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Sunday, August 9 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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Thank you!

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12:04 AM BBT Vanessa says, she did what she did to help Becky & Jackie. She tells Becky that she's a good player in the game, you can't give your word to everyone, but when you do, you should keep it. Becky says, she has to ask to, since she friends with Shelli, if they would vote on Johnny? Vanessa says, no. She says, she will vote with the house. She says, last week she voted to keep Shelli, & she had the chance to play to save herself. She says, she can't chance her game this week, & she will tell Shelli, she thinks she will understand.


12:06 AM BBT Becky says, it's a good thing that one of the first 4 will come back, & everyone needs to play their game, it will revolve around them, & to go for what you want to do. Becky says, this week she is going to do what she wants to do. Vanessa asks if she's going to tell John what she's going to do? Becky says, yes, but she wants to wait through Sunday, & she knows she has 3 votes. Vanessa promises her the 4th vote. Becky says, maybe 5 with Steve. She says, she doesn't want to campaign or do anything now. Vanessa says, John will never go home right now. Becky says, when they got put up on the block together, they both said they were on the outside.


12:09 AM BBT Vanessa sees the camera's turning away. Becky says, it's because she has wine in her hands. The cameras come back around. Becky says, welcome back Mr. & Mrs. Claus. She tells Becky they are named that because of HO HO HO for HOH. A noise comes from the camera by the HOH door. Vanessa says, it's broken. She says, they will get locked out now, because they are going to fix it for sure. Becky tells Vanessa that she's paranoid & gets scared. Vanessa says, she always has to talk her down. Vanessa says, she's had 2 glasses of wine, & she's sober as f***. Becky tells her about starting the game off with a bang.


12:11 AM BBT Becky says, she won when she came through the front door, & the rest is a BONUS. Vanessa says, she's a genetic anomaly the way she handles stress. Becky tells her the same things over, & she tells her she's going to make the moves the way she wants to play & have no regrets. Becky says, she feels good at this point, & she's been playing this way. Vanessa says, her to. Vanessa says, all you can do is your best in the moment. Vanessa says, Shelli regrets the most about calling Austin out.


12:13 AM BBT Becky says, this game is so hard when you have to put so many people on the block, especially with the BOTB. Vanessa says, there were 25 nominations in the first 5 weeks. Becky says, Vanessa has never been, but that's a good thing. Becky says, you can be on the block & come off, & she's gotten off twice. She says, if you hit the block, it's not the end of the day. Becky says, she's preparing herself for double eviction if she can't tell. Vanessa says, she is preparing mentally. Vanessa says, all 8 of them will stick to their word for double eviction, & that's very good for Becky because she can't play.


12:16 AM BBT Becky tells Vanessa the vibe has been good so far this week if she can't tell. Becky talks about how strong each person of the cast is this year. She says, everyone has had to play & do well in the competitions. Becky says, you're able to read into everyone's competition ability going forward. Vanessa says, there's so much luck into them with who will do good at that comp. Becky says, the skating comp was her comp, because of using her legs. She says, she didn't have the upper body strength in the On The Edge. Vanessa says, she did pretty well today. Becky didn't think she was going to win. Vanessa says, it was hard for her, & she got stuck on the Shelli one. Becky says, they all did except Meg. Vanessa says, she's til tired from Midway.


12:19 AM Vanessa tells Becky that she's a D.J. & doesn't move that much. Vanessa says, they go hiking, but at their own pace. Vanessa says, she was slow today, because she got tired. Becky says, she did a couple things wrong by trying to remember the names differently.


12:20 AM BBT Becky says, Puma was the hardest for everyone, except Meg. Becky says, she couldn't get Johnny Mac behind the building, & Austin with the sword. Becky says, she couldn't get the train on hers. Vanessa tells Becky that her third toughest was the word blanket in purple. Becky says, she got that right away. She says, she did the top row first, bottom row second, & then she couldn't tell the differences in some of them.


12:22 AM BBT Becky says, she put all the wrong ones up, & then figured it out. She says, she hit her button at least 5 times. Vanessa says, she hit hers like 16 times. She says, hers was done is about 13 minutes, but couldn't figure out the tail. Becky says, she keep yelling at the pictures saying they were the same. She keeps talking about the comp.


12:23 AM BBT Becky tells Vanessa how good she has felt winning the competitions so far in the game. In the HNR, Austin is joking around with Meg & Jackie. In the BY, John talks to Steve that James was harassing Julia, & she said if she had to hook up with anyone in the house it would be him. John says, she said it's because she's into the nerds, she likes the glasses & quirkiness. John tells Steve, going forward, after the Veto, they have to act like they didn't know anything.


12:26 AM BBT Steve tells John that Becky does know who's going up. John tells Steve he can play dumb if he wants to, but the rest of the week, they have no idea what's going on. Steve thinks she's going to pop outside, but he could be wrong. John & Steve are playing a game of pool in the BY. Steve says, he's so comiced out from this morning. Steve asks John if Vanessa is being blind-sided? John says, yes. Steve says, Vanessa thinks something's up because she's nervous. John says, she's right there. Steve says the comp was fun.


12:28 AM BBT Becky is now in the KT, making herself something to eat. She drops a glass on the floor, & says, sh*t. She picks it up & puts her food in the microwave. In the HNR, Austin asks the HN's what they are going to do tomorrow? James says, f*** each other over. Jackie says, they can talk about f***ing each other over. Meg says, #toosoon. Jackie says, they need the pool day. Austin says, beach day, & they could use some take out food. They talk about what else they can do. James wants to host a massaging party. Jackie asks Austin to crack Jackie's back. Austin says, what if they put roller coaster seats in there? James says, that would suck. You can hear Jackie's back cracking as Austin cracks her back.


12:30 AM BBT Austin tells Jackie she's always higher up where her back cracks. Austin finds a spot on Jackie's back that hurts her. Jackie says, it's years. Austin says, grandma Meg has to hurt. Meg says, she feels good, but the dentist chair is not helping her. Meg says, James didn't know what thigh high's were. She says, he thought they were used in robberies. Jackie says, she has scar tissue where Austin is rubbing. Becky goes to the HNR, & sits in a dental chair.


 All updates posted after 12 AM tonight are incorrect with PM on them, they are all actually AM.

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12am-2am BBT My summary of just game play: 

Vanessa talked to James downstairs alone, asking if John is still the renom plan. James denied knowing what Bekcy plans to do, only saying Becky is considering her options.  Vanessa tried to call James out, saying she could tell he was lying and not sharing all he knows with her.  But James deflected and covered fairly well.


Vanessa went up to HOH to talk with Becky, asking if John was still the renom plan.  Vanessa admitted that it has to come down to her or John as Becky's only options.  Becky calmly stated that the plan was still John, and never cracked.  Vanessa kept on, stating why it was best for John to be the choice.  Becky said she plans to let John know Sunday evening.  Their conversation turned to talking about Saturday's POV comp (so either Van believed Becky, or decided it wasn't worth continuing to pursue it right now).


Vanessa went downstairs to Havenot room, where Meg, Jackie and Austin were talking non-game related.  Vanessa asked Jackie and Meg if the deal was still on to target John, Steve and Shelli thru the expected double eviction.  Jackie immediately confirmed it was still the deal, and questioned why Vanessa would be asking.  Vanessa tried to cover, saying she was just verifying.


Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia all in WA, where Vanessa says that John does appear to be the renom target by Becky, and that Becky said she would tell John Sunday night.  They all agreed it would be best to stay quiet and not talk game with the house until after Becky tells John.


Austin, Liz and Julia compare notes, pointing out all the times they've seen Vanessa talking with other HGs tonight, first with James, then with Becky. Austin shares that then Vanessa came into the HN room, where he was with Meg and Jackie, and Vanessa looked very suspicious when she questioned if they still had a deal.  Austin said to imagine if one of them was HOH, and Jackie came to them asking if the deal struck last week was still in place.  Austin, Liz, and Julia decide they should go up to the HOH room, to feel out where Becky stands on the plan and Vanessa.  They join Becky and Meg, Jackie, and James, but no game related talk occurs.

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Over night the HG played in the BY, ate in the KT and generally hung out. James and Meg agreed that Vanessa has no idea she is going up and it will be a total blindside. Steve and Shelli agree that it doesn't matter if Vanessa finds out she is going on the block--what can she do about it anyway, let her blow up. The HG were all in bed around 4:30am BBT.


 9:00am BBT Cameras are on the HNR and the CBR showing all HG sleeping.


9:30am BBT HG still sleeping. BB will probably let them sleep in today as there are no comps on Sundays.

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10:03pm BBT HG are still sleeping.


10:08am BBT We have FOTH. Could be wake up call.


10:20am BBT HG are up doing ADL's. Steve eating, Becky checking hair, James heads outside. Vanessa wondering around, John outside. Austin walks into KT. Steve says he is going back to sleep. Becky calls him a party animal. He says he is hung over from last night. Steve goes outside to get his laundry. James complains about having cold water.


 10:25am BBT BB asks them to please lower the outside awning. Steve says let him get his shoes on and he will brb. Becky and John tell him they got it. John puts some down by himself, Becky helps with others.


10:34am BBT Steve puts his clothes away in the CBR, Becky puts a load of towels in the washer. Steve is missing his socks, Becky says she stole them and gave them to charity. Steve replies he is holding Larry hostage until he gets them back. John kicks a beach ball around the BY. Liz and Austin are back in bed.


10:38am BBT The beach ball goes in the pool, John pulls the duck up and looks at it. He goes inside and tells Steve he is going to ask for Chlorine. Steve says asks for Florine its stronger, John laughs. A few minutes later: John and Becky poolside, Becky has scratches on her legs she thinks they are from the boards yesterday. James join them.


10:43am BBT John says he and James got injured during the comp too. John got a toe camp and James got to much sleep, it was detrimental to his HN life. Becky was in the SR during the comp. John says he cant believe BB locks ppl in the SR.


10:47am BBT BY chat continues about waiting for the comp to finish. Becky says the BY looks pretty today, the wts arent thrown around yet. (Planes keep going over real low today) Becky says its Sunday they have church soon be ready. James says he would hate to complicate the house with trying to have church. (many different types of religion in the house) James has always wanted to push this button, it says push. Becky says you know how you have to have a window in your basement for an escape. The HNR has no escape, she wonders if the HOHR would automatically unlock if there was a fire. James and John agree they could rip the doors off if they had to.


10:54am BBT Becky and John talk about TV shows, Marriage bootcamp and Income property. James goes back to chair.

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11:26am BBT Becky says one side cant keep winning, thats what Clelli thought. Becky expects to be on the block again. She is happy with her BB experience. No matter what someone big is leaving this week, you cant be Derek and not be on the block and go on to win BB. John wonders if others were onto Vanessa. Becky says James wanted her out so bad. Becky says she has freaked out on several ppl, when she freaks out on Becky it will be like the big bad wolf.

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11:01AM BBT Becky and John sitting in the BY discussing work and owning businesses. In the HNBR James is sleeping.


11:10AM BBT Becky in the BY talking to John. Telling him how Vanessa flew into the HN room after the Veto and was telling people that Becky has to put up John so that Shelli goes home.


11:13AM BBT Becky continues telling John about how Vanessa has told her what her "plan" should be. Says that Vanessa is freaking out.


11:42PM BBT Meg is limping badly. She is heading out to the BY.


11:50AM BBT Becky, John and Meg talk. Becky says that she realizes the KT would have shrunk by now if they hadn't added Julia.


11:52AM BBT Meg, Becky and John talk. Meg can't believe Steve got the veto comp done in 13 minutes. John tells Meg she only lost by 2 minutes.


11:56PM BBT In the PBR, Vanessa is sleeping with her hat pulled over her head. Liz is lying on the edge of her bad. Austin rolls over and kisses her cheek and then snuggles up to her.


12:07PM BBT Becky still talking to John and Meg. They are discussing what Becky has to say in the Veto speech. Becky trying to decide what to bring up. Meg says that she has to be very honest and say why otherwise Vanessa will go around to everyone and make up reasons that Becky put her up.

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12:16PM BBT Vanessa has joined the BY crew. General chit chat. Vanessa says she thinks she will wash her sheets today and then work out. Becky putting towels on to wash.


12:24PM BBT Austin goes to the HN room and gets a bunch of dirty clothes out of his drawer. Becky tells him she just put on towels. He says that's fine and digs a shirt out of the pile and heads inside.


12:44PM BBT Austin is making an omelette in a pan. It is for him and Liz. The pan is overloaded with veggies. He is talking about what he eats at home after gymnastics.


1:00PM BBT (You may need a bucket for this one) Austin gives Liz her omelette. Bantering back and forth between how cute they are. Julia tells Liz that it is so sweet that he cooks for her. Liz tells Austin that the omelette is almost as perfect as he is.

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1:04PM BBT Julia gets eggs out of the refrigerator. She says why are the eggs in there if they are all cracked? Austin doesn't say a word (He always puts the shells back in the container because he says it takes less time then throwing them in the trashcan.)


1:18PM BBT Austin and the twins in the KT. Discussing holidays and decorating. They talk about haunted events at amusement parks.


1:34PM BBT Shelli prepping lunch. She cuts herself with a knife and gets a band aid. Outside Austin is lifting weights.


1:51PM BBT Shelli sitting at the KT counter. In the BY Meg and Jackie chatting in general.

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1:53PM BBT Shelli and Vanessa talking in the KT. Vanessa asks if Shelli wins HOH if they will allow Shelli to have a letter from Clay. She says she thinks so. She wishes they would give her a picture of her and Clay together in the house. She says she is constantly looking at his picture on the memory wall. Shelli is upset that James never woke them up when he had the camera to make sure they got a photo together.


1:56PM BBT BB asks Austin to put on his microphone because he is talking. Austin yells at BB that he will break the microphone since he is working out.

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2:01pm BBt: Steve sits at the KT bar saying he is not going to get dinged by production and Shelli says you are not going to get dinged as Bb says you are not allowed to talk about production. Vanessa is cleaning in the KT. Jackie and meg in the By laying  on loungers by the pool just laughing and talking about family hoping they get evicted.

2:15pm BBT: Steve has joined meg, Jackie and john on the BY loungers and they talk about the music  that Bb played this morning. Austin comes to sit down to take a break from weight lifting then John head to workout more.. Shelli and Vanessa in the KT talking about ex boyfriends.
2:24pm BBT: Vanessa goes to the sink and says someone left their dishes so she walks outside and says to Johnny Mack that he left his cereal bowl  and he says I did? He says ok i will come do it in a minute and Vanessa tells him he has to do all of them now. He says ok i got caught.
2:34pm BBT: Liz and Julia in the pool while John and Austin are working out on the weights. Becky, Jackie, Steve and meg in the KT  making food. Just general talk going on.
2:49pm BBT: Meg and Jackie in the Kt eating slop burgers with Pickles. Jackie says we are slopping it up.
 2:57pm BBT: Hg are just lounging around today and eating and cleaning. Just general talk going on.
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3:07pm BBT: Liz and Julia and Shelli at the pool talking about putting spices on foods. john and Steve are putting the awnings up in the BY. Austin is in the KT getting a banana as meg is cooking more slop.

3:13pm BBT: Austin goes to the LVR and looks under his Judas hat that is laying in the nomination chair and yells as there is a white bag that looks like a lotion filled condom laying there. he removes his hat and puts it on  a potato in the chair. He then changes the potato  for a box of condoms. Steve comes in and puts Larry the Llama on the couch.
 3:29pm BBT: James is looking at a shawl vest the girls have and says that it is sexy and tries it on. Meg is laughing at him and Austin is smiling. In the BY Shelli and John are talking about doing Instagram and Facebook.
3:44pm BBT: Steve is shaping his jacket out by the pool into States as Shelli tells him what State to do. She says he is good at this. James is making a slop burger in the KT and Liz is cleaning again.
 3:48pm BBT: Becky comes running out of the DR and to the BY  with an inflatable shark and a card. The card Reads: Hg your friends from the live feeds have given you this shark to play with take him for a swim and enjoy. Hg are excited as they get in the pool and ride the shark.
3:52pm BBT: All the Hg are  in the BY watching Jackie ride the shark in the pool they are debating naming the shark Brenda or Conner. They talk about how real the shark looks.
3:58pm BBT: All HG in the BY sitting in the Hot tub or in the Pool. just general talking going on. 
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4:00pm-5:00pm BBT: HG in the By playing with the Shark Lia attacks the other Hg with the shark. Julia gets in trouble with BB for jumping in the pool with the shark.

Shelli tells julia that Steve is uncomfortable with her for her liking him. Julia says it was a joke, Shelli, Meg, Jackie and meg  talk about how messy Steve is and never picks up after himself. Liz goes inside and tells Austin and James that someone is telling Steve that JUlia likes him. Julia wants to make sure that Steve is not uncomfortable in this house. She then says a girl like me would nevr date a guy like that and he thinks i like him. Liz says we like Steve as a little brother. James is going to go talk to Steve for them and Liz says be sure and tell him he is like a brother to both of us.


5:00pm - 5:15pm BBT: Austin and James talk about Titanic. Steve wakes up from his nap and thinks he slept through the veto ceremony . Austin starts singing "wake up sleepy Steve." 

Vanessa talks about how much the twins eat and never gain anything. Vanessa then ask Liz and Julia if they have the same friends and they say yeah some of them are the same.

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5:32pm BBT: Liz and Steve on a hammock date and Steve says see Austin no touch. Steve says i guess someone is saying that Julia likes me and  i do not get it. Liz says yes James is saying things and Julia and I love you as a brother and that is all we want to make sure you are not uncomfortable and Steve says i was never nervous or uncomfortable.


5:38pm BBT: Vanessa and Julia in the Wa talking about keeping Shelli in this house and voting John out this week. Julia says i want to keep Shelli in this house i have no problem with Shelli. Vanessa says  me either.


5:40pm BBT: In the BY Austin says Liz and Steve broke the hammock  as he heard it pop. Steve and Liz leave the hammock. Liz goes inside and  tells julia and Vanessa that the deed is done and that  he is like a brother and he says i know. Liz says i just do not like you being weird and she says that Steve said he never acts weird.


 5:43pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Vanessa talking about getting people out of this house, Vanessa says someone will come back but they will not come back  on a double eviction night so next week will be double eviction then a single then the game for someone to come back in to the house.


5:46pm BBT: Steve comes into the Wa and Liz and Julia try fixing his hoodie strings and his hood then had him pull his sleeves down. He then rubs the string on Julia and she tells him ewww that has been rubbed in nastiness. Vanessa says Steve loves attention. Julia says you should let Vanessa fix your hair for tomorrow since you are going to be in the spotlight. Vanessa said i wish he would let us dress him up and Steve says no as Julia says yeah let her dress you up too for tomorrow.


5:50pm BBT: Julia says Steve we are going to make you look hip and cool. In the BY Meg and James are laying on the round lounger talking general talk.


 5:54pm BBT: Liz and Julia and Vanessa looking for clothes to dress up Steve for tomorrow but they want to check the look tonight. We get FOTH.


5:57pm BBT: Steve in the WC changing clothes, They make him put on sweats that go to his knees with a Blue t shirt on and a hoodie then they make him take the hoodie off and then put a black shirt on and tell him he looks so good. Liz says you need to go show Austin. they tell him this is the best he has ever looked and looks like a different person. Steve says this is not ok.

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6:00pm BBT: Vanessa is now fixing Steve hair with a flat iron. Julia tells him if he does not like  the clothes for tomorrow then wear his jeans with a grey shirt. She then says but you look so good and Vanessa is going to be your hair stylist from now on.


6:02pm BBT: James comes in the house and Liz yells for James to come in and Steve says i am being victimized please help. Liz says James doesn't he look so good? meg comes in and says whoa i did not recognize him. Julia says we are going to make you look good for your Veto. Steve says i can do this for the hair tomorrow but i am not doing the pants though.


6:07pm BBT: Shelli is now in bed, Meg is getting clothes to change into. James walks into the OBR then walks back out. Jackie in the HOH BR Where Becky is sleeping, Jackie gets the headphones to listen to music. In the CBR Vanessa is getting clothes for Steve to try on. She gets johns jeans and he says i do not know if they will fit him cause i have longer legs.


6:25pm BBT: the girls have dressed Steve in grey shirt and black t shirt and a blue shirt  and has his hair fixed and he goes to the BY where everyone waits for him to see his look. They all cheer and then Vanessa tells him go change before he gets dirty. Steve goes inside to change but starts walking around in the LVR.


6:33pm BBT: Most Hg in the BY some are sitting at the hot tub and some are doing laundry.Steve is in the house changing clothes.


6:36pm BBT: Becky wakes up in the HOH rm and tells Jackie that this is the first time she has felt rested in a long time.. In the BY Austin is doing hand stands and flips and everyone is cheering him on.


 6:40pm BBT: Jackie telling Becky that Vanessa wonders why she is all alone in this house now and with all three groups but she did this to herself and she wonders why she is all alone so do not attack my group now. Becky says even with Shelli and Clay she yelled at them too so  now she is alone. Jackie says she can be alone in the jury house now.


6:48pm BBT: Meg and James are in the HNBR talking about where meg is from.he says  you are from New York and Ginamarie lives there so why is it you have never met? Meg says she lives on one side of Manhattan and i live on the other. James says ok i get that.


 6:52pm BBT: Becky talking about Jon being on the block and wining POV 3 times but he can not win HOH? Something is wrong there cause we have played 7 HOH's.


6:57pm BBT: Becky and Jackie still in the HOH rm talking about yelling at Vanessa for telling John that he had to wash the other dishes just because he did not wash one cereal bowl.

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7:12PM BBT In HOH Becky and Jackie discussing the comps. They are discussing being by themselves for the POV because you couldn't see what others were doing.


7:16PM BBT In the BY Jacuzzi Steve tells John that Vanessa is already campaigning hard.


7:21PM BBT Becky and Jackie carry a bunch of vegetables down from HOH for the HG to enjoy. Austin is in the KT cooking. Jackie heads to the HN room to chat.


7:24PM BBT Jackie gets a blanket and crawls onto a chair. Meg says she feels bad. Jackie asks if they should tell Austin. Meg says maybe tomorrow. Becky has told them she would handle it so they agree they need to let her handle it.


7:31PM BBT In the BY John telling Steve that he can drive down to PA and John will yank out his tooth. Steve is saying "Nooo!" John is laughing saying it will be a bonding experience.

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7:52PM BBT Vanessa moving things around in her drawer in the HNBR. In the KT there is cooking going on.


8:02PM BBT In the KT Austin and the twins are complaining that BB doesn't give them enough vegetables that they like to eat but gives too many of ones they don't like.


8:13PM BBT Vanessa and Becky working out in the BY. Vanessa says today has been a slow day. She says they have been just quiet.


8:14PM BBT Vanessa compliments Becky on her hair and how cute it is. She also compliments her on her eyebrows. And after that awkward convo, they are back to lifting weights.

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8:19PM BBT Austin and Liz still cooking. Liz cleaning dishes and putting things away. Austin sitting on a stool between stirring what is in the pan. He says he feels so much better since off of slop.


8:23PM BBT In the KT Austin says they should be taking pictures of all the amazing dishes they have prepared. Liz says that Chef Joe has nothing on them.

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8:35PM BBT In the KT there is talk of healthy foods. In the HNBR Jackie has curled back up on a chair. No one is talking.


8:42PM BBT Vanessa hurt her finger. She trapped it in a drawer. She says it hurts. Austin and Liz have finished the dinner. (Sorry but this is as riveting as the feeds get at the moment). James is snoring in the HNBR.


8:47PM BBT Steve helps himself to the food asking what it is. Liz says that it is turkey con vegetables. He asks the sauce and they say it's a secret.


8:52PM BBT Vanessa in the WA telling Steve that she trusts Becky and kept her word to her. Steve asks if they can talk later as he just made dinner.


8:57PM BBT Julia and Liz continue to eat and talk (at the same time). Vanessa washing up in the WA.

8:58PM BBT Austin wanders into the WA. He brushes his beard and puts it in the pony beard. Austin says that compromises have been made with Liz. Vanessa asks about Becky. Austin says that he hasn't spoken with her. Vanessa says that Becky is chilling in the HOH room.

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9:00 PM BBT Austin goes to the HOHR to talk to Becky. Becky is listening to her music & tells him that it's a pretty good week. Austin says, it's good, because going into double eviction they don't have to be so stressed. Becky says, her, James, Meg & James are saying that Austin & the twins are good. She says, they are working well with them, have no blood on their hands. She says, they need to keep working well & keep going. Neither one have put either one up.


9:02 PM BBT Austin says, he doesn't know if she's told Johnny Mac yet. Becky says, it's an easy week because all she needs is 4 votes, & she's the tie breaker. Austin says, she has him & the twins. Becky wants to go down & get some food. Austin says, there is only a little bit left. Becky walks out of the HOHR, & asks if there's any left? Liz says, yes. Becky says, it's hers. She goes in the KT to get food.


9:04 PM BBT Austin goes in the WA. Vanessa has her face medicine again, & gets called out again for not having her microphone on. Vanessa says, her face hurts, & she doesn't want to do a scene right now. Vanessa asks Austin what Becky said. Austin tells her, that she's doing it. Austin wants to know what Vanessa has to tell him. He leaves the WA. Shelli comes out of the WC. Vanessa is talking to Shelli & neither one of them have their microphones on. Vanessa is holding her microphone & Shelli gets called out to please put her microphone on.


9:07 PM BBT Shelli whines & says, she never does that. She goes to get her microphone. Steve comes out of the WC, & says, he got his first call out about that also. Vanessa was trying to find out if Shelli was going to work out tonight. Steve jokingly tells Vanessa gets a punishment of another 24 hours of squiring. Vanessa is in the HOT side of the shower. She tells Shelli if she doesn't work out tonight, then she has to lay her clothes out & work out for at least 20 minutes in the morning.


9:09 PM BBT Vanessa jokingly tells Shelli she's not a good friend. She says, one thing you can control in the house is your endorphins & she can do that by working out. Vanessa says, that will help her mood. Vanessa starts her shower & Shelli brushes her teeth by the sink.


9:12 PM BBT Shelli goes in the OBR to strip sheets from her bed to wash them. Steve is in there with her. Becky comes out of the CBR. Steve says, S-H-E-L-L-I, that doesn't spell Clay. Shelli says, aw, that was hilarious. Shelli goes to the BY with Steve. Steve says, it's probably about another 10 minutes before the washer is ready. They get out there. Steve says, it's 7 minutes, & he's been doing a bunch of his own crap today.


9:15 PM BBT Shelli asks where everyone is? Steve says, he doesn't know. He says, it's the least populated for the first night being open. Shelli says, they were out all day. Steve says, it's probably because of the chlorine. Steve is talking a little weird because of his sore wisdom tooth. He tells Shelli about Season 9 being the worst season ever because of the pairs.


9:17 PM BBT In the CBR, Liz asks Austin if she should go talk to Becky? Austin says, he doesn't think he needs to. Liz talks about cooking cookies tonight, & they are gluten-free. Austin says, that needs to be done really soon. Shelli is folding her & Julia's clothes. Julia walks in the CBR. Liz gives Julia the folded clothes to put away. Liz says, they're going to make the cookies. She wants to play pool with Julia. Austin says, again? He says, he plays the winner.


9:19 PM BBT Liz finishes up & gets ready to leave the CBR. Austin asks, cookie time? Liz says, cookie time, & leaves the CBR. Austin gets up off the bed & follows her out. Julia is in the OBR putting on a bandana. Austin goes to the SR. He gets a pack of cookie dough out of the refrigerator & looks at it. He bends down to look more. Liz goes in the SR to help look, & they don't have the gluten-free cookie dough. Austin says, they can make regular cookies then.


9:21 PM BBT Liz says, they need to throw away the damn pizza, it's gross. Austin says, he knows, but they don't do it. They go to the KT, & Austin says, it's 9:15 PM. Liz says, grandma Meg. Austin repeats her. Liz wants to know what the grandma in The Addams Family is called. She asks if it's grand ma ma? Austin says, no, she had a name. Liz keeps saying grand ma ma. Austin says, that's to simple, that's not it. They go to the BY.


9:23 PM BBT Liz & Austin start to play pool. Liz says, Julia can play the winner. John is sitting on the round lounger with Shelli. Shelli says, she would like to talk to her friends now. Shelli says, they are all married with babies. John says, babies, igh. Shelli says, she's the only one that's divorced with no babies. She says, one of her friends has an older kid that's 6 or 7. She says, they don't all live that close to her, so she can't see them that often.


9:27 PM BBT John says, his Facebook page is a lot of people having babies, & the occasional new house. Shelli tells John none of her siblings are married. She says, she's the only one that was married, & now divorced. She tells him there's a 15 year age difference between the oldest & youngest. John says, he has a friend back home that wanted a girl. He says, 9 kids. Shelli freaks out, & asks if the 9th child is the girl with 8 boys? John says, yes.


9:28 PM BBT Shelli says, the house full of 8 boys with 1 lonely little girl. She says, they were probably soo relieved that they finally got the girl. John says, they lived in a split level, & had 3 or 4 in one room. He says, they were so far apart in age though. Shelli says, 9 kids anyway, she doesn't care if it's boys or girls, that's a lot of babies.


9:30 PM BBT Shelli says, it's so nice tonight, it's so chill. She says, Steve is washing her sheets so she doesn't get back in bed. Liz asks John if he's going to volunteer to be a HN again? He says, he probably should, but asks if they can arm wrestle for it. Liz says, she needs at least a 2 week break from it. Shelli tells John that Vanessa is good at arm wrestling. Shelli tells John the Lifeguard things are just stuck on the wall, & they are in different places. She says, they don't look as good. John says, he didn't even notice it.


9:32 PM BBT Julia is using the hula hoop in the BY. Shelli says, they are probably giving them stuff to do because they are so boring. Austin wants to pay Truth or Dare tonight. Julia says, she stopped calling Steve sneaky Steve. Shelli says, he hasn't really been that sneaky anymore. Julia says, he still scampers a little. Shelli asks who started the scampering thing? John says, probably Jeff. Shelli says, that's the best word ever. She wonders if live feeders have caught on to their scampering word. John says, they've probably caught all of them, & think they're stupid for using the words.


9:35 PM BBT Shelli & John talk about prisoners getting TV & newspapers. Shelli says, they don't get TV, & she would like to read a magazine. John says, he doesn't think prisoners get magazines. They talk about getting the yard 3 or 4 days a week.


9:36 PM BBT John says, they need to give them Shuffleboard & Air Hockey. Steve gets called to the DR. John says, bye Steve. Shelli wants to know if they are going to get called to the DR tonight. John says, he already was, & was told that he may get called back. Shelli says, if they are boring on the feeds, has there been a season where people weren't boring on the feeds? John says, he doesn't know, but Steve should. Shelli says, she's going to ask him when he comes out of the DR.


9:38 PM BBT Shelli says, it was nice to have 2 weeks to get adjusted to the camera's. John says, he may still be changing in a towel when he goes home. Shelli says, they will be paranoid that someone installed cameras. Shelli yawns. John says, she said it, & asks her what time it is? Shelli says, it's around 9 PM. John says, f'n A, God damn. They talk about how much they sleep in the house. Shelli says, her mom told her not to do that. John says, now they know why they sleep so much. Shelli says, she usually doesn't sleep all day. John asks Shelli if her mom watches the feeds? Shelli says, never before, but she thinks she watching this season.


9:40 PM BBT John asks if her family is all together where they can all watch the feeds together & have a party? Shelli says, no, they are all around. She tells John what they do & where they live. In the HNR, Jackie, Meg & James are all excited about keeping Shelli safe this week, putting Vanessa up & voting her out. Meg says, not to say anything, but John wants Austin & the twins out. Jackie leaves the HNR. Meg tells James that John was told 2 different stories about he meeting upstairs.


9:44 PM BBT In the WA. Vanessa tells Austin, if she were him, the only thing that was bad, but can be improved is that she likes guys they play hard to get a little, & aren't so needy. She tells Austin to back off some to help his game. Austin says, he might need some discussion on this. James goes to the WC, & opens the door. Jackie is in there. Jackie asks James if he saw anything? James says, no, just her face. Austin asks Vanessa what he can do about this right now?


9:46 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin to not act like he cares so much, because he's a very caring guy. Vanessa says, the only thing is that Liz thinks he seems too needy some times. Vanessa says, she wanted to hook him up with some info. Austin says, he knows what he needs to do, & he can do that. James goes back to the WA, & Jackie is out of the WC. James tells her he's sorry, & knocks on the WC. Jackie jokingly says, now you knock, & she laughs, as James goes in the WC.


9:48 PM BBT Jackie asks them if they are o.k.? Vanessa says, yes. Vanessa tells Austin that Liz asked him why he wasn't by her earlier. Vanessa says, it's human nature that one goes in, & the other backs off, & it goes the other way. He says, he got in trouble because of his answer to a discussion about cutting a cord today.


9:49 PM BBT Austin leaves the WA. Vanessa is putting on make-up & Jackie is fixing her hair. Jackie gets her clothes & takes them out of the WA. As she walks out, she tells Vanessa she has to do her laundry also. Vanessa says, she has days. Jackie says, yeah, she does. James comes out of the WC. He says, oh, man. Vanessa says, oh, man what? James says, the slop is messing with his stomach. Vanessa says, she knows, only a few more days. James says, only a few more days. James leaves the WA.


9:52 PM BBT Liz & Julia are playing pool in the BY. James talks to Austin & Meg in the KT about the slop. James says, he's trying to hold his farts in, except he can't when he gets nervous. Meg tells him thank you. In the HNR, Becky tells Jackie it makes perfect sense to call Vanessa out on her lying, dishonesty & betrayel. Jackie says, right, so when she says that about her if will be stupid. Becky says, it will be a speech & BB will have to edit it down. Becky tells BB she's sorry. Becky tells Jackie she has brass tacks.


9:54 PM BBT Jackie tells Becky they need to grab Austin & the twins right away, so no one gets in their heads. Becky says, no one told her about Jason, & she felt so stupid, because she didn't know what was going on. Becky says, maybe they just need to tell them what's going on. Jackie says, they are safe, so it's fine. Vanessa goes in the HNR, & interrupts their discussion. They play it off. Vanessa leaves HNR, & Becky tells Jackie, "Hi, we're plotting your funeral." Becky & Jackie walk out of the HNR.


9:57 PM BBT In the KT area, Meg tells Jackie she's making slop with ketchup. Jackie goes to the BY to work out. Julia & James are in the KT as well. In the BY, Liz & Austin are now playing pool. Julia walks out to watch them.


10:01 PM BBT Becky is looking in the refrigerator. James asks Meg if she's going to put her slop burgers on bread? Meg says, no, she wants to save bread for her snack. James says, it's so weird having dishes. Meg says, yes, they are in the cabinets. James says, someone left a damn mug in the sink. He says, they get mad when they see one cup in the sink.


10:03 PM BBT James finishes up making himself some food. Julia walks in the KT. Meg takes the cookies out of the oven. Julia says, perf, grandma, your cookies are the best. Julia says, the cookies are cooling. Meg says, they need to cool. James says, he's washing the mug in the sink, since someone just left it in there. James says, & this spoon. Becky & Meg are sitting at the glass table.


10:07 PM BBT Becky says, Thursday is going to be the test, but when they recover they should be o.k. Vanessa looks through the refrigerator, & says, this is the most challenging part of her day. Becky asks why? Vanessa says, because she gets hungry at night, & usually blows what's been a good day. Becky says, that's when you have a protein shake. Vanessa says, she's right, & makes herself a protein shake. Becky says, she started using the chocolate in her yogurt, & vanilla for the shakes.


10:08 PM BBT Meg tells HG's that organic ketchup is just tomatoes, & the regular ketchup is gross to her, because it has sugar in it. Becky looks at the bottle, & says, 4 grams isn't that much. Meg says, this one tastes so different, & they need to try organic ketchup. Vanessa leaves the KT. Becky tells Meg & James that she's not worried about Vanessa, she's worried about how Austin is going to react.


10:10 PM BBT Meg tells Becky she may want to tell Austin that it was a lose lose situation. Becky asks Meg is she should tell Austin just before the Veto Ceremony? Meg says, she may want to just let him know that she changed her mind because of things that happened. Becky says, she is going to pull just Austin to let him know. Meg says, what she's going to tell him will cover her bases all the way around, & it's a good idea. Becky says, they probably shouldn't be talking about it right there, & she asks where Shelli is?


10:13 PM BBT Becky tells John he looks good in his sweats & red hoodie. She says, she wants a hoodie that doesn't have a zipper on it, but she didn't bring one with her. Vanessa goes to the KT from the BY, & tells them that it's a serious pool game in the BY. They joke around about it having a lot of money on it & being a professional game.


10:14 PM BBT In the BY, Julia & Liz are being extremely loud with Austin at the pool game. Liz scratched. Shelli has a blanket wrapped around her & goes in the house behind Austin & Liz. Julia goes inside next. HG's in the KT are all trying grandma Meg's cookies.


10:15 PM BBT HG's in the KT say that Steve is in the DR about his tooth. Becky says, he was talking so bad today, & you could really hear that it's bothering him. Becky says, Johnny Mac said it looked bad the other day. They hope that he's getting it taken care of right now. Becky says, Johnny Mac said they should be able to give him antibiotics to help it until he can get it taken care of. Becky says, she can't believe last season that 2 people lost grandparents one right after the other. She says, it was Frankie & Derek.


10:20 PM BBT Julia chants, "Audrey's face, Audrey's face, no one has eaten Audrey's face yet." Her face is still left on the cake from the half-way party. HG's talk about Steve hanging out sometimes in the SR for his alone time. Shelli says, that's so sad. They think Steve's been sleeping more because of his tooth hurting him. Austin melts some of the chocolate down in the microwave. In the CBR, John tells Vanessa that he only eats when he's hungry. Vanessa says, she does to. She says, she only eats when she's hungry, but she doesn't eat every time she's hungry. John asks her what time it is? Vanessa says, around 10 PM maybe. John says, he can handle that. He's laying in his bed with a pink bandana over his eyes. Vanessa is reading her Bible in bed.


10:23 PM BBT Shelli & Austin are sitting at the DT eating their snacks. Becky & Julia are sitting at the glass table. Liz is walking around the KT, & Meg was cleaning up from the cookies. Julia says, no one at Audrey's face yet? Austin says, no, he's eating Da'Vonne's tonight. Julia says, Jackie wants her. Meg says, she will probably carry hers out & it will be moldy for Julie Chen to see it. They laugh. Meg tells Becky she's going to steal her music for a little bit, & she really wants to lay on that couch. Becky tells her to go for it.


10:26 PM BBT Becky talks in a funny voice that she does every so often. Julia says, she loves her alien voice. Julia tries to do it, but can't. Becky says, her & her sister can both do that. They find a glass that Steve's been using for salt water. Shelli says, he hasn't even complained about it at all. Becky tells them about one of her teeth getting cracked. She says, the foundation of her teeth have been bad, & she's needed so much dental work since the accident.


10:28 PM BBT Becky tells them that every time she needs a tooth fixed it's $200 - $400 dollars per tooth. She says, without dental insurance it's about $1,600 per tooth. Becky says, Steve has to be in pain. Becky says, when her mouth hurts it went from her ear inward. She says, it's so tender. Julia wants to see it, but she doesn't want to be abrasive. Liz says, she saw it, & the gum around it is so puffy swollen. Steve comes out of the DR. They tell him they're worried about him & they were hoping he got it fixed. He says, no, it wasn't about his tooth.


10:30 PM BBT Steve shows the 3 girls his tooth. He tells them he's shocked that they all want to see it. He says, it's not the tooth that's out of alignment, it's the one behind it, that's still in the gum. Steve goes to take his Advil. Liz goes to put her feet in the hot tub. Austin had walked in & walks back out with her to sit by the hot tub with her.


10:32 PM BBT In the HOHR, Meg tells Becky that Vanessa has been campaigning all day for Shelli to stay. She tells Becky that Vanessa has been with Steve all day today. Becky says, it's because they think Johnny Mac is going up. Meg says, they are trying to do what they did last week. Becky says, Steve wants Vanessa out really bad. Meg tells Becky she needs to get her rest tonight before tomorrow. Becky says, she will just sleep all day after the ceremony.


10:34 PM BBT Meg tells Becky that the 3 HN's just want to run to the HNR tomorrow after the ceremony, & put on the towels & sunglasses. She says, then when Vanessa runs in there they can just be like whatever. Meg says, sneaky little Becky. Becky says, when someone gives her a reason to lock & load she's going to do. Meg says, that leaves Shelli as a big target for double eviction, which is nice. Meg says, that's a little less scary. Becky says, for sure.


10:35 PM BBT Becky says, she hopes Austin & the twins will be o.k. with it. Meg says, she probably wants to talk to Austin just to smooth it over before, so he has an idea of what's going on. Becky says, she will wait until about 11 AM. Meg says, that's what they did last week. She says, last week was a sh*t show, a sh*t show. She says, they had a huge blow up. Becky says, she's kind of glad that Clay left first. Meg says, he couldn't stay after what happened. She says, everyone leaves for a reason, & she hopes the reason is that one of them doesn't go home during double eviction.


10:37 PM BBT Meg & Becky are watching the TV in the HOHR. Meg says, look at James walking around in circles talking to himself. They laugh. Meg says, Austin freaked out when he saw that. They comment on Larry, the voodoo doll, the heart Veto, the potato & the foam roller all in the LR. The keep watching James. Meg says, he's such a strange little man, & she's actually proud of him. She wonders what he's making.


10:40 PM BBT Becky says, it would be funny if Steve wins double eviction. Becky says, if he's going to win anything, it's going to be that one. Meg says, she has a gut feeling that he will win that one. She says, she wishes it was her, but she thinks it's going to be him. Meg asks who he puts up, Austin & Liz? Meg says, wouldn't that be a woe. She says, she hopes it's someone random. Meg says, she's terrified Shelli will win it. Becky says, James made a foil pen*s. Becky goes to the hallway to see what he made. She says, it's a hat. James says, Larry won the power of Veto of love.


10:44 PM BBT Becky says, she drank her protein shake to quick or something because her stomach feels sour, & she doesn't feel really good. Becky gets in bed under the comforter. Meg puts on the headphones & says, she's going to listen to music. Steve is in the LR with the hula hoop on the TV. Becky called that channel of the LR the scheme channel.


10:46 PM BBT In the BY, the conversation around the pool is about breast implants. Liz says, her implants are made of silicone. She says, saline looks more natural. Liz asks Jackie if she's ever come close to popping a boob? Jackie says, probably the eagle, & then she says, she's kidding.


10:48 PM BBT Julia says, she would love to go to Europe. Jackie says, she likes London, & she's been to Paris. Liz asks her if she's seen London Square? Jackie says, she was in that area. Julia asks if she saw the Queen's castle? Jackie says, yes, & she has a picture. Liz says, they are dying to go to Ireland. Steve drops his cookie in the hot tub. Jackie tells Shelli they will totally crash her trip to Ireland. Shelli says, if she still gets to go. Jackie asks if they have a time frame to use it? Jackie then says, she doesn't think so.


10:50 PM BBT The HG's discuss whether or not Ireland celebrates St. Patrick's Day. Steve says, it's tied to Catholicism is some way, & he believes that Ireland is a very Catholic area. In the LR, James gets more foil to continue making things. He puts something on the item that's in the chair on the right & laughs. He sits back down on the couch, & get up again to place another piece of foil on it.


10:53 PM BBT James goes to the HOHR & rings the doorbell. Becky tells him to come in. They say to each other. Meg tells him Becky's not feeling so hot. Becky tells him that her stomach is not feeling so hot. Becky says, Larry is on the block with the Veto & the hat. James says, he was board. Meg was watching him. Becky tells James that she's going to tell Austin at around 11 AM tomorrow. James says, don't tell him early. Becky says, she'll tell him then so he doesn't have an excessive amount of time.


10:55 PM BBT James says, there may be some fall out from it. Becky says, she's going to take something for her stomach. Meg says, she wants to stretch out downstairs soon. James asks Meg if she's so tired she could fall asleep on the couch? Meg says, maybe. James says, he wants to feel exhausted so he can go to sleep quick. He says, he's gotten better sleep in the dentist chairs than he did in the pull-out bed.


10:58 PM BBT Meg says, she seriously wants to pull her eyeballs out of her head she's so tired. James tells her if he could ball up his energy & give it all to her he would. Becky says, she feels like she's going to throw up. James tells her it looks like she has on some comfy a** shoes. She leaves the HOHR. James says, Becky is kind of hot. Meg says, dah, have you seen her bod? James says, she's kind of perfect. Meg says, yeah. James says, he might have a shot if he was an extra 10 feet. Meg laughs. He says, she's into guys like him, but she likes them tall. James talks about what Becky likes, & Meg asks him if he has a crush right now? He says, no, he's trying to stick to the girls back home & not get complicated in the BB house.

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11:00 PM BBT James and Meg are hanging out on the HOHR couch and talking about how much time they have spent together and how close they have become.  Shelli, Austin, Jackie, Steve and the twins are sitting by the Hot Tub talking about contact lenses.  Steve says he can’t do contact lenses.   Shelli asks the twins what would have happened if they didn’t make it to week five.  Would the twin twist have been revealed?  The twins don’t know. 


11:05 PM BBT In the HOHR, Meg tells James that sometimes she needs time alone, and sometimes when she takes a nap it’s not because she’s tired but because she doesn’t want to talk to people.  They begin talking about HOH and what Double Eviction will be like.


11:08 PM BBT Becky joins Meg and James in HOHR.  Becky tells James that she loves Larry’s hat...he looks like an Egyptian Pharoah!  Meg says he’s on the block though!  James says he’s won the veto, so he’ll be okay. 


11:15 PM BBT Austin and Steve are still by the HT and having an intense philosophical talk about sound and color and whether either exists if we can’t perceive them.  Austin is saying things only exist if they are perceived.  Steve covers his eyes and tells Austin he doesn’t exist.  Steve insists that he can’t just say what reality is. 


11:17 PM BBT In the HOHR, Becky tells James, Meg, and Jackie what she plans to tell Austin: Becky feels that Vanessa has no right to put herself in the middle so that the two different groups would come together to keep Vanessa safe.  She didn’t think Vanessa should have even thought of backdooring Austin since Austin has been so good to her.  Also Vanessa is not loyal to Shelli and yet Shelli is loyal to Vanessa.  Becky plans to apologize to Austin for talking so late, but she is protecting them in case Vanessa comes back into the game later on.


11:27 PM BBT The group in the HOHR are comparing notes on things that Vanessa has said to them.  She has told more than one person that they are the person she would be most likely to hang out with outside of the house.  They also find Vanessa and Shelli an odd pair.  Vanessa has told Jackie that the twins would not vote Shelli out.  They talk about Johnny Mac being safe.  Becky says “why would I win HOH and then just be Vanessa’s puppet?”  Jackie notes that they are at the point in the game that you have to put up two targets. 


11:34 PM BBT Austin is talking to Steve and Shelli about consciousness and death and his theory about what “déjà vu” is.  Shelli shares a déjà vu moment she had when she was unpacking her suitcase.  Steve says he is not going to pretend to understand the universe.  Shelli asks Steve what he thinks about Steven Hawking, but Steve again says he won’t pretend to understand Steven Hawking’s work.


11:38 PM BBT Meg and Jackie are repeating over and over that Shelli HAS to go after Vanessa.  They talk about what would happen if Shelli wins the Double Eviction HOH.  James thinks that if he were to go to jury he would have a good chance of coming back, but Meg points out that they don’t know the rules of how someone would come back into the house.  James is sure that he would be the one to go. 


11:42 PM BBT Becky giggles and says that she, Meg, and Jackie are like “James’ Angels” and they compare themselves to the Charlie’s Angels characters.  James likes it and he wants to go to the DR right away.  They fall silent as they watch something happening on the screen.


11:47 PM BBT Vanessa is eating at the DT.  The twins are in the KT and Austin comes in and asks what is happening.  The twins complain that Steve did not flush the toilet, and they are disgusted.  Austin says he “can’t even...”


11:48 PM BBT Becky is talking about the live feeders and that they want to see the houseguests.  Jackie notes that Vanessa and Shelli haven’t been all buddy-buddy.  Jackie feels bad for Shelli and wants to talk to her just girl-to-girl...not about game.  They look at the screen and wonder why the HGs in the KT are looking at the memory wall.  Becky thinks it might be “cakes and faces”  In the KT, Steve is looking at the picture of Liz and talking about the features that are different between the twins.  Steve notes which HGs have pictures where their tongues are visible.


11:56 PM BBT Shelli, Julia, and Steve talk about girls liking a taller guy.  Steve and Julia stand side by side and compare their height.  Shelli and Julia start talking about their weight.  The feed changes to Austin and Liz on the hammock in the BY.  Liz is worrying and whining to Austin about needing to figure things out.  She’s tired of not having control, since the other side has had power two weeks in a row.  Austin points out that you can’t win every week, so it’s great that they haven’t been targeted even while the other side of the house has been in control.

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