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Thursday, July 23 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1:00am-2:00am BBT: Austin and Liz ( Julia) talk about Austins talk with jason about the twins . jason told Austin that he wants the twins to come in the house to play together.

Liz (Julia) tells Austin about her talk with Steve and how Steve wants everyone tovote the same this week so people will stop thinking that he is Americas player. Liz (Julia) then tells austin  that she thinks it ios a good idea if he votes John out this week and austin agrees it is a job for Judas. She then tells him that Becky and jackie are really close and do everything together and he agrees that next week they will be his targets. Austin then says they will need to make deals to get through the next week then it will be a new game.

Jason is telling meg and Shelli about his conversation with Austin about the twins. he tells them that Austin told him the one that was in the house tonight's name is Julia. He then tells them that Austin wants Julia to go first so he can make it to jury with Liz. vanessa comes in and they tell her  the twin story and what Austin has told jason.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: AShelli goes to the HOh rm to tell Clay that Austin can not be trusted cause he has told jason about Liz and Julia now and how austin wants to get Julia out and not Liz so he can be in jury with Liz.Shelli then says that  Austin does not care abiout this group anymore he is only concerned about getting Liz to jury. Shelli tells clay she can not wait to talk to vanessa and tell her what all austin has said and done. Shelli says that Vanessa will be mad about this.

Clay and shelli talk about forming a new alliance with Meg, jason and vanessa but then again maybe becky, jackie and John and vanessa. they then decide to wait to see who wins HOh tomorrow night.

3:00am-5:00am BBT:Steve is telling James how much farther there is to go in this game  he says we are only a quarter of the way through now. Vanessa is telling meg that she thinks Audrey is Americas player. Jason then tells meg that he wants To evict Austin then Steve then get the twins out of the game.Meg agrees saying that Steve will  win this game if he makes it that far. Vanessa comes in and they tell her their plan and if they wait to get ZSteve out after the twins then he will win eveerything. meg jason and Vanessa call it a night and go to bed.

5:00am-5:30am BBT: Becky walks around the house  making  herself some tea and sitting in the LVr then goes to the STR then finally back to bed. All HG sleeping.

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 9:06am BBt: John is up and goes to the WC he then comes out washes his hands then heads to the STr to change his battery then back to bed.

9:55am BBT: HG still sleeping.

9:57am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB is waking the HG.

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10:21AM BBT The HG are up. Jason and James discuss movies and actors. Steve cleaning dishes.


10:30AM BBT HG doing ADLs


10:39AM VVT We are currently back to FOTH.


10:41AM BBT HG have started heading up to HOH room. Jackie, Austin and Becky talk about Audrey and being in the HOH room. It sounds like they gave Audrey the second HOH room for the LD.


10:45AM BBT We are on Jeff reels.

10:43AM BBT Before we went to Jeff reels, they did show the 2nd HOH room. Audrey is on the bed. The room is open for any HG as Steve and James both walked in and out of the room.

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 1:09pm BBt: Feeds come back with James vacuuming the LVR, Vanessa in the ocean rm talking to Meg about getting a shower and  doing their hair. 

1:11pm BBT: Jackie lays in bed with meg asking why is there crumbs in this bed and meg laughs then Jason laughs. James  and Steve are checking out the vacuum cleaner.

1:17pm BBT:Steve walks through the LVR and James ask how the room looks and Steve says good. James goes in the KT and ask Julia and James if they still have to wear their Wack streets outfits tonight and then we get Jeff's Reels

1:20pm BBT: Julia asking John if he is making a BLT tonight and he says yeah do you want one and Julia says yeah. Steve then comments on Johns bears.

 1:24pm BBT: Vanessa, Meg, Jason, James, Jackie and Austin in the OBR talking about taking showers with their best friends or other people. Jason says if you have has sex  then you can take a shower together but until then no showers together. 

Becky is cleaning the KT with Shelli, Julia and clay as Steve makes a BLT.

1:31pm BBT: Clay is in the Wa giving John a hair cut. Vanessa is sitting there watching and Shelli is washing her hands. 

1:36pm BBt: HG sitting around the OBR talking general talk . Clay still cutting John's hair while Shelli is doing her hair.

1:42pm BBt: James talking to Meg, Jackie and Jason about the have nots and he is asking if they went on slop Saturday morning why do they not have to go till Friday night before they can eat? Why can they eat tonight? Jason says they go by hours and tonight they can eat.

1:47pm BBT: Most Hg are laying down talking general talk about hair cuts as clay is still cutting Johns hair in the WA.

1:55pm BBT: Most Hg in the WA doing  hair and asking Steve what hair style he wants. Steve says Clay i am trusting you here. Clay says well you really don't have a choice and everyone laughs.

 1:58pm BBT: Meg, Jason and Becky inn the KT looking at the memory wall and eating. Audrey is in the HVNR sleeping under covers. Most Hg still in the WA watching Steve get a hair cut.

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2:05 PM BBT HG's are in the WA. Shelli says, the name of Clay's barber shop is Honeycutt's Super Sweet Styles. Everyone is there laughs. Clay is Cutting John's hair. They are all wondering what tonight's HOH competition will be. Liz (Julia) says, they didn't get time to practice. Steve is sitting on the couch next to Liz (Julia). Austin walks out of the WA. Vanessa is getting ready, & has a turquoise towel on her head. James is in the hot side of the shower.


2:08 PM BBT Jackie, Jason & Meg are in the KT sitting at the glass table. Meg & Jason are eating turkey dogs with bread. Jason says, they are eating burnt turkey dogs that he made in someone else's unclean pan. Jackie says, it probably had her slop on the pan. Jackie says, they smell so good, & turkey dogs are bomb. Jason tells the HG's in the WA that it's 2:03 PM BBT (The clock in the house is behind the live feed time). We see FOTH for a moment.


2:12 PM BBT FOTH has come & gone a couple times. Meg says, she needs a haircut. Austin is in the KT now. HG's in the KT talk about where they were when the show went to them. We see FOTH a few more times. John is done with his haircut. He tells Clay it looks good. James is out of the shower. Clay is getting ready to cut Steve's hair. Clay says, a lot of hair will come off. Steve says, he's o.k. with that. Shelli says, Clay made it look so pro when he was cutting John's hair. Austin comes in & asks Clay how he did that to Johnny Mac? Clay says, he doesn't know.


2:17 PM BBT Clay tells Steve he has really thick hair. Steve says, it's good for girls running their fingers through it. Becky is in the WA now putting lotion on her body. Jason comes in to see if the shower is open. He tells Meg, get on it girl. Austin looks really awkward, standing in the WA with his hands in both of the pockets of his sweat pants.


2:18 PM BBT The girls in the WA talk about spray tanning, & how they don't like laying in the sun, or going to tanning beds. The camera view switches to the OBR. Meg asks Jason if the HOH is closed? Jason says, it is at this time. Meg says, they are already cleaning it. Meg wanted to take a shower up there. Jason says, that's not going to happen. Meg says, clearly. She says, she doesn't know what she's going to where yet, & she doesn't like to get ready with everyone in the WA.


2:22 PM BBT Meg & Jason talk about the twins going up against each other when they are in the house. Meg & Jason go to the WA. Shelli describes her outfit that she's going to wear tonight, a red dress with a black jean jacket & wedges. Meg says, she's going to put on comfy clothes for now. We see FOTH for a moment. There is a good amount of hair on the floor from Clay giving haircuts.


2:24 PM BBT Becky & Jason talk about montages that were done on previous seasons. Shelli says, she watched all the episodes, but she didn't go back to watch them, so they are as fresh in her head as they are in theirs. Shelli says, she gets the coaches theme to help them stay in the game longer. Shelli says, Steve's hair looks really good. Meg says the same thing. Austin has walked back in & is watching Clay.


2:26 PM BBT Meg is in the hot side of the shower. Vanessa is using the mirror by the WC to do her make-up. Shelli gets called to the DR. Meg tells Steve she can see Steve's face now, it's amazing. Liz (Julia) says, it looks like a broom now. Jason says, that may not be a compliment. He says, you shouldn't go from a mop to another cleaning item. They are laughing. Steve says, from mop to Stefan. Liz (Julia) wonders if she has to wear her hat. She says, she hats that f*cking hat. She says, it doesn't fit & it itches.


2:30 PM BBT Clay gets called to the DR. Steve says, "What, this is bull." Liz (Julia) tells him he can't get up, because there is hair everywhere. The camera view goes to the HNR. Audrey tells Vanessa that it was mean spirited that Becky went in there with pizza, & said production told her she could have it, & then they pulled her in there & said she was getting a penalty. We see FOTH. Vanessa says, she did it out of kindness, it wasn't mean. She says, she took a hot shower, she had the lights off, & she did so many things already, it's probably not worrying about it. We see FOTH.


2:31 PM BBT Vanessa says, Becky didn't do anything to hurt her, she was trying to help her. Audrey says, she's had the side effects of the meds, but she hasn't taken any since last night. Jackie & Austin go in the HNR, & turn the lights on. Becky gets told to please put on her microphone. Becky walks in the HNR. Vanessa tells Audrey to keep her speech classy. She says, she really doesn't have to say anything. Audrey says, she should say Merry Christmas.


2:34 PM BBT Audrey says, Happy Easter. Vanessa tells her to stick with one holiday & stick with it. Vanessa asks Audrey if she's ready? She tells her to get on it. Vanessa tells her that at least she doesn't have 17 pimples on her face. Becky says, she has a white head. Vanessa says, her whole face hurts. Vanessa tells Audrey, everyone loves her personality. She tells her to just be herself, so she's remembered that way when she leaves the show. Audrey says, Happy Birthday now. Vanessa tells Jackie she wants to say the holidays. Jackie says, she can say Merry Christmas at the end. Vanessa asks her to please end it that way, that would be so random. Audrey says, she can make fake confetti out of toilet paper. Vanessa tells her, she's been in that room to long.


2:36 PM BBT Jackie says, they are all stick stuck in the house. Audrey asks how much time they have? Jackie says, it's like 2:30 PM BBT, so about 3 hours. She says, they have to do rehearsal yet, & go back to the HOHR. Jackie walks out of the HNR. Vanessa tries to remember what she has worn so far on eviction night. Vanessa says, she should wear her lucky suspenders since she's worn them every week so far. Audrey says, she had some weird a** dreams last night, but she can't remember them.


2:38 PM BBT Audrey says, she would literally shut her eyes, & go into a dream. Vanessa asks if the meds helped? Audrey says, yes. We see FOTH. Audrey says, she should just let her speech go, stand up & say, a wise man once said, Merry Christmas, & blow some fake snow. Vanessa says, that would be fun. Vanessa says, although that would be funny, for her not to do it. She tells her to drink some coffee. Audrey says, she's just going to go home & eat take-out.


2:41 PM BBT Vanessa says, she may have an opportunity to come back. Audrey says, it would probably be this week if she does, she doesn't see them making Jace sit there for 5 weeks. Vanessa has no idea, she says, that's a Jason question. Audrey says, she should blow the snow in Shelli's face. Audrey talks about her DR sesh yesterday. We see FOTH.


2:43 PM BBT We come back to Audrey reenacting what she did the DR yesterday. She says, wait a minute, what the f*ck, I woke up in the HNR by myself, & I said is this real, is this really real? I found a knife in my back with Shelli's name. Is this real, is this really real? Somebody please tell me how is this my life. Would everyone stop telling lies. Audrey says, then she fell on the floor. Vanessa tells her to stop this sh*t & get her sh*t together. She says, she's going be on live TV, & she needs to keep it classy that everyone is going to see.


2:44 PM BBT Vanessa tells Audrey to start the process. She asks where her eyelashes are? Audrey says, she has to dry her hair. She tells Vanessa if there is a twist & she walks back in the house, she will say, Merry Christmas & blow the confetti. Vanessa says, it's a deal, & walks out. Audrey turns the life off. She laughs, & says, she hates her life. She turns the lights on, off, & on. She gets up & looks through her black BB bag.


2:46 PM BBT Audrey walks out of the HNR. She tells Meg that she should just get up & say Happy Birthday, & sit back down. Meg says, it's her time, she can say whatever she wants to. Audrey says, she should say, a wise man once said, Meg, you're a smoke bomb. Meg laughs, & says, she will literally pee her pants if she does that.


2:48 PM BBT Audrey goes to the WA. Shelli tells everyone she has the best brand of dry shampoo. She says, it does have white residue that some people don't like, but she does like it, because she has light hair. Shelli is spraying her hair, & says, she loves hair stuff. Shelli says, she even puts the dry shampoo on after she washes her hair. She says, it feels like it gives her some volume.


2:50 PM BBT Audrey is telling Shelli about what she wants to say, but we can't hear it over the blow dryer & others talking. Jason says, Clay may have lied about his profession. He says, he may be a professional hair stylist. Shelli jokingly says, he's actually 30, & his secret is safe with her, but she told them all. Audrey is in the COLD side of the shower. Audrey says, they specifically told her not to sing, that it's her moment. We get FOTH. Vanessa & Shelli thinks it would be a cute idea.


2:53 PM BBT Shelli thinks they have a ghost in the house. She says, her ghost follows her, & wants to talk a lot, but she says, not right now. Shelli tells Clay, Steve's hair looks amazing. Meg says to Clay, can't you suck at something? He doesn't respond. Shelli tells Steve it makes him look like a stud muffin. Steve thinks he needs a little bit more off the top of his hair. He says, he's going to shower. Clay gets the scissors to trim a little more off the top. We see FOTH for a moment.


2:56 PM BBT Jackie says, her nipple was showing. HG's joke about people rewinding feeds to see. Shelli asks if feeds are on? Steve says, yes, but the question is was there an angle for people to see it? The camera view goes to the CBR where James & Austin are getting ready. Austin says, he's worried about Steve. He tells James, that's his worst nightmare. James says, he didn't mean to get in his head. We see FOTH.


2:58 PM BBT We come back to live feeds with James deciding to wear a tie. Austin says, he's going to bring a little color to the world. James has a black colored shirt on, tan pants, & he's putting a purple striped tie on. Meg gets told to please exchange her microphone with one in the SR. Austin has a black t-shirt on with black pants. Austin says, he feels very somber. He is worried that they may throw a twist right before the eviction. James says, what if they do a rewind? He says, they can tell them, they thought they were going to do an eviction this week, & they can say, sorry, you are all safe. James says, then Audrey is HOH. Austin says, that would be straight up bullsh*t is they do that. James says, it would be.


3:01 PM BBT Audrey is standing in the hallway by the HNR using the mirror in the wardrobe to tweeze her eyebrows. She opens the door to the CBR, & closes it. Audrey opens the CBR door again, & asks Austin & James if they watched Season 6? Austin says, what is she trying to do. Season 6 was the season with secret pairs. They open the door to the CBR, & Austin tells James to run, run, run. Austin says, what the f*ck was that all about? They go to the WA.


3:04 PM BBT James & Austin use a lint roller on each others shirts. Austin says, it's a whole new world for Stefan. Steve puts his glasses on, & says, thank you to Clay. Steve says, he's going to shower & then vacuum. Steve asks Clay if he's cutting anyone else's hair? Clay says, no. Shelli & Meg talk about all the hair on the floor, & they can make a house pet out of it. Shelli is working on her make-up using the mirror by the sink.


3:07 PM BBT Jackie is taking a shower on the COLD side of the shower. Steve asks her if it will mess her up if he showers as well. she asks him to wait. Jackie says, he can vacuum first. He wants to wait until he has all the hair off of him first. Vanessa uses the lint roller on her shirt. Liz (Julia) is doing her make-up using a mirror on the couch. Meg tells Vanessa she loves her blonde hair so much.


3:09 PM BBT The girls in the WA talk about there being so many blondes this season. The girls talk about loving their make-up. Someone gets called to the DR, & Clay says, who? No one answers him. John is lounging on a couch in the LR. James & Jason are in the OBR. James asks Jason what he thinks the HOH will be? Jason says, questions. James says, he does also. He says, d*mn. Jason says, it may be the one about the order of things. Jason says, there are usually 3 choices for that one. James says, if his mind tells him one way, he will go another.


3:14 PM BBT James tells Jason the camera is looking at his jewelry box. Jason says, he doesn't care. He says, feeds probably aren't even on right now, so he doesn't know why they are looking at him. James says, do you think feeds are off? Jason says, yes, usually on Thursday's they are off most of the day. James walks out. Steve walks by. Jason says, looking good. He says, Clay is awesome, that's why he thinks he's lied about his job. He says, he's been a hair dresser all along. Jason finishes putting his jewelry on his clothes, & walks out.


3:17 PM BBT Jason is in the WA. He says, he invented the wh*orekini. Shelli says, Clelli. Jason says, so, you've accepted the Clelli, instead of the Shay? Shelli says, whatever the people think. Jason say, it's definitely Clelli out there. They talk about other nicknames. Jackie is out of the shower, & wrapped in a blue towel. Meg is curling her hair by the sink.


3:20 PM BBT We see FOTH. Then we go to Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.

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7:10PM BBT: Feeds are back, Jason is mad because he says that he helped Vanessa study for the HoH competition. Jason is saying that Vanessa may go after him now. He is talking to Clay and Meg now. The rest of the HGs are talking about the whack street boys and what Julie said about them.


7:15PM BBT: Vanessa is in the wash room with Austin, Clay is in the purple room with James Jackie,Meg, Jason and now Vanessa are all in the ocean room talking about the show.


7:20PM BBT: the Have-Nots are waiting to eat at 12AM BBT:  tonight, Vanessa is excited about getting a new letter tonight. Jackie is talking about her brother. Clay has his pants on the table and is cleaning them with a lint roller. Jason, Jackie, Vanessa and Meg are in the purple room talking about what all they want to get tonight in their HoH. Julia is eating something out of a bag. John is eating slop.


7:25PM BBT: Steve asked what the name of the HoH competition was (POP til you Drop) Now James is talking about Frankie from BB16. In the purple room they are still talking about the HoH competition.


7:31PM BBT: The HGs are just sitting around talking about the HoH competition and the show. Their food is getting really low. BB hasn't given them food and they are not happy about it. They found some steaks to cook for dinner.


7:40PM BBT: The HGs are talking about whether are not Audrey was America's player, And since she is out is there another America's player. They are now confronting Liz as to rather or not she was Jeff's fourth vote. All of the HGs are in the purple room, They are talking about how Julie does the votes on the show.


7:45PM BBT: They think they will be bored now without Audrey in the house. Now they are talking about how she got cheered, And how they could hear Julie talking during the show and how quick it was. James is in the kitchen, Austin is doing push-ups in the living room .


7:50PM BBT: The HGs are now talking about how the BB take overs seem to have ended. 


In the OCR they are talking about how they have no food, and the BB take overs, John is in the kitchen with James. Jackie is talking about what kind of wine she wants. They are now talking about wine.


7:55PM BBT: Jackie is called to the DR, She is getting her HoH key, they start singing lets get this party started and we get the FotH.


8:00PM BBT: James says that a guy needs to win HoH, it's been all the girls winning it. James says he bets that a guy goes home this week, Clay says "if it's that same pattern then yes it's a guy, girl, guy, girl pattern"


8:05PM BBT: Vanessa is talking about what all she wants in her HoH, Spray tan and Port wine. Becky is packing up her stuff in the have not. Jason and Meg are looking for food in the storage room, sounds like BLT time. Jason is complaining that he can't win. Jason wants Jackie to stay HoH. Meg is leaning on the ironing board and she breaks it. They are laughing about it. Jason is now talking about the the twins. Vanessa is laying in bed in the OCR by herself.


8:10PM BBT: Jackie is out of the DR, but she doesn't have her key. Becky is brushing her hair. and Vanessa is still just laying in the bed, John comes in to unpack.


8:15PM BBT: Vanessa is called to the DR, and they start talking about how Shelli got her letter from her dog.


8:20PM BBT: they are looking for food, they found steak and pasta, and peppers. Meg is cooking bacon they are all in the kitchen area, they are eating the angel food cake now. The Have-Nots can't eat until 12AM.


8:25PM BBT: Austin is working out in the living room , James is laying on the sofa, and the others are still in the kitchen are sitting at the counter talking, no game talk.

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8:40PM BBT The Whack Street Boys haven't changed out of their whitey's yet.  Jason suggests that Jackie try to backdoor Liz (Julia).  He thinks Steve has been throwing every comp.  He worries that if Jackie goes after Vanessa's allies, she'll go after Jackie's.


8:45PM BBT Jackie tells James he's OK with her.  Jason wants her to put up Steve and Liz and tell Steve to throw it.  Other HG keep interrupting her. Shelli says Vanessa is struggling with her nominations.


8:55pm BBT Vanessa and Jackie meet in the CBR.  Jackie says she could nominate Liz because Liz nominated her.   She wants to put Steve up next to her.   They promise not to backdoor each other. Vanessa says she had the same idea for nominations.  Jackie jokes she could always nominate Johnny Mac.  Jackie surprises Vanessa when says she would like to stay HoH.

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9:00 PM BBT Vanessa tell Jackie in the CRL that she's really happy to be working with her. Vanessa tells her she's really tight with Shelly & Clay. Jackie says, she' excited to work with Shelli & Clay. Jackie says, what they want to do can't get out, otherwise the whole house is going to go crazy. Vanessa tells Jackie that Austin shouldn't find out. Jackie says, she wants to have an easy week, enjoy it, & what they say at the beginning of the week, they need to stick with it.


9:03 PM BBT Vanessa says, she wants to be loyal. Jackie says, she wants to make game moves, & it may suck. Vanessa says, they should do a Vegas Magazine cover. She says, like 702 or Vegas Magazine. Vanessa says, you couldn't get two more different chick's together. They high-five each other. Jackie says, at home, she's the one you don't want to p*ss off. Vanessa says, ditto. Jackie says, she only lives 5 minutes away.


9:05 PM BBT Vanessa promises Jackie that she will not say anything to anyone. Vanessa says, she came in from TAR, with a huge target on her back. Jackie wants to make it until September. Vanessa says, anytime Jackie talks to someone that when she talks to someone if she doesn't put them up, to make sure they won't put her up next week. Vanessa says, not only do they want to make jury, but they want to make top 10. Jackie says, they don't know what they're going to do about the twins. Jackie asks if she should ask her. Vanessa says, she can ask her, because she gets a good read on people. (If Jackie only knew that Vanessa not only knows, but she knows Julia's name, & she's been working with them.)


9:08 PM BBT Jackie says, she may give Vanessa Steve to try to get someone she knows to throw the comp to leave her as HOH. She says, she can talk to Jason, but she says, she can't put him up again, because he may stay on the block. Vanessa says, they have to get a group together to help. Vanessa says, then he'll be safe. Jackie says, that person will be safe. Vanessa tells her to ask someone that hasn't been on the block yet. (Vanessa doing Austin's dirty work already).


9:10 PM BBT Vanessa wants to confront Austin & Liz or Liz (Julia) because she heard something that they said from a reliable source. Jackie says, obviously it's not from Audrey. Vanessa says, no. Jackie doesn't want anyone to find out who they are talking about putting up. Vanessa says, she doesn't have deals with Meg, Jason or Becky. Jackie says, if Vanessa puts up Becky & Clay they would win for sure. Vanessa says, she needs people to understand & volunteer. Jackie says, neither of them can go home, because those are people she's close with. Jackie says, they can put up Liz & Steve, & then the Veto can be used to save Steve, & then she will put up Austin.



9:13 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie to make sure who she wants to go actually goes, because otherwise they get off the block, & then it's a loaded gun going around the house. Vanessa says, she wants it to be in the past with what happened with Jeff. Jackie says, it's o.k., she was worried about being alone. Vanessa tells her that there are other trustworthy people in the house, & Shelli is very very trustworthy. Vanessa asks if it's o.k. with putting Becky & Clay up? Jackie says, they would win it for sure. Vanessa asks if Meg would go up. Vanessa says, John may volunteer, but he'll want to know who would go up as the replacement nom. Jackie says, Steve. Vanessa says, John wouldn't be o.k. with that. Jackie says, he's o.k.


9:16 PM BBT Jackie says, she doesn't want to put Johnny Mac up. Vanessa says, she can't put him up again, so Jackie would be the Johnny Mac virgin. Jackie asks if people know? Vanessa says, everyone will see Johnny Mac going up, & they will know what's going on. They try to figure things out some more.


9:19 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie that maybe Steve needs to be on her side. (Because she's working with him). Jackie says, he can't go on her side, because then he will be safe no matter what. Vanessa pretends not to understand. Vanessa says, Shelli & Clay are a couple, & she doesn't think people will vote out Clay. Vanessa says, Becky will win. She tells Jackie that Johnny Mac could be her little back door. Vanessa says, to leave Steve off the block, & he can be her back door. Jackie says, if you put Liz & Steve together on Vanessa's side. Vanessa is going to try to get herself to be the HOH again the way she's getting into Jackie's head.


9:22 PM BBT Jackie says, she doesn't trust these people. She says, all it's going to take is one overhead conversation or one mole, & this will blow up. Jackie seems certain that she wants to put Liz & Steve up on the block. Vanessa says, maybe someone will volunteer. Jackie says, they can talk to their people. She says, she doesn't want to put up Shelli, because she kept her safe when she was HOH. Jackie says, she's not sure if Shelli & Clay would throw a comp.


9:25 PM BBT Vanessa says, if Jackie can get Becky to agree to be put up, she would get Clay to. Jackie says, you need to put up one strong person & one brain up. Vanessa keeps questioning Jackie what if this, & what if that? Then, they won't get down. Vanessa asks Jackie if she's stressed yet? Jackie says, yes. Vanessa tells her to wait until they have to start questioning people. Jackie asks if she's going to hate it? Vanessa says, no one talked sh*t about her, so she has nothing to worry about. Jackie wants to know if the HG's are sh*tting themselves right now, because they both play the same way.


9:27 PM BBT Jackie says, they are kind of starting over right now. Vanessa says, they need to look at things, since there's really no target this week, & they need to do what will get them further in the game. Vanessa says, this seems to what people really want, & she's done going against the house. She says, she tried that once, & it wasn't nice. Jackie says, she was yelled at by Jeff once, & her family had to watch that, & she had to yell back. They laugh. Vanessa says, it's good that they made jury. She says, they will sweat the rest, & she's happy to let Jackie do that from her thrown, & she can do it from her de-throwned bed downstairs.


9:30 PM BBT Vanessa asks Jackie if she can tell she was on edge when she was HOH? Jackie says, sort of. Vanessa says, she likes Austin, but she doesn't like what she heard. Vanessa says, she has no loyalty to Liz. Jackie tells Vanessa this would be a big move going into the future. She tells them with Austin & Liz' showmance, & them going forward as 3 people, with Austin feeding her all the information. Jackie says, this won't be good. She says, if you get rid of him (Austin) now, then he'll go home & there's nothing he can do about it. Vanessa says, what about the twins? Jackie says, if the twins go, she'll smooth it over, because they're twins.


9:32 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie she can NOT let them that she knew what she is about to do. Jackie says, she won't, but she can NOT tell anyone. Vanessa promises not to. Vanessa tells Jackie, when they go to bed tonight, they need to figure this out. Vanessa says, she has no idea who to really put up. She says, she has no deals & she's on good terms with everyone. she says, at some point she has to pick sides, it may be time to do that, & if she has to do it, it would be good to be on Jackie's side. She says, it doesn't work to keep going. Jackie says, she'll get the blood on her hands with Austin.


9:35 PM BBT Vanessa wants to see about James & John, then she can tell them she'll get dethrowned & they'll be safe. Jackie says, she can't do that, because then they'll know. Vanessa plays like she forgets again. She continues to play with Jackie, but Jackie is on her toes with Vanessa. Vanessa asks how they can do this without needing to throw. (Like they haven't already thrown all the comps so far.) Vanessa says, that can go against her in the future. (Really, Vanessa.)


9:37 PM BBT Jackie says, they need to put up a pawn. Vanessa says, she could put up Meg, because if anything, she owes her for saving Jason last week. Jackie says, she could possibly put up John. (Really, not again.) Jackie says, she could put up Austin, but that would be to obvious. Vanessa says, it would be so big to put Austin up, but she has to make sure he did what she did. Now, Vanessa is trying to keep Austin safe, by putting him on her side. Oh my!


9:39 PM BBT 9:39 PM BBT Jackie is wanting now to put up Johnny Mac to throw the comp. Vanessa says, she wants to put up Meg, because they'll win. Jackie says, the ones for Vanessa to need to be guaranteed to be safe. Vanessa says, if Steve wins Veto he can keep nom's the same. Jackie says, he won't. She says, he will not do anything without being told what to do. Vanessa says, she's not going to tell anyone they are safe. Jackie says, she'll tell everyone she doesn't know where her head is, but she does know where it is.


9:42 PM BBT Vanessa is pretending that she doesn't want to stay in power this week. Jackie agrees to take the front bedroom, & Vanessa wants to take the back bedroom. They are looking forward to their baskets & letters. They discuss Austin, & that Vanessa really trusted him until last week. Jackie says, he seems to be here to put on a show. She says, she questions if he's there for his wrestling or for Liz. Jackie says, every time they talk about America's Player, or people voting differently, Austin always acts weird. She says, he paces back & forth, & gets frantic. She tells Vanessa to pay attention to him. Jackie says, he gets that way when he says someone is lying. Jackie says, she thinks he's the one lying.


9:45 PM BBT Vanessa says, everything that they talked about in the CRL stays in the Vegas Vault. She says, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. They congratulate each other. They leave the CRL. In the KT, Steve says, he's glad Audrey got the penalty vote for breaking the rules. Liz (Julia) says, Audrey left the HNR a mess. Steve asks if it was all her though? Liz (Julia) says, she thinks it was. Vanessa goes to the WA, & sits on the couch. Jackie comes out of the WC & washes her hands in the sink. Vanessa says, everyone can tell when her brain is working really hard, then she goes in the WC. Jackie goes to the KT. Liz (Julia) tells Jackie that everyone's in the OBR.


9:48 PM BBT Shelli, Clay, Meg, Jason, & James are in the OBR when Jackie goes in there. Vanessa come in, & then Austin follows. Shelli says, they are the Vegas girls as HOH's this week. Vanessa says, she misses her girlfriend, & she's excited she'll see her soon. They talk about who the letters may be from. They talk about the pictures being on paper. James asks if they have to give back the pictures? Shelli says, the pictures are probably ones you already have. Meg says, she doesn't think you're allowed to take the pictures. Shelli tells Clay she has a song stuck in her head. Clay wants to know what it is. Shelli doesn't want to get in trouble for singing it.


9:53 PM BBT Meg wants to see the HOHR's so she has something to do. James wants beer & wine. Steve comes in the OBR, & sits on the pull-out bed with James & Austin. James says, d*mn Steve, you did all of those dishes? Did you sweep to? Steve says, yes. James & Austin get up & leave. Meg says, she's tired, & Thursday is their long day. James goes in the KT, & asks if Steve did a good job on the dishes? Austin says, probably not. We can't see them, but we can hear them talking. James asks if they stink. Austin says, they'll probably have to rewash them. Clay asks Vanessa if she's hungry. Vanessa says, yes, but she's trying not to eat sh*t. James gets told to stop that.


9:56 PM BBT BB says, attention HG's, the SR is temporarily unavailable. Vanessa thinks she has bug bites on her face with the zits. James says, there are definitely beef cakes in the SR. BB says, attention HG's, the SR is now available. James goes in there & says, they got baby shampoo. Liz (Julia) asks if there's alcohol? She says, lies. She is sitting by Steve now. HG's are looking for a mosquito that's in the house somewhere.


9:58 PM BBT Steve asks Shelli if she opened the last can of mixed nuts? Shelli says, yes, because she's going to be a HN tomorrow, & won't get anymore Brazil nuts. Steve says, he wants to take a can of mixed nuts to see if they are really less than 50 percent peanuts, but actually counting out the nuts in the can. Steve says, it would be weird if Vanessa gets a letter from the same person again. Vanessa says, it might be from her mom than. She says, if it is, she will start it with my little Pinessa. She says, that's always been her nickname.


10:01 PM BBT Liz (Julia) says, she has big feet. She asks Steve if he has any nicknames. He says, no. Liz (Julia) calls him Stevie & Stefan. He says, that's only in the house. Jason is sleeping in the OBR, & he snoring really loudly. Meg has gotten up & walked out. Liz (Julia) asks what they are doing? Steve says, rolling camera's around, but that's production, & he's not going to talk about it. Steve says, he's not gotten buzzed today, & he's going to keep that going.


10:03 PM BBT Meg is eating nuts at the DT. Jackie & Austin are also sitting at the DT. Austin seems to be lurking to try & find out what's going on with the HOH's. Vanessa & Jackie get called to the DR. Jackie says, they called that. Jackie says, she's going to push the button. Vanessa says, she's got it, she's so excited.


10:05 PM BBT Becky & Shelli are now sitting at the DT. James is in the KT. All HG's are waiting for Jackie & Vanessa to come out of the DR. John is waiting in the OBR with Steve, Liz (Julia) & Jason. They are talking about sleeping arrangements for tonight. John says, he's taking his bed back, by force, if he has to. Steve asks if that's a threat? John says, no, he'll just push him out. John says, he tested the lights in the CBR earlier & they work. Liz (Julia) is excited.


10:08 PM BBT Steve says, he wonders what they are doing during this time. He asks if they are just pumping them up to be energetic. Austin gets called to the SR. James goes to the SR, & tries to press the button, & doesn't get let in. Austin gets a different microphone, & he says, BB broke his microphone, & it doesn't clip to his shirt right anymore. Meg says, her microphone had blue paint all over hers from that stupid comp. Becky says, they didn't give you wet mics for that? Then she says, they give you both mics. She says, they were covered in honey also. Shelli is brushing her teeth in the WA. James is picking his face in the mirror by the WC. Clay is chomping on nuts while sitting on the couch in the WA.


10:11 PM BBT Clay asks if Johnny Mac is sleeping? James says, he always sleeps after comps. Austin walks to the WA. Shelli asks James if she can use his Vaseline? James says, yes. Clay asks if it was in his HOH basket? Shelli says, I thought you got it out of the SR. James says, he did, he wanted to see what Clay would say about him getting it in his HOH basket. They laugh. Austin is in the WC. They all walk out of the WA. Clay goes to get coffee. Shelli says, they will be drinking a lot of it next week. Becky says, she's really hungry, & can't wait to eat real food. Shelli says, those nuts weren't even satisfying, she just has a nut obsession.


10:14 PM BBT Becky tells Shelli that she cleaned the HNR. Shelli says, that's good, because they're all ready to move in. Jackie & Shelli come out of the DR, & say, "Who wants to see out HOH room?" They get excited, & then so does everyone else. All of the HG's go upstairs.


Jackie's HOH Letter: Hi Jackie, This is your dad writing you from Nguyen, Columbia. I really would like for you to visit me here for the holidays. It gets more beautiful here in Columbia the more I stay here. I'm recovering well from my brain surgery, & most grateful for you, for taking me back & forth to the brain surgeons, & for your attention & care. I feel great and well, and very energized. Keep up the good work, & don't forget to have fun along the way. You mean so much to me. I love you, & you know I'm always thinking of you. My dad.


Vanessa's HOH Letter: Dear Vanessa, I am so so proud of you Vanessa. I can only imagine the mix of emotions you must be experiencing as HOH. I've realized many things during your time away. That I miss you & love you are given. Beyond the obvious, however, I've discovered how much you have inspired me in your tireless effort to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, exploring the unknown, uncovering self truths, & discovering more about your self identity. Now to catch you up on the family. Teesha will start her residency in a few weeks. The most recent topic of discussion has been her wedding, & we have spent the last few weeks searching for that perfect venue. Tiffany has been busy preparing for her new teaching position at an Innovative Private School for this fall. Jim & I have been so busy working we have not been fishing in at least a month, longest time ever. But, both of us are really looking forward to lobstering season in August. O.K. Little Pinessa it's time to say goodbye for now. We all love you & miss you & support you every step of the way. Love, Mom, Jim, Tiffany, Teesh, Kimba & Koda Woof Woof 


10:40 PM BBT Clay is cooking steak in a frying pan on the stove. He is using a knife & fork to flip & cut through them. Clay leaves one piece of the steak with blood still coming out of it. He puts it in a container on the sink. John comes out of the HOH. Clay says, Johnny Mac, I've got some steaks coming along for you. Clay is eating the steaks as he cooks. John says, it's getting close, an hour & a half to go. He says, they should use the beeper time, which is 3 minutes soon. Shelli comes downstairs, & says, she loves that.


10:42 PM BBT John says, he's so excite to be able to eat anything he wants. Shelli says, because why not. Clay walks to the SR, & comes back & says, he needs to get in the SR. Shelli asks if it's locked? Clay says, they may be counting. Clay goes up to Shelli & kisses her on her neck or cheek. She says, she really loves the Nutella. Clay says, he's never really been a fan. Shelli says, she really likes this one for some reason. Clay says, maybe because it's fresh. Shelli says, that may be why.


10:45 PM BBT Meg comes down to the KT. She asks Shelli what she's eating? Shelli says, you know, stuff that's not good for me. She says, she's gearing up. Becky walks over & away. Steve walks back & forth by the glass table. Becky says, someone's in the SR. Jason & Austin are in the 2nd HOHR. Jason says, he didn't have the pillows that are up there when he was up there. Austin says, that room is so shotty. Jason says, that's because no one really cares, & he's the only one that used the drawers up there. Jason pulls on the headboard. Austin says, he started to break it when he was up there, & now it's just gone. Liz (Julia) is reading Vanessa's HOH letter. Vanessa is listening to music. Austin gets out of the bed & says, bullsh*t.


10:48 PM BBT Vanessa asks if anyone is even going to talk to her. Liz (Julia) says, maybe after dinner. Austin says, he's never going to win an HOH comp. He says, James just buzzed in like that. Vanessa says, she didn't want to be HOH again. Austin says, he wanted it so bad, & he's so angry. Austin asks what he should talk about. Vanessa figures her sister, Teesha made her the trinkets she got in her HOH basket. Vanessa is looking for Jackie. Vanessa tells Austin that they have to talk after she talks to everyone else, because she wants to talk to him last. Vanessa says, a lot of people have a strong feeling about the twins.


10:52 PM BBT Austin asks Vanessa if she can get James to throw a BOTB? Vanessa tells Austin he's going to do damage to himself if he opens his mouth. She tells him not to lie to her ever. Austin asks, about what? Vanessa says, she hopes he's telling her the truth about everything he's told her. Austin says, he told Jason that he wanted to clear the air yesterday about his girlfriend. James comes to the HOHR. He tells Vanessa he has to get this off his chest. He says, your mom is gorgeous. Vanessa says, she's a MILF, & she's been hearing this since high school. Liz gets called to the DR. Vanessa says. to bad she's married. James says, Meg's off the table, & there's no reason we can't be friends. Vanessa tells Austin not to let Jackie know they are working together. (She doesn't want to get busted playing both sides of the house). Austin says, he'll talk to Jackie, & wants to know what kind of deal to make her? Vanessa says, you can't guarantee anyone 3 weeks, but you can use the twin thing if you want to admit Liz is a twin.


10:56 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin to go before people think they are working together. She tells him to tell whoever she will talk to them. Austin leaves the HOHR. Vanessa talks to the cameras. She says, well, there it is. Austin just lied to me, point blank to my face. I'm loyal, but I'm not stupid. Why did Austin have to lie to me, why? She shakes her head, goes to the 2nd HOHR, puts her headphones on, sits on the bed, & is listening to her music.


10:59 PM BBT James starts to sing in the KT. We see FOTH.


11:00 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Clay says, he's not a big sirloin guy. Austin says, oh man. James says, mylanta. Austin says, mylanta also. We see FOTH again. Live feeds come back. Austin starts eating mashed potatoes with gravy. James asks if they are waiting to eat at 12 AM BBT with the HN's. Austin & Clay both say that they can become HN's at 12 AM BBT. Austin says, he can't take that chance, & continues eating. James says, that would suck if you make all this food, & then you can't eat any of it, after putting all that work into it.


11:03 PM BBT James says, save 3 steaks & a little bit of potatoes for the HN's & call it a day. They are chowing down most of the food, bfore the HN's can even eat. John looks really nervous, as he's standing by the glass table watching them eat. James is chomping. John asks if they reloaded the SR? Clay says, he thinks they were just counting. James says, after this, it's only 11 PM BBT, he may have to call it an early night. Austin is chomping his food in his microphone. Austin says, you think? James says, Kroger must love BB. He says, they probably wonder how many people they're buying for. James wonders how much they spend on the grocery bill. He says, his grocery bill is over $100 a month. He says, it has to be over $400 or $500.


11:06 PM BBT James says, there could be a message at 11:59 PM BBT. He says, it could say that everyone in a white shirt is a HN. Jason says, that's probably why they are still in their outfits. He says, Johnny Mac will physically go crazy if that's the case. Shelli came into the KT looking for food. She says, Becky at least needs to have food. James says, there are 3 HN's that need to eat. Shelli asks Clay if he's eaten? Clay says, he ate some hummus & chips. (He ate steak after he cooked it also).


11:08 PM BBT Jason tells Steve that he has to fix his hair this week. Steve asks if it's broken? Jason says, he has to comb it at least. Steve says, he never uses a comb in his real life. He checks to see if he has a brush or comb. He checks, & he does have a brush. Austin is sitting in the LR. Clay is laying on the couch. Austin tells Clay that Vanessa wants to talk to them, & that she'll talk to him later. He says, he thought Vanessa was going to tell Jackie about the twins, but Vanessa seems to want him to do it. James says, it's so cool that they got Tweeted from the Backstreet Boys. Jason says, he really doesn't care about that.

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10:17AM BBT The Hg enter the HOH room. Vanessa starts pointing out who are in her pictures. The HG are all looking and admiring. They then move on to the refrigerator.


10:20PMP BBT - The HG move on to Jackie's room. Everyone is checking out the food and pictures. Vanessa explaining about her parents.  It is time for the letters.



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11:15 PM BBT Meg and Jason talking in the OBR.  Meg is concerned about how honest Clay has been, and mentions how she’s noticed Shelli pulling Vanessa aside.


11:18 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay that she no longer trusts Austin because he lied to her, but she’s worried because he knows everything.  Jackie’s two targets are Liz and Steve.  Vanessa wants to approach Jason, Meg, and Jackie and tell them they know about the twins.  She thinks they should keep the twins.  Jackie wants to put Liz on the block because Liz nominated her, plus someone who will throw the BotB.  Steve is Jackie’s backup target. 


11:43 PM BBT Shelli asks Vanessa what Jackie said about Shelli and Clay.  Vanessa tells them that Jackie says Shelli and Clay are the ones she trusts most in the house.  Clay asks “what if you put up me and Austin” and Vanessa says she can do it, but then there is no backdoor option.  Vanessa is considering putting up Clay with Becky, but if she doesn’t get de-throned, then both Clay and Becky are up and there is only one PoV so one of them would be at risk.  Shelli, Clay and Vanessa keep discussing pros and cons of various alternatives.

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