth to finalize the deal so she planned on talking to Steve.  Fast forward to today and...Vanessa gave Steve a makeover.  Steve falls over on the couch.  "You are the swing vote and she was being nice to you."  Steve gets it now.


03:27 AM BBT In the HNR James says that when Vaness asks for his vote he says he'll tell her he would have until she started campaigning against James' wish to get rid of Shelli last week.  Meg says there are so many options to use.  Meg says she's so nervous and scared she can't sleep tonight.  Up in the HOH Becky and Jackie continue to chat.  Becky says Vanessa is playing all sides of the house today and if she can't influence nominations she helps influence votes.  Steve understands.  He wonders who will go home.  Becky says Vanessa is more dangerous.  


03:31 AM BBT Idle chit chat begins in the HNR.  James was looking out for the girls' necks.  Meg is sore all over.  Up in the HOH Steve is concerned Becky doesn't trust him for not telling him any of this.  Becky says she was looking out for him by not telling him anything and keeping the blood off his hands.  Becky says that's why she's telling him now.


03:36 AM BBT Up in the HOH Steve asks Becky if he weirds Jackie out.  Becky says no that Jackie adores her and that she's told her before that she feels like she has to watch Steve swim at night like a momma bird.  Steve is glad to hear this.  Down in the HNR James says tomorrow is going to be crazy and "we know nothing!"  Meg laughs.  The camera pans down to her.  James says "How about you Meg?"  "I know nothing!"  Camera pans to Jackie.  James asks Jackie.  "I knew the whole time!"  Camera pans back to James and he says "I know nothing!"  The camera pans through the three again with Jackie agreeing that she knows nothing.  Meg wonders if they're on the feeds now. 


03:42 AM BBT Becky reassures Steve that he was kept him out of the loop to simply keep him safe.  Steve understands.  She asks Steve if he's ok with this or would he rather send Shelli home.  He says her trusting him with this information is huge to him and he will reciprocate it in the future if she would like.  Becky said she was freaking out when Vanessa's name got pulled for veto.  General giddiness/chatter continues in the HNR.


03:53 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HNR.  Meg's hip hurts and she had to do physical therapy back home for it hurting before.  Up in the HOH Steve and Becky continue to chat discussing previous competitions.


03:58 AM BBT HNR chit chat continues about things they'll be able to do when they get out of the house.  Up in the HOH Steve and Becky continue to chat.  Becky discussing that with dwindling numbers large alliances won't work.


04:01 AM BBT BB calls Steve to the DR again.  Steve asks for a hug and assures Becky he will be blindsided tomorrow.  Becky thanks him.  Down in the HNR Steve says "When I go back home I'm done dating around.  I'm gonna be a changed man."  Meg says she can't wait to get back home and will be jumping on all of her friends.


04:07 AM BBT Talk in the HNR about money when they get home.  Meg will probably stay at home with her parents for a bit so she doesn't burn through it all.  She just wants to lounge at home in sweats with her parents.  Jackie says "Just like now?"  Meg says her mom will have questions for her.  James laughs and agrees.


04:13 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HNR.  Meg and James can't sleep.  Meg has no interest in sleeping.  James isn't sure if he needs to poop or fart.  Meg asks that he not risk it.  Up in the HOH Becky is listening to music in her bed with the lights off.


04:18 AM BBT Steve out of the DR in the BY.  He says the best thing to happen to him in the game was to be excluded from the alliance of 8.  He wonders if Austin knows what he's up to.  He's not talked to him in a while.  Steve says he needs to stay in bed tomorrow.  Steve doesn't think the twins pay attention who talks to whom.  Austin does.


04:22 AM BBT Steve plays pool with himself in the BY.  In the HNR Meg talks to the feeders thanking them for the shark.  Hi to mom and dad.  She hopes "you all enjoy watching me sleep tonight”.


04:24 AM BBT Meg is shifting in her chair and James says "What the hey?  Find a spot and settle down."  Meg is sorry, she's trying to get comfortable.  James says they may as well put newspaper underneath her.  Jackie laughs.  Out in the BY Steve mumbles to himself.  Difficult to follow.  If he tells "everyone that I and Vanessa had a final 2 deal...Mmmmhmm...mmmmhmmm...and...mmmmhmmm..."  Steve wonders if he votes against Vanessa if he'll lose Austin.  More inaudible mumbling.  The HNR room is getting quiet now.


04:28 AM BBT Steve says to himself he cannot win HOH in this double eviction.


04:32 AM BBT Steve continues to mumble and whisper to himself about what he'll say to Vanessa?  Most of his thoughts are exactly that...thoughts that we can't hear, just the occasional batch of words.  Steve is worried he's playing both sides too much.  People may think he's a floater.  Steve heads inside and looks in the fridge before heading into the SR.


04:37 AM BBT Steve has been wandering through the house for about 5 minutes staying within the KT, CR and WA.  Humming and mumbling.


04:40 AM BBT Steve wanders into the darkened BRs back and forth briefly before heading back into the KT to get his mug of salt water he made just moments before.  Steve swishes his mouth out and heads into the WA to spit in the sink.  Steve heads outside briefly to get his jacket and heads back into the WA to wash his face.


04:43 AM BBT Steve heads into the darkened OBR and crawls into bed.  Meanwhile over in the HNR it sounds like James dropped or spilled a container of pills and Meg asked what the noise was.  No response from him or Jackie.  "Was that the Advil?" she asks.  Silence.  All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


04:51 AM BBT We have stirring in the HNR.  Meg lost her pillows.  James' underwear keep riding up his stuff.  Meg can't be comfortable.  James realizes he still has his battery pack on.  He's too committed.  


04:53 AM BBT Steve up in the KT.  Becky is in the KT as well.  Audio doesn't kick in for 30 seconds to a minute.  Steve is talking about his mom and how he's always talked to her about things.  His mom cried when he got his first call back.  Becky says that's a moment he'll never forget.


04:55 AM BBT Becky and Steve continue to chat in the KT sitting at the counter discussing how they can't believe they're in the BB house and the world is so far away.  Steve expected to be one of those players that applied year after year like others in fan forums that never got a call back and he was able to get on the first time.  Steve really didn't want to be Jace this season.  He's glad he made it thus far.

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9:00am BBT wake up fish screen

9:14am BBT Jmac and Steve in BY  with just awake faces. Still talking about POV comp. Liz, Van, Austin, called out for BR lights staying on during the day. Steve and Jmac told to lower the awnings. They say lets just let today blow up and see where things fall.

Becky is in the kitchen making coffee.

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9:24am BBT Vanessa getting dressed and ADL's in bathroom

Becky goes outside and asks Jmac to wait until Vanessa is in the shower and then go inside and ask twins to come out and talk to becky. Steve says veto mtg in 45 mins BB "Steve you are not allowed to talk about production"

Vanessa makes Steve swear he hasnt heard anything.

everyone getting called to Diary room." Shelli put on your mic" BB very active this morning.

Becky in HOH room, Austin comes up while Vanessa in shower. Becky tells him she caught Van playing all sides of the house last week calling her a chameleon. Becky takes full credit for this theory. Becky says her "side" is not going after twins and Austin. Austin goes along. Becky says she doesnt owe Van @#$ afterVan put her on the block......and fish.

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 9:00am BBT: All HG snuggled in their beds sleeping.

9:03am BBT: We are on FOTH as BB may be waking them early for the POV meeting today.
 9:15am BBT: John in the BY with Steve . Steve is eating cereal and they are talking about the POV comp and Steve winning it. he says he did not see himself beating shelli. Becky is in the KT making coffee. BB tells the other Hg that the lights must remain on during the day. BB then says to lower the outside Awnings. Steve and John get up to start lowering them.
9:18am BBT: Meg is in the Kt with Becky talking about hurting so bad and says she can sleep anywhere but that darn chair. Vanessa walks through and goes to the WC. Bb calls Steve to the DR and he tells then he has to finish the awnings. They get the awnings done and Steve says he has to grab his socks cause it is freezing in the DR.
9:24am BBT: Shelli is up and in the shower. Vanessa in the HNBR getting clothes  to wear for the day. Becky in the Wa downstairs doing her hair.
9:30am BBT: Becky in the By talking to john about having plenty of votes to get Vanessa out this week. She says i have Jackie , meg and James  and all i need is Steve which i think i will have as they  tried to backdoor him last week if one came down. 
9:37am BBT: Austin and Becky in the HOh rm and Becky tells him that Vanessa is playing all sides of this house . She tells him that Vanessa comes to her and says ok here is what we need to do  and who is on this side and we need a plan to keep us safe. Becky says she has no right. Becky goes on about  Vanessa and her drama and how  she goes around telling everyone what needs to be done so she will be safe with everyone in the house.
9:41am BBT: Becky says they she has been bullying James and she tells everyone that she will make hell in the jury house if she leaves and she just goes on and on. Becky says Vanessa says to her not to tell shelli that she knows anything please do not tell shelli and she is so afraid i am telling shelli cause she does not want to be thrown under the bus. then we get FOTH.
9:43am BBT: Austin says so your plan this week is Vanessa not Shelli and Becky says yeah it has been all week. Becky says I do not see shelli as the bigger threat. I have zoned in on Vanessa this week cause  we know we have double eviction coming up and  others have to go but i do not like Vanessa and i feel she does not need to be in this game. Austin says ok. Becky says are you mad at me and Austin says no not at all.
9:46am BBT: Becky tells Austin that Vanessa had me on the block and had you out the door last week  and then we feel like we owe her something cause she saved us and why do we do that we owe her nothing. Austin says i will act surprised you did this and Becky says perfect act like you know nothing.
 9:50am BBT: Austin tells Becky that he does not want anyone knowing that he knew He says he might tell Liz after the meeting but he does not want Jackie, meg or James saying that he knew. Becky says i will talk to them and they wont say anything.
9:54am BBT: Most Hg in the WA taking showers and doing ADL's. Austin and Becky still in the HOH rm talking about how manipulative Vanessa is and how she is  telling everyone in the house  how to play to keep herself safe. Becky is called to the DR and Austin says i guess you are letting me know so i wont be shocked. he says after this she is going to go off.
9:56am BBT: Austin ask are you going to tell Vanessa all of this after the meeting and Becky says i am going to tell her very little. 
9:58am BBT: Becky says i am going to keep my mouth  quiet as much as i can cause i am not out to ruin anyone elses game and just let her blow. Austin says yeah i understand. Austin says good luck as Becky leaves the hoh rm
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10:00 Meg telling Austin that this is Becky's HOH. She says they got to get thru it all. Austin says it still sits bad with him. Meg says it will make things a little less suspicious. Vanessa would have gone after them anyway. But Shelli cant win HOH or she will come after them. Meg says they have to support Becky on this. Austin says it's going to get bad.


10:05 BB tells Austin his mic is slipping on its cable, please move it higher or clip it to his shirt. He looks around for his shirt. James comes in HNR and says Vanessa cornered Steve in the WA asking him if he knew anything about today. Austin says she will want to talk to him to, he will tell her he doesnt know.

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10:10am BBT In KT: Austin hugs Liz telling her they are ok, things are about to change but they are good. Back in HNR: James tells Meg he doesnt know if he should wear his kitty hat or his visor, she says visor. Nobody wants to look like a dumbass at Veto Ceremony. In CBR: Vanessa tells Julia its been 24 hrs since then, if not its been a good game. Julia tells her to stop it, stop it right now. Steve comes in and the girls say he looks sooo cute. they want to do his hair but he says there is no time.


 10:17am BBT Steve in the KT, Liz and Julia say he looks so cute. Liz wants to feel Austins abs this morning. Steve asks if he can too, Austin says he doesnt care, Steve says no its ok. In HNR Becky is telling James the convo with Austin in HOH a few minutes ago. Liz and Austin go to the washer. Austin tells her Vanessa is going home and there is nothing they can do. Liz says yes there iiisss. Austin says no there isnt they dont have the votes. Steve called to DR. Austin says they can vote how they want, it doesnt matter.


10:12am BBT BB: HG this is a.......we have Jeff reels. POV ceremony is starting. We will bring you all the drama as we get it.

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quick fish...Becky says her observations, her idea, her theory, her plan. becky" are you mad at me Austin?" no way, we are on board, but are you ready for the backlash? 

James in the cold shower/Jmac in the hot shower - both talking about shrinkage - Jmac says clean everywhere James "ooh my balls, come back little buddies, now time for the butt cheeks, my buns are cold"  Girls getting ready. Meanwhile in HOH. Becky tells Austin she has the votes to take out Van, Austin and the twins can do what they want. Austin asks if he can act surprized. Becky says she 100% respects that and wont say that she told him. Austin " I won tsay anything and that will show James, Jackie, Meg our trust and we are on for DE, its your HOH and I have got my people - it was upsetting when she wanted to backdoor me" Becky says "she had no right to do that"  Austin says he has to do this for them. and Becky is called to DR. Austin waits until she leaves to leave himself.

10:00 am BBT within seconds Austin meets up with Meg in HNR and says I am pretending that I know nothing - she has the votes and We cant be blamed for this. Meg says " yeah, you 3 can stay out of the fire on this"  Its gonna be ugly and bad today, but it will make DE easier. 

BB " Austin, your mic is sliding, please move it higher or clip it to a shirt (he is shirtless) 

James joins them in HNR and is in on Austin playing blind on veto. James confirms and says Vanessa already cornered Steve and made him swear. Austin asks him where Van is. He needs a buddy so he doesnt get cornered by her. Austin leaves and James whispers "all is going to plan, now we just have to win" 

10:10am BBT Liz and Austin in kitchen - Liz tells him not to cook, she was told today was going to move fast. Austin sighs and says dont worry, things are going to blow up today but I made sure they you are safe and we are good. Liz says eat a banana, Austin says no carbs in the morning. Steve puts on his newly ironed shirt And now Austin lets Jackie in on knowing - he is scared about getting cornered by Vanessa alot of I knows, right?  crazy right? she did it herself, just stick together.... yada yada... Just to recap - Austin wasnt going to tell a soul, within 20 mins- he has told: Meg, James, Jackie, NOT Liz.)

Vanessa in bedroom full poker face- green beanie, sunglasses, game face on

lots of shuffling, scurrying, whispering, and pensive waiting going on.  feeds are abuzz for ceremony. Lots of popcorn being made right now...

Liz and austin at washer and dryer - Austin says Vanessa is gone and nothing we can do. He fills her in on everything Becky said.  He tells her to act like she doesnt know. BB "Julia put your mic on" geez...... BB is very chatty today.

BB " HG's this is a lockdown" JEFF REELS

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11:02am BBT Vanessa in her hat in the OCB talking to Shelli. Vanessa says Shelli knew. Shelli says she had a feeling, she had a feeling last night. Vanessa says there is no reason for Becky to lie, if she was going up just tell her. Everyone will know she's a hypocrite. Vanessa says what does she mean she doesnt know where I stand. I stand on the opposite side then her. Vanessa says she hopes Shelli didnt know before hand, everything she has done is out of loyalty for Shelli. Shelli doesnt know what Becky is talking about.

11:06am BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that she has to know that she is not covering for Becky. That speech wasnt about me. Vanessa says Becky said it was the ppl closest to me. You and Austin and the twins are closest to me. Shelli says it wasnt about me. Shelli says the day she bombed the comp Becky told her she didnt know where Vanessa stood. Vanessa says she doesnt understand. Shelli says she has been on the block and not up in the HOH, she doesnt know whats been said. Trust her! Vanessa says why didnt you tell me, I tried to get John put up.

 11:08am BBT Shelli says she didnt tell me what she was going to do. Vanessa says why didnt you tell me that. I just pray this didnt come from  you. Shelli says you honestly think I wouldnt tell you you were going up?! This isnt my fault. Vanessa says if you had info I didnt have doesnt it make sense to tell me so I could address it. Shelli says she doesnt get it. Does Vanessa think she would want to be on the block against her? You and Austin and twins are the only ppl I work with and I have no idea where they stand.

11:10am BBT Steve comes in....he sits down on the other bed. He is just checking in on her. Vanessa says great, whatever it is, its a game. Did the best she could, dont under her speech at all. that's it. She wishes Shelli the best of luck, either way is fine. Shelli asks Steve if everybody scampered outside. He says everybody scampered to alot of different places. Vanessa says she knew it was a blindside, last time there was a blindside production woke them up early too, so ppl couldn't change their mind.

11:14am BBT Steve leaves and Shelli asks if she is ok. Vanessa says sometimes she wishes she wasnt so smart. *#%^$ Shelli says its not over, we have several days to talk to ppl. Which ever one of us leaves has a chance go come back. Shelli says its a pretty empty house, she doesnt know who to talk to and who to listen. Vanessa says you have no idea why? Shelli says she has no idea what the speech meant. Vanessa says you have no idea why? Shelli says (angrily) that she is upset that Vanessa keeps asking her. Shelli says Becky is in a very pretty spot, she cant play for HOH next week.

11:18am BBT Shelli says ever since that week the house fell apart. Becky was involved, she was Involved! Shelli says some of the things she said about who she was putting up she could have been saying to others. Vanessa asks if it was made up? Shelli says Clay asked if Shelli was sure about Becky? they LOL. Shelli says she knows how Vanessa feels. Vanessa tears up and says she really has been loyal. she HAS been. (she glances at the cam) she stutters over sentences saying bits of this thing and bits of other things.

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11:09AM BBT In the BY John, Meg, Jackie, and James talking about possible DE this week. James says he is going to get all of his stuff together just in case. They wonder what Vanessa thinks of them. James says that they are all a bunch of liars.


11:15AM BBT In the HOHR. Becky is talking to Austin and the twins telling her reason behind her decision. She is telling them that Vanessa pulled her into the WA before the HOH comp demanding her protection. Austin says he remembers that.


11:17AM BBT In the HOHR Austin says that he has never done anything against her in the game. Becky says that Vanessa needed an excuse. They discuss how emotional and paranoid Vanessa is.


11:19AM BBT In the HOHR Liz tells her that they support her decision and that they appreciate that she did not put them on the block. She says that Becky had to do what she needed to do. Becky says that they just need to shut their mouths for the week. Says that anyone going to jury has the chance the come back and they have to realize it.


11:23AM BBT Becky assuring Austin and the twins that she didn't tell them because she wanted their conversations with Vanessa to be honest. She says that she is willing to take this all on. It was no one else's choice but hers.


11:25AM BBT James and Jackie are in the HNBR. They discuss that they will have to see Vanessa a lot because all of her clothes are in that BR. They both crawl into a HN bed. Meg comes in and tells Jackie and James that the Twins are up in HOH now.

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11:21am BBT Vanessa says she has stuff to tell her after 'whoever' goes to jury, its so crazy. Vanessa says its so crazy, she knows who is behind this, its Steve he wants to make sure John stays. Shelli says you sure? Vanessa says she asked him in the WA and he said he didnt know. Everyone knew...nobody would sit next to her. Everybody knew. Vanessa doesnt understand why ppl on her side wouldnt warn her. Shelli says thats how she felt last week, everybody knew.

11:23am BBT Shelli says even if Austin and twins as you say knew then she feels they knew about her last week. That side of the house is using them as leverage, holding them over their heads every week. Vanessa says its weird, dont understand why she wouldnt tell her, she is rational, she wouldnt get mad. Shelli says she obviously told you what side she is on. The first have of this game we were running so smoothly. Vanessa says she doesnt get it. she just dont.

11:32am BBT Vanessa and Shelli keep going. Vanessa says she doesnt hate Becky. Austin/twins come in, they tell her they just talked to Becky and Becky says she didnt tell them so they didnt have to lie to Vanessa for 3 days. She gave a ton of reason, she wanted to take Vanessa out for weeks now. From the Austin BD thing, to the Jason thing. Vanessa says..she didnt like you being BD, that was her thing. Austin says Becky is fine with this, Vanessa can go nuts on her. Vanessa goes, go nuts on her? I never go nuts on ppl. Austin says Becky is calling the others "her group". Shelli goes should she assume that if anyone wins HOH that Shelli is going up? Vanessa says the way she had it worked out Shelli would be safe.

11:36am BBT Vanessa says they were telling ppl what ever ppl wanted to hear. Vanessa tells them her intentions were always very good. Unless she was lied to, her intentions were always straight. Austin says once again it was premeditated blindside. Shelli says she was the back up. Austin says oh Jesus. Austin wants to talk to Steve to see if they told him anything. Vanessa says she is going to fight, she wont say a bad thing about Shelli but she is going to make valid points to everyone. She hopes Shelli does too. She appreciates Shelli being the first to come in and talk to her.

 11:39am BBT Vanessa says she even got to play in POV and her dumbbutt couldnt get it together. Austin says no body could have beat Steve. Vanessa tells them to enjoy their day and all but Julia leave. Vanessa tells Julia that Shelli knew, she knew the whole time. Julia swears to god she had no idea. Vanessa says she believes her. Julia says they need her. Vanessa says they do, they need someone that is loyal and wont throw them under the bus. She goes over the votes with Julia. Julia tells her the convo with Becky. Vanessa says its a good strategic move on her part, she respects her for it. Julia says Vanessa has to convince ppl that Shelli is a bigger target. Vanessa says oh she is. Julia says they always wanted to save you over Clay.

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11:31AM BBT In the HNBR James says they have to have each other's backs. Meg says she knows nothing. Jackie whispers that James knew and lied to you. Meg laughs.


11:42PM BBT Austin goes to the cabana room to talk to Steve. They discuss that it wasn't right for John to go up. Austin tells him that Becky said she didn't want Austin to have to lie for three days.


11:45AM BBT Austin and Steve talk about how Vanessa is gone. Even if it is a tie, she is gone. They discuss who would be next to go. Steve says they need to win the DE or it's him and Shelli. Austin says it is he and the twins next.


11:49AM BBT Steve asks Austin what he is supposed to do. Austin tells him just to listen to what she has to say. He then tells Steve that he is going to go make eggs.


11:50AM BBT Steve in the Cabana room talking to himself. Saying he is on a fine line. Says that Becky's speech could have been for him or Vanessa. Says he is just better at hiding it but they will be coming after him.

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11:46am BBT Julia/Vanessa agree it would have been easier if Steve hadnt won POV. Julia leaves to make breakfast. and cams change to KT.

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 11:51am BBT Vanessa talks to Becky in the BY: Vanessa says Becky cant vote so she isnt going to campaign. But those were some pretty harsh words even for somebody like her. Vanessa would like her to explain them. Becky asks her why she was so paranoid when she won HOH. Vanessa says because she is a friend on John and they all made that deal, she was friends with the 3. Vanessa told her straight up, Becky has loyalty to John, why would she do that. If Becky wanted a pissed off Jury member she got it. Becky says when you brought the idea to the room, what was the reaction on my face. Vanessa says I was the last one to go up there. Becky asks her what was her word what was Becky's reacation? Becky says she was pissed. This is how I feel and I will end it here. Becky didnt like that idea, she had headphones on and you pointed your finger and said give me your word. Becky felt that her word was forced from her. She was in a group of ppl and her word was forced from her. Becky gets up and walks off. Vanessa cries says she is on the block what the Hell. Becky goes inside and Vanessa says what the hell?! Vanessa goes inside and says never in hell. Vanessa cries and says Vanessa is the sweetest person and she just yelled at her and then walks off.

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11:57AM BBT Vanessa comes through the KT saying "never have I ever" and "I'm a nice person". She starts to cry.


11:59AM BBT In the HNBR Vanessa is crying and telling Jackie, Meg and James that Becky was yelling at her. She says that she is on the block and Becky shouldn't be yelling at her. She says she hasn't done anything to deserve this. Out of honor and respect to her she has kept all the secrets on Becky that she has.


12:01PM BBT Vanessa continues to say Becky venomously yelled at her and now Vanessa does not have loyalty to her. Jackie tries to tell Vanessa that a lot happened the week that Jason went home. Vanessa starts to spill that Becky knew the night before that Jason was going. Jackie says that Becky already told her that.


12:04PM BBT Vanessa saying that Becky was a master manipulator and is not a victim. She tells James that if he had not won last week. She was going to put him up on the block. She tells James that now he knows who was going after him. She says its so ridiculous and leaves the HNBR

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12:07PM BBT Meg, jackie and James laugh in the HNBR. jackie says to let it all go. Meg says I was finally asleep and couldn't Vanessa have come in earlier. They all laugh.


12:10PM BBT In the KT, Austin and Liz share an omelette. No game talk. In the HNBR Meg, Jackie and James discuss what is going on. James says that is why Vanessa wanted to talk to him alone. Meg says no going alone. Jackie says that she should talk to all of them.


12:13PM BBT Jackie says that Vanessa is not angry at them. She says they should just stay in the HNBR and not get yelled at. BB calls Vanessa to the DR room.


12:16PM BBT Becky comes into the HNBR. They tell her that Vanessa said she yelled at her. Becky says her is what happened and she isn't going to go into again afterwards. Becky says that she asked Vanessa why she was so paranoid. Vanessa says that she wasn't but wanted to know if Becky was sticking to the plan. Becky says that she told Vanessa that the moment she pointed her finger at her and tried to get her word, she snapped. Becky says that is all she was getting from her and she walked away.


12:20PM BBT Liz in the HNBR telling the others that Vanessa told Shelli that she won't campaign against her but she will fight to the death. Austin comes in and says where is his seatbelt. Austin says this would be the perfect week to have the popcorn to watch the show.

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12:25PM BBT Liz and Austin are in the DR. Liz says she doesn't want Shelli angry at them. Liz says that Vanessa is dead in the water. Austin says that Steve already knows. He says that he and Steve are tight. Liz concerned that Steve is not on their side. Austin tells her that Steve is.


12:28PM BBT Liz says they need Steve because he is the only brains behind their operation. Then she says that she has brains. Austin says he knows she does because he doesn't like dumb girls.


12:31PM BBT Liz says that she is concerned that Vanessa will be angry at them. Austin tells her that they thought it was John. Liz says maybe he should talk to Vanessa. He says that he had to embarrass himself to not go on the block and pretend to be down.

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12:33PM BBT Shelli comes into the SR. Austin tells her he hopes she knows they have her back. he thought that John was going up. Shelli says that they did well for a few weeks and now it's not. Austin says it seems like John has flipped and now on their side.


12:35PM BBT Austin tells Shelli that all Becky told him this morning is that she may change her plan but wouldn't tell her how. (which is not true - she told Austin about Vanessa)Austin says if John is voting out Vanessa then it is a tie and Vanessa is gone and it is a moot point.


12:38PM BBT meg and Becky head to the HOH room. Austin and Shelli in the SR. Austin tells her that they think Austin is on board with them. But he isn't. Becky told him she had her own reasons.


12:40PM BBT Austin is telling Shelli that the other side are a bunch of cowards. He says they are trying to manipulate everyone. Austin says he feels like when are they going to go in and do something. He says when are they going to stop with the house decisions.

#BB17 12:41PM BBT :Liz and Julia in the CBR. She says Austin told her right before the veto. Liz says that this is war. they can not save Vanessa. Julia says she worries because Austin keeps throwing things. Liz says that Austin isn't throwing them, he just sucks at the comps.

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12:44PM BBT Julia tells Liz that she worries that Austin will target her. Liz says he never would. Julia tells her not to flatter herself. She feels that Austin doesn't care about her at all and only cares about Liz.


12:51PM BBT Vanessa alone on the hammock in the BY.

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 1:oopm BBT: Julia, Shelli, John and Liz in the By laying in loungers by the pool. Becky and Meg leave the HOH RM  and head downstairs.


1:04pm BBT: john telling Stories as they lay in the BY. The have nots are in the HNBR talking general talk as they are ready for a nap.


 1:16pm BBT: Most Hg laying out by the pool  just talking about being out side and general talk. In the HNBR they are talking general talk and repeating themselves.


1:21pm BBT: Becky and Shelli sitting with their feet in the pool pushing the shark around in the water. john walking around tossing the hula hoop. Julia and Liz sitting on loungers . In the HNBR Meg, Jackie and James are going to sleep and all are silent.


1:30pm BBT: Vanessa in  the CBR reading a Bible. Liz, Julia, Shelli and Becky  at the pool talking about a bat hitting Becky in the face in a car.


1:38pm BBT:  John and Austin are working out with Weights. Austin instructing john how to pick up  weights and keep his elbows bent so he does not hurt himself.


1:41pm BBT: Liz is now in the pool riding on the Shark. Becky and Shelli have their feet in the  pool and Julia sitting in a lounger beside the pool. Austin and John working out  still. Vanessa still in the CBR reading the Bible.


1:48pm BBT: Shelli has left the pool, Liz is in the pool on the shark now wearing a hat. Jackie and Julia are talking about cross fit and working out during the day.


1:57pm BBT: Vanessa gets up goes to the KT to get  something to eat and a drink then goes back to bed  and starts reading the bible again. In the By Becky and Julia still talking about  their jobs.

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 2:03pm BBT: John getting his glass over by the pool so he can get water after his workout.  Girls still sitting at the pool talking about loving Fall.


 2:06pm BBT: Steve is out of the DR and Austin in the KT saying that Steve Lip looks swollen. He says yeah do i sound different and Austin says no. Steve is looking at meds he was given in the Dr and Austin ask when he takes it ? Steve says soon. John is in the CBR changing clothes and Vanessa ask what time it is and john says not sure but it is to the point where them chairs are shaded near the pool. John leaves the room and Vanessa continues reading.


 2:10pm BBT: Steve talking to John in the KT and tells him they gave him something to help the pain and Steve ask if he is talking funny? john says i can not tell really. Steve says they gave me this stuff? john ask is it benzinecane ? Steve says yeah and john says that's what we give right before we stab you with a needle and then starts laughing.


2:14pm BBT: Becky now in the KT making herself something to eat. Steve is just sitting in the KT.John heads back out to the By with a beach towel and Liz says look Austin john knows what a beach towel is and Austin says no a towel is a towel and Liz says no it isn't.


2:20pm BBT: Steve is walking around the house and goes to the STR and looks in the  fridge then looks around the room. he then leaves and goes back to the KT. The have nots are still in the HNBR sleeping and Vanessa in the CBR reading. Everyone else is at the pool talking about the wrap party after the show and Austin says it is down the parking lot from here.


2:30pm BBT: Steve in the KT making food and the Group in the By are talking about going to LA. and new York and Miami.


 2:40pm BBT: Shelli and john talking in the By as all other hG went to the Kt for food. Shelli and john says that others will be a bigger target than us. Shelli says they are all keeping their distance from me cause they all expect me to be the target next week. john says yeah i am expendable to them also and Shelli says yeah you are right.


2:44pm BBT: Shelli and John talking about Vanessa putting both her and clay up on the block top keep the target off herself and then she is not a target. Shelli says if Vanessa leaves this week then there are three groups left and if Steve you  are i win then i will never put either of you up and john says exactly. John says and if we lose we will not have enough time to get them to go after each other. shelli says yeah if it is double eviction we wont have no time at all.


2:45pm BBt: John says  i heard the twins talking once and they said it is not really a showmance with Austin but  she is going along with it and shelli says that is try. john says then will they be really upset if they lose Austin? shelli so no i do not think so.

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