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Thursday, August 28 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:07 AM BBT  Frankie and Cody have made up after their disagreement about sending home Donny or Amber.  All three girls are eating at the KT island, Caleb points out to Cody and Frankie that they are all three together.  The girls are not saying anything at all.


12:12 AM BBT  Caleb, Frankie and Cody are talking about how they have controlled the game from the very beginning, and they don't have anything to worry about.  Victoria is telling Nicole that she talking about Christine in the DR, she talked about the fact that Christine laughs at everything 24/7.  Vic said she never said anything about it before.  She is asking Nicole how she dealt with it being close to her for so many weeks.  Nicole says "I don't know, but I can't do it anymore".


12:22 AM BBT Derrick and Christine are in the WA talking about family and babies.  Christine says everyone is gonna hate us, she says there have to be SOME fans for us right?  The KT crew Frankie, Cody, Victoria, and Nicole are talking about questions Julie might ask them during the live show tomorrow.


12:27 AM BBT  Victoria hears Christine laugh in the WA and her eyes get really wide and she clears her throat really loudly.  Frankie goes to WA to take some meds, and look at his knee where he wiped out in the Bee Hive.  The KT crew is still talking about food and general chit chat.


12:38 PM BBT Frankie, Derrick and Christine in the WA talking about contacts and how Tim can't see and has to wear 2 contacts.  Derrick is still cutting his toenails.  Nicole, Victoria and Cody think the house has made them weird, because when they came in they were normal, but not anymore.  Victoria says she is done cussing, then says the word sh*t, and fu*k in the same sentence.


12:40 AM BBT  Derrick spent 30 minutes in the bathroom cutting his toenails over the trash can in the WA then goes into the fire room and cuts his nails on the bed.  The KT crew is still hungry and Nicole is talking about making protein pancakes.  Derrick is getting ready to shower.  Cody, Christine and Nicole are wrestling with each other in the KT.  Cody grabs Christine from behind and hugs her with his face in her neck.


12:47 AM BBT Derrick and Victoria are talking about what Nicole has told Victoria today.  Vic says she promised not to put up her (Victoria) or Derrick, but she does want to put up Christine, but doesn't know if she has the votes to get her out.  Christine is rubbing Frankie's back with her elbow.  Cody and Nicole are trying to make protein pancakes.  They don't think it's going very well.  Christine walks over to see what they are doing and Cody grabs her and hugs her from the front for a long time with his eyes closed, rocking back and forth.


12:51 AM BBT Frankie and Derrick in the Fire room wondering if they completed the mission.  Frankie says if Julie says we fail, then they know America hates us for not saving Donny.  They go to the camera in the Fire room and beg Arianna fans to vote for the mission to be a success. Frankie says MY fans.  Frankie tells the camera "any fan that votes for me, send a screen shot and I will follow you".  They both get on their knees in prayer begging to the camera for votes.


12:55 AM BBT  The protein pancake ends up in the trash, burnt and still liquid.  Victoria is trying to clean the burnt pan.  Derrick goes to the WA to take a shower.  KT crew is going to try again with the pancakes.

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1:07am Derrick is in the shower, Christine and Frankie in the WA, Frankie is reading. Christine heads back to the kitchen and joins Cody, Victoria and Nicole



1:17am In the kitchen, they are using their fingers to draw shapes on the Island and have other guess what they are drawing.


1:22am Derrick and Frankie talking about Donny in the WA. Derrick says that Donny said himself that he's there to play for Donny Thompson not America and whether they should keep  him this week


1:31am KT crew has gathered in the FR where Derrick is now getting dressed after his shower. Frankie is reading in the WA. Christine wants someone to do a bicycle kick


1:35am The drawing game continues on peoples back's. Victoria, Nicole and Frankie in the bathroom brushing their teeth


1:42am Derick, Christine, Cody and Victoria in the LR talking about when her face was swollen. Frankie join's them and Derrick asks if a website or youtube channel. Nicole appears to be getting ready for bed.


1:46am Everyone yells good night turd as Nicole says that she's going to bed. Conversation in the LR has turned to what kind of laptop you need to do videos and websites. Frankie says he only uses Apple and he hates them.


1:52am Derrick says that out of all the props he has accumulated over the show the one thing he wants is the comic book cover . Frankie says goodnight, he is heading to bed.


1:58am Cody says shout out to the feedsters that are staying up late watching us, Holla. He says he is thinking about going upstairs and wants to know if they are going to stay up or not. Derrick says he can't promise because it is 2am and tomorrow is game day.


2:05am Cody says he  is going upstairs to shower Derrik and Cody head to the WA. The girls talk about LD in the LR so we get fish


2:12am Christine and Victoria talking about Frankie. Christine says that Frankie completely ignores what she says all the time. She goes on to say that Frankie jumped her about helping Nicole study. He wanted to know why she was helping the enemy. Christine says that tomorrow is a competition and Nicole is still her friend. She said he tried to back track after that.


2:20am Derrick goes up to the HOH and says goodnight to Cody, then to the girls as he goes through the LR. The girls are in the LR complaining about how disgusting Frankie is.  Christine says he never picks up after himself.


2:30am Christine and Victoria in the WA getting ready for bed. Caleb enters the FR and gets in bed with Frankie.


2:33am Victoria and Derrick in the WA talking about Christine. Derrick says sometimes he thinks she likes him then other times he doesn’t Victoria is complaining about how close her and Cody are.


2:37am  Derrick in the FR talking to Frankie and Caleb. Says Christine is upstairs with Cody. Caleb  said he doesn’t understand why shes so up his but. They debate keeping Donny again. Caleb and Frankie says he will go after those that vote against him


2:40am Caleb says that Cody told them whatever they decide to do as a group he's ok with. Derrick and Frankie agree that they will talk about it again after they have slept on it.


2:43am Cody is filling Christine in about how Frankie is so paranoid he wants to keep Donny this week. They agree that he is crazy paranoid. Christine tells Cody that Victoria told her that if she wins, she wants Frankie out. Christine says Frankie gets what he wants every week and Cody says this week hes not.


2:48am Christine and Cody talking about how frustrated they are that Victoria will go so far in the game. They feel like no one will take a shot at her anytime soon because they know they always can. In the FR, conversation is on Christine and Cody, Caleb is really bothered by how close they are and how it looks to the outside world. He says its gotten worse since Zingbot that the tears she shed must not of been real


2:55am Caleb is talking about wanting to crush someone, we were at fish so unsure who he is speaking of. Christine and Cody are talking about how Victoria would have been lost in the last POV. They like that you can talk to her and she tells no one though.


3:02am Caleb is still going on about Christine. He hopes that the her and Cody relationship doesn’t ruin what she has going on outside the house because it wouldn’t be worth it if it did.  Frankie agrees, Derrick and Victoria seem to be asleep.  Christine and Cody are talking about how different things would have been if Cody had won HOH week 2


3:10am Cody and Christine are trying to figure out why they keep getting given the dartboard just so they can take it away again. They speculate that it might have something to do with the HOH or Veto this week.


3:16am Cody and Christine discuss how much different the season would have been  if there wouldn’t of been a BoB.  He says he is surprised he got his room to himself all week.


3:21am Cody is saying he feels like an a**hole for making Donny a have not. He says he was waiting for Frankie to volunteer because he keeps asking for tofu and has been eating Nicole and Donny's Tofu.


3:30am Cody talks about how he used to play basketball, soccer and would wrestle. He tells Christine that he was almost always injured in one way shape or form, staples, stitches, casts etc.


3:40am Cody saw Frankie walk through the kitchen but only caught a glimpse of him and didn't know who it was. Him and Christine are talking about the rooms they had in college and where they would want to be if they were going to a sports game, just basic small talk.


4:00am Christine and Cody still awake and talking about sign language. Christine is teaching him to say random words like soccer, I agree or do you want to dance? Cody is telling her how he broke his pinky and it ended up being crooked because he never got it looked at after the fight that broke it.


4:10am Cody telling about his PopPop and how stubborn he is. Says that he drove for about an hour and a half to his aunts from his house after having a heart attack. And is telling about the way the house looked before the hurricane destroyed it.


4:20am Christine and Cody realize the time and decide it is time fore bed. All feeds on house guests in dark rooms tucked in for the night

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5:58 AM BBT  All the HG's are sleep except Victoria.  She gets out of bed, goes to the WC, washes her hands and gets a pair of tweezers out of a basket under the sink.  In the darkened bathroom she begins plucking the hair on her upper lip. [This explains the crazy wax experiment earlier this evening.]


6:12 AM BBT Victoria is done with the tweezers, she goes to the KT and gets some fig newtons, goes back in the WA to eat them.  She then goes to the SR, eats another cookie, grabs a handful of M and M's and goes back to the Fire room and crawls into bed.

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8:00am Everyone is still sleeping....


8:47am BB gave us a few seconds of FISH, then back to sleeping HGs.  Could BB be preparing to wake them for the day?

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#BB16 10:07AM BBT An exciting morning so far. All HG still sleeping away.


#BB16 10:30AM BBT We have FOTH - it's wake up time! Perhaps they are playing Donny's song he requested.


#BB16 10:47AM BBT We still have FOTH.


#BB16 10:53AM BBT Donny is up eating breakfast. HG all sleeping besides that.

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#BB16 10:54AM BBT Sorry - Victoria is up at the KT counter. No convo with Donny though.


#BB16 10:57AM BBT After enjoying what may be possibly his last breakfast in the Big Brother house, Donny washes his dishes. Donny asks Victoria if he should just reheat the coffee or make fresh. Victoria says she has no idea and then asks him to repeat himself. She suggest he reheat the coffee.


#BB16 11:03AM BBT Victoria pours another bowl of cereal while Donny heads off to do possibly his last ADLs in the house. Derrick comes into the KT and asks Victoria where everyone is. She replied "I don't know. Sleeping or upstairs maybe."


#BB16 11:07AM BBT Christine comes out of the WCA in a towel and her hair in a towel. no shower was taken.

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#BB16 11:13AM BBT Donny sits in one of the nominee chairs and starts to tear up. You can see him just look around the house and take it all in.


#BB16 11:18AM BBT The HG are all up and moving around. No one really talking. A few good mornings.


#BB16 11:20AM BBT Christine is in the SR putting away milk. She says to no one "I am so over Frankie it's not even funny" and makes a growling noise. The HG head upstairs to the HOH room.

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#BB16 11:25AM BBT In the HOH bed is Christine with Victoria between her and Cody. They are giggling and laughing. Donny is in a chair. Nicole is on the sofa. No one is talking to Donny. Frankie and Caleb in the KT getting breakfast.


#BB16 11:27AM BBT Frankie and Caleb talk. They both say they were thinking all night. They both said they came up with some interesting things. They talk about asking him to swear that eh would go after the girls. Frankie says that Donny is a man and he feels he would swear to help them. Caleb says he will talk to him after LD in the HOH.


#BB16 11:29AM BBT We now have Jeff's reels. There is the HOH LD going on.

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 1:08pm Everyone leaving the hoh rm and Cody taking his things downstairs.


 1:10pm Derrick brushing his teeth in the WA Donny is passing out the activity bracelets and says who else wants a hair cut besides me? Christine is just walking around the house. Caleb whispering to Derrick and says if we tell Donny that  we will keep him but the girls want him gone and let the girls vote against him. Derrick says yeah .


 1:13pm Nicole is getting in the shower as derrick finishes brushing his teeth and we get foth.


1:14pm Victoria now brushing her teeth. Caleb goes to the bed room. Christine and Cody are going to bed in the rock rm.Caleb asking Donny what they said to him and Donny says  that if i stayed i would have to put the girls up and Caleb says would you? Donny says i would and i would stick to it anything i  have to do to stay here i will do. Caleb says ok thats what us guys are working on right now.Caleb goes to Frankie and says  derrick said ask Cody and Caleb says i cant with that (Christine) there.


 1:18pm Caleb walks through he rock room wanting to talk to Cody alone but he is laying with Christine. Frankie goes to make fish salad. Cody leaves the rock rm and goes to STr with Frankie. Frankie says we want to keep Donny but we want to make sure that if we do that you are ok with it. Cody says what is the reason and Frankie says she is a beast. Cody says i don't want Donny out over Nicole but whatever if you guys want Nicole out instead of Donny. Frankie says so you will be pissed? Cody says yeah but if that is what you guys want then ok.


1:22pm Caleb telling Cody what Donny said that if he is safe this week and he wins hoh he will put the girls up. Victoria walks into the STR and Cody says do what ever you want to do and they all walk out.


 1:25pm Caleb and Frankie telling derrick what Cody said and Caleb says me personally i am about honouring what the hoh wants but then we all know that Cody is safe so are we playing Cody's game or our game?


1:27pm Donny sitting in the LVR with derrick eating his slop.he finishes eating and goes to was his bowl.Frankie says we cant all be dancing around him like a lil baby you know. We got Zach out last week so we are getting screwed and Caleb says yeah that is what it is coming down to.Donny comes in and ask Frankie if he needs to talk to derrick and Frankie says yeah i think so.


 1:30pm Cody, Christine, Derrick and Donny in the bedroom  and Donny asking what to wear tonight for eviction. Donny leaves and derrick says that was awkward and Christine says very awkward.Frankie comes in and ask whats up? Everyone is silent.


 1:33pm In the STR is Cody and Frankie  and Frankie says i dont want you so upset. Cody says this is 2 weeks in a row that Donny has been up  and he has to go. Frankie says yeah i understand. Frankie says i dont want Nicole to go  but when Donny says i will do what you say. Cody says but if i go to her today she will  do what i say.Frankie says we are on board  to do what is good for the group. Cody ask how confident  are you that Donny will do what you say he will do? Frankie says i  feel he will stick to his word.


 1:38pm Frankie and Cody talking about Nicole being more of a threat in the hoh comp than Donny. Cody says i totally see what you are talking abut,


 1:40pm Caleb comes in and caleb says i want to honor what you want to do Cody but what i said to Frankie is is  we vote to keep Donny then he will know that the  two girls will voted him out and he said he would put them up.


1:44pm Cody says either way who ever stays we have a chance that one of us will go against the other and one of us is leaving. But i think Donny will be the first one to do that.


 1:46pm frankie says we are talking like this so who is getting nervous ? Nicole Christine and Victoria are getting nervous and if we keep Nicole the three of them  could work together. Frankie and Caleb says if we keep Donny he will not put us up he will put the girls up. Caleb says i asked him and he said he gave his word as a man that he would put the girls up. he says Donny told him lastnight if he doesn't stay he wishes them all good luck.


 1:49pm Caleb tells Cody that Christine said oh if Donny goes home then the girls are all even and that scares me. Frankie says it is game time. Caleb says i want to go to Donny and tell him to go to Cody and says he is a man of his word that you are safe.Honestly the only thing that separates it is the three girls being together cause they are close and have been eating cereal together every morning. 


  1:51pm Caleb tells Cody go to Donny and ask him  Donny what do i get if i save you cause it is in my hands right now so go ask him what he will offer you.Caleb says we just have to decide something pretty Quick.


 1:54pm Caleb says if we keep Nicole then Frankie feels threatened  but she told Donny she is going after Frankie and Donny wont put us up.


 1:56pm frankie says we took Zach out last week and we need to take Nicole out this week she is going after us. 

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#BB16 2:04PM BBT Frankie and Caleb try and talk Cody into them keeping Donny. Caleb tells them Nicole goes tonight and then next week Donny and Christine or Victoria in the DE. Cody tells them he trusts them.


 #BB16 2:07PM BBT Caleb tells Cody to shake Donny's hand and look him in the eyes. He is from the south and it means something.

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#BB16 2:11PM BBT Caleb tells Cody to think about it and talk to Donny. Caleb says that he is scared for everyone's game. Caleb says they will be fine. They are all beasts.


#BB16 2:19PM BBT Donny and Cody go into the bee hive. He tells Cody that they told him if he puts up the two girls he has a chance. Donny tells Cody that Cody was never a target. Cody tells Donny that he heard Donny said to save Zach. Donny tells him that was a complete lie.


#BB16 2:23PM BBT Caleb comes into the bee hive. Donny tells him he was never the target. Tells him why he nominated him. He says he hoped Caleb  would win BOTB and was happy when he did.


#BB16 2:24PM BBT Cody tells Donny that if he will out up the girls then they would do the same. Donny asks if there is a DE tonight - is he going home 2nd? Cody and Caleb both tell him no.

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#BB16 2:528PM BBT Caleb tells him that it should be 3-2. Donny says that he will take the deal. They continue to hash the same info over and over.


#BB16 2:30PM BBT Donny offers his hand for the deal. Caleb leaves. Donny tells Cody that he is pulling for him and Caleb. But Cody over Caleb.


#BB16 2:38PM BBT Donny continues to tell Cody that he is behind him because Cody does not have the tight number behind him like the other HG do. In the Cody and Donny hug and leave the bee hive.


#BB16 2:39PM BBT Nicole and Cody go to the fire room to talk. She says she knows Frankie is trying to flip the vote. Nicole asks if it is something she said. Cody tells her no its not. She tells Cody that Derrick told him it's best to keep her.Cody tells her Frankie is worried he will go up on the block if she wins.

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#BB16 2:42PM BBT Nicole tells Cody that Frankie gets what he wants every single week. Cody says he knows but he didn't know about this plan until this morning.


#BB16 2:43PM BBT Derrick enters the fire room. He says that he wants to keep Nicole. Derrick says Nicole is not going in front of Cody and Nicole. Nicole says if she doesn't wear her best dress she will be upset if she goes out. Derrick tells her "I just told you that you are not going anywhere" and leaves.


#BB16 2:52{M BBT Derrick Caleb and Christine talk. Derrick telling Caleb that Donny talks crap about him all the time. Christine says Donny needs to go. Nicole's head isn't in the game anyways.


#BB16 2:55PM Cody, Frankie and Caleb go to the bee hive. Cody tells them Donny never looked him in the eyes. He tells Frankie he is not comfortable with keeping Donny. Caleb says that Donny never looked at them in the eyes ever. Frankie says ok.

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3:01 PM BBT Victoria goes in Beehive, and they all walk out. Caleb goes to the KT to hug Nicole, and tells her they've been going back and forth about who to vote for to stay. He says that's what you have to do is go back and forth. Frankie goes to KT, and has Nicole go to the fire room with him. Frankie asks her what her plans are if she gets HOH. She tells Frankie that she just got back in the house, the past is the past, and she would talk with the other people in the house, to see what they want to do. She is agreeing with what Frankie is telling her. Christine, Derrick and Cody go to the SR. Christine stands behind Cody, and hugs him from behind for a few minutes. Derrick leaves the SR.


3:04 PM BBT Christine and Cody whisper that Frankie says he wants to talk to Nicole. She says that Donny is probably coming after her. Cody says that he (Donny) says that was one scenario he mentioned to her, and that he probably shouldn't have. Nicole and Frankie finish the agreement talk. He says, let's go play this game that we love, side by side. They give high-5's, hug each other, and walk out of fire room. Caleb and Victoria are in KT at the table. He is standing there, and she is sitting. Derrick is using hair clippers on Donny's hair in the WA. Nicole went to WC, comes out and washes and dries her hands at the sink. Derrick tells her she is quite the popular girl today, and she asks if Donny is the only person getting his hair cut today. Cody and Christine leave the SR, and she is looking for white bread.


3:09 PM BBT Frankie and Cody go to the SR. Cody tells him they have to be confident. He tells him if he's not confident, they won't be, because he's the best competitor of them all. They hug each other. Frankie tells Cody he needs to have his back too, and Cody says he does. Caleb goes in SR, lifts his shirt up, and starts bouncing. He says he's hung like a horse, as he shows them, and bounces again, making sure they see his shorts. They walk out of the SR. He starts singing, and we see FoTH.


3:12 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and Caleb says he's sorry to BB for it being the 2nd lock down, and singing his heart. out. Christine tells Caleb that he can't clean better than her, and he says, "Woman, you don't know who you're talking to." Her and Cody are goofing around by the KT table. Frankie walks in a drags Christine out of the KT, by her arm. Victoria goes in the WA where Derrick is shaving, using one of the girls compact mirrors, so he can see the full view in the big mirror. She puts her robe on, and Donny is getting himself ready to take a shower on the COLD side of the shower. Frankie and Christine lay on a bed in the fire room, and are hugging. They are talking about Nicole and Donny. Frankie says she told him she hopes to come back. Christine says Donny scares her more, and she feels she can beat Nicole more. Caleb is showing Cody how high the walkway part is in the KT. We go to Jeff's Highlight Reels.


3:37 PM BBT We are still enjoying Jeff's highlight reels.


4:04 PM BBT We are watching Jeff's highlight reels.


4:37 PM BBT We are watching Jeff's highlight reels until after the Live Show.


8:00 PM BBT Jeff's highlight reels are on until after the Live Show!

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7:01 PM BBT The feeds return to Victoria struggling to stay up. Derrick is crawling on the ground. Christine and Nicole are both jogging. Christine busts hard. “Oh, Dang it!”


7:04 PM BBT Christine has a pretty good pace going but she is breathing really hard. Victoria says “Damn it” as she struggles to get back to her pool and resorts to crawling. Derrick has given up on crawling and is now on his feet again, but he seems to be packing himself. Christine, Nicole, and Frankie are all jogging.


7:11 PM BBT Nicole and Christine seem to be getting back and forth the fastest. Derrick says "How you doing Christine?" She says she feels like she is going to die. Victoria looks absolutely miserable. Caleb is channeling Beast Mode and has picked up his pace. Cody gives words of encouragement. "You are doing really good, keep it up" when the HGs come back towards him to refill their scoop.


7:14 PM BBT Caleb falls on his butt. "Dad-gum It." In trying to stand he falls again. "Well, that aint gonna work." He crawls back to his pool after reassuring Frankie that he is uninjured.


7:17 PM BBT The feeds have been in and out on highlight reels. It appears that Christine and Nicole are keeping the best pace but there still isn't anyone clearly leading at this point. Christine says her shoes are falling part and part of her shoes have folded up under her toe. Frankie is now out packing Nicole.


7:22 PM BBT Frankie starts to slip and almost grabs Nicole. He tells her, "This is a dream Nicole." She agrees with him. It is too hard to tell who is leading, but it isn't too hard to tell who isn't: Victoria and Derrick.


7:24 PM BBT Frankie keeps letting outs "Woahs" and "$hit" as he loses some of his liquid in the delivery. Christine has gone from panting to coughing. Nicole appears to have decided to take a slower pace but she is losing less in the walk back than she was before. Derrick is now getting confident enough to start jogging back and forth. Cody continues to give words of encouragement to everyone.


7:27 PM BBT Frankie lets out another squeal and he almost falls. Christine has a near miss but manages to stay up. Derrick falls and lands flat on his back. His scoop goes flying. Christine has another near miss. Nicole "Good job Christine." We get another two squeals from Frankie. He keeps crashing into his snowman and say "I can't help it. I am afraid I am going to break it."


7:30 PM BBT With this almost clear color fluid, it is hard to tell who has the lead. Based on what I am seeing it would have to be close between Frankie and Christine. Frankie says "If Amber was playing this she could reach my ball already, those skinny fingers."


7:32 PM BBT Frankie has the fastest pace and when he runs back for a refill he waves his left arm like a windmill. Christine is still awfully fast. Nicole is the most steady of the group. Victoria is doing a lot better but she slips with almost every pass. Derrick appears to be in no hurry. Caleb is at the very end so he isn't getting as much camera time and it is hard to tell about his progress. Derrick to Cody "Caleb is smoking. So is Frankie and Christine. Nicole is right behind them." Christine falls again.


7:36 PM BBT Derrick asks Christine how long she thinks this is going to take. He guesses 3 hours. She says one more. Derrick asks Cody to tell a story. He says no. Frankie "I met a magical princess and her name is Elsa." He starts to sing "Let it Snow, Let it Snow" and we get WBRB.


7:38 PM BBT when the feeds come back Frankie says he thought it would help if he changed the words. It appears BB told him to stop singing. Derrick falls again. When asked if he is alright he says he is good to go. Derrick talks to his family "Jana, don't you dare laugh. Don't you do it. Matt, Amy, kiss my ass."


7:40 PM BBT Cody hates where he is positioned, behind the pools. "I wish I could see." Cody tells Frankie (I think) "Getting too close on the outside bro." Derrick falls yet again. Frankie "You got it D-nuts." Cody says "He is hurting. He is really hurting. He is taking a lot of falls. And Derrick falls yet again.


7:43 PM BBT Nicole and Christine have gotten theirs filled up to the bottoms of the snowman's smile. It appears with all the falls, Derrick has decided to go for the small snowman now.


7:47 PM BBT you can hear Frankie saying a little prayer under his breath "Please help me. Please." Derrick is the only one going for the small man. Frankie compares this to Harry Potter. He says it like the locket in the water that you can't drink. Derrick Frankie to Cody "I feel like I am falling behind." Cody "No, you're fine."


7:50 PM BBT Caleb has what appears to be a really good pace until you look at Frankie. Frankie is easily twice as fast. Derrick falls again. Caleb "Come on D." Derrick crawls back from this fall with an "Ah...ah F**k you."


7:54 PM BBT Cody continues to give words of encouragement. "good job Victoria, come on Beast Mode." Derrick falls yet again, this time right in front of his snowman so that entire lap was a waste. Victoria falls and when she gets up she has lost all of her momentum. Christine complains that there is a bee in her lane.


7:56 PM BBT Nicole falls and lands face first flat on the ground. Victoria falls again as well. Nicole "I'm okay mom if you are watching." We are getting lots of coverage on Nicole and Christine who are pretty much neck and neck. We are also getting plenty of footage of Derrick because he keeps falling and is going after the smaller snowman. We are seeing very little of Frankie's globe or Caleb's. Based on his interactions with Cody, Frankie may be leading.


7:58 PM BBT It's Frankie's turn to fall. He is back up so fast that I almost missed it. Derrick is still going after the smaller globe and is taking his time with it. He has no competition for it. Derrick falls again. Cody "that sounds like he hit hard." Derrick stays down a moment on this fall. "F*ck." Nicole falls again. "I freaking hate being clumsy."

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8:03 PM BBT We finally get a good shot of Christine's and Nicole's globes. Christine has a clear lead over her now. She has reached the top of the smile on her snowman's face. Frankie's globe is still off camera. Christine has a really good close call. She doesn't drop her liquid. Caleb has just realized that Derrick is going for the small snowman.


8:09 PM BBT the feeds went to WBRB. When they return Derrick is trying to get up again. He must have fallen again. Nicole says there is a dead cricket in her lane and Frankie lets out another squeal as he slips and almost falls. Victoria is still trying her best but she really isn't in the running to be able to win. She is too far behind. Frankie has slowed down considerably. Nicole falls. "That freaking cricket." Derrick falls again. He gets up and goes back down again.


8:18 PM BBT Caleb has almost reached the halfway point on his globe. Derrick, after a dozen falls, has reached halfway on his small globe. He falls again. WBRB.


8:19 PM BBT the feeds come back and Derrick says "Thank you production, or Heath, whatever." FotH. Nicole whispers "Come on Christine." Frankie stops for a water break. Cody agrees to open her water bottle for Christine because her hands are so slippery.


8:26 PM BBT Nicole's cricket has gone missing. She fears it may be on the bottom of her shoe. We finally get a good shot of Frankie's globe. He is at the bottom of the nose. Nicole is halfway between the smile and the nose. Victoria hasn't reached the bottom of the smile yet. Caleb is over halfway now, but there is no face on the side of the globe so it is very hard to compare. Frankie asks BB if they can have more water if they run out Gatorade. WBRB.


8:30 PM BBT Victoria has fallen again. Christine and Caleb have clearly reached the halfway point. They might be the only ones left with a reindeer in this race.


8:35 PM BBT Caleb has a great technique. He uses his larger hands to keep the liquid in this scoop. He then practically ice skates back to the globe. Nicole is using the slow and steady. Frankie stops himself from falling "I just threw up in my mouth a little again."


8:39 PM BBT It's between three people now: Frankie, Christine, and Caleb. They are all three at the wide part of the globe now. Christine falls but gets up quickly. Frankie lets out another squeal followed by a "Wow". We hear Christine say "Holy Fudge" off camera. Nicole falls again.




8:46 PM BBT When the feeds return Christine is almost to the eyes of her snowman. Frankie is at the nose of his. Nicole is also at the nose. Victoria is still just getting to the smile. Caleb is giving himself pep talks "Push through it. Push through the pain." "Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. REPEAT over and over. No pain. No pain. No pain. Push through the pain."


8:51 PM BBT Christine falls. Caleb to himself "What you talking about? We don't fall. We don't fall." It sounds like Caleb is back at basic training. "To my mom and brothers, to my fallen brothers" Then Caleb falls. He gets back up and begins his chant again. Cody is just watching with little words of encouragement for everyone.


8:53 PM BBT Nicole says Derrick wins for the most falls. Cody "And the hardest." Derrick jokes he is going to need a medic after this. He wants oxygen and a catheter." Caleb "We don't stop. Stopping is for sissies. Run baby. Just run. Victoria falls off camera. Nicole "We are definitely going to see a clip of this on Thursday."


8:56 PM BBT it appears to be between Christine and Caleb followed closely by Frankie and then Nicole. Frankie looks over at Cody who isn't completely covered and sweating and says "I hate you."


8:57 PM BBT Christine has a very ill timed fall and Frankie has been slowly catching up to her. We hear Frankie whisper "Oh go go go." It appears he has realized this fall may be what he needs to catch her.

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9:02 pm BBT  Christine says that bending down is the worst part. Derrick appears to be very close to filling the small bowl and Cody asks him if he can reach in and grab it. He says he won't do it until he knows the rules about it. Then he wipes out on his back. Caleb is completely silent. Christine is panting. Nicole says "Good job Christine." Frankie is moaning. Derrick tells his sister Megan that if she is watching the feeds right now she is " laughing [her] ass off right now because you are the worst person in the world." He says she likes to see people fall.


9:04 pm BBT  Caleb tells Derrick to get the 5K for his baby. They talk about what his daughter said to him during the show. Frankie says "Derrick just get the F'in ball. What are you doing?" We get FotH. [it may be that he is afraid to pull it until he is told it is OK to do so. --Morty]


9:08 pm BBT Derrick has the ball! He says "That's for you Tenley!" he tells whoever wins HOH that he is volunteering for have-not. He goes and sits down Nicole's liquid is above the carrot nose. Caleb says he needs some muscle relaxers and Percocet after the comp and we get FotH.


9:12 pm BBT Frankie's liquid is at mid-eyeball level. He screams every time he makes a turn. Christine's liquid is at the top of the eyeballs.


9:16 pm BBT Frankie's is hurting. He is limping. He says they finally got the endurance comp they have been asking for. Derrick tells Christine she is a beast. Derrick tells Nicole to keep on going. Derrick tells Cody he doesn't think he will be able to walk tomorrow and that the last fall he took was literally right on the microphone. Christine hasn't said a word in quite some time, neither has Caleb.


9:19 pm BBT Frankie tells Caleb that he is catching up to his ass. Then he says he wants a mental comp.Caleb's liquid is at the top of his snowman's eyeballs. It looks like he and Christine are fairly close, but Caleb may be a little further. Frankie calls out, "Christine, you're a beast." Right now the order is Caleb, Christine, Frankie...


9:22 pm BBT Frankie tells Ariana, his mommy, and his Nona that he loves them and that he's happy they are watching the lives feeds. Derrick gives Beast Mode some encouragement. "Let's Go Beast Mode." Christine looks over to Caleb's lane and almost takes a spill. Caleb is reaching into his bowl, but can't reach his ball yet. Caleb is talking to himself again. He says "One more...."


9:24 pm BBT Caleb reaches in and has the ball... falls to the ground. Christine says "Damn... I was so close."


9:25 pm BBT Caleb is the winner. Frankie goes over to hug him and crawls on top of him. Caleb is on his stomach and says his knee is killing him. Nicole says she wants to hug him, too. Frankie tells her to be careful of Caleb's knee. Christine is still reaching into her bowl to see if she can reach hers, then she goes over toward Caleb, and we head to FotH.


9:35 pm BBT  We are still on FotH. 


9:50 pm BBT  It's 9:50 pm BBT...do you know where the HG are? I don't, because I'm stuck watching the FotH! As soon as I see something more, I'll be sure to tell you all about it!!


10:00 pm BBT  Feeds return and Caleb has an icepack on his left knee. He is laying down on the LR couch. Nicole and Victoria were laying down in the WA. Frankie is getting undressed to take a shower in front of Victoria. Nicole leaves and heads to the LR. The HG are talking about how the next 3 days are going to be very sore days.


10:07 pm BBT  Frankie and Christine are talking about Tim. Frankie says he has enormous hands. Christine says that at the age of 14 she fell inlove with Tim's hands. We got to FotH. When we return, Derrick is entering the WA and he is telling Christine and Frankie that he wants everyone drinking lots of water and eating bananas. He wants everyone hydrating and he doesn't want everyone cramping up. In the LR Caleb is saying that it's not about how you start a race, it's about how you finish it. Cody says he never slowed down. Cody tells him that he is so pumped.


10:13 pm BBT  Frankie is saying that his F'in family is so F'in gorgeous. He says it is such a big deal that she sent a video into the show. He is telling Victoria and Christine that she is so opposite of him. In the LR Cody asks Caleb what's wrong with his lip. Derrick says he is dehydrated. Cody gets up to get him something to drink. Caleb says to Derrick "Dude, you fell like a hundred times." Derrick says that he did, and the last one was horrible. They are talking about how much their toes hurt. Caleb says his hip flexors are hurting. Derrick says that usually it's the width of the yard and it was a big incline...more than the usual. He checks with Christine to see if she agrees.


10:18 pm BBT  They are all talking about how they can't believe they got to see messages from their families. They say that Donny got a loud cheer from the audience and he really cried when he heard from his brother. Frankie goes to the KT and asks Cody if Nicole is unpacking. He says if she is, she probably shouldn't be. Cody laughs. Frankie keeps saying he couldn't be happier. He's never been happier about anything in his entire life. Caleb, Derrick, and Christine are talking about how hard it was to maneuver in the shoes they were provided. Christine tells Caleb that she was able to get her ball out right after he got his out.


10:24 pm BBT  Derrick went into the DR to see if he can get Caleb the ball back from the competition. Frankie is talking about how he thinks America is obsessed with Donny. He keeps saying it. America is obsessed with him. America is obsessed with him. He says that America has been voting and that's why they have been having nothing but mental competitions. Frankie keeps saying how seeing his family gives him more of a drive. Cody says that he can't believe he got to see his dad right after talking about him. Victoria says that she can't believe they got to hear their parents' voices. Derrick and Frankie are helping Caleb to the WA so he can take a shower


10:28 pm BBT  Caleb says they may have to put him in the jury house for the rest of the summer. Frankie admonishes him not to say that and Derrick whispers do not to say that. Frankie tells him that they will compete for him while he heals. BB has allowed Nicole to shower (for medical reasons --so she doesn't cramp), but she isn't allowed to eat until midnight. She asks Frankie if he will save her some fish until then. He says he will. Everyone is walking around very slowly and gingerly.


10:30 pm BBT  Cody and Caleb are talking in the WA while Caleb is showering. Cody tells Caleb that Nicole told Christine to scoop the jelly and then Christine's level started going up, up, up, up. It is impossible to hear Caleb's side because he isn't wearing a mic. Caleb says he won't be able to play in veto. He says this is just 20 minutes later and it's going to get worse before it gets better. 


10:36 pm BBT  Frankie calls to Caleb that he is getting Beast Mode Cowboy tattooed on his chest with a heart. He was going to get it on his ass, but decided that was inappropriate. Again, Caleb is talking to Cody, but we can't hear him because he isn't wearing a microphone in the shower. We get FotH.


10:44 pm BBT  Christine and Vic are laying down in the LR. Derrick is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the LR. Cody helps him get out of the shower. Caleb walks out of the WA of his own volition. They talk about how Donny's family said he is a hero in their town and how it made Donny cry. Caleb says his brother looked different to him. His hair was different and he had a beard. Derrick says as soon as his daughter said "I miss you," he was done. He said that his daughter doesn't talk...she didn't talk when he left. He walks over to help Caleb put his boxer shorts on and says that they just reached a whole new level of friendship.


10:47 pm BBT  Nicole comes through with her suitcase and Derrick calls it her house on wheels. He then talks to Christine about sleeping arrangements. He says he thought the girls all might like to sleep together in the Earth BR. She says she doesn't like to sleep in there but that her and Cody will be sleeping in the Fire BR. He says that he and Cody will be sleeping in there. Then he tells them about when he hit his head in the comp. Nicole comes out of the Fire BR and sees Caleb. She asks him if they can talk in a little bit. He says sure.


10:54 pm BBT  Frankie has called everyone to the KT for dinner. Nicole has gone to the WA to shower. Caleb has put the ice back on his knee. Frankie does a shout out to Ariana, his mommy, and his Nona. Frankie tells Ariana that now she has to sing with Caleb. Frankie leans over to whisper to Derrick. He drops his microphone down his shirt so we don't hear what he says. BB says, "Frankie, stop that." Whatever is said, Frankie says let's just say he never has to worry about fending off a man for her. She's more than capable of doing so herself (sounds like it was about Ariana).

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11:02 PM BBT Frankie is yelling/asking Derrick, Caleb, Christine, Cody, and Victoria in the KT what Donnie did in BB to get such a large fan base, judging from the crowd reaction walking out of the house. Derrick has left the KT and went to the FR and is now apologizing to the cameras/live feeders about their TA mission, he said also said he got the picture and understands.


11:06 PM BBT Derrick is now taking a shower in the WA, Nicole was in the same room and Derrick asked her if she heard how loud the crowd was for Donnie. Nicole said she knew America loves him. Derrick tells Nicole that even during his interview with Jeff that his biggest fear coming into the BB house was his daughter changing a lot while back home. Frankie, Caleb, and Cody are all complimenting how their dinner turned out. Victoria was called to the DR.


11:13 PM BBT Derrick and Nicole are talking in the WA about the HoH comp. Both agree that they should have done better scoops during the competition. Derrick says that whatever mixture was in the slippery flooring is still on him, even after washing his body. In the KT, Cody and Caleb are still eating. Christine has her head face down on the table but is still conversing with the HG, and Frankie announced/sang [giving us brief FOTH] that he was going to make cookies.


11:20 PM BBT Frankie, Cody, and Caleb are wonder when Caleb will get his HoH key. Caleb asks Cody how long he had to wait last week for his key. Frankie says that they shouldn't take too long setting up Caleb's HoH room because they might have known for a while who was going to win. Derrick and Caleb are now talking in the WA about Caleb's HoH win and Derrick getting his $5000. Derrick is saying that next HoH will be a mental competition so Derrick, Cody, and Frankie should be able to win since Caleb will be sitting it out.


11:26 PM BBT Caleb walks back in the KT, Frankie tells Caleb that he is the greatest person on the planet and hugs him. We get a brief FOTH. When the feeds return Derrick and Victoria are in the FR laying down talking about trying to get the $5000 reward during the HoH comp. Derrick is said he is glad Victoria let him go for it. Derrick says he knew he wasn't going to win the HoH so he wanted to try to win money for his daughter's college fund. Caleb and Cody walk into the FR and Derrick thanks the two guys again for letting him go for the money because he didn't want to also annoy the HG with the Hollas for the rest of the season.


11:32 PM BBT Christine and Frankie are talking in the KT about what the Veto competition might be, hoping its mental since everyone is sore from tonight's HoH comp. Derrick tells Caleb, Cody, and Victoria in the FR that the best part about tonight are the videos with their family members. Derrick knew he would cry after seeing how Cody and Victoria reacted while watching their videos. Talk in the FR has turned to the HG falling during the HoH comp.


11:41 PM BBT Christine tells Frankie in the KT that while Donny was in the house she would try to get up early in the morning to have the BY to herself but Donny was usually there as well. Frankie still wonders who Donny really is, he says, "just a high IQ groundskeeper, I guess." Derrick and Caleb are in the FR still comparing how they got their balls out of the snowman head. Cody has joined Christine in the KT, they hug while Cody tells her its okay, Christine says she wanted to win because she has already been feeling good all week.


11:45 PM BBT Christine tells Cody that she will stay clear of the girls this week and she needs to keep her own mouth shut. Caleb tells Derrick that Cody told him he heard Christine trying to help Nicole during the HoH comp by telling her to scoop the slush at the bottom of the container. Caleb says he sort of heard Christine mention that to Nicole. Frankie says he heard it too but Derrick didn't hear anything. Caleb doesn't think that was a big deal but Derrick tells him that it is because Christine was only telling Nicole and that could have helped her win the competition.


11:51 PM BBT All HG in the FR except Cody, who is showering, and Nicole, who is in the DR, are talking again about seeing their family videos. Frankie and Derrick get up and say they are going to eat the cookies they just baked.


11:57 PM BBT Caleb and Christine are left in the FR. Christine asks Caleb if he is stuck in the FR due to his injury, Caleb says he will move around and then he starts talking about how his knee and back injuries are resulting from his army days from wearing all his gear. Frankie, Nicole, Victoria, and Derrick are all in the KT eating the freshly baked cookies.

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