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  1. Yo @TimHortons why the no warm wishes. Where the chocolate cheese cake donuts... https://t.co/ZYvzhZDwbq

  2. i entered @grav3yardgirl 8 MIL SUB GIVEAWAY for the chance 2 win $14,000 in prizes! https://t.co/el005pxtCW #grav3yardgirl8MILLIONgiveaway

  3. i entered @grav3yardgirl 8 MIL SUB GIVEAWAY 4 the chance 2 win $14,000 in prizes! makeup, clothes, squishies & more! https://t.co/el005pxtCW

  4. @ChannonRose I hope you and trav are doing well today. Xoxo

  5. @FedExCanadaHelp I would like to know why a delivery employee of yours didn't bother to ring our door bell or obtain a signature?

  6. @HomeSense I bought curtain rod from your store. i open the box,there's only half a rod in it. I don't have the re… https://t.co/DeqcgPnvy8

  7. @cityofwinnipeg thank you. They have moved their vehicle. I have been told this is a common thing for our back lane. Since we moved in.

  8. RT @carterjwm: HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS https://t.co/4SrfHmEMo3

  9. @StarbucksCanada is this really acceptable. Thanks? #polopark #starbucks https://t.co/sjYZ4kZTJP

  10. RT @BroHumors: RT if you can get 777 https://t.co/vGU38Qq4Pc

  11. Really @bostonpizza I ordered nachos with beef and this is what we get? Come on.... https://t.co/AWlYubzC4L

  12. @CBSBigBrother does Canada have access to the online season of bigbrother?

  13. @melissatrippy it's always so hard to part with a beloved pet and best friend. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  14. Let's see how much coffee I can have before having an anxiety attack. Half a cup, half way there.

  15. @PhillyChic5 I'm sorry for your and @Jessewelle's loss.

  16. RT @DJLiamMason: Local Lad Brad Arthur Missing Since Around 4Am NYE Get In Contact If You Have Any Information @Find_Brad #FindBrad

  17. I added pet bow-ties onto my @Etsy store today! 2 in each order. Pick your colours!


    #pets #doggysytle #doglover

  18. https://t.co/QpoufN9N7k looking for something new for your pup. Check out my @Etsy store tomorrow for new items! #doglovers #doggysytle
  19. Get your pup a great gift today! https://t.co/QpoufN9N7k it's new so bare with me! Thanks for all the love! #doglovers #lovepets

  20. Check out my latest obsession, Mini Golf MatchUp! Way. Too. Fun. #Addicted #MiniGolfMatchUp http://t.co/M5llComYaa

  21. Anyone else think their breakfast chat is totally scripted. I cannot stand it #BB16

  22. Omg best thing I've seen in a while. Whispering Awkward Pickup Lines (ft. Connor Franta) | Tyler Oakley http://t.co/fGEkTmqRxG

  23. I don't care who you are. Your dog needs to be on a leash in the city. People obviously don't care about their pets. #leash #puppy #illegal

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