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  1. It's becoming obvious that her outward "bravado & bitchiness" is covering up intense psychological insecurities (no excuse!).......certainly her idolization of Nick after such a short time, turning it into a loving relationship in her head and making a shrine, carrying around/talking to & kissing his picture were all tip off's of a pretty unstable personality. Thing is BB encouraged it all by giving her that pic.....so they have her seeing a psychologist on one hand but are playing it up on the other. Now with the eating disorder stuff, sounds like that may be her go to "stress reliever" and if BB was "concerned" why let her be a have not? Sounds cruel but this isn't the first time BB chose HGs who seemed more suited for rehab or a phsych. ward than a reality show.
  2. Andy sits around all day telling lies to half the HGs and then telling the other half that he's lying to the other's faces..........and no one starts thinking, hmmmmmmmmm..........if he's SO convincing when he's lying to them, could he also be lying to me? Nope, all the little robots just fall in line.
  3. Pushing Andy to dump one of the McManda's this week is the only smart thing anyone has said all day......can't believe Andy or Aaryn think they will have a chance against the duo......McCrae will win the comps at the end and he and the porno queen will be F2. And, Andy will be looking back saying Oh gee......I guess Helen was right.
  4. I've decided she is using BB as a jump start for a career as a future porn star......nothing else cold explain her continual state of undress and flashing various body parts at the camera on purpose.
  5. I just keep waiting for just 1 HG to look at Helen and say "I appreciate your motherly advice, but YOU are NOT MY mother!" PULEEZE!
  6. I was thinking scorpion, only because the color matches her hair but that works just as well........'nuff said!
  7. I signed up late, only took a month and have no need to renew.
  8. Well, even the best medication would not improve her character (lol). I sometimes wonder do these people even have parents or did they find them wandering the streets? GM's HOH letter was from "a friend"........who raised this pack of losers?.......they all seem to feel "entitled" but I continue to wonder WHY?
  9. I think it's all relative.....she was my LEAST fav at first but then the rest of them showed their characters and I found her faults a little easier to tolerate. In a room full of NORMAL people, I could see her being the bully.
  10. One of the most disgusting people I've had the unfortunate experience watching.......I just ignore Mc/Manda on the feeds......who cares? BUT, these group of dysfunctional HGs still seem to consider her the pied piper along with McCrae.....for whatever reason the majority of this group seems to love being under her control.
  11. She's certainly not perfect (who among us is?) but IMO, she's doing her best with the hands she's been dealt......on the other hand, I doubt she would have lasted this long without Helen. She seems gun shy.....talks a lot about what she thinks/knows is the right thing but never does the work to follow through and lead.
  12. ITA.......THAT would be hilarious......"the blind leading the blind" (lol) (just a figure of speech and not intended to be disrespectful of anyone who is blind)
  13. I think it's rather obvious by now that the person in the house with the WORST case of ADHD/ADD and the one who SHOULD have been prescribed adderal(sp) is GM......not the rich kids who were smart enough to get their dr.'s to prescribe it. Everyone knows it's become a "social" drug when used by those who don't really need it.
  14. I don't have "sympathy" for Candice............but she could have sold out Howard for the $$$$. It's certainly been obvious for awhile that she is NOT going to be around long....perhaps she stayed for the $$$$ but IMO, she made the best of a really bad situation.
  15. Elissa comes out in a close second for me after "keeping it real" Candice. They both had to endure stuff outside of the "game"....and have tried to deal with them. All of the benefits E got were both a blessing and a curse.....I think she may have taken this gig thinking she would benefit from the Rachel connection but it's hurt her game as much as helped. I agree she's somewhat normal in this group of misfits and certainly weird.....but not a racist or a bigot which is a plus (UGH!) in this group.
  16. Amanda is driving herself crazy to try to figure out what 1 HG could have nominated her because she cannot allow herself to believe that "America" (huh? more than 1 person) could have voted for her demise. IMO, McCrae was potentially this season's best player.......Judd is looking like he could have also been competition but unfortunately, no one could have predicted Mc/Manda (even Grodner!)It was the worst thing that could have happened. The only way to salvage this for McCrae is if he sees the light beyond Amanda's boobs and realizes he can only have a chance at winning if he has a hand in dumping her this week. I doubt the MVP thing will go beyond Thursday.....last chance McCrae!
  17. LOL.........Andy is perfect for this group of dysfunctional HGs....they all need someone to assure them they are doing the right thing. Andy does that for Everyone.....I keep wondering if he will ever have an original thought but UGH! he's too busy taking in and spewing out what everyone else is thinking & saying......Andy reminds me of an old fashioned DITTO machine.....and he's about as useless.
  18. The only thing worse than watching Helen try to manipulate HGs is watching Aaryn try to do it. Unfortunately for her, Mc/Manda isn't buying it.
  19. Candice (IMO)has shown her true character.....I don't know too many people who could have accepted all she has been put through with as much grace & class. She's no "angel" for sure and has had to fight in the mud at times.....but when you find yourself in a pig pen, it's hard to get out without any mud on your hands. She would merit my vote on her ability to survive as long as she did.
  20. In past years I was always interested in the psychology of the HGs.......this group scares me too much to want to get to really know them.....they seem to not be really playing a game but putting all of their emotions out for the world to see. I keep thinking, "be careful what you wish for"......this group of dysfunctional adults has been a really sad look into our society. Looking a the last post.....really? Has our society deteriorated to "rice jokes" about Asian people......nappy hair jokes about black people......and yes, even blond, pagent jokes are wrong......they just show ignorance, (I do not believe it's hatred} but it IS ignorance.....anyone who can make such horrible comments about someone they never met is just ignorant. BB used to be about personalities....but this year it changed. I hope that doesn't mean society has changed.
  21. IMO......Aaryn is just using Jud and whatever else she can to try to get Elissa on the block. I don't believe for a minute that she would care one iota if Jud had a plan and followed through to vote out Amanda. Aaryn has visions of F2 with Jud and I doubt she cares how she gets there. Aaryn has 2 priorities.......screw Elissa/keep Judd.....no other loyalty.
  22. ITA.......at first I couldn.t understand a word he was saying, then I started to get it and now I'm sorry I bothered.
  23. UGH...........really? I keep trying to find some qualities that I could respect in this girl.......and then she opens her mouth.
  24. If Helen could rally the troops to pull off Amanda's eviction it would be the first interesting/surprising thing that's happened. On the other hand.....Helen & Aryn are as big as connivers as Amanda but Amanda is too full of herself to think THEY could ever plot against her (lol)....Aryn keeps tryin to get Elissa on the block.... blamed GM when it was HER idea......she tells Amanda GM won't put up Jud "because she has a crush on him" when it's HER.........she is the only person who is playing as many angles/lies/manipulation as Amanda. If A/A were in the F2 it would be a very sad outcome (IMO).
  25. Nope.......no one is telling them so they will continue to accuse each other (lol)

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