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Saturday, May 9 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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12:57am BBT  The feeds are back and Bruno and Zach are in the HOH both wearing red shorts and a Canada shirt. 

1:09am BBT  Sarah won the POV

1:11am BBT  Ashleigh is going to put up Brittnee as a replacement.  Brittnee will be the target.

1:15am BBT  Brittnee and Godfrey are in the KT. Brittnee feels Bruno feels pretty comfortable.  She’s worried. 

1:18am BBT  Sarah joins Brittnee in the KT.  They are talking about who will go up.  Brittnee think that Pili might go up as a pawn. 

1:28am BBT  The HGs are in the HOH talking about when Risha was voted out.  Also about who hugged people when they left and who didn’t.

1:37am BBT  Bruno and Zach go down to make food.  Bruno thinks this is the best case scenario.  But he can’t believe Sarah won. 

1:52am BBT  Just general chit chat going on upstairs and downstairs. 

1:57am BBT  Pili and Britt are talking about Britt’s HOH.  She put Pili up as a pawn and wanted Willow to go.  

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2:12AM BBT Britt and Pili chatting in HOH. Pili missing Kevin.  Both think Ash is very loyal.  Britt glad that Ash kept her word not to nom Britt

2:16AM BBT Britt and Pili discussing how Godfrey promoted himself as not being a threat.  Britt regrets not putting him up.

2:26AM BBT Still trying to make sense of what happened during the Triple Eviction.  Britt telling Pili that she didn't want to put Ash up as replacement nominee because she thought that if she put Ash up that the guys would have kept Kevin and evicted Ash and Pili.

2:27AM BBT Zach and Ash come into the HOH room.  Zach assures Britt that the time is 1:15AM [not so!] Britt leaves, leaving Zach, Ashleigh and Pili together. Pili immediately begins to spill the contents of the discussion with Britt. Britt had told her that she put Pili up strictly as a pawn.  Pili didn't buy it because Britt could have put Godfrey up.  

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3:10AM BBT The lights are on in the bedroom but the HG are lights out in the beds.  In HoH, Zach and Ash are in bed, still thinking it's about 2hrs earlier. Wouldn't it be funny if BB reset the clock back and woke them up after only a few hours sleep?  Then they'd know what my nights are like.  :-)

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2:34AM BBT Zach disgusted that he came down to final 2 of a "joke" PoV competition and lost.  He had to drop a ball down a "planko" machine. "Better off going in the back yard and flipping a coin."

2:50AM BBT Britt and Sarah in the KT. Sarah notes that Pili promised Godfrey her vote and then changed her tune after talking to Zach and Ashleigh.  It shows that Zack and Ash want Godfrey out.

2:51AM BBT Sarah: "Zach and Ashleigh want to take each other.  They're gonna want someone to take out Bruno."

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 9:15 am BBT Good Morning Canada! The houseguests are up. Sarah and Godfrey are in the BR talking about scenarios of who will be put on the block and who will be voted out. Godfrey hopes there is a twist like a diamond PoV.

 9:20 am BBT Pilar walked in and interrupted the conversation. Sarah asked what it says on the screen and Godfrey said that the PoV ceremony is tomorrow. Brittnee walked into the BR and they are talking about there being two weeks left after this.  

 9:23 am BBT Bruno and Zach are in the LR and Bruno just told Zach that he said to Brittnee to do what she has to do. Now they are hoping to get in the HT today. Bruno said the screen does not say noms today and Zach said no it is tomorrow. Bruno said today is Saturday and Zach said today is 52. They are talking about all the people that were once in the house and the LR couch was full.

 9:25 am BBT Zach and Bruno said they hope that Willow is doing fine in jury. Bruno said that the best case scenario is what happened. Zach is talking about Brittnee and her speeches. Bruno said that she has a great story and he already knows what Sarah’s story is going to be. Bruno said that Brittnee has to go. Ashleigh walked in the LR and the guys asked her how she is feeling.  Ashleigh said that she is so tired right now.

 9:29 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the BR talking and Brittnee said that if she goes up next to Godfrey she is going to give a speech about giving Godfrey second place. Brittnee said that she just needs Sarah and Pilar to vote Godfrey to leave and Ashleigh will be the tie breaker. Sarah told Godfrey not to say anything about trying to keep Brittnee off of the block. Sarah said that Godfrey was going to suggest replacing Bruno on the block in Sarah’s place and Sarah told him not to say that.

 9:34 am BBT Brittnee said that she is either going to be the sixth member of the jury or the sixth houseguest remaining in the house. Sarah said that she is not going to jury yet. Brittnee said that Bruno told her since the double eviction it is a clean slate and what he said in the past does not matter anymore. Sarah said that Bruno probably made a deal with Zach and that would be his clean slate. Sarah said the only votes that matter are her, Pilar and Ashleigh.

 9:40 am BBT Brittnee said that Pilar said she can’t trust Bruno because he tells everyone everything.

 9:45 am BBT Up in the HOH room Ashleigh is getting in the shower as Pilar said that she doesn’t want to go up on the block. Pilar said it is us two Godfrey Bruno and Zach. If Zach wins he will put up Godfrey and Bruno. Pilar said they can’t take Brittnee because she has been up on the block four times and takes herself off. Pilar does not trust Bruno and if Bruno wins HOH he will put Godfrey and Sarah up and if one of them go off they will go up, but they won’t leave because they have the votes.

 9:50 am BBT Pilar said that Zach will take Ashleigh to the final two, but she asks Ashleigh if she can beat him. Pilar said that she can’t beat Zach or Bruno and she can only beat Godfrey and Brittnee with some things. Pilar said that she would take Ashleigh to the final two.

 9:52 am BBT Pilar said that they could keep Godfrey and then she said that she is thinking way to far right now. Pilar said that Sarah is super scary, but without Brittnee she is stuck to them.

 9:54 am BBT Pilar said that they can’t think about who will help them get further, they have to think who can they beat. Ashleigh is still in the shower responding but she does not have her mic on. Pilar asked Ashleigh if she is going to tell Brittnee before or not and then she said Brittnee should expect to go on the block. Ashleigh said that she is going to tell her that she tried to keep her off the block as much as she could.

 9:57 am BBT Ashleigh and Pilar are now talking about what they are going to wear. Pilar said that there was nothing that she could do to win the HOH for the triple eviction.

 9:59 am BBT Pilar leaves the HOH room as Ashleigh is now fixing her hair.

 10:00 am BBT In the LR Bruno and Godfrey are lying on the couches not saying a word.

 10:04 am BBT Zach came out of the DR and Bruno though he had a card in his hand for something, but he did not. Bruno really wants to get out to the BY today for some air.

 10:06 am BBT Ashleigh is done fixing her makeup and hair when Zach walks in the room and said what’s up. Zach said it is a bummer of a day just hanging around. Zach asked Ashleigh how she was feeling today and called her drunkiepoo. Ashleigh said that she slept all night with her mic on. Zach is washing out the tub while Ashleigh is putting on more makeup. Pilar walked in the HOH room to get tp and to blow her nose.

 10:11 am BBT All of the feeds went to FotH.

 10:13 am BBT The feeds came back and we see Sarah in the KT eating something at the counter. Godfrey is called to the DR. Brittnee is in the WA trying to fix her mic then we get FotH again.

 10:25 am BBT The feeds are still down. 

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 10:38 am BBT So the feeds are still on FotH and we don’t know why or what is going on.  

 10:50 am BBT The feeds are still down.

 10:55 am BBT We don’t know why the feeds are down, but here is what we do know: Ashleigh is the HOH and she put Sarah and Godfrey on the block. Sarah won the PoV so she will be coming down off of the block and it is predicted that Ashleigh will put Brittnee up in her place.

 11:08 am BBT Well the feeds have been down for almost an hour now and we do not know what is happening.

 11:10 am BBT The feeds are back with all of the houseguests in the BR. We hear Ashleigh tell Sarah to cheer up and she leaves the room. The BR group is talking about who did their DR’s already. Bruno told Sarah not to think about it. Bruno said that it is not personally against Sarah. Godfrey is talking about being on slop and they vote the food of the week to be pickles. Brittnee said that you don’t punish somebody that you like. So we now know that Sarah and Brittnee were told they were voted by Canada to be have-nots for the week and Sarah and Brittnee think now that Canada do not like them because you don’t give someone a punishment that you like.

 11:18 am BBT Sarah was called to the DR and Godfrey and Bruno are giving Brittnee a pep talk that Canada does not hate them. They think the only people that were voting were the people that are pissed off about who Brittnee sent home.

 11:20 am BBT Ashleigh is back in the BR and told Brittnee that no matter what you do the people watching will be mad about something. Bruno, Godfrey, Zach and Ashleigh are trying to convince Brittnee that the only people that voted for her and Sarah to be on slop are the haters.

 11:21 am BBT Brittnee is crying and saying that she don’t want to be disappointing her family. Ashleigh said that she is no disappointed her family and she has done so well. Brittnee don’t want people to think that she is mean. The BR group is saying everything that they can to cheer up Brittnee.

 11:24 am BBT Little do Sarah and Brittnee know that being voted for this punishment is the best thing that could happen to them this week because one of them will get the special PoV!

 11:25 am BBT The BR group is telling Brittnee how they are huge fans of BB and they never have watched the live feeds or voted. Ashleigh told Brittnee just don’t think about it. Brittnee said that she is not eating slop for four days and told the BR group thanks for trying to cheer her up.

 11:27 am BBT Godfrey left the BR to take a shower and Ashleigh, Bruno and Zach are down in the KT now. Ashleigh is fixing some food.

 11:29 am BBT Ashleigh asked Zach if he thought it would be her and he said no. Bruno said this is our task for today to cheer up Sarah and Brittnee. Ashleigh said putting Brittnee on the block now is going to be hard, but it has to be done.

 11:30 am BBT Zach and Bruno are in the SR getting food to eat. Bruno said that really sucks. Zach said that he don’t wish that upon anyone. Zach said it is so hard not to read into that stuff. Ashleigh walked in the SR and said that getting nominated is way more personal because they don’t want to be seen on the show tomorrow and they (Sarah and Brittnee) have been jerks.

 11:33 am BBT Sarah is out of the DR now and in the WA where she was washing her face and her eyes are red from crying. We see her head back to the Dr and the feeds cut to Brittnee in bed crying.

 11:36 am BBT Pilar walked into the BR and said hi to Brittnee, told her that she loves her and to cheer up. Brittnee said that she wants to go home and starts crying again. Sarah sat down by her and told her no to stop that. Brittnee said that the voting is not good. Pilar said that you can’t take it personal and Canada likes drama and likes to flip things.

 11:38 am BBT Pilar told Brittnee that they all will have haters out there and there are lovers out there too. Pilar is telling Brittnee that they are a family here and this is her home now and this is a one in a lifetime opportunity and she can’t give up, she is strong and don’t give up. Being on slop is not the end of the world. Brittnee said that it is not that it is the voting that Canada wants them to go on slop and give them a punishment. Pilar said that they don’t hear from the outside world and they only hear the negatives and there is so much more to that.

 11:41 am BBT Pilar is still giving Brittnee a pep talk telling her that she can do it. Brittnee said that she will be okay.

 11:42 am BBT Brittnee told Pilar thank you and they hugged. Pilar said don’t let it bring her down and then Pilar left the room.

 11:43 am BBT Down in the KT we see Bruno and Zach eating while Ashleigh is fixing food still.

 11:44 am BBT BB just told Godfrey to put on his mic and he walked in the BR to get dressed where Brittnee is still lying in bed.

 11:46 am BBT In the KT Ashleigh is excited because BB got them OJ with pulp this time.

 11:48 am BBT Bruno and Zach are now sitting in the LR. Bruno said that it is so crazy and Brittnee was already trying to pitch to him about Godfrey then Godfrey walked in the room talking about how much weight he has lost. He said that he lost 25 pounds so far.

 11:50 am BBT Brittnee is still in the BR under the covers crying.

 11:51 am BBT Godfrey is going to grab a peach. Bruno said that it is a shame they are not going to get Sarah out. Zach said that she has to go next week and they can’t give her another chance. Bruno said no matter what happens they have to get Sarah out next week.

 11:53 am BBT Ashleigh walked in the LR and Bruno asked her if she is going to do her shome and she said that she forgot about that and questions what movie she should watch.

 11:54 am BBT The LR group is talking about movies and Pilar is in the KT eating.

 11:56 am BBT Pilar just remembered that tomorrow is mother’s day!

 11:57 am BBT Godfrey is in the SR to get something to eat and then left.

 11:59 am BBT Bruno and Zach are in the LR whispering going over scenario’s about winning HOH next and who is going on the block. 

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2:00PM BBT Sarah and Godfrey had a talk.  She wants him to tell Ash that she would vote out Bruno over him to try to get her to nominate Bruno as the replacement.  Godfrey trusts Bruno, but knows Zach would choose Bruno over him.  (Maybe your ceremonial tirades were not such a good idea. -- Morty)


2:45PM BBT For the last 45m or so, the HG have been all sleeping out by the HT.  I see at least 4 of them.  If the other 3 aren't there, they're not on feeds at the moment.

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3:00PM Britnee and Sarah return to the BY leaving the other napping HG by the HT.  Sarah regrets her behavior that led to being named Have Nots by Canada and plans to apologize to the house.  She thinks Brittnee was named a HN because of her association with Sarah.

3:10PM BBT Sarah apologizes to the live feeds and says she gets the message.  Brittnee doesn't understand why they cheer during the live evictions but then do this.  Sarah says they like our decisions, just not our behavior.

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3:25PM BBT We had FotH for 15m but feeds return to see the tail end of Sarah apologizing to Bruno for how she acted.  Pilar and Brittnee are in the hammock and Sarah comes over to relate her convo with Bruno, how she's been taking it too emotionally and personally.  She compliments Pili for not letting anything get to her. She's setting an impressive example, Sarah says, I need to start acting like an adult.

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3:30PM BBT Pili tries to explain to Sarah her attitude on life but Sarah keeps bringing it back to how poorly she's played the game in recent weeks.  Sarah is really playing up how much she respects Pilar.  Godfrey and Bruno are in the background by the washing machines.  They aren't saying anything consequential.

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9:02PM BBT Britt in the DR Sarah alone in the Have Not room with Ash and Pili talking to her through the door. Zach and Bruno join them outside the door as Sarah is describing what happened when the alarm went off.  The others are telling her they were all locked in the HOH when the alarm went off.


Feeds 3 and 4 switch to bedroom where Britt is changing clothes while talking with Godfrey. He is trying to convince her the punishement will be over soon that it can't be more than a 24 hour thing.  She thanks him and heads to the BR where she is putting on her face. She is wearing the Canadian Maple Leaf t shirt they wore in the POV comp as she is clearly prepping for her DR session regarding that comp.


Sarah still talking through the door with Pili.


Zach and Bruno have headed out the the hot tub and are climbing in.


Pili encouraging Sarah to hang in there. When she is told Britt is in the BR she says she has to go too and Pili calls that out to BB.  Ash tells her they have to tell them something soon. She starts crying and asks if it could be like this til Wednesday and says she would lose her mind.  Ash says it won't be like that and not to think about it.


Outside Godfrey has joined the other two guys and they are talking about when you go help a girl who is crying. 


Ash and Sarah talking about the music they played when the others were on HOH LD and Sarah says it sounded like one song and remarks that BB needs a new playlist.  Sarah says she  needs some Pili dip with the sweet.  She can't believe the BY finally opened and she and Britt are locked in here.  Ash tells her it won't close any time soon now.  She asks Ash if she drank all her booze and the response is no. Sarah wanted to see her drunk and hardly got to see her last night.  


They guys talking about Britt's HOH and how they knew she was not afraid to put up the big guys targets. 


Sarah still trying to figure out why they are getting treated this way and Ash tries to tell her it was just about what had just happened in the house and they had been in power so Canada wanted a change.


Outside the guys are pretty smug and figure they have everything covered from here to the end of the game. (What's that saying about counting chickens????? - DRG)


Ash still reassuring Sarah this won't last forever as Pili knocks over some sun glasses making a crashing noise.  


Godfrey saying that Britt and Willow would have gone to the end if the triple eviction had not happened.  A siren is heard in the background maybe outside the house? Choppy commercial drowning out feeds so can't tell more.


Ash now relating again to BB that Sarah needs to pee. Sarah asks if they could imagine if BB made them shit and pee in the room.  She goes on to say that she cannot make the alarm in the room go off any longer.


Guys outside saying that Sarah has no idea about the three of them and they have to get rid of her next week. They say the odds are good she won't win again and continue ego stroking one another. 

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9:19PM BBT Gals talking about when they were on HOH LD and why they played the music for so long if nothing was going on in the room.


Guys now talking about the end game comps and how the Veto winner has all the power in the last one. They are counting down HGs and weeks remaining.  They think they have it all figured out how to manage the last set of comps. Then they are reviewing past comps and who was good in which one.


Pili wonders where the Shomi screen has gotten to? Sarah remarks that she reeks and just smells so bad. Ash says she does not understand what is going on.  Sarah again pleas to go pee and poop.  Ash says that the floor is so gross. (she is sitting on the floor in front of the door.) Sarah tells her that she does not have to stay there but Ash says she is not going to leave Sarah all alone.  Sarah asks how Ash's feet are and is told that they are much better and better than Ash expected them to be. They talk about the shoes they have been given for various comps and BB tells them to stop talking about production. Ash wonders is Britt had gone in the DR last night with her Canada shirt and Sarah says no.


The guys say they need to get Pili next and they will all play in all the vetos from now on and then Godfrey says it is that time in the game when you have to win all the HOHs. They last comps according to Zach are all "heaters" and he reminds them of the comps from last year. They say they have not really had but one physical comp this year. Now with just five left they will throw everything at them since the public just saw four booth comps. 


Inside Sarah lamenting that they have had nothing to do in the house the last few days. They used to get tasks to do and now they get triple eviction, maid punishments and Have Nots voted on. They start reviewing when different comps and events occurred in the house. Pili is sitting next to Ash while Jedi training.


Guys outside all laughs and smiles while still reviewing early days in the house. 


Sarah helping the other two gals get clear on the order and days of events.


Outside guys now reliving when Bruno saved Zach with the POV and how Sarah snapped at Bruno right afterward in the SR. Bruno says he hates when someone comes at him like that and usually would walk away. 


Jedi training continues inside.


Godfrey retelling how he approached Britt about if he was going to be the replacement nom before the last POV comp.  Zach thinks if they wanted him and Kevin gone they should have put up all three guys at the start. Zach says he should have won the comp and had it all there but spun the gears for 10 seconds with them not aligned exactly right.  He thought he had plenty of time and then Bruno came out of no where and won it. They say that Sarah was not even in it at all and has not been in any of the physical comps.  The guys again are sure that they are going to kill the comps from now on.  Bruno says from day 48 on the game really changed .


Britney comes out of the DR and has to go upstairs to change her clothes again. Jedi training has proceeded up to day 31.  


BB gives the a 3 minute warning for an OD LD.  Sarah pleads for BB to open the door to her room and gets no response.  She whines that she does not want to be all alone and Ash tells her Britt is coming back.  On cue Britt returns wearing a flannel shirt over jeans . Hugs at the door as Britt enters and the other two start heading outside. 


Zach commenting about the LD notification as the feeds cut to FOTH. I think I saw the gals had come to the hot tub too just before feeds were cut.


This should be when things get exciting for Sarah and Britt inside the Have Not room.


Feeds back on the hot tub only as Zach is saying that Canada voted so they want to show the gals really suffering with the situation.  Feeds come back inside the house with Britt in the kitchen and Sarah coming down the stairs probably having gone to the toilet.  They are in the kitchen working at getting water bottles filled and getting plates of slop which they then take outside to join the others.


Clapping and cheers from the others when Sarah and Britt join the gang in the tub.  They don't know what is happening or how long they will be free and comment that Ash is in the DR.  BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production.  They joke about sliding cookies under the door and Sarah tells them to ask her how big a joint she would roll right now.  They go back to talking about when the alarm went off and are still wondering what it was about.  Pili thinks that something has to be up and Britt says she is waiting to hear "psyche, Canada does not hate you." Sarah again talking about how they have gone two weeks with just punishments and nothing good other than a minute with Emmett. Zach says last week sucked and Britt says she does not think it is right that they do not get a bed at all in the Have Not room. Godfrey does not think it will last all day tomorrow. The others say they were worried about them in there. Saray says they broke down and had come to terms with being voted Have Nots and BB tells them they had to go into the Have Not room.  They say the punishments this year are no joke and Britt says that prisoners have it better than they do right now. Zach asks if they can imagine concentration camps.  Sarah says her anxiety is through the roof right now. They all think it is good to see one another again. Sarah thinks it is almost bed time.  Godfrey says they all going to bed soon and they think it is good that Ash is in the DR and they will be getting some kind of answer when she comes out.  Zach recounts the announcement from BB when they were informed about the Have Nots for this week.


Zach just wants for them all to get a night away from the game for about 10 hours and just drink and relax and not think about anything.  He thinks they have not had a second off from the game for the last two weeks.  Then he wonders if they will keep it up down the final stretch to see if they break.  They say that the masquerade was the last fun thing and it was day 38 and was early in the morning. And back to discussing the French maids.  They joke about being called "the bad batch". Bruno says he does not watch the live feeds and just assumed it was normal for as many things to break as they have broken this season. Pili now remarks that she would have been done school now and then they all realize tomorrow is Mother's Day and they hope they can do something for that. Godfrey says they are tough to be able to stay in there as being locked in a room is the one thing he could not stand. He hates staying in one spot and Sarah adds and not knowing too why they are there or how long it will be. 

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10:01PM BBT Godfrey talking about going to The Stampede after they get out and Bruno tells the gals that they can take any of his clothes they want to help them cope when they go back in the Have Not room. He says he is going to make another batch of the cinnamon slop cookies when they are allowed back in the house. Sarah and Britt thank him.  Talk turns to who will be pissed with whom based on who they sent out of the house. They all try and reassure the two that it does not mean they are hated, etc.


Britt remarks about the slop and Bruno asks how they like it and she says "the way Bobby made it." Bruno thinks he likes it a bit softer now. They think this last batch of slop is worse on purpose. Bruno jokes about how as Canadians they are helping the Have Nots and that would not happen in other versions of the game like in the U.S. Talk turns to Survivor seasons that had Exile Island. Sarah says the water feels nice and she should have grabbed her bathing suit.  Then she says good luck getting me back in there BB.  They all joke about calling to see Dr. Stein (the show's shrink). Britt comments that she has never felt like this in her life and Zach says it is a formula and BB knows how to do it.  Godfrey thinks they have lately been getting a little better treatment on the naps.  He does not even wait for the rooster anymore, but several of the others say that this morning was the hardest ever for getting up in the morning. 

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#BBCAN3 10:00pm the hgs are happy to see Brit and sarah. They are talking by the HT Ash is in the DR. They are trying to guess what this have not was all about. And why it was so bad.

#BBCAN3 10:05pm Brit is mad about being in the hn room, she is saying how at least tell me why Im in here like a *ucken dog. Zach says it would be nice to do something for their mothers for mothers day. Now they are just talking.

#BBCAN3 10:10pm Godfrey is saying that there will always be fans that are going to be pissed at someone for voting someone out. Sarah says there are only so many of us left to vote for. yeah right. Now just sitting.

#BBCAN3 10:15pm Now they are saying that the american BB is way meaner then the Canada BB. At least we share being on slop. Those Americans are so mean that they put the same guy on slop week after week. (since when are we so mean? guess we are just a bunch of meanies.)

#BBCAN3 10:20pm Now they are just sitting there talking about looking back at the game and being able to say hey I was on BB.

#BBCAN3 10:25pm Zach is talking about when his hockey team bleached their hair, Just for the hell of it.

#BBCAN3 10:30pm talk turns to high school pictures. and face book pictures.

#BBCAN3 10:35pm Sarah think CA hates her because they made her a have not and everyone says no they dont hate you. Now talking about where they live from each other.

#BBCAN3 Godfrey talks about Mcdonals and we get BB coming on saying "stop that."

#BBCAN3 10:40pm They HGs think the house is now haunted, because the door seemed to open on its own, then closed, now they are talking about Naeha who is known has "slayha". And feeds cut to the foth.

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10:11PM BBT They all start reminiscing about the ball task and how they did not know how long it would last but were told it would take at least 25 hours. Bruno thinks the worst part of that task was the code. Godrey mentions the steak they got and it lasted a week. They figure out that today is Saturday and then remark that Ash has been in the DR a long time.  They tease Zach about his beard and how he will look at the finale. Sarah now talking about her hair color and how much her roots are coming in. Zach talks about getting frosted tips like in the 90s the boy bands had.


They again comment about Ash being gone a while now and maybe she will have good news when she returns.  They think it is pretty warm out for May but Godfrey says it is actually usually a little hotter than this.  Sarah hopes she can shower before bed and ask Pili if she will do her hair.  Zach plans to let his hair grow out for a while now. 


Sarah says she loves you guys and Zach says their are going to get out of here and their lives will all be different.  Zach tells Sarah how it will be next season when she goes to the tryouts and 5000 people are in the line. He tells her that people like folks that make good TV and she will be liked. Godfrey talks about joining up with her at the Toronto auditions and then they start talking about where they live back home and how close they are to one another.  

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#BBCAN3 10:45pm The HGs are now in the house eating, Brit and Sarah are also eating but they dont know if in the next minute they will be back to being a have not.

#BBCAN3 10:50pm Brit is making coffee while Sarah shows CA how gross the slop is. But as long as she isnt locked in a room she is not complaining. Godfrey is telling Brit that she is the target. Brit says if she isnt up there she wont be voting for Godfrey.

#BBCAN3 10:55pm Godfrey says that he has no say in it. Brit is asking why they would want her out when CA just made them a have not. Well look at the Sindy thing, and how we picked her. then again it could be just bad luck. 

#BBCAN3 11:00pm Ash and Pili are talking in the HOH, Ash said her plan was to get Sarah, Bruno wants Sarah out, Zach wants Sarah out, But I want Godfrey. because he wants Zach out. she says they have to tell Zach that. Zach is in there now filling up the bath tub for Ash.

#BBCAN3 11:05pm Sarah and Brit are still eating slop, They still have three days of being have nots they say.

#BBCAN3 11:10pm Ash and Pili are in the bath tub and Zach is talking to them they are talking about facal hair. Zach is talking about growing out his facal hair durning the rest of his time in the house. Ash tells him to do it. Zach says done.

#BBCAN3 11:15pm Zach is washing a frying pan talking to Bruno about Camping. Ash and pili are still in the tub. They boys are talking about Canada day.

#BBCAN3 11:25pm Zach and Bruno want to have a mothers day dinner tomorrow, Brit says gee thanks guy. Ive been a have not four times now. Zach oh sorry brit. Bruno is washing the slop bucket.

#BBCAN3 11:30pm Bruno says it would be nice to get some news from outside. Now he is talking about a sports play Mayweather.

#BBCAN3 11:36pm Brit is talking to Bruno asking him if she is going up, Bruno says he doesnt know he hasnt talken to Ash yet. But its you are me. Now trying to figure out what he wants to eat.

#BBCAN3 11:40pm Ash and Pili are out of the tub Pili is in the shower Ash told her that Brit asked her to let her know when she knows something, Ash told her that Pili and she were having a pow wow later and would let her know something then.

#BBCAN3 11:45pm Pili is coming out of the shower, Ash asked her how to tell Brit that she is going up Ash says she hates this. Ash gets in the shower.

#BBCAN3 11:50pm Bruno and Godfrey are playing ball in the by, Zach is in the KT with Sarah. Brit comes out and Hugs Godfrey and thanks him for today.

#BBCAN3 11:55pm Sarah is in the storage room explaining herself. She says it was because she was on her period now she is giving shout outs to her family and friends.

#BBCAN3 12:00am Zach is making him a QB1 sandwich. Sarah is going to take a shower and go to bed. She cant believe they still have no beds. 


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