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  1. ok ok ok, so i believed what was written on another website. And posted it here. It sure looked like they were veering the competion towards Amanda. First time ever blogging! Give me a break. It sure seems like Amanda can do and say what ever she wants, and threatens Ellissa, and is a pig!, and gets away with it.
  2. So much has happened in the Big Brother 15 house since the show aired last Thursday. Not only did GinaMarie Zimmerman win HoH but McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman were nominated for eviction. Amanda was furious for being nominated, she first came on a verbal attack against Ginamarie for having the nerve to put her and her boyfriend up and then she said she didn’t care because she was going to get off the block with a PoV and Judd or Spencer would be put up and go home. Judd overheard this and was really pissed, he let Amanda have it. Amanda went to her room and cried, completely devastated that she had been put up on the block with McCrae. After Amanda’s psychotic meltdown last week when she defaced Elissa’s memory wall, fans were prepared for the worst after her and McCrae were put on the block; but, Amanda’s outrage didn’t last long…. Right after the HoH competion, Big Brother had a surprise competition that awarded Spencer $10,000. Prior to this competition Amanda slipped by saying, “during the luxury Veto competition, I am going to take all the prizes.” (the word “Veto” being the slip) The strange thing about that balloon competition is that it was held right after HoH, usually they leave these types of competitions for mid week to break up the monotony. But that was not the case with this competition, they had it right after HoH and oddly enough, Amanda has completely calmed down since the competition. Viewers of the Big Brother After Dark say that Amanda found a token inside one of those balloons and guess what it was? A Diamond Power of Veto! This Veto was first introduced in Big Brother 4 and the last time it was used was in Big Brother 12 when it was awarded to Matt Hoffman as a gift from Pandora’s Box. This type of Veto is a little special in that the holder not only gets to take someone off the block, but they also select the replacement nominee themselves. Now we now why Amanda has the smug look on her face, not only does she know that she going nowhere and neither is her boyfriend, but who do you think she will name as a replacement nominee? It will be Elissa Slater who she calls joker face all the time. This makes complete sense, since this competition was held there has been a strange calm come over the house. Amanda is saying “it doesn’t matter anymore” and we all know that is BS. Amanda has bullied almost every house guest to get where she is in this game and all of sudden she just stops and gives up, I don’t buy it. The Big Brother producers decided before this game ever aired that Amanda is going to win and that is how the game has been manipulated all along. Producer Allison Grodner is best pals with Amanda and has fixed the game in her favor. When Helen Kim, who was a strong player made her thoughts on ousting Amanda in public, she was literally pushed off of a competition to ensure that she would not return to the game from the jury house and come after Amanda. That balloon competition has a nasty vile smell to it, there is no way out of all those balloons that it is a coincidence that Amanda picked up a token that can alter her fate in the game.
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