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    I am not liking Ozzy this time around. He is a little too full of himself, and prone to temper tantrums. I am never a fan of the returning players anyway, though. And I get annoyed when they aren't booted right away. I know the others want to take advantage of their 'experience' in the game, but if it were me, I would just want them gone, and then we all start playing our own game. I'm not really a big fan of anyone. Sophie, maybe? In any case, I'd love to see Ozzy bite it, at the next duel ( or whatever they call it with 3). I guess they could change things, and keep them duels. First it's Ozzy and Keith, then the winner of that goes against Jim. I dunno. I still love the show. I just get a little tired of the self righteousness of the players, when they've been back stabbed or blind sided. That's the game. IT gets boring when they all play will 'integrity and honor'. You need a little underhandedness to make it fun to watch. I like unpredictability.
  2. Imma be so sick of Russell if he last this whole game. HATE the 'what if' things. Who cares? I hope they are no more. I can't decide to hate Phillip, or embrace him as comedy gold. He is so delightfully delusional. It's like he's Maxwell Smart in an All State Insurance guy suit. But I think he will get old quickly. I was already a little sick of him tonight. I will have to see what next week brings, before I can decide how I feel about him, for sure. I want to enjoy him, but I might have to hate him.
  3. Ivy

    The Bachelor

    Oh my -- YES! I even said the same thing on another message board. It is creepy. I think Brad is playing up too many 'connections'. I know he can't be too obvious about who his favorite is, but to me, it seems like he's got to be stringing quite a few of them along. He can't be into that many of them. IT would bother me more, except I think this show is pretty much scripted and fake. I don't think anyone would seriously think they would find true love on this show. I think it is cast for drama, not for any kind of compatibility. And I think Brad is back for the 'right reasons', if the right reasons are a boat load of money.
  4. I said that right away about Dan. He didn't do a thing. At least the quitter helped them win the challenge. I am not surprised at all that she didn't give up reward for the others. Key words there are 'for the others'. But Dan? Well, the tarp and rice would have benefitted him too, so I thought he should have been the one to forgo the reward. I don't even think he climbed up on the big chair by himself. They were just lucky there was an odd number of players, so that no one had to take him. He wouldn't have been able to go through the obstacle course all by himself, let alone helping to carry Gulliver.
  5. Add me to those who don't think it's right that they get to sit on the jury. It will be interesting to hear how their life was at the ponderosa, with 3 people who would still love to be in the game, stuck there with 2 loser quitters. I can't imagine what the final Tribal Council will be like. How is someone who has quit the game supposed to question anyone who has stuck with it. I don't like it that they would have any power over any of the others who were able to stick it out. How difficult will it be for anyone in the finals to have to answer their questions? Will they try and tell them what they want to hear, or will they just tell them what they think -- that they are weak and stupid to have walked away from the game. They were obviously not 'Survivor' material, so it makes me a little sick that they get to have a say in who wins. I would love it if they would bring back the last 2 voted out, before they jury formed. They them serve. Nay and Kelly should be banished to some kind of exile island until the entire season is wrapped up. To me, this is so much worse than someone quitting earlier in the show. At least then we don't have to see them anymore. But now we will have to see them every week. Might be more interesting to talk to the jury during tribal council, in the next week or two. I think we will be seeing lots of negative body language. I don't think I could stand to sit by them, because I would feel like they stole my spot on the tribe.
  6. I was hoping that it would be a non-elim leg, but because they hadn't completed every task, that they wouldn't be eligible. I hate whiners and 'I wanna quit' - ers, on any reality show. I wish that every time 'I wanna quit,', or 'I wanna go home' was uttered, that a Genie would appear and grant that very wish. It is one thing to have a weak moment, or to have a bad day. But for him to say he wished he had never even done the race at all, makes it seem really unfair that he is still there, and he has lucked out twice now, with the non-elim legs. He didn't even seem happy that they were getting another chance. If she stays with him, then she deserves him. If she can't see what a loser he is, then she must be a loser herself.
  7. Ditto that for this week too. I could maybe like her, except for her constantly stating how she and Sash are running the show..... It ought to be soon enough that people realize the those who what to be in control are the ones who need to go. The one's who are the strongest and most likely to win challenges -- ok -- now is the time to weed them out if you can. They need to take their opportunities to get rid of these guys before it's too late.
  8. It also appeared to be very genuine. So often, on reality tv, such dramatic scenarios give off the vibe of being set up and contrived. This did not. Not at all. I loved it.
  9. Regarding Bruno and his judging comment -- I often think that Bruno will go for the smart remark or what he considers a witty comment, rather that give any actual constructive criticism. I know a lot of people watch the show and can't wait to hear what Bruno might come up with. But I am completely over it. He isn't endearing or charming at all. He is trying to hard. But his comment about Michael's dance being the worst he'd ever seen was way too harsh. And I don't think even accurate. I don't quite understand why he said that though, because there was nothing witty or cleaver about it. Hardly worth it to seem so mean, when he didn't even have any colorful comparisons or descriptions. Basically it was just a 'you sucked more than I have ever seen anyone suck before'. Well, shoot, even that would have been more colorful with a Bruno delivery. It's not that I think they need to baby them, and be overly gentle, but Bruno just made himself look like a big mean jerk. And while the dance was bad and kinda hard to watch, it wasn't the worst thing I had ever seen on that show. Remember Master P stomping around? At least Michael made an effort.
  10. I felt embarrassed for him, crawling out of that dog house. Little did I know, that was probably the best move he had. I usually like Chelsie, but this was bad, and as bad as Michael obviously is, she was also bad. She did not rise to the challenge of either making him fake it, so he looked good, or at least giving him something that would entertain. That whole thing was painful. I take it he is gone? I didn't watch, so I don't know. But I hope so, because that was hard to watch. He looked so uncomfortable and out of place. Definitely not having the time of his life..... I still like him. He's never been one of my favorite singers or anything, but I like him enough to feel his pain.
  11. When he did his little bio bit before he danced, he said he was probably best known for 'his raspy voice', or something like that. They were showing clips of him with is 'hair', when he was saying this, and I was so hoping he was going to say he was best known for his 'raspy voice and mega-mullet'. I love it when people can make fun of themselves. But he was good and seems like a nice guy.
  12. She seems like a nice girl. I didn't think she did that badly for someone who is not a performer in any way. But the judges were way too kind, I thought. There were times when I thought she did ok, ,but most of it looked pretty awkward. She is still in no way 'a star' though. So while I don't think she did that badly, I'm comparing her to any other regular person, who would have to dance like that. How nervous and uncomfortable you would be, if you aren't used to performing, whether it's acting, singing, reality tv star, or something athletic. So she did all right for a regular Joe, but it's dancing with the 'STARS', not dancing with 'regular Joes'. Do they think people will tune in to watch Bristol, in the hopes they will catch a glimpse of Sarah Palin in the audience? That's weird. I hope Sarah never comes. I'm neither fan nor foe of hers, but I can't imagine either side getting a big thrill out of seeing her sit in the audience. Weird weird weird.
  13. She was funny. But maybe it was all too much for the judges. They weren't sure if she was purposefully trying to be funny, or if it was a serious effort. I hope she doesn't go, because I want to see more from her. I know they won't like if every dance is a comedy routine, but I love when the dancers have fun with it. Especially when the 'star' is in no way going to be able to dance like a pro.
  14. Hope he is the first to go. His charm escapes me -- and I think it escapes the judges too. They obviously do not like him.
  15. She was great. I hope she hangs around. She will be fun, but hopefully not uncomfortably vulgar, like Corky got with Cloris. She will actually dance, and yes -- she does have awesome legs!
  16. I thought she was great. I was not even bothered by Derek 'The Tool' Hough. I thought all of Jennifer's emotions were genuine and sincere. I did think that Carrie Ann went way over the top, with her comments. I don't know -- maybe Carrie Ann had a real and personal relationship with Patrick Swayze too, so that is why she felt something 'profound', or whatever it was that she said. I think she should have just commented on the dancing, maybe how touching it was that we could all tell what an emotional dance it was for her. But I don't know -- I felt like she got too personal, and was almost invading Jennifer's emotions. It's hard to put into words I guess, but it bugged me. It felt, in a way, like she was trying to horn in on something that was personal, and private. Just my gut feeling...
  17. I agree. It was obvious that skeletor would be sent outta there. I can't believe Tyra didn't take more of the opportunity to save girls from anorexia though.
  18. I watched last night. Their superficial, ineffective, addressing of the problem 'bullying' has become was just a way for Tyra to make it look like she is doing some good. All the really did was affirm that bullying does happen. Yup Tyra -- kids will pick on other kids, and sometimes it really hurts. I don't care that she mentions it, or that she doesn't really do anything to help the issue. But she and the judges were acting like they had done some great public service. Eh-- not so much. It was just another photo shoot gimmick. Fine, but don't try and make it more than it is. Anorexic girl was a total plant, was she not? They just noticed her skeletal frame at this photo shoot? I'm thinking they knew she was skin and bones when they cast her.
  19. I agree -- she is the farthest from being an actual 'star', in the history of the series, IMO. I don't really think reality stars are stars either, but you can argue that they do have their own shows. And it's not 'Dancing with the Actors or Athletes'. Bristol did have a cameo in some stupid tv show, and maybe she has made some public service announcement. She and what's his name were on the cover of People magazine, or something? I guess that means she is a star, because the entertainment news rags have had features about her and her baby daddy. Not in my book, but I guess it's good enough for this show. It really should be called 'dancing with the used-to-be stars, athletes, reality hos, and people most likely to cause interest and controversy, thereby heightening interest in he show'. Too long? Maybe, but at least more accurate.
  20. She annoys me because she stated she broke off her engagement to Levi, because all he wanted was to remain in the limelight. I think she told this to People magazine. Not sure of the actual quote or anything. I think it was something I saw on 'The Soup', so of course it's true! But then I saw her interviewed, after the cast was announced. Sorry, but I can't remember for what show. It was ET, or something like that. But the interview was pretty standard, but then the lady interviewing made her text her mom, because Bristol had said she had just gotten a text from her mom. So they stand there, as Bristol texts her mom, and this interviewer was so lame. 'She's texting Sarah Palin'. Like we're supposed to be so excited. I don't know -- it was just weird. And then she says something about how a lot of the women look forward to losing some weight on the show. 'Are you excited about that Bristol?". 'Well, um sure, I look forward to getting into really good shape', 'Oh, not that there's anything wrong with the way you are now Bristol'.... I was more annoyed with the lady interviewing Bristol, than I have ever been with Bristol herself. This lady was stupid, lame, and insulting. For one thing, Bristol didn't look even a little bit fat. Maybe she's not model or actress thin, but she looked great... fit and healthy. But just like Hollywood --- insinuate someone who is at a healthy normal weight, should probably want to drop a few pounds. I don't really have anything against her either. I'm not a Palin supporter or hater. I can't really understand why she would want to do it.
  21. It sucks that someone who I actually consider a star and would enjoy watching, is paired with the tool that is Derek Hough.
  22. Oh please -- not Corky again. Is there not another old fart dancer they can pair with these older women? I do not want to see Mrs. Brady doing any of the type of choreography he did with Cloris. I hope he has some other tricks up his sleeves. I'm sure Florence will be able to dance. But she'll be limited, obviously. I just hope he doesn't get all raunchy and vulgar.
  23. Ok, to get me to watch this again, they are going to have to cool it with the unlikeable reality stars. If I have only heard of these people because I watch 'The Soup', then I don't think they should be considered stars. Is the Bristol Palin thing for real? I think I saw that on 'The Soup' as well. I'm neither a Palin supporter or hater. I just really don't care. But I do kind of hate hearing anything about Bristol, her baby, and her baby daddy. To break off her engagement saying something like 'He'll never change -- he loves being in the limelight', and then signing up herself to do 'DWTS'??? I almost think it's just wishful thinking. Could she, or the people that advise her, really be that unaware of how hypocritical that would be? Oh wait, we're talking about people involved with politics or the entertainment industry. Of course they are unaware. It's all about ratings, popularity, and most importantly... me me me. David Hasselhof and Kirstie Ally I get. They qualify as stars. Athletes, I don't mind. I don't even mind models. And if they must have reality stars, I think I would prefer someone from a show like Survivor, Biggest Loser, American Idol, or even Big Brother, which I don't even watch. But at least that is some kind of competition. They had to do something, and aren't just on some show that's supposed to be about their every day life. So for future reference, I don't want to ever see anyone from that 'I'll pop out babies till my womb explodes, and counting' show, or any more Kardashians, or Gosselins. The only one decent from that type of show was when Kelly Osborne was on. And she was kind of awesome. Rant over....
  24. He kind of has that David Hasselhof 'suck in the gut' look. Remember David from his Baywatch days? Not that I ever really watched, but I remember how he always seemed to be holding it in. It probably wouldn't be that bad, if they just let it hang out. But I suppose when you're around a bunch of 20-somethings with ripped abs, you might be a little self conscious about a bit of a gut. But anyway, he looks like he'll be an asset for the team.

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