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Tuesday July 15 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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1:40 am Derrick, Zach, Cody in the backyard strategizing for post-Devin. Zach admits he will throw the HoH Thursday. Cody thinks that's crazy since after Devin's gone, they really don't know where the house's head is at.

1:41 am Caleb on the couch in HoH. Amber in the nest.

1:43 am Derrick reiterating that Brit is a potential problem because she would have no problem putting any of them up.

1:45 am Cody is also saying that Brit spends too much time in the beehive room talking to everyone and that Donny and Jocasta are part of a group called "The Outsiders".

1:46 am Zach says the first plan of action is to start solid alliance with Hayden. The other two question that.

1:48 am Zach reiterates that he's throwing the HoH comp for sure. The group decides that they need to stay away from Caleb/Amber because Caleb hates Cody because Amber likes Cody and not Caleb and Caleb is jealous.

1:49 am Zach back to saying there's no upside to winning HoH this week. Cody says "other than protecting your boy?" Derrick says "Exactly."

1:50 am Zach "I dunno. I think we're all safe." Derrick says that's when you have a problem.

1:51 am Cody says Caleb is the next Devin. Caleb thinks he has everyone, but he has no one.

1:52 am If Cody wins it, he says he has no problem putting up Victoria and Jocasta. Now Cody and Zach are running Co-HoH nominee scenarios. They both say putting up Amber would be fine, too, but if they could get Hayden to put up Amber that would be best.

1:55 am Zach thinks Cody has Christine in his palm. Cody thinks letting Christine win HoH guarantees Donny going up because she doesn't like him.

1:57 am Derrick thinks Brit is too hot and cold for him. She'll have a deep conversation and say he's the only one she trusts, and then she won't talk to him again for 3 days.

1:58 am Zach says Donny won't put him up. Cody says Donny hates Caleb. Derrick isn't going to worry about any of that until after HoH.

2:01 am Amber comes down to the BY, says she has to pee, and goes back inside.

2:02 am Caleb and Amber come out to BY, decide they're hungry and go inside. Cody goes in to make quesadillas, Amber is making a salsa wrap [???].

2:05 am Caleb is back out, Amber on the brain. Sex talk ensues. Caleb says he's slept with less than 10 people. Derrick says he slept with less than 5. Caleb says he didn't lose his virginity until he was 20. Zach is...silent.

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12:05AM BBT: Derrick, Frankie, and Caleb chit chatting in HoH about Devin and the fact that he is now working to maybe stay. They all agree there is no chance and he is a terrible play. They move onto jury situation and when jury should start which would make their alliance every man for themselves. They move on to discuss their contracts and then all four feeds switch to Hayden and Nicole flirting in the fire room.

12:15AM BBT: When the feeds switch back to HoH and Amber is up there now. lying in bed next to Frankie who feels her up (in front of Caleb). Victoria comes upstairs and chit chats for a second and Hayden comes upstairs to let her know Zach has summoned her because he has moved downstairs. Hayden sits down and chit chats with the rest of the HoH crew. Victoria lays with Zach in the fire room and Nicole calls them cute. Victoria laughs at her and says she's engaged which neither Zach nor Nicole believe. They ask her a bunch of questions which she hesitates on but persists is true.

12:25AM BBT: Nicole gives Zach a hard time for not telling anyone he is related to Amanda. Zach says he didn't want it to hurt his game. Victoria doesn't believe he is related to Amanda but Nicole does. Zach tells her it's cool that she doesn't believe him, and he doesn't believe she is engaged. The three of them walk around now with Zach chanting to various other HGs that he knows something they don't know. Amber and Caleb are talking in HoH together about getting a group together that they really trust. They agree on Christine, Derrick, and Frankie.

1:10 AM BBT Downstairs in the fire room, Victoria is telling Frank, Christine, Jocasta, Zach and Nicole about the time when she was two and she got picked up by a crow (no joke) and had to go to the hospital. Everyone is laughing in disbelief. She keeps saying she is serious. They all think it probably was a hawk or something. Back in HoH Caleb proposes that they have a once a week hammock personal time where they don't talk game and they just have personal talks. Amber says she cannot commit to that and he tries to force her. She says she not saying yes and she says maybe. He says after some argument that he doesn't like maybe but he will take it.

1:25 AM BBT Back into the fire room, Victoria tells a story about a time when she was rollerblading and fell, twisting her ankle as a result. She apparently sued the city and got 6k for it. Christine hated it and says everyone is sue happy and she cannot stand it. Victoria just continues to tell more stories. Upstairs, Caleb is giving Amber a hard time for throwing a comp and says she looks like Pao now. He says that he hopes she has an army behind her when they get to jury because he will be willing to make deals. She asks what deals and he doesn't want to tell her. She tells him he doesn't trust her that much then. He laughs and brings up going on the block to keep her safe. She brings up not asking him to do that.

1:35 AM BBT Caleb tells Amber that he thinks she would like him ten times more outside of the house because they will be less secluded. Amber says she doesn't trust many people outside the house. Caleb talks about himself and says he only has two true friends that would drop anything for him. Amber says she would be the one to drop things for her friends and drive far away for them. Caleb talks about himself again and says he is going to call her up and have her drive like 20 hrs. She says she can't do it. Caleb talks about himself (notice a trend?) and talks about his road trips. Downstairs Cody and Derrick are talking about Caleb's obsession with Amber.

1:45 AM BBT Cody and Derrick are now discussing Devin and the fact that he is campaigning which he said he was not going to do. Derrick doesn't understand why Devin tried to work him over today when he doesn't have a vote. Back in HOH Amber and Caleb are making small talk about their family lives. Cody and Derrick are talking about Brit now and how paranoid she is.

1:55 AM BBT Caleb and Amber still making small talk about families and being willing to move. Downstairs however, Zach, Cody, and Derrick are talking about Caleb saying he had the numbers even if Devin had one POV. Derrick laughs and says he was going home 11-0 if Devin won POV. Cody says he thinks Caleb is in a Devin situation because he thinks he has support that he doesn't have.

2:00 AM BBT The guys by the pool table are talking about what each person will do if they potentially won HOH. Zach, Derrick and, Cody feel pretty safe about anyone winning at this point but hope that one of them win and are at least the other HOH. They then repeat the conversation. Amber and Caleb are talking about past relationships and how they both are primarily from small towns with no one they are attracted to in them.

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2:16 am Zach uses some crude language to describe his female conquests. He apologizes to Cody about it after a bit. Then he wonders if people are keeping track of everything they say. Cody says YEAH - BB is one of the most popular shows in the US. Like 9 million people watch it. Zach says, yeah, and there's like 200 million people in the US [uh, only off by about 100 million+, I guess that education wasn't much more than a long party - BBLurkerPlus] Cody is convinced he will be a movie star when he gets out of the house [Hognado? BBLurkerPlus] - or a record deal. He says he was getting that ready, supposed to be in the studio when all "this" started.

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3:30 - 3:50 AM BBT: Caleb and Amber just finished their early morning conversation. Caleb went upstairs to borrow the HoH Robe and is going to take a cold shower because he hasn't taken one in two days. Caleb is in the shower telling Amber that the world does not understand how cold the shower really is. He's bringing up the Amanda/Zach cousin relationship and the feeds change to sleeping houseguests in the fire room. All HGs are in bed.

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7:00AM All feeds on sleeping HGs(After a few weeks, they have finally settled into a routine and aren't staying up all night long)

7:25AM Victoria was up for about 5 minutes, sat/ate for a bit, then went back to bed.

8:00AM Everyone is still in bed...

8:30AM ...zzzzzZZZZ

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9:07am All HG still sleeping this morning.

9:11am Donny is up and goes to the WC.He then washes his hands then goes back to bed.
9:15am Donny isn't going back to bed he had to crawl on the bed to get his shirt he is now getting dressed and combing his hair and his beard.
9:20am We have FOTH maybe a wake up call.
9:27am Donny in KT eating his cereal and cleaning the windows over the sink and stove.. All other Hg still sleeping.
9:29pm Donny finishes the windows and goes back to eating his cereal and BB says "Donny thank you very much". Donny says you are welcome then tells BB to shhhhh don't wake them up . Then we get FOTH.
9:46am Brittany and Frankie in KT getting breakfast talking to Donny.Victoria in WA.
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10:03am Donny sitting g in the LVR and says Hayden is that you? I ain't go no body to play with. Christine is now in the WA with Brittany and Victoria asking why the BY is closed and they says they don't know.

10:22am Donny telling Devin he thinks he hurt his shoulder in the swinging comp.Devin says i have hurt my shoulder too and it takes like 12 weeks on that .Hayden is laying on the couch almost asleep. Victoria and Brittany still in the WA getting ready for the day.
10:40am Most Hg up and getting ready for the day some are still sleeping.
10:52am Brittany and Jacosta in WA talking about Donny making little comments.Victoria and Hayden in the LVR just general chit chat.
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11:12am Not much talking going on in the house this morning as Hg are getting up and moving around and doing ADL'S.

11:20am Devin is putting lotion on his legs and Victoria whispers to Jacosta and Jacosta says no you didn't, That is so sweet then Jacosta starts singing love is in the air and we get FOTH.
11:23am Devin goes to Jacosta and says you know Amber and Caleb are together right? I mean they aren't together but they are protecting each other so who would you rather have I can save you and keep you safe and who would you rather have? I am just saying I got to start now you know what I mean?
11:28am Victoria had Hayden rating the girls on craziness then Hayden has her do the guys. Devin is in the WA shaving while Brittany is curling her hair.
11:35am Brittany joins Hayden and Victoria at the memory wall and says my hands still smell like garlic from yesterday and I have tried scrubbing and scrubbing.
11:44am Donny and Jacosta in KT just walking around and Devin in WA shaving,Brittany, Victoria and Hayden in LVR playing games.
11:49am BB keeps calling HG to the DR they are on an indoor lockdown and we keep getting alot of FOTH.
11:53am Victoria is curling Hayden's hair as Donny watches them.Devin ,Jacosta and Brittany are in the KT just general talk about working out at the gym.
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12:00 noon In K, Devin asks Brit/Jocasta about the possibility of BB sequestering the first 4 evictees and letting them compete to get back in the house. Donny is still watching Victoria curl Hayden's hair.

12:08PM BB announces the lock down is over. The BY is accessible again. Devin goes to HOH to campaign with Derrick. Devin begins his pitch, mentioning 'later in the game he will protect Amber', and we get WBRB.

12:10PM Back from WBRB, Derrick tells Devin "I don't have as much pull on the votes as you may think. It wouldn't shock me if Caleb went out 11-0." "The one thing I can say that you won't hear from anyone, is that I'm campaigning against you."

Devin:That's all I can ask.

Derrick:Ultimately I have no power, if they decide to keep you, I don't want to get in trouble, I'll have to come to you if you win HOH, cause I tried to back door you. My thing was you didn't come to me about the Zach thing, you made a judgemental call...

Devin:Being HOH, I felt I needed to make a move, best for me, my alliance member, the house... the big thing was, I'm using the veto on Brit, and I couldn't justify saving Zach, because of the words that came out of his mouth about a female.. the trust thing just gave me a reason to say.

12:15PM Devin leaves Derrick alone in HOH. Donny/Jocasta are outside adjusting the awnings.

12:20PM Derrick is expecting to do his HOH blog/twitter and get the HOH camera today. Devin explains the timing to him.

12:28PM Derrick is asking everyone their kids/family members names, so he can get it right in his blog shout-outs. Lots of HGs moving around the house. Cody takes time to shave... his belly button region...

12:32PM Devin is wearing a hoodie, starts to explain that if he takes it off, he has to 'wear a skintone bandaid or sharpie', then starts to describe the (tattoo?) on his arm, and we get WBRB for a minute.. then back "hey man, it's in the past, I tell everybody.. they wouldn't be able to find that, but I tell everybody so it doesn't matter, but I didn't want.. I just want everybody... I just wanted a fair shot, it's in my past, it's not who I am, dude I used to pop pills like they were tic-tacs, that was a problem, now I don't do that"

12:34PM Cody goes into WA, where Christine/Hayden are sitting while Nicole does her makeup in the mirror. Nicole asks to see Cody's shaved midsection, then compliments him on a job well done. Hayden calls it an 'empty compliment', since Nicole has her glasses off and can't really see anything.

12:40PM Cody/Devin start playing pool, others are lounging outside or sitting in the WA. Amber has just woken up and joined the WA group.

F1/2 Devin is pushing the idea to Cody, if Amber or Caleb are ever on the block and the other wins POV, you know who it will be used on. Devin admits he got caught up in paranoia last week, and wants to regroup/form a new alliance. He says Caleb is good for physical comps, but that's it.

F3/4 Brit/Donny are wondering if they are targets next week, feeling others wouldn't save them if on the block.

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12:54pm Devin says to Cody me saying i was not going to campaign that meant get ready. But you know Caleb is alot stronger .he says if you think about it and want to talk to others about it then feel free to but if not it is just a game man you know? Cody says yeah.

1:01pm Devin and Cody playing pool, Christine and Nicole in the pool and Brittany and Hayden laying by the pool and Donny just watching.Just general talk going on.
1:13pm Most Hg in the BY just general talk going on and a pool game as others lay by the pool.
1:17pm devin talking to Donny in the Wa saying I know i made some mistakes and i know you are close to Amber but if there is a time that you and Amber are up there then Caleb will use the POV on Amber he wont use it on you and they are not a power couple by no means but i promise you i will always have your back.And with that being said i wont came to you about it again .Caleb can only win so many physical comps and when it comes to mental i got him beat on that one.
1:26pm Devin is still talking to Donny and repeating himself and Donny says i want you to know you are right and Devin says i respect you Donny and you know i do. Donny says we have to make decisions for our families this is a game.Devin says thank you man and thank you for listening.
1:43pm Devin talking to Brittany about as much as he misses his daughter he is here for her but then he doesn't want to be here cause of them immaturity in this house. He says like you told me last week you don't want to go home and i don't want to go home either and i know i made mistakes early on and if i could do it over again i would in a heartbeat.
1:46pm Devin says it is so scared when you are a parent it makes you grow up so fast but in here to deal with the immaturity is hard.
1:47pm Derrick just finished his blog and is now going to get the camera.
1:51pm Derrick now has the camera and goes to the BY to take photos.
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1:58pm Derrick is taking underwater pictures as everyone goes in the pool one at a time.

2:05pm Alot of laughing and picture taking going on in the BY .
2:13pm Just general talk going on in the house and pictures still being taken.Donny says go get a picture of Frankie sleeping with cotton hanging out of his ears and n o make up on and everyone laughs.
2:22pm Devin telling Donny it is to hot outside to be out there cause his tattoos are to sensitive and his skin is sensitive so he cant go out in the sun.
2:24pm Jacosta telling Amber that Devin told her he has 6 votes to stay and she asked him for names and he said well i have 2 and Jacosta says i thought he said he had 6.Amber says he is lying in this game.
2:33pm Amber says i love being in my bathing suit it is the closest thing to being naked and Donny says well yeah and Amber tells him she hates being hot.
2:37pm HG laying by the pool. Some inside still taking pictures and Frankie and Zach and Caleb are still sleeping. Just general chit chat going on .
2:42pm Frankie and Zack are now up and Derrick has them taking pictures .
2:49pm Frankie and Zach in KT making food and Devin is washing dishes. Most Hg are in the BY around the pool just general talk going on . Devin pulls Frankie in the beehive rm and says you know i am not going down without a fight the best way i can campaign is cable and amber not together but are working together and if you and amber go up and if you don't win the veto and he does you know that he will pull her down and where does that leave you? cause he is going to pull her down not you. Devin says i made mistakes in the early part of this game and i wish i could change it but i cant so just think about it.
2:53pm Devin says i am fighting for my life in this house and for my daughter but i came here for a reason and came here to fight and if i go out i will go out with dignity.I got paranoid and i lost my marbles for a second but i am back on track again.and you know you have someone in comps that will go out and win for you.
2:55pm Frankie says you know i want both of you here and it sucks that both of you are on the block together. Devin says well just think about it if it is beneficial for your game then keep me if not then its not either way i wont campaign anymore. Frankie says i love you and they hug it out.
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2:50 BBT Out in the BY they HG's are taking pictures with the HOH camera. Hayden takes a cute one with Nicole (still in the frog suit) but she erased it. He and Christine both say they are mad at her for deleting it. They take another one, and Nicole said she will smile. Hayden kisses Nicole on the cheek as she smiles and takes the picture. Meanwhile, in the bee hive room, Devin is campaigning to Frankie to stay. He is saying that Caleb and Amber are not a power couple, but they are strong and you know Caleb would save Amber every time. Devin apologizes for some things in the past, and asks to stay. Frankie said it sucks they are up against each other. Devin says no hard feelings no matter what happens. Frankie says he loves him, Devin loves him too. They part and Frankie and Devin both go into the kitchen. Zach and Nicole are both in there fixing lunch. Amber (I think) is in there too.

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Frankie said he can't believe he slept for 14 hours. It was a good day to do it, as nothing is going on. Jocasta comes in from BY, just hanging around. Derrick comes in to get some cereal, and is upset that there is just a tiny bit left. He asks who leaves that little amount? They tell him not to throw it away, just mix it with more cereal. He said now he is changing to a grilled cheese, and asks for white bread. Derrick and Devin are talking about how the layout of the kitchen is different than in past seasons. It used to be a U shape, and now the island isn't connected to anything.

Frankie says he feels so alive!

Devin at the island complaining about how hot it is outside, and Derrick is cooking. No one else is in the KT.

3:06 BBT Caleb and Zach are sitting in BY on the couches. Zach is drinking something, no talking going on. Can see Frankie and Hayden going past (looks like making laps) Zach gets up, Caleb left on couch. Feeds 1 and 2 still on Devin and Derrick in the kitchen. Nothing much happening.

Amber goes to WA, starts to talk to Frankie, then said she will talk to him when he comes outside.

Outside Hayden and Cody are playing pool.

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Frankie comes outside and joins Amber on the double chaise. Amber said Jocasta told her earlier that Devin told Jocasta that he already has 6 votes to stay. Frankie said no way. Devin said he wasn't going to campaign but her goes his campaign speech. Frankie said to let Jocasta know that he doesn't have the votes, and if she votes to keep him it will show her allegiance. Frankie goes over to talk to Caleb. and Derrick. Devin tried campaigning to Derrick, and Derrick said he doesn't have any power or vote, so it doesn't matter. Caleb said Devin told him that in the DR Devin was told he had to campaign, and they said it won't do any good. Derrick said they are all good, he is going home. Frankie goes back to Amber and says everything is good. Frankie again glad he slept for 14 hours. Donny gets called to DR, and Frankie yells for him to tell them he slept for 14 hours, no matter what question is. Frankie doesn't understand why some people are setting in the shade. Frankie and Amber are excited about the HOH. Both want to do well. Frankie wants to compete against some of the girls. Amber asks why and he said he is built more like a girl.

Frankie says he wonders what they would do if there was a transgender HG. He said if they were taking the hormone therapy, then they would just fall apart. Frankie said if the hormones were done, they might do ok. Frankie tells Amber to eat lots of slop. They think it will be a long comp on Thursday. Frankie said to look at Hayden, he is a beast and all he does is eat lots of slop. Frankie said he has gained a lot of his weight back, so he might go back on slop. Amber said but the sleeping sucks. Frankie said he thinks he will figure that out. He wants to win HOH because he wants the letter. He doesn't want the responsibilities, just the letter then run away. They think it will be endurance, and the last guy and last girl will get it. He said he is the transgendered one, so he wants to be last. Then he apologizes to anyone out there who is transgender, because really he isn't.

Frankie gets up to play pool with Nicole. They are playing against Cody and Hayden.

Devin is sitting alone in the LR in the nomination chair

Shout outs going out in the BY while playing pool, no FoTH during them!

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Donny is out of the DR, sitting on the couches in the shade with Derrick and Caleb. Derrick said it is a down day today and again tomorrow. Donny complains that the nail clippers are terrible. Zach gets called to DR. Christine is laying with Amber on the double chaise.

Amber said she doesn't want to be a mean person. She said it sucks, then lots of whispers...people playing pool are so loud and over-talking. Christine said not to worry about it, no one is mad at her. Amber said she was looking forward to no romance, no guys or games to worry about, then she gets there and it doesn't turn out that way. Amber said she doesn't want a showmance, she should have come in saying she was married or had a boyfriend. Christine is married so she doesn't have to worry about it.

Amber says Caleb is a doll, a real sweetheart, and that is not what she came here for. She came to win half a million dollars. get a tan and work on her butt. Amber said she shouldn't have to go address herself to everyone, but that is what she is having to do.

(out for now)

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5:02 PM BBT

Derrick and Brittany talking in the HOH. Derrick explains to Brittany about how he, Zach, and Cody tried to save her from the block. Derrick tells Brittany that when Devin put Zach up because they wanted Brittany out, and they weren't having that. He said the same thing happened when Donny was first on the block in the first week. Derrick tells Brittany is so glad Devin is leaving. Brittany says she's glad to. Derrick tells her that production gets the Hoh's clothes professionally cleaned. Brittany says she's so glad that they're on the same page with getting Devin out. Brittany says he didn't want to talk to him while he was HoH because he was stressed out and she was good with catching up after HoH was over.

5:07 PM BBT
Derrick and Brittany talk about how paranoid Nicole is. Brittany says that Nicole always questions when supposed members of the Bomb Squad get up and walk away while they're sitting in a group together. Derrick and Brittany talk about how Nicole freaked out and switched her nomination from Victoria to Donny. Derrick said he was half awake when they did nominations and he had no idea what was going on.

5:09 PM BBT

Brittany tells Derrick that Nicole might have been mad at Brittany because she told Nicole to watch out for Christine. Derrick agrees that is probably right. Brittany says this week that she got closer to Nicole and Brittany and she only trusts Derrick and Cody to talk game to. She says if Zach wins HoH she knows she's safe too, but she's not sure if she can trust Hayden.

5:13 PM BBT
Brittany and Derrick talk about how Amber is leading Caleb on and it's smart for her to pretend like he has a chance, but there is no way she likes him at all. Brittany says I don't pretend to like Devin, he knows I can't stand him. She says, "We'll be the Beauty and the Beast couple." Derrick starts laughing. Brittany imitates Devin as the Beast. Zach comes up and Derrick makes a joke about Zach starting a rumor that Derrick and Brittany are secretly married and in an alliance. Brittany asks Zach when he was talking to Devin if he was talking about their "breakup" because she told him she wasn't voting for him.

5:34 PM BBT Amber, Derrick, Zach, and Brittany talk about eye color and how cool having two different colored eyes are. Derrick tells the girls he doesn't have any eyelashes. Zach says it's still so weird to be in the house. Derrick says Porsche in Season 14 wore the same clothes every day for the whole season. They talk about how bad it is to be a have not.

5:39 PM BBT
Derrick tells Brittany that certain BB update sites host picture of nip/genitalia slips and Brittany freaks out. Derrick says there are feed watchers who look for that stuff, because he was a feed watcher. Brittany and Derrick and Zach talk about what Brittany and Jocasta call their genitalia and how they had a funny conversation at the beginning of the season. (This was actually very funny- gwennylou)

5:45 PM BBT
In the backyard Devin is upset because he finds out that most of the other house guests got invited to an after party after the show is over by Rachel and he didn't. He shouts out to her about his missing invitation and the feeds cut out. When feeds come back Hayden shouts out to Jeff Schroeder that he is a good looking man and he admires him. They all start talking about how much they like Jeff.

5:54 PM BBT
Zach, Derrick, and Amber talk in the HoH room. Amber says she's afraid that Donny and Hayden would put her on the block. Amber says Nicole told her that Donny asked her to put up Amber and Victoria on the block. Zach says he'd cry if Victoria won HoH. Zach says he wants her gone so bad, but gamewise he'd say Donny, but he doesn't care if it's not someone in the bombsquad. Amber says she'd like Brittany, Nicole, Jocasta, Victoria, and Donny out in that order. Amber says she thinks they could work with Brittany, but she could turn in an instant. Zach agrees that she's a wildcard.

5:57 PM BBT
Frankie joins them in the HoH. Zach asks him if he's taking a shower and Frankie says, "Yes I am. Would you like to join me?" Zach responds with, "Yes, I would." Frankie smiles and walks into the HoH bathroom. They hug it out a few minutes later and Amber tells Frankie he got tan. He pulls his shorts down to show the his rear end to show how tan he really got. Frankie tells Zach that he doesn't want Jocasta or Brittany to win Hoh.

6:00 PM BBT Zach and Derrick talk after Amber left the room. They make fun of her because she's clearly in a war with Brittany to be the hottest girl in the house and to get the guys to give them attention. Derrick tells Zach that he told Brittany no one knows who she is or what's going on with her, because one day she's nice and the next day she's super bitchy and the guys are confused by her actions. Derrick says if you trust me, that's fine, but you need to be consistent with your attitude and behavior towards people in the house. Zach asks Derrick if Victoria knows how much she's hated. Derrick says that Victoria has no idea. Zach says he'll talk to Victoria and get up her ass before the next HoH if she wins so she doesn't go after him.

6:12 PM BBTZach tells Brittany in the HoH room that Zach just had a conversation in the room about how Amber told him she didn't trust Britt. Frankie interrupts them and pulls out his "straight guy" personna with the jersey shore accent. Derrick, Zach, and Brittany start laughing as Frankie hits on Brittany. He asks her to come in the bathroom and "Check out his tan line, nothing crazy." Derrick offers him food from his basket. Zach asks Frankie if he can play straight for a full week and Frankie says, "Yeah, I'm an actor."

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6:29 PM BBT
Frankie, Zach, and Derrick talk about how Zach really is Amanda's cousin in front of Brittany.

6:33 PM BBT
Zach tells Brittany and Frankie that if he doesn't feel better soon he's going to self evict. Brittany and Frankie both tell him to stop saying he wants to go home, because someone else will put him up again and he will go home. Frankie says, "I like you, Zach. I want you here." Zach says he's staying there and he'll slay girls when he gets out. He says he rolls up on his skateboard and that girls don't find that hot. Frankie says, "I go for the struggling artist type that has no money. I love them." Zach says when they get out Zach and Frankie will be each other's wingmen. Frankie tells Zach he's a gay magnet and all the hot gay men will hit on him and all the girls will be drawn to Frankie and they'll just switch with each other. Brittany offers to be their manager.

6:37 PM BBT

Frankie, Zach, and Brittany say they are going to dress up and pretend they're going out on the town and have drinks and just pretend they're outside of the house for awhile. Zach says they're going to have Patron and play beer pong.

6:47 PM BBT

Brittany, Zach, and Frankie hang out in the HoH bed and say that they think the house will go back to harmony after Devin leaves and it will be like week one. Brittany says she'd put up Victoria on the block, because she doesn't understand why she's here and think she's only here for tv time. They bash Victoria and say she's ridiculous and does nothing in the house and there's no way she has anything to say in the DR. Zach says she's a 12 year old and Brittany says, "She's so whiny and needy." Frankie says he's amused by her and he knows girls just like her.

6:50 PM BBT
Frankie and Brittany make fun of Victoria's story about being picked up by a crow when she was a baby and dropped. Frankie asked her if it was a vulture or hawk or other carnivorous bird, because a crow is a pound and eats corn and bugs. They say she's ridiculous.

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7:05 PM BBT The HG are in a musical mood the past few minutes. We hear singing and FotH. Small talk and goofing around and another tune starts then FotH again. Amber and Nicole are at the counter with Victoria and Jocasta. Cody, Hayden, Frankie and Donny are hanging at the pool table in the BY. Zach is out there too. Frankie is trying out his British accent on them.

7:07PMBBT: Zach made a comment that included the word "faggot". Cody and Hayden were talking over him so it was hard to hear exactly what was said. Frankie steps up, "Here's my philosophy, I have been called horrible things. I have been called a faggot, told I hope you kill yourself and I hope you die of AIDS... Like horrible things right. In my event, I have cried over it, had horrible times over it and I personally have decided that, like, not to give the words power over my life, anymore. You know I am like, I have kind of made myself numb to it but, that is my personal philosophy, my personal opinion. I don't want to speak for anyone else on this planet but, in an ideal world I would like that word to have no power over anyone and honestly with any kind of slurs I always feel it is about the intent behind the word. If you are saying it to be mean, and malicious and are like F you then you deserve to be punished! But if you are saying it not with that intention.... " Zach adds "We aren't saying it with that intention!" Frankie continues "I am not speaking for anyone else but for me personally, I have been called it too many times for it to hurt me any more. I am stronger than that word." The last part he speaks very firmly. His tone became serious. Donny adds "You are not trying to say it's ok!" Frankie says again says it doesn't have power over him and he is not speaking for everyone.

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7:28PMBBT: Zach and Frankie are in the KT cooking. Amber is watching. Derrick is telling Cody, Nicole and Donny about his HOH questions that he answered today and we get FotH!

7:30PMBBT Derrick tells them that as a fan of the show, he did not realize how much down time they had in the house. He then says he got to tweet from the HoH room! 5 tweets under the CBS account! All 4 feeds are now on the KT with Zach, Frankie, Amber and Victoria. Small talk. Cam 3/4 are now on the BY again. Not much happening.

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7:38PMBBT Amber and Christine are in the hammock complaining how cold it is in the BY. Brittany and Frankie are talking in the WA about smoking and how much they dislike smoking. Brittany's mom smokes, Brittany hates it. Frankie's Dad is a lung doctor and showed him a cadaver's lungs that were black from smoking and it grossed him right out so he never did it. They are both priming in the mirror while they talk.

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7:46PMBBT Frankie and Brittany continue chatting in the WA. Donny is now in the shower. Frankie is now complimenting Brittany. Says she looks like Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. "Ok, phase 1 complete, time to put on a cute outfit!"
Christine is still in the hammock with Amber and she yells "OH MY GOSH!" when BB announces over the speakers for Brittany to put on her mic. Jocasta is walking laps in the BY.

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8:05PMBBT Zach and Cody are scheming in the HoHR. It kind of sounds like frat boys. They talk about Brittany and possibly working with her. Victoria and Christine come in to shower. Christine asks if they were talking. Zach says "Ya about you!" Victoria tells them to not come into the bathroom because she is showering. They shut the door. Zach moves on to the couch with Cody and they continue whispering about Brittany. They seem excited to work with her but are concerned about her friendship with Derrick.

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