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Wednesday, July 16 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

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12:05 AM BBT Brit says her good nights and the group says they will see her in an hour. Back on the hammock Amber is telling Cody he should eat with the HNs on Thursday and he says he will think about it. They hold hands again. The big group talks about who they threw frisbees at during the keg competition. Zach was throwing his at Victoria.

12:15 AM BBT The group talks about the veto meeting and how much of the confrontation will be shown. They talk about how frustrated us feedsters get when they sing or do something they shouldn't and we get fish. All four feeds are on the BY crew now. Two feeds show Caleb looking sullen (probably about the Hammock situation). The other two are of Frank talking about jack, his crush that works on production. Derrick says that this is all fish right now 100%....nope someone is asleep at the button.....

12:25 AM BBT Cody and Amber are back on the feeds and are discussing roommate situations. Amber says she wants to live with a guy. She asks Cody to be her roommate after the Summer. She says it's fun in Cali and Cody would love it. Cody says his parents will hate her because he lives with them. They then talk about their signs and favorite holidays.

12:35 AM BBT The group is going around sharing how the show has changed them as people. Nicole is going to be more outgoing, Caleb says nothing has changed in him, Christine is going to light a fire under her but to help her husband with his career, Frank says he has grown up a lot, Hayden says he is learning to be more responsible and maybe go into entertainment.

12:45 AM BBT Brit as if on cue for seeing her in an hour is back in the BY. Talk has turned to where everyone would travel if they had the chance. Zach and Derrick are playing pool. Amber is cooking with Cody inside. They talk about who they would spend their last days with if they knew they were dying. All four feeds then switch to Cody and Amber cooking.

1:00 AM BBT The group is still playing the random question game. Inside, Zach shouts to Christine asking if he can eat ham. Zach is trying to be gluten free like her cause his stomach has been a mess lately. Just a bunch of small chit chat around a very calm subdued house.

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1:29 AM BBT The group in the backyard, Frankie, Caleb, Devin, and Hayden talking about teeth, retainers, and general dentistry. They are also talking about the hot tub looking yellow and smelling like feet.

1:33 AM BBT Derrick, Zach, Nicole, Amber, Cody, and Christine are talking about the after party and drinking too much. There are noww talking about where marijuanna is now legal. Frankie is now in the Kitchen putting away dishes.

1:36 AM BBT The have nots are trying to stay up all night so they don't have to sleep in the have not room because it is too cold in there at night. They think they can sleep in the HOH room all day Wednesday durring the HOH Lockdown.

Caleb, Devin and Hayden in the backyard listening to Caleb tell about how many print ads, and photo shoots he has done. Hayden just keeps saying thats "sick". Nicole and Christine doing laundry talking about boys and if they ever really grow up.

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1:45 AM BBT Christine and Nicole folding laundry talking about how often they talk to their mothers, 10-15 times a day. Frankie, Cody, Derrick, Zach and Amber in the kitchen talking about movies and actors they love to watch. Devin in the backyard playing pool by himself

1:47 AM BBT The kitchen group is now everyone except Devin and Caleb, they are still talking about movies. Caleb is just sitting on the double lounger in the backyard alone, while Devin plays pool.

1:53 AM BBT Caleb in the BY alone, doing shout outs to his instagram accout, or use the #beastmodecowboy. The kitchen group finally gets called out for quoteing movies. Frankie doing imitations of characters in Ice Age.

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2:00 AM BBT The kitchen crew Frankie, Derrick, Nicole, Amber, and Hayden are still just chating about movies. Caleb still just sitting the backyard alone.

2:02 AM BBT Derrick and Devin talking about what he is wearing if he gets evicted, Devin corrects him and says "when" he goes out. They are taking about all the talk shows they get interviewed for after they are evicted.

2:06 AM BBT Britt, Zach and Cody tyring to sleep in BR, Britt calls Zach a liar about something Derrick said and slaps him in the face really hard by accident. All 3 laughing about it. Cody keeps telling her she has to kiss Zack now.

2:12 AM BBT Britt, Zach and Cody still talking in the BR sunggled up in the beds (Zach and Cody in one bed) they are in the rock room, and Cody can hear everyone in the Kit and he says he can't sleep. They start talking about artificial falvors again. Cody asks if Britt thinks her kids would like him and Zach, Zack sits up and says "no". Derrick joins them in bed.

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2:43 am In the HoH nest, Brit asking Amber how she puts the Latisse on [Latisse makes your eyelashes grow, but has some disturbing side effects - BBLurkerPlus]. Amber goes through one bottle of Latisse every three months because the lashes go so crazy when you use it for a while. Brit is jealous and wants to order some right now. Amber offers to ask for some more in her HoH basket.

2:46 am HoH crew (Brit, Amber, Cody, Derrick, Zack) Complaining about how much they're eating in the house, and now someone is making movie theatre popcorn. They agree not to eat it and the conversation drifts to the

various types of French fries and popcorn with awesome toppings.

2:48 am Derrick says he hasn't had Chick fil a ever - the room can't believe it because it's so awesome. [Maybe for some - I say overrated - BBLurkerPlus] Amber says Chick fil a is like heaven in your mouth, and Derrick is missing out. Zach says they had two near campus in school and he went all the time.

2:57 am More small talk. Amber asks if they've seen those girls that wear clear skirts. Zach perks up and asks where you see that. Amber says...Nashville. Zach says "Damn! I got get to Nashville." and Cody says "Hoopa doopa" which we learned is from "Hoooaaah" (whore). Christine walks through to the bathroom.

3:02 am Hayden walks in to an ovation with lots of clapping. Then he turns around and leaves without a word to make some toilet time. (Caleb is Ambersulking in the bathroom while Frankie tries to cheer him up)

3:05 am Refreshed after dropping ballast, and washing appropriately, Hayden goes back to HoH to another much louder ovation. Frankie hears it from the downstairs bathroom and comes right up for his ovation, too, and brings Nicole with him. Zach asks if Frankie can get him a towel so he can jerk it real quick. Frankie says sure....and he can keep his mouth open just in case which gets a bunch of "ooooooohhh!" from the HoH room.

3:08-3:13 Frankie goes into the bathroom, strips down and returns as super-hetro "Frank" in HoH with only towel on, saying funny things and working the room.

3:16-3:20 am Devin is quietly getting ready for bed in Have not room. Caleb is crashed on bed already. Devin asks if Caleb is stressed about Amber. Caleb says no, but it's like being nice to someone and they don't give it back or appreciate it. Devin says he's on his way out the door and he has nothing to gain from it, but Amber is using him and Caleb needs to play his own game. Amber is going to hurt Caleb's game and he needs to distance himself from her, according to Devin. Devin says if Amber goes up, he needs to make sure she goes out because she will mess up Caleb's game.

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2:50 AM - 3:15 AM BBT - Amber, Cody, Zach and Derrick are in the HoH room talking about Chick Fil A, In and Out Burgers and all types of food. Amber and Brittany say that they don't have as good of a relationship as they used to have with Cody...and then the games begin! Cody professes his hurt feelings and then Zach rants on to Brittany who then hides her head! FLASHBACK ALERT (funny)! Later Frankie comes in and does his character "Frank" (appears to be like a Jersey Shore dude) who flirts with Brittany!!

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3:31 - 3:48 AM BBT - Nicole and Hayden go to the hammock. Hayden thinks that Amber is always about to burst into tears. Nicole just thought that's what she looks like...they imitate Amber, "I just love ya'll." They don't think she seems like she's 26 years. How's frog life been for a week? Sucks, but it's cool. Hayden says that she's the cutest frog that he's ever been on a date with...she berates him and he says that she's supposed to talk bad about him behind his back. She's says that she's doing great so far as the HoH, her target is going home and Hayden says that was everyone's plan. Hayden says that the only cool girls in the house are Nicole and Christine. Nicole says that he flirts a lot with Victoria. They both would like to see Amber gone but not necessarily next week, so Hayden says then either Brittany and Victoria. Nicole says that Caleb is heated about Cody and Amber's hammock date. Hayden says if the HoH comp is something that he can win, he'll go for it, especially if it's endurance. They said that Christine told people that Hayden is underestimated and is a good player. Hayden says, "Come on Christina, we're supposed to be in an alliance, Grasshopper Crew." They say that a lot of the guys would like to see Frankie gone. They think everyone want Cody to go far. They talk about wanting to work with Caleb but to not trust him or Frankie with information. Hayden says that Cody is his boy but he looks like Amber that he's ready to cry. Nicole asks if she gets that cry look and he says no that she's heartless. Would like to see people not on the block before...do not think that anyone would put up Christine except for Donny. They both want to work with Donny. Hayden says like he's in the Bomb Squad sort of, but he's not sure if it is or isn't an alliance anymore. He would like to see Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine since they haven't been on the block before. They do not think that Caleb is perceived as a threat anymore and is too emotional because of Amber.

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8:20am HGs have not gotten a wake up call yet, so everyone is still asleep...

8:25am Frankie makes his way to the WA, uses the restroom, then heads back to bed...

8:55am Random sounds can be heard on the feeds, but I don't see any movement...

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9:25am we have FOTH maybe a wake up call.

9:38am Frankie in Kt telling Christine that was the funniest thing he had heard in his life. Christine says she is going outside for a little bit. In the BY Hayden and Donny are talking about it being cloudy today.
9:41am Frankie tells Hayden he went to bed about 6:60 got up at 8:30 to use the WC and now it is what 9:30 so i am going to bed in a minute.He ask Christine if Lockdown is at noon today and she says I think so.
9:43am Christine says she is annoyed right now cause everyone keeps taking her bible and never returns it, I don't care if they use it just put it back where you got it from. Frankie says i can tell you who didn't use it and Christine says neither did Hayden.Frankie says I did not take this book.Christine laughs at him and says i hid a bottle of lotion in the drawer if anyone needs to use it and Frankie says perfect lotion in the drawer.
9:49am Frankie says I got into bed and Victoria was all over me and said I am sick my throat hurts. Jacosta says no she didn't and Frankie says yeah. Jacosta says tell her you only do that if you cant catch what she has and Frankie says she is a mess.
9:54am Frankie helps Donny put the awnings down for BB then says goodnight rose i am going back to bed. He walks into the house saying good morning good night then off to bed he goes.
9:57am Hayden says here comes the sun and we get FOTH.
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10:04am Donny is on the elliptical, Christine, Hayden and Jacosta are watching him sitting in the little bit of the sun that have shining.Devin in the WA then heads outside saying his good mornings to everyone. All the other HG are still sleeping.

10:14am Donny says his activity tracker misses out on all of his activity but at least I get to wear it to bed at night. Jacosta says I know.
10:30am general talk with Jacosta and Donny in the BY. Hayden half asleep in the BY all other HG are sleeping in the bedrooms
10:37am Donny and Jacosta telling Devin what songs played this morning they says the first one was a hands up song and the second one was the beastie boys and the third one was mortal combat.
10:53am Jacosta and Donny doing laundry and Devin is in the have not rm packing some of his things.
10:56am Donny and Jacosta walking in the BY talking about who has said what about Donny going on the block next week.Then Donny says we should trick them today and put everything back where it goes in the BY.
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11:16am Jacosta says i forgot top tell you that Amber told me that i was her target cause that's what paola told me that. so i went to Cody and he told her what i said and she told me i was told you hated me and i told her whoa i said target not hate.

11:18am Jacosta and Donny playing pool and start talking about the pool game now. Devin sitting at the KT table looking at the memory wall and everyone else in bed sleeping.
11:24am Victoria is now up in the KT making oatmeal for breakfast as Devin is still sitting there staring at the memory wall. Donny and Jacosta are still playing pool and saying they are so slow at playing this that the other guys would have already played 3 games by now.
11:36am Victoria plucking her eyebrows again, Jacosta in the WC, Devin still sitting in the KT and Donny alone on BY couch.
11:48am Jacosta and Victoria in the Wa getting ready for the day.Donny still in BY alone.
11:54am Victoria says other people probably wont be up till like 3 or 4.Jacosta says Frankie was up already this morning and ate then went back to bed. Victoria says he did when was this and Jacosta says when the music was on.
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12:11pm not much going on in the BB house as most Hg are sleeping and Victoria is refolding her clothes and Donny is sitting outside alone.

12:22pm Brittany gets up goes to the STR and finds solo cups with koozies and says look guys we got these cups we are going to have cocktails. they are thanking BB and says i love you to him.
12:25pm Amber is now up and getting her Koozie. Devin is waking everyone up to come get their koozies. he then goes to STR to get his activity bracelet then back to the KT.
12:30pm Caleb is in the BY now trying to get warm cause the have not room was so cold. Zach in the WA with Victoria and Brittany in the shower.Donny is sitting at the hot tub with his feet in. Jacosta is doing her laundry before they get locked down later today.Amber getting her swim suit on to go lay in the sun.
12:43pm In the WA Brittany and Christine and Victoria are talking about matching their swim suits.
12:50pm Devin and Donny in BY talking about the Koozies that BB gave them this morning.
12:55pm Devin saying to Donny the best sleep he ever got here was the first night in the fire bedroom as it was dark and cool in there and quiet.
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1:03pm Devin gets up and goes in the house and says these ants I cant deal with them. Brittany and Jacosta making food and Donny says I has corn flakes with chocolate milk for breakfast.

1:12pm amber and Jacosta are making salads and Devin still going on about the ants all over the place in the BY. Caleb is going to the HOH rm.
1:19pm Devin trying to talk Caleb into a hair cut he says no then Devin says what about a Mohawk and Caleb says i would do that.
1:22pm amber and Brittany laying out by the pool. Devin and Caleb in the KT and Victoria just sitting at the KT bar.
1:28pm Devin telling Caleb that he feels like if he walks across the KT floor he will get hepatitis .In the BY Brittany is telling Amber that Devin said he had the votes to stay but she doesn't think he does. Donny sitting with his feet in the pool.
1:35pm Donny and Brittany says they can sit in different parts of the house counting things in the house.
1:56pm just genera talk all through the house.
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2:04pm Nicole and Christine whispering very low in the WA. Jacosta crunching on chips very loudly and smacking in the BY

2:07pm Nicole and Christine still whispering about Victoria in the WA then they go talking about the koozies they got and Nicole wants a camo one but there is no more camo ones.
2:11pm amber goes to take her shirt off to lay in the sun and talk to Jacosta and her bikini top came off. Jacosta helps her cover up to fix her top.
2:17pm Amber telling Christine and Victoria that her top fell off and then says she is so mad about it.
2:25pm Hayden and Caleb talking as Caleb is trying to make sure he stays in the house tomorrow night and he says he doesn't trust Cody and he doesn't trust Zach and in a way i trust jacosta . the ones i can trust to win for me is derrick Jacosta you And it used to be Amber but she hangs out with Brittany and Cody all the time so she is back and forth and i am not playing that game but i pulled the biggest move in this house to save somebody.
2:27pm Caleb says i know derrick is a straight up gut and i know you are too Hayden tells Caleb the reason why no one trust Donny is the talk about him in the house but i trust Donny.
2:30pm Caleb says i feel like if we have a target then we don't put them up but if we don't have a target we put up the biggest people and that would be jacosta and Brittany. Hayden leaves to go play pool with Devin and Caleb goes in the house.
2:33pm Caleb goes and wakes up derrick to talk to him,He says dude it has been on my mind for a few days but Amber is all over the place and with Cody and Brittany but at the end of the day who do you trust and who do you put your trust in and i think she uses people for safety and i ain't sure how to explain this,i think that the first chance we get we need to put Amber and Frankie on the block together and Derrick says i am down with it we just got to be careful. Caleb says you me and Hayden play the same.
2:38pm Caleb ask who is the next target and Derrick says that's easy for me Jacosta cause Victoria doesn't even know she is playing a game she is only here to be on TV.
2:40pm Derrick says Jacosta is playing the game she needs to go next .Then Brittany needs to go Victoria is no threat.
2:47pm Caleb tells derrick that Hayden says that people don't trust Donny cause of the rumours being spread about him and derrick agrees then says you will get no blood on your hands if you send Jacosta home though.
2:49pm Caleb complaining that Amber is spending to much time with Brittany and Donny and those two are working with Jacosta. derrick says do you think Amber still trust us and he says yeah i do. Derrick says OK well she has to cover herself somewhere else.
2:55pm general talk in the BY with most of the HG and Caleb and Derrick in HOH rm repeating themselves.
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3:05pm Most Hg in BY around the pool just general chit chat going on.Amber in WA washing her hair and Victoria just walking around the house.

3:15pm Zach is laying in bed awake. In the BY most HG are sitting around near the pool just general talk going on and alot of laughing as they soak up the sun before their lock down tonight.
3:18pm Frankie is now up out of the bed and in the WC, Amber doing her makeup after washing her hair.
3:26pm All is quiet in the BB house no game talk going on just relaxing in the back yard. and general talk about old house guest.
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4:15 PM BBT - Cody is in HoH with Derrick talking about others throwing competitions but Derrick doesn't ever want to lose. Victoria knocks on the door and Derrick says that he can't escape her. Derrick says that Frankie lost his glasses. Caleb chewed Cody's sunglasses...he wants to win HoH to get white sunglasses and a letter. BB calls Hayden to the DR and the guys say that he hardly gets called in there. Victoria complains that she's sick...Cody guesses that it's her time of the month. They talk about Caleb hardly wearing any clothes to bed and wears the clothes all day but Cody says that he was in Iraq where it's 105 degrees in the day and 30 degrees at night. Brittany joins the crew. She gets Victoria a cool cloth for the back of her neck. Cody asks Victoria to say the "f" word because she's only said it once. Brittany leaves the HoH room.

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5:01 PM BBT On feeds 1 and 2 we have Hayden and Frankie doing the dishes with full running British commentary. Donny is there as well straightening up. On feeds 3 and 4 we have Derrick, Christine, and Amber chit chatting in the HoH room. No game talk for the moment.

5:08 PM BBT Derrick is in the HoH talking about his work as a parks and rec groundskeeper. Very convincing, especially since Devin is in there asking questions and Derrick doesn't miss a beat. Hayden is still doing dishes.

5:17 PM In the KT Hayden is dancing for the camera. The camera is zooming in and out in unison. It's seen on the HoH room spy screen and has Derrick, Devin, Christine, Nicole, and Amber giggling. Hayden clearly knows he's dancing for more than just us because he takes his dance upstairs to the HoH room. The cameras follow his every move.

5:23 PM BBT Hayden has joined the HoH room crew and they are doing some shout outs. They are also calling out "#" #mangina #meowmeow #somanyican'tkeepup

5:27 PM BBT Frankie has just gotten out of the shower. He has a towel slip accidentally showing some of his backside. Cody has washed his hair in the HoH BR sink and Frankie is going to style it for him. Hayden is still playing it up for the camera, this time at Victoria's expense. He keeps flailing his arms in the air like they are fighting when actually he is teasing her about being a best friend and good cook.

5:34 PM BBT Most of the HGs are hanging out in the HoH room. Jocasta is teaching Nicole about how females that bond together will eventually get their cycles in sync.

5:37 PM BBT Frankie has finished styling Cody's hair. Cody says he looks like Don King, or worse yet, an elf. Frankie loves it.

5:44 PM BBT Frankie and Cody have finally left the bathrooms. Christine says Cody looks like Danny Zuko. Brittany, Amber, and Jocasta leave the HoH room and head downstairs. Brittany says that Frank is the kind of person that she runs from.

5:57 PM BBT Not much is going on in the house. Cody is play flirting with Nicole and she is turning ten shades of pink. Hayden is giving Frankie a neck massage. Amber, Jocasta, and Brittany are cooking in the KT. Nicole "why can't everyone just be themselves? I need to come up with something crazy to freak you all out."

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3:29PM BBT: Amber still in the bathroom area doing her make up, Christine blowing her nose. Everyone else in the backyard just general chit chat. Frankie in the DR.

3:32PM BBT: Amber is worried that she had a "nip slip" because her top fell down earlier today, only Jocasta saw her, but she is afraid it was caught on the live feed. Caleb is working out, Derrick and Devin at table eating.

3:36PM BBT: Derrick talking with Devin saying this is the only show that he ever applied for or ever will apply for, he thinks he will start a blog when he gets out. Brittney being attacked by a bug in the backyard.

3:43PM BBT: Amber and Brittney in the backyard, Amber saying now that they are close, they should do brunch. Brittney says she goes into LA all the time. Devin doing his dishes, he says he is going to really push doing The Amazing Race.

3:45PM BBT: Victoria talking to Nicole in the hammock, Vic saying Zach came up to her and said her name is not coming up in conversation. She said Zach told her it was OK to talk to Nicole about their conversation because he trusts Nicole.. we get FotH.

3:51PM BBT: Nicole talking about finally getting out of her frog suit, Frankie says she can't get out of the costume until her prince kisses her. Caleb says he will kiss her, because only a country boy can be the real prince charming.

3:54PM BBT: Frankie discussing the morning music, Mortal Combat, and we get FotH. Frankie and Zach in the bathroom area Frankie whispering his love for Zach, Zach says thanks, he needed to hear that.

3:56PM BBT: The IDL has begun. Most HGs in the living room chatting. Cody, Zach and Caleb in the Earth room, Caleb is packing, Cody is asking why, he is not going home. Caleb keeps packing.

4:01PM BBT: No game talk, most house guests just sitting in the living room. Amber talks Hayden into giving her a back rub.

4:06PM BBT: Devin in living room talking about the hours he has left in the house. The only HGs talking are in the kitchen and we have no feeds in there. Devin starts talking about the airport and we be FotH.

4:09PM BBT: Caleb is finished packing and sitting in the living room with Hayden, Devin, Nicole, Donny and Jocasta. We are getting a lot of FotH because Devin keeps talking about production and his eviction.

4:14PM BBT: Derrick and Cody in HoH talking about Zach saying he is going to throw the upcoming HoH competition. Cody saying as long as he and Zach aren't both HoHs that he can't throw competitions.

4:17PM BBT: Nicole and Christine in the bathroom area talking about the boys in the house and who they are attracted to. They both think Cody is hot, but Hayden has a better personality.

4:27PM BBT: Cody, Derrick, and Victoria in the HoH doing imitations of other HG, discussing Jocasta's bathroom habits. Watching the spy cam and trying to guess what Devin is saying "do you think they are going to boo me when I go out?" Cody says.

4:31PM BBT: Christine, Nicole and Brittney in the bathroom area, Brittany noticed some lotion (that has been a sore subject in house) and grabs it, Christine says "Brittany, please don't use all of it" Brittany says she won't and throws it on the bench in front of the girls.

4:38PM BBT: Frankie and Hayden doing dishes, doing shoutouts to all the shows they want to be on, and we get FotH

4:40PM BBT: The girls, Jocasta, Nicole, Victoria, and Christine, have taken over the HoH. Cody is the only guy, no game talk. Frankie and Hayden doing English accents at the top of the voice while doing dishes. This is their audition for all the shows they wanted to be on.

4:50PM BBT: All cameras on the kitchen with Frankie, Hayden, Caleb and Donny doing dishes. Hayden and Frankie carrying on and on with the English accents.

4:53PM BBT: Devin comes in the Earth room where Zach is sleep and accidently wakes him up, Devin says he can't listen to the guys in the kitchen anymore and lays down.

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6:16 PM BBT Most of the HGs are up in the HoH since they are under IDLD. They are speculating what their social media sites might be doing now that they are on BB.

6:23 PM BBT The HGs are talking about their cellphones. Caleb asks his Mom to turn his service back on. He says he has about 1100 contacts and all of them are on his Facebook. Some of them didn't turn their phones off and think that might have been a huge mistake. It will take them forever to get the calls and messages off there.

6:26 PM BBT Caleb is trying to convince the HGs that he is no longer interested in Amber romantically. He says they are just friends. He liked her at first but he has his head in the game now. "If she's cold she's cold. I'm not throwing no blankets on her."

6:29 PM BBT Nicole, Christine, Frankie, and Hayden are talking general chit chat in the HoH room. Cody is also there laying down on the couches.He says he doesn't feel well and has a headache. Frankie says it is probably a sinus headache and to take some allergy meds. Brittany, Jocasta, and Amber are cleaning up the KT. Devin just got out of the shower.

6:38 PM BBT We keep getting WBRB because Christine, Frankie, and Cody are talking about, singing, and quoting from the Broadway show Rent. Rent is Cody's absolute favorite.

6:43 PM BBT Talk in the HoH room has changed from Broadway to Miley Cyrus. They discuss her change in image from Disney's Hannah Montana to crazy Miley who sticks her microphone up her anus on stage. Caleb and Frankie, unable to go outside to work out, decide to exercise in the HoH room.

6:53 PM BBT Caleb is telling the HGs about his torn hamstring when he was in the service. He couldn't walk for 5 months. He does a pretty good job of grossing them out with the details.

6:58 PM BBT Caleb is talking about having to pack for the live eviction. He says he hopes it's 12-0. Christine says it better be. Caleb says that this is BB and you never know. He doesn't think he's going home but he knows people will change the vote just because they can. Cody says that Devin is starting to campaign. Caleb starts talking about Amber again. He says he doesn't want anyone to think he played his game for her and her alone. He is not clouded anymore. He turned it off. They are friends but if she up on the block then she is up there on her own.

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7:05 PM BBT
Caleb is in the HoH room and telling Zach, Cody, Hayden, and Christine that Amber is setting up secondary options once the group turns on her. He thinks she's not working with Donny now, but will once they try to dump her.

7:07 BBT
Caleb is telling Cody and Zach that if Jocasta and Donny both get HoH it will be stupid of them to nominate 4 strong players, because they'll have two shots of winning POV and they have the votes to send home whoever they want.

7:12 PM BBT Victoria joins HoH room and Zach and Nicole leave immediately. Caleb asks Christine was type of noodles spaghetti is made from. Cody and Christine start laughing and say, "Spaghetti, Caleb." They talk about how awkward Devin is being and how Christine won't even look at him anymore until he's gone tomorrow. Caleb says he's going to eat pizza bagels, a large pizza, and cheese quesadillas at midnight tomorrow.

7:16 PM BBT Caleb leaves. Derrick wakes up and asks how long he slept for. They tell him he slept for an hour. Derrick wants to know what Caleb was talking about for an hour. Cody makes fun of Caleb and starts making fun of Caleb saying that Amber is messing with him and from now one he's beastmode Cowboy. Derrick promises Cody that if Caleb gets HoH and brings up Cody's name, Derrick is talking Cody off the block and try to get someone else up. Cody says if they got HoH together, they'd be able to work together. Zach thinks that Caleb is getting off the Amber train. They know Caleb won't put up Amber on the block, ever.

7:29 PM BBT
Cody complains to Derrick about how Amber is like stalking him around the house and has told him she doesn't like when he flirts with Brittany. Derrick says the thing is that Amber is looking for a relationship with Cody after the show and Derrick says stop flirting with Brittany and lock down Amber and get her vote. Zach can't believe that Amber told Cody she wanted him to move to LA with her after the show is over. Derrick and Cody make fun of Amber and say her one good quality is making sandwiches. Derrick says we have to use Amber for her vote. Derrick tells Cody to bring out the Italian in him. Derrick says are you complaining about locking in a super model? You're locking in a gorgeous supermodel, you douche. Derrick says I had to lock in Victoria and she's annoying as hell. Derrick says "don't lead her on or hit on her, but be nice to her." Zach says he thinks Christine is in love with Cody. Derrick tells Zach not to say that because that is disrespectful to Christine's husband. They see Victoria on the screen on her way up and Derrick says that Victoria is too comfortable around him. Derrick and Zach laugh about how stupid Amber is and she'll fall for Cody's gameplay hook, line, and sinker.

7:31 PM BBT Los Tres Amigos break up and go downstairs. They go to the kitchen and talk to Amber who is making slop. They have general chitchat. Nicole, Jocasta, and Donny talk about their high schools. Jocasta's graduating class had over 460 people in it. Nicole can't believe how big Jocasta's school was.

7:45 PM BBT Cody flirts with Amber. Caleb gives them the stink eye and goes into the beehive room. Cody tells Amber he's going to take a shower and Amber says she's going to take a nap. Cody asks Amber what their showmance name would be. Cody tells Amber she needs one with Hayden too. Hayden starts laughing. Cody flicks Amber and she gets fake mad. Hayden watches Amber and Cody in confusion. Cody tells Hayden to stop staring at him like that. Amber tells Cody to play a game with her. Cody says, "If you go to sleep that's one less person up. Who am I going to tickle and torment? I can't do that to Christine!" Amber says "Well you could always do it to Brittany."

7:50 PM BBT Jocasta and Donny are joined in the beehive room by Nicole, Caleb, Amber, and Derrick. They are asking Jocasta about the kiss she shared with Amber. Jocasta tells the story and the guys are freaking out. Amber says the kiss was so sweet. Derrick says, "You just made this story sooo much better. Thank you for that!" Derrick and Nicole leave the beehive room and join the kitchen group. They ask Zach if he dropped a deuce as he walks down the stairs. Zach laughs and says, "Why you got put me on the spot for taking a shit?" They all laugh. Zach says the only thing I want if I win HoH is the Jack shack. Nicole was trying to stir food and some of it flew out and hit Cody. He starts laughing at Nicole and making fun of her. Nicole apologizes profusely.

7:57 PM BBT Cody flirts with Nicole and hugs her. He tells her, "Please don't move back to Michigan after this. I want to stay friends with you. You're so adorable. Nicole says you better come to Michigan and I'll show you a good time. Cody says, "You better invite me to family night." Nicole promises. He hugs her and nuzzles her neck. Nicole laughs and tells Cody to go away. He pouts and tells Nicole, "You're my one true friend." She laughs. Amber comes into the kitchen and glares at Cody and Nicole who are still laughing while he's rubbing her neck. Cody sits down beside her. Cody and Nicole start making fun of Christine not eating enough. They tell Christine they are both going to feed her.

8:08 PM BBT Frankie comes into kitchen and asks

Zach to go into the storage room with him. Frankie jumps into Zach's arms and they hug. Zach and Frankie celebrate that they both have fake final 3 deals and that they're loyal only to each other. Frankie says, "I just want it to be me and you." Zach agrees and they hug for a few seconds in the storage room.

8:15 PM BBT Jocasta and Caleb talk about church. Caleb says his father was a pastor for years and his brother is now and that he is saved. He says that Jesus died for his sins and he knows he's going to heaven. Feeds cut to kitchen and they are talking about things they get in the HoH room. Victoria whines because she wants her stuff and Cody says Derrick didn't get all the stuff he brought with him.

8:21 PM BBT Most of the house guests are in the kitchen or on the couches talking. Nicole says she's exhausted. She can't believe that it's only 8:20. Amber and Nicole talk about going to bed early since tomorrow is an endurance HoH and they'll be up on a wall all night. Feeds switch to beehive room. Jocasta and Caleb talk about Caleb's singing career. Caleb said he has a manager, but he said no to studio time because it takes a long time and it's expensive. Jocasta ask if Caleb has written his songs. Caleb said that the Rascal Flatt's songwriter and his team are going to let him use their songs. He says it costs $15,000 to just record the songs and then they'll go to record studios and try to sell it. He just really wants to get signed.

8:32 PM BBT Zach and Frankie pull out the Jersey Shore accent. Frankie rubs Zach's nipples and says he's going to go look at "cookies" with his broski. Hayden and Cody answer back that they're all brothers and they're going to go with them to the strip club. Frankie leads the house guests that are awake in meditation.

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8:58 PM BBT Frankie just finished a long version of his meditation. Everyone pretty quite, Christine about to get in the shower, talking to Nicole. HG are talking about going to sleep early. (ya right)

9:05 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria talking in bed about someone that did not sign a release so we FotH. Jocasta, Amber, Derrick, Frankie, Donny, Zach, and Hayden in the LR talking about Orange is the New Black. Devin is in the KT with Caleb.

9:09 PM BBT Caleb says he requested to see a doctor because his "estrogen" levels are too high. He wants an estrogen blocker. (I don't think he is using the right word here)

9:15 PM BBT Caleb and Devin talking about food and dying to eat tomorrow. Jocasta, Frankie and Zach talking general chit chat about movies. Donny is in the KT getting ice cream in front of the have-nots Caleb and Devin. Derrick has fed the fish and is now about to take a bubble bath.

9:20 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb talking in the HOH about who they are going to put up next week, Caleb says Victoria and Jocasta. Derrick was going to take a bubble bath, but Caleb took over the bathroom for some private business that seems to be taking a long time and Derrick is pacing.

9:31 PM BBT Caleb is still in the HOH bathroom. They keep showing his feet with his pants around his ankles. Devin is eating some kind of chips with salsa (didn't know he could have that) Donny and Hayden plan to go upstairs and "pretend" to play chess. Britney is up now.

9:35 PM BBT Caleb is in the HOH talking about his interview with Rachel Riley, she apparently told him "wow, you're one handsome guy and if I wasn't married.." Frankie comes into the HOH room and says Brittney is very uncomfortable with his Jersey Shore "Frank" persona. Caleb says you can use that as an excuse to put her on the block.

9:38 PM BBT Hayden and Donny talking about who to put on the block that would ruffle the least feathers. It seems to be any of the girls. Hayden says he talked to Caleb today and tells Donny that Caleb likes him. Hayden says Caleb just barley trusts Zach and Cody. Donny says they are both shady.

9:44 PM BBT Donny says "Don't you think Derrick is the ring leader.." right as Brittney walks up and sits down at the chess table. Game talk stops.

9:58PM BBT All 4 feeds on Donny and Hayden playing chess. Brittney and Victoria have gone into the HOH room. Derrick never got his bubble bath.

10:01 PM BBT Donny is saying Caleb wants to get floaters out, but Donny says there are alot of people in this house that are feeling very comfortable and have never had to fear anything. They say they want the BB experience, Donny says well get your @ss down in the nomination chair.

10:05 PM BBT All 4 feeds are still on chess game between Donny and Hayden. Donny is talking about making a big move this week, Hayden says no, not this week. Donny thinks some people in the house acting like it's a privilege if they sit down and talk with him, like he should be grateful they spent some time with him and he doesn't like it.

10:13 PM BBT In the HOH room Caleb, Frankie, Zach and Derrick talking about the HOH comp and Zach saying he will not compete with Caleb if its endurance, he will just ask Caleb if he's safe and fall off.

10:20 PM BBT The boys in the HOH room just going over some of the comps, and discussing how they think Devin will be received by the audience. Brittney came in to ask to take a shower and Derrick has not taken his bath so Brittney says she would go downstairs, Derrick tells her it's ok, but Brittney says no problem I will go downstairs. All the guys call her weird for leaving.

10:26 PM BBT Victoria and Cody talking about her photography business at home. Cody seems more than half asleep.

10:29 PM BBT Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Caleb, Hayden, and Donny are all in HOH room talking bad about Victoria. How much they hate her, and how Frankie does not want to sleep with her anymore. Zach says he wants to "punch her in the face" Derrick tells him to stop and take that back because this gives people watching a reason to hate him. Frankie says some really foul things Zach could do to her.

10:34 PM BBT Zach apologizes for saying he would punch Vic in the face. He goes downstairs and asks Victoria if she wants him to go upstairs and get Frankie so she can cuddle with him, Vic says no, she does not want to bug him, Zach says its no problem, Frankie LOVES cuddling with you.

10:43 PM BBT Donny, Zach, Victoria and Brittney downstairs around the table everyone eating except Donny. Derrick, Caleb and Hayden in the HOH just general chit chat. Brittney goes to take a shower as Cody wakes up and heads to the HOH

10:50 PM BBT Cody, Zach, Derrick, Caleb and Frankie in the HOH talking bad about Victoria again. They think the main target for eviction next week needs to be Jocasta. Victoria goes up to HOH and all the guys are supper nice to her, Frankie invites her to snuggle up with him. Jocasta in the WA drying her hair while Brittney is in the shower. Donny has gone to bed.

10:58 PM BBT The group in the HOH are talking about sports and social media accounts. Hayden is going to bed, and Jocasta and Brittney are still in WA.

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11:10 PM BBT: The HOH crew is talking about twitter and how many followers they plan to have. Caleb plans to be the first HG with the verified check mark (Frankie's is verified I believe.) They agree that they have to be careful with what they write on their twitters when they get out. Zach said he was told to clean his twitter up by production because it was pretty bad. All four feeds switch to Cody, Frank, and Victoria cooking in the KT.

11:20 PM BBT: In the HOH Caleb is talking about taking a limo to his favorite place when he gets home. He plans to clear the place and only let his friends, family, and fans get there. He thinks paparazzi will be there and that he will be on the front page of the paper.

11:30 PM BBT: Zach and Caleb have moved onto who they will think will win America's favorite. They think it could be any of the guys except Devin or Nicole. Caleb doesn't think it could be Cody. Zach disagrees and brings up Amber. Caleb says he would still like to take her out after the house, but inside the house he is over it and she has to go. Caleb says that for someone to speak so closely to him emotionally and not show it just isn't trustworthy. Downstairs Frankie is talking about his exes that have not signed releases, and we get fish. All four feeds switch to Caleb talking about Amber and the fact she has to go. Caleb then moves onto his friend that owns a bar and how everyone knows him so he has a place to party.

11:40 PM BBT Cody and Amber are doing dished downstairs. Caleb can see them on the HoH screen and says "There's your showmance right there." Zach tries to play it off like nothing is going on and he starts talking about everything they have done together in last two days. Zach thinks that Amber and Brit are competing with each other on things like chores and boys and he tries to play it off as a competition type of thing. Caleb talks about how he confronted Cody about the Amber situation. He moves on to talk about a girl he met 3 weeks before he got here. He shouts out to her and we get fish then four feeds chalk full of Coder doing dishes.

11:50 PM BBT Amber walks up to HOH to get dishes and Caleb doesn't say a word to her. He says he plans to ignore her. He says it bothers him when Amber spends an hour on the hammock with Cody because she never does that with him even after all he has done for her. He goes over a long conversation they had a couple nights ago. He talks about what a southern gentleman and sweet country boy he is. He feels like even after all he has done she still invites everyone to do things with her and hang out but him. He explains it as Amber feeling like the other guys are her brothers and she looks at him differently.

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