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  1. Seems to me we ALL complain about every season being the worst...actually IF this season had house guests that were the LEAST bit interesting this year might have been pretty good with the double HOH's and the other couple of new twists. Year after year the pick a few odd ball, who really are not odd (Frankie, there for a broadway show part, Christine, just odd, Zach, overly egomaniacal AND not too bright) a few "all-American" types (Caleb, Nicole, Donny) then there's the "eye-candy" ( Devin, Amber Cody) and they round it out with super fans or anyone they can get!! I say STOP THE INSANITY!! Get people who know little about the game, have no interest in pursuing an acting, modelling, tv career, and NEED the money cause they are in debt up their eyeballs (makes for people to be MORE RUTHLESS!) I know I will be watching BB until it no longer airs, because I am CONSTANTLY in AWE of how dub these people really are...1/16 CHANCE to win a half a mil while putting up with 15 strangers for 3 months while REAL LIFE passes them by!!
  2. OMG! This is the WORST thing I've ever heard!! He has NO CLUE about who he is r what he wants...did you see him HOLDING HANDS with VICTORIA since they were "leafed" together!! Not just once either, and she just trot behind him like the "good little obediant girl-friend" type he requires to feed his ego!!!
  3. So far Donny is my "one to win" vote! He exemplifies what being a caring citizen and a good friend SHOULD be! Ok to some he might seem a little simple, but it's that down-home-country thinking that's gonna keep him IN the game...like Caleb & Derrick said "I don't know where this guy is coming from"...cause he's coming from honesty and common sense, something MANY MANY people both in & out of the house are lacking these days!
  4. OMG! I can't imagine Amanda and McCrae together in real life...she's SUCH a pushy BIOTCH and he's the original SLACKER!! Now I thought Rachel was a piece of work, but Amanda makes her look like June Cleaver!!! I just wanna know is this the direction of our coming generation(s)...pushy broads with NO morales and slacker guys with NO BACKBONE!! We're in a HEAP of trouble!!!!
  5. Agree with EVERYTHING said already...and it seems to me I say this ALMOST every year around week 9, then someone pulls a gutsy move and my interest in revived BUT THIS YEAR the gutsy move (whichever one YOU thought was one!) was everyone's choice!
  6. "Hides in tolerance clothing"...I meant she ONLY makes those when no one who is Af Am, Asian and/or homosexual in within earshot! The fact that she even SAYS that stuff seems racist...to me! So I respectfully agree to disagree
  7. Let me help yas out heah...she da reeeel cock-a-rouach killa yas no...nweyorkese is all in the "tude!! LL If yas got sumptin ta say...I gots ears!!! roflmao at our accent...but go to boston and spend some time on the street there and you'd SWEAR you were in BROOKLYN,NY
  8. I'm not sure who will win, nor do I care...but TRADITIONALLY the f2 is determined by THREE comps...now that Thursday is over and NO ENDURANCE proceeded...how will it end?
  9. NYROSE, I admire your attempt to help our fellow NYer, but the facts are VERY plain, to me...she is a racist like no other...cause she HIDES in tolerance clothes!! The discussion was about promoting your own business and the derogatory remarks started to fly...GM JUMPED on the band wagon with her UNCF dig...not to promote the UNCF but to point out that it was in the SAME category as Hitler...then she BRAGGED that SHE got to say that!! Patting herself on the back for a dig at African-Americans any chance she gets!! THE DR TOLD HER??? That she was perceived as a racist so to overcome that she lumps the UNCF with Hitler???? Further proof that she DOES NOT CARE what anyone thinks of her, she's gonna do EVERYTHING she can to get the racist vote!!!
  10. ANOTHER footbal game will push BB to some time after 2 am here on the east coast...so where can I catch it "live" (is it ever REALLY live anymore??) ... anybody got a link, webspot, something??? THANKS in advance for your help!
  11. I could care LESS who wins ANYTHING, this year has been THE WORST!! BUT...just for giggles I voted for HOWARD...10 times on EACH cell phone and from all THREE email accounts...so he has FIFTY VOTES...what a HOOT if he or Candice or HELEN won...those narrow-minded racist pigs that are left would S**T green!!!
  12. In MY fantasy world...they all gather for the jury votes and JUST before anyone casts a ballot Julie sayd...oh we have a little UNEXPECTED twist: BECAUSE both of you (whoever the f2 is!) have been demonic, politically incorrect, racist, verbally attacking and generally HORRID PEOPLE...the winner of BB15 is....Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Howard and Candice! EACH will get 1/5 of ALL the prize $$ available...500K+50K+25K or 115K EACH...congrats HG's on being the reason we have been CANCELLED (joking with them)....AND NO I do NOT do drugs!!! lol
  13. I think you got her down pat, Slim! She's EXACTLY like a LOT of New York "Metropolitan" BLONDES...play dumb, look dumb, act dumb all the while taking in the enemies and learning their weaknesses so when you get the power you KNOW how to use it, and revert back to the "blonde" thing quick fast and in a hurry so no one catches on! Dumb like a FOX!!
  14. DPOV was the beginning of the "is this game rigged" conspiracies! They must be saving the Coup D'Etat or not using it...I'm thinking the HOH after this weeks DE...perfect for keeping who you CAN win against...maybe Amanda will stay!
  15. Someone else relates!! I'm AMAZED at what passes for celebrity these days...including my favs from BB's. I'm old enough to know better!
  16. Y am I not shocked...because this is a seasonal cry by someone who's favorite is in a rough spot!
  17. I think GM IS delusional about Nick...but then its a few weeks of 24/7...maybe it gets intense??? But I give her MAJOR PROPS for verbally standing up to Amaniac! The NEWYORKESE folks laughed at is gonna "bring down the house"!!! And then when she actually thinks and plans she has a pretty grip on what's going on in there!!!
  18. I have thought of Elissa as a pretty smart player...she laid low, socially accepted, observed the weirdo's without confrontation and now as hoh she BLOWS it by playing it from the heart and not the head. It's admirable that she hates Aaryn fr her racist remarks...but she shoulda sucked it up and broke up that hateful biotch Amanda and her slacker boyfriend in the house! IF she survives next week...she could win it all!!! GO ELISSA!!!!
  19. It has AMAZED me thus far that Elissa could be the sister of Rachel...she acts like a dummy and Rachel was annoying but smart an calculating..BUT SEE IT NOW! She has spent the summer smiling in their faces and waited for her turn to get even...KUDOS ELISSA!!!
  20. SOoooo well said! I have a NEW hero...and in regards to racial remarks made in the house, well there is just NO ACCOUNTING for upbringing...if your folks are narrow-minded racists its almost a given you will be too! "Teach your children well" And I have NOTHING else to say about racists!
  21. OMG! She dresses like she belongs on "Mob Wives", but with LESS CLASS...if that's even possible! She's giving the ENTIRE STATE OF NEW YORK A BAD NAME! And the voice, 'tude and arrogance leave me FRIGID!!! When I say "you go girl" to her it would mean OUT THE DOOR!
  22. This dude is gonna work my last nerve eventually! For now...he's okay and IF he brings SOMETHING to the game I might end up liking him!!!
  23. Well I can NOT say I'm surprised! She was a spoiled rotten BOITCH every time she was in tyhe house and I'm a firm believer that people are like leopards...their spots don't change!! Too bad for them both!
  24. SAME OLD< SAME OLD...nothing really NEW N EXCTING happens in BB anymore :-( Maybe they should go back to the very first format they used...it brought in a lot of viewers and they stayed for al;l the rehash BS Grodner have served up...either way IF THEY DO bring back "stars" I hope thay are ones that were funny, shrewd or REAL stupid!!! We need a few interests so we don't jus view on eveiction night cause thats all thats interesting!
  25. ME TOO! And his "I am GR8 attitude" just SUX!! And the NERVE to think he is in the same ballpark as a player as Boogie...OH PUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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