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Saturday August 16 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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1:11am Frankie and Cody snuggling in HoH bed. Zach, Victoria on HoH couch.  Derrick in chair.  Christine in HoH bathroom.  Random chat happening.  Remaining houseguests in bed.


1:12am Victoria says BB said "don't stay up too late", so she's speculating the Veto comp will be in the morning, and they should go to bed.


1:13am Frankie asks if there's some veto comp they can think of where something would have to be built for each player individually, maybe something to do with each player's weight?  So maybe they couldn't build until they knew the players?


1:14am Zach says the last comp was so great.  He hopes to god they show them the highlights on Thursday.


1:15am Caleb saunters into the HoH.


1:17am WBRB


1:18am HoH is breaking up, so maybe production told them to head to bed?  WBRB again.


1:19am Christine massaging Cody's back and scratching/snuggling him.


1:20am Frankie walks into the have not room and proclaims it a disaster.  Derrick offers Frankie his hat when he can't find the one he's looking for. Derrick heads to WA.


1:23am Caleb and Derrick in KT.  Caleb speculating that production changed the competitions that require both players to be able to win because they know the controlling group is trying to throw comps to make the game go their way.  So by making the co-op comps winnable by only one of the participants on a team, they are messing with the controlling group's plans.  WBRB.


1:25am Frankie now in KT with Caleb/Derrick.  Caleb saying he still thinks no one of their group is going home.  Caleb trying to get in tight with Donny because he's the only one that won't use the Veto, ensuring one of the two in the controlling group on the block now goes home.


1:28am HoH group breaks up, leaving Zankie alone.  Frankie climbs on Zach and starts singing one of his sisters songs.  WBRB.


1:29am Zach and Frankie in HoH nest, now separated chatting about veto outcome.  Zach says if Victoria wins it, we are fucked.


1:30am Zach says if anyone uses Veto, bye bye Victoria.


1:31am Zach says once it's down to six, whoever wins HoH will have everyone sucking their dick (with a motion indicating this).  Frankie says OMG, you will suck my dick?  Zach says yes, for $50k.  Frankie says he could just suck's Zach's, and that would be good, too. [Really guys, just get it over with-bblurkerplus]


1:33am Derrick, Victoria, Christine, Cody, and Caleb in KT.  Someone is freaked out that the butter was left out.  Christine says "that's okay" [it is, as long as it's salted butter - the salt prevents bacteria growth].


1:35am Zankie hashing out jury vote scenarios to win the money in HoH.  Frankie says he's at a disadvantage already because the first three jurors will not be voting for him.  No f'n way they'll vote for him.  Zach also says NO WAY Donnie will be in the final two.  Frankie agrees.


1:37am Zach thinks Donnie, Derrick, and Caleb can get the most votes at the end IF they are there.

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#‎BB16‬ 1:37 AM BBT Frankie and Zach talking about Donny's potential targets in the HoH room, everyone is mentioned. Caleb, Derrick, Victoria, Christine, and Cody in the Kitchen eating food, not much game talk from them.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:42 AM BBT Zach says that there are 3 people besides Donny that could win BB, he says Derrick would beat everyone, not many would vote for Frankie, and Caleb might get some votes but Frankie is skeptical about that assumption, no one else is named. Zach also says that since he has gotten this far he has a good chance to make it all the way.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:48 AM BBT Derrick tells Caleb in the bee hive room that this veto competition is now worst case scenario but they have planned for it and that they have told Donny that the target this week is Victoria. Zach has joined Christine, Victoria, and Cody in the Kitchen, leaving Frankie to go to sleep in the HoH room, general chit chat among them, no game talk still.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:00 AM BBT Caleb tells Derrick that he thinks Donny wants to be here from prior conversations hinting that they both have a lot in common, being both of them are from South Carolina and everyone wants to the southern boys out.

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‪#‎BB16‬ 2:07 AM BBT A scenario is quickly thrown out by Derrick that Hayden would be the jury member to come back in the game. Derrick speculates to Caleb in the bee hive room that Caleb will come off the block after the Veto competition tomorrow and Victoria will go up, and she would only go home if no one else in the remaining Bomb Squad is expendable.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:17 AM BBT The Kitchen crew (Zach, Cody, Victoria, and Christine) are discussing when they applied to college. More game talk between Derrick and Caleb talk in the bee hive room consisting of tomorrow's veto comp., who is the most hated player in the game, and if this week is a good opportunity to try to get Zach evicted.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:23 AM BBT Cody joins Caleb and Derrick in the bee hive room, Caleb tries to confirm with Cody if Frankie was on board to backdoor Zach this week. All three of them are considering going to sleep for a potential early Veto in the morning.


#BB16 2:33 AM BBT All HG besides Cody, Donny, and Franke are in the bathroom, general chit chat. Victoria excuses herself and goes to bed.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:42 AM BBT Zach in the bathroom telling Caleb that he puts his money on him to win the PoV. Derrick and Victoria enter the FR to go to sleep, Christine and Cody in the ER laying down in the dark with general talk.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:56 AM BBT Christine and Cody in the ER wondering if there will be a movie premiere reward competition this year. Caleb and Zach are imitating fans seeing and recognizing them on the streets after BB is over.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:59 AM BBT Zach and Caleb are the final HG to get into bed in the ER with Cody, Christine, and Derrick -- who joined that room unannounced.

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3:00am -3:30am All HG are in bed and Zach and caleb talk about zachs dog in the rock rm  and how big he will be when Zach gets home. Derrick and Victoria talk in the fire room, as they whisper she says she ism scared  that caleb or cody will win Veto tomorrow then who goes up? Derrick tells her to not be peranoid that he will  try to keep her safe like he did last week and to get some sleep cause this is going to be a mental comp tomorrow.Derrick then tells her it will be fine he just needs to be safe this week and win hoh next week.


3:35am all HG sleeping.

8:47am All hg still sleeping.

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9:15 AM BBT Still sleeping


9:30 AM BBT Wake up call


9:46 AM BBT The feeds return. Cody is in the WA brushing his teeth. Donny is brushing his beard in the still dark BR.


9:50 AM BBT Donny and Cody are making cereal for breakfast and doing their ADLs. Everyone else stayed in bed.


10:00 AM BBT Donny has brushed his teeth and Zach has joined him in the KT. Donny says he was up later than normal and couldn't go to sleep because of the cackling outside the door. Cody has gone to lay back down and Donny says he may do the same.


10:04 AM BBT Donny asks Zach if he won HoH, who are the two biggest non-fans of Donny. Zach says Christine for sure. He says the second is a hard call between Caleb, Frankie and Cody. Donny says him going much further is an insurmountable task. He can't win every comp he needs to stay in the game.


10:08 PM BBT Donny is talking to Zach about "the five". He says he is just a good hearted normal person and he walks past them at night and they think he is plotting and are scared to death. They are using a guy who is all by himself to get their friends out. "Have they never watched the show before?" He asks Zach who the head is. Zach stays silent. Donny says even if he is safe this week, he will be the next target again next week. He tells Zach that if he makes it this week, he has Donny's vote. [I think it's safe to say that the interruption in Donny's sleep patterns has put him in a mood this morning.--Goldylucks]


10:14 PM BBT In the WA Donny tells Zach that they are probably keeping Victoria because she is weak in competitions and it helps them win HoHs. He tells Zach not to tell them what they have been talking about.


10:20 AM BBT Donny and Zach have gone back to bed. Zach lays down for no more than a minute before BB calls him to the DR. Zach in disbelief "What?"


10:27 AM BBT Zach exits the DR and goes back to bed. Donny is then called to the DR. WBRB.


10:30 AM BBT The WBRB is very brief. Frankie is awake and puts on his headphones. We can clearly hear Ariana over the headphones so BB mutes his microphone by turning up the microphone by the fishtank. We can hear every bubble and blurp.


10:34 AM BBT Frankie sits up in bed and starts rocking out to Ariana while mouthing the words. He lays back down and starts fist pumping. He gets very expressive with his hands and arms. You can tell he is visualizing the entire performance either on stage or video.


10:49 AM BBT Frankie has taken a shower and is doing his ADLs.


10:54 AM Frankie, all showered and clean, heads downstairs. Donny exits the DR and Cody gets called in. Donny tells Frankie he is going back to bed. Frankie "Ah, so you're learning." Frankie proceeds to start blow drying his hair.

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11:00 AM BBT Cody exits the DR and then heads back to bed. Frankie is then called in.


11:21 AM BBT Caleb is now called to the DR.


11:35 AM BBT Frankie has been going through his clothes downstairs and do other basic ADLs. BB has been calling all the HGs in to the DR one at a time.


12:00 PM BBT All four feeds are still on sleeping HGs.


12:05 PM BBT BB "Good morning HGs, please report to the HoH Bedroom." Caleb has exited the DR and tells them the instructions were not to go back to bed. He thinks they have something up their sleeve. WBRB.


12:30 PM BBT Still WBRB on the feeds.


1:03 PM BBT It has been an hour since the HGs were sent to the HoH room and we got WBRB on the feeds. There has been no change.


1:11 PM BBT The feeds return. We see the large table has been replaced by a smaller one. The Have-Not choices are on the table. They got Transylvanian Goulash which includes blood sausage, canned pumpkin and onions. Frankie has to pick two as Have-Not this week. He picks the girls Victoria and Christine since they have had the least amount of time on slop for a while.


1:18 PM BBT Christina tries the blood sausage. She says it's spicy which she doesn't like, but it basically tastes like Vienna sausage. Frankie says he can spice up the pumpkin and make it taste amazing. Caleb goes to the DR to collect everyone's activity bracelets.


1:21 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are in the earth BR. Derrick says they have to play hard and get Cody off the block. It would be best if he pulled himself down so they don't have to show all their cards. One way or another, he has to come down. Derrick says if Victoria wins it, he'll get her to use on him.


1:23 PM BBT Derrick goes into the SR with Zach. Zach says "If I'm stuck up there with Beastmode, do I have your vote?" Derrick says yes.


1:31 PM BBT Cody and Christine are laying down in the LR chit chatting about life outside the house. Zach has made pancakes with candy pieces in it. Zach says this is the second best Have-Not choices so far. Donny doesn't know if the meat is going to be something they can eat. He expects it will have a very bad taste. BB has also given them flowers and candles on their table.


1:39 PM BBT Caleb is talking to Zach in the KT. He says he has been in much worse situations than being on the block. Zach adds "With a chance to take yourself down." Caleb says at least here, the situation is in his own hands. Donny, Frankie and Victoria have joined Christine and Cody in the LR. They are talking about neighborhoods and housing developments.


1:42 PM BBT The HGs (and me) just realize that Derrick is still in the DR. He was called in almost immediately after they came out of their HoH LD. Derrick is hosting the POV today so they are hopeful that means it will be soon.


1:50 PM BBT The HGs are sitting around the LR. They are expecting Derrick to come out soon in costume for the POV. Frankie now imitates OTEV and says "Sorry Victoria, I am hosting this competition. You can go sit down."

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‪#‎BB16‬ 2:00 PM BBT Derrick came back out of the DR, Frankie asks him if it's time and Derrick shakes his head no. Frankie jumped up saying he will go take a nap now and heads to the HoH bedroom. Frankie now in the HoH room talking to the cameras "If I am going to crush this Veto, I need sleep you guys."


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:04 PM BBT Derrick went up to the HoH room and is going over with Frankie which items of clothing will be disappearing. Donny has joined them. Zach's gator shirt is mentioned.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:08 PM BBT All three Team America members will participate. All items collected will be put in a trash bag and will hide that bag under the current trash bag. Targeted items include Christine's shoes, Cody's Rutgers sweatshirt, Victoria's scarf, and Caleb's bunny slippers.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:14 PM BBT TA will start making things disappear after the veto and once everything is hidden they will wait until someone besides them three notices their item is missing. It's mentioned that coverage for the neighborhood watch will be 3 hrs long.


#BB16 2:17 PM BBT Cody, Zach, and Christine still in the LR, general talk about NBA. No sign on feeds of Caleb or Victoria.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:25 PM BBT TA promises the viewers that out of all the items they will take, they promise to take Zach's gator shirt. Talk of the mission has ended, Derrick steps out of the HoH first to go take a nap. Donny and Frankie now talking abot how they respect each other's games because they are both super fans.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:28 PM BBT Donny tells Frankie in the HoH room, he would want to sit next to him in the finals, he considers Frankie the best player and would either want to beat the best or get beaten by the best.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:34 PM BBT Cody, Zach, and Christine still in the LR. No game talk. Cody was imitating Nicole when they were picking players for the Veto, during her HoH reign. Derrick was in the Kitchen with Victoria doing nothing but finally left to sleep in the FR. Now we have FOTH.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:38 PM BBT After a brief FOTH, Derrick has returned to the Kitchen to make food and Victoria is sitting at the Kitchen table saying nothing. Cody, Zach, and Christine still in LR talking about what they think the funniest moment of the season.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:50 PM BBT Derrick has joined the LR crew, general chit chat about their first days in the house, how different BB would be without BoB. The latter convo leads to Zach and Derrick explain the whole movie The Butterfly Effect. Victoria in the BR doing her make up.


#BB16 2:56 PM BBT Production told the HG to clean the bathroom today, especially the mirror over the sink.

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3:01pm zach, Christine and derrick talking about when they get down to final 4 then the only person not on the block or HOh has the sole vote to evict.


3:03pm Christine says  they have the evil dick in the house and then the  nice guy Caleb and what is Donny? The underdog?


3:09pm most HG sitting around in the LVR talking about Impractical Jokers. Christine laughing.


3:21pm Donny goes to the DR and Victoria is playing jenga alone Caleb and Frankie are taking a nap and everyone else in LVR just general talk going on.


3:31pm Christine says my mom always said i was the meanest child growing up and she never understood how i had so many friends, But i had friends.


 3:41pm Christine talking about her husband playing in bands while  she is there in the BB house and he is probably playing better without her there.


3:46pm Victoria talking about her apple Phone and credit for Apple.Derrick is walking around the house eating.


3:48pm derrick goes the the STr gets a plastic bag and goes to the BR,He then goes to the HOH rm tells Frankie  he is going to get Victoria's robe she wears every morning.He then shows Frankie he has the plastic bag in his waist band.


 3:52pm derrick leaves the HOH rm and goes to the LVR where zach is asking about  derricks Mac computer he then goes to the Fire BR and takes Victoria's robe and sticks it in his pants.He leaves the Fire rm and goes to the WC.You can hear plastic rustling in the WC as he puts the robe in the plastic bag.


 3:56pm Derrick leaves the WC and goes to the  the str and we get foth.

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3:36PM BBT Derrick, Cody, Zach, Christine, Victoria & Donny in the living room. Derrick talks about how no matter how BB portrays you, a good edit or bad edit, the live feeders know the truth because they are the real fans.


3:42PM BBT Christine says ‘Timothy (her husband) I love you, never mind you aren’t watching. Mom, tell Timothy I love him’


3:45PM BBT Zach talking into the camera ‘Why is that camera on me? Mom, Dad, Hayden, I love you  guys to death, keep working hard. Keep doing your thing, I’ll see you in 30 days. Hopefully I’ll have some money with me, I’ll take you guys to dinner. I’ll take you to the outback! And yes dad, you can get the Melbourne Steak even though it’s like $30 but it’s no problem, I got you. I’ll fill up your cars with gas, I’ll buy dog food. Maybe I’ll even pay my own cell phone bill for a month’


Talk turns to cell phone services and how expensive they are.


3:49PM BBT Now Zach, Victoria & Donny are talking about credit cards. Donny says he used to have one but he doesn’t anymore. Donny said he was afraid someone would get the number. Zach says that’s good, credit cards are risky. Zach says his parents don’t have credit cards. Topic shift again, now they are talking about apple computers, Derrick comes back from talking to Frankie in the HOH to join the conversation.


3:53PM BBT Christine comes out of the diary room, to join Donny, Victoria and Zach in the living room talking about Hanukkah and Christmas. Zach says he drives a skateboard to work. Zach says he gets small things for Hanukkah like gloves or something. Christine said she grew up with a $40 limit per kid and one year she told her mom she just wanted lots of presents so she got a whole bunch of stuff from the dollar store but she was happy because she just wanted to tell her siblings she got more. Victoria says  her mom told her never to buy cheap sunglasses or purses. She said she didn’t care but she just started caring now because she’s making money and really working hard. Victoria says she has connections and got a $600 dollar watch for $150. Donny says you don’t need a watch, you have a cell phone.


4:00PM BBT Victoria, Donny, Zach, Derrick and Christine in the living room talking about shopping. Zach said these days it’s all about Ross, TJ Max and Marshalls. Christine says YES! Victoria makes a face and says sometimes her mom and sister got there but she doesn’t have patience for that stuff, she doesn’t want to look through all those clothes. She only shops online.

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4:08PM BBT Derrick, Cody, Donny, Victoria & Christine in the living room talking about the awesomness of chick-fil-a and how they always seem to want it on Sunday when it’s closed. Derrick said he’s heard of it but he’s never seen one. Talking then covers Chipotle, Moe’s, Johnny Rockets, Sonic and Panera.


4:13PM BBT Everyone talking about accidental naked moments on camera, and on purpose naked moments like Joey & Hayden streaking.

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4:00pm Derrick hides the robe under the trashbag in the trashcan and then goes to the LVR and sits down.


 4:15pm Most Hg in the LVR just general talk going on about their lives.


 4:26pm Victoria is reading a pumpkin can to see how to make pumpkin to eat and Cody starts to tell a story and we get FOTH.


4:36pm All Hg either sleeping or sitting very quietly then Christine ask what everyone is going to be Halloween? Derrick says work Halloween.


 4:41pm Christine and Victoria in Kt Making slop . Derrick telling Donny about a clock. Zach going to sleep in the LVR and everyone else in bed napping.


4:46pm Derrick and Donny ion STR as Derrick says what he took of Victoria's.He says she will miss that cause she wears it all the time. Donny says that is good and they leave the STR


4:51pm Victoria cut Onions to fry and Derrick tells her to move then he puts sugar on them to crystallize them and he promises the girls they will be good.


 4:54pm Derrick is going to have Donny a shirt made that  has His beard on it and says jump it. He then says Christine will have her glasses and he will think of something good to put on it.Victoria says derrick i think these onions are ready and derrick says no way not yet don't touch it.

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6:07 PM BBT We are waiting for the HG's to return from the POV Comp., and enjoying Jeff's highlight reels.


6:56 PM BBT We are still enjoying Jeff's highlight reels.


7:48 PM BBT We are still 8:06 PM BBT The Live Feeds are back, and Donny points to himself and the camera, and shakes his head in the KT. Frankie, Victoria, Derrick, Christine, and Zach are talking about the comp in the fire room. Frankie has the POV around his neck, he's the winner.


8:09 PM BBT Frankie says he's happy he gets to experience the Veto thing. Caleb and Donny are talking in the KT. They are both going to get ready for showers, then Caleb is going to cook some dinner. Caleb goes in fire room, and Frankie grabs and hugs him. They leave, and Caleb says he wishes that he won it. Derrick says he's going to see if some of the Zings can be kept of T.V. Derrick tells Christine, he's married, and doesn't feel that anything she's done is offensive. Cody apologizes to Tim, and we see reels for a couple seconds.


8:12 PM BBT Cody says that Christine's Zing was in reference to her tattoos, just like Jen City was Zinged about her crappy tattoos. Frankie is popping pimples on his chest, with a white lab coat on. He leaves the fire room, and talks to Zach in front of the picture board, after Zach leaves the WA. Caleb goes up to Frankie, and hugs him. The 3 of them are whispering about next week. Christine & Cody are in fire room with arms around each other. She was rubbing her hand up and down his back. Caleb walks in fire room, sits down, and starts talking to Cody & Christine about the comp. Zach walks in the fire room. Donny is in the HOT shower in the WA, while Frankie is holding a towel on his chest, from popping the pimple.


8:16 PM BBT Frankie asks Donny about how long he thinks the comp lasted, 6 min.? Donny says, 6 - 8 min. Cody walks in the WA, and gives Frankie a hug, they are talking more about the comp. Victoria, Derrick, Zach and Christine are talking about the comp also. Caleb and Derrick are talking about how easy it will be to take everything down. Christine says, that was the coolest ZINGBOT Comp to date. Caleb says that got through it pretty quick. Derrick says he knew it was going to be quick.


8:19 PM BBT Caleb says he thought they were all going to get free VIP tickets to go and see her (Kathy Griffin) when they leave the house, but that didn't happen. He says he got Zinged really good inside. He says Frankie got Zinged about living in his sister's shadow. Cody talks to Frankie in the hallway by the rock room. He says he should request a certain deodorant, because he likes that one the best. Frankie is doing a Kathy Griffin impression. Christine asks how old she is, and other HG's guess in her 50's.


8:23 PM BBT Frankie was doing the ZINGBOT impression of his Zing about living in his sister's shadow. Caleb asks him what POP stands for, and he says, popular. Caleb and Frankie go to SR to get things to make dinner, and Caleb tells him that he wanted him to win it. Caleb says they should BD someone, but didn't say his name. Caleb said he would tear the house up, if they do it. Christine walks in and out of the SR. Zach, Derrick, Cody, Donny, and Victoria are in the fire room talking about the Zings. Zach says that the Zings came to them as they are portrayed to the viewers, so they are obviously seeing something going on in the house.


8:30 PM BBT Caleb in KT with Christine and says, "Beast Mode Cowgirl, Beast Mode with makeup on." He tells Christine that the next HOH has to be endurance. He says he was so close to winning, and she says, you were so close. Frankie comes in KT, as other HG's filter in as well. He says that they need to eat as a family tonight. Donny says, they can talk about their Zings also. Cody, Victoria and Zach are in the fire room. Victoria is lying on a bed, with Cody sitting next to her, and she is gently rubbing and caressing the back of his neck and ear. He lays down on the bed next to her, and now she is caressing and rubbing his back.


8:34 PM BBT Frankie says he wanted to thank Kathy for her impressions of Cher, but he was so overwhelmed by everything that he forgot. Zach goes into the KT, and says Victoria is pi$$ed, and Christine says that she didn't get passed the first part. Victoria and Cody are talking about Christine possibly crossing the line because of her husband. She lifts Cody's shirt up a little at the bottom, and is rubbing her nails up and down his back under his shirt. Cody says, Veto comps are not his sh*t. Victoria says, that was hard. She asks if he talked to Frankie about what he would do if he won. He says no.


8:37 PM BBT Derrick goes in the fire room, and tells them that they would of literally had to have been perfect in order to beat Frankie. He says it was very tough. He says that Caleb was close to him, and that Caleb says he only had one light bulb left, but he doesn't think he was that close. Cody says he was pi$$ed, and Caleb walks in the fire room, and says that if you filled all 3 holes, they should of all come on. Derrick wonders if there was electricity running through it. Caleb says there was, because he checked.


8:39 PM BBT Caleb says that maybe one day his comp will come, so he can beast mode through it. He wants a very physical endurance comp. He asks Derrick if he thinks they are changing it, and we see reels. Live Feeds come back, and they are told, "You are not allowed to talk about production. Christine, Frankie and Donny are in the KT, and she says something about Frankie saying Ariel.


8:41 PM BBT Frankie jokingly tells Christine that he knew she was going to know he messed up, and he would have to kill her in her sleep. He says he would have to go to the Live Feeders and say text 4 to kill Christine in her sleep. They were both laughing. He says he is making a lot of salmon for dinner, and he will make other stuff for Christine when she's not a HN. Frankie says they are all going to get 1/2 lb each of the salmon, because once it's defrosted, you have to use it. They both thank Donny for something. Frankie is obsessing about his Zing, and can't wait to go over all of them.


8:43 PM BBT Derrick asks Victoria to leave the fire room, and starts to talk to Cody. Christine walks in, and Caleb behind her. He says it's going to look fishy that he just kicked Victoria out of the room, and we're in here like this, but it is what it is. Caleb says he already talked to Frankie, and that he's going to use the Veto on him, and wants to try to BD Zach. Derrick asks Cody if he would rather be up against Victoria or Zach. Caleb says they control everything Victoria does, so why send her home, when they can get Zach out now? Cody says he's worried he will go. Derrick says it's not a remote possibility, because it will be who they want to send home.


8:47 PM BBT Caleb tells them that Zach may try to say things to stir up stuff, and Cody says he will tell him to go f*ck off. Caleb says that Frankie came at him with this, and he agreed. They keep coming up with reasons to keep Victoria. Christine is sitting in the WA, while Victoria was in the WC. She was talking to Victoria about the slop she ate. Then she was whispering to herself saying she doesn't care about Zings for herself, but you don't bring someone's family into it.


8:50 PM BBT Christine breaks down in the WA and hugs Victoria, because she is worried about how Tim is perceiving her on the show. Victoria says, if he thought anything, he would of said something in the letter, but there was nothing there. She says that Tim never goes around other girls, and she's always hung out with guys. Victoria says she talks about Tim 24/7. Christine says that Cody is her best friend in the house, and it's purely innocent. She says she would do it with Derrick to, but isn't around him as often. She thanks Victoria, and says she wishes she could talk to Tim about it. She is worried about how her family is seeing her also, and her sister.


8:53 PM BBT Victoria keeps encouraging Christine and trying to lift her up. Christine keeps saying that he her friend, and she feels awkward that it's being portrayed that way. She tells Victoria that she doesn't care about Zings, but not to bring her family in to it, especially Tim. Victoria asks if she went to the DR about it, and she says she doesn't want to talk to them about it, and she doesn't want them to see her like this. She says maybe she should go hide in the Beehive, but that might look shady. Her and Victoria laugh, and she says she was saying last night how nice Victoria is.


8:50 PM BBT Victoria says Christine knows where to draw the line with Cody, and if she thought it has gone to far, she could just tell him. Christine says she feels tight with Cody, like Victoria is tight with Derrick, and she agrees, and says how tight they are by crossing her fingers. Cody and Derrick are talking about the comp in the fire room. Derrick says they have to get Donny out without getting blood on their hands, because he needs to go. Cody says he had a premonition about sitting next to Zach, and reciting a poem to him. Derrick tells him to do it. The girls are laughing together in the WA, and we see reels again.


8:59 PM BBT Live Feeds come back and we here, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Caleb goes in the fire room, and says he was one light bulb away from winning the comp. He says he didn't realize he was that close. Derrick tells Caleb that he and Cody weren't talking about game, and just because he wears makeup, he can still come in there. He picks up the sword, and recites his Zing. Cody says he was mortified by his Zing. Caleb says he can go home and not only say that he was Zinged, but also by Kathy Griffon. Caleb says the Zach Efron one was o.k. Cody says that one outside, about Christine being married was awful. He says he feels her relationship with Frankie is worse than his and hers.enjoying Jeff's highlight reels.


9:03 PM BBT Cody says Caleb is not dumb, he doesn't know why he keeps saying that. Caleb says he's not the brightest crayon in the box. He says he graduated 68 out of 70 in his graduating class, and that he didn't care. He says he was passing for sports, but got a 3.6 GPA in college. Cody says he's probably middle of the barrel. Caleb says there are definitely people smarter than him in the house, and he knows it. They continue to talk about the comp. Christine, Zach and Derrick are in the WA, and she is telling them how she feels about the Zings also. She says she feels bad for Cody. Derrick says, he's (Tim) not on the show to defend himself. He says it's like college, and she talks about her husband all the time.


9:06 PM BBT Derrick says Cody is not putting the moves on her and she is a dime. Then he says he said that jokingly (about her being a dime). More game convo going on in fire room with Caleb and Cody. Christine says, "Damn, I wish I had my pictures still." She says she remembers them, but has to go and read her letter again. Victoria walks in the WA and talks to her about the laundry. Zach has his sunglasses on, and is lying on the couch in the WA, chilling. Christine asks Zach is he things Caleb is still talking to Cody. Zach asks about what? She says she doesn't know, that she saw them talking about walked out of the fire room.


9:11 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are discussing how the Skittle thing worked, and throwing the BOB. Frankie, Derrick and Donny are in the KT talking about the laundry. Zach walks in and asks Frankie about the noodles. Frankie says they are Al Dente. Frankie dumps the hot water out of the pan, and says, he's getting a facial right now. He says, "Not that kind of facial, I wish." Zach leaves KT and walks in fire room. Victoria goes to KT and starts singing. We see fish, and then feeds come back. Fire room convo is about upcoming comps. Zach tells Caleb and Cody that Christine was crying a little bit.


9:15 PM BBT Frankie asks Derrick to put up the glasses in the KT. Victoria asks which milk they should use. Fire room convo is more about game. Frankie shrieks while singing, and we see FoTH for a moment. Christine joins in the convo in fire room. Victoria saying song lyrics, while looking in the cabinet under the KT sink.


9:18 PM BBT Donny goes in the fire room and tells them dinner is in 5 minutes. Derrick says someone is a mult millionare. Caleb says no he's not. Cody says he was in N' Sync or Back Street Boys, but he's nothing now. Derrick says he lives overseas, and is worth at least $5M, because they are still big there. Caleb says, well maybe, and walks out of fire room. General convo about dinner going on in the KT. Zach tells Christine to tell Victoria to look extra pretty on camera, because Frankie is definitely using the Veto on Caleb.


9:22 PM BBT Christine says she will tell her, since she faked her out last time. Zach says they are guaranteed until at least day 70, and she will be the last girl in the house. She says she is A O.K. with no other girls being in the house. She says Donny can't win HOH next week, and Zach mentions, what if Hayden comes back. They don't seem to know if someone will definitely come back or not. They both leave the fire room. Zach goes in the KT, and tells other HG's they need to say Grace. He says, "Kathy f*cking Griffin."


9:25 PM BBT Christine sits next to Cody, and Victoria asks if she's going to sit by her as well, she says yes. Zach sits down, and Victoria says, "Or not." Donny says they will have a moment of silence with dinner. They want Victoria to go to the table for dinner, and she says, do you guys mind if I don't. She says, thank you, blows kisses, and walks out of the KT. Caleb says a prayer for the meal, while they are all holding hands at the smaller table in the Dining Room. Victoria is in the SR. She readjusts her light blue top, taking one sleeve off her left shoulder, exposing her bra strap.


9:28 PM BBT Frankie explains to the HG's how he cooked the food, while chomping on his food. Zach says, "Kathy Griffin, what a smoke bomb." Caleb talks about Frankie's sister, while chomping on his food. Frankie says, that's o.k., you won't touch her. They are all having convo. Frankie says, superstars are loved and hated. Zach asks how you can hate Ariana Grande? Caleb says she was on a kids network. Christine says she likes Cole and Dillon from Zach and Cody. They discuss the brothers, what they are doing now, and getting paid. Donny says the things they've done together are great. Frankie butts in, and says that no one will ever experience this, it's closer than our family bonds. Zach says that 60 days is to long to be like this.


9:32 PM BBT Frankie says he could of opened and closed a Broadway show in 2 months if it was unsuccessful. Christine asks why the fish has so many bones in it today? Christine says everyone needs to try the Pumpkin Spice Mocha with half White Chocolate in it at Starbucks, and it will change their lives, when they get out of the house. Christine says she is looking forward to her slop tonight, and that she wishes she could have soy, but can't. There is a candle holder on the table with tea light candles in them. Frankie says stores are selling Halloween decorations already. Victoria says she can't wait. Victoria says October starts the holiday season.


9:36 PM BBT Caleb says he wants to go and visit someone during the holidays, and everyone says not them, and tells him he needs to go to NY. Cody says he likes Bryan Park to ice skate in NY, when Frankie talks about Rockefeller Center. He talks about doing Mama Mia on Broadway, and being on GMA and other morning shows, because the movie had been such a hype. He says that it wasn't a great show, but it was fun. He starts talking about a reviewer, and we see FoTH for a moment. He comes back saying that he wants to choose his words correctly, and says this reviewer would hate this musical, but it got a great review. He says it's Ben Brantley, and his review will open or close your show. He says he is paid and works for the New York Times.


9:40 PM BBT Frankie says the show opened in December after September 11. Caleb says they should tell stories. Zach tells him to go first because he always has good stories. He says his pilot brother has a huge truck, and there were mounds of snow as high as the ceiling in the room. He says they use the 4 wheel drive truck, and hit the snow mound, it felt like they hit a brick wall. They had hit a yellow pole, and the back of the truck lifted up, and he had the window rolled down, with his arm hanging out. He says it left a dent in the bumper.


9:43 PM BBT It's Donny's turn, and Frankie asks him to tell a story about a maintenance job went array. Donny is thinking about something, so Zach goes. He says it was 9:37 PM and walks in Chipolte, and they close at 10 PM. He says the guy in front of him gets told that they are out of cheese, so he speaks up, and says they still have 23 min left until they close, there is no reason not to have cheese ready. He says he was cursing, talking to everyone in line. He says 5 minutes later there was cheese on his burrito, and no one was at the register for him to pay. He says he caused a scene, and eventually the manager comes up to him. He says he tells the manager how he feels, and gets told that if he doesn't like it, not to come back. He says he pushed the burrito toward him, and said, dueces homie, and walked out.


9:47 PM BBT Zach says, ultimately it's the managers fault for not having his employees do what they're supposed to. Donny says, he was driving a tracker with a front end loader on it. He was going to fix some erosion, and he hit a spot, and the tracker lifted, and he stood up and almost went over the side of the hill, he says he hit the lever, and it dumped the bucket, and it set him back down, and had his heart pumping so hard. They ask if he had a seat belt on or anything, and he says, no. Caleb tries to outdo Donny's story about a story of Bobcat's from his dad's company.


9:52 PM BBT Frankie tells a story about a Spiderman biking story. Says he was going about 35 MPH, and hits a car, and lands on his feet in the end. He says there was a little kid that says, "Holy sh*t man, you're like f*cking Spiderman." He says it twice. Zach tells a story of being where the Florida Marlins were training, when he was in 6th grade. He says they skipped school, and wanted to get autographs. He says he was sitting down, and went to get up, a ball was hit, and hit him right in the a$$hole. He says he didn't even know a ball hit him, and he didn't even know. He says it could not of hit him anymore perfect, and he didn't even get the ball. He says the medics checked him out, and when he got home he had a huge bruise. Caleb belches and doesn't excuse himself.


9:56 PM BBT Cody tells a story that he never pooped in school, because he didn't want to be gone long, so his classmates wouldn't know he did that. Cody says he had to go so bad one day, and he put the toilet paper on the seat, and something happened that everyone had to get out of the school, and he had to get up. He says he was in line in 7th grade, and had a huge line of toilet paper hanging out of his pants. He says he turned beat red, was so embarrassed, and his crush was there also. Frankie says he thought he could go to a land of unicorns anytime he wanted. Caleb says he must be thinking about Chronicles of Narnia or something. Frankie says he needs to use the bathroom. Victoria goes in the SR.


10:00 PM BBT Caleb tells a disgusting story about his brother's wife wanting to wax his brother's butt hole. He says he was watching, it got put on You Tube, and it got taken down. He gets dramatic, lying on the floor explaining the story. He says his sister-in-law was blowing on his butt because of the hot wax, his brother pooped, and it went all over. He says his butt cheeks were stuck together, and took hours to get apart.


10:04 PM BBT Christine says that one time she asked Tim to like his dog from end to end, and he had to go against the grain. She says his tongue was literally covered with black hair after the second time. Caleb starts telling another story about his brother, Blake. Frankie and Victoria were talking over him, and moved to the KT, from the Dining Room table.


10:06 PM BBT Caleb continuing the stories about his brothers, and we see FoTH for about a minute. Feeds come back for a couple seconds, and we see FoTH again.


10:11 PM BBT Live Feeds come back and the convo in the Dining Room is about food. Caleb starts talking about playing basketball. Then Zach tells about when he played as well. He says he went down to the buzzer, at the foul line, sunk the ball, and then hit the ground with his hand, he was so excited. Caleb says he's never had anything that good. Zach tells another story about how he took someone's pants down in a game and got a foul. Frankie says, "Peni$." Caleb says they all need to go watch his promo videos from High School on You Tube. He says he wanted to get on an NFL team, but from where he was from, they were all big dudes.


10:15 PM BBT Caleb was talking about Demarco Murray, and was messing up his name. He says he is bigger than him, when he saw him in person. He says Dez Bryant was a big boy. Everyone starts having general chatter.


10:16 PM BBT Zach says that Dez Bryant is at least 6' 4". Caleb says Jason Witten is about 6' 7". Derrick says he's 6' 1", and Dez Bryant is taller than him. Caleb and Zach still discuss the height. Zach says he can't believe they met the Cowboys. Caleb says Jerry Jones was the biggest one for him, that he gave them all gear, handed them the wrong gear, but they switched it afterwards. He says it all had their names on it.


10:19 PM BBT Zach says, dude, she (Kathy Griffin) Zinged us dude. Christine says, she was watching everything. Derrick says, she was calling them out on everything. He says she was correcting everything that was said. We see FoTh for a couple seconds. Live Feeds come back, and Frankie says, she is awesome. Christine says she couldn't say anything to her, because she knows she doesn't like her. Then, she sinks in her chair at the Dining Room table.


10:21 PM BBT Frankie to Christine, now that you've met her, you can see her differently. She says she respects her, but she really doesn't like her comedy. She says she's horrible. Frankie says they aren't safe from her, that she may do a You Tube follow-up or something about her experience there with the HG's.


10:23 PM BBT Victoria says how much cinnamon she accidentally put in her slop. Caleb says it's a natural fat burner. Christine says she puts it in her oatmeal at home every day. They all discuss when the BY might re-open. They agree that it should be open by the time they get up in the morning. Frankie says, it really isn't that hard to break it down. Cody says he really likes Christine's tattoos, after talking about her Zings. Frankie says his Zing again about living in his sister's shadow. Christine says Derrick's was about the house being filled with attractive men, and Zingbot, says he didn't see Derrick there. Frankie says Victoria's was about her being her own best friend in the house. Donny's was about Duck Dynasty.


10:27 PM BBT Christine compliments Kathy Griffin's body, and Cody kept telling her to say more. She got excited about meeting her now, because she was on Seinfeld. Caleb acts out of it, when they try to talk to him. He says that they were telling her what to say in her ear. He says, she told them it wasn't her stuff, and we see FoTH.


10:29 PM BBT Zach said, "Kathy Griffin, that was tight." Caleb says now he knows who she is. He says he's seen her before. Caleb says the table shrunk a lot, and that table was under the regular size table. He says the big table was sitting on top of it, because of the scratches on it. Cody repeats Zach's Zing, and it was about him looking like Timmy Turner. Christine apologizes for swearing to her mom. Donny notices that Christine has on different glasses. Caleb is staring at Christine, from across the table. He starts singing, and we see FoTH for a moment.


10:32 PM BBT We come back to Live Feeds, and hear Christine laughing, and Caleb singing again. We see more FoTH for a moment. The Live Feeds come back, and Zach and Caleb start talking about being Lyrical Genius' and peni$es. Donny says how much walking room there is in the Dining Room now. Caleb is in the WA, talking to Frankie in the WC. He asks him if he should keep his goatee. He says he wants to be a model, but doesn't think he'll get a gig after the show. He says he wants to show how versatile his face is. He rants about how he wants to show how beast he is in a comp, when he gets endurance. He says he will pull Frankie off the block if he's up, and he wins Veto.


10:36 PM BBT Christine says she wonders if she will ever get another activity tracker again. She was laughing in the KT with other HG's. Donny and Frankie go in the SR. Donny tells Frankie that Zach took his gator shirt off in the WA, and that he showered upstairs. He says he may have left it upstairs for you, do you want to go and check. They walk out of SR. Frankie tells everyone not to touch the onion garbage. Donny and Zach are chatting in LR, sitting on opposite couches. Frankie runs in the LR, tells Zach they are playing Spin the Bottle, and he has to kiss him, and kisses Zach. Christine is still sitting at the Dining Room Table, and brings up the term tonsil hockey.


10:39 PM BBT Donny tells Zach that they probably just gained all of their weight back they lost in one day, after eating. Frankie is acting like Steven in the DR, playing with his hair coming out of his ball cap. Christine brings up Salad Fingers, and it scaring her when she was little. It was someone in a cage, rubbing on bars. Frankie says the guy kills the milkman, by cutting his head off, and f*cks him. Christine says to check out Do Toons. She says, Tim's brother is autistic, and does these videos on You Tube. She says the glasses she has on now, are not anti-glare, so she can't wear them all the time. She can't wear them in the DR.


10:43 PM BBT Frankie starts singing, we see FoTH. Feeds come back for a second, and down again. They come back with Cody saying, "Gigantic cock." Christine says she has a drinking problem, and can't drink out of a cup. Cody is tapping on the table. Christine says, "Thank you DAD BOT." Frankie says it also. Donny says, he misses his girlfriend. He tells Zach how close his bond is with his brother. Zach asks what they do together when they hang out. Donny says they can't do a lot because he's handicapped. He says his brother can shoot 3 pointers in basketball though with his half of arm. He tells Zach that he can hit ringers in horseshoes using his feet. Zach asks how he brushes his teeth. Donny says he uses the arm that has 2 fingers to brush his teeth, and puts a pencil on a disposable razor to shave. He says how his brother has a nub on the other arm.


10:47 PM BBT Donny says how his brother uses an S hook to button his pants. He can't do anything they can do, but it takes a little longer. He says he has a lot of patience. Zach asks if he can play video games? Donny says, he beat Mario 1, 2 and 3 with his feet. Zach asks how he grades papers? Donny says he takes his work home, and it takes him longer, but he can do it. He says his a 6th grade Science teacher. He says he projects things on his computer a lot to the board, and does a lot with his chin. He tells Zach how he can solder things together with his chin, and how he can take a laptop apart, and put it back together. He says it's amazing. He says they watch a lot of Reality T.V. shows together, and talk about them at dinner.


10:51 PM BBT Zach asks Donny if his brother has ever been discouraged. He says maybe in the past he might have, but he doesn't know anything different. He says it's different if he had arms to begin with, but he's never had them. Donny says that his brother got a prosthetic arm, and would hit himself with it, so he decided not to use it anymore. General convo still going on at Dining Room table.


10:55 PM BBT Donny says that his brother has one leg shorter than the other and has a built up shoe.

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8:09 PM BBT: Frankie has won the PoV. Donny and Caleb are talking alone in the kitchen. Donny says that's pretty awesome (regarding the comp). Caleb says hell yea we got to be in Zingbot POV. Caleb asks Donny why they (the country boys) haven't been crushin it . Donny says they both got their POV wins. Caleb says that the house would have never expected them two working together. Caleb tells Donny that he never cared for him to go. Donny says he nomintated Caleb so that he could dethrone him. conversation ends.


Caleb joins the other group. Caleb and Frankie start tackling each other on the bed. Frankie says that Caleb was very close to winning. Frankie says he thought that was Donny's competiton. Frankie says the zing he got was the best thing that ever happened to him. The competition apparently involved connecting cables in the right pattern to light circuits. Caleb says that he thinks it will be endurance from here on out. Zach mentions something about Kathy Griffin being there for the competition. 


8:15 PM BBT Christine, Derrick, Cody, Victoriaare talking in the fire-room. Christine has her hands on Cody yet again. Donny is showering. Zach hugs Frankie out in the living room. Zach, Caleb, Frankie celebrate. Cody heads into the bathroom and hugs Frankie. Derrick is explaining how fast Frankie connected the cables in the comp to the group in the fire room.. 


8:20 PM BBT Frankie is basking in his first POV win. Frankie says that he's glad Kathy Griffin didn't mention his sister. (it sounds like Kathy Griffin also was there to "zing" the hgs??). 



8:25 PM BBT: Everyone is in the fire room discussing the competition and the zing. It sounds like Frankie's zing was about him living in his sister's shadow, as he just acted part of it out. And we're back to Jeff-fish. Discussion is now about Ariana Grande. They are discussing her genre of music. Frankie is going through all of her songs. Zach asks what R&B stands for, Caleb asks what pop stands for. Frankie quickly replies Rhythm and Blues, and Popular.


Frankie and Caleb are talking in the storage room. Frankie says that Derrick and Cody and the house as well is on board with putting Zach up as a replacement nom. Frankie replies with  "F**k". They agree that they'll have to talk about it.  Christine comes in, conversation ends. Brief jeff-fish continues intermittenly.


8:30 PM BBT: Derrick says that he would rather have 15 zings about his looks than one about his wife. Derrick says he'd be pissed. Donny, Cody, Derrick, Zach and Victoria are in the fire-room talking about the zings. Cody apparently had a zing about Christine touching him  and his hair alot (not sure on this, but it sounded like this was the case). Zach says the zings are how everyone is being portrayed by America..


[Zachs zing was about him being unemployed, Victoria's zing about her not playing the game., Christine zing was something relating her to Jenn-city ] Zach says he doesn't even care what it said.   Frankie is making pasta for everyone. He wants everyone to have a dinner at the table and talk about their zings.


Zach, Cody and Victoria are now alone in the fire room. Victoria is touching Cody. Zach doesn't look very happy and he leaves. Victoria says she is scared about getting booed because the zing mentioned she hasn't even played the game. Victoria is talking about Christine being married and her banter/playing with Cody. meanwhile Victoris is giving him a back rub.


8:37 PM BBT: Victoria asks Cody if he knows what Frankie will do with the veto. Cody says they haven't even talked. Derrick joins them. Derrick is explaining just how fast Frankie flew through the comp, methodically. Cody says PoV's aren't his thing and that he's pissed he messed up the first one. Caleb joins them. They continue discussing the comp. 


8:40 PM BBT Derrick says he has never seen so many mental comps in a row in a BB season. Caleb mentions if he thought this was done on purpose by production since they know there's 2-3 physical beasts in the house. Feeds back to jeff-fish.


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11:05 PM BBT Donny talks about his brother's arms with Zach in the LR. He says that the kids his brother teaches don't notice his disability as much as the parents. He also doesn't care if the kids look and he lets the parents know if they say anything. Zach asks why he was born that way. Donny says that there was a vitamin his mom took that they think caused it.


11:15 PM BBT In HOH Frankie is calling Nicole awful to Christine. Christine agrees and reiterates how awful she was. Frankie says that he hopes there is no buy back but if there is he would rather have Hayden come back rather than anyone. Christine jokes about Jocasta coming back and that she would if it was a slouching comp. Frankie says everyone seems to be on board with Zach going. Frankie says the target will present itself and thinks the two of them can slide by till final four.


11:35 PM BBT Derrick is now in HOH explaining how he warned Nicole she was leaving. Cody is telling Victoria he knows Frankie is using veto on Caleb not him. Victoria says she’s been on the block a lot so she gets it. Donny then coached Victoria on how to get ready for bed in the HN room.


11:45 PM BBT Caleb, Donny, and Zach are now in the LR discussing how many requests they will have on social media when they get home. Caleb says he is lookin for some dates when he gets out. Upstairs, Derrick, Christine, Cody, and Frankie are recapping the veto comp and how much faster Frankie could have won it. Frankie says he just loves how close Kathy Griffin was to him. Victoria enters and they all say what’s up girl! They all laugh and giggle about small things.


11:55 PM BBT Caleb, Zach, and Donny are talking about a party where Caleb was told he was leaving a day earlier. Caleb was told he couldn't even tell his dad he was leaving. Zach says his parents were freaking out. HoH is all small talk about past HGs.

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