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  1. Amanda-"Hey look at me cameras.....I'm such a class act" Mcwho?-"I am such a BB fan/wizard........I let this bimbo take over my game because, well let's face it, I've never been f***** before." Amanda-"Hey mom, don't worry about all the ppl. I've slurred there's enough of "us" to keep our realty business lucrative" McWho?-"Hey mom, don't worry, you wanted me out of your basement & I did it" McManda--"Have we replaced Jordan/Jeff as the BB duo's yet????HUH?????PULEEZE??????Aren't we cute??????
  2. Stevea you took the words right out of my thoughts...........I personally don't get it and everything she says seems so condescending to me. I had a hard time wondering why when she was HOH and giving her "I'm a Mom" lectures, NO ONE said "YOU are NOT MY MOM". But, whatever, it seems to be working for her in this group of wanna be adults.......maybe they all really just NEED a MOM! UGH!
  3. IGNORANCE is the catalyst for racism and all prejudice. I think knowing that was the only thing that helped Candice hang on. I challenge anyone who is able to understand or look past what those of the majority race of HGs did and how they mistreated the two HGs who were in the minority race to think about how they would have felt if things had been REVERSED. Two white southerners let's say (Aaryn & Spencer) being mistreated by a group of dark skinned HGs.....who would have tolerated that?
  4. MINORITY...............whenever anyone is in a situation FOR ANY REASON where ANYONE is in the minority and the majority binds together against them, they have POWER over them. It is at that point (for ANY reason) that ANY person's basic rights are violated. We live in a country where WE ARE CREATED EQUAL .......any actions to elevate one person or group or to degrade one person or group is wrong...........hopefully we were all taught that long before high school. Love him or not, Andy seems to have such an inflated sense of himself....I think he's overextended himself but we'll see.
  5. Appearing not to have a strategy sometimes IS a strategy. E. is never going to win, her personal best can only be F2.........seems like at this point there's enough HGs who would like to be sitting next to her at the end. She's developed herself into a commodity, intentional or not, who knows?
  6. LOL, that's kind of true I think.........when Judd told her he didn't want her hug, she said something like she wasn't "responsible" for it......... loud & clear. Aaryn hears words and then repeats them in whatever way she thinks will benefit herself.
  7. Who?........will be the most unforgettable person this season.....even now I'm thinking........who?
  8. So sad at her age to be so unaware of who you really are......it will be hardest for her to accept the BB backlash.
  9. I think it would be naïve in this day and age to think that anything you say or do in public could not be all over the internet within hours. In the past, yes, you could be a fool on BB and have it never reach your employer but now? I don't have to watch BB OR have the feeds....I open my webpage, look at twitter and being older, I would think I didn't get it as much as these young HGs should have known. Aaryn said the other day that her parents are going to be so mad at her but she'll deal with it later. But I also heard her say that she grew up drinking beer while riding around with her dad in his truck....so who knows. I guess if I gave anyone a benefit of the doubt, it would be her only because I work with kids who've been raised by crazy parents and until they figure things out, they really don't know better. Not EXCUSING! Just a perspective. As a person, I think she is an evil conniving person.....as a teacher, I think she is salvageable.
  10. Removing the Back Door Option would only result in making the game more boring.
  11. I was thinking today that if Jeremy, David, Nick, Aaryn, Kaitlin & GM would have had any maturity at all, they could have bonded together and ran this game against McManda et,al,. Instead they came in all trying to one up each other (certainly the mo of every "cool kid")and they ended up crashing and burning. Think what a great game it would have been if they actually could have kept their mouths closed and had more focus on the BB game than they did recreating a soap opera. It could have been a divided house and a real game.
  12. IMO, McCrae has decided that it would be worse to come off as having gone against Amanda in any way rather than losing this game. saw some glimmers of BB McC dying to get out when he's manned up and called Am out on her tirades and he seems a lot saner in his DR's. He KNOWS she's going to lose the game for him in the end.......question is will he have the B**** to break from her or allow her to take him down? If he has a brain cell in his head, he knows that she needs to be attached to him a whole lot more than he does to her.
  13. I think Andy passed up a chance at winning this game, he should have BDrd Amanda this week.....Helen was on board/E. would have gone along and whoever he took off was a sure vote McCrae would have been outwardly angry but inwardly relieved and tried to muster up at least half the tears he shed for Judd......mama Helen would have explained to McCrae as only a "mother" could about how much it hurts sometimes to do the right thing and he would have come out of it fine, internally grateful to Andy for giving him a chance to shake of the chains and play the game.
  14. Adderral is one of those "prescription" drugs that have turned into street drugs. Kids get prescrips. and sell it to others here to other high school & college kids to make money. It's one of those drugs that do work for specific ADD/ADHD problems when needed but has been abused and over prescribed, like zanax or ambein and many of the adult drugs. Not sayin there's anything illegal about getting it or the dr.'s who prescribe it. IMO anyone can get anything "prescribed" by the right dr.......I've been to dr's who will offer a pill for every ailment and those who question if a pain pill is REALLY necessary for that broken arm (lol). I know that Judd was also taking some kind of medication and there were times when it seemed to me that he REALLY needed something to bring his anxiety down. BB can't be responsible for NOT giving a HG any med. they have a legal presc. for......that's a huge liability.
  15. IMO Andy needs to worry more about McManda's power than Helen's........he has NO chance hanging on to those two.
  16. ITA with the sheep thing.......but on the other hand, there have been other season's where the "lead dogs" or "worker bees" or whatever else you want to call them ran all over the house for weeks, winning and seeming to be in control and then some laid back sheep ended up F2.
  17. Sparklet, he doesn't need soap or a cloth......we all know that porno queen will use this camera opportunity to wash all his "dirty places".
  18. I thought Amanda was beginning to plan her break with McCrae the other night when she was talking about her "dream" that her parents were very upset with her and her mom was lecturing her about giving up her rich, Jewish, lawyer BF for a pizza delivery boy. Does anyone think this is going to last 5 min. after the game? Maybe a few min. more if one of them wins while the other rides the celeb. bandwagon. If neither wins, he will have no $$$$ and seems to me she may have trashed her ability to make $$$$$ by insulting most of the minorities that would be her customers. "I had a dream".......that McCrae took showers and washed his hair every day, that Amanda wore clothes every day and that they were both voted out.
  19. Watching GM is like watching a train wreck.......great ratings but a lot of underlying pain & sadness.
  20. LOL Snancy.........every time I look at Andy I can't get the tune out of my head........ "It's Howdy Doody time"
  21. I thought Amanda was the one who wanted to BD Helen and that McCrae told her not to push it (unless I missed something overnight (?) Mc Crae & Andy were just talking about McCrae going to Helen to offer her a F3 with him & Andy (lol) telling her some BS about not wanting to be with Amanda at the end (have they met Helen .......I'm thinking it's supposed to get Helen away from her focus on putting the McManda's on the block I truly have never seen a group of people so self-centered and with as little insight of anyone else's intelligence. Hopefully it IS their downfall.
  22. ITA with the prior post and all the included........the only thing that I can figure out is that a lot of people can't see past the fact that she's related to Rachel. If it wasn't for her quirky humor and the hope that she might get a chance to turn this so far BORING game into a contest, I probably would have stopped watching. Her "humor" is sometimes in the form of ribbing but it seems pretty normal as far as giving "digs" that any of my friends may occasional say......no one is "perfect" but she certainly has never reached the level of the "mean girls/dirty boys" in this cast.

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