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Monday, August 10 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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4:30pm BBT:

Austin, the twins and Shelli are on the backyard couch discussing past BB players, if Audrey was America's Player or not.

Austin does not think so; thinks it was "too simple"

They are discussing past jury who came back on what seasons, and why they got evicted once they came back, and which seasons were favorites.


4:35pm BBT:

James, Jackie and Meg are finally up and eating.  They are whispering and rustling food packages. 

(mostly whispering and food packages rustling).  Meg repeats several times "we are set"

James is saying they need Steve to come through.  James is discussing that  himself and Shelli getting thrown up" on the block and if they have the votes for the double eviction.

James is saying the only thing they could do to surprise them (James, Jackie, Meg) is to put two of them up together.  Meg does not think they will do that, but will put up Steve.  James and Meg are having a difference of opinion about who can and can't vote in the double eviction.  Meg says only the current HOH cannot vote.


Meg tells Jackie she is going to make "some more of this" (whatever they are eating).

James says "what is dad bought me...he bought me that last year"

Meg is washing dishes and saying her body is feeling better

James remarks that the toilet seat is foul and it has to be foul if he is saying it. 

Meg and James discuss how hard it is to scrap slop off the pan and James does not want to ruin the non-stick pan.


4:42pm BBT:  Meg comments that she would hate not getting good-bye messages at the double eviction.

James agrees that would suck and said he would wait for them.  Meg comments that is one of her favorite things.

James says "yeah, so they can tell you how much they hate you".

Meg & James discuss good bye messages and if BB throws them away.  Meg would like to see all of them, then says she would be fine with no good bye messages (because it means you won the game).

James wants the whole experience of going up there with the crowd and Julie.


Jackie is whispering to Meg "if you are HOH you can go after your target".  Meg is saying something hard to hear over James washing dishes.

Meg tells Jackie they need to stick together.  Meg is saying they need to "make a deal with them" (I think she means Austin and the twins)


BB:  James to the Diary Room

Meg continues to whisper that no matter which of them gets HOH they have to get the other person's target out.


4:46pm BBT:

James goes to the Diary Room.  Jackie is still cooking and whispering with Meg.  They say something about JohnnyMac and then that the numbers are in their favor 5-3.

Jackie whispers something about being scared and running out the door and Meg erupts in laughter.

Jackie says to someone "we know nothing".  Meg says she would die if that were shown on an episode!

Meg says it's 5 o'clock already and they have only two more nights (as Have Nots).  Jackie remarks they have a dinner

tomorrow night and Meg says she hopes they can just get really full.


(sorry I didn't get everything, I am new at this)

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3:35 PM BBT Julia and Shelli are in the KT talking about where everyone is.  John is in the BY, Austin and Liz are in the Comic room (with Vanessa).   Vanessa speculates that the next comp is something about understand people...what America thinks.  Vanessa wondering why Meg, James, and Jackie have to break their word just because Becky is.  Austin points out that Becky is protecting the fact that it was a four-person decision.  Vanessa says that James and Meg have no reason to target Vanessa.  Austin says he doesn’t understand why they want to keep Shelli in.


3:37 PM BBT Vanessa tearful as she points out that she made things happen for Austin when his back was against the wall and she did that for Liz too.  She was the one who had to come up with ideas.  Austin says trust that we are trying to figure out what to do.  Liz says they are dead in the water because they have to get one of them to vote the other way.  Austin thinks that they will have to get the group of three because they vote together.  Vanessa asks if Austin and Liz know of any other reasons given.  Austin repeats what Becky has told him.  Vanessa still can’t understand why Becky wants her out.


3:45 PM BBT Vanessa quotes: “Putting trust on the unfaithful is like putting weight on a broken ankle.”  Austin and Liz move to leave and Vanessa decided to lay low because she is very emotional.  Her feelings were hurt by Becky. 


3:46 PM BBT Austin and Liz are in the WA.  Austin: I don’t think they’ll come after us at double eviction.  Maybe the week after.  I think they’ll stick to the plan this week because they still need Shelli out.  Or Steve out.”  Liz isn’t inclined to stick to the plan if they win because the other side hasn’t stuck to the plan.  Liz says she is not doing her dirty work for her....Liz’s only downfall is having a twin, and Austin’s downfall is that Vanessa targeted Vanessa. Austin thinks that Vanessa let her paranoia get the best of her.  She pulled an “Audrey”.  They talk about how Vanessa continues to tell them how much they owe her.


3:50 PM BBT Austin and Liz are irritated by how much Vanessa has been pressing people and now she’s reading and quoting the Bible.  Austin points out that having Shelli and Steve on the block was already a hit on their numbers.  Liz points out that Vanessa had a lot of blood on her hands and that she made a lot of bold moves.  Neither of them really feel like dealing with it.  Austin wants to hang out and enjoy a few days before the Thursday storm.  He wants to talk to team “have-a-lot” later in the week.


3:52 PM BBT Liz goes out to the BY to get laundry.  Austin joins Julia and Shelli in the KT.  John is still in the BY.  Meg, James, and Jackie are laying in their dentist chairs.  They are wearing shades and talking about Audrey and Shelli.  James says he has a plan for fighting evil with evil.  Meg scoffs and says “what’s that supposed to mean?”  James plans to put Shelli up with her “sorority sister” [Julia] and force them [Austin and Liz] to vote Shelli it.  James said he would be careful of putting Austin up because the twins might get together and vote him out.  Meg says “omg. We have to win this week.”  James say yes we do, this is for all the marbles.


4:00 PM BBT General conversation in the KT.  In the HNR, they decide to go check on Becky because they have to have her back.  As they walk through the Ocean BR James says “aww Steve.  He had a rough day.” 


4:05 PM BBT Austin and Liz are sitting on the BY couches with Shelli and Julia.  Austin and Liz tell them that they just talked to Vanessa and she is really upset and having a rough time.  Austin says it’s really awkward.  Shelli asks if Vanessa is in the Comic Room.  Liz thinks it’s better to leave her because otherwise she keeps bringing up all these favours that they owe her.  Austin says that the thing is there is nothing they can do at this point. 


4:10 PM BBT Jackie, Meg and James are in the KT and note that the others are talking...probably about how they want to vote.  In the BY, Shelli is noting that as there are fewer and fewer people, each group will have to start targeting each other.  That’s the reality of the game.  Liz is feeling down because they lost Clay last week and they are losing Vanessa this week.  Liz says we HAVE to win this week.   They talk about how they do with different kinds of competitions.  Shelli asks if they are afraid to target the other side of the house.  Liz says no way.  Not after this.   


4:12 PM BBT Julia says that she would not go for Steve or Johnny Mac before going after Meg, James, Jackie, or Becky.  Shelli says it would be foolish to do that anyway...to go for the middle.  It would be doing the other side’s dirty work for them.  Austin asks Shelli what the others are saying to her now.  Shelli says that Jackie told her that she was sorry for how things happened and she wanted to clear the air. 


4:17 PM BBT Austin, Liz, Shelli and Julia are still in the BY talking about previous houseguests.  Austin wonders what was Audrey’s deal and Shelli wonders how Audrey is now.  Looking back, Shelli doesn’t feel the closeness she felt with Audrey at first because of how paranoid Audrey became.  They could never hang out and just relax.  Audrey was always thinking so hard that Shelli couldn’t even follow her.


4:25 PM BBT Meg, James and Jackie are eating and chit-chatting in the KT.  Meg is talking about her hair and saying that she would be thankful if there is a hair stylist in jury.


4:28 PM BBT The group in the BY are talking about how Audrey was always thinking final two.  As soon as she got excluded she took it as an indication that she was 5th or 6th, and that made her panic and she wanted to always be in the room.  They discuss whether she was America’s player.  Shelli doesn’t think there is an America’s player.  They talk about the contrary votes. 


4:35 PM BBT The conversation in the BY has turned to what it was like for the twins to be able to switch out.  When they were not in the house, they could watch movies and have a quiet relaxing bath.  Shelli is talking about other seasons where people were brought back prior to jury....they must have been sequestered. 


4:36 PM BBT Meg tells James and Jackie that she can’t get over that two people are going to be gone.  James notes how quiet it is in the house with 11 people left.  Two more this week.  Meg says that if the two of them go home [Vanessa, Shelli] they are set. 


4:45 PM BBT The group in the BY are talking about James.  Shelli says there are times when she really likes James but other times she is offended by the way he talks about women.  Julia says he is sometimes very inappropriate, but he also has rules with his baby mama that he is not allowed to have a showmance.  Austin is surprised that Becky wants to be associated with that group.  Julia points out that they were all ready to vote Becky out when she was up against Jason. They think Becky will be the first one to go in that group. James is called to the DR. Shelli comments that Meg will go to the end without having won anything.


4:47 PM BBT In the BY they agree that Meg will probably win second place unless the person she is facing in final two is someone that no one wants to vote for.  Austin says Meg is so good at being nice and friendly.


4:54 PM BBT Meg and Jackie are chatting in the KT and you can hear the crackling of something frying on the stove. 


4:58 PM BBT James has re-joined Meg and Jackie in the KT and they are talking about the comics of the HGs in the PoV comp.  In the BY, they are talking about Clay and his microphone.  Towards the end he was always being called out for the microphone.

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4:50pm BBT:  Austin, Liz , Shelli and Julia are on the backyard couch discussing the upcoming eviction.  Julia (I think) is asking if everyone is sure it's a double.  Austin says it might be a triple and they tell him to shut up. 

One of the twins asked Austin if he is going to do a tumble when he's evicted and he says he will not because Jase already did that.

They discuss how the evicted HG's were turned into cartoon characters.


Julia tells them that Da'Vonne did not like being called "Mama Day" and the others disagree.  They discuss the applause each evicted got.  They are glad Jason got a lot of applause.  Shelli remarks that the house is boring with Jason gone!  They like Jason but game wise he knew everything.  Liz thinks Jason knew way more about BB than Steve.


Liz is asking Shelli what she and Steve were discussing last night.  Shelli relates a math riddle Steve told about a train (sorry they lost me).  Austin wants Steve to talk about something other than science.  They discuss a few other conversations with Steve about science.


Liz says "an hour and 30 minutes" (not sure to what).  She comments the days are getting boring.

Julia says she hopes Vanessa will not be like Audrey and just stay in her room because that will make her sad.  Shelli thinks Vanessa will come around.  Austin says it does not matter anymore because what's done is done and Becky cannot vote.


4:58pm BBT:  BB:  Vanessa is called to the Diary Room.  Shell and Liz said it's time for Vanessa's meds and Shelli remarks she always knows what time it is when Vanessa is called in.  Liz asks "does she have to take it right at 5?"

Talk turns to Clay and how bad he was about putting his mic on and how he just didn't care. 

Liz is sure Clay is back by now (home) and maybe he is sequestered and America voted him back in. 


5pm BBT:  Shelli is talking about the banner that said "I love you" across the sky.

Austin begins to discuss how things might relate to questions (for a comp).  They wonder if BB played all the negative comments made and how you never know how America might preceive things.


Austin is talking about James I think and the negative things he has said about women.  They are discussing a comp where they could hear the laughing and Julie was playing the music.  The comp was Pop Till You Drop.

Julia is talking about all the veto's had to do with smarts.  Shelli disagrees and says the dice one wasn't.\

Austin replays the Dice Comp and said you had to think because it was like a Rubick's Cube.  He says he could move the dice cube; Shelli said it was hard because she is too little.


Austin said the last comp was fun.  Liz said it was not fun for them because they could not watch it.  Shelli is saying it would be good

to know what the comp was and get all new comics and a 2nd chance.  She said Steve knew exactly what the comp was all about.

Austin says he was looking right to left and Shelli did too but then she was at the end of the rope.  Shelli tells us BB wanted them to talk but she was so intent on the comp she did not.  Austin is relating trying to look at hands, diamonds and Shelli remarks that they were staring straight at (I guess it was a puzzle) and could not see if but if you were looking at it now you would get it immediately.


Austin is saying time is so weird in the comp.  Liz (or Julia) wanted to know how long it took to climb back up and Shelli says a minute, but it's wasted if you don't get anything.  She said at first it was easy.  Shelli was looking at the twins pictures and at one point thought one of them was actually Jackie.  Austin remarks the writing was throwing you off because it was all picture stuff.


5:10pm BBT:  One of the twins says the comp looked like a fun one and she wants to play in the next one but not be on the block.

Austin leaves for a pre-workout.  One of the twins remarks something is foul.  Everyone leaves and Shelli is on the couch alone!

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5:14pm BBT:  The twins and Shelli are sitting with their feet in the hot tub.

Liz says to Shelli "if he did it to you and Clay..."

Shelli relates that she knew about the group and the plan (or ploy) to get Johnny out.  Liz says it's BS.

Julia is saying that it just depends on which side wins.  Julia says they (James, Jackie, & Meg) have been acting weird and hiding all day.l  Shelli comments that they never separate.  Julia tells Shelli she has nothing to worry about.  Shelli tells them "for 2 weeks they have stabbed at us".  It makes her mad that they are trying to get everyone on their agenda and play the way they want {I thought that was what BB was all about}


Shelli asks Liz "they freaked out when you said you were voting for me?" (over Clay) and Liz says yes.

Shelli is relating how they all pulled her into rooms and she never asked me to not vote for Clay and they should vote for who they want, and if someone voted for Clay it was not a vote against her.  Shelli said now they are all telling her they voted to keep her.


5:20pm  BBT:  Shelli is talking about regretting doing something (maybe she said to James) and she felt so awful and it was all for nothing, what good did it do.

She relates that Meg woke her and Clay up at 4am and told them James was freaking out so they went up to the HOH and were not prepared as to what to say and James told her "you are going home if you don't tell me (something)".  Shelli said she had no time to think it out and that is not how she plays the game.


Liz says she questioned someone the other day about wearing Clay's blue shirt and she knows Clay did not give it to him.  James said he cleaned it but Liz said Clay never gave it to James.  Shelli fills in the rest of the story, that James and Clay were still friends at that point.  Shelli said the day after eviction she was rethinking her game and then Have Not Room opened up and her blood started boiling because James was wearing Clay's shirt.  Shelli says James wore the shirt for 2 days and now James is wearing a dark grey sweater that belonged to Clay.  Shelli is getting really upset and says they need to get it back.  She is convinced James is wearing Clay's clothes on purpose and her head is about to explode.  Shelli now things James has 3 of Clay's shirts.  She says they are stealing them back and when she puts James up on the block she is going to wear that shirt {what grade are these people in?}


5:26pm BBT:  The shirt discussion continues to heat up at the hot tub.  Shelli is getting really upset.  Liz wants to know what the plan of attack is to get Clay's shirts back.  Shelli says they are not even Clay's shirts because now they have "James Juice" on them.  Austin is walking by, repeats the phrase.  Shelli is convinced that James is back there laughing about it right now {I doubt he has even thought about it}


5:28pm BBT:  BB:  Houseguests are reminded not to talk about Diary Room sessions with other houseguests!

Shirt-Gate looks like it's going to continue for a while!

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5:30pm BBT:  The twins and Shelli are still at the hot tub.  Shelli is convinced the shirt thing is a plot and it's working.

Shelli thinks James is throwing this in her face.  She says Clay looks great in the shirt and James looks like crap in it.


Shelli remarks that her toe is still swollen and Liz says her feet are red and discolored and she loves it.  Jackie joins

the hot tub girls so the shirt discussion ceases for a bit.  Discussion turns to sleeping and have-not days, and when they

got popcorn but it's the kind you have to pop yourself not the bagged ones {they are always complaining they are bored, would it hurt to pop some corn?}


5:33pm BBT:  Shelli is in hysterics over some look on Liz's face (I did not catch the joke). Julia says she looks like she stepped on a bullfrog!  Liz is relating Season 13 when Jordan farted under the covers with Jeff and Shelli can't believe they aired it.  Liz says she didn't deny it.  Liz is now relating when Jeff asked Jordan what animal she would be and Jordan replied "a squirrel because they live in neighborhoods"  Shelli remembers seeing that.


5:36pm:  Liz says she will never fart or poop in front of a guy but she will burp.  Liz is relating something like diarrhea and she cleaned it because she was not going to sit on that, and it was on the back of the toilet.  The debate blaming it on James or Steve and decide on James!


5:37pm BBT:  All the girls at the hot tub holler "STEVE!!!!!!!" and ask where he's been all day and was he dancing.  Steve joins them..

He says sometimes he even dances at night and Shelli asks "with no music".  Steve excuses himself to go gargle with salt water (for his incoming wisdom teeth).  Austin is working out.  They are going to Austin's (workout) class.  He says the first one is free.  Jackie says we found all your loopholes.   Liz says they will tip him well.  Talk turns to why no one uses the elipitical.  Liz says she would if there were music.  The decide they would rather do the running as Becky does.


5:41pm BBT:  Liz feels 100% that they will get alcohol and there are only a few drinkers left in the house and count 7.  Someone says JohnnyMac loves his beers.  Talk turns to if there will be wine in the jury house.  Liz says she heard it's a little bit more but not a lot.

Liz says they all brought cash to buy stuff but they only get it if they win HOH


5:42pm BBT:  We'll Be Right Back

5:45pm BBT:  The feeds were off briefly and now back.

James and Steve have joined Jackie, Shelli and the twins at the hot tub.

Discussion is general.  James remarks the weather might be cold tomorrow and the girls tease him about being "the weather man".  Steve remarks it has been cold. 

Discussion turns to school starting, finale and football.  They wonder if they will get a party for Labour Day.  James says he hears there will be a big party in the jury house (teasing).  Shelli informs that Labour Day is August 31st and the 29th will be college football.  Liz reminds everyone you can't wear white after Labour Day.

The twins will have a birthday coming up in September.

Austin is still working out and interjects into the hot tub conversation occasionally from across the yard.

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***FLASHBACK*** These updates were not posted to FB/Twitter


3:05 PM BBT Vanessa and Shelli are talking in the WA.  Vanessa is upset and telling Shelli about how Becky yelled at her and walked away.  She doesn’t understand why Becky is so venomous in the way that she speaks to Vanessa and won’t give her a reason that makes any sense.  Vanessa finds it ironic that Becky was offended that Vanessa asked her for her word when Vanessa’s word was the only thing keeping Becky safe in prior weeks. Becky gave her word and broke it.  Vanessa didn’t feel she forced Becky into giving her word.  Vanessa can’t believe how Becky got so mad and just walked away like that when Vanessa is on the block and just wanted to understand the harsh words that Becky had in her speech.  Vanessa feels like the reason is giving is weak and hypocritical.  If Becky had asked, Vanessa could have given her a better reason.  Vanessa can’t get over that Becky was so venomous and that she just walked away, and she feels it was very mean of Becky.


3:20 PM BBT In the KT, Austin and the twins are talking about the wrestling world.


3:25 PM BBT Meg, James, and Jackie are sleeping in the HNR.


3:26 PM BBT Liz comes to Austin in the KT and suggests that they go talk to Vanessa.  Austin doesn’t want to go because it’s awkward, but he does.  They hold hands as they walk to the Comic Room.  As they enter, Liz says that she heard Vanessa crying, and Vanessa brims up again and tells them about Becky yelling at her and making it personal.  It was Vanessa’s word to Becky that caused her to have to get so much blood on her hands.  Vanessa tells Liz and Austin that Becky told her that Becky didn’t give her word...she was FORCED to give her word. 

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5:50pm BBT:  The hot tub crew are asking Jackie if you have to try out each year for The Heat and she said yes.

Discussion is about "boot camp'" and Jackie says there were 11 rookies who made the team out of 24 and all the veterans were rehired.  Jackie is telling them that all the rookies were dark haired.  Liz asks if Jackie has ever auditioned for the Lakers or other places.  (I think she said yes). 


Liz says it must be very cutthroat.  James wants to know if you get paid well and Jackie says no, just $55 a game.  Steve wants to know what she did to make money and she said she had another job that was nothing.

Discussion turns to the fact that it's exposure and Jackie says she would do the whole thing for free, and she basically did do it for free.  Jackie said pre-season they went to Europe, China and Mexico but The Heat does not fly them to homegames.

Liz says it is so cool and wants to know if Jackie got a lot of exposure.  Jackie replies it's on her resume but at the end of the day you never know, 


5:55pm BBT:  We'll be Right Back and the feeds are right back.


Talk continues around the hot tub about Jackie's career and when Jackie is going back to Miami, dos she miss living there or does she love Vegas more.

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5:58pm BBT:  All cameras are on the backyard hot tub and Austin working out.

The discussion is about the largest city in Vegas and Liz is talking about the "Bunny Ranch" (Mustang Ranch maybe?).

James thinks it's a strip club and is corrected that it's a "whorehouse".  Steve wants to know if prostitution is legal in Nevada, and James says it's legal everywhere.  They defer to Austin asking if there are any prostitution laws in Nevada.  He claims not to know.  Jackie is explaining how the girls are chosen, they line up in their little outfits, the girls all live there and they take the guys to their rooms,  and they have different styles {nobody asks Jackie how she knows all this}


6:01pm BBT:  Steve is telling a story about his brother getting married in Vegas but he was only 20 and the guys were going to sneak Steve in there.


6:02pm BBT:  BB asks the houseguests to raise the awnings!  The yell "no" but they get up to do it.  James asks Austin if he is going to take them to some stripclubs and he wants to go where things get weird!!  James says he hears Asian Country Guys are in high demand.  BB thanks the houseguests and they yell "you are welcome" and clap.   Meg says it was good teamwork.

They hope something is tomorrow (a dinner I think).  Steve calls out "thanks Boogie" for something!

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5:38 PM. BBT Steve joins Meg and James in the kitchen. Meg says, "Steve man, we have to pull a win this week. Big time!"

5:40 PM BBT James keeps asking Meg if he has seen Shelli studying at all bc she is going to win & that scares him. Meg responds she hasn'tbut they have to study

5:50 PM BBT Operation get Clay shirt has stopped since Jackie is with twins/Shelli. Meg/James/Steve all outside now

5:56 PM BBT Jackie just told the HGs that she made $55 a game dancing for the Miami Heat.

5:57 PM Jackie says she got on TAR by being a Miami Heat dancer. She got an email from TAR casting director who saw her dancing.

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6:06pm BBT:  Shelli and Liz are inside and run to the washroom looking for something.  {I think Operation Shirt Recovery might be in the works}.  Liz and Julia are talking about working out.  Shelli uses the washroom and then does her hair.  Liz (or Julia) wants to run.  Liz (or Julia) finds a lemon in her shoe.  Shelli tells her "that's on purpose".

Liz said she and Austin checked in on Vanessa and she was sleeping.


Mission Shirt Recovery Phase One is complete (I think that means one shirt recovered, two to go).  Shelli remarks "it's not like he was trying to hide it"


Shelli is now in the kitchen fixing fruit!


6:10pm BBT:  Brief We'll B Right Back.

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5:01 PM BBT In the BY, Austin tells Liz, Julia & Shelli that everyone will remember that James went back on his deals. (So did other HG's.) They are having a bash James session thinking that the viewers are not liking James. Liz seems to think Becky will not get to vote this week, but she's not realizing 8 HG's are voting, & Becky is the tie breaker if it comes to that. Liz doesn't know whether to believe if Becky yelled at Vanessa either. (Becky didn't yell at Vanessa. She talked calmly & walked away from her.)


5:03 PM BBT HG's in the BY talk about other comps that they've participated in. Shelli says, now that she knows what to do in the Comic comp she wants new comics to do it over again. She says, Steve really knew what to do in that comp. She wants a chance to show that she can really do it better. Austin & Shelli keep saying how they did the comp.


5:06 PM BBT Shelli says, she can't believe that she didn't see the tail on her comic. Liz is walking around & wonders if they will get alcohol tonight, or if it will be tomorrow. Austin says, probably not tonight. Austin says, Johnny Mac's was hard with lights in the building. Julia asks what was wrong with hers? Austin says, it had buildings in one. Julia says, every time they had to go back up to look, how much time did that take? Shelli says, 30 seconds to 1 minute. She says, if you didn't get anything out of it that time is wasted.


5:05 PM BBT Shelli tells Julia that hers & Liz' were hard for her. (Did she not see the "J" on Julia's leg & the "L" on Liz' shirt?) Austin says the writing was throwing him off. Julia says, it looked like a fun one to be in. Julia says, she hopes to get picked in the next Veto so she can play. She says, hopefully not on the block, but she will do what she has to do. She says, that may give them more incentive to win. Shelli is the only one sitting in the couch area now.


5:10 PM BBT In the KT, James, Meg & Jackie are eating while sitting at the glass table. Austin is making himself a protein shake. Austin asks if there's a chance they get their food tonight? Jackie says, they would have already asked. She says, take-out Tuesday. Austin says, they need alcohol tomorrow. (Why do they need alcohol so much?) In the BY, Julia, Liz & Shelli are now all sitting around the hot tub with their feet in the water.


5:13 PM BBT Liz, Julia & Shelli all say they are going to work out after the sun goes down. Shelli asks Liz & Julia who they want to go home if they win HOH? Liz says, obviously the two people she put up before. Julia says, for her it will probably be James for what he did to Shelli, & he has no heart. She says, he may try to split her & Liz up. Liz says, they really need to win. Shelli says, the house is obviously divided, so why wouldn't they try to go after the floaters?


5:16 PM BBT Liz is believing everything Vanessa is saying to her. She believes that Austin & the twins will be the next target. (Shelli is the next target though.) Julia says, they aren't going to waste their HOH for a floater like Steve or Johnny Mac. Liz says, or Shelli. Julia says, never. Shelli says, Johnny Mac should be considered that he is with them right now. Shelli says, they are trying to get everyone else to play their game.


5:17 PM BBT Julia says, the other side got upset last week because she said that they weren't going to vote out Shelli, because she is their Sorority sister. Shelli talks about how Meg talked to her before voting, because she wanted to clear the air. Shelli says, now they turned it around because they voted to keep her. Liz says, so did everyone else.


5:19 PM BBT Julia says, she would have slapped James in the face if he told her that she was going home. Shelli says, she felt good in the moment when she went off, but then she woke up the next morning & was feeling sick. She thinks there was a set up about what was going on. She says, she was told that she was going home if she didn't give them any info. She says, it was so premeditated. She says, she was on her last leg, & it just happened. (She knew what she was doing, don't be fooled girls.)


5:22 PM BBT Julia says, James took one of Clay's comp shirts because James cleaned it, & Clay left it outside. Shelli says, she knew that, & Clay shrugged it off. She says, Clay & James were still friend at that point. She says, ya'll, I sweat to God, the day after eviction she was rethinking through her game, & all of a sudden the HNR opened up, & James walked out. She says, she can't explain how bad her blood started to boil. She says, she felt her head wanting to explode.


5:24 PM BBT Shelli says, James wore that blue comp shirt for 2 days, & today he's wearing Clay's shirt today. Shelli says, every time Clay wore that shirt, it was her favorite shirt on him. Shelli says, they need to get it back. She says, James gave her Clay's Texas A & M shirt the other day. Shell says, she's never seen James in that shirt before, so she knows it's Clay's. Julia asks how they are going to steal them? Shelli says, they are going to steal them, & when she gets HOH & puts him on the block, she will put that shirt on. (I thought they aren't allowed to go through HG's stuff.)


5:27 PM BBT Julia calls James a little sh*thead. Julia wants to know what they are going to do to get them back. Liz says, he has his stuff in the comic room, & they will get them back. Shelli says, the grey one first, & now it doesn't even smell like Clay, it has James juice on it. Austin is walking around in the BY, & he laughs. Liz says, James sprays it with Axe. Shelli says, they are eating it up in the DR. Liz says, operation get Clay's shirt back. BB says, HG's you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's.


5:28 PM BBT Julia says, they need to give that shirt back to Clay. Liz asks Austin if he knows what they are talking about. Austin says, the shirt? Shelli says, it's Clay's. Austin says, they both wore it, so he doesn't know who's it is. Shelli says, it's Clay's. Austin says, James told him once in the HNR that they both were wearing it. Shelli says, all it's doing is pi**ing her off & it's working. She says, it's fueling her more to get him out.


5:30 PM BBT Julia tells Shelli that James probably just wanted to break them up because he's jealous. Shelli says, it's not a game move, it's personal. Shelli says, that shirt looks so good on Clay, but not on James. Julia says, Clay is a real man & James is a baby. Jackie goes to sit by the hot tub. Julia asks her if they were sleeping? Jackie says, yes, she feels that she was sleeping all day.


5:32 PM BBT Julia says, there is popcorn that you have to actually pop. Shelli gets dramatic & loud laughing about Liz' face after one of them farted. Shelli says, that's happened so much in the house it's not funny. Liz says, they've caught each other, but no one else. They talk about BB airing when Jordan was farting under the covers with Jeff. Shelli says, that was so mean for them to air that.


5:35 PM BBT In the KT, James tells Meg an unexpected person may win the HOH on Thursday. Meg says, that doesn't guarantee anything though. James asks Meg if she's ever caught Shelli studying the days or numbers? Meg says, no. James says, she may not know anything. Meg says, she probably has studied, & he needs to study with them tonight, she's going to force them. Steve goes to the KT. Meg tells him he was sleeping so long. Steve says, he was worried about today.


5:37 PM BBT Steve says, he didn't hear any yelling so that's good. Meg says, there was a little, but not what everyone though it would be. Meg tells Steve they need to pull out a win for HOH on Thursday. Steve says, he's aware of this. Steve tells them that Austin went to the CRL & was all nice to him. He goes to the BY, & everyone says, Steve, at the same time. Meg & James continue to talk about who will go on the block this week.


5:39 PM BBT James tells Meg they need to win. Meg agrees. He says, it's going to be a short HOH. He says, they will probably sit down & Julie will tell them it's a double eviction. He says, they will do the voting right away, & then they will all be told to go outside. James says, he will sh*t a ton of bricks if he guesses the T or F questions. Meg says, she wants a letter. James says, he can try to throw it, & would let Meg answer it.


5:40 PM BBT James says, he would tell Julie he's throwing it. Meg says, she would be so upset with him after. Steve went to the WA & goes to the KT. He is mixing his saltwater in a coffee mug. He leave a wet ring on the counter from the bottom of the cup. He goes to the WA & uses the saltwater. James says, Steve, he's growing on you every day. James stands by the DT & looks at the Memory Wall. He says, we are taking her out.


5:42 PM BBT James says, Austin will get promoted to Captain, Liz will be the LT, Shelli will be the Sargent & Julia will be a Private. We see FOTH.


5:44 PM BBT Live feeds come back. James & Steve go to the BY. The inflatable shark is still in the pool, even though they are supposed to take it out when it's not in use. All camera views are on the BY. Austin is working out. Steve joins the group by the hot tub. Jackie says, they are supposed to take the duck out when not using it. Steve asks if they got chlorine? They tell him yes.


5:46 PM BBT Julia says, tomorrow is official beach day, & today was unofficial beach day. Meg says, she got some sleep today, so she feels better. She says, she wasn't even able to hold her eyes open. Meg tells everyone that today is August 10. They talk about school getting ready to start. Steve says, the final is coming. Steve sounds different because of the problem with his wisdom tooth. Shelli says, Monday, August 31 is Labor Day. Austin tells Shelli it's the first Monday in September. Shelli says, so it will be Monday, September 7 then.


5:49 PM BBT The twins talk about not being able to celebrate Labor Day last year because of their breast implant surgery. Jackie says, hers was in May, 7 years ago, when she was with the Miami Heat. Steve asks if you have to audition every year? Jackie says, yes. Steve asks if 500 girls show up to try out? Jackie says, yes, & about 50 girls go to boot camp, & some are veterans. She says, only about 24 people make the squad. She says, they took 11 that weren't veterans that year. She says, they take so many blondes, brunettes, & different nationalities.


5:51 PM BBT Julia says, it's so cut throat. Jackie says, shout out Clipper Spirit. She says, her tumbling coach was there, so she wanted to be there. James asks if they get paid good? Jackie says, no, she only got $55 per game. She says, she was 18, & she was being supported, but she got another job also. Steve says, it was a brutal process to get on the team & then they don't even pay you. Jackie says, she would do it for free, because of the experience, she loves it. Steve says, the basketball players get millions of dollars, they should pay a little more.


5:54 PM BBT Jackie says, she would do it for free, & basically did. Julia asked if they were flown out to other games? Jackie says, they did some pre-season overseas, but they would only do the home games. Julia asked if Jackie got a lot of exposure out of that? Liz says, she's a show girl now. Jackie says, it's on her resume, but you never know. She says, it was so long ago. Jackie says, it got her there & on TAR. She tells them about the email she got from the casting director for BB, & we see FOTH.


5:55 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Julia says, Jackie is not just a Vegas show girl, she a previous sports dancer. Julia says, she has nothing bad to say about Vegas. Shelli asks Jackie if she misses Miami or does she like Vegas more? Jackie says, she likes Vegas more, & she doesn't miss Florida. She says, she was supposed to go to Florida last month. Julia & Shelli say Spanish names in an accent.


5:57 PM BBT Julia says, they should make a Real Housewives of Las Vegas, & they heard it there first. Julia asks about the Bunny Ranch. Jackie says, that's in Nevada. Julia says, she watched a documentary on it, it's like a brothel, & she can't believe people just go there. Jackie says, they line up & the guys pick who they want. They say, they make a sh*t ton of money. Steve asks if prostitution is legal in Nevada? James says, he thought it was illegal everywhere in the U.S.


6:00 PM BBT Julia talks about the documentary. Austin says, it was on HBO. Austin says, a mom was taking her son there for his first time, & that's when his parents turned it off. Jackie say, they have different styles or a fettish. Jackie says, you can actually go there & just lay in bed with the girl & not do anything. Steve says, that would be his style.


6:02 PM BBT Steve tells the HG's about him being dragged to a strip club. BB tells the HG's to please raise the outside awnings. They all get up from the hot tub to raise the awnings.

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6:13pm BBT:  Shelli, Meg, Jackie and Steve are at the hot tub discussing something about someone's bra and nip slips.

James is using the hoola-hoop and Austin is still working out.

James and Austin head inside for some food.

Steve remarks how quickly the hot tub cleared up there is still dirt on the bottom.  He thinks he can get that since he's up and in the yard at 4 in the morning.


Steve heads for one of the lounges.  Jackie and Meg are talking about Vanessa, that she is keeping quiet and trying to see the big picture.


James is tossing tortillas on the ground making a Twister Board.   Steve is examining the Pool Duck.  James says the tortillas will be perfect and they will put some nail polish on them for the colors.  Austin is in the kitchen eating an apple.  James tells everyone they have their Twister Board.  Shelli and Liz are fixing food and Liz wants to have bananas dipped in chocolate.

Austin says he's having cake and ice cream because it's tradition.

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6:10 PM. BBT The outside crew was asking Jackie so how that hard-work/boot-camp and they dont even pay you enough money even when the players make somuch money (plus they cant even chip in -Cotizzle)& Jackie say but most dancers would have done it for free. Steve asks so how did you then support yourself. Jackie says she had another job & her parents supported her.

6:11 PM. BBT Shelli and the twins run inside and hide Clay's shirt so that James can't wear it again.

6:13 PM. BBT Shelli/Twins actually went into HN room & through James stuff & found the shirt they think its Clay's & took it so that James dodo not wear it again

6:16 PM. BBT Shelli as they leave HN room say: "This is definitely it. Oh my God. It smells like James now. Julia: Ewww"

6:17PM. BBT Shelli and Julia hide the stuff and go find Liz in BA and tell her that they found the grey one & Liz yells OMG. Shelli says if they go through her stuff - she will be so pissed ( she just went to HN room and went and grabbed the shirt by going through James things- Cotizzle)

6:20 PM. BBT James is throwing Tortillas on the ground no making a twister board. FOTH

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6:15PM BBT: Becky, Meg, Shelli and Steve are sitting by the hot-tub talking about pigs. James and Austin are working out, well Austin is James is playing with the hula-hoop.

6:20PM BBT: James is making a twister broad in the kitchen. Austin and Shelli are at the counter, James is using tortillas shells for the twister broad, and he wants to use nail polish for the coloring.

6:31PM BBT: the HGs are all outside, and a seagull flies by and they get excited over a seagull.

Looks like they are getting ready to workout they are sitting on towels. and Austin is up front.

6:35PM BBT: and workout has began, Austin is teaching them. They are now doing different types of workouts. Austin walks around to make sure everyone is doing it right.

6:40PM BBT: James tells Austin that they are a beginner's class, Austin has all of them laying on their bellies. Oh now time for the side thing. They turn over on their side.

6:50PM BBT: the workout class is continuing in the backyard, Austin is just taking them through different workouts.

7:05PM BBT: Steve and James,and Vanessa are now in the kitchen. Everyone else is still in the backyard now they are doing push-ups.

7:10PM BBT: John, Steve and James are now eating in the kitchen, Austin is showing the rest of the HGs the right way to do a push-up.

7:15PM BBT: James and John walk out into the backyard, James tells Austin to "Whip those girls into shape."

Shelli is just sitting there watching, Steve is also outside now. the only ones doing the workout are the twins, Meg, Jackie and Becky.

7:20PM BBT: Shelli has now joined the workout, Kind of she is doing her own workout, James and John start a game of pool. the only ones really following Austin, is the twins, Jackie and Becky. Meg is just kind of siting there, acting like she's trying but not really into it. Shelli is doing her own thing.

7:25PM BBT: The twins stand by Austin and sing, "Austin's workout class, heads, knees, toes, he will make you sweat" Yay Now working out with weights.

7:31PM BBT: Liz is trying to jump robe and I do mean "Trying" (woman can't jump robe) and the pool game continues. everyone else is just sitting around. Oh they want to do yoga now. the twins are still singing the Austins workout class song. Head shoulders knees and toes he'll make you sweat.

7:35PM BBT: oh Becky wasn't in the workout class, They are now in the kitchen The twins want fish taco's for dinner. The guys are still playing pool.

7:40PM BBT: they decide to do both fish and chicken taco's, Meg and Jackie are sitting over by the hot-tube. Everyone else is in the kitchen chatting and making food.

7:50PM BBT: Steve is hiding under the hammock, He is laying there rocking it and the twins are cooking. Everyone else is over by the hot-tub.

7:55PM BBT: Becky, Meg, Jackie and James are talking about "team Shelli" and how Shelli isn't coming after them next week. Becky says her plan has worked out. Meg says that she (Vanessa) is campaigning now. Becky says that Vanessa is a liar, and she believes her lies, she is a lawyer and poker player. They know how to lie. Actions speak louder then words. They are just going over what all Vanessa has done to them.

8:00PM BBT: Becky is still randing about Vanessa, Becky says she is the master mind now. "The girl can not stay in this house." says Becky, Meg and Jackie say they have her back no worries. Becky is saying over and over how Vanessa is such an liar. Jackie is in the kitchen whispering to Liz about the talk in the backyard. Camera zooms in on James. who says it's trying to catch him sleeping HaHa didn't. Becky tells Liz that they can use her Veggies if they'd like. Vanessa is in the purple room with Liz crying. Liz is saying she is so sorry, Steve comes in. Vanessa says she doesn't give a F' about the money. Steve and Liz say they though she wanted to be left alone. Vanessa says she tried to talk to Becky and she slammed the door on her. she doesn't know why she is on the block.

8:05PM BBT: Vanessa says that Becky is threatening her like subhuman. "why is she lying to me, why not just tell me it's a game move, that's fine, I would understand that." Liz is telling her to try and talk to her. Vanessa says she tried, and she slammed the door in her face.

Steve says Becky has been hiding all day. He though Vanessa was too. Vanessa is just crying and saying over and over what the F' what the F'. Vanessa asked them if everyone knew. Steve says no. Vanessa says her gut is telling her that he knew. Steve says he kind of knew. Liz says she didn't know.

8:10PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that he knew, Steve says I'm sorry you feel that way no I didn't know. Liz says she should have been honest about it. Steve says he didn't figure it out, until she said she was putting up Johnny that does make sense. Vanessa says she isn't a good person. Johnny comes in.

8:10PM BBT: Liz is now talking to Austin in the bedroom about Vanessa, In the backyard they are talking about the competitions from last year, and if thursday will be a double eviction are not. Austin is saying that Vanessa is having a total melted down. Austin is saying that she is acting like Audrey. Vanessa is saying that she is not Audrey why is everyone treating her like Audrey. Austin says because she is acting like Audrey. James is in the purple room with Steve.

8:15PM BBT: The twins are now talking to Austin in the bedroom about Vanessa. and Johnny is in the colored room with Vanessa he goes in and gives her a hug. Vanessa is now in there alone, Johnny is outside talking to Meg.

8:20PM BBT: Becky is in the kitchen with Shelli eating, Meg and Johnny are talking about ice sculpting in New York. Becky is now outside asking Johnny what Vanessa said to him. He tells her that she is just crying a lot.

8:25PM BBT: Becky is just talking about Vanessa in the backyard to Meg, and Jackie, saying the same things that she has already said. Liz is upset that they didn't asked Vanessa to workout with them. Becky is justifying why she put Vanessa up. they are now talking about what she is going to do in the jury house. Now Becky is going over what she said to Vanessa and how she didn't yell at her. Jackie says Vanessa is playing the victim role now. 

8:35PM BBT: Becky goes in to make tea in her cat mug. Liz comes out and says she is making red Kale chips. Jackie is saying that Vanessa wants to talk to her, but she doesn't want to talk to her, she is trying to blow up Becky's game. They are now just going over the whole Vanessa and Becky thing and how they don't really want to talk to her anymore. "what's the point?"

8:45PM BBT: In the backyard the Vanessa bashing continues, Vanessa is still in the room with the lights dimmed now, Austin and the twins are in the bedroom talking about Vanessa. And how she thinks they owe her. How do we owe her, she needs us. Becky is telling them how she kicked her out of her the HoH room. Everyone is talking about Vanessa now.

8:50PM BBT: the Vanessa talking has stopped, now they are talking about the BB sunglasses and sleeping with them on. Johnny is getting water,and goes back out in the backyard where they are chatting. Vanessa is now up and the lights are on. She is sitting on the edge of the bed in her sunglasses. They are talking about how blue the pool is.

8:55PM BBT: in the backyard they are talking about tacks like Brass tacks and thumb tacks and how do you spell it.

In the kitchen Liz and Austin are still cooking they are now doing the fish.

9:00PM BBT: Becky is talking about trains in Germany, and which one is the one that she got hit by. Austin and Liz are still cooking.

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9:01 PM BBT In the BY, Becky says, she dreams about Gronk parties. They go over things that happened when Audrey was still in the house. John says, they took the BB Takeover away from them. Becky says, watching the show is so much different than when you're in the house. Becky says, they are living everything, so they may not be aware of something major that happened, or what America is voting on.


9:06 PM BBT HG's in the backyard talk about the different things that have gone on. John asks if everyone is going to Vegas after this? Jackie says, she knows she is. Julia asks Jackie about where they slept on TAR? Jackie says, they stayed in a hotel on the different legs, & then they would move on. She explains the whole thing to Julia.


9:11 PM BBT Meg leaves the WA. Liz & Austin are cooking in the KT. Austin asks Liz if what he did is right? Liz says, no, that's not right. She says, it's mini baby pieces for everyone & there's a blood line. Austin asks what a blood line is? Liz says, it's discolored. Liz says, this is Hell's Kitchen, & this is what you signed up for. Austin says, he didn't know it was going to be this intense. Austin tells Liz, communication please.


9:13 PM BBT Vanessa is in the KT getting stuff out of the refrigerator. Becky slams the microwave door shut & starts the timer. Liz says, this is why Austin is her Sous Chef. Becky takes her bowl out of the microwave & slams the door shut again. Austin tells Liz it's going to be garlicy water now. Liz says, she's putting lime in it. Liz says, oh, yeah, baby. Becky says, she wants chocolate covered bananas. She says, they eat them so fast, so she hasn't been able to make them.


9:15 PM BBT Becky says, she may make an apple cinnamon crisp or something. Liz says, yum, please. Becky says, she may get creative tonight & walks out to the BY. Austin says, dessert is his favorite part. Liz says, yum. Vanessa asks Liz if they are using a burner on the stove. Liz says, no. Austin hums a little. Liz is licking her fingers & throwing something away in the trash can. She opens nuts & eats them without washing her hands.


9:17 PM BBT Austin tells Liz they need the chicken. Liz says, she forgot the damn chicken. She says, thank you Sous Chef, you did one thing right. Liz is by the stove licking her fingers as she is cooking. She says, no wonder they make the fish tacos, because they break up. Austin says, he thinks it's going to be good & it's something different. Liz still has not washed her hands, as she picks something else out to eat while she's cooking.


9:19 PM BBT Liz is eating nuts again & chomping into her microphone. She asks Austin what treats are they going to have tonight? Austin says, cake & ice cream. Liz says, no. Liz takes the food out of the oven & flips it using her fingers that she still hasn't washed, as she touches each piece that's being flipped. She washes the fork off, & washes her cup in the sink.


9:21 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that the fish still needs more time. He says, it's really fishy fish. Liz says, eww, even with all of her seasoning. She says, she doesn't like that type of fish. Austin says, she may like it though. Vanessa is sitting at the glass table with a zip-up hoodie, her turquoise hat & sunglasses on. She has something cooking in a pan on the front right burner of the stove.


9:22 PM BBT Austin asks Liz if she wants to put ketchup in the fish that she's cooking. She gets the ketchup from the refrigerator. Austin says, another Sous Chef idea. She puts the ketchup in the pan, & looks at the fish. She says, it needs to be all broken up & she can't. Austin does it. John walks in the KT from the BY. He makes noises back & forth with Liz. No one has talked to Vanessa.


9:24 PM BBT Liz tells Johnny Mac that they made fish with vegetables & chicken if he wants some. John says, he may get some after they get theirs. Liz looks at the tray from the oven & says, perf. She is still eating as she's cooking. She uses her hand to cut the chicken, & says, it's perfect. Then she says, about a minute longer or so, & puts the pan back in the oven. She says, we're almost ready here. Austin says, perfect. Liz takes some of the fish out of the pan & tastes it. Austin says to see if it's too fishy. Vanessa takes her plate of eggs she made back to the CBR to eat while sitting in her bed.


9:26 PM BBT John says, he, Austin, James & Steve are hanging out all summer long. Austin says, it's crazy. Liz says, perfect. Austin asks chicken out? Liz says, chicken out. They get the chicken out & turn off the oven. Liz says, she needs a fork to serve the chicken. She asks Austin if she just needs a fork to serve the chicken. She tells Austin she has the plates for them & people can put on their own hot sauce.


9:28 PM BBT Austin says, he hopes no one gets sick from it. Liz says, no one will get sick from it. She tells Johnny Mac to dig in, & then opens the sliding glass door & says, dinner is served twice with an accent. She closes the sliding door & goes back to the KT. Austin looks for some other sauce that may be good on the food. John has a plate of food made. Austin & Liz sit at the DR. Liz says, definitely hot sauce for sure. John thanks them for the food. Liz says, she takes care of him. She says, you can live like a bachelor but not eat like one to.


9:30 PM BBT Liz starts to eat & is chomping & talking with food in her mouth. She says, yum, the fish is good. She says, they need to come up with a name like cooking with Liztin. Austin says, that's an Instagram special. Liz says, she didn't get any cashews. Austin says, they must have fallen to the bottom. Austin says, eating vegetables is key. Liz says, they key to making the food is marinating it for over 24 hours. Liz keeps chomping more when she eats, & talks with her mouth full.


9:32 PM BBT Steve walks through the KT area. Liz asks if he's been sleeping this whole time? Steve says, yes. Liz says, she's really getting worried because it may be his tooth. Liz says, Johnny Mac. John says, he has some canker sores in his mouth to, that's why he's talking funny. He says, the tooth isn't bothering him more. John says, if they get him a California license he'll take it out in the BB house.


9:34 PM BBT John says, he'll need a few things, with an elevator & an X-Ray. Steve comes out of the WA & asks if the fish is brought to him by Irish Spring? Austin says, that's not fish, it's chicken. Austin asks if the chicken is brought to them by Irish Spring? Austin says, no, but Ziploc, it's their new sponsor. Steve asks when that happened? Austin says, while they were sleeping. Steve says, nice.


9:35 PM BBT Austin says, the halibut cost $95.00 & they have another pack in there, but no one else will eat it. Steve asked why they cooked it like that if it's halibut? Liz says, they should have baked it. Liz gets upset because no one is coming in to eat. The HG's come in from the BY. John & Steve are still eating. Austin is done eating. Becky & Shelli thank them for cooking.


9:37 PM BBT Austin makes sure he gets some credit for cooking with her & being her Sous Chef. Liz says, it's Becky's vegetables. Everyone likes the food. Austin says, it's their best veggies yet. Steve asks what's on the vegetables. Becky tells him olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Liz tells them what seasonings she used to cook the fish. Austin goes to the WC & we can hear him using the bathroom on his microphone.


9:40 PM BBT Jackie tells Meg about being told about a group of 10 & how she's at the bottom of it by Vanessa. Meg says, she heard about that. Meg says, she remembers when she was on the block with Da'Vonne, Vanessa went to Meg that morning freaking out about it. She says, Vanessa told her that she would give the vote to her if she made a deal with her of course. Meg says, she wanted a deal for her & James to say they wouldn't put her up or backdoor her. Jackie says, to get one vote that she already was going to get.


9:42 PM BBT Jackie tells Meg that Vanessa was pulling her aside to talk to her right after Jeff left, to probably make sure she wasn't going to go after her. She says, her deal to use the Veto on Jason to keep her safe didn't make any sense. Jackie says, she wanted to make a deal to keep them both safe until jury. Jackie says, Jeff was going to kill her for making a deal with her. Jackie says, there's not a reason to go to her & make a deal. She says, she probably though she was going to go after her, which is true, but not right away.


9:43 PM BBT Jackie says, she told Vanessa that she wouldn't make a deal with her. She tells Meg that she told Vanessa she would have gone to Jason if he ever put her up on the block to keep her safe. Jackie says, Vanessa turned people that he had for him against him. Meg says, Vanessa made her feel like she was playing the game wrong because she was always making deals.


9:45 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa was making deals to everyone. She says, Becky says, she was handing them out like Skittles. Jackie says, she kept her word to keep her safe until jury, her's jury, she can leave now. Jackie says, she's going to study her a** off. Jackie laughs with Meg about James saying if he shows up at the jury house he got f***ed. They laugh & then they go inside. Meg says, it's chilly out as they walk in the house.


9:47 PM BBT In the CBR, Vanessa is sitting up in her bed with her legs crossed under the comforter. She has her right arm bent with her fist on the side of her face. She is reading Steve's Bible. She still has her turquoise hat, hoodies & sunglasses on.


9:48 PM BBT Jackie comes out of the SR with the BBQ sauce that they requested. Everyone says, yeah. Julia says, slop burgers for the HN's. Meg says, slop burgers are the best. Meg says, it's like her dessert. Julia says, thanks to the live feeders. Julia thinks they will get take-out tomorrow for sure. Austin says, they've been cooking so much, they deserve to get take-out.


9:50 PM BBT Shelli tells Meg to eat sliced pickles with her slop & that will fill them up more. Meg is eating a bun. Shelli says, they can do it like Chick-Fil-A does with the bite of pickle. Becky says, Panera gives a sliced pickle with their sandwiches. Becky says, Panera has really good coffee. Meg asks if it's expensive? Becky says, a little bit.


9:52 PM BBT Becky says, she likes going to Panera in the winter, because a lot of them have fireplaces in them. Shelli says, that was yummy & thanks them again. Becky & Meg make some weird noises while sitting at the DT. Steve asks if grandma Meg wants cookies? Meg makes the noises again. Julia says, grandma Meg wants to play. Meg jokingly says, get me out of this house. They talk about driving cars.


9:54 PM BBT Meg says, she wants her hair cut like it is in her Memory Wall picture. Jackie tells her it's fine. She says, everyone's hair is growing faster. Jackie says, her tracks are showing, but it's been worse. Shelli says, her hair has gotten really long.


9:55 PM BBT Steve goes in the CBR. He tells Vanessa he's glad to see that she's feeling a bit better, & she's been on his mind a lot today. They hug each other, as she's crying. Vanessa says, she's an idiot, twice. Steve says, they are all idiots. Vanessa says, she's a big one. She says, some are less than others, & she's a big one. Steve says, no she's not. Vanessa says, there are so many levels of irony & she doesn't know where to start.


9:57 PM BBT Shelli goes to the CBR & asks Vanessa if she wants something to eat. Vanessa says, she mad herself on omelet. Shelli tells Vanessa it's not over. Vanessa says, that's not why she's crying, she's such an idiot. Shelli says, she disagrees. Vanessa says, she hears Clay's voice telling her that she fell for what Becky said. She says, Clay told her not to trust her & she did. Vanessa says, 24 hours after they lost the failed, it was over. Vanessa says, she should have known better than to believe what came out of Becky's mouth.


9:59 PM BBT Vanessa says, she can never fully lie to anyone. Vanessa says, she gives her props for a good game move, & doesn't understand why she's not telling her why. She says, she at least told Jason she was taking him out, so hopefully she has enough class to tell her why. Vanessa says, f*** the fact that she got blood on her hands for her. She says, what goes around, comes around & the world has a lot of karma.


10:00 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa what's done is done, the decision is made, & they can't change it. Shelli says, you can't think what if you changed things. Shelli says, if they sent Becky home that week, Jason would have won On The Edge, & it would be different. Shelli says, Jason really wanted that comp to. Vanessa says, it's a big mirror of her life. She says, she doesn't have the gene to know when people are lying to her. Shelli says, she does have that, & they are in the BB house. Vanessa says, she doesn't.


10:05 PM BBT Vanessa is having a pity party for herself. She says, she done so many things for people in the game, like she does in her real life, & she didn't get any favors in return. She says, f*** it, & she really needs some alcohol. She says, please. Shelli says, we really need some alcohol up in here. Vanessa tells her she wants a big huge glass of red wine. Vanessa says, she wishes she could just care less, & that's it.


10:07 PM BBT Vanessa says, if you only knew. She says, they're going to have some great talks in jury. She says, it's really not about the money for her, it's the people. She says, the level she feels betrayed by people in there is sh*tty. She says, that's why you have people at home. Shelli says, that's what Steve always says. Steve says hi to his mom. Shelli says, she told Clay that Steve always puts her back into prospective.


10:08 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's not about her losing the game, she has the bigger prospective, & she's really really hurt. Shelli asks if she's hurt by something they did? Vanessa says, no. She says, she respects her for coming to her right away. Shelli says, she doesn't know what she's going to do when they get separated. Shelli says, it's probably going to be the three of them in the jury house together. Steve agrees.


10:10 PM BBT Vanessa says to Steve, can you just be a douche please? Steve tells Vanessa that he snuck up on Shelli today when she was on the hammock. BB tells Shelli to please put on her microphone. Shelli says, she realized she didn't have it, & she goes to get it. Steve asks Vanessa if he did anything to hurt her? Vanessa tells him it's not him.


10:11 PM BBT Vnaessa tells Steve that's it's not even just one person. She says, she can't speak freely right now, & she's going to wait to get to jury. Vanessa says, she'll have a great conversation with him in jury if he gets there. Steve says, he will soon, & she knows it. Shelli comes back. Steve says, Vanessa tells him that he has more than 2 weeks left in the game. Vanessa tells them they should be favorites to win this HOH for the double eviction comp. Vanessa says, she should know because on of them will go with her. Steve says, they won't go there together. We see FOTH.


10:13 PM BBT Steve tells them a random story about the first member that went to jury in Season 8 saying he was so happy he wasn't in the house right now. Shelli says, they will have so much fun in jury. Vanessa wants red wine. She says, there's human resilience. Steve says, it's like a card game or a chess game on a bigger scale. He says, the emotional things there are more for him than a lot of other people.


10:15 PM BBT Shelli says, she hears that they have a gym in the jury house. Shelli says, they have movies, & probably more alcohol. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. They don't think it's them. Steve tells Shelli her nail polish looks terrible. He tells Shelli she is slacking. Shelli says, she would be a goner & she needs to take care of her nails, because they are going to be so brittle. Steve says, he's sorry for mistreating Vanessa earlier, by going in there. Vanessa says, he didn't do anything. She thanks him for the apology & says, it's not necessary.


10:17 PM BBT Steve says, he can't read people. Shelli tells him he's great. Shelli says, he's been reading her pretty well. Steve says, & he fooled her today. She says, she liked hanging out on the hammock getting pushed by a towel. Vanessa wants to know if there's anything else going on that Becky is not telling her? She says, it they know she wants them to tell her. Shelli tells Vanessa to go & talk to Becky tomorrow in the HOHR herself tomorrow. Vanessa says, she doesn't want to get schellacked again.


10:20 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that the only thing that Becky said was she was upset about the Austin thing. Shelli tells her that she's not saying anything. Vanessa says, that doesn't make sense, & Becky doesn't even know anything about it. She says, Becky shouldn't throw her name around, because she knows she's making a mistake. Shelli says, she's not saying anything about her at all.


10:21 PM BBT Vanessa says, she never did anything or said anything bad about Austin, the twins, Steve, Shelli or Clay. She says, Becky is a hypocrite. She says, she tried to stick with Becky for 24 hours which was a mistake. Steve says, he wants to eat breakfast with the person that named Shelli the Puma. Shelli says, he's about to get buzzed because that started with finals for their interviews.


10:23 PM BBT All camera views go to the DT where Jackie is talking to Meg & James about things that may happen this week. Jackie says, Johnny Mac is definitely going to go after one of the twins. Meg says, she can't see him going after one of them. Jackie says, no, it's scary. The camera view goes back to the CBR. Steve tells Vanessa that he bought his Bible at a Walmart about 1 week before he got there. Vanessa says, she's been reading it & it's good stories.


10:25 PM BBT Shelli says, yesterday it was damp in the house with everyone sleeping. Vanessa asks Shelli if Becky told her that she wasn't the target after she nominated her. Shelli says, Becky told her she was not the target so she needed to win the Veto. Steve says, he was told that there was a primary & secondary target & he was neither. Shelli is shocked that they were told the same thing. Shelli says, she has to get used to seeing her face up there every week. Steve says, he will too. Shelli says, they need to make heart symbols with their hands if they are put on the block together again.


10:27 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa about before the Veto comp when Steve jokingly told her he hoped that she would lose. Shelli laughs, & says, she did lose. Steve says, he had a dream that he went on the internet to check Joker's to see the popularity, & he woke up. Shelli asks what's on Joker's, ratings of people? Steve tells her everything that's on there for every day.


10:29 PM BBT Vanessa says, this blows, why couldn't this be last week? She says, she would gladly have given Clay her spot so she can go home. Steve says, he'll just walk out of jury. Vanessa asks if anyone has ever walked out of jury? Steve says, no, only Chima was expelled for throwing her microphone in the pool, covering cameras & not doing what she was supposed to do. He says, they made an America's vote for her vote.


10:31 PM BBT They talk about Elisa's moment that she had when she was missing her husband & kids, then she got over it & went to jury. Steve says, she voted for Andy, & Gina Marie came in second. Steve says, Judd shocked him, & he should have voted for Andy. Vanessa asks if Judd made out with Gina Marie? She says, she thinks they did. They talk about Andy being the only gay one, & not making out with anyone.


10:33 PM BBT Shelli asks Vanessa if she wants coffee? Vanessa says, no, she wants the opposite of coffee. Shelli asks if she wants some tea? Vanessa says, they have Advil. Shelli asks Vanessa if she will come out tomorrow. Shelli says, they have the camera tomorrow, & they want to take pictures tomorrow. Shelli says, they can take pictures with Austin & Johnny separately saying they will be the first 4 jury members & one will come back. (It's not Shelli's camera time, it's Becky's HOH.)

10:35 PM BBT Shelli tells Steve if he wins HOH for the double eviction she's going to scamper up to him, to not put her up. Shelli tells him he knows she will never put him up. Steve asks what's in it for him. Shelli tells him the HOH bed is really comfortable, there's a big bathtub & a shower with 2 shower heads. Shelli tells Vanessa they all truly thought she was sleeping today, that's why they didn't bother her.


10:36 PM BBT Vanessa says, f*** this room, it's so closed off, & not by traffic. She says, she likes the fact that it's so dark though. Vanessa says, she sprayed tan today just in case. She talks about them getting woke up today, & we see FOTH twice really quick.


10:38 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Vanessa says, this is the only Veto ceremony she has dressed up for, besides when she hosted them. She says, she had an idea. She says, then when they went outside no one would sit next to her. Steve says, he looked fly, & his outfit was on point. Shelli says, brass tacks, & says he looked very dapper. Steve says, his mom will wonder who did this to him. Vanessa was to spike his hair for Thursday. Steve says, it needs to be flat because it may be the balls. Vanessa has 4 cigarettes that Jason gave her.


10:40 PM BBT Vanessa says, it was a deal with Jason for taking him off the block. She says, she doesn't even like cigarettes, but she will smoke them. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back on with Meg getting some Advil from the CBR. Steve says it was so fun with Jason because he's never talked with anyone that knows more BB history than him. He says, he not only knew what he was talking about, but he knew more than he did. He says, it was awesome & he misses it.


10:41 PM BBT They joke about going to jury & how fun it's going to be. Steve tells Vanessa to make him drink excessively. Vanessa says, she will do that. Steve tells her to f***ing do that. Vanessa asks what else there is to do there? Steve says, they have video games. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back on. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Shelli doesn't understand why they would be getting buzzed for talking about jury.


10:43 PM BBT Steve wants his name to come off his microphone pack so it just says McCrae. Steve says, he is good, especially without Amanda. He says, he predicted McCrae & others to win. He says, he usually is close. Shelli asks how far Shelly made it? Steve says, 6th. Shelli says, she wants to do better than that. Steve says, Shelly went out to a negative reception in the audience because she voted out Jeff. Shelli asks if Shelly knew she would get that? Steve says, no, she didn't understand the magnitude of that.


10:45 PM BBT Steve tells them how there were police involved with family. Steve says that Jeff & Jordan kept telling everyone to leave Jeff & Jordan's family alone. At the DT, Austin tells Liz & Julia they aren't being mean to Vanessa, & they didn't do anything wrong. Austin says, he's sick of getting yelled at for sh*t he didn't do. Jackie walks through the KT area. Julia wonders why the microwave is buzzing. She checks & it's Becky's coffee.


10:47 PM BBT Julia tells Liz that BB took their lip gloss away from them. She tells Liz it was her fault & she needs to take responsibility. They all finish eating their snacks. Becky comes to the KT area. They all talking about getting gluten-free cookies. Becky says, she wishes should would have asked for a cookie recipe in her HOH basket. She says, they have all the ingredients, she just doesn't know how much they need. We see FOTH.


10:53 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Steve is in the KT. Shelli has a fit about ganache melting on her cake. Liz asks what ganache is, is she talking about the mousse? Shelli says, yes, that's her favorite part. She says, she didn't even think that through. She says, boo, she should have only did it for 10 seconds, but it for 10 more, & messed up everything. Steve tells Becky that he sat with Vanessa & cheered her up a little bit.


10:55 PM BBT Steve says, he was worried about her on a human level. In the CBR, Vanessa talks to the twins, Austin & Shelli about only ever smoking about 10 cigarettes in her life. She says, why does Becky have to be in the KT? She says, every time she goes out there, Becky comes down. Vanessa says, why can't she just give her 5 minutes? She says, she doesn't like her, she's not a fan. Shelli says, it's more fun to eat the ice cream in the bedroom anyway. Vanessa begins to explain the Bible. She tells them the Bible is a book of individual books, & it's not meant to be read from the beginning to the end.


10:58 PM BBT Vanessa says, the Jewish faith only believes in the first part of the Bible, the Old Testament. She says, the Christian faith believes in the entire Bible. She says, you should read the first chapter of the beginning of each Testament, & they basically tell the same story. She tells them that there are 4 parts to the Bible.


11:00 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that she read some stories today. She says, she was crying so much she couldn't. She says, she's heard that Job is a good book, & she wants to read it. Liz says, they went to Catholic schools, but she doesn't remember a whole lot of it. Vanessa asks Austin if he's religious? Austin says, he was baptized Catholic, & he considers himself to just be spiritual. He says, he sometimes will go to the Catholic church to meditate & think. He says, he's studied history, but he's never read the Bible.

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