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  1. Yeah, I don't know where that came from. It just popped in my head and seemed appropriate somehow.
  2. I thought Brittany looked really beautiful in her photo, but during the shoot, it didn't look like she moved at all. I get that she was making some subtle changes, but it just didn't look like she moved anything but her head. But I knew she was going. I hope Erin goes, and is not in the final. However, if she is, it will be easier for me to root for the other one. Nicole is all kinds of awesome.
  3. The thing that bugs me the most about the possibility of Russell getting to the finals, is that he might be there with some poo tart like Monica. By then evil Russell could be exposed, and the jury might give it to whatever non- player, stupid coat tail rider, dumb butt, just because they are so mad at Russell. I would rather the bad guy with a game plan win, than the girl who thinks she gets to stay just because she's cute. Or the person who's only still there because they flipped and flopped, and let their vote be used by whoever wanted it. It's not that I don't think that is 'game playing' too, but I prefer a different style. I don't like the people who just luck into it, or fall into it, or happen to win 1 challenge that seems to be geared specifically for them, and difficult for everyone else.
  4. I haven't paid much attention this season. There are only a few dancers that I actually like. And I'm surprised to say that Donny Osmond is one of them. I also like Melissa Joan Hart, Kelly Osborne, and the guy who dances with Lacey. I call him the 'Pizza Dough!!!' guy. The rest, I haven't heard of, they don't capture my interest, or they creep me out. (Aaron) This has nothing to do with dancing, though. But if you don't care about the people dancing, or genuinely dislike them, why would you want to watch them dance?
  5. What is it about this guy? I can hardly stand to look at him. Seriously creepy.
  6. I don't know that the other restaurant wars have had such an obvious winner. The judges did say that was the best restaurant ever, in restaurant wars, didn't they? They really didn't have much to criticize. I don't get the brothers though. The one wins, and wants to share the winnings with everyone, because it was a team effort. That sounds good to me. He's right. They all played a part. But then the other brother won't accept it? I like the brothers and think they are talented, but the uber- competitiveness is getting old. I'm also looking forward to an individual challenge. Then maybe the other chefs can stop wondering who deserves to be there or not ( since they all seem to think Robin is out of her league), and just concentrate on they are doing. They may be right about Robin, and if they are, another individual challenge should get rid of her. Not that I really care, but it seems to bug some of them, that Robin is still there.
  7. I don't mind Russell so much any more. I still don't find him all that entertaining though. But it's been rough, with all the rain. I think it's tough for them to put a show together, with not much happening. At least Russell is trying to be a little bit colorful. Everyone else is as dull as milk toast.
  8. Me too. We can only hope the plan stays the same, until the next time they are at tribal. They are bound to go again, before a merge aren't they? But then again, Survivor has switched teams up before too, before a merge. I guess we shall see. I would love to see her gone though. She's completely worthless, and thinks being cute is enough reason to keep her around, and for us to want her to stay too. I don't ever hold it against anyone, for being cute or good looking, but when they act like they are special because of it, I can't wait to see them gone.
  9. My favorites are Laura and Nicole. I think Erin looks odd in person, but I do love her photos. I just knew she was going to mess up badly on the commercial, because they were portraying her as over -confidant. She nailed the interview thing, and she finished her script in minutes. I could smell a meltdown a-comin'! I hate Sundai's hair. I think I've said it before, but that is bad. I think it makes her look like a little girl. And I don't mean small or short. I mean juvenile-- 4th grade, or something. At least in person. It may come down to final 3 Laura, endearingly sweet Nicole, endearingly awkward Erin, endearingly snotty? She doesn't really bug me that much, but the other girls don't seem to like her. I can see where I wouldn't probably want to live with her.
  10. I don't think I'll watch. If I can get past the first show, I'm usually able to ignore the whole season. I don't think I can take all the talk there's bound to be about morals, integrity, etc... all by people who are taking part in one of the cheesiest, sleaziest, reality shows. Oh, I know there are worse. I've seen 'Rock of love' a few times, but that one doesn't pretend to be anything but what it is. The Bachelor series tries to paint this pretty romantic picture, and about the only difference is, it is not an aging rock star, and the girls don't wear their skankiness like a badge of honor, like on Rock of Love. They are less obvious about it, but it's basically the same thing. And they may not have spandex roller derby, like on rock of love, but they have to write poems, or sing songs, or other silly things. If they are taking turns shoving their tongues down a guys throat, I guess it doesn't matter if they are wearing a tube top and hot pants, or an evening gown.
  11. I hope Jon fights tooth and nail to keep his children off tv. After all of this ugliness, I have no respect for anyone who would not want to walk away from it all. Don't give me crap about how this is her job and how she pays her bills. She can get another job. She can live more modestly. She can join the real world. Ditto for Jon. She and Jon are not the only people with sextuplets. They got their show because they seemed suitable for it. I don't know why -- if it was their personalities, or their looks, or what. But it wasn't because they were in such a unique situation. There are many families with as many children who manage to survive, without any of the opportunities that Jon and Kate have had. Their lifestyle does need to chance, radically. It would not be hurting those kids to take away their lavish lifestyle, the cameras and unending attention. They could live in a normal house, with parents who work, and share custody. If they can just walk away, say good bye to all the fame, money, and tabloids that go with it, and just get back to raising their family, it would not hurt the kids. It would save them. I know they have a lot to work out, as any couple divorcing does, especially when children are involved. Grow up, man up, and do what is right. And quit talking about it to anyone who will listen.
  12. I have a feeling things are going to fall apart for Russell pretty soon though. I don't know why, but there was something about Liz that made me think she wasn't afraid of him, and that she was definitely going to talk to the others about him. But then after he did he 'you're on thin ice' thing, she seemed to really back off. I'm not sure if that was genuine fear, or if she was just trying to calm him down and get away from him. The way Russell was talking to her was kind of creepy and sinister. I'm not sure Liz would actually be affected by it, but that maybe she is smart enough to know when to shut up. But she never did mention Russell again, not that we saw. But I almost think she had to be thinking that he needs to go. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part. I know the contestants were miserable in the rain. I felt bad for them. But I felt bad for us too. It doesn't make for a very good show, when they are all huddled together under a shelter like that.
  13. I really didn't care for Chief Russell tonight. When he said Shambo had to pay for losing the chicken, and that's why she couldn't enjoy the steak, I thought 'what a self-righteous b!tch'. Who was the bone head who picked blankets and pillows instead of a tarp? To me, it was clear he sent Shambo over because he, and the rest of the tribe don't like her. So don't tell Shambo it's because 'we need more information'. Anyone would have gotten another clue. And then don't try to spin it as some kind of punishment. Like he and the others are so flawless.....the losers would have been eating raw steak if not for that one guy (Dave?) I can only hope Sham makes it to the merge, and she can systematically send the rest of her original tribe home. They are an unimpressive lot. Maybe that really is why they focus so much on Evil Russell. There may be a few in Shambo's original tribe that may show some signs of life, but they all seem to be in limbo now -- afraid to rock the boat maybe?
  14. I think Christopher should have gone home. It seemed like the judges comments that we heard were a lot harsher. But I don't know everything that was said. But I do think Shirinn was more consistent through out the entire season. They compared both outfits to halloween costumes, but also accused Christopher of having the worst taste, and also copying a look Christina had done before. I thought he had more strikes against him than Shirinn. And Gordana was a huge disappointment. She was lucky to have immunity, or she would have been so auffed.
  15. I'm already getting a little nauseous. I think it's going to be a looong season, with Jake trying to prove to us all that he has a 'wild side'. Hang on to your hats girls -- some crazy times ahead! I'm also a little worried that they will pick a lot of 'pageant' types for him. I don't think I can take it.
  16. I don't like her. She's odd looking. Super skinny and odd looking. A perfect model. I don't know how I could like Julianne Hough so well, and dislike her brother so very much. This is a show where I don't really care if the most talented win, or leave before lesser talent. If you annoy me, I want you to go. I don't give a rat's behind how well you dance. They can go. buh bye...
  17. I was kind of surprised Nicholas was not in the bottom. I actually thought his and Logan's were worse than Epperson's. I didn't like the space bubble thing either. Sherinn's was really cute, I thought. and I'm glad Gordana won. You're supposed to be able to watch full episodes over on My Lifetime .com, but they didn't seem to be working correctly when I tried it a bit ago.
  18. itsnotbb9 - I tried to pm you, but it didn't seem to work right. If it did, sorry for the OT, and the repeat.. I saw the show in Des Moines, with Marcy Dodd and Elphaba, and Helene Yorke as Glinda. I am always amazed at the talent in takes to be in a show like this. These ladies were amazing. The whole cast was. I would love to see it again, to have something to compare it to though. Back on topic- so glad Ashley went home. I don't really find Kara especially good looking, but she probably has the right kind of face for modeling. I don't find Erin that cute either, but I love her photos.
  19. I really do respect everyone's opinion, but there's something about this Jon and Kate fiasco that confuses me. I have posted here, and at a few other message board on this topic. And it seems like there are some people who feel such a need to defend one of the other.... like they were your best friend or something. And I don't just mean Yana, though she is clearly a supporter of Kate. She has a lot of valid points. And Yana is not quite as vehement about defending Kate, as others can be, defending one or the other. This is an ugly story played out in the media, and while it's natural to probably want to pick sides, I'm amazed at how convinced some people are that Jon is a complete tool, and poor Kate is the victim, while others think Kate is a demeaning manipulative witch, who berated Jon to the point where he went a little nuts, and made some bad mistakes. I guess I don't know how people can be so sure, one way or the other, unless they were closer to the situation than the rest of us out in tv reality world. I don't know who is right and wrong here. I imagine both deserve a lot of blame, and maybe even a little credit for some things. As in most divorces, there are 2 sides to every story. But this is being played out in the media because they are allowing it to be, and even encouraging it, from what I can tell. And for that, I think they are both major losers.
  20. Why can't a judge stop these two from running to the media with everything? Since there are so many legal issues, shouldn't they have to STFU? Please.....
  21. All I have to say is that I don't find it all that surprising. Not that it's not icky, or that it's no big deal, because I think that it is. It's just that I'm beyond being outraged, or even upset by the skeevy things other people do. I don't know if Letterman was married when he was having the affair, or affairs, but he was in a relationship. But, I don't know the details. Maybe the woman he is now married to, the mother of his child, is ok with Dave having little flings. Or maybe she's devastated. But I'm thinking she's not. I don't know why. Just a feeling, probably stemming from the way Dave was on his show. I didn't see it, but heard about it, and have seen clips, and he didn't seem all that apologetic, or acting in a way as someone might, who was hurting someone else. Anyway -- I'm not judging him. He's a celebrity, and while not all behave in this manner, so many do, that it's become the norm. It's not shocking. Not to me anyway. And I don't base my moral compass on the behavior of celebrities, or politicians. So, was Stephanie the one he had an affair, ( or maybe just sex) with, or is she part of the extortion? Or both? At first I thought she was the one he was with, but then I heard she was living with the guy who was blackmailing Dave. Oh well, I'm sure Entertainment Tonight is on the case. They'll keep us informed with all the breaking news.
  22. Ivy

    Stupid Baby Names

    Sparrow? Come ON. That's not even a desirable bird. If you're going to name your kid after a bird, there are the normal Robin, Lark, and even Wren's. So if you want to name your son after a bird, you pick Sparrow? Why not Eagle, or Hawk , or Falcon. Something majestic and proud, not the poor, lowly sparrow.
  23. Don't tease me! I have a huge girl crush on Edyta.
  24. How ugly is this going to get? If not for the fact that there are children involved, I think I would wish every adult involved with these people and this show, to be buried alive in all the tabloid trash and legal documents. This entire situation is gross.
  25. I rarely watch the Today show anymore. The last time I did, I had to see a big production about those Duggars -- the family with 18 kids, or whatever it is now. That one was to announce the sex of their first grandchild. Yeah, we needed to waste news time for that. I don't have a big problem with 'light' news, especially in the morning, but please.....who cares? And if you do care, please, find something else to care about. Honestly. It was so stupid because they had to cut into this elaborate cake ( probably made by the Cake Boss), and see if it was pink or blue. So today is doing Jon and Kate updates too, huh. What is their connection with TLC? Because to me, most of this stuff would not hold interest on the national level. It is the stuff for tabloids. Not that is all bad or scandelous, ( well, most if for Jon and Kate anymore), but I would assume there are more people who don't care, and don't even know who any or them are, than do want to hear about any of them.

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