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  1. Let's be real.......IMO (of course)........watching BB is entertaining......watching the feeds, may waver on entertaining or obsessive or for many of us, or just to pass the time. I find when I'm most bored, in July/August on a break from work is when I'm most hooked. Posting about BB is entertaining and sometimes crosses over to emotional because IMO when we watch others, it brings out the best or the worst of ourselves. I can say this from experiences some good, some not. Also, IMO, to "blame" production for any of it confuses me......for as many fans who hate what production is doing because they feel that all of the HGs they are loyal to are harmed in some way......... there are just as many who watch because of it. IDT that production "planned" that these HGs would turn out to be an x rated soap opera and then change into what is now becoming the Dr. phil show......really?
  2. Personally, ITA about both of them.....although in the game I feel like Candice is such a trusting, loyal person and I just don't see that from Howard. Certainly I could be wrong.....and for Candice's sake, I hope so.
  3. shhhhh........I think I'm the MVP. I voted for Amanda and WOW, she is on the block!
  4. Amanda explained it........ppl (meaning these crazy HGs "like" the Mcpizza dude.....she was insightful enough to size up this group of wahoos and know they would never follow a successful female real estate broker but a pizza delivery boy-woo hoo! Lets all fall into line behind him.....how could we go wrong?
  5. UGH! Candice and Howard could have rallied the house but they chose (well Howard chose and Candice followed) to cringe in the corner when confronted.......they are both smarter and stronger than most HGs but they chose not to use their strength. The worst thing that happened to Candice was hooking up with Howard.
  6. I used to have a very good friend in high school who was a GREAT person but could NOT control her talking.....there was NEVER a "quiet time" with her because she filled every moment with talking. I hadn't thought of her for years but Helen reminded me.....we nicknamed her "motormouth" sounds terrible, I know, but she knew and it didn't phase her or stop her from talking....Helen is a "motormouth".....she cannot stop.
  7. My comments were ONLY about Howard's GAME.....IMO, Howard has played a bad game. And, although I agree that he probably is a "good man", I find it very disrespectful that now on the block, he used Candice, throwing her under the bus when SHE has done nothing but be loyal to him. The "animosity" comes from him going to Mc/Mandy last night to tell them that Candice is "ruining his game" and wants to work with them- to try to save himself- while he continues to "comfort/counsel" her to her face is far more degrading to her than any "words", IMO. HE cannot have it both ways.Either he is truly a respectful guy or he is manipulating the one person who he made a connection with in the house(?) Why did he not even include her on his "alliance"? As far as "not understanding dark skinned males"(lol)....I grew up in a family of "pale & dark skinned people" although we never thought of each other in those terms, we just grew up as family. Trust me, a CONFIDENT male of ANY skin color presents himself as a CONFIDENT male, not a scary person in my world......YIKES! it's 2013 people :{
  8. Unfortunately, he is a smart hunk who unfortunately doesn't have a bit of confidence. He could have easily flipped the house if he had as much confidence in his entire body as Amanda has in her pinky.
  9. yes......she's saying: "I am a sorority girl, not a racist......I may say things that people who have naturally darker skin than me do not understand and I may do things that hurt the feelings of "those" people but, why should I be blamed for that? Isn't that "their" problem? After all if I wasn't such a pretty white female, "they" wouldn't feel so jealous and have to make believe that the things I say and do are wrong." "Right, America ?"
  10. ITA sparklet but I think it's too late......there was a time when Howard could have moved in and WORKED to flip the house by getting Elissa on his side...... he made a half a**ed move but backed down when things got tough........instead of getting her on their side, he and his "alliance" pushed her away. I think she would dump Helen if anyone had the b**** to tell her what's up and align with her.
  11. Ditto Carmen IMO, Helen isn't "running" anything.........it's Mc/Manda running this show and USING Helen, Elissa and everyone else BUT Howard, Candice & Spencer to do it........it's like watching a puppet show. If any of them had a brain and wanted to WIN, they would bond against Amanda, INCLUDING pizza guy who she will dump once either of them is evicted.......unless, of course HE wins
  12. I think she's confused easily and on some days believes she is on project runway as a model..........the clothes she wears "around the house" really?! If nothing else....... they for sure have agreed to keep exchanging her suitcases in the storage room every few days. Sad part is (IMO), at least she attempts to wander off the Mc/Manda track occasionally. Once she's gone, we'll be left with the MCduo as all their minions follow behind.
  13. Howard as he walks out the door........"Hey....... wait........ I was saving my strength for when I REALLY needed it, did I miss something?"....ugh! I buddied up with Candice until she became a liability and then threw her under the bus and groveled to everyone I couldn't stand but I thought could help me , I prayed out loud so all the religious fans would back me,.....what happened?
  14. Helen called and tried to make a deal with me but I was out.......she did leave a message, though......she told me every thought in her head which she's already told everyone else in the house...... but she asked me to keep it all a secret (of course). Then she left tips on how I could become a better person by never lying or deceiving people.....she knows that because SHE is a MOM (just in case you didn't know by now) and MOM's know EVERYTHING!
  15. Amanda in the HN room, having a heart to heart & crying and hugging Howard! For a minute I was "WTF"?! But then it came to me, Amanda working him just in case Candice wins & takes him off (lol).....she has every base covered, as usual!
  16. SIowpoke: "i think Evil Dick was the only one that EVEN CAME CLOSE to letting the huge amount of hurtful remarks that have come out of this years players mouths. It's gotten to the point where fans talk more about these hurtful remarks than they do about game play" ITA that the remarks are as hurtful as ED's but to say fans didn't make as big a deal about it then (?) I remember his remarks being ALL that was talked about.....how he should be thrown out, arrested, sued, etc........fans didn't care about game play, they wanted him punished and blew up the threads to try to make it happen. Fans reaction now seems rather tame since it's a rather big group of bigots who seem to disregard and disrespect anyone who is "different" from them. Not to mention the queen bee who is convinced SHE has a "disability"-"being too pretty" which is causing all her problems IMO, the only reason FANS may be talking more about hurtful remarks than game play is because these HGs focus more on being HURTFUL than they do on playing this game.
  17. Who cares who "posted it""? How sad that any group of ppl. could be so disrespectful too SO many of their peers just because they are different.....and to think it wasn't so long ago that E.D. shocked so many who wanted him thrown off the show and arrested for degrading other HGs! And now, this group gets a pass.......UGH!
  18. HELP! I keep getting "page cannot be displayed" when I click on the link........don't know if it's a problem with my computer or the sight but been trying on and off all day.......THANKS!
  19. wow, I wasn't even watching except to dv for when I was bored and even then FF,D through the shows and the after dark (so much is cut out)......BUT TONIGHT, just got through watching what appears to me as the biggest move I remember so early. I had an idea that there was talk about the for lack of other words "nerds" rising up against the "popular group" but didn't give it much thought.........may be a reason to watch! Oh......really haven't watched enough to know about all the racial overtones.......just thought they were typical jock/cheerleader types.
  20. I'm NOT ignoring it, it sounds like something Jenn would say........and I don't buy it.
  21. HUH?????........if DAN, losing, is going to be the end of BB why didn't it end before with all the other ruthless HGs who LOST? Good grief, I don't think it's "mist" anymore......it's FOG......better slow down that train before it crashes. OH, never mind, it did.
  22. ITA, I can't wait to see if they can get someone ruthless AND smart AND who knows how to WIN.
  23. IF they WERE as "gullible" as some thought or they would have voted for Dan...... seems like once the HGs got out of the confinement of the house and away from Dan's "mist" (lol) they detoxed quite nicely. It's part of the game to consider the Jury votes.....Dan thought up to the end that he could convince enough HGs to vote for him and that everyone would discount Ian.....that's how gullible he is regarding his coaching "talent".

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