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  1. In my dream world, Helen & Elissa (neither of whom I really "like")) are so fired up that Helen comes back, one of them wins HOH and they continue to rule the house. Of all of the unlikeable HGs left.......I decided these two are my least unlikeable.......it would be entertaining to watch the rest who have totally discounted them to get booted by them, one by one.
  2. I never watch the Mc/Mandy camera but unless others are with them the one thing I've noticed is she cannot stand it if McCrae LEAVES her for even a moment. It's like her blood stops pumping through her veins unless he is within 3 feet. Mandy, going into this house as what appears to have been on the outside, an independent woman..... has so demeaned herself. BTW Wicked.......Anyone can watch reality TV when they are bored and need something mindless to pass away some time.....which is what I do and probably many others. We can watch, comment and move on.....there is NO RULE that watching BB or participating in posting demands that we LOVE IT or are DEVOTED to it. It's a "guilty secret" for most responsible professionals.....not up to you to force their allegiance:)
  3. I think in defense of BB it STARTED out as a GAME show.....but look at the evolution of TV over the years. "Fake reality" is in and making good ratings.......I don't blame CBS for wanting to cash in. I do blame them if they've actually gone out and pulled in WEAK people just fir ratings. It's one thing if YOU put YOURSELF out there OR YOUR agent gets you the gig.... it's another thing if you are confronted on the street and "promised" an equal change to WIN a rigged game.
  4. Jessie went from "hating" McMandy & kissing H & E's butts.....to "hating" H & E and "loving" McMandy to TRYing to make an independent point.....she was pulled back and convinced to follow the DR's/mandy's advice and making apologies all around.....her turn around was as fast as the DR/mandy directed her to do it. Anyone who believes she is "crazy" or ANY other HG is......think again, it's NOT about them, BB picks people who are WEAK......they spot a those they can MOLD into who they want them to be. It's become so much like the Kardashian's. Want fame/$$$ at any cost.....please apply. BB is no more a real game than the Kardashian show is reality. Personally, don't love/hate either but see them both for what they are..... mindless entertainment. Watching whenever I'm bored.
  5. I could answer that .......since BB started, I've always been in conflict against those who believed it truly was a "game" and those who believed it was just "entertainment". Finding out TODAY that Amanda is and has been a best friend to Groden really confirmed everything I ever thought about BB. It IS as contrived as a soap opera....doesn't bother me but certainly should bother those who kept insisting that this was a GAME with a level playing field. IMO....BB is nothing more than an elevated soap opera. And for those of you who will want to attact me for being honest.....I have had the same feelings since my first post, years ago. BB was NEVER a GAME! It has always been a "REALITY SHOW".......over the years, posting here, I often wondered if I was wrong because so many of you seemed convinced....just kept posting, trying to figure out how any HG might react....but certainly you were dupped. Truthfully I /thought when Jess started out today, wow could there be a glimmer of realism? But of course not. Once it crossed over into the story line of McManda, it was shut down. To any and all of you fans who truly EVER believed this was a "real game" and bought into that, I apologize....for not being able to convince you sooner.
  6. LOL......who would have guessed? Jessie has a melt down and goes after everyone but McManda.....then Amanda who "calms her down", obviously gets her lines fed from her good friend A.G......calms down Jessie and also makes her apologize to everyone else in the house. For a minute, I thought she was REAL.......shame on me! lol
  7. I doubt Aaryn will ever turn on Helen but I do see her giving Amanda the boot if she gets a chance.
  8. Could this season get any crazier? Boo Hoo.......had to vote you out bro but know Iove, love, love you!
  9. She no longer has a single independent thought she has followed about the game since Helen "saved her".........she's Helen's robot and will continue to be until she gets dumped.
  10. Oh slim.....so sad.........but so true.
  11. This Joker is going to be in F2
  12. Doesn't surprise me.........next one will be how to get your man to wash himself.......entice him with a bath.
  13. HE isn't doing anything IMO but sucking up to his soon to be BB wife. He makes a move or has a thought, she cries.....OMG it wasn't about ME!......and then he backs down and changes his game to suit hers.
  14. Oh, I don't know......I see Aaryn as someone who will watch this show, realize how wrong she's been, take all her Daddy's money and do something good with it. Maybe start an inner-city program with Helen as the counselor. (NO I'm not joking, just hoping for the best
  15. the BEST......BOTH of them riding in bareback & topless!
  16. No worries......Andy will be dumb enough to volunteer to put himself on the block to avoid conflict like (?brain freeze on the name) did........and then he will be voted out.
  17. AH....HA.......but wouldn't misspelling pot roasts be the perfect cover?
  18. hmmmm........could he possibly muster up some of that intelligence to become a player in this game?
  19. ITA............Aaryn has shown that she plows through life never looking back....but only time will tell if she's capable of change.
  20. wow..........wouldn't that be great.......IF McC was lying to everyone including Amanda this whole time........but unless he's willing to become a big boy in the house and move up to drinking from a bottle or a cup, what does it matter?
  21. Aaryn told the HGs that she grew up riding around drinking beer with her Daddy in his truck (I thought, wow, your dad taught you how to drink & drive!)......she also told about how her "allowance" was based on having to recycle his beer cans/which was about $30. a week. She may outwardly look like a pampered princess but the more I see her determination I wonder.......she may have had a financially good life.......but it could have been devoid of any emotion......of all the HGs I see Aaryn as a "work in progress". NOT EXCUSING.....just trying to pull back the curtain a little.
  22. wow slim, you should think about producing a "reality show" (lol).....I think I might enjoy that!......although to be honest, I can't decide which one would give me more joy
  23. And fact is.......only Elissa knows what is in her head(because she seems to be among the few who don't regurgitate everything to everyone else every moment........everything she is thinking is speculative guessing.

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